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275984541_11... jpg (72.09 KB, 458x572)
Don't forget to say those magic words in the title.

OLD: >>/545302/
Spergo should hop the border and kill some ukranians for the lolz.
Good night NEET. Sleep tight.
Got some paper towel folded twice and wedged up there to blot the seepage.
They are pretty much an endangered species at this point. Their KIA is estimated at 60k which is incredible. He should hop the western border and start removing kebab in Germany.
I only fold once, otherwise it is too uncomfortable.
Might shit in that neet's shower and frame his cat.
Wish I and monk were on a reed barge on the Tigris at night, slowly drifting down stream on the resin and looking at the stars.
Wet bussy?
Monk how did the phonecall go?
Nighty night NEETs.
Goodnight tiger.
goodnight handsome neet
In Return Of The Jedi
Wish I and monk were on tattooine so I could cut his head off with a light saver
He died of dago bar AIDS
> a light saver
I thought that was what it was called when I was a kid.
> dago bar AIDS
lol many such cases in the 80s.
That’s no moon its webbers belly
Didn't eventuate. Text with a love heart emoji will do until she arrives tomorrow
Use bereavement as an excuse to go on a three day bender
I'll think of that tonight in bed. Those cuboid white sandstone buildings beyond the shore reeds. A cheeky pinch of opium in the pipe, people bustling around during dusk dressed in those gowns I used to see in the christian cartoons I saw as a kid. 
A nice change in my night time happy place which is currently the 3rd story open window Tunisian beach side flat.
Cruisey would have wanked off Zappa given the chance. Probably sucked F. Mercury’s AIDS dick too.
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thumbnail of alfpepe.jpg
alfpepe jpg (6.21 KB, 259x194)
> my night time happy place
I would guess yes to Zappa, no to Mercury.
Lunch time wage beers with the crew tomorrow
I would have lived in studio z and shared the crabs from the hippy chicks.
> Freddy Mercury
Have a orange juice.
Have a lemon squash.
Have a lemon, lime and bitters.
Final sip.
Cobra's trolls have been going on grindr and chatting up men in Cobra's area and then giving them Cobra's address and telling them to come over for good time.
Wagon tomorrow.
Fucking tempted to have a wank aye.
lol maybe one will fuck him out of being retarted
Is there a reason you shouldn't?
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thumbnail of njjbnj.jpg
njjbnj jpg (6.01 KB, 194x260)

go on then
he can try out his magic wand dildos
I'm trying to get myself off the porn.
It has become a really bad addiction for me.
How many wanks a day?
I'd edge for several days at a time on a bender. I'd still sleep at night but I'd just spend the whole day edging/drinking, gar bed, and then repeat it again the next day. If I just got it out of my system it probably wouldn't have been as bad. I'd easily get a good 10 hours a day. I was probably doing more than 40 hours a week quite easily.
Sounds very weird and dysfunctional. Just have a normal wank like the rest of us.
Honestly, I think my attempts to stop wanking was what got me into this mess. Obviously my lack of self-control and discipline was ultimately what did it but I've had this mentality of "I've already fucked up, in for a penny, in for a pound" sort of thing. It applies to drinking as well as the wanking. If I didn't make it a big deal I'd probably just have a wank like the rest of you. We all have our struggles I guess.
> I'd edge for several days at a time on a bender. I'd still sleep at night but I'd just spend the whole day edging
you are an extremely tumescent neet
Or a dolphin wank.
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thumbnail of 1652607050690.png
1652607050690 png (73.27 KB, 225x225)
dolphin wank?
I am not qualified to remark.
Its when the feet lock together and your legs and body move up and down in a dolphin-like motion.
Not in the mood to force one. Need a real life woman.
chance would be a fine thing
Your qualifications lie in other areas.
Shitey sent me a cryptic message through a network of trusted informants. He is on the path to become a Shaolin monk in rural China. I bet he has impregnated multiple women already and is looking for redemption.
I wish him well.
anyone ITT?
what are you up to?
About to go to bed NEET.
have a good snooze my sleepyneet.
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thumbnail of f05d6221d3c4b8a89e3e572e3fa224b3-imagejpeg.jpg
f05d6221d3c4b8a89e3e572e3fa224b3-image... jpg (37.44 KB, 736x414)
Thank you.

Good night.
All these matches I get on dating apps won’t reply to me. I have nothing to say as an opener except for “how’s your week been?” Or “much on for the weekend?”
I’m undateable and out of touch. Woe
just keep trying
tfw 6330 is my postcode
How's your week been?
Same old story. Smashing out the herding shifts while descending deeper into boong hell.
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FV4CO4wX0AImCjY jpg (43.68 KB, 715x496)

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thumbnail of 1631814742128.jpg
1631814742128 jpg (389.41 KB, 1687x2048)
Went to bed at 8:30, woke up at 12:30, need to be awake at 5 to prepare mentally for work.
Could be worse, I got offered a 5 hour shift yesterday which is nice.
have a lay down mate and turn off the lights. Even if you don't sleep you will feel less like shit than if you stared at a screen til 5.
On a sidenote, why are ginger cats always mean bastards?
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thumbnail of 9653049.mp4
9653049 mp4 (272.95 KB, 480x480)

I'm getting on the wagon tomorrow. Fuck this shit.
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thumbnail of f8fe1725de5013d6bef4b88bd03bdcbb.mp4
f8fe1725de... mp4 (627.07 KB, 268x476)

anyone ITT
what are you up to
listening to some tune I first heard in 2012 on triple j when I was night cruising in the early ams.
lifting in my room and watching stuff on youtube
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thumbnail of jbhb.jpg
jbhb jpg (79.12 KB, 1280x720)
> lifting in my room
do some side raises for some boulder shoulders
I will, I feel like I put too much strain on my neck when I do them though.
thumbs above pinky and you will be right
I mixed that up with the shrugs, those strain my neck for some reason.
yeah fug shrugs
traps get worked from all the other lifts indirectly
> tfw drunk and depressed
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thumbnail of 0zd6kcm7wnp11.gif
0zd6kcm7wnp11 gif (511.03 KB, 840x488)
Making my little sister savoury mince after work today. I love it when she asks me to cook her meals.
you are a good brother.
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9665099 jpg (271.03 KB, 1200x1939)

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rg jpg (49.39 KB, 768x1024)

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thumbnail of sorry again.jpg
sorry again jpg (82.91 KB, 768x1024)

Thank (You)!

I wonder if he has an secret admirers who will send him flowers and chocolate. He could at least bitch on a stream while eating them.

> a good 10 hours a day
> in for a penny, in for a pound" sort of thing.
Contemplating what harm another few hours could do.

Sounds do-able.



If it was a cold dark day, I can imagine it being like that for a child.

I would be very angry if that was Mr Teddy.

Good morning NEET.
Morning NEET
Good morning NEETs.
7 minutes
morning neets. Need to get charged up with mondsters and go for a long walk this morning
got 2 cans of mondster from woolies and a sausage mcfuggin meal with a small flat white
need to write that report today, no ascuses
Good morning NEET.

Good luck.

You should go for a walk with that other NEET too.
> You should go for a walk with that other NEET too.
got report to write
4 minutes
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thumbnail of 636x382_MP4_2820025904612524757.mp4
636x382_MP4_28200259... mp4 (411.22 KB, 636x560)
Third time I think she is hoping to drown for good
> Dramatic video shows unconscious US synchronised swimmer Anita Alvarez being dragged out of Budapest pool by her coach after fainting in water - as footage emerges of her being pulled to safety in a similar incident last year 
>>Fuentes later revealed Alvarez stopped breathing for 'at least two minutes' during the ordeal following her performance in the women's solo free event. 
>>'I tried to wake her up. Well, I slapped her and opened her jaw. But the truth is that until after we got to the emergency room, she did not breathe for at least two minutes,' Fuentes said during a Spanish-language interview last night.
>>The US coach, who was critical of lifeguards after the near-tragedy, had said last night a decision on whether Alvarez would swim in the free team finals tomorrow would be taken on medical advice. But today the 39-year-old mum-of-one said Alvarez was determined not to abandon the World Championships. 
How American is this
> Father, 41, sentenced to life in prison for 2014 hot car death of his baby son has conviction OVERTURNED because jury 'unfairly' heard he was sexting 16-year-old girl and was cheating on his wife
>>Now that murder conviction has been overturned after Georgia Supreme Court ruled evidence of sex crimes committed by Harris may have influenced the jury
>>Justices also argue prosecutor's presented 'a substantial amount of evidence to lead the jury to answer a different and more legally problematic question: what kind of man is (Harris)?'
thumbnail of kermit-typing.gif
thumbnail of kermit-typing.gif
kermit-typing gif (901.61 KB, 498x278)
I would like to know when you have finished it.
I'll start in a minute after I post some Pepes
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289836761_18244708... jpg (214.96 KB, 983x983)
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thumbnail of 289682532_724178285301349_4688091088950428363_n.jpg
289682532_7241782... jpg (89.6 KB, 517x517)
thumbnail of 289412990_1067337583988943_5761209797567347143_n.jpg
thumbnail of 289412990_1067337583988943_5761209797567347143_n.jpg
289412990_1067337... jpg (126.08 KB, 780x780)

thumbnail of 289613622_1936496129875216_7178827540875459705_n.jpg
thumbnail of 289613622_1936496129875216_7178827540875459705_n.jpg
289613622_1936496... jpg (140.28 KB, 1080x1164)
thumbnail of 289406391_137688198875349_1476810795891265935_n.jpg
thumbnail of 289406391_137688198875349_1476810795891265935_n.jpg
289406391_137688198875... jpg (8.23 KB, 358x307)
thumbnail of 289524024_1004158636949271_930720457021796350_n.jpg
thumbnail of 289524024_1004158636949271_930720457021796350_n.jpg
289524024_10041586... jpg (245.33 KB, 1000x1000)

thumbnail of OnTheMarket.jpg
thumbnail of OnTheMarket.jpg
OnTheMarket jpg (201.01 KB, 634x872)
She might be available on the market for any lonely NEET
> Bikini model's BIG night of fraud at the Hilton: How footy star's unrepentant daughter lived it up in a $1,544 luxury hotel room... but came undone when victim noticed a suspicious line on her credit card bill
>>The comments below have not been moderated.
I can see myself in all those Pepes.

Poor plane and Pepe in the corner.
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thumbnail of oh jos.png
oh jos png (10.75 KB, 968x156)
thumbnail of 4718d7bb0ab6ec400b4a5b0b7fbba064-imagejpeg.jpg
thumbnail of 4718d7bb0ab6ec400b4a5b0b7fbba064-imagejpeg.jpg
4718d7bb0ab6ec400b4a5b0b7fbba064-im... jpg (34.14 KB, 621x372)
thumbnail of Screenshot 2022-06-24 at 08-14-26 Dramatic video shows unconscious US synchronised swimmer Anita Alvarez.png
thumbnail of Screenshot 2022-06-24 at 08-14-26 Dramatic video shows unconscious US synchronised swimmer Anita Alvarez.png
Screenshot 2022-06-24 at 08-14-26 Dramatic video shows unconscious US synchronised swimmer Anita Alvarez png (46.05 KB, 1450x330)
thumbnail of spookyBench.jpg
thumbnail of spookyBench.jpg
spookyBench jpg (209.83 KB, 634x1020)
> Why this bewildering bench at an Aussie university has Twitter stumped - as its shadow doesn't match its shape
thumbnail of witchcraft.png
thumbnail of witchcraft.png
witchcraft png (7.72 KB, 646x119)
thumbnail of not again!.png
thumbnail of not again!.png
not again! png (19.3 KB, 1254x273)
I think it's gone now. Woe.
It is now many such cases.
> Recruiter told to halt search for New York trade role a day before John Barilaro’s resignation
>>Exclusive: Email from head of Investment NSW said New York position would now be handled as an ‘internal matter’

> Friendlyjordies: John Barilaro to be paid $715,000 by Google over YouTube videos
>>The videos also made what Rares called “allegations of professional impropriety” against Barilaro’s lawyers which had no “factual or intelligible basis”.
thumbnail of arts more like farts.png
thumbnail of arts more like farts.png
arts more like farts png (8.78 KB, 640x114)
Joslin's on 🔥 today
feisty joondalup boongette
thumbnail of 2022-06-24 08.44.19 www.infowars.com f8e479ec8623.jpg
thumbnail of 2022-06-24 08.44.19 www.infowars.com f8e479ec8623.jpg
2022-06-24 08.44.19 www.infowars.com f8e479ec8623 jpg (56.67 KB, 920x293)

Good Marning NOOTs
thumbnail of ip.png
thumbnail of ip.png
ip png (27.24 KB, 656x168)
Can't say it's been a big difference pages load slightly faster, would be good for those that torrent a lot.Think I will stick with my 100/40 plan and save the extra $50 month.
Good morning NEET.
I switched down to 50/20 plan for the same reasoning. I have my computer on most of the day and just let the files download during that time. The need for burst speeds or ongoing congestion issues are not a concern for me.
Same. I reckon 50/20 is enough for one NEET.
If you are in a home with multiple people all doing HD streaming at the same time then that is another matter. Faster plan then.
just sold (2) evation drive units and batteries

just profitied $1200 before brunch 
Thought that was a Sam Hyde video.
What markup are you putting on retail items to get that much profit?
AFBB in action
thumbnail of lol.png
thumbnail of lol.png
lol png (139.99 KB, 430x551)

I only wanted to try it as Exetel now offers 5 free days of speed boost a month, so what little torrents I do I'll save for those days.
I got certified Nigga i got access to wholesale and i am simply selling ar RRP
me too! Also a life saver.
morning nuro
pentesters should not have to write their own reports, this is one good use for third world or female labor
garn upgrade the disabled dunny from the profits? It would look lovely with a lavender colour scheme.
need coffeez. need breakfast
Exactly, when people are home using the internet I just cap the download at 2mb/s and then uncap it when they are gone. No problems. I was paying TPG jew for
> 100/40 plus $10 home phone per month for unlimited locals only

Those jews wanted $10 extra to keep that speed or drop down to 100/20. I dropped further down to 50/20 and removed the home phone payment to PAYG.

Good idea.
might crack a mondster at 9am and start that report
> As told to Shona Hendley
Jana and Nadia must be concerned with such an opener.
> this is one good use for third world or female labor
I think they might want to be able to understand his finding. I doubt either group convey what he wanted to say correctly or even near correctly.
Any more votes for the movie tonight? The list is here: >>/545898/
thumbnail of PINHEADPEPE.gif
thumbnail of PINHEADPEPE.gif
PINHEADPEPE gif (1.44 MB, 400x560)
Have you seen hellraiser?
Possum won't let me watch anything higher than PG rated.
Me neither
PG=Possum Groomed?
I think he made the right decision NEET.
Deconstructing Harry.
left my coffee mug outside. neighbours are out there. can't collect.
Let's see if manhattan is a big crowd pleaser first.
started that report but need a big shid now
The Company pays what it must for the report, as the NEET big shids as he must.
Who do you do your tax through Weber?
> take picture of big shid
> run the picture through OCR
> use output as report
Problem solved
You mong'd up your own meme.
One of you NEETs need a shower. You stink like poo.
$365 to get a couple new keys cut because Misso lost them.
That's not how this works. The last one wasn't.
Wtf? $20
Just H&R Block. Why?
I want someone to help me claim all my lunch meetings.
You need a proper tax accountant then. I doubt H&R will help much
That's what I was thinking. 
They'll all claim to be top notch but that's just to drum up business. 
The one I got last year was okay but stuck to the rules too much.
Quick google suggests the ATO considers lunch out “entertainment” and not really claimable
Need to go wash my underlings before today's lunch meeting. Got a dinner one too where the herders will expect me to pay. 
The mongs show them my invoices I think.
The ATO provides rough guidelines.
experienced neets know to let their underwear soak up some urine to cover up the poo smell
I'd just get $2 pies if it weren't for meetings.
I prefer the savoury stank to the spicy one.
How do they wash the mongs at the mong compound? Do you have a pressure sprayer?
Coffee cup collected. Big boy pants are on.
Why do you keep dining out with them?
shid finished
back to repording
Maybe at monks but at ummpty we use soap free wash, velvet sponges and giggling asians.
two bucket method?
KingCobraJFS is live, and chillin
A car key, as those cunts can be expensive? 

If it is a new car, make sure you always have a back-up key stored. If you lose the car keys for those new press start cars it can be thousands, as they need to take it back to the dealer and the dealer needs to talk to the manufacturer to get the codes to do a hard reset. Plus break into it and it needs to be towed there.
> and giggling asians.
Phuic Moi work there?
thumbnail of detailing-products_bowdens-own_the-blue-ball-BOBLUBIG-1.jpg
thumbnail of detailing-products_bowdens-own_the-blue-ball-BOBLUBIG-1.jpg
detailing-products... jpg (128 KB, 1000x1000)
thumbnail of detailing-products_bowdens-own_the-quick-cone_BOCONE-1.jpg
thumbnail of detailing-products_bowdens-own_the-quick-cone_BOCONE-1.jpg
detailing-produ... jpg (219.66 KB, 907x1022)
Jesus I liked the nature photograph and then that Mong just appeared shirtless, fuck.
Imagine claiming hundreds of those for business expenses, that would get you flagged for an audit.
I want it on my desk by midday!
Bossman livin' his best life.
thumbnail of Wash,_Wax_and_Polish_Bowdens_Own_BOHAPPY_1.jpg
thumbnail of Wash,_Wax_and_Polish_Bowdens_Own_BOHAPPY_1.jpg
Wash,_Wax_and_Poli... jpg (55.66 KB, 1000x1000)
thumbnail of Wash,_Wax_and_Polish_Bowdens_Own_BOBOSS_1.jpg
thumbnail of Wash,_Wax_and_Polish_Bowdens_Own_BOBOSS_1.jpg
Wash,_Wax_and_Poli... jpg (54.85 KB, 1000x1000)
You can have it at 4.59pm
No doubt in my mind that is how it would end. Happy mongs, happy bossman.
thumbnail of 2690f9fd79214dba01f84c13ce5dccd3-imagejpeg.jpg
thumbnail of 2690f9fd79214dba01f84c13ce5dccd3-imagejpeg.jpg
2690f9fd79214dba01f84c13ce5dccd3-imagejpeg jpg (105.87 KB, 2532x1170)
he is primal in his sexuality
Only the big funded ones would get that added protection to ensure their longevity.
Please do not post jump scare images, they scare me.
He mustn't each much, cos he's not particularly fat.
Thinking bout BWS.
Big Webby Shids
thumbnail of Kick Rocks - Freddie Dredd .mp3
thumbnail of Kick Rocks - Freddie Dredd .mp3
Kick Rocks - Freddie... mp3 (2.62 MB, 0x0)

NFT my smart contract!
Back at the old wage they'd buy us Subway for lunch every Friday. And whenever we had to come in early we'd get breakfast supplied. I always got the bacon egg and mushroom boig. They were the best employer I've had and I fucked it all up like everything else I do.
cliev actually got one over the line
Wasn't the job garbage though? That's why you quit in the first place? I mean it seems your current job is garbage too...
It's claimable if the business serves simple/"finger food" onsite for meetings, which is probably how they claimed subway platters.
But at what cost did that food come at?

Places like Google for example may offer a great range of facilities and perks, but would rather have a higher pay or have access to those perks?
He has an attitude that is not commensurate with his skill level.
But it was Cliev, how will I rub tummy now?
> but would rather have a higher pay or have access to those perks?
google SSEs and senior devs are pulling near $300k on top of those free meals
I dunno. I've heard of jobs where you do nothing are kinda common especially in IT and that they're actually hell.
Didn't go to jsp appointment. Called a couple days later saying "blah blah depressed and stuff". Said I'd come in the next day. Didn't. Got to call them again. Love this rollercoaster.
thumbnail of unknown (14).png
thumbnail of unknown (14).png
unknown (14) png (772.91 KB, 622x687)

thumbnail of Untitled.jpg
thumbnail of Untitled.jpg
Untitled jpg (84.44 KB, 758x760)
really digging this response
My thingo person got home from work and realised she forgot to reschedule my appointment to a phone one and went back in at like 7pm.
They do meetings after 5pm?
imagine being such a deadshit you cant show up to some pissy JSP appointment 

thats literally boong terrritory
Yes, I agree at the top end of the spectrum it is lucrative. At the lower end, I can imagine there are companies that offer better remuneration packages for lower level staff. People work at Google for clout, but I would rather more cash in my pocket than stock options, perks and other crap they offer.
Hearty kek, I cackled.
No, she moved my in-person appointment from 11 to a 2:45 phone appointment. She didn't want me going in for no reason.
Imagine pretending to be staying in Noosa on an imageboard.
> current job
I'm a true NEET. Job was fine. Worked there for 2(two) years. But that period was when I descended into an booser.

It's sorta like giving a treat to a dog after it performs a trick for you. I did get a couple small pay rises though, and a couple good end-of-year bonuses including a baby Weber bbq.
I hope you paid with a good bank card, I would consider contacting them to begin the charge back even if it before the charge back process period starts. Look up UPS policy for returning undeliverables packages and show that them too telling them it is a scam, as I think they give it 3 attempts before returning it (I may be thinking of another company though). DHL will hold packages for about a fortnight, so even that period is coming close to ending in terms of a company that gives an actual fuck even though they are UPS.
> bbq
glad you clarified
You were complaining about there being no ticket system or something and it had to be done through email. Was that just an excuse?
I paid with PayPal, so I'll be OK as far as getting money back eventually.
The second I see an tracking update that suggests it being returned to sender I'll kick that off.
> even though they are UPS.
*I mean your package is with UPS, who are not as nice.
I paid $530 USD for shipping, which should have more than covered getting it here and any import duties etc. FedEx would have had it in my hands within 48 hours for that sort of coin.
> a dog after it performs a trick for you.
The company you worked had an okay corporate culture and that is important, as there are cut throat companies out there that wouldn't tolerate bullshit (i.e., micro-manage you with performance reviews). It is a balance between what you can get for a job and what you want from a job, as I would like perks but they are not my main priority.
She probably went on to get the guy fired.

huh? you got me confused with someone.
> it being returned to sender I'll kick that off.
Please be rude not to the Customer Service agent but to the seller. The seller will try to blame you for it, even though it is entirely their fault not lodging the paperwork as all those companies will never talk to the sender.
chink lolcow !
> I paid $530 USD for shipping
Fuck, I would paid Shipito the money to consolidate it into a smaller box with better packaging and fill in the paperwork (they will do it at a high cost too). I had done that before when a seller got greedy with international shipping.
> huh? you got me confused with someone.
You're not Monk?
thumbnail of Trev.png
thumbnail of Trev.png
Trev png (822.15 KB, 600x600)
Typical women.
I will try and be nice to the PayPal person. We're talking a bit over $2300 AUD all up, so they should appreciate I might be a little het up.

fucking school holidays
already? didn't they have half of april off with easter and shit?
Part of the package.
Three, it can get messy.
forgot the rim bucket
meant for >>/546634/
For a car, not a push button one though.
I hope you slapped her.
Saw this scene last night:https://youtube.com/watch?v=FHIf7qXuk8g 
Did you get it direct from the manufacteror sometthing?
RAA, with a $40 discount.
Yikes. Why didn't you go to a key cutter?
I hate thick makeup.
Neets need help. Will someone help me find this guy named Jesse Alan Whitaker? Last known residence was in Puyallup Washington. It is important for my records. I have looked it appears he disappeared.
He came to us first, we have given him our word.
Palindromical get for thick NEETs in mock cream.
Well done.
Feeling a sensory overload. Too much happening at once. Can't turn it off. SO many tabs open. So many news articles to read. Too many videos to catch up on on Youtube.
Jesse is the love of my life. I am broken without him. 
Biology Of A Cell




Here heal the vampires.

Tell him the Holy Spirit gave you this. He knows who I am.
Stop for a moment, close your eyes and breath for a few deep breaths. Open your eyes and write a list of what needs to be done then prioritised in an order. Work from that list.

Q: Are you winning son?


Him: "That was for Jove!"

Me: The above comment of mine was for healing.

Him: "Imagine thinking glasses aren't cute"

Me: IKR!

Him: "Some people are just worth fighting for!"

Me: "So true."
I love you Vashti! 

this boy needs to be taken away from his abusive mother
He learned that behaviour from somewhere and it is probably from the home environment.
all that shit about him disrespecting ANY female is disrespecting HER is serious headcase shit
Hungry. Didn’t have breakfast
Well done Nuro. Big sales.
What's for lunch NEET?
thumbnail of THOT inventor.jpg
thumbnail of THOT inventor.jpg
THOT... jpg (807.33 KB, 717x3774)
thumbnail of Snagged at Bunnings.jpg
thumbnail of Snagged at Bunnings.jpg
Snagged at... jpg (336.63 KB, 722x1853)
thumbnail of Tastes pretty darn good.jpg
thumbnail of Tastes pretty darn good.jpg
Tastes... jpg (391.27 KB, 723x1748)

Beers and burgs, managers shout
> I got certified 
> Tastes pretty darn good.jpg
Viet Copi doesn't have the same ring as Viet Basa.
thumbnail of go to jail.jpg
thumbnail of go to jail.jpg
go to jail jpg (86.88 KB, 962x1193)
I didn’t think it was necessary to jail all Victorians but rules are rules.
I always got barbecue sauce on the bacon egg and mushrooom boig. Need to find that bakery for nostalgia sake.
I thought carp was largely inedible. Tasted like mud or something.
Lucky NEET.
thumbnail of unnamed (33).jpg
thumbnail of unnamed (33).jpg
unnamed (33) jpg (45.32 KB, 640x640)

you forgot the last few threads
I might be wrong, but I think it is Viet Basa is similar to Carp but different speicies. I believe from what I read it can be classified as the same:
> They are often labelled in North America and Australia as "basa fish", "swai",[3] or "bocourti".[4] In the UK all species of Pangasius may legally be described as "river cobbler", "cobbler", "basa", "pangasius", "panga", or any of these with the addition of "catfish".

I know it often cooked with fragrant herbs and spices, which is probably why to overcome that taste.
> tonight
You left it too late. Attendance likely will be poor.
Fuck Wizzy, none of the shit he says ever happens
Regina poster kept stealing my spot
> Woody
we didn't get an annie post this thread either
Alien Spider Farm
bet numo is lying about those sales
> gets "certified"
> the very next morning only hours in sells 2
doesn't add up
thumbnail of E_4zxiTVUAUAfV3.jpg
thumbnail of E_4zxiTVUAUAfV3.jpg
E_4zxiTVUAUAfV3 jpg (97.91 KB, 1920x1080)
Don't get uppity Nuro. You are only just out of the gutter yourself. It is not a long way back.
Motherbat always said to be nice to the people you meet on the way up because they'll be there to greet you on the way back down.
> $2300 AUD all up
What is this expensive item?
thumbnail of blade.jpg
thumbnail of blade.jpg
blade jpg (64.73 KB, 640x886)
Ok, womboflix will be streaming Blade (1998) at 7 pm AEST tonight. We may stream Manhattan or Hellraiser on Saturday if the neets who wanted them are available then.
Well got.
bosch evation drive unit (2)
More based motherbat advice.
I should be there, thank you.
Don't shake my faith in Nuro please NEET.
He is one of the pillars that holds up my existence.
I will be unable to attend. I do not have the bandwidth to stream, even a 360p is too much.
Single mother cunt blaming her son for his acting out behaviour instead of taking responsibility for what she has done to him by depriving him of a relationship with his father.
In a few years he will be old enough to start hitting her. Maybe by that time she will have made him so co-dependant with her that he will not be able to bring himself to do it. A shame.
> even a 360p is too much.
Are you using 3G, or just shit 4G connection?

I use 3G on my phone as it is always connected to via WiFi and I do not need speed from 4G when not connected to WiFi. But it is slow compared to 4G.
The phone says 4G. It is not very good though.
We'll make one of the lesser NEETs provide you with scene-by-scene updates here.
> The phone says 4G.
Unless you have really shit reception, you should still be able stream 480p. I have done it with 4G with half strength reception (shown on the phone, not all accurate). It might be worth complaining to your provider to milk some extra downloads or a discount for your plan.
two interior door panels
The kid also didn't do anything wrong. Telling a girl she is ugly and he doesn't want to see her at school is just factual information.
thumbnail of OUTBACK DICTIONARY.png
thumbnail of OUTBACK DICTIONARY.png
OUTBACK... png (53 KB, 780x1165)

BCF Victor Harbor gave me a $10 voucher.
Catching much lately?
thumbnail of danlo.jpg
thumbnail of danlo.jpg
danlo jpg (9.59 KB, 255x255)
releasing lots of blind mullet
> two interior door panels
We will want to see the photos of them and the installation please. If they ever arrive.
He should not have said anything at all unless the girl was bothering him and wouldn't stop.
he should plant drugs in her school bag and get her expelled
They are trying to lure you back.
I might not take the bait.
thumbnail of doesartwork_10000000_436410085156673_1508164508726239764_n.mp4
thumbnail of doesartwork_10000000_436410085156673_1508164508726239764_n.mp4
doesartwor... mp4 (13.09 MB, 720x1280)
nigga done this a few times...
Too small or you don't like the taste?
I really don't like the taste.
A blind mullet is a poo, NEET.
> tfw thinking about movie night
> tfw thinking about that feel when no gf again
True excellence.
did not realise
thumbnail of cam.jpg
thumbnail of cam.jpg
cam jpg (766.37 KB, 1284x820)

thumbnail of pngegg.png
thumbnail of pngegg.png
pngegg png (33.55 KB, 500x500)
I just opened a stout.
halfway through bottle no.1
I'm rewarding myself for opening MS Word to do that report
thumbnail of FV61J4PUAAEFowk.jpg
thumbnail of FV61J4PUAAEFowk.jpg
FV61J4PUAA... jpg (94.4 KB, 750x1334)
coopers yellowtop?
yeah boi
19 crimes?
Vile swill
wonder if monks on the standards
I bet he was very boorish at lunch.
Might try slow-roasting this chicken overnight.
no crimes committed today
What temperature?
about 20 degrees Celsius
I vaguely recalling that Heston nutter slow cooking a chicken with the oven set at 60 degrees C for about 3 days.
32C, like a brisk Summer's day
Sounds like a good way to get food poisoning.
yeah, it's idiocy
Womboflix projectionists are dedicated professionals who do their jobs regardless of what the masses think
Thank you neet. We appreciate your patronage.
Not good enough. I expect a note from your mummybot explaining your absence, or else.
Imagine if the teachers just took the drugs and smoked them instead
Never liked that fella. He's wierd lookin
Not sure what you talking about him roasting for 3 days. In that vid he says 4(four) and a half hours at 60C.
Surprised to see 16chan still down
2 pints at lunch
Company wide drinks soon
Garn have a few pre-drinks pints, to ease yourself into it?
I was probably exaggerating. He also takes it out below the normal "cooked" chicken temperature.
thumbnail of 32018b15b6b03f9bd142ae3363e7c8da.jpg
thumbnail of 32018b15b6b03f9bd142ae3363e7c8da.jpg
32018b15b6b... jpg (84.18 KB, 736x981)
Howzit garn fellas?
well bantered
Perhaps that was Tiffin's "mission" all along...
Feel like deatrh.
They need a bigger stick.
Pretty shit. About to drink a smoothie. Maybe once I have some fruit and vegies I'll feel better.
> probably
If you roast a chook at 60 for a year it will still end up being 60 right?
Where did you get that photo of me?
I got out of the gutter more than 2 years ago you inept bitch boi
Out of the gutter, into the disabled dunny
thumbnail of DUMB DRUNK MORON.jpg
thumbnail of DUMB DRUNK MORON.jpg
DUMB DRUNK MORON jpg (237.52 KB, 1040x780)
Chicken roast on hold for the time being...
thumbnail of Picture downloaded from internet.jpg
thumbnail of Picture downloaded from internet.jpg
Picture downloaded from... jpg (45.17 KB, 349x262)
Will you take the plastic off it?
drinking gusiness
Return it.
Beware of hubris Nuro. Two years is nothing.
Watching a video of paula abdul on drugs while on national television: https://youtu.be/GUWE7ibkfds?list=TLPQMjQwNjIwMjKe7avJiPdCVg&t=675
It is progress.
May as well tell me to ask a hot THOT out on a date.
Ok I'm drunk enough to call the jSP
Tell them I said hi.
savoury mince on toast
Splash of Worcestershire on mine thanks.
Hope lil sis said thanks
I already put a bunch in, but go ahead.
thumbnail of 69A21E89-9E86-4C7B-852C-29073CA02C59.jpeg
thumbnail of 69A21E89-9E86-4C7B-852C-29073CA02C59.jpeg
69A21E89-9... jpeg (850.67 KB, 1125x1876)
What does IGA not get about its entire existence being disgustingly comedic ?
Who the fuck cares?
> a bit of dust on a powerpoint

Hardly living on the streets tier you FAGGOT
Having a can before post-meeting cans
thumbnail of cd63ee5156fea51b7db03277fce8e8d7-imagejpeg.jpg
thumbnail of cd63ee5156fea51b7db03277fce8e8d7-imagejpeg.jpg
cd63ee5156fea51... jpg (38.67 KB, 640x723)
> a bit of dust on a powerpoint
Not the heckin' dust! Little spoilt baby Nuro can't handle that!
Sorted out the JSP shit thank God. That's a load off my soul. Doesn't feel good having that shit eat at you over the weekend.
thumbnail of Untitled.jpg
thumbnail of Untitled.jpg
Untitled jpg (8.69 KB, 302x74)

Well done, you don't need to be worried about that shit.
thumbnail of just me and my cacodemon.mp4
thumbnail of just me and my cacodemon.mp4
just me and my cacodemon mp4 (10.77 MB, 1280x720)

thumbnail of 288194330_5898930250121229_4625359334140556633_n.jpg
thumbnail of 288194330_5898930250121229_4625359334140556633_n.jpg
288194330_5898930... jpg (161.77 KB, 1080x1080)
> tfw no cacodemon gf
she's >>/546777/ a cocoa demon
might start trolling the ups niggers on facebook until I get banned
i feel sick unless i have alcohol in me
that means its working (the alcohol)
what is this from?
search filename on youtube
thumbnail of aksin n shit.jpg
thumbnail of aksin n shit.jpg
aksin n... jpg (49.82 KB, 382x527)

yeah i found it
UPS is fucking garbage, USPS is okay. Is it still in UPS's hands or Auspost's?
UPS have their own facilities in Sydney and Melbourne. It's in their Melbourne warehouse.
thumbnail of pepehands.png
thumbnail of pepehands.png
pepehands png (238.98 KB, 1200x711)
> paid the rent
> broke again
Well bantered.
This better not be caravan neet.
A NEET who is without money should endeavour to make himself spiritually rich instead.
ask cruisey to send you some smokesbux
we only do that for feet, elbow AND bumhole pictures
The Vietnamese used to (might still do) catch them then put them in the bathtub (alive) for a few days and flush them out. 
Lot of work for a shit fish.
Spent my last Bux on a cheap cask of fruity lexia. Not my preferred but the alternative was driving drunk to Dan's, 30 minutes away. I chose to be a responsible booser for once.
Fuck you. No-one voted for that.
thumbnail of FV-KsLJUYAAEQIL.jpg
thumbnail of FV-KsLJUYAAEQIL.jpg
FV-KsLJUYAAEQIL jpg (36.86 KB, 682x520)
on this day in aviation history: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1994_Fairchild_Air_Force_Base_B-52_crash
> bumhole pictures
Thinking about Judi again.
ddos the cunt
What kind of filename is that?
How is this not every non-dsp neet
Going to post her again soon
> regardless
yes they did
He's on the DSP.
a good one
> maneuvered the bomber beyond its operational limits
Well at least now we have the valuable information that airplanes can't fly vertically.
I dare you.
It looks suss. Counterfeit.
No they fucking didn't. 
Why ask if you're just going to make the decision in the end?
it's a good movie brent
Not watching it.
Won almost $100 on the kraken.
DSP neets are high rollers. They get big bux and they spend big, to maintain their lavish lifestyles.
half way through this is the footage the article mentions of him clearing the mountain by about 10 meters
Not wise to speak on anyone's behalf
is that you tiffin?
He went down with 16ch.
One neet voted for it, and another suggested it was 'more tolerable':
Huh? He told us.
Challenge accepted
Pfft. Power has gone to your head.
No mention of DSP in their post
I'd attend moofie night if only I could lower the stream quality to 240p
The moofie NEETs are power mad, yesno? 
They have positioned Weber as the head and shaft of the apparatus, thinking he will defend them.
> Won almost
Did you loose or are you ahead?
> yesno
cooking chicken vindaloo and garlic naan shortly
> garlic naan shortly
One please.
Can someone decipher this post for me?
i don't mind curry but i visibly and have excruciating hate for indian people if i were to hypothetically ... indians fuck em faggot fucks fucking cunts actually hate the smelly cunts fucking fag fucking ugly annoying rude cunts
$60 ahead.
Weber is the cock that will crush the power-hungry gonads.
fuck you cunts fucking cunts fuck faggot fucks never done a days work in your life you fucking dirty filthy fucking faggot fucking cunt dogs fuck off you never cared about me you fucking RRRRRRRRRrrraaawwwwwwwweg
Thank you, I would have not expected that translation.
Chinaman has his eyes set on you.
thumbnail of e0efee1fbea87df4adb5599e5cc2b139-imagepng.png
thumbnail of e0efee1fbea87df4adb5599e5cc2b139-imagepng.png
e0efee1fbea87df4adb... png (119.16 KB, 600x600)
My friend's got a girlfriend and he hates that bitch.
I am on to the Kraken, $1.25 is the smallest bet.
What movie did you want to see, neet?
thumbnail of mp4.mp4
thumbnail of mp4.mp4
mp4 mp4 (6.1 MB, 576x1024)
new vid!!
How long until you get more neetbux?
> $1.25 is the smallest bet.
The chinaman must be pleased.
big cock?
Might go on some trips to other cities and stuff.
I speak fluent Polish so it's fine, there's a lot of Ukranians that don't speak a lick of it though so communicating with them is difficult.
I'll leave that to the Russians, they seem to be doing well at doing that.
It was a similar story for me when I was on those apps, I haven't got the slightest clue on how to talk to women on there.
That's nice of you NEET, I sometimes cook for my sister but she often complains because I put onions in a lot of the stuff I cook and she hates onions.
The system giveth and the system taketh away.
thumbnail of 0d61247fac79033b63d6f68c386b3a28.mp4
thumbnail of 0d61247fac79033b63d6f68c386b3a28.mp4
0d61247fac79033b63d6f... mp4 (1.15 MB, 648x576)
The thiccest.
> like it matters
You had a chance to vote, and we'll be showing all the movies that got votes soon.
Hello soyjack spammer
thumbnail of blade2.jpg
thumbnail of blade2.jpg
blade2 jpg (48.15 KB, 780x439)
Blade will be screened in one hour, exclusive to Womboflix at https://cytu.be/r/womboflix
i'll provide the commune the colecovision
> ight go on some trips to other cities
Sounds like a great adventure.