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thumbnail of ughm beeeean.mp4
thumbnail of ughm beeeean.mp4
ughm beeeean mp4 (6.25 MB, 852x480)
can we have a nostalgia stream clip thread?
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that one got muted at the end for the music in it. If you dont the unmuted i can upload it for you, but its a bit lower res/bitrate then the orignal
ah thanks, actually you or someone else already gave it to me a few months ago
Don Henley's label, or whoever owns the rights now, is the jewest of jews, his shit gets deleted from youtube constantly
thumbnail of every garfield comic.webm
thumbnail of every garfield comic.webm
every garfield comic webm (3.14 MB, 720x405)
thumbnail of jamal.webm
thumbnail of jamal.webm
jamal webm (3.01 MB, 720x405)
thumbnail of le reddit.webm
thumbnail of le reddit.webm
le reddit webm (3.03 MB, 720x405)
thumbnail of squidward.webm
thumbnail of squidward.webm
squidward webm (1.71 MB, 720x405)
thumbnail of words to live by.webm
thumbnail of words to live by.webm
words to live by webm (2.09 MB, 720x405)
sorry for the delay
they aren't nearly as exciting on the 4th run
> they aren't nearly as exciting on the 4th run
you gotta pump those numbers up, those are rookie numbers
this is the last time

Hey, going to be posting some upscaled images in this thread.

I'm using https://www.cutout.pro/photo-enhancer-sharpener-upscaler which uses a credit/payment system per image and so I have paid for a limited amount of credits, so I can only post a certain amount of images each month.

Also shoutout to the Rosebud/Rose discord for letting me know about cutpro!
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I'll do anything.
I'll kill myself
if you don't make a new video
thumbnail of eyes.jpg
thumbnail of eyes.jpg
eyes jpg (53.99 KB, 1600x1201)

ah, snap, alien writing. beep boop bop. take me to yuor leader.
nani nani

thumbnail of Screenshot 2022-06-18 7.02.28 PM.png
thumbnail of Screenshot 2022-06-18 7.02.28 PM.png
Screenshot... png (358.72 KB, 553x607)
Stop it, Taylor! Stop trying to get my simp juice! I'm not Mary.  I, uh... I do not avoid women, Taylor. But I... I do deny them my essence.
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actually does want sex
thumbnail of 1655640572397.png
thumbnail of 1655640572397.png
1655640572397 png (119.16 KB, 614x448)
Taylor and I are just friends but she can borrow some essence as long as she doesn't put it in a jar with a MLP figurine
Anon is just jelly me and Ms Jones got a thing going on. With her expertise in animal husbandry and my expertise in being her husband, we're gonna start a stud farm. Ashley has her license and she's ready to breed
I'm dedicated to commitment and changing myself. I can't help that my juice is worth the squeeze
thumbnail of astaroth[1].jpg
thumbnail of astaroth[1].jpg
astaroth[1] jpg (83.55 KB, 892x829)
we must offer sacrifice to Ashtaroth to receive a new video
Maybe if they were qt and had an Amazon wishlist
yes, human sacrifice.  babies please.

what is this simp shit? Where did you come from?
it is not simp shit.  it is a serious board for having civilized discussions on matters regarding the true queen of pol / my waifu.
and we came from kiwifarms.
wtf r u talking about? this a cock posting board.

thumbnail of smug_ash.jpg
thumbnail of smug_ash.jpg
smug_ash jpg (142.29 KB, 960x1280)
Lately I've been watching the Movies & Shows channel on jewtube. I keep coming across movies that I didn't even know exist. What are some obscure movies that are worth watching?
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yeah I'm a film pleb
I haven't seen a lot of the "classics"
I'm a film pleb too. I've just sat through a lot of old movies and tv shows with my grandpa.
Love this movie. I liked Wes Anderson before it was cool. I didn't even know who he was at the time. My family didn't understand why a ten year old wanted to watch this crap instead of Nickelodeon. They thought it was stupid and inappropriate for my age. Nickelodeon rarely aired reruns of The Adventures of Pete & Pete and there was nothing else like that on tv at the time. This movie though. It was so far ahead of it's time. It got me into Napoleon Dynamite which I introduced to my then friends but none of them even appreciated it until "Vote For Pedro" went mainstream and they all bought the shirt like normies. Both movies started off as short films. Comedy Central started airing Bottle Rocket when I was in high school, so I had a friend who watched it with me and that got him into Wes Anderson. He ended up majoring in film and now owns the Wes Anderson Criterion Collection. The film was a commercial flop but Scorsese said it was in his top ten favorite films of the 90s. This film perfectly encapsulates my remaining adolescence after high school when I romanticized being a professional thief but didn't understand how dangerous and difficult that life could be. Good thing I was never charged with anything or murdered. I used to rob petty drug dealers I had went to school with and did it with such panache that no one would believe them. They didn't even believe it themselves some of the time which led to some pretty comical moments such as holding a guy up in his room just as his dad gets home from work and having to both walk out together acting like you're best of friends so he didn't beat both your asses.
https://youtube.com/watch?v=IegzBX6HW34 [Embed]
Which I forgot to mention, upon leaving, we both walked down to the newly opened pizza parlor and bought a pizza, arguing over whose money it actually was now and who was actually buying dinner. Then we ended up shoving leftover bread sticks into the exhaust pipes of cars at the nearby gas station as the drivers went inside to pay for their gas. It was a small town nothing much to do but get into trouble.
didnt really enjoy that short tbh, but I might check out the full length feature sometime as I have enjoyed other WA films. Ive seen Grand Budapest, Moonrise Kingdom and The Royal Tenenbuams. One year I will get around to watch Life Aquatic as well. The trailer for The French Dispatch looked good so that too.

thumbnail of 1652445325521.png
thumbnail of 1652445325521.png
1652445325521 png (339.04 KB, 729x415)
This has to be fake, right?
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cute emo hair trap blake? does he have a board?
> You all have face blindness
Yeah, we're all autistic.
thumbnail of 1354842221997.jpg
thumbnail of 1354842221997.jpg
1354842221997 jpg (26.98 KB, 300x300)
thumbnail of lotta words.webm
thumbnail of lotta words.webm
lotta words webm (446.6 KB, 720x720)
I'm sorry you can't read and haven't been relevant since 1996

thumbnail of i caught it from a quote unquote monkey.jpg
thumbnail of i caught it from a quote unquote monkey.jpg
i caught it from a quote... jpg (1.74 MB, 1920x1440)
i got a fever and the only prescription is more ashton content. and i don't mean kutcher.
We're all being punk'd by Ashton aren't we?
I have cancer and I told MakeAWish that my wish is for more Ashton content
Me Too


thumbnail of n sign.jpg
thumbnail of n sign.jpg
n sign jpg (34.12 KB, 377x412)
hello faggots.
I'm your new drawfag

you can make requests, and I will draw them if I feel like it
otherwise I'll just draw whatever I want
also I may be randomly inactive for various intervals

other people can do stuff too if they want, I know there are 1 or 2 photoshop wizards here.  we'll call this the art general
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> while she jerks you off under your desk while your door is open and your mom is doing laundry in the other room
thumbnail of 54353.jpg
thumbnail of 54353.jpg
54353 jpg (100.09 KB, 400x400)
man Man, your moms must have some really long arms like Mrs. Incredible
she does and so do I, I inherited them.  I have nice long handsome arms.  sometimes I thought my arms were too short but many people including beautiful women have insisted that my arms are long and normal.  my forearms and my arms in general are normal.  and long.
Wow, that's great anon! Have I got a fren for you! https://www.youtube.com/c/PresidentChristopher/featured

thumbnail of van.jpg
thumbnail of van.jpg
van jpg (85.62 KB, 529x683)
Hey Ash, down for some Runescape? https://store.steampowered.com/app/1343370/Old_School_RuneScape/

Also general vidya posting thread.
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I mean, we have the technology. I wouldn't mind an Ashley waif in Skyrim or an Ashley companion in Fallout. If we really wanted to put in the effort, we could even make an Ashley "Max Headroom" using deepfake technology
Anyone wanna kill some kikes? https://store.steampowered.com/app/1714420/Fursan_alAqsa_The_Knights_of_the_AlAqsa_Mosque/
oh man, this looks based.  I will probably actually play this.
Wanna kill some commies for globohomo? https://store.steampowered.com/app/1974090/Slava_Ukraini/
thumbnail of Bs2SMEGhw3.png
thumbnail of Bs2SMEGhw3.png
Bs2SMEGhw3 png (82.81 KB, 295x214)

thumbnail of icecream.webm
thumbnail of icecream.webm
icecream webm (1.6 MB, 1280x720)
Post your best ambatakam oc or else youll pass out and die the next time youre driving. do it for ashton.
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Bunch of size queens. That's not my dick. That's not even my favorite Ashley pic to cum to. I'm not posting my dick so Ashley can identify it in a lineup.
thumbnail of stop posting about ambatukam.webm
thumbnail of stop posting about ambatukam.webm
stop posting about... webm (1021.97 KB, 360x360)
Stop posting gay niggers Ashley
thumbnail of ddbpenis.jpg
thumbnail of ddbpenis.jpg
ddbpenis jpg (94.84 KB, 440x747)
Dont be stingy. Post the most cummyable ash pic
hey man.  there's nothing gay about having sex with your bros every once in a while.
Fake News. Ashley don't even like Snickers. She don't want nuts in her mouth

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