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I thought he was a CEO who laughed at gooners and only drank high end cognac?
You can get a screw-down safety clamp thingo for when you're working on them. Knowing my luck, I'd forget it was attached and slam the bonnet shut.
> Chinaman was going to pay out "any minute now".
Only time will tell on how the system works.
> Knowing my luck, I'd forget it was attached and slam the bonnet shut.

lel, your corvette has like the entire front wheel hub and stuff, it'd probably kill you if it slammed shut, but I guess it's pretty good that the entire bonnet opens right up, kinda like my civic, the bonnet doesn't open from the front or gas struts but it has two holes you can put the bonnet rod in, one for like half open and another hole that puts the bonnet at a 90 degree angle so you can get right into the engine bay, makes things nice and easy to get to without bumping your head.
Used to raid my step-sister's panty drawer while she was out with friends. would jerk off into them.
Vile HOT
jfc neet
If you are going to be a perv you may as well do it right and use the ones she actually wore, not the clean ones in the drawer.
grotty little neet
thumbnail of f9f.png
thumbnail of f9f.png
f9f png (232.2 KB, 680x585)

Well bantered.
thumbnail of 0847c65fce1e5dbfd1fe2f719f1e5f05.gif
thumbnail of 0847c65fce1e5dbfd1fe2f719f1e5f05.gif
0847c65fce1e5dbfd1fe2f719f1e5f05 gif (2.87 MB, 400x224)
Keeping us posted on current events that happened only 80 years ago
Feel like a hearty pasta dish is on the cards
thumbnail of pepe-dance.gif
thumbnail of pepe-dance.gif
pepe-dance gif (272.7 KB, 220x124)

> happened 
I have my doubts.
dirty clothes baskets were not off limits either
I like to imagine all the neets sitting around the compound, choofing with cruisey, while nuro djs synthwave italo disco vinyl.
thumbnail of disabled toilet dancing.gif
thumbnail of disabled toilet dancing.gif
disabled toilet... gif (80.28 KB, 248x203)

If only (You) knew how based things are.
You are unironically my hero
We can do both of these things
Imagine the drama bomb that would have gone off if she'd decided to wear yesterday's cumdies and you inadvertently knocked her up.
I was hoping this would be the next part of the neet's great story.
One with a cream-based sauce please. Pecorino romano, not parmesan.
would often peek through the keyhole of the bathroom door before and after she showered. many great wanks were had.
Order a succulent Malaysian meal
Prawn Chips
4x spring rolls
Chicken Laksa
Kwai Du
Fried rice
> not parmesan.
Sounds yum. I look forward to the pics.
I wonder if FIFO has reconciled with the crumblies yet.
thumbnail of sad-frog.jpg
thumbnail of sad-frog.jpg
sad-frog jpg (37.4 KB, 650x650)
> tfw no hot step sister to wank to
Why even live?
I usually get a dish called beef sambal (also comes in chicken and prawn), but it's super spicy, Cindy can't handle it, it's the spiciest thing I've ever found in a restaurant, has this super pungent peppery flavour to it, it's like a psychedelic experience when eating it.
That won't be enough.
Especially after he ferments the potatoes to make vodka
> wondering how long it will be before monk is begging ausneets for goon money
Who the hell starts whipper snippering at 5pm? My idiot neighbour, that's who
thumbnail of chopper.jpg
thumbnail of chopper.jpg
chopper jpg (41.92 KB, 618x412)
smelly feet
trick or treat
Surely that is better than 5am?
I'm already stirring at that time, so it would probably help.

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