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OP from last week's post on bianca.

i'm putting together a video essay on bianca devins. (i am not one of those memorial account faggots, haven't stooped that low yet.)

looking for unseen photos from her social media, not personal photos, i don't give a shit about those. so stop recommending memorial account fags because they only post family pictures

email me at throwaway118[email protected]

i reply to every email i get. i hope you'll be helpful since i'm actually trying to tell a true story for once.
> tell a true story for once
So you're gonna talk about what a manipulative remorseless piece of shit person she was? Or are you just gonna ignore that and talk about how big of a victim she was.
what a manipulative remorseless person she was. i'm not going to go and pull the "oooooh she was a victimmm" card.
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Marc jpg (431.46 KB, 2172x3862)
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You could try contacting her ex Marc for firsthand information plus rares, i believe this is his discord server https://discord.gg/UXSHyuFTNz
He is the alleged "rapist" in Bianca's mom's nuisance suit against the Oneida County DA office, but Bianca repeatedly ran away from home to be with him after he "raped" her and spread her sextape https://archive.ph/W34rA
>>/13157/ i'm not going to give him any more attention, considering i don't plan on making him look great.
obviously bianca was evil as shit but the fact that she went back to marc isn’t proof he wasn’t abusive or a rapist. idk the number but most victims take multiple attempts to fully leave abusers. man and woman. it’s par for the course so mentioning it isn’t the gotcha you think it is.
thumbnail of did you even read the docs.png
thumbnail of did you even read the docs.png
did you even read the docs png (189.92 KB, 1080x631)
I posted the Rollingstone story as proof that Kikery Kikeberg Esq. grossly misrepresented Marc's relationship with Bianca to paint her as some innocent victim of a brutal crime, when in fact she actively pursued Marc before and after the alleged drugging + assault. Both accounts also omit the fact that Bianca consistently lied about being 18 in her /soc/ postings, therefore she's responsible for her own statutory rape (if that's the basis for calling Marc a "rapist"). But sure, of course most victims of sexual assault repeatedly leave their families to cohabit with their assailant, even after having received psychiatric treatment.
In the west, the word "rape" can mean anything these days because people are retarded. It was likely just called rape because of the arbitrary statutory rape laws it took place at, rather than because there was actual coercion or deception involved.
i'd appreciate it if i could be emailed the information you're all posting, too. and yeah, it isn't rape in the sense that they were making it out to be. her mother makes her look like this perfect angel, and i get it- parents will do anything to defend their child.

but that does not change the truth. bianca was a piece of shit.
The lawsuit filing is here https://uticasux.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/Devins-lawsuit-filing-against-McNamara-1-1.pdf You can find bianca's late 2016-early 2017 /soc/ posts by searching for her skype occultdarling and snapchat selaphobic in archived.moe. She began seeking attention on 4chan after alienating most of her own age group being a piece of shit on tumblr https://momholyfuckk.tumblr.com/post/139732799894/stop-supporting-cherie-now-at-glowkidcore
though i will not be contacting marc since i'm also a young woman, i'd appreciate it if one of you fags could do it for me. i'd be willing to do art in return or whatever, attached is how my art looks.

Are you afraid he will seduce you?

post timestamp with you.
You could contact michael sosa, he's the only other person most involved with bianca's online life besides marc. His contact is in here https://lolcow.farm/snow/res/383200.html which also contains info about bianca. And he won't prey you on he's supposedly only interested in underaged girls
Not to be an asshole, just realistic, but that art isn't really worth much...
It's incredibly basic.
>>/13216/ yeah i know, i'm hobbyist.
>>/13208/ can't do a timestamp rn
>>/13208/ but if you email me relevant info i can send pics why not, im a pretty low quality girl but whatever
What's your Discord? I have connections to Marc and Bia

you can also contact me and send photos at the discord account i posted earlier.
can we send you pictures of our cocks?
>>/13253/ only if you have relevant, unseen photos of bianca. then sure
that's literally just a picrew
>>/13282/ flattered you think so anon, but nope.
still need help on this, email me or dm on discord.
genuinely asking, how did you discover this board and why are you so interested in bianca? most of us posting here knew the girls personally (at least those of us who arent spics who only ever observed from the sidelines) and a lot of this board is reminiscing or trying to generate new drama where there is none, either through lying or manipulation. its honestly pathetic and thats coming from someone who was steeped in it for years. now my interest is casual and out of morbid curiosity about whats still happening. but what brings you here? did you only find this place because you were googling things about bianca? have you read other threads, do you post in other threads? why are you so interested in bianca specifically? and why do you want to make a video essay

i'm the kind of person who gets super fixated on things. it's weird but it's just how i've always been
i've lurked here for a while and yeah i do post elsewhere just not under a name. bianca's case just captivated me, especially bc of all the misinformation. my goal is to correct that misinformation and fill in gaps in the story. ty for your interest.
i still need help with this.
email - [email protected]
discord - beebxtch#5694

looking for unseen photos/videos of bianca.

i've reached so many dead ends with people not replying once they contact me so actually be useful send me relevent stuff.
It's pretty funny how grown men were manipulated by a child. These grown men still seethe over this years after her death.
You'll have better luck making threads on 4chan, this place is dead and relatively speaking she died a long time ago.

i'm banned from r9k. if you could do it for me i'd appreciate it

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