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Welcome to /dead/, this is a board dedicated to post-left ideology and funposting. Please read this brief pamphlet before posting.

Here are the rules:

1. Doxxing, Pedophilia, Loli and any Illegal content under US law is prohibited.
2. Harassment of other users is prohibited, although banter and shitposting are encouraged here, it is by no grounds a means to attack other users.
3. Gore, Porn and NSFW/L content is prohibited . Very rarely will you ever have a reason to post this stuff, even if you do, make sure to spoiler it and post as little as you possibly can
4. No Spooked ideologies or users are allowed here. This covers Communists, Capitalists, Fascists, National "Socialists", Statists, "Greater Good" apologists and other Idpol faggots
5. All posts should be fun, lighthearted and for the sake of entertainment, with the exception of serious posts which involve things such as Post-Left theory and IRL issues pertaining to one's own
6. Words such as Nigger and Faggot are allowed for the sole purpose of shitposting. Do not use them for attacking other users.

Post-Left Reading List

Beginner Material:
> Tiqqun, This Is Not a Program
> Anonymous, Desert
> Stirner, The Unique and it's Property


See picrel for more reading material!

Our Friends

Be sure to suggest new changes, banners, flags, rules and additions to end/dead/ in this thread!