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51e6005112ef505dc4d22ccc96d7874b-imagejpeg jpg (90.8 KB, 800x450)
Just who is taxing who?

OLD: >>/544310/
How does he do it?
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thumbnail of maxresdefault.jpg
maxresdefault jpg (92.05 KB, 1280x720)

Me second from right.
There is a banner with just peas on a chopping board. I do not remember it or understand it.
You look good NEET.
Me either. The show moves on rapidly sometimes.
need to go into the city again today
hopefully the new obi wangers will be ready to torrent when i get home
That's at least something to look forward to today, it may be the highlight for my day.
thumbnail of 1655715956277.png
thumbnail of 1655715956277.png
1655715956277 png (649.05 KB, 649x646)
Good Morning NEETs
might get some chook on the way home and make that vindaloo I was going to do the other day
A board of peas. 
My memefu is still in tact.
Woed and taxed
Good morning NEET.
> make that vindaloo I was going to do the other day
One garlic naan please.
I have seen a supermarket roast chook referred to as a "bachelor's handbag".
Yours is no longer intact.
> A board of peas
That explains it. Thank you.
> "bachelor's handbag".
Learn something new each day
>>“Couldn’t go past the Bachelor’s Handbag” says Jacko.
>>“It was on sale and I missed breakfast”
>>“So I’m gonna polish a whole bag today boys”
Need some pies.
i thought it was called a "Stanley Steamer" ?
thinking up excuses to get out of this arv's jsp appointment
Get me a steak and kidney please.
Possibly the worst banter I have ever seen on here.
Just go m8. Get it over with.
> arv's jsp appointment
Do you have to do anything there other than turn up (i.e., will they force job searches/tasks on you)?
you are universally unloved
thumbnail of 1655754252736.jpg
thumbnail of 1655754252736.jpg
1655754252736 jpg (31.29 KB, 396x385)
no, thats homo bitch boi
I hope you know to come to me first from now on.
haven't seen skirt steak at teh supermarket in ages
thumbnail of mp4.mp4
thumbnail of mp4.mp4
mp4 mp4 (5.51 MB, 576x1082)

nuro posting kids again...
The pain was real.
Tax wage wank maybe
thumbnail of CFK.jpg
thumbnail of CFK.jpg
CFK jpg (2.15 MB, 4032x3024)

Rest In Pieces.
first lunch or second breakky?
If I was her I would find a charity group and work there for the minimum X hours each week. The work wouldn't be as intense and she could get paid the inheritance.
"Another fake resume said he had 'made it 10th grade' and that he has 'absolutely no skills whatsoever'. "

This is basically my resume, and it ain't 'fake'...
> This is basically my resume
Do some charity work, do a short Tafe course and make up some bullshit to fill in the last X years.
> a short Tafe course
Writing this reminded me of Dave. I hope he has enough kibble, as he was down to his last blue ice cream container of kibble last time.
It was in my downloads folder. One of the many food pics saved from other neets.
Excellent breakky.
> tfw no gf
Hundreds of thousands are teetering on the edge of homelessness, but thankfully our government is addressing the stuff that matters.
Yes. It's pathetic.
no onlyfans yet
Want kfc
Might get some for lunch, it’s been at least a year since I had it
don't do it to yourself
you'll feel sick
thumbnail of kfc-bucket-21-pieces.jpg
thumbnail of kfc-bucket-21-pieces.jpg
kfc-bucket-21-pieces jpg (246.36 KB, 1551x1075)
May as well go big m8, if it's only once a year. Make ausneets proud.
Zinger burger thanks.
thumbnail of paradise.jpg
thumbnail of paradise.jpg
paradise jpg (444.93 KB, 2048x1536)

thumbnail of 7b097505c74db5593db0a3165a0a4e25-imagepng.png
thumbnail of 7b097505c74db5593db0a3165a0a4e25-imagepng.png
7b097505c74db5... png (39.58 KB, 633x758)
Sometimes when I see pictures of kfc on here it makes me want to just lick the screen.
Not going. ON the goon.
It would have been easier for the fat bitch to make some arrangement with a small employer to pretend to employ her for a while in exchange for a small slice of the inheritance when it comes.
Volunteering a few hours a week at a charity too. Easy.
You have to clarify that sort of thing at the time you post it.
Sometimes when I see pictures of kids on here it makes me want to just lick the screen.
Quite so, NEET.
Hi Nuro.
Discovered a new trashy paranormal youtube channel, called midnight broadcast
Roasted sesame kewpie mayo is just divine
Only thirteen bucks for a pig's head! I want one.
What NEET foods would it pair well with?
that and a shovel and you can make the local mosque land haram
DO you call the butcher and ask them to reserve a head?
They might have to order one in. Their carcasses are probably delivered head free.
thumbnail of Ribbon Blender.jpg
thumbnail of Ribbon Blender.jpg
Ribbon... jpg (3.04 MB, 3120x4160)
Cheese and crackers anyone? It's great finger food!
I'm flattered you saved my kf pic
Smell like a booze bag
wish there was an online request form I could submit instead of having to call. They might say no and that's my biggest fear.
> still thinking about cruisey's meat
Imagine the smell.
That lamb roast is a lot like him. Looks ok on the outside but inside a very nasty person.
musky sumac.
> inside a very nasty person
He has a heart of gold.
didn't know virgin neet was in the Sopranos
he herds mongs for the pleasure of controlling them. A heart cold as ice.
wonder how monks performing at the new wage
He loves his mongs.
Pathetic that people think they deserve houses handed out to them.
i wonder how many of his female cow-orkers wanna ride his cock
thumbnail of aboriginees.jpg
thumbnail of aboriginees.jpg
aboriginees jpg (46.43 KB, 500x320)
nasty bigot
Imagine not slaving away for 50 years just to pay off a million dollar mortgage

Fucking dole-bludging scum!
They say I’m going well even though I feel a bit clueless. Bossman wasn’t that pleased that I’m wfh today without notice given it was his 1 day in the office this week. Oh well

Red top and woke kinder surprises for lunch
I would guess zero.
Imagine expecting those around you to not only slave for their own lives, but to slave for yours as well.
Wait, they made Tony Soprano's kid fuck a Mexican?
Hearty kek
An absolute alpha chad move
Why are you day drinking?
> Red top and woke kinder surprises for lunch
Breakfast of champions
You bitch about the collateral damage of a jew-run society but never acknowledge the cause
> kinder surprises
is the toy a tranny barbie doll?
Kek, I wouldn't disagree. It is getting increasingly desperate.
> nuro gets banned for posting kids
> pro-paedo comment nominally from IGA
Definitley not a false flag, huh?
> Is the drag set appropriately on the reel? (The knob on the front of the actual spool).

i'VE never really used the drag. It's always been wind in as fast as possible. But you know I've caught anything big enough where you'd want to use it.
Garn play some Skyrim. My last playthough was as a heavy armour arcane archer nord doing the companions and dawnguard (for DG) questlines. This one will be a cat for the DB and TG questlines.
thumbnail of 1647829506168.jpg
thumbnail of 1647829506168.jpg
1647829506168 jpg (33.23 KB, 657x527)
> posting kids
what ? that was a standard reaction image gif ? wut ? please dont tell me we are falling into greta thunberg levels of retardisation again.....
> false flag
i wouldnt put it past us that IGA unironically false flags itself
So lonely
How old are you?
thumbnail of 1653533324218.jpg
thumbnail of 1653533324218.jpg
1653533324218 jpg (97.51 KB, 1000x678)
> unironically false flags itself
same mate
Okay, I'm just asking because that influences my reply.
Getting into a traditional sport like football or cricket might be a good idea depending on your personality. You might find you aren't well received if you aren't very good at them or don't have the blokey mindset. For that reason you might find the newer "meme" sports like ultimate frisbee to be a bit more welcoming. Historical re-enactment and HEMA type stuff attracts lots of spergy neet types. I've been going to the gym for a few years now and I've found the people there to be very welcoming and friendly. None of them are the aggro insecure types, they are all encouraging and helpful. That could be another avenue, especially because you can just do it on your own and interact as little or as much as you want unlike a team sport where you are expected to deal with them.
Getting in with old coots is another option. A church would probably be a bad idea as they'll assume you are on the brink of a breakdown (typically the way it goes with young men getting into Christianity) but something like the Rotary club might be good. Those cunts are always desperate for anyone under the age of 60 or so.
Are you more in want of friends or a gf?
Because if it is the latter then I don't really know what to say. Maybe a table top gaming group would be the way to go. Depending on which group you joined you could do alright there. They have a surprisingly high number of girls at those things (D&D is oddly popular with young women) and the men there would not present very formidable competition.
I'm an asocial loser myself so I can't offer any experienced advice. This is all just my own speculation.
You make everything worse in the long run.
thumbnail of CeeVee.png
thumbnail of CeeVee.png
CeeVee png (47.27 KB, 809x1018)

I reckon my face will look a lot better if I lose some weight.
FFS they turned Stifler's character into a female. How innovative and progressive...
(autism?)ULTIMATE FRISGBEE[/austism')
FUck it. Garn fishin. Attempt no.4(four)
Bec went fishing and came back with a red snapper once.
Call me again
I think we're just gonna stick to watching movies made more than 10 years ago.
What is weber streaming next and when?
Friday. Webber is just the mr big behind womboflix, another less important neet does the actual streaming. We'll take a poll on what neets want to watch on thursday.
Want another long neck 
Or maybe just a goon sack for some day gooning
thumbnail of another.png
thumbnail of another.png
another png (94.46 KB, 505x330)

> DB and TG questlines.
My favourites. I like to do stealth archer.
Bring us back 30kg of screenshots.
not him mate but thanks for writing this
no motivation today. just feel completely empty
thumbnail of IMG_20220622_145414.jpg
thumbnail of IMG_20220622_145414.jpg
IMG_202206... jpg (4.45 MB, 3120x4160)
Smoking another shitilly rolled cigarette before wetting3 a line
> day gooning
No no no.
Weber is like Paulie from Goodfellas, a very respected man yet some sassy neets still try to double-cross him.
having a glass of milk, what do you think about that huh 10k?
> no motivation today
more like mnoths
> mnoths
more like yaers
If you're going to call me Gavin then at least say hello
what is it with indian women being annoying busy bodies
i bet my glass of milk intimidated 10k
Wank interrupted by zoom call
thumbnail of old_pepe.jpg
thumbnail of old_pepe.jpg
old_pepe jpg (41.94 KB, 500x492)
More like decades
As winstone churchill once noted, the poojeta is always either at your feet or at your throat
You should've just kept going on zoom. Might have been a cute poojeta.
I bet 10k makes marijuana milkshakes, and sells them to little kids
Batman is dumb.
3 mandarins today.
I'd rather be iron man
mandarin-man. Did you eat anything else?
Brutally woed
Yes. I had an apple, 2 eggs and a peanut butter sandwich today.
i smiled once
Have a walk
my room smells like stale cum
> I’m wfh today without notice given
> Red top  for lunch
I hope they sack your arse you dumb cunt
u r jelis he living best lyf
for real he jelly he can't do that
hes seething
im playing elden ring
finish skyrim already?
Wasted my time trying to remove rust from the bbq I pulled from side of the road.
obi wangers torrents just dropped
thumbnail of images (4).jpeg
thumbnail of images (4).jpeg
images (4) jpeg (32.54 KB, 640x480)

I thought everyone hated that
only the one neet who is a racialist
im not that neet
everyone with good taste does
Wage complete. Struggle of a day. Having a goon now and catching up on youtube. 
Had the most realistic dream of the ex. Thinking about her all day. Realising just how lonely I am. Woe. Feeling like a loser.
u r
Kate never deserved you
It was worth a try neet.
I know
thumbnail of why aren't they fucking doing anything.png
thumbnail of why aren't they fucking doing anything.png
why aren't they fucking doing anything png (16.41 KB, 762x296)

thumbnail of kate.jpg
thumbnail of kate.jpg
kate jpg (40.27 KB, 574x696)

thumbnail of 1655759642932.jpeg
thumbnail of 1655759642932.jpeg
1655759642932 jpeg (79.34 KB, 1024x1024)
Thinking about KFC again.
Thank you.
Scan City.
I miss her.
I think it's stuck in a holding pattern as the previous event is "waiting on information from sender for clearance". Emailed the seppo dog cunts.
Must be a really big warehouse.
Whizzing around like most in that state wanting to escape. I worry for it.
The flip might have messed up the computer program again
wake me when maverick comes out on torrent
I don't think I will
thumbnail of IMG_20220622_173600.jpg
thumbnail of IMG_20220622_173600.jpg
IMG_20220622_173600 jpg (2.49 MB, 4160x3120)
Got the Barbie firin
take a big ol' shit on it
Do they sell chicken shaped sex dolls? Asking for a friend.
Big catch?
Brown trout?
4 sausages please.
large double whopper meal and 12 nuggers and a longneck of stout and a bottle of wine down the hatch
blind mullet
A surfeit.
Not sure what a double whopper meal is but it sounds nice.
thumbnail of iz.jpg
thumbnail of iz.jpg
iz jpg (115.34 KB, 1200x900)
You have brought great honour to ausneets. What's for dessert?
I am hopefully you should have a good meal.
Big feed.
White Monster 4-pack half price at Coles this week. $6.85
For povo neets Aldi 4 packs of energy drinks are something like $3.65
webbie dont surf
and taste like ass
> What's for dessert?
pulling my pud while watching obi-wangers will be sweet enough
A gateway drug to rimming
Feeling conscious seeing guys my age on youtube with flashy cars and shit again
We all run our own race NEET. It is not a competition.
they all lease them and rent properties etc, mate
don't believe most of what you see
Yes it is

I know, but I can't rent shit
Get used to disappointment
Sage counsel. The wise NEET reaches a point where he lets go. The sooner you get there the better.
> reaches a point where he lets go
ie, giving up.
> giving up.
On some things, yes. But other horizons may become visible.
Goon almost finished
thumbnail of casting.jpg
thumbnail of casting.jpg
casting jpg (222.73 KB, 1459x1021)

thumbnail of c8368c49cfea00f8bdce57410c48c242-imagejpeg.jpg
thumbnail of c8368c49cfea00f8bdce57410c48c242-imagejpeg.jpg
c8368c49cfea00f8bd... jpg (133.36 KB, 1242x1240)

The system has created and distributed more wealth than any other system before it. 
Your free houses are only an option because of it.
I hope to see her at the top of the page soon.
See you soon.
The stratagem of the neet
Neet fight camp has been a middling success today. I haven't done much exercise, because I have a sore throat and I'm a wuss, but I haven't binged and even ate a nice healthy salad wrap for dindins.
shoulda said weber casting x
thumbnail of shocked_olive.png
thumbnail of shocked_olive.png
shocked_olive png (1.01 MB, 867x731)
Kek, here is the original one if you want to do it without the added women of the world text.
wtf does 'For Whom The Boongs Toll' mean anyway?
I'd call that a win.
Good shit. 
What's going on?
Closing time at the pub.
After webby is done with them on the casting couch they get sent to cruisey's mong herd for the obligatory downie gangbang scene.
Good feed
Day isn't over yet. I'll do some bodyweight exercises and stretching.
You did well NEET. Keep going.
Is there such a thing as downy porn videos? I don't want to ask google.
thanks neets
Needs resizing.
Good first steps NEET. Keep at it and keep moving forward.
He who boongs is taxed, a many such occurance.
Venetian gremlins telling me to go in at lunch tomorrow
Any advice on a re-arrange?
thumbnail of casting2.jpg
thumbnail of casting2.jpg
casting2 jpg (185.74 KB, 1459x1021)
Heed them. when have they ever steered you wrong?
Kek, perfect.
I wonder what weber thinks.
Just needs a resize and he'll be perfect.
> weber
I wish to be but cannot claim I am he.
> The NEETs have turned the sweet and wholesome Olive into a porn star.
thumbnail of 1655885108245.jpeg
thumbnail of 1655885108245.jpeg
1655885108245 jpeg (223.99 KB, 1110x1239)

Don't know about downs specifically, but efukt has deaf girls and least one retarded guy who shows up to bukkake shoots and ends up jizzing on the wall before they've even started
how are you expected to glass somebody with that?
What we need is a picture of her with a more shocked look on her face. A look of fear. Of desperation.
> A look of fear. Of desperation.
turning to hunger and finally disgust
> and ends up jizzing on the wall before they've even started
What an absolutely chad move.
thumbnail of mp4.mp4
thumbnail of mp4.mp4
mp4 mp4 (2.03 MB, 576x1024)
there's probably a still in here
> that Adam's apple
thumbnail of bimbo_doll.mp4
thumbnail of bimbo_doll.mp4
bimbo_doll mp4 (2.64 MB, 576x1024)
thumbnail of break_from_the_arse.mp4
thumbnail of break_from_the_arse.mp4
break_from... mp4 (1.05 MB, 576x1024)
thumbnail of early.mp4
thumbnail of early.mp4
early mp4 (2.45 MB, 576x1024)
Olive was always a bit like that.
Consider the second video here is her cosplay of Hentai Haven.
That isn't an adam's apple you spastic.
This "Olive is a tranny" meme is one of the worst attempts of forcing a meme of our board's history. It is up there with brokestraightboys.com and Stanley Steamers.
Once again the "Previously on Obi-Wangers" intro is making me not want to watch the rest.
It all looks cheap and fake. Darth Vader doesn't sound right.
Terrible writing and acting.
Probably the same mediocre neet is behind them all.
I never believed stanley steamers was a real meme, which is why it never made the editions list.
The steamer meme was and is fatso. I suspect brokestraightboys was imissfather but there is more than one neet out there with homosexual tendencies.
Good, it is merely a remnant of the time nuro shat in a pan and fried it up.
Which in turn reminds me of a post with the text "Hungry neets?".
> fatso
Ambiguous neet name
The meme is just an extension of the bussy meme.
There is only one neet that is called fat.
an attempt at commercialisation, you might say
And that doesn't relate to his weight.
I believe Olive is a tranny. I am not memeing.
I doubt olive is a tranny, but I'm jelly of olive neet's tiktok qt. I want one myself.
Do losers still have "waifus"?
> brokestraightboys.com
Began long ago when a NEET was taken from his room by several strong men at the request of his motherbot. He was dumbed in a car park hours away. His strategy to survive was getting a van and selling his arse as he only had his wallet or sleeping in the gutter. Stop latching it into something more recent.
This has turned into a meme about a meme. A metameme.
thumbnail of 1645922927287.png
thumbnail of 1645922927287.png
1645922927287 png (747.26 KB, 880x660)


He who controls the edition list controls the memes.
Do you have the app?
t. warehouse kitchen who stopped posting 'flavourtowns' out of embarrassment.
Steamer meme was more funny afterwards as people kept posting about it, which continued the cycle as it would have just died. They couldn't just forget it and the steam lived on in their mind as they wanted some explanation to somehow rationalise it days, weeks and months afterwards.
> [X]
Lamb chops in a toaster oven lmao.
> it thinks the Stanley Steamer was a meme...

how are you this fucking inept bugman ? its TOTAL WAR AND YOU ARE NEXT
I still have those van pictures in my computer. One NEET was even more interested in the strong men returning to the motherbot when the deed was done.
Webber is bussin
I heard they caught Weber ridin' dirty.
fr fr
thumbnail of 6E749E99-5044-4C01-9C44-E3A8B95A0B02.jpeg
thumbnail of 6E749E99-5044-4C01-9C44-E3A8B95A0B02.jpeg
6E749E99-5044-4C01-9C44-E3... jpeg (3.06 MB, 4032x3024)
Yeah warehouse kitchen is bussin’ yo you dumb ass nigger fuck
Looks great big boy.
It has been a while since Cruisey  mentioned the Chinaman.
I hope the gambling is out of his system.
wheres your flag?
looks good
Chinaman became very greedy near the end.
fuck off schitzo
thumbnail of reitears.png
thumbnail of reitears.png
reitears png (152.45 KB, 344x358)
Is 16chan kill?
in possums anus
how am i being schizo?
at stumers next to dogshit
with your real father haha
> 16chan 
just wondering why you're not using your attentionwhore flag
on a fucking milkcrate
thumbnail of IMG_20220622_190116.jpg
thumbnail of IMG_20220622_190116.jpg
IMG_20220622_190116 jpg (2.45 MB, 4160x3120)
Bought some shit from Bunnings
next to you your toshiba
nice thieveing thief
i dont own a toshiba
thats not nuro
thumbnail of igaball10.png
thumbnail of igaball10.png
igaball10 png (127.49 KB, 600x600)
yeaaaaah boi !!!!!!
why do you think i'm iga?
thumbnail of 1638183315677.png
thumbnail of 1638183315677.png
1638183315677 png (142.71 KB, 360x450)
no i am Kieran
because you smell haha
Please don't call me at 2:30 in tho morning again please
Yeah I noticed it was down earlier.
Did you get a flashlight for Stummers?
Good night NEET. Sleep tight.
Good night.
Did they ask what you were wearing?
Nah, sometimes I use the website
Is this pic meant to be a brag? Thats cramped as fuck, pajeet tier
Nuro that was not very nice. I'm trying to make peace.
I suggest neet.moe if you prefer humourless anime girls to frogposting and bantz.
Why didn't iga post his bathroom or bedroom? Did he really get accommodation mogged by a guy who lives in a disabled dunny?
thumbnail of 1649481672638.jpg
thumbnail of 1649481672638.jpg
1649481672638 jpg (50.12 KB, 657x527)
thumbnail of tumblr_nt8tmscfgj1udwanoo1_500.jpg
thumbnail of tumblr_nt8tmscfgj1udwanoo1_500.jpg
tumblr_nt8tmscfgj1udw... jpg (36.94 KB, 480x444)
thumbnail of 3qEYMSXa5a-4.png
thumbnail of 3qEYMSXa5a-4.png
3qEYMSXa5a-4 png (48.53 KB, 300x250)
Almost bought a 500lumen Energizer torch for $30. I went there in search of a cheap bbq that was $99 last year. It's now one20. Only had a hundred on the gift card.
Corned beef is always worth bragging about.

I suggest you suck my glorious thousand times folded cock.
So cringe. All your posts read like a 17 year old that just discovered /b/ 
You have a learning disability haha
Not bad, you got hit by the inflation jew.
In the USA they don't use the word torch. They exclusively call it a flashlight.
> getting this butthurt over corned beef
Maybe if you put that salt into your beef instead of your posts, your life might improve.
thumbnail of FleshLight.jpeg
thumbnail of FleshLight.jpeg
FleshLight jpeg (36.1 KB, 634x369)
Some people are so far behind in the race that they actually believe they're leading.
Or maybe they are running in a different race with a different finish line.
Like I give a shit about your shitty povo beef. 
Your kitchen is cramped and tiny. You talk shit but you live in a derro warehouse. Seethe you tryhard failure.
> FleshLight.jpeg
My thoughts exactly.
Nigger, I'm not the guy that posted his kitchen. Just a fellow corned beef appreciator.
Fuck off FIFO
I thought you got banned for being a nonce?
Chad corned beef appreciator.
Drown it in white sauce.
You neets are unruly in the evening.
It greatly regrets losing its flag but it is too proud to ask for it back.
I prefer it with blackberry jam.
Your father doesn't talk to you.
Your sister and mother both have intervention orders against you.
They need more stick.
What is the gift card for?
The "For You" page on the app is the best way to find a tiktok qt to simp for. That is how I found Olive.
The website is pretty bad.
Impulse buys in bunnings are fucking brutal aye.
Is that neet that watched Oblivion (2013) here?
16chan dowm
Wherre will pedo tiffin go to give his 'good night white'?
Wonder if monks on the standards
Nuro will be thirsty after all the sodium in the corned beef and Mersey Valley.
I wonder what the alpaca had for dinner.
Did it get steamed?
Wonder if cruiseys blue heelers bum is still a bit leaky
Still wondering if Dave has any kibble left.
Daves been dead for a few days.
Hmmm, I have gone through my following list and I have a suggestion:
https://www.tiktok.com/@maduh_gasai?lang=en [Embed]
She is 20.
Here is another Brazillian:
https://www.tiktok.com/@aguslaurentti?lang=en [Embed]
This one is 23.
https://www.tiktok.com/@..raikaas?lang=en [Embed]
This one is 28.
All three are Brazilian. I don't know why but the algorithm throws them at me. I listed the ages so Beau doesn't have a fit.
Didn't mean to reply to >>/545744/
Raped to death by the blue heeler?
Garn watch Oblivion (2013) with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt.
Emily is a qt mummygf and Tom is one of the few actors I respect.
Thank you, tiktok neet.
An ok moofie neet. I'm gonna lie down and find something on youtube
Beautiful men.
Is this your way of coping with the fact you don't have a gf?
we should organise a tv or youtube evening neet stream if we can agree on what to watch
Too late, your (you) has been received and will not be returned.
Bins are out, very cold and icy outside going to be another minus in the morning.
> imagine if we kidnapped olive to find out the truth and it turned out that she was really a woman and just as tranny neet was apologising to olive neet the blue heeler raped her to death
We would have to make room in the compost bin.
Bin night was on Monday you spastic.
webers bin day is thursday
As it should be, (you) theft has become a major problem.
Tomorrow. Trust the plan.
Hope monks able to get the ex back once he gets on the wagon
Smashing through the second goon bottle.
Well that explains why it wasn't emptied.
How much does it cost to go to the cinema to watch a movie these days?
I haven't been in 20 years.
> goon bottle
Well la-di-da.
A cheap prossie is still going to set you back a couple of hundred bucks for that kind of deal. They don't let you in by yourself any more. You've got to go with a girl.
at least 15 bucks for a ticket
More expensive, you get raped for the popcorn and drink.
I like the smell of the popcorn, I feel no urge to buy any though.
Do they still sell choctops?
sure do
Yes or they should.
It would please me to see choctops still there.
I would not want to eat one though.
Devon sanga for dinz
Aircon set to twenty6
Good night don't call me at two am!
What snacks do you have when you watch some kino at home posso?
> Devon
That's fritz.
Good night NEET. Sleep tight and hopefully uninterrupted.
Nighty night NEETs.
Good night Chaim.
I might put a flannelette sheet set in the trolley next shop.
Fitted base sheet, yes.
Papa was a rollin stone, yeah
Things I used to do with her now I do alone!
> wondering which Brazilian e-girl that neet will claim
thumbnail of tfw.jpg
thumbnail of tfw.jpg
tfw jpg (100.97 KB, 680x1102)
> Things I used to do with her now I do alone!
How much more of this lifestyle can I take
Man on Fire
I am hoping he doesn't claim Agustina as she is my backup to Olive.
Fucking quiet here already. I wonder if nuro's tantrum drove the neets away again.
Having a G&T. Brotherbot was telling me about the history there with malaria medicine with the British empire.
> Having a G&T
what gin?
Roku gin, a gift from brotherbot for my birthday.
Not monk, though I am a mong all the same.
Reading Luke15 again
thumbnail of 1593879328926.jpg
thumbnail of 1593879328926.jpg
1593879328926 jpg (165.26 KB, 600x596)
thumbnail of bhb.jpg
thumbnail of bhb.jpg
bhb jpg (11.77 KB, 270x187)
> tfw lost
happy birthday neeto. you have a good brother.
FIFO's downward spiral all started with a few innocent-seeming Chinky lunches.
I'm circling the drain right now. Besides still showing up to all my herding shifts I'm at rock bottom  weight,mental health and standard wise.
> still showing up to all my herding shifts
It is good you have managed to do that NEET. I know things are hard for you right now. I am impressed by you. You will get through this.
I'm falling. Feel like I'm on thin ice at this job 
If I lose it I'm done for
its time for the wagon
unemployed monk going to the local solo when the slapper was on its last legs a few months agohttps://youtube.com/watch?v=ZBs02wLnheA 
mong doc visit, mental health plan and a honest phonecall to mummybot will sort you out.
thumbnail of dutton.jpg
thumbnail of dutton.jpg
dutton jpg (53.99 KB, 1240x744)
This guy must be part chink. That is not a pureblood European phenotype.
Heh. Very well acted I must say
Very good looking feed.
Be careful complimenting buro.
I let monk pay the tab.
He puts it on Possum's eftpos.
Silverside *
Cruisey's bum has a rainbow sheen like the finest silverside.
6 days till payday 
Pay rent and debts and then back on struggle street for 14
Boong life.
Get your fucking shit together.
Garn watch Xena: Warrior Princess.
Pants off?
I've had a migraine since lunch time, I had a shower in the dark and sat on the ground. I scooted my bum across the grate. Would go well with some mash and white sauce.
I am sorry you have not been well today.
Rural and remote aboriginal?
I am off to bed NEETs. Good night.
Proctology wedges? I hope you put the thin end in first.
wonder whats on monktv
aboriginal anal
getting stuck into the salt and vinegar nobbies.
garn bed
a sensible bedtime. You will perform will at the wage tomorrow.
just me and posso now
I'm still here.
Neets getting raped up the bum
If I sleep.
If I get up on time. Had 2 goon bottles. Woe. Face planted off the wagons upper carriage.
have a sero and a temaz
My aunt died today
Mum is probably schizing out and I have nothing to say or offer in support 
I’m such a sack of shit
> Mum is probably schizing out and I have nothing to say or offer in support 
I'm sorry monk.
Send her a text right now even if you aren't up to a phonecall. Even a generic platitude would be better than nothing. Tell her you are thinking about her, something nice about your aunty and that you will call her tomorrow. Fucking do it cunt.
Unbelievably horny.
do the needful
I agree with this neet.
Do it monk. The sooner the better. Don't put it off. Anything is better than nothing.
Sorry mate. Send her a text, even if it's just a 'chat soon' one if you don't know what to say.
Hope he's on the phone now.
forcible anal sex with unwilling neets
I'll be as unwilling as you want.
It rather defeats the point if you are okay with getting raped.
thumbnail of 286784745_733929727936624_1492821492349864730_n.jpg
thumbnail of 286784745_733929727936624_1492821492349864730_n.jpg
286784745_73... jpg (104.96 KB, 1080x1350)
thumbnail of 841ac542e61643b71df84861dce854d8-imagejpeg.jpg
thumbnail of 841ac542e61643b71df84861dce854d8-imagejpeg.jpg
841ac542e61643b71df84861dc... jpg (33.5 KB, 680x535)
> tfw pretending Olive is my gf and we are watching the Tom Cruise moofie together
Brief daydreaming about gf scenarios absolutely rocks me once I come back to my senses. Full on black dog flare up. Don't know how you do it.
wonder if monk sent that text
I hope he did
he probably didn't
It would be a good idea to send the text and monk is a mong so he didn't send the text.
anyone ITT
It is the only way I can handle the day. I don't even know what I'd do all day if I wasn't pacing around and imagining having a gf and irl friends.
thumbnail of 05. Moshi Moshi.mp3
thumbnail of 05. Moshi Moshi.mp3
05. Moshi Moshi mp3 (8.5 MB, 0x0)
> tfw alone on the gen
Why can't more of you cunts have a fucked up sleep schedule? Why must you be so responsible and low time preference?
Cara Delevingne, Alison Brie, Eva Green, Rachel Weisz.
I need a Jewess to be my wife. Holy shit you would not understand.
It was Nigella Lawson that got me to stop being an anti-semite. No joke.
Garn bed.
Good night neets. Talk more tomorrow I guess.
I hope Mong sent that text otherwise I will give him shit for it.
Might cook another cake tomorrow although that is perhaps unwise with my ongoing attempt to lose weight.
thumbnail of 1655920462277.webm
thumbnail of 1655920462277.webm
1655920462... webm (2.93 MB, 378x720)
morning neets. bleary
I put teh bins out
thumbnail of 287858577_839460313695147_1024903191039588572_n.jpg
thumbnail of 287858577_839460313695147_1024903191039588572_n.jpg
287858577_83946... jpg (172.96 KB, 1080x1225)
thumbnail of 288776916_381224997320294_4809506211115903927_n.mp4
thumbnail of 288776916_381224997320294_4809506211115903927_n.mp4
288776916_38122499... mp4 (2.67 MB, 720x720)

Did you check if maverick has dropped on bit torrent yet?
thumbnail of Untitled.png
thumbnail of Untitled.png
Untitled png (83.96 KB, 1251x698)
It would appear so.
off to woolies
Mug of hot chocolate on your way back please.
Thank (You)!

Night time really brings out the hardcore doomers.

> Besides still showing up to all my herding shifts
That is overall still positive if you can make smaller changes