It could very well be that the promises on behalf of the EU just a way to build national confidence in Zelensky to make Ukrainians hold out longer.
But if Western Euro multis can own a bit more lands, farms, factories, and workers without restrictive borders and regulations that come with that. Besides maybe they can muscle out some local oligarchs this way and take over their shit.
And then it could mean to extend USian control to the Russian border without making Ukraine a NATO member.
> EU is almost acting as an extension of NATO now
EU members are US client states, therefor EU is a US client state. 
> Yank Yoke
This is a very accurate description, and nice wordplay on the Mongol Yoke.
EU does what the US wills. The EU won't be an independent country (when she turns into a country) because the foreign policy is subordinated to NATO and US will.

Now this is curious. What would happen if they abolished member states in the EU? Many are in NATO, but some isn't. Will EU join and make the now nonexistent nonmembers members?