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Kaliningrad is Russia, so has to do something with the conflict.
But in respect with Lithuania. She started to enforce the EU decisions to sanction Russia, so stopped most of the transit towards Kaliningrad. This is kinda uncomfortable, because Russian airplanes are banned from EU airspace, so they can't just fly over that easy. Plus they can't transport a bunch of products to Kaliningrad, from alcohol to oil.
As a counter step Moscow said she will flip the electric switch off and detach Lithuania from the regional electric lines. I dunno how this works.
Now the media magnifies the problem with talking about the possibility that Russia will close the Suwalki Corridor, which is basically the border region of Poland and Lithuania, between Kaliningrad and Belarus.
This is a long standing strategic problem all the militaries are calculating with since the SU fell apart, and Lithuania regained her sovereignty, and Russia lost direct land connection to Kaliningrad.
Now the tension allows the media to wail and generate fear and they do because it is good for business, and people with heightened emotions are easier to control.
I don't think occupying the Corridor is a real possibility, because:
1. Russia already has enough on her plate
2. It is an open conflict with NATO.