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The industrial revolution was happening when mozart and beethoven were still alive

Industrial revolution was in tbe 1760s
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exactly at the same time when the Nuclear War happened, that left ruins and houses filled up to the second floor
There are more people alive today than there has been from any other time in human history
Americans scream judges are holy gods, but courts have upheld or refuse to hear cases about slavery, segregation, concentration camps, checkpoints, curfews, protest bans, closing churches, reporter arrests, gun bans, NSA wiretapping, torture, and extrajudicial assassination.

You have no rights.

The US is not a democracy.
The giant oak sleeps within the acorn, as god waits for his unfoldment in man.
sounds gay & retarded
stop spamming your bullshit
you sound like a bot made by tumblr
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It's the 4th industrial revolution now big Floyd, get with the program
US is obviously not a democracy, but democracy is gay. Also half of those things you listed are based. The problem with the US is not lack of democracy but the presence of jewocracy
The Soviet Union failed.

Liberty doesn't mean freedom from hunger and insults.

Liberty means the absence of government.

If you give the government the power to provide Obamacare and arrest people for hate speech then you are giving power to the state to tax you and take away free speech.

There is no free lunch.

Use personal responsibility and the voluntary free market to solve problems.

The government is force.
None of that shit works without applying force. Libertarianism has absolutely zero solutions for preventing one bad actor from accruing resources and power, making alliances and destroying the pre-existing condition of liberty that allowed them to do so in the first place—pulling the ladder up.
How does the NAP enforce itself? It can't. It is inevitable that an organization will come along with will to power which will establish a state, and a stateless people will have no force with which to stop them. Ancapistan is an unstable equilibrium that will fall to one side or another, so the only wise thing is to influence which way it falls to benefit yourself and your people.

By refusing the power of the state ontologically, all you have done is guaranteed that your enemies acquire it and amplify it against you.
The elites encourage the 99% to be immoral, but anyone who dares to criticize the ruling class is attacked for being immoral.

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