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I know she enjoys what there is to offer


the click on 1 and 3 makes !phantom! sounds on 2 and 4 

if she wanders into this i belive she would smile
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thumbnail of vlcsnap-2016-11-15-17h17m23s000.png
vlcsnap-2016-11-15-17h17m23s000 png (171.68 KB, 640x384)
I want to bully her, bully her but whole...

j/k I wouldn't do anything like that to her. 

I just want to bug her, bugger her but whole...

Hey Mordecai, I think I see a whole dollar at the back of the oven, you think you can reach for it without getting stuck?
thumbnail of 11.jpg
thumbnail of 11.jpg
11 jpg (46.3 KB, 323x270)
ayy lmao
> ywn never try to slap ash's bony tight ass and grab on hard to what little rump meat she's got going on back there
thumbnail of 15355696_1862548820694950_7438180226569834390_n.jpg
thumbnail of 15355696_1862548820694950_7438180226569834390_n.jpg
15355696_18625488... jpg (120.81 KB, 960x959)
I'm actually more interested in Nate's caulk

The board got deleted.

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I report shit whenever possible.  no need to thank me
Maybe, it's not just here though. Some old Ashley oc got taken down on youtube after being posted here and a those social media accounts that anon claims were her were also taken down after being posted here. It's just odd. It's like Ashley is doing it.
oh, yeah, maybe.  idk why she'd have the power to take down random youtube videos but not the archive channel though.  one theory is someone is posting shit and then coming here and saying it's her and then deleting it a few days later to make it look believable.  I kind of think that was the case with the soundcloud thing a few months ago.
Why would anyone go through the trouble to do that though?  I don't think there's that much to gain from trying to pull something like that in a community this small.
idk, for lulz.  you're probably right.  I still don't think the soundcloud was real though.

Just to back up what you posted, in Nazi Germany Joseph Goebbels the minister of propaganda said that if you tell the same lie often enough people will begin to believe it. 

I haven't taken the vaccine either. There seems to be to much pressure from the government for everyone to take the vaccine. Always remember that the people in the government really don't give a shit about you and the people in the government have their own narcissistic agenda. Follow the money.

I know she enjoy what there is to offer


the click on 1 and 3 makes !phantom! sounds on 3 and 4 

if she wanders into this i belive she would smile

thumbnail of foul mouth.mp4
thumbnail of foul mouth.mp4
foul mouth mp4 (5 MB, 640x800)
Check Out her tirade. She's Ashley 2.0 on steroids.
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very nice, looks more like an actual website.  here's a couple things I'd change:
-to make the bg pic look more like her wall I'd darken it and raise the saturation (I can do it if you want) 
-I'm in general not a fan of rounded borders but that's just my taste (reminds me of twitter) maybe make the radius smaller
-I'd lighten the shade of pink slightly to contrast the text better, sort of like on red boards on 4chan
-make sure the cursor image applies to the hover form, when it's over links and such
Board looks great. Ashley would be proud. In fact, I'm sure she's looking down from heaven and smiling right now.
thumbnail of 1473626309274.gif
thumbnail of 1473626309274.gif
1473626309274 gif (21.48 KB, 650x488)
How about making the background a repeating texture of her skin?
I'm trying to one-up that but I can't think of anything nearly as creepy
> trying to get us to lick our monitors

You sinister son of a bitch.

thumbnail of 1418021838504.png
thumbnail of 1418021838504.png
1418021838504 png (144.78 KB, 316x264)
Ash, do you want to go trick or treating with me? Don't worry about costumes, I'll go as your boyfriend and you can go as the love of my life. If you don't want to trick or treat how about a Halloween live stream for old time sake. If so I'll send you all the candy I collect trick or treating and I'll even throw in a few tins of altoids, peppermint and strawberry.
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thumbnail of 1609453494704.jpg
thumbnail of 1609453494704.jpg
1609453494704 jpg (7.78 KB, 232x197)
thumbnail of 1636125356622.webm
thumbnail of 1636125356622.webm
1636125356622 webm (1.86 MB, 800x450)
Imagine Ashley stroking her bepis as she begs for your big sausage in her pizza
you claim you were just pretending you wanted to fuck trannyluke.
I think you were really going to.
who is trannyluke? i only have eyes for taz

thumbnail of 1634517086198.jpg
thumbnail of 1634517086198.jpg
1634517086... jpg (137.85 KB, 640x852)
thumbnail of 1634514316596.jpg
thumbnail of 1634514316596.jpg
1634514316596 jpg (39.03 KB, 474x595)
So how long until Ash hits that wall? Will Ash still be a qt in her 30s?
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try this Ashley https://www.minoxidilmax.com/product/minoxidilfinasteride
(I think it might be only for men though so don't use it if you are a girl)
I just want her back. She doesn't have to show her face, just talk to us
she already is stupid, she's been posting here for a minute
I too want her back......and her front.
thumbnail of no2.gif
thumbnail of no2.gif
no2 gif (455.39 KB, 500x375)
not good enough
post with a tripcode

thumbnail of 9c28b524-marci-dota-2.jpg
thumbnail of 9c28b524-marci-dota-2.jpg
9c28b524-marci-dota-2 jpg (179.92 KB, 1891x969)
Is it just me or does this new Dota2 hero looks like ash. I can't stop picking this hero for every match. She is cute though
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can you do a christmas themed one?
long hair Ash is also good

yeah I'll do a chrismeese one
I'll start next couple days probably depending if school keeps buttraping me or not
That cute little laugh she does at 1:18 and 1:55 always cracks me up.
thumbnail of ashDOTA.jpg
thumbnail of ashDOTA.jpg
ashDOTA jpg (277.11 KB, 939x1080)
yeah they are some of my favourite videos

here is my shitty Photoshop edit of >>/2084/
that does match the color from her camera better

and yeah same I like the videos where she just talks the most
I'm on my 3rd run through the streams now

thumbnail of Ec9Je1CWsAEuXZD.jpg
thumbnail of Ec9Je1CWsAEuXZD.jpg
Ec9Je1CWsAEuXZD jpg (1.88 MB, 2048x1437)
in the beginning was the word...

...i got a hard-on while making this.
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Ahh, a contrarian. Allow me to retort.

Stop Rose from making a Christmas vid? Christmas without a Rose video would be like a day without sunshine. It's a family tradition. If you stopped Rose from making a Christmas video the populace would run you out of town on a rail.

Whether or not Rose makes her annual Christmas vid bears no weight on the Ash's decision to deny us the honor of her presence over six years and possibly but hopefully not her absence in perpetuity No, it runs deeper than that. 

With all due respect to the Ash of which I have much there has to be a deeper reason (which is open to speculation) the Ash won't honor us mere mortals with her presence and Rose's Christmas video doesn't even enter the equation.


With all due respect to the Ash of which I have much there has to be a deeper reason the Ash won't honor us mere mortals with her presence and Rose's Christmas vids don't even enter the equation.
thumbnail of 1357604376713.gif
thumbnail of 1357604376713.gif
1357604376713 gif (1.58 MB, 360x270)
every faggot down in Roseville liked Christmas a lot
but the Grinch who lived up in Ash mountain did not!
How much do we have to bribe Rose to read an Ash-centric Grinch story on stream?
I think she can be bought off for some Bangers and Mash or maybe some Bubble and Squeak finished off with a pint of warm ale. She does have a propensity for 10 year old hamburgers as shown in one of her vids, yeah she actually took a bite of it.
lol.  I'll legit write the whole book this Christmas.  maybe even ms paint illustrate it if I have time.
I doubt Rose even knows who Ashley is though, she unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, was not actually that famous.

Ashley can't hit the wall, she already hit that Pepsi truck in that freak car accident. She's an immortal angel now. Don't speak ill of the dead.
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I didn't mean for the thread to be about bitching over endchan, I just wish I could friggen delete this. It won't accept my password. I reported my own thread to the mods but it's still up. Do we have mods?

> knowing about badcars

Under no circumstances whatsoever should anybody be posting on that shit hole. Fck cuckchan.
nigga where am I supposed to post? kiwifarms?
if you have the right password and it still won't let you delete it's because the board owner has disabled user post deletion
Every time you post on cuckchan, an angel gets punched in the dick.
I can delete my posts fine, anon must be retarded

/wsg/ is still cool
and I can wade through the cancer on /pol/ on occasion

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