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thumbnail of mirrr.png
mirrr png (1.02 MB, 608x1008)
Thread for Marky aka mir

Her socials:
Is her instagram still up or am I just blocked, lol
Hmmm... I knew that I had some old images of this girl in my backups as soon as I saw her
And some more of her!
Wasn't she underaged in these...?
I won't save
> 10-2-08
lmao how long has Marky been a whoer? How old was she in 2008?
thumbnail of 1334679886434.png
thumbnail of 1334679886434.png
1334679886... png (59.58 KB, 170x255)

I dont know if these old ones are  hers though.

All of them were from a dump  thread after she started posting in 4chan.

They have been sitting in my HDD with  the old  shit  from that time.


No idea, they were in a thread with  her Uni card back then.

I hope not...
her nudes are from 2013, those 2008 pictures can't be her
in any case her pics are forbidden
thumbnail of 1332361758053.gif
thumbnail of 1332361758053.gif
1332361758053 gif (331.76 KB, 217x118)

Well shit!

Deleted them before I get the hammer
kek you got blocked. whatd you do?
Nothing right apparently. I suck at this egirl
were you messaging her? or did you have a pepe avatar or something
Purportedly, I was the only one messaging her at the time. There's no way this girl could ever really like me, so I guess it's all for the best anyhow
thumbnail of Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 1.18.38 AM.png
thumbnail of Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 1.18.38 AM.png
Screen... png (1.31 MB, 731x1264)
thumbnail of Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 1.18.42 AM.png
thumbnail of Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 1.18.42 AM.png
Screen... png (1.18 MB, 735x1274)
recent pics
does she work at a gym now? she could probably meet a nice muscular chad that way. she deserves that.
it doesn't look like a real gym. it looks like common room in an apartment building that serves as an unstaffed exercise room.  she is not wearing proper gym attire.

am i the only one who hates her mt. baker hat?
it's a super ugly hat and her entire style sucks. ciara's sense of fashion was bad too, and sunny. i agree it looks like a gym at a hotel or something. i think she works at a hotle or resort, she's always posting pics of a dozen tables in one room prepared for a dinner
yeah she dresses horribly. ive noticed many egirls just have no sense of style or fashion, which is tragic. I would give anything if she would let me pick out her outfits each day and dress her, as if she were a living doll.
thumbnail of 1647915713221.png
thumbnail of 1647915713221.png
1647915713... png (17.65 KB, 184x357)
Oh my God she is so attractive
> fashion/style

what about her bleached blonde locks, that has to count as something positive...?
no. what makes her beautiful is the striking contrast between her pale white face and the trademark dark hair. without that, the illusion is shattered. blonde looks terrible.
> your sense of fashion is shit, bitch
seriously? what are you, females?
I'm diggin the outfit, whatever freaks! It's a nice camel color jacket and a cute hat, would make her easier to spot in a crowd. Marky is still hot, and always hotter under whatever she's wearing.
thumbnail of hqnp.png
thumbnail of hqnp.png
hqnp png (231.95 KB, 357x390)
why does anyone care about this whore? shes not in her prime anymore, shes 24 and looks a decade older than she is, fraudmaxxes with angles, lost all the collagen in her face from drugs and sleeping around. What a pathetic whore she is. If you orbit this, you have incredibly low standards
The weirdest thing today, is I happened to buy vanilla bean ice cream on a whim
If this post doesn't scream jealous female post I don't know what does. Why don't you try being on footage for hours and have only flattering frames?
why is her head so big in this pic compared to other pics. is she doing joe rogan hgh?
Kemmedi wrote this post.
They're on good terms, and a radfem Ken wouldn't say stuff about hitting the wall at 24. Shes also pro drug legalization. Why do people want Marky and Ken to hate each other? I remember a few years back people kept trying to spin that narrative too
It upsets me so much to look at her perfect birthing hips and think that they might go to waste and she might not ever actually give birth. Plz hurry Mir.
don't worry anon, there's no such thing 
> A new study found no connection between hip width and efficient locomotion, and suggests that scientists have long approached the problem in the wrong way. "This idea, that pelvic width for birth and pelvic width for locomotion are connected, is deeply ingrained in this discipline," said the first author of the study. "Everyone thinks they know this is true...but it's wrong, and it's wrong for two reasons. First, the way we had modeled the forces involved didn't make sense. Second, we found that you can't predict, from the width of the pelvis, how much energy someone is using, so we've been looking at this biomechanical problem entirely wrong."
oh wow, thank you for setting me straight anon! this is good info indeed.
thumbnail of Ashley DJs at 102 MUT.mp4
thumbnail of Ashley DJs at 102 MUT.mp4
Ashley DJs at 102 MUT mp4 (2.88 MB, 640x360)
Isn't it 'fraudmaxing' to use a distored image from a low quality camera in motion as proof of her ugliness, instead of the 100s of clear photos of her from any angle under the sun?

> fraudmaxxing
> collagen
she changed her alias again, it's "mir_png" for now.
i found her new job, a ritzy country club, i would bet she's getting paid big bucks
a part time cleaner at a country club wouldn't even make 20k a year
I agree it would be one thing if she was a waitress or golf caddy but just a general cleaner?  They don't make shit.
She is a chef.
nothing indicates that though and she posts pics of her arranging tables and in random areas, never the kitchen. hi marky
I hope she is able to keep this job. she needs some stability.
She posted photos of food in the kitchen and it is safe to assume given her last job.
she posted a story with "the perfect breakfast for boys" and "the perfect breakfast for girls" she probably made. they were for a couple of clients r-right, mirkyboys?

how? did you compare her pics of the restaurant with the interiors of every restaurant in RI?
She most likely isn't a chef but a cleaner/food prep person like she was at the hotel she worked at a while ago.

Food prep isn't a chef but just assembling the usual platters that are set out daily for people as they come to the hotel/club.
yeah that's exactly it. spot on. also has she even ever posted a meal she made at home? does marky cook at all? it's funny she never cooks when you remember her era of wanting to be a tradwaifu
Yeah basically, she’s in Massachusetts now btw
would you take the over or under if you had to bet on whether she can keep this job for 2 months.
under obviously. can't think of a single job she had for longer than that
I would say under at this point, surprising to say but I think her mental health was better in the past during the first year or so she was back in the US from Brazil.  Seems to have gone down since then.

Wrecking two cars in a short amount of time and she seems to be moving residences a lot in the past year.  Also the can't keep down a job to save her life.

She is what 25/26 now and is still a food prep/cleaning person.  Whereas people she went to high school with have graduated college and are years into their careers or have been married for years. 

All this has a toll on a persons mental faculties.
What is she doing in Massachusetts now?  What happened with her parents?
Shes getting older and has no real irl support group or way of meeting new people. Her looks are deteriorating (she's still pretty, but yeah) and she's not smart, has done nothing to establish any semblance of an art career (all she does is do commissions for orbiters and egirls), and is constantly going through extreme ups and downs with her mental state. It makes me sad knowing how bad she must wish she had a bf who could actually provide for her since she's too dysfunctional to truly provide for herself  in the long term, at least for now. But she's simply not attractive to most people, and the guys she goes for are all insane mentally ill poor guys (Sam Hyde had no money back then) because they're the only ones who want committed relationships with her. But even they cheated on her. 

Do you think she'll ever actually calm down and get married? It's been almost a decade of Marky orbiting and she hasn't improved. Her mother is insane and had an even worse self destructive streak when she was a kid. Can't imagine how they all feel. The very least Marky could do is move back in with family on the condition she goes back to school and actually sticks with it, instead of applying for an undergrad physics program at a community college just to flunk out at midterms like she did a few years ago. She should take her own life seriously. What does she even do for fun anymore? What is fulfilling her? She just goes from shitty job to shittier job while promising she'll finally do the commissions she's got on her backlog while occasionally pandering to us. 

Are orbiters  the only real constant in Marky's life?
im going to give my own personal opinion. its just my theory, not based on any facts.

I think deep down she cant forgive herself for her past, and she feels she doesnt deserve happiness or love, which is very sad (because she does deserve that). This would explain why she sabotages her life constantly. she crashes her cars, loses her jobs, sabotages relationships, annoys her family, and seems content living a low functioning unfulfilling life. One day i hope she will forgive herself for whatever she hates herself so much for , and realize its not too late to turn things around. a lot of us OG orbiters love her and will always will be in her corner.

I think that last relationship she was in that failed (with that russian mod guy andre?) really seemed to destroy her mentally and emotionally. she was depressed and hopeless for the entirety of 2019 pretty much. I wonder why that took such a toll on her, moreso than her breakups with roberto or charlie or anyone else for that matter. Its almost like that was her one last attempt at real love, and after that she is now resigned to wasting away and spending life alone. I think "the flame has gone out" inside of her, if you understand what i mean.
> and the guys she goes for are all insane mentally ill poor guys (Sam Hyde had no money back then) because they're the only ones who want committed relationships with her.

I think that falls on her, its her own fault for choosing crap and yet here I sit making 90k a year but I am too boring for any of these egirls.

Guess I am just bitter, not just Marky but others too.  They all end up choosing poor garbage people.  Ciara lived with Jay a guy in his what upper 30s who still lived with his parents and had a dead end job at a nursing home.  Erica ran off to another state to live with a guy who lived in his parents basement and was working retail.

These girls just choose trash.
i get where you're coming from but the truth is that these girls are desperate. they don't seem it and it's hard to believe from afar but marky and erica and ciara and sunny were all always vying for men's attention online because they couldn't get it irl. they're not conventionally attractive (even if I like some of them, I know this) and they usually have obsessions with their fleeting youth. so ofc the first guy to come their way irl will get them. even if they're garbage. which they are and will continue to be for most of these girls. the only exceptions so far are muffy and ken i think, but even ken's ex became a nut after they broke up and i domt think muffy  actually got married. very few of these girls will have good relationships
I mean idk Erica ran off to another state to live with a guy who lived in his parents basement.  He wasn't physically in her life.  Marky ran off to Brazil.  These girls choose trash guys.  I talked with Erica and Ciara both while they were seniors in high school and they both still chose trash guys.

I do agree they don't end up happy.  I wasn't old enough but the egirls that came before them that I have researched and are in their very late 20s and 30s have turned out badly.  I know this current generation of egirls will turn out like very similar.
well i think thats insane, im sorry. marky is one of the few girls who goes out of her way to AVOID attention. she hates it. she tries to stay out of the spotlight. also, marky could literally walk outsdie and point to any man she wanted, and have him, shes that attractive ok. dont tell me shes just attractive by internet standards or something, thats a lie. shes model tier, and if she went to a bar or nightclub, literally every single male in the entire place would be trying to get her phone number. dont deny that. she turns heads everywehre she goes. just stating facts.
i get it, we're both attracted to marky but the truth is that she's not the average persons type. she wouldn't be found ugly by the average person, they just wouldn't give her a second thought at all. let's be real. part of her appeal is how simple and plain she is. but for most people that's not appealing. it is to me and you, but not most people.
> posted nudes on /b/
> posts selfies regularly to the public and has for 10 years 
> hates attention
somethings not adding up here. 
> if she went to a bar or nightclub, literally every single male in the entire place would be trying to get her phone number
this doesn't happen in real life, plus she looks even worse now. look at her insta story selfie from today. tragic
thumbnail of Screen Shot 2022-03-27 at 3.46.24 PM.png
thumbnail of Screen Shot 2022-03-27 at 3.46.24 PM.png
Screen... png (1.44 MB, 880x1318)
no offense but she's not aging well at all
shes as lovely and awe-inspiring as ever.
she's cute, shut up tard
I love her so much, it's unreal.
Marky, I just wanna kiss you
What's up with her moving all the time?  Does she not want yo live with her parents?

Never understood that, she could save so much money on rent.
her mom kicked her out for sleeping around. her mom is insane too
Where are you even sourcing this from?
Someone bought the "when they cry higurashi" figures for $700. I guess those were the holy grail, werent they. surprised they sold, but happy for her nonetheless. I bet they are quite nice.
Marky looks so old
Pay attention to her face...
That's what smoking does to you.
its called "character" . her face has it, and its a good thing. shes had many struggles and has endured immense pain and suffering. Shes a tortured artist. every line and wrinkle tells a story. you get the same feeling when you look into the face and eyes of johnny cash.
What do you guys think about Marky doing some original, one-of-a-kind drawings and selling them as NFT's? Do you think she could get rich off that?
Why are her lips always discoloured and chapped?

She catch herpes from sam hyde or what?
Don't know
But I'd kiss them all day if she let me
china eyes
i want to give her a makeover. i want to buy her better clothes. i want to take her to a fancy salon and get her hair done. i want to buy her better looking glasses. i want to get her better make up and teach her how to do it. i want to buy her a very expensive pair of boots, and a very nice leather jacket. why wont she let me?
this post must have rustled her jimmies because she posted a meal pic a few hours after it, and another today, for the first times ever. looks as expected. microwaved rice with vegetables and meat with no seasonings. the food looks cold
> for the first times ever.
She posts food photos regularly but the thought of her reading this thread is funny
i meant food for herself that she made. before today it was always food from the country club and her old job
But she posted breakfast she made for herself just a day prior to the post you are referring to?
alright marky
I'm not her but alright
She has posted food she made for herself many times over the years so I've no idea what you're on about
> blood rare/raw steak

She has an uncle named Rick Healy, an underground jewish rock n roll musician.
guys, I was just informed that marky's aesthetic is what is known as "coquette" (whatever that means).
i googled it and it looks nothing like her.  it's more like ken than marky. marky wears the same men's hat every day with jeans. this is very frilly pink black white girly french stuff.
yes i know but if you happen to stalk her depop (im not saying i do that) , and look at all the clothes she has bought, they all have the tag 'coquette' or 'egirl'
oh and i forgot, also "alice cullen" as well seems to be a common theme for her. i think that is a twilight character.
i see. well i wonder why she doesn't dress the part if she's so into it. seems like coquette is inspired by nabovok's lolita which reminds me of marky's little girl fetish. maybe she only wears coquette cloths in private. at this point im not sure if she would even look normal and good in this kind of clothing.
she sent EVERYONE who bought one of her figures off depop some extra goodies. like she included drawings, stickers, a letter, candy, in the packages to ppl. oh, except me. she sent me NOTHING. i got a figure in a box. thats all. i was the only one who got no extras. why?
You are not a stupid man Seymour, what is the difference between you, and her other customers who all seem to be normal girls? Therein lies your answer.
no difference. i am a normal teen boy (shota)
No, you are a 50 year old orbiting pedrophile and shouldn't expect the same treatment.
I can't keep coming here, haven't even been watching her socials. Sorry, Marky. I'll check back in a year or so to maybe see how you're doing. Best wishes & be safe.
I love you Marky, with all my heart, even though you hate me. It doesn't matter. You're smarter than me, and I am a man.
> marky bought tevas instead of chacos

god dammit marky cant you make ONE good life decision
she is not wise dude, get over it
If marky is smarter than you then you must be borderline retarded
she is a quick witted and weak willed whore. and a lover of lies
thumbnail of happy.png
thumbnail of happy.png
happy png (1.33 MB, 944x1080)
she used to be happier. i wish she cherished us with her upbeat mood, even though it is quite rare to encounter. and i still continue to yearn the memories she provided for us. please marky, make our springtime beautiful again...
I would donate 50 dollars at least EVERY single time she streams. plz consider it mir. you remember how comfy and fun it was when you streamed "deadly premonition".
she looks identical to her brother here
thumbnail of marky ghost.png
thumbnail of marky ghost.png
marky ghost png (680.56 KB, 1298x901)

she looks wonderful here. is it recent?
5 years ago
i want to write her a long letter expressing how much i care about her and detailing my plan for saving her, pulling her out of her depression, and us both helping each other to fix our lives so we can live a happy and fulfilling life together. should i try to send it to her, or would that be too cringe?
definitely cringe
ok. loud and clear, marky. i wont bother you then.
it wouldn't hurt to try
If it is out of the blue it will seem kinda creepy.
how about uploading the drunk stream now that she doesn't care about this stuff anymore?

anyway, i want to congratulate Acro for being promoted from simple orbiter to actual friend, you're living the dream man, you can even ask her personalized voice recordings, i'm so jealous
lol what kind of a contrived name is that, somebody wanted to be at the top of her discord member list or what?
i'm so glad not to be a part of the hierarchical bullshit marky has pulled in every one of her servers i was ever in. who fucking cares
im happy for the person named acro, whoever he might be. to be in her actual friend circle! i cant imagine such an honor. he will probably get cute insta messages and snapchats from her. many of us would die happy being bestowed such gifts. of course we will never know such feelings of triumph. but good for you acro! youve succeeded where others have failed. youve skillfully traversed the first obstacle course en route to markys heart. i raise my goblet of wine in honor of you, acro, noble warrior! may fortune and good luck remain in your favor.
> what kind of a contrived name is that, somebody wanted to be at the top of her discord member list 
this is such a specific conclusion, is it common on discord to do that? i thought it was just one of the usual animanga or meme references
probably more common or incidentally satisfying rather for somebody to have their name directly over or under hers. i just took it for the greek meaning
thumbnail of siren.gif
thumbnail of siren.gif
siren gif (59.78 KB, 119x119)
marky is streaming on youtube right now
/?why isnt it showing up on her yt chann el? i should be gettting alerted every time she does something. this is very troubling
it looks like she deleted the vod. i didn't get notified either, despite getting notifications for her uploads. i was on youtube and happened to notice she was streaming in the sidebar.

you didn't miss much. it was just a drawing stream. no face on cam, nor any voice (just music). but she was very responsive to people in the chat.
this stream?
are all e-girls that're still active in 2022 this boring? i've been hanging around most of marky's mutual servers for a few months now, and there doesn't seem to be any sort of significant activity aside from general art sub-community bullshit. nobody knows about her stint with sam hyde, or even her imageboard history. it's all kinda bland. would she nuke any mention of this at first sight? at this point i'm kind of curious to see.
well thats what makes her so fascinating and mysterious, friend. the fact that she says so little about it, but has this very rich, adventurous past that she keeps hidden. she doesnt like talking about it and will probably silence you (as well you should be).
> fascinating and mysterious
She wonders what her life would be like had she never done that. She'd be the perfect girl, as long as notoriety and sex weren't at the root of her motivations.
I blame those perfect tits, though. Plus being hooked on the internet from such a tender age. There might be another issue more core to the problem, but as it stands, she is doing well, and is still alive. Gotta commend that.
Meanness is sorrowful, however. I wish she could be cleansed of it all someday, but I really don't have much hope for this world in general, in its condition.
i think she still is the perfect girl, actually BECAUSE shes been through those things. im a sucker i guess for a good redemption story. a young pure and beautiful girl who makes some bad choices and goes off the rails with mental illness, then slowly but surely pieces her life back together and gets herself back on the righteous path. i know shes still haunted by things in the past but sadly i think its mostly due to the internet trolls who wont allow her to forget.
Sadly, I think she still eats it up.

QUESTION: Does Marky have a boyfriend now?
Seeing her as an innocent victim of circumstances that turned her bad is plain wrong. She was already unstable even as a kid, and was openly a sexual deviant and attention addict well before the Sam saga. Her family is full of insane retards who she inherited genes from and they rubbed off even more on her the second she was born. 

But unlike some here I do still think she can change. She's just driveless and apathetic, then manic, then driveless again. Cycle.
> innocent victim of circumstances
Perfect tits is all I was saying. She might've been too proud. What her family may have done to her doesn't excuse her innocence from birth to the point when she reaches accountability. She is innocent of inheriting any of that genetically, as long as she is conscious of her own will and knows when she is doing something bad or wrong. People here on the internet will try to teach a different value, when in her heart she probably knows it ain't good.
if you could see all that she does in the shadows you would know she has an "understanding" with the dark side and is therefore completely owned
Gunna need an example there, champ
thumbnail of 5ac4.gif
thumbnail of 5ac4.gif
5ac4 gif (566.61 KB, 320x236)
> as well you should be
it was a wonderful draw stream yesterday wasnt it, brothers? Im so happy shes streaming again. shes so talented. also her music playlists are so damn good.
I think about you all day. 
I want you to come to my country. I'm gonna buy a big house and we will have separete rooms. We will both have our own spaces. And of course we will have careful sex.
Make her mother proud, anon.

Imagine footing the bill for Marky's internet usage, over which the same she will eventually use to break up with you just to move back home and hook up with somebody else.
This is getting old, people.
She'll never find true love like this. Fucking stupid internet
thumbnail of unknown.png
thumbnail of unknown.png
unknown png (108 KB, 1266x363)
thumbnail of unknown2.png
thumbnail of unknown2.png
unknown2 png (12.59 KB, 537x141)
A couple of weeks ago someone in Marky's discord server asked her about whether she used some Rateyourmusic account, she denied it, and she said her real account was a secret. I checked out some usernames, and found this


Same guy who asked left a comment here and it matches up with his claim and looks like he is deleting his account for whatever reason 

Which one of you tards is impersonating Marky and why are you doing it on rateyourmusic of all places? Nigga tf

Also post more good info thanks
thumbnail of unknown.png
thumbnail of unknown.png
unknown png (10.46 KB, 384x121)
Shit mb I forgot people who aren't signed up can't see it. 
thumbnail of 1579322207355.jpg
thumbnail of 1579322207355.jpg
1579322207355 jpg (26.59 KB, 800x450)
She's only making those streams to take back everyhing she gave us. It's over.
she cant take the love in my heart though
So worrisome, the things about her posted in these threads, whoever makes them, her own contributions and so forth, you have to let go... internet life is not for you, and neither is she.
is this actually drama. please consider the rope.
Eu te amo

Btw the reason he deleted his account is because he doxxed a 16 year old in a black midi comment box and then felt bad about it afterwards
thumbnail of c070baff059eb5a3d3a6071f5903e4b0.jpg
thumbnail of c070baff059eb5a3d3a6071f5903e4b0.jpg
c070baff059eb5a3d3a... jpg (11.34 KB, 236x236)
> 16 year old
> black midi
> doxxed

Alt music fans in a nutshell. jesus christ  why even
Like the fuck is there more context to this or did he just put up his Full dox or just random personal info?
Guys gotta be at least a 25 yo chud to be hanging around Marky and doxing people
According to his profile, he's 17. I'm in draw time so I checked.
This would be really funny if he were some middle-aged orbiter cuck but it just seems like petty drama between minors if he doxxed someone.
This isn't even related to Marky/Mir so who cares?
Oh marky, you're an enigma.
do any of you have a song that plays in your head when you sit and daydream about Marky? me for example, I imagine that she and I have a class together at a catholic school, and our eyes lock from across the room and "sister christian" by nightranger starts playing.
thumbnail of Screenshot Capture - 2022-05-20 - 05-47-07.png
thumbnail of Screenshot Capture - 2022-05-20 - 05-47-07.png
Screenshot... png (150.74 KB, 340x456)
thumbnail of mir chef hat.JPG
thumbnail of mir chef hat.JPG
mir chef... JPG (52.56 KB, 521x801)

finally SOMETHING new. thank you god.
Just forget about this prostitute
Marky, I love you so much
Please, don't leave me
anyone got one of her statues here? 
what does it smell and taste like? did she leave any fingerprint?
I got one it tastes like my cats litterbox smells and It gave me an infection when I put it up my bum.
this is a serious matter, please refrain from making fun of unironic mirkyslaves
no joke, when the figure arrived and I opened the box , I immediately got a big whiff of mildew. I imagine its from the figure sitting in some musty storage space for years. overall not a huge deal, it wasnt bad enough to make me want to return it.
marky smells like mildew confirmed
yeah all her rooms always looked like dark and humid places, perfect for mold. or maybe the smell was from the wrapping or the box?
how about the fingerprints? how does it feel like holding something she touched in your hands?
thumbnail of 284552627_535005524738361_4436861946037460619_n.jpg
thumbnail of 284552627_535005524738361_4436861946037460619_n.jpg
284552627_5350055... jpg (89.52 KB, 1080x1162)

thumbnail of 283474965_549086473275454_5797801105610292533_n.jpg
thumbnail of 283474965_549086473275454_5797801105610292533_n.jpg
283474965_... jpg (20.42 KB, 508x720)

thumbnail of 283513243_532893871616193_5042656807452000550_n.jpg
thumbnail of 283513243_532893871616193_5042656807452000550_n.jpg
283513243_... jpg (113.22 KB, 1080x1624)

You give my life meaning
thumbnail of snikk.gif
thumbnail of snikk.gif
snikk gif (427.67 KB, 498x498)
and her particles got into your lungs?  it must be divine

just imagine the pneumonia... oh god
That smell was probably your own breath coming back at you as you huffed into the box
no because unlike most weird creepy people here, i didnt want to huff it, sniff it, lick it, defile it, or do anything lewd or dirty with it whatsoever. i simply wanted to display it on my shelf so i can think good thoughts about mir when i wake up.
hey there's nothing wrong with wanting to feel closer to her by feeling the traces she left with all your senses
thumbnail of 285043695.jpg
thumbnail of 285043695.jpg
285043695 jpg (44.04 KB, 592x572)

When is Marky's birthday?
very soon
its over for marky fags tranny era is herehttps://youtube.com/watch?v=dpq3Bm6I5iw 
Bros………it’s over…
stop reading too much into it, its obviously the companion piece to "i wish you were a girl"
> how about the fingerprints? how does it feel like holding something she touched in your hands?
I grab my balls on a daily basis and never think about that.
thumbnail of 285536909_5087432781378041_6894884416534812260_n.jpg
thumbnail of 285536909_5087432781378041_6894884416534812260_n.jpg
285536909_5087432... jpg (115.44 KB, 1080x1080)

thumbnail of 1654670373781.jpg
thumbnail of 1654670373781.jpg
1654670373781 jpg (58.61 KB, 487x425)

Marky Mark always looked sad, sick, lacking energy.
thumbnail of 286760580_553416466340494_8787020963114025761_n.jpg
thumbnail of 286760580_553416466340494_8787020963114025761_n.jpg
286760580_5534164663... jpg (102.27 KB, 960x932)
That no one else could 
They pushed all those boundaries
That no one else would 
All they wanted to do 
Was be understood 
To get out from under 
Escape that neighborhood 
So sad then 
That they were misunderstood 
For they did everything 
That they possibly could 
No barrier existed 
Inside of their minds
In their hearts they saw love 
It made their eyes blind 
Universal acceptance 
So hard to define 
New life paths forged 
Forever entwined. 
Leslie Bertrand
Together they discovered things
That no one else could
They pushed all those boundaries
That no one else would

All they wanted to do
Was be understood
To get out from under
Escape that neighborhood

So sad then
That they were misunderstood
For they did everything
That they possibly could

No barrier existed
Inside of their minds
In their hearts they saw love
It made their eyes blind

Universal acceptance
So hard to define
New life paths forged
Forever entwined.
Marky is quite smart, with such excellent creative potential. I keep having visions of her visitation years too late, the rot palpable. Never have I talked to this women but somehow I feel responsible for her. Anyway, I enjoy her music a little too much.
thumbnail of 286508555_598203541664037_2504261717099686191_n.jpg
thumbnail of 286508555_598203541664037_2504261717099686191_n.jpg
286508555_59820354... jpg (63.92 KB, 526x526)

thumbnail of 286508555_598203541664037_2504261717099686191_n.jpg
thumbnail of 286508555_598203541664037_2504261717099686191_n.jpg
286508555_59820354... jpg (63.92 KB, 526x526)

Surprised to have never seen anyone comment on Marky’s drawings of children and her obsession with lolis (especially Higurashi) to be an obvious sign of childhood sexual abuse. She’s not a pedrophile, though childhood sexual assault can make victims have difficulty imagining themselves sexually outside of the role of a child. I’m aware of her Masterchan ties but it is clear that she and Roberto were not in a healthy relationship, and he was into little girls and made her act like one which she thought was fine at the time due to her childhood. On top of that she wound up used and abused by Sam Hyde of all people just to be discarded. 

And Higurashi is a story about PTSD related to childhood abuse more or less. It feels deeply unfair to call her a pedrophile when she’s just unhealthily coping with having been sexually abused as a child. That is a lot different from wanting to have sex with children, which Marky doesn’t want to do. It’s weird, yeah, and she really should stop it and find a therapist who won’t just redirect her to a psychiatrist or shove millennial self love mantras down her throat. 

Marky, really, sorry you went through so much but also you should seek help, someone you can be genuinely open with in private who only knows what you choose tell them. I feel bad even just writing this, it feels truly disgusting to say these things publicly but I do hope it resonates and you can tell I am not writing this out of malice or any kind of perversion. You are at the point in life where you have to heal otherwise it will only get harder for you to live and maintain any kind of connection. Please seek therapy. It isn’t all jews trying to get your money, find one who specializes in CSA. 

If you really don’t want to go to therapy there are plenty of online resources and good books you can access in the meantime, and I recommend checking out DBT books. Unlike CBT, DBT has been proven to help dramatically with trauma. I am rooting for you and hope you will take the proper steps towards healing inside and out. I hope your relationship with your family has improved but I don’t blame you if it hasn’t. I know work gets crazy and you have no time for your hobbies and I’m sorry. Please heed my advice and set some time aside for yourself and try to find a good therapist or download some of these books. Trauma affects everything even when you feel okay. It’s worth putting lots of effort towards healing yourself and your inner child. Everyone makes mistakes and you had bad enough luck to end up in the position to have those mistakes voyeurized by a ton of vultures during your most formative years. It’s not fair, oh well, but you have the whole world at your fingertips and you can overcome it. You already have in some ways. 

Sorry to write so much crap.
Kill yourself. This is what low testosterone does to a man.
you're not her savior
God, shut up. I’m not trying to get pussy and I don’t think I’m her savior. Literally just giving her encouragement and advice and saying she’s obviously not a pedrophile. I am a woman and not attracted to other women and you can all fuck off like I’ll be doing now, don’t worry i won’t shit up your precious safe space anymore than this. Maybe consider that not everyone only thinks with their genitals or considers what might immediately benefit them in a shallow way.
I'm >>/13120/
I didn't necessarily think you were trying to woo marky or had any other ulterior motives, but I hope you do realize that trying to actually help someone by posting advice on a rotten board like this is both hopeless and naive. it's not like you're her bestie having a life-changing conversation with her, you're posting anonymously on endchan. it's hardly going to have much impact on her, assuming she will ever read your words. nevertheless, I applaud your good intentions.
she listed her doll for sale. does this nean she lost her job?
what age dith marky
the opposite. she’s so busy she has no more time left for hobbies so everything she has is just collecting dust.
The ball joint doll? Link plz. I must own it.
drats, it sold. very sad. my only hope is that they dont pay.

i want to screw this girl so hard

she is like 31
shes currently 25, 9 years ago she was 16.
Some of you are the most retarded people on the planet lol

its easily bad photoshop

she way never actually posted that
can you faggots post candid sexy pictures of marky instead of simping and making excuses for her?

i don't want to be her friend. i don't admire her. i just want to jerk off. this is the only mentally healthy position to have on marky.
She was streaming earlier, I guess she quit her job and is back to being a neet now, plans on being a "artist"
thumbnail of Screen Shot 2022-06-18 at 7.20.41 PM.png
thumbnail of Screen Shot 2022-06-18 at 7.20.41 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-06-18 at 7.20.41 PM png (189.6 KB, 1256x576)
Oh god...good ol' responsible Marky
Lol wtf. She claimed she was selling the dolls because she worked so much she had no time for them. But she just needed the money I guess. Rip. Time for seymour to open his wallet again.
she just gone live on twitch:
she also has updated links to her socials on her about page
instagram: @mir_png
twitter: @mir_png
i admire that she wants to do art full time and be an artist, but lets be realistic lol...shes not that great. shes mediocre at best. i know her small fanbase of orbiters like to inflate her ego and tell her how amazing her work is, but its just your run-of-the-mill anime girl shit. shes not going to make it off commissions alone, unless shes ok living with her parents forever. shes aged dramatically and her looks have faded, so finding a rich , good looking man who wants to take care of her for the rest of her life is a slim possibility now. she could have  had it all...but she somehow managed to ruin everything worthwhile and good in her life. what a tragic tale.
she really wants any and all money from orbiters. no shame, eh marky? making a wishlist feels like an egirl low. it’s what teenagers with big egos do… you’re almost 26 mirky

she´s not finished yet.
she still can get a good man who loves her. she´s a fine woman.
I love her
She doesn't want me
because you're crazy
Some people can't be helped.
They are too broken and have too much of a hard time just sticking with one thing.
I've realized that with somebody I was with too.
Things might go well, but when push comes to shove they make the wrong decision, even though they've known for weeks what to do.
It always ends the same.

That is a worthless advice.
Being with somebody doesn't magically fix her and her behaviour, let alone her mind.
And no, financial stability is not all there is to it. You're basically asking her to whore herself out, in case she doesn't just fall in love with that random "good man".
She's crazy too
We were made for each other
as a female—which i feel is pertinent to mention regarding my post—i do not understand what markys end goal is.

she is 6 years my senior and has no education, money, nor real achievements. im not shaming her, i have little achievements as well after all, but at the very least i have a college education, albeit little lol, and a job. of course id love to be neet and profit off of my hobbies but i just fail to understand how marky thinks this is sustainable and i wonder how her parents are okay with their nearly late 20’s daughter leeching off of them.

am i being insensitive? i could never imagine being a neet as a now adult nor would my mother ever let me sit around with my hobbies. i struggle mentally as well but i understand the importance of building independence and i want to secure back up plans for money in my future. 

im not putting marky down for this, mind you, i just dont understand how its feasible or how she is able to live being a neet. good luck to her, but she is getting older and should really secure a back up plan regarding some skills or a career that isnt art related if she wants to live a decent life, right? maybe im the lost one.
she lives with her grandmother (the alive one obviously). her mom kicked her out long ago and i don’t think they even speak. marky’s burnt out and needed a break tbf. her job seemed really draining. she needs something with better hours that’s less physically demanding. you’re the normal one don’t worry. it’s not normal to be 26 and destroy every opportunity that comes on purpose just to end up at the same square 1 again. which is what marky does every year. soon she’ll get another bf she hopes will be her husband and provider but he won’t be either. you have to be a high value woman to attract a high value man. which means as a woman you have to bring more to the table than you’d think. rich men (actually rich, not just having 100k in crypto like some neets here) don’t want to marry people like marky. don’t get me wrong they’re not against dating neets but you at least have to be very educated and well spoken and able to mesh with their families. very high maintenance and keeping up appearances too. people saying she could just marry a rich man are delusional. she would have already if she could

i agree she needs a break, but i think balance is really necessary for her, more so now than ever. at least a part time job or some college classes funded by financial aid may do her good. i agree she had some very physically demanding jobs. i wonder why, good pay? could she pick up gigs for money or find something comfier? or does she just not have the requirements or resume to get these jobs? i suppose you may not know either hehe. 

the odd thing is that i always found marky to be somewhat self aware. when i was 18 i moved out with a guy i met online who promised to care for me as i finished college obviously that year i suffered so much abuse and mental torment and suicidal thoughts. i thought, fuck, i cant ever put myself through this again. im still human. so now im very adamant about building that dependence and not running to a man. so i wonder how she just hasnt learned, why she keeps searching in these empty cupboards to sate this hunger only for nothing nutritious to be found.

i agree with your latter statement. all of the well off, high value men ive met most if not all are married to someone high value, too. maybe they are batshit crazy (though ive actually found them to be nice pretty normie wives) but they have achieved something in some tangible or intangible form. she will only attract loser men, i speak from experience. if anyone wants to care for a mid 20s female neet they just arent a decent person. 

well…godspeed marky. sorry for reddit spacing kek.
As I said here >>/13218/, some people are just beyond help.

> i just dont understand how its feasible or how she is able to live being a neet.
> should really secure a back up plan
That's because you have a clearer understanding of your skills and your future, than she does about hers.
If you have no goals for short-, mid- and maybe even long-term, you're not going to get anywhere. You'll stay miserable.
Mind you, I'm not saying these people are 100% at fault for acting this way, often it's because they've been mistreated for many years, not having a stable home or have untreated trauma. Some are just mentally "unwell".

> people saying she could just marry a rich man are delusional. she would have already if she could
At best she'd be a throw-away hoe for a night or two, because that's how many men treat women like her.

> i wonder why, good pay?
I don't know what stuff she worked, except for some fast food thing iirc.
The reason is most likely because they take nearly everybody.

> that year i suffered so much abuse and mental torment and suicidal thoughts
I'm sorry to hear that, glad you came out stronger from that though.

> if anyone wants to care for a mid 20s female neet they just arent a decent person.
I wouldn't say that. Sometimes love happens in the weirdest ways.
That being said, I don't see how anybody could find Marky terribly interesting to be with, what I've seen of her made her seem incredibly boring. Incels have a tendency to hype up women who would usually be considered losers.
At least some of the other e-girls are actually interesting in a crazy way, but what does Marky have? I guess nosebleeds and having shown her bobs are one point. Spectacular. lmao

No one gives a shit about your input into her life. You aren't her. You're just a bystander looking in. I don't understand why people in this thread think they know shit when they quite literally do not know a damn thing.
i dont think it matters that i am not her. the input is due to my own experience and curiosity. why do you think i have asked so many questions? clearly i know very little. what i do know is her and i have experienced similar things and i wish well for her in the end, i just think shes not making the wisest choices. im not better than her, but i do feel i am making a wiser decision at a younger age which marky should be making now for her sake. if she was happy it wouldnt matter but she clearly isnt. it just isnt a sustainable life longterm but maybe ill eat my words.
You aren't helping anyone by posting on agatha2 of all places to inquire, however politely and curiously. It's rude and intrusive. I highly doubt you have good intentions and are only mimicking someone who does since anyone who truly has good intentions would not go about them in this manner.
you are on a stalking and gossip board
so what does that make you? not rude and intrusive id assume, despite being in this same place? you know not of me nor my intentions. go be miserable elsewhere.
Those were much more thoughtful and sensitive posts than 90% of the posts on this board.
Granted, that's not saying a lot, but still.
ITT newfags and Dunning–Kruger fags who don't know a jot about Marky despite 5 threads dedicated to stalking her. Both of Marky's grandmothers are alive and well, and neither live in Rhode Island. Marky said in a recent stream that she lives "in [her] mother's basement", meaning her mom is her landlord and still supporting her--this has already been covered in Thread #2. And Marky has literally never worked in "fast food", ALL of her past jobs have been listed and discussed in Threads #1-2. Marky is way better at drawing than you peeple are at stalking and basic reading comprehension. As for the blogposter >>/13224/ >>/13230/ shitting up this thread and making it all about yourself (typical female behaviour eh?), tits with timestamp or GTFO. It's hilarious that you feel the need to flex on Marky, whom you "clearly know very little" about, in front of all her stalkers here.
Its intention is to fish for comments like "you have a clearer understanding of your skills and your future than [Marky]" and "I'm sorry to hear that, glad you came out stronger from that though." from other females like >>/13227/ 
Notice how both of them diss Marky despite knowing close to nothing about her, not even bothering to read past threads? Women never cease to amaze.
i dont know why i have to defend myself but i am, woman moment kek hehe lol!

i dont need pity and i do not need to be told im doing better than marky or anyone else because i have my own issues. i thought it was important to share my personal experiences because like i repeated before (this is growing redundant really) i have experienced similar things. thats all. so i wonder why, as an older girl, she is making what feels like unwise decisions. 

im friends with marky and have read past threads but i dont delve further into further things. its just an online friendship. i just think its rather silly you guys think im here to compare to marky on an anonymous image board. i dont care. i just think she can do better for herself.
What sort of person posts anonymously about their friend in a place like this, lol.
i bet you're the one who sent her this thread you fucking white knight loser. did you think you'd get a pat on the head for that? you certainly weren't helping her by doing that. talk about rude and intrusive. kys faggot
lol wtf is she really going to go on disability?  Just be a neet for the rest of her life making that sweet $800 a month and just draw?

at least she will have time to work on her "art" LMAO
disability for mental illness isnt easy to get. you typically have to have been seeing a doctor and therapist regularly for several years, and appeal 2 or 3 times and have various doctors approve you and vouch that you cant work. knowing that marky refuses to see a therapist or a doctor regularly or stay on meds, im not sure how shes planning on getting it. best of luck though.
not to mention she’s not disabled or even diagnosed with anything besides mood disorders which plenty of americans have. it costs thousands just to get the psych evaluations needed for disability on top of all the therapy documents that are needed. most people get denied unless they’re super autistic with some debilitating comorbidity like panic attacks. marky is perfectly able to work, she just doesn’t want to. average sped on disability fucks everything up at work and just makes things harder for coworkers because they’re so easily overwhelmed and confused. whoever told her she could get disability is either ignorant or someone who got on disability themselves because their parents did everything for them 

she is lying about a couple things in her story post. she has been kicked out of her mothers house a few times before and her mom hated her for a while off and on. big part of why she went to brazil and fell for multiple guys in a row when she came back. shes always looking for a guy to replace the care her mom gives her.
I find reading these conversations a very good way to corroborate all the reasons why I've all but given up on relationships. it's clear to me how the great majority of people evaluate and judge their partners in terms of how well adapted their are and how good they perform socially and economically. of course this was always the case in a way or another, but it's just as true that all of those things people seem to care so much about have nothing to do with loving someone as a person, and I have no use for them, so I'd rather be alone.
in order to love someone or be loved, you have to be willing to open yourself up and make yourself vulnerable. marky has her guard up at all times and isnt willing to let people into her life anymore, so shes never going to find 'love' . I wish she were willing to try again, but shes been hurt, I get that. but we all have been hurt. we've all been crushed, betrayed, dragged through the mud. eventually you dust yourself off and pick yourself back up and start meeting people again. 'id rather be alone' is a cope and you know it.
> other females like >>/13227/ (you)
Made me chuckle.
It's always funny how incels assume you're a woman as soon as you don't follow their opinion or somehow disturb their fragile ego.

> im friends with marky
If that's really true, weird posting about her on here.

Honestly, she's just a lazy ass. Lazy in the brain, lazy to work.

What you're saying is, "I want mommy/daddy to care for me and be a lazy good for nothing with nothing to offer, but also get everything for free, am loved unconditionally, so I can video game 24/7".
It's always funny how retarded cunts like yourself cry "incel" as soon as your idiocy gets exposed. You know so little about Marky you couldn't tell that >>/13225/ was making shit up nor correctly name even one job Marky's held, yet you feel the need to insult her across multiple posts. How sad must your own life and tits be for Marky to make you seethe this hard.
thumbnail of 2022-06-19_18-13-39_UTC.jpg
thumbnail of 2022-06-19_18-13-39_UTC.jpg
2022-06-19... jpg (175.98 KB, 720x1280)

alright marky that’s enough. you should practice what you preach and actually stop coming here and not pretend some lone DMer is sending you unwanted screenshots of each “”lie”” someone posts here. clearly you feel uncertain and insecure about quitting your job and living with your mom, and that’s understandable. but defending yourself here won’t help with that much. nothing said was a lie and you know it. you still haven’t learned how information travels in these parts. that’s part of how i know you’re marky. a newer orbiter wouldn’t claim it’s a lie because to them there’s reasonable doubt. but good old mirky would feel like she has the authority to call it a lie even when anonymous 

spotting an e girl in her own thread 101: they decry stalkers and liars and gossipers while doing the same thing in the same thread on the same board dedicated to it, acting above everyone, calling everyone else gross or sick or mentally disturbed or whatever.
another tip: they assume the naysayers are fellow womens as seen in >>/13266/
> How sad must your own life and tits be for Marky to make you seethe this hard
all they know is projection and their own little bubble. only one poster itt claimed to be a woman and it was entirely different than that one
Well that sure backfired, huh? >>/13271/
> only one poster itt claimed to be a woman and it was entirely different than that one
I'm glad somebody else pointed it out, thanks.
Lmfao I love how you're convinced Marky made those posts because it just proves you don't know anything about her, not even the way she types. Why don't you acquaint yourself with her writing style, samples of which can be seen in screencaps of her stories/emails/discord in past threads, before accusing anybody here of being her. Also I'm not >>/13229/ Reasonable doubt is given to new information not to shit that's been thoroughly covered previously. And I haven't said anything about lies/liars/lying, you're the first ITT to even mention them, guilty conscience much? 
> only one poster itt claimed to be a woman 
It's two >>/13121/ >>/13224/ you clowns. Being bad at math is a female trait, your vaginas are showing.
> What you're saying is

no, that's what you're saying, because you're a miserable asshole, so fuck off
anyone with a brain can change their typing style when trying to seem like a different person. that being your only defense is funny, and now right back to calling people women again, in a more hateful way this time, to try to make yourself not seem like one. and obviously that other woman claiming to be here earlier wasn’t part of the later discussion. tsk tsk mirky
I'm the one you're replying to. what you say about being hurt is true, but it would be relatively easy if that was the main issue. 'dusting yourself off', as you call it, isn't enough as long as common expectations regarding relationships stay the same. I did that many times, but it takes two to tango (what a lame ass expression, but you get the idea), and after a while you realize that the chances of meeting someone who thinks outside of the box in these matters are pretty low and getting lower. people are getting more and more conformist, and this board is an exceptional example of that in many ways. on a side note, I wasn't specifically referring to marky, I was making a broader point, since I don't know her that well and what I've seen didn't make me particularly interested.
Your """evidence""" for me being Marky is your own claim that I accused people of lying and decried liars/stalkers/gossipers when I did neither. And calling posters female is nothing remarkable >>/11116/ >>/11142/, though making a big deal out of being called a woman is exactly what a woman would do, especially a retarded cunt who can't 1+1 such as yourself.
okay im really starting to believe marky was the one getting defensive and replying to me considering ive never seen such faggot infighting in these threads over an anon potentially being marky. there is no way men care enough to fight like this, r-right? whatever. i only posted because i was curious and just hope marky can go on the right path as i have been through similar things.  but i was very wrong to post in this thread and im sorry. i highly doubt this is the first time marky has found out about this thread considering she still interacts with orbiters on her discord. i have nothing against marky and will dissolve my little savior complex. im sorry if my words upset her.
thumbnail of XY6tsKc.mp4
thumbnail of XY6tsKc.mp4
XY6tsKc mp4 (6.38 MB, 854x1518)
dis where she got cum on it
thumbnail of 7def5426751500559ddfd533f53a0446.jpg
thumbnail of 7def5426751500559ddfd533f53a0446.jpg
7def5426751500559ddfd533f53a0446 jpg (200.1 KB, 1277x714)
oh there are plenty of faggots here. and that same schizo has accused me of being marky on a previous thread.
Do you think she will DMCA strike this board and the chan archives like Macbook Ann Frank? Currently she only does it for the Hyde images.
Turkish Ann Frank was only able to wipe the net because her family is loaded and hired a team of filthy rich lawyers to do it for them. They still do. Marky can’t afford that and would have to do it manually which isn’t feasible, and she’s past the point of caring. The hyde pics were probably dcma’d a long time ago.
A month ago I was in a /pol/ thread with the Marky Hyde megapost as starter image, the whole thread got jannied pretty quickly but the image is saved in 4plebs, just checked. Many of her photos from the Charlie era are actively deleted in desuarchive though. 
Turkroach Anne also faked her suicide in 2018 complete with fake obituary and even an fb post by her mom mourning her passing, only to resurface as a beauty pageant contestant a year later. Which is why I find it hard to believe Ciara really died.
Marky since I know you read the threads how come you never reported sam hyde to the police?  Seems like your just butthurt you didn't end up with him.  There is actual forbidden out there of you and him so why not get him arrested?
I believe if a pic is dmca’d once in the archives it will automatically be dmca’d again any time it’s reposted if the hatch matches. The charlie pics that disappear once they’re archived are probably a result of that. I’m surprised people still post those at all though. I haven’t seen them in a long time and would be willing to bet most orbiters ITT havent either considering most people on this board in general are hispanic newfags. 

Here is a bedtime story, wholly fictitious and a wholesome creative writing exercise, only a retard would take it as fact: As for the roach, there’s a reason the thread here got nuked. Money. Sites like this only respond to the most serious of threats from lawyers in general. I guarantee she still lurks here daily and probably even posts. She was addicted to posting in these types of places (and worse) when she was younger. She managed to erase most evidence, but I know old chums have it on their harddrives. I still find it interesting she came back after faking her death just to claim everyone who believed her and repeated that she was dead was a bully and a liar, even though when she was alive her mom was saying anyone who said she WASNT dead was a bully and a liar. Manipulation runs in the blood. She has obvious psychiatric problems and her family is trying to sweep the dust away at every corner instead of addressing the real problem. Can’t imagine what would’ve happened if she didn’t come from money. She’d have joined the ranks of Ciara in infamy.
Why was she recommended to apply for disability?
I would assume with something like chronic fatigue syndrome or similar.  Just trying to scam the system like all the obese people on disability.

Also lol I checked out her twitch thing and her amazon wish list has a microphone and webcam on it, I assume she thinks she is going to become a famous streamer now.  I do assume some simp will actually buy her the webcam and microphone to actually see/hear during streams.`
two heads of the 3 headed cerberus demon have been cut off: bianca and ciara. now only one head remains. marky is the last of the original toxic she-beasts. I pray to god this current endeavor fails and she has the terrible, unspeakable realization suddenly that her beauty has withered, her talent is gone, and she has squandered her most precious years being a lazy, entitled, arrogant shit-for-brains. Eventually she will have no orbiters, no family who cares, no friends to bail her out. Every well will have run dry and she will off herself, and the world will at last be rid of this foul, vampiric slut.
your forgetting Erica, she was right there with Ciara posting nudes on 4chan and all of that
Erica came way after and doesn’t have the same “legacy”, if you could even call it that. But comparing Ciara to Marky like that other guy did doesn’t make a ton of sense to me, Marky is still a lot more out together than Ciara was. Maybe Marky just got better at censoring herself though, they certainly had similar traits, and even though Ciara was rotten she was smart enough to scam efficiently, and Marky definitely is not. Toher credit I don’t think Marky wants to scam anyway in the first place, but instead of it being a moral thing she’s just too lazy. She happily takes Seymour’s money to buy more new cars and she’s already made several wishlists after quitting her job, and she knows only orbiters would buy her things. She might not be a scammer but she’s still happy to take lonely orbiter money to fund her lifestyle. 

She is probably listening to Alice and actually thinks streaming can be a source of income. Alice makes like five bucks a stream on average, the real source of income is begging her exes for rent money and bumming it on the road with sleazebags all the time. I’m sure Marky wants to make Alice’s fantasy of them living together as streamers a reality.
erica was before ciara though, she posted her nudes well before ciara ever did(erica has admitted to being 13 when she posted it on 4chan), I knew about erica long before ciara
Well, the number of girls who posted underage nudes on 4chan is extremely high. Not all of them are talked about here, for a reason. Erica was always forgettable. Ciara insisted on being known and popular sometimes at the expense of being liked. Erica never tried as hard even though she was at least 5 times more insane than Ciara at her worst. She seems like she’s calmed down a lot. I remember when the ddlg fetish screenshots leaked and she was cutting herself on tinychat, hallucinating and being committed involuntarily because she was fighting her family or whatever. 

She was known in the community then faded into being irrelevant even inside it. Both Ciara and Bianca were famous inside and outside the community.
> Erica came way after
Erica was around in the early Eliza days, posted nudes before Eliza was even a thing, she was really well known back then it's just that her relevancy fell off so yeah she doesn't really have the same legacy as those others i guess 
Bianca was definitely not famous at all until she got killed. that's the only reason she's relevant she would be completely forgotten by now otherwise
Was going to say I didn't even know of Bianca until she got killed but I only really know of girls from 4chan and omegle which Erica was on both.  But I understand her falling from relevancy since she was institutionalized several times by her family and they actually tried to limit her internet usage in the home after a while.  I mean I even know more about egirls from way before my time like spoony and zune than I do about Bianca or oxy or whatever her name was.
what scares me is the younger egirls who are just now getting into 4chan and discord, and they openly say they idolize ciara or marky or bianca, they look up to them and see them as role models.like holy shit , could you pick worse ppl to strive to imitate?
I find it annoying how this e girl never capitalizes her sentences. They always begin in lowercase. 
Also, what kind of retarded nickname is "Mir" and when did she start going by it and why?
a lot of people don't use capital letters on the internet, and as you can see above some don't even bother with punctuation, so get over it
thumbnail of lowercase boys.jpg
thumbnail of lowercase boys.jpg
lowercase... jpg (32.16 KB, 471x585)
Still waiting to hear why she never reported sam hyde to the police

Just admit it marky you never got over the guy
> Lmfao I love how you're convinced Marky made those posts
You are utterly fucking braindead.
I never claimed such a schitzo thing.

> Why don't you acquaint yourself with her writing style
I don't give a shit about her.

> It's two >>/13121/ >>/13224/ you clowns
Yeah and I'm clearly neither of those.

How fucking dense are you?
Do you know how image boards work?

> i highly doubt this is the first time marky has found out about this thread
Let's just say, she's got the brain power of a flea.
Calm down dear, that reply was meant for >>/13274/ who responded in >>/13295/ Typical female you are, throwing a tantrum over the slightest thing. Your compulsive need to insult someone you "don't give a shit about" and don't know shit about is simply entertaining, why don't you become an e-girl yourself and start e-drama for us here
This is embarrassing, lol. You get called a woman and proceed to call other posters the actual women in every next post for no reason. Totally normal and not making you look even more suspicious. 

There’s no point in saging when the thread is already on top btw.
Yes, I definitely mind looking suspicious on a stalking and gossiping board containing links to actual chicken pizza. I sage to avoid contributing to the bump limit. Any more womanly wisdom that you care to dispense?
And FYI I was called Marky herself, not just any woman. The highest honor on a board like this :^)
shut da fuck up
thumbnail of st marky.png
thumbnail of st marky.png
st marky png (149.69 KB, 382x312)
Ladies first :^)
You are so cringe it physically hurts. Please shut the fuck up, along with the other brain dead retard.
thumbnail of laughing at (You).png
thumbnail of laughing at (You).png
laughing at (You) png (125.08 KB, 383x320)
She started it
> this is the face seymour has spent thousands on
after all it does make sense the only men interested in her are ugly incels, stalkers, grown men living in basements, and hebes who saw her nudes from when she was 15. normal men don’t want a 3/10 neet whose only “talent” is drawing bad anime fan art

marky should go drink my cum actually
Marky just posted in her art server that she's still recovering from covid. Maybe catching covid is why she quit her job? I've always wondered why she chooses to work in back of the house kitchen jobs when she could be using her looks to rake in tips. The one reason I could think of is snobbery and pride; members of her class (landed New England gentry) have an in-built disdain against service jobs and would rather take an unpaid internship in an art gallery or museum than make money waiting tables
wow what a bunch of derogatory terms.
do you think the only people who come here are pretty boys or something?
kindly scroll up and look at post:
she doesnt have her youthful beauty anymore, shes a pasty, doughey-faced snaggletoothed bitch. plus she is not friendly. she would not get much in tips.

also , her posts on insta made it seem pretty clear she quit her job because she hated it and wanted to focus on her art, she said nothing about covid.
> that reply was meant fo
You replied to me, schitzo.
She posted in her art server that she became a sushi chef in training, the "new chef" job referred to in >>/12579/ 
She didn't post any insta stories about her hating this job, only photos of sushi.
Yes cunt I did
she literally posted a day or two before quitting that the job drains her and takes up all her time and left her unable to enjoy anything
thumbnail of Screenshot_20220622.jpg
thumbnail of Screenshot_20220622.jpg
Screenshot... jpg (337.54 KB, 1080x1874)
You mean this story she posted on June 8? It sounded like she intended to continue working fulltime for the foreseeable future, such that she wouldn't have time for her doll hobby.
schizobrothers, who has some peak marky videos to share
> the job drains her and takes up all her time and left her unable to enjoy anything

well welcome to adulthood, marky, aka what's left of your life
not that one, theres more from that day you didnt show for some reason making it obvious shes unhappy, the first one she posted about wanting to sell them  i think
thumbnail of Screenshot_20220622_2.jpg
thumbnail of Screenshot_20220622_2.jpg
Screenshot... jpg (649.84 KB, 1080x1883)
thumbnail of Screenshot_20220623.jpg
thumbnail of Screenshot_20220623.jpg
Screenshot... jpg (372.19 KB, 1080x1875)
she said she no longer has time for the hobby, didn't mention her job. She did post earlier on May 16 that work was draining her energy, it was the same day she said in discord her new job was trainee sushi chef.
I dont follow her social media, otherwise id have jumped on the dolfie dream doll before it got listed. I remember seeing it on her shelf when she streamed and wishing that one day I could have it. Now I never will.
thumbnail of IMG_20220610_224854.jpg
thumbnail of IMG_20220610_224854.jpg
IMG_2022061... jpg (2.38 MB, 3000x4000)
is dis actually big enough for da lady marky
Her hobbies are expensive af lol. She probably dissipates the majority of her wages collecting BJD, anime figurines and vintage video games, and doesn't save much for a rainy day like totaling her car
thumbnail of 2018 12 06 17 28 07.mp4
thumbnail of 2018 12 06 17 28 07.mp4
2018 12 06 17 28 07 mp4 (25.04 MB, 1280x720)

I love her so much, it hurts
> you will never be her bf and be in the same room with her as she sings oldies like this.

I do not want to continue living.
> you will never cuddle with her

Just end my life already
thumbnail of 43614138_352073668884973_200588043877282577_n.jpg
thumbnail of 43614138_352073668884973_200588043877282577_n.jpg
43614138_3520736688... jpg (58.92 KB, 677x677)
thumbnail of 49601138_2213750472222018_177564844332548483_n.jpg
thumbnail of 49601138_2213750472222018_177564844332548483_n.jpg
49601138_221... jpg (131.16 KB, 1080x1350)
thumbnail of 61949540_195569461429002_298827709678157004_n.jpg
thumbnail of 61949540_195569461429002_298827709678157004_n.jpg
61949540_1955694614... jpg (85.03 KB, 756x756)
thumbnail of 64996568_1086653848190166_6887941729194210644_n.jpg
thumbnail of 64996568_1086653848190166_6887941729194210644_n.jpg
64996568_10866538... jpg (55.98 KB, 1080x1080)

Women who cut their beautiful long hair off are agents of Satan.

> you will never lovingly apply chapstick on her dried crusty lips for her because she is too depressed to do it herself.

My God it hurts.
someone upload some stream archives to mega or google drive, i crave
Is that also the reason why she has short, chewed off and dirty nails?
I need mooooooreeeeeeeeee
she always looks sick, frail, anemic, and pale. Those are big turn offs to me.
comes in the package of a 4chan girl
I downloaded this for the sick music.  I would be nice to have that playlist but I couldn't find it.
Where the webcam? :(

Idk, I don't think she has one rn.
just looking for those old streams w/ webcam if anyone has them archived. we can only hope
With her looks, Marky can get any man she wants
And yet her only suitors have been pedrophiles, random orbiters addicted to image boards, and pump n dumpers. If she could get any man she wanted, she would have.
Oh gosh no, absolutely not. lmao
well, youre WRONG. here is the thing: marky attracts pedros, orbiters, and creeps because those are the environments she spends all her time in! its not hard. she spends her time on 4chan, discord, and other shitty places, so shes going to attract the men who frequent those places (trash). if she actually hung out in respectable places, online and irl, she would attract men from those places. if she hung out at church shed attract a nice christian man, if she hung out at bookstores or university settings, shed attract a nice educated man.
I think you're forgetting that even when she went to high school, college, and had various jobs, she still never had a single decent guy into her.
We're talking about a girl who dropped out of college freshman year to move to Brazil to be with guy that was 10+ years her senior.  A guy who lived in a 3rd world country and was barely middleclass. 

She doesn't have shit going for her.
don't forget that same brazilian was literally the owner of masterchan lmao
i dont think i could ever be with a girl who was used and abused by sam hyde of all people.
thats very immature. who cares? as long as she loves you in the present and comes home to you every night, why would it matter?
you're stupid

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