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San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA) [with president hooknose Deborah Cullinan]  is a large museum next to the Moscone Convention Center downtown. This non-profit is funded by the City of San Francisco, the National Endowment for the Arts, ((Bloomberg)) Philanthropies, and the James Irvine Foundation [president hooknose Don Howard]. From July 23 to August 25, YBCA screened Jonathan Garcia’s movie Why Don’t We Murder More White People? It was on an endless loop and each cycle lasted 11 minutes and 17 seconds, and is now on Youtube. Mr. Garcia produced this video as a year-long YBCA fellow, for which he got a stipend and an honorarium. YBCA identifies him as: “Community Engagement & Inclusion Associate, Chief-of-Staff of the Social Club, author.” 

Most of the video is of non-whites complaining about whites. They say such things as: “I’m angry at white people most of the time.” / “It’s like, just part of like whiteness to be abusive and violent.” / “Whiteness invades my life and my mind.” / “You could be violent, and through that perpetuate whiteness. You could not look at your whiteness and be perpetuating that violence, still. Like, you could do nothing and still be violent.” / “Fuck the pigs.” / Some of the speakers encourage violence: “I think if you’re not supporting people of color and to end white supremacy, and you’re neutral, or you are that person that’s perpetrating it, then you shouldn’t—I think you deserve harm.” / “I think that harm is radical. But I think sometimes radical is needed.” / “And, sometimes I feel like non-violence is not the best route.”

The video assumes that white people are a kind of plague; the only question is what to do about them. Some of the speakers do not call for violence, but they never say killing whites would be immoral. They have other reasons for hesitating to kill whites: “I’m not gonna harm a white person, I’m not gonna murder a white person, ’cause I’m scared.” / “I think the reason we don’t murder more white people is because they are protected, in a sense.” / “You don’t wanna be violent ’cause that’ll make you look bad or something. Or like, make you and your community look bad. But, whiteness is violence.” / “I think that we don’t murder white people because there is a thought process around, ‘White is Right.’”

Some of the speakers make a distinction between killing white people and destroying “whiteness:” / “‘Why don’t we kill more white people?’ is because it’s not going to solve any issues . . . . What we have to eradicate is whiteness. You know, this whole notion of ‘white genocide.’ We don’t want to kill white people. We want to kill whiteness.” / “Whiteness should be, definitely, harmed and like, destroyed.” There is also an interview with a [kike] woman who says: I think that the insidious nature of whiteness begins at a very young age. And because of the historic tie that we have to white children as pure members of our society, we do not address the harm and the evil that they inherently bring to communities of color, to the school playground, to the classroom, to wherever they are. We don’t address that because they’re too young.

These short commentaries are interspersed with staged shots of a white hand grabbing a non-white man’s head from the top and turning it back and forth. There are also shots of a non-white man wearing a whiteface mask as he plays chess or pulls a rope (an image of lynching?) out of his laundry. At one point, there is a voiceless caption over the man in whiteface: “Whiteness is the root of all trauma.” Presumably, these peculiar scenes are what makes this an “art film,” to be screened at an art center. The exhibit panel at YBCA introducing the video noted that “we continue to watch the death of black and brown people become normalized in parallel with the ruse of white supremacy.”

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If debt doesn't matter, why not just send every American a monthly check for $900 trillion?
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> durr how does hyperinflation work
The jew Rudolph Havenstein caused this in Germany and guess what happened next, AIDSkike.
Kikes hate free speech.
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endchan not jewish mp4 (280.18 KB, 854x480)
Bullshit. Here was the "free speech" /endpol/ board of 2017 created by a jew named Emmanuel. It's an excuse to post many of their degenerate plots. Kikes only hate free speech if they have absolute authority over the social media platform. Endchan is not ruled by jews.
Our overlords don't even have a good reason for the nanny police state anymore. Toothpicks must be outlawed to protect the environment. Rope must be banned for safety. Baseball hats must be outlawed because they are ugly. Insurance must be mandatory to protect the insurance industry. Flagpoles must be banned to protect property values.

Why not just put Americans in prison when they're born?

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ITT: discussion of the plan of northwest migration to form a white nation in North America.

This idea is called the "Northwest Imperative" or the "Butler Plan" after Richard Butler.

The Butler plan seeks to fulfill the 14 words: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children."

There are two such complementary white nationalist movements in activity:

The Northwest Front (northwestfront.org)
The New Awakening (thenewawakening.org)

Relevant questions:
Is this a viable plan?
Are these groups trustworthy? (Any actual evidence of shady dealings?)
Is the proposed NWF constitution or NA program just? Is it compatible with positions you hold to be correct (Christianity? Paganism? Lassiez faire economics? Socialism?)
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Why should we be forced at the point of a gun by the government to pay taxes that fund roads when the free market can maintain streets?
> completely irrelevant statement that has nothing to do with the thread
You sure bump Northwest Imperative a lot, AIDSkike.
Do you think it would be a good idea to lock the thread at this point? The thread is almost 2 years old

Is the OP even here anyway? I think he left.
Did you guys see the general in 4 /pol/?
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Covington... png (284.98 KB, 554x1632)
You have a point. This thread has enough info about Harold Covington to stay, but there's no reason to leave it open anymore. Nobody has shown interest but the shill AIDSkike. I'll just add this and lock it.
Not before, but I found it easily and left this. The trolls from that culture they invented can sling shit at my post there all they want. I won't return to their thread.

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> White supremacist violent extremists often scapegoat the Jewish people, voicing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.
> White supremacist violent extremists have adopted an increasingly transnational outlook in recent years, largely driven by the technological forces described earlier in this Strategic Framework. Similar to how ISIS inspired and connected with potential radical Islamist terrorists, white supremacist violent extremists connect with like-minded individuals online. In addition to mainstream social media platforms, white supremacist violent extremists use lesser-known sites like Gab, 8chan, and Endchan, as well as encrypted channels. Celebration of violence and conspiracy theories about the “ethnic replacement” of whites as the majority ethnicity in various Western countries are prominent in their online circles.
> White supremacist violent extremism, one type of racially- and ethnically-motivated violent extremism, is one of the most potent forces driving domestic terrorism. Lone attackers, as opposed to cells or organizations, generally perpetrate these kinds of attacks. But they are also part of a broader movement. White supremacist violent extremists’ outlook can generally be characterized by hatred for immigrants and ethnic minorities, often combining these prejudices with virulent anti-Semitism or anti-Muslim views.
Department of Homeland Security Strategic Framework for Countering Terrorism and Targeted Violence
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People wearing masks are proof that Americans are not awake.
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AIDSkike png (234.3 KB, 481x258)
So by this logic, people in the UK or China or Australia or any other nation besides the United States who wear masks are proof that Americans are not awake. Now, I'm not saying the majority of Americans aren't asleep. Because holy shit, so many are. I'm one of those Americans looking on in disappointment as the average bluepilled idiot repeats jewish propaganda Yes in the Wachowski sense. They're literally jewed. But goddamn are you retarded.
Vaccine passports will be needed to vote.
You wont be able to leave the country in a few years under “problematic political ideas”
Is Ron Paul the only American who still cares about freedom?

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In this video, Anne Frank's sister tells how the soviet government made counterfeit photos of the "death camps" many years after those camps were supposedly liberated.

In this video, Vladimir Putin tells a room full of rabbis that the soviet government, which made those fake photos of the death camps, was primarily jewish.
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thumbnail of 2ee77c1af921b11a3142e5757e7f876f2dddfba160bd435a806eed63646d94bd.png
2ee77c1af921b11a3... png (548.88 KB, 1075x1078)
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DachauTrain-1945-17 jpeg (1.01 MB, 3324x625)
Well shit, we knew that already.
> thinking we dont know already
Like obvs it's all bullshit.
But just saying.. in case you try this shit on normalfags.. The exitence of fake evidence doesn't mean an absence of real evidence.
It's better to focus on the absence of any real forensic evidence of the gorillion.
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JIDF jpg (467.05 KB, 1124x2697)
The fact that kikes had to keep making up ridiculous fake claims is one important side of the coin that raises red flags. Even for normies it will raise suspicion. I know because I was an indoctrinated normie years ago. Then what follows is the rest of the details, but only if the individual does not have a drop of stubborn jewish blood which would cause them to plug their ears and scream obscenities as JIDF tend to do. The details I mentioned can be found here: https://holocaustdeprogrammingcourse.com

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thumbnail of Jews aren't israel.jpg
Jews aren't israel jpg (113.98 KB, 1024x804)
I'm not a dual seedline Christian identity type person. Where I believe that the Jews are the literal children of satan. However I believe that the Jews are in fact lying about their Identity and this is something that needs to be looked into. Since the easiest way to look at it is, If you kill the thought that the Jews are Israel, Then you pretty much kill the entire premise of the Jews being God's chosen people, This would leave the modern Israel nation specifically in the dust considering that they pretty much live on gullible Christians. Nothing is hated by the Jews as much as Christianity and Jesus are outside of Hitler, In fact I'd argue they hate Jesus more than Hitler. I agree that modern Christianity is completely Jewed to it's core but this is the reason I'm suggesting this because if you break this myth the Jews lose a massive amount of power. Source is from the Jewish almanac 1980 edition.
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> Phoenician/Canaanites are NOT the same race
Ok. Try figuring out who you're replying to first, because the post you responded to didn't say that.
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thumbnail of hannibal barca-roman depiction.jpg
hannibal... jpg (13.69 KB, 242x300)
i accidentally greentexted, my bad.
give this a read though. If their is any doubt the Phoenicians were Aryan then look at Carthaginian busts/statues etc. pic rel is a Roman depiction of Hannibal.
From looking back, I made obvious mistakes when I used "Phoenician/Canaanite". They're clearly not the same as I should've gained the meaning of >>/83307/ "Paleo hebrew was actually just the Phoenician alphabet." + "Look at the difference between the two alphabets the differences are striking." For some reason I didn't absorb this information despite seeing the difference myself. Correction noted.
> From looking back, I made obvious mistakes when I used "Phoenician/Canaanite". 

I mean it's okay. We all mess up from time to time

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hellman png (214.95 KB, 600x375)
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schneier jpg (737.84 KB, 2808x2808)
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shamir jpg (11.3 KB, 280x280)
Here's a little lesson in cryptography: almost every cryptosystem currently in popular use (publicly available), apart from AES, was made by Hebrews; here are some examples:
> RSA, made by Ron Rivest (doesn't look Jewish, but is friends with Shamir and Adleman and participates in Passover with them), Adi Shamir (literally Israeli) and Adleman (Jew)

> Blowfish, made by Bruce Schneier (Jew)

> Diffie-Hellman key exchange, made by Whitfield Diffie (doesn't look Jewish) and Martin Hellman (Jew)

> NTRU, by Hoffstein (Jew), Pipher (doesn't look Jewish) and Silverman(Jew)

> EdDSA, by Bernstein (Jew)

These are just cryptosystem makers, Jews are highly over-represented in all things cryptography, both on the attacking and defending side: quite a lot of research comes straight from Israel (see Weizmann Institute of Science). Here are some examples of them in crypto:
> Tor, about half of the board of directors for the Tor project are Jews, namely Schneier, Cohn and Coleman.

> PQCrypto, the site about post-quantum cryptography, by Bernstein and his wife

> Introduction to Mathematical Cryptography, a textbook by Jonathan Katz and Yehuda Lindell (Jews)

> Dan Boneh, formulator of the Boneh-Durfee attack on RSA and also popular teacher of online crypto courses

> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_cryptographers etc.

For non-publically-available crypto (that is, NSA and maybe Google and IBM), we still don't know, but the declassified documents show a higher percentage of European descendants doing crypto.

So, what does this mean for us?
Well, first thing's first: technology is technology, no matter who made it. If it was publicly believed that the SSD was invented by a Hebrew, would you just go back to hard drives? Just inventing something doesn't mean you can definitely control the users, though it does mean you are usually better with it; that's how open source developers make their money: they develop a program, and create a company offering enterprise technical support for that program, some of the most famous examples being Red Hat and OX Dovecot Pro. This is kinda the relationship Jews have with most publicly-available crypto: they are both the most proficient using crypto and breaking it. For most cryptosystems, that means that you should pick stronger parameters than usually recommended, as the higher-up Jews and the NSA probably have attacks 2 or 3 generations ahead; the silver lining in this is that this usually means that cryptosystems that seem pretty secure if you look at current public research, will be weaker when exposed to the NSA or Jews but it's very unlikely that they can be broken in reasonable time. If something could be solved in 100 years on a university supercomputer with public methods, the Hebrews and NSA could probably solve it in days, but luckily most things in crypto would take literal billions of years to solve with all the world's computing power put to it, as long as you do them properly.
Secondly, think about this: Heebs have a vested interest in cryptography; they have a lot to hide, and want to know everyone else's secrets. It's not like they only release broken crypto to the world; they have to use it too. The reason they release this to the public, is so that it can be widely audited and peer-reviewed. Think about Tor for a second: it was developed in the United States Naval Research Lab, then DARPA, by some Jews and Europeans for protecting US intelligence comms online. Without getting too technical, the more users of Tor there are, the harder it is to see who sent some data. If you want to send something from deep behind enemy lines with them being none the wiser, this would be very useful. The reason they released Tor to the public, is that they want to assimilate into the masses of Tor users, so that if someone sees that a computer is using Tor, they don't know if the person is on Endchan being a pesky racist, on a drug market being a stoner, or is a CIA agent reporting to their superiors. The reason they let Tor exist is because they use it too.

Eventually, we'll have to make ou
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Your "Tor project meets with government.png" has nothing to do with what you greentexted. This infograph says that Tor is compromised. This is true. But I will reiterate that the internet itself is more compromised. In most countries ISPs are legally required to save logs of where each of their customers have visited on the internet. America doesn't even need this because of their NSA passive surveillance network.

With Tor the ISP cannot see where you have visited. Looking at most of the Tor leaks most attacks against Tor, and in particular most working attacks, only really work when they are targeted. Pedos get caught on Tor because the feds run most child exploitation sites as honeypots. They use bugs in Tor browser (mostly caused by people not disabling Javascript) to get anyone who views the site. What Tor does is protect against _passive_ surveillance, active surveillance is still going to get you v& no matter what you do.

Thus anyone moving from Tor to the clearnet for viewing clearnet sites is lowering their security, and what was said in the greentext still stands.
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thumbnail of 433.jpg
433 jpg (51.67 KB, 384x350)
So why are you here dredging this up over half a year later? I'll leave your posts for the sheer honesty of it all, but the subject is done. Tor is jewed. You admitted that yourself. There are several factors into why rule 6 exists. Primarily - fuck all kikes and every propaganda outlet they run. For Facebook, some dickhead reposted the Oslo shooter from there and then Endchan was named as "white supremacists" by the proven in that thread kikes of Homeland Security >>/76282/ For Discord, it's because of the anti-white shitpost by their jew CEO Jason Citron. For Tor, shit starting kikes come here on it sometimes because they're very aware it can't be banned with the moderation tools. Only deleted. Go into this thread: >>/65362/ and scroll up from the bottom to see the most recent. Tor kikes revealed Tor vulnerabilities to Ted Kaufman, Carl Spielvogel and Michael Pack (kikes) of the former Broadcasting Board of Governors now the U.S. Agency for Global Media. This board is always against jews. It's not a difficult conclusion why the stance was taken. You're definitely capable of using a VPN instead.
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thumbnail of Talmud pedophilia 2.jpg
Talmud... jpg (131.15 KB, 445x1052)
thumbnail of Talmud pedophilia 3.jpg
thumbnail of Talmud pedophilia 3.jpg
Talmud... jpg (90.66 KB, 390x700)
thumbnail of Talmud pedophilia.jpg
thumbnail of Talmud pedophilia.jpg
Talmud... jpg (165.78 KB, 445x1334)
I am however, removing that link about how pedos are caught on Tor. Pedophiles will find no instructions on how to avoid being caught here.
The main message is that pedos are caught for going on pedo sites, and usually torfags are caught for going on compromised sites with torbrowser 0days built in
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thumbnail of 1555567333501.jpg
1555567333501 jpg (91.35 KB, 1080x1349)
> The main message is that

You're a low IQ kike shill that gets payed to do forum sliding on boards as small as ours? That you're a piece of inbred shit? That you're trying to slide the "Israeli Media Reports Israeli Scientists Were Developing Coronavirus Vaccine Before Coronavirus Pandemic" that is located here >> 79042 ? We know kike. 

You faggots are here practically every second of your boring little lives, so we can recognize you from a mile away. lol

thumbnail of f3eb31d3c181ddf790c155e1250d67f7c6c302ea84b9eb3312fa4a126d26b17b.jpeg
thumbnail of f3eb31d3c181ddf790c155e1250d67f7c6c302ea84b9eb3312fa4a126d26b17b.jpeg
f3eb31d3c181ddf790c155e1250d67f7c6c302ea... jpeg (26.24 KB, 448x262)
/pol/ and /b/ will establish creative teams to create video games of high quality.

/pol/ and /b/ will not create games for themselves or those who are already of the same mind as themselves, but games that will become widely popular among the normal gamer population.

the games will get away what they can get away with without revealing any ties to political perspectives unpopular in the mainstream (IE. National Socialism, "White Nationalism", "Alternative Right"/"Far-Right", and the like).

However, the games will not contain any elements that cater to "mainstream" or "left-wing" politics, either, simply by not giving a fuck about politics, we will be superior to 99% of the crap being put into the market by mainstream studios.

the games must be good enough to compete with major studio productions, this is not difficult in the video game world, where indie titles made by nobodies outsell IP's by established companies on a regular basis, even when made with a small team and low budget (this is why games are a good place to build a starting foundation for reclaiming our culture).

the purpose of this operation is this:
1. to disrupt cultural hedgemony, by simply being a popular source of entertainment media that remains out of their control, we disrupt the monopoly they require to program people's minds.
2. the studios we create will become a source of employment, organization, and revenue, it will be a place for us to meet others with similar political interests and beliefs, a place we can offer a position in to anyone whose employment has been ruinated by bastards, and it helps us generate funding for other purposes.
3. eventually the studios will develop a relationship of trust with the rather-large gaming community, and we can start to insert political content into our media, we must do this slowly and in small amounts, first with trace elements of the easier stuff, and gradually working towards lots of the hardest stuff via increments over the course of a long span of time (talking over generations here).
the point is to make each step into enlightenment as easy and simple as possible for the least receptive members of our audience.
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finally, there are other creatures lurking this world, all kinds, be it strange, grotesque, creepy, beautiful, etc. not all are friendly, in fact, there are many which would like nothing more then to consume your soul. these beings are the native inhabitants of the duskworld, borne from the minds of the living, or they are borne from the souls that find themselves lost here. most of them can be friendly and even useful, some are intelligent and can act as npc's proper (though they can also be enemies), others are animals, and others are relentless predatory monsters that are always hostile. 

the world of the dead is itself a living creature, initially a straight reflection of the living world, it has changed over time, different areas of it have changed in different ways, producing wildly variable environs to explore, the creatures native to this landscape are it's "children", and which creatures you find change according to the area as well. 

the duskworld is based off of the real world, but has twisted so much over time that you need to look to find the similarities, the world of the dead has lots of unique features that can be useful to you, resources to be harvested, hazards to be avoided, items to be looted, etc.

you get access to weapons and armor, and powers, which grow over time, you can even reenter the world of the living and pretend to be alive again, or do so by possessing someone and living as them for a bit, this is the most useful ability, but interacting with the real world it draws all sorts of the worst attention to you, so only do it if you are sure you won't get caught.

speaking of which, those bastards that killed you, you can haunt their asses and even kill them once you get powerful enough, in fact, the game's main plot will require you to do some haunting of the real world, and will include the possibility of using certain abilities of yours to kill some mortals, or you can simply become physical, or possess someone and use that body to do it in the normal sense too (shooting them, etc.) but where is the fun in that? you want to make the walls bleed, drag some shmuck screaming down to hell, and shit like that.

remember, that this is chance for you to redeem yourself or to damn yourself even further, so just because you could, should you? (we'll make doing good things with the powers look cool as well, so don't worry)

as I said, this is a horror game, everything from the environment, creatures, characters, items, equipment, and even the character themselves is intended to be freaky in one sense or another. that doesn't necessarily mean "ugly", in fact, a gore-fest this will not be, rather, you will be entering many different situations and contexts, each with element multiple different types of horror.

some are more psychological, other more visceral, others more surreal, and others appear nice but unsettling, all kinds of horror, but all are meaningful, and have a reason to be the way they are.

So it's a mix of Ghost trick, Disco Elysium, Yume Nikki and Hotline Miami. Seems like a lot going on. Maybe try to structure everything before moving forward. How would the gameplay be like? Third person, 1rst person, Dungeon crawler? 

When you make a game, you need to keep a lot of factors in mind before moving forward with everything. How people are going to play it is a really important thing to keep in mind
horror rpg
think "vampire masquerade bloodlines"
but actually scary
Your whole approach is whack OP. You suggest making a game in which the author's opinion is not obvious to the player, but then you heavily detail you political motivations for doing so and how you want your art to effect the world. No matter what, this will result in contrived rubbish coming out of your brain, that is heavily on the nose. 

Getting inspired material out of your brain, without your personal biases leaving an ugly impression is actually very difficult, but is key to making art that hold wide appeal, and isn't pandering. It is very necessary for an author to detach themselves emotionally from the subject matter, so that they are writing about something that has a mind and life of its own, the author being a mere vessel for the story. A wider audience will tend to find this more appealing, as it doesn't result in pandering to an individual's view on things.

This is why people of a left wing or liberal leaning have been more dominant in the creative fields historically, although that is less true these days as the left wing mind set has changed significantly, and those outside of the modern leftist bubble have nuanced and cross talked quite significantly. None the less, the very nature of being liberal, or even just having some liberal traits, makes for easier abandonment even of ones own convictions, so that the position of neutral observer may be taken up in the world they have created. Because people of a more conservative mind set gravitate towards moral and philosophical views of a sensible, straight up and objective nature, well and good that they do, but it is harder to move from these positions as they are tested and provide stability. However true this is, a writer must still drop their convictions when they go into a creative world, or they will just create propaganda.

Also, not your personal army. Not your personal dev team. You shouldn't want the inhabitants of any public image board in a highly sophisticated technical project, there are some significant risks in this. Read up more on what is involved in a good game pitch, it looks nothing like this. What you've presented in more what one might arrive at once a team has found approval or funding, and now wishes to flesh out and green light their creative idea. Start with a simple idea and work out from it

Try meditation, read up on occult subject matter, read literature. Try to branch outside of your pool of interests. Make leaps into genres you've never tried and never liked before, and just endure them to give yourself experiences outside of your liking. Consider *with much sensibility* trying the use of psychedelics, after reading the above mentioned and things specific to modern psychedelic therapies. There's actually an increasingly solid empirical evidence base around certain psychedelics and how they ought to be used to a person's benefit, and it has actually been coming out of reputable institutions and colleges not flooded by neo-left wing brain washing. 

tl;dr if you set out to do something creative, and then announce where you intend to arrive, you are going to arrive somewhere very predictable, contrived and mediocre. Throw some chaos in there. Don't just expose yourself to what you want to see and believe. definitely try different avenues for hiring.
> bumping a 2 year old thread

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thumbnail of 0281.png
0281 png (2.41 MB, 1575x1302)
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0 jpg (847.14 KB, 1129x2446)
thumbnail of 2ee77c1af921b11a3142e5757e7f876f2dddfba160bd435a806eed63646d94bd.png
thumbnail of 2ee77c1af921b11a3142e5757e7f876f2dddfba160bd435a806eed63646d94bd.png
2ee77c1af921b11a3... png (548.88 KB, 1075x1078)
thumbnail of 2f222ab2a8a77f6cb5216d9caa92fd1a-imagejpeg.jpg
thumbnail of 2f222ab2a8a77f6cb5216d9caa92fd1a-imagejpeg.jpg
2f222ab2a8a77f6cb5216d9c... jpg (113.8 KB, 640x505)
thumbnail of 833bfe25d716f61657a57e0bfb0f2ad45f5960af3423261454ece174890536a2.png
thumbnail of 833bfe25d716f61657a57e0bfb0f2ad45f5960af3423261454ece174890536a2.png
833bfe25d716f61657a57e0bfb0f2a... png (173.36 KB, 1404x992)
Steam People To Death Like Lobsters In 10 Steam Chambers At Treblinka
“The second building [at Treblinka] consists of three chambers and a boiler-room.The steam generated in the boilers is led by means of pipes to the chambers.There are terracota floors in the chambers which become very slippery when wet. Along the southern wall of the building runs a long platform where the bodies of the victims were piled up after execution. All victims had to strip off their clothes and shoes, which were collected afterwards, whereupon all victims, women and children first, were driven into the death chambers. Those too slow or too weak to move quickly were driven on by rifle butts, by whipping and kicking, often by SAUER himself. Many slipped and fell, the next victims pressed forward and stumbled over them. Small children were simply thrown inside. After being filled up to capacity the chambers were hermetically closed and steam was let in. In a few minutes all was over. The jewish menial workers had to remove the bodies from the platform and to bury them in mass graves. By and by, as new transports arrived, the cemetary grew extending in eastern direction.
IMT XXXII – pp. 156-157.

Zap Them To Death With Mass Electrical Shocks
“In this same report, in the last paragraph on Page 136 of the document book, we may read that Camp Belsen was founded in 1940; but it was in 1942 that the special electrical appliances were built in for mass extermination of people. Under the pretext that the people were being led to the bath-house,the doomed were undressed and then driven to the building where the floor was electrified in a special way; there they were killed.
IMT VII – p.576-577.

Blast Them Into The Twilight Zone With Atomic Bombs
MR. JUSTICE JACKSON: And certain experiments were also conducted and certain researches conducted in atomic energy, were they not?
SPEER: We had not got as far as that, unfortunately, because the finest experts we had in atomic research had emigrated to America, and this had thrown us back a great deal in our research, so that we still needed another year or two in order to achieve any results in splitting of the atom.
MR. JUSTICE JACKSON: The policy of driving people out who didn’t agree with Germany hadn’t produced very good dividends, had it?
SPEER: Especially in this sphere it was a great disadvantage to us.
MR. JUSTICE JACKSON: Now, I have certain information, which was placed in my hands, of an experiment which was carried out near Auschwitz and I would like to ask you [Albert Speer] if you heard about it or knew about it. The purpose of the experiment was to find a quick and complete way of destroying people without the delay and trouble of shooting and gassing and burning, as it had been carried out, and this is the experiment, as I am advised. A village, a small village was provisionally erected, with temporary structures, and in it approximately 20,000 jews were put. By means of this newly invented weapon of destruction, these 20,000 people were eradicated almost instantaneously, and in such a way that there was no trace left of them; that it developed the explosive developed, temperatures of from 400 to 500 degrees centigrade and destroyed them without leaving any trace at all. Do you know about that experiment?
SPEER: No, and I consider it utterly improbable. If we had such a weapon under preparation, I should have known about it. But we did not have such a weapon.
IMT XVI – p.529.

thumbnail of 86dd39545b836a6f915dbc41bdf5ad2c37ff303c81dfbb5d851669cc89debc45.jpg
thumbnail of 86dd39545b836a6f915dbc41bdf5ad2c37ff303c81dfbb5d851669cc89debc45.jpg
86dd39545b836a6f915dbc41bdf5ad... jpg (268.32 KB, 1029x760)
thumbnail of 93706dd7e3693ce75fe9a0422004144bea4711d05e49149ee9540a7c38115b20.jpg
thumbnail of 93706dd7e3693ce75fe9a0422004144bea4711d05e49149ee9540a7c38115b20.jpg
93706dd7e3693ce7... jpg (716.39 KB, 1548x1696)
thumbnail of 1552113069415.png
thumbnail of 1552113069415.png
1552113069415 png (581.76 KB, 860x715)
thumbnail of 1552113186958.jpg
thumbnail of 1552113186958.jpg
1552113186958 jpg (178.29 KB, 749x581)
thumbnail of 1552115011800.jpg
thumbnail of 1552115011800.jpg
1552115011800 jpg (252.4 KB, 1200x816)
Beat Them To Death, Then Carry Out Autopsies To See What They Died Of
BLAHA: I performed many autopsies on people either shot or beaten to death at their work, and made official reports on the cause of death.
HERR BABEL: You said, they were shot. Did you see such incidents yourself?
HERR BABEL: Then, how do you know that?
BLAHA: The bodies were brought to me from the place of work, and it was my duty to ascertain the cause of death; that the men had been beaten to death,for example, that the skull or ribs had been fractured, that the man had died of internal hemorrhage, or that he had been shot; I had to make an official report on the cause of death. Sometimes, but this was rare, when an investigation was conducted, I was called in as a witness.
HERR BABEL: Thank you.
IMT V – p. 199.

Force People To Climb Trees, Then Cut The Trees Down
“I refer further to the report of the State Extraordinary Commission relative to the crimes in the city of Kiev. This report describes murders in the camps which will be also shown in the films today. I quote only one quotation from this report, which shows the methods of extermination of people in the SyretzkCamp. I quote Page 289, Paragraph 3, of the Russian text:”
“‘Radomsky and Rieder used all kinds of devices for the extermination of Soviet citizens. For instance, they invented the following method of murder: Several Soviet prisoners would be forced to climb a tree and others had to saw it down. The prisoners would fall together with the tree and be killed.'”
IMT VII – p. 582.

Kill 840,000 Russians At Sachsenhausen And Burn The Bodies In Four Portable Ovens
MR. COUNSELLOR SMIRNOV: I shall now present to the Tribunal evidence of the fact that besides the stationary crematoria, there existed also movable crematoria. The Tribunal already knows about the movable gas chambers. These were “murder vans.” There were also created transportable crematoria. An SS member, Paul Waldmann, testifies to their existence. He was one of the participants in the crime perpetrated by the German fascists when 840,000 Russian prisoners of war in Sachsenhausen were annihilated at one time. The Exhibit Number USSR-52 (Document Number USSR-52) on Auschwitz has already been presented to the Court. I quote that particular extract from the testimony of an SS member, Waldmann, which mentions the mass execution in Sachsenhausen:
“The war prisoners murdered in this way were cremated in four movable crematoria, which were transported on car trailers.”
IMT VII – p. 586.

Bash People’s Brains In With A Pedal-Driven Brain-Bashing Machine While Listening To The Radio, Then Burn The Bodies In 4 Portable Ovens
“One room was reserved for undressing and another for waiting; in one of them a radio played rather loudly. It was done purposely so that the prisoners could not guess that death awaited them. From the second room they went, one by one, through a passage into a small fenced-in room with an iron gridlet into the floor. Under the grid was a drain. As soon as a prisoner of war was killed, the corpse was carried out by two German prisoners while the blood was washed off the grid.
“In this small room there was a slot in the wall, approximately 50 centimeters in length. The prisoner of war stood with the back of his head against the slot and a sniper shot at him from behind the slot. In practice this arrangement did not prove satisfactory, since the sniper often missed the prisoner. After 8 days a new arrangement was made. The prisoner, as before, was placed against the wall; an iron plate was then slowly lowered onto his head. The prisoner was under the impression that he was being measured for height. The iron plate contained a ramrod which shot out suddenly and poleaxed the prisoner with a blow on the back of the head. He dropped dead. The iron plate was operated by a foot lever in a corner of the room. The personnel working in the room belonged to the above-mentioned Sonderkommando. (continued)
thumbnail of a81ef.jpg
thumbnail of a81ef.jpg
a81ef jpg (178.66 KB, 1024x644)
thumbnail of cFsg617.jpg
thumbnail of cFsg617.jpg
cFsg617 jpg (678.51 KB, 2446x921)
thumbnail of d9077a28dafa9c15d01247f92fad1cfb106c53a7a14ce13da9e0c7202e51a787.png
thumbnail of d9077a28dafa9c15d01247f92fad1cfb106c53a7a14ce13da9e0c7202e51a787.png
d9077a28da... png (2.01 MB, 829x2100)
thumbnail of b3ab95c06827a955a9092c31f0e7f18153cb10f844217dfb607d273dc8bf270d.jpg
thumbnail of b3ab95c06827a955a9092c31f0e7f18153cb10f844217dfb607d273dc8bf270d.jpg
b3ab95c06827a955a9092c... jpg (73.57 KB, 548x487)
thumbnail of f735068ecc6b0062be8cd42a0fc8723964e4affdf30bf1697ff47b4629570b9c.png
thumbnail of f735068ecc6b0062be8cd42a0fc8723964e4affdf30bf1697ff47b4629570b9c.png
f735068ecc6b0062be8cd... png (962.91 KB, 1092x1020)
“By request of the execution squad, I was also forced to work this apparatus. I shall refer to the subject later. The bodies of prisoners thus murdered were burned in four mobile crematories transported in trailers and attached to motor cars. I had to ride constantly from the inner camp to the execution yard. I had to make 10 trips a night with 10 minutes’ interval between trips. It was during these intervals that I witnessed the executions.
IMT VII – p. 376-77.

Study Bone Grinding In Special 10-Day Crash Course Seminars
I now quote from the record of the interrogation, which the Tribunal will find on Page 52 of the document book, Paragraph 2 from the top, Line 26. I begin:
“In the death factory of this camp special 10-day courses on corpse burning were organized, on which 12 men were employed. Pupils attending these courses came from the camps of Lublin, Warsaw, and others whose names escape me. I do not know the surnames of the pupils, but they were officers from colonels to sergeant majors, not soldiers from the rank and file. The instructor at these courses was the officer in command of crematories, Colonel Schallok. On the site where the bodies were exhumed and burned he explained the practical manner of their burning and how to set up the machinery for bone crushing.”
IMT VII – p. 446.

Whup Them With Special Spanking Machines
M. DUBOST: Who meted out punishments?
MME. VAILLANT-COUTURIER: The SS leaders, men and women.
M. DUBOST: What was the nature of the punishments?
MME. VAILLANT-COUTURIER: Bodily ill-treatment in particular. One of the most usual punishments was 50 blows with a stick on the loins. They were administered with a machine which I saw, a swinging apparatus manipulated by an SS. There were also endless roll calls day and night, or gymnastics; flat on the belly, get up, lie down, up, down, for hours, and anyone who fell was beaten unmercifully and taken to Block 25\.
IMT VI – p. 213.

Make Pocket Books And Driving Gloves For S.S. Officers Out Of Human Skin
Q. Is there anything else that you would like to add about this experiment?
A. Yes. I can never forget the way RASCHER acted. RASCHER used to go for the prisoners personally and would bring them in at pistol point. He would casually shoot any who tried to make a break or any who did not move fast enough. Once herded into the room he would sneer and tell them that they had fifteen minutes to live and he would relax the prohibition of no smoking among prisoners and that they could have a smoke. The most disgusting part was that when the prisoners lined up, RASCHER would go along and make what he called a leather inspection. He would grab a man by the buttocks and or thighs and say “good.” After the group had been killed, the skin from these bodies would be removed from these thighs and buttocks. I was in the office many times when human skin with blood still on it was brought into RASCHER. After the bodies had been carted away, RASCHER would inspect them carefully, holding them up to the light for flaws, and would pass on them before they were tanned. They were always stretched over small wooden frames when they came to RASCHER. I saw the finished leather later made into a handbag that Mrs. RASCHER was carrying. Most of it went for driving gloves for the SS officers of the camp.
IMT XXX – P. 353.
OP, do you have that Nuremberg webm were they got interrogated for the "final solution" and one guy ended up just correcting the judge? He said that it was just a mistranslated from a German word?
thumbnail of Nuremberg Trial - the 'Final Solution'.webm
thumbnail of Nuremberg Trial - the 'Final Solution'.webm
Nuremberg Trial - the 'Final Solution' webm (5.09 MB, 518x272)
Thanks. Was looking for that

thumbnail of 1590612638061.jpg
thumbnail of 1590612638061.jpg
1590612638061 jpg (17.45 KB, 490x380)
Jews conspiring to stop free speech



- Charlottesville: Plans for a Show Trial
- Crushing BDS With Civil Rights Legislation
- Targeting Children

Major jewish conspiracy
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thumbnail of Marvin_Heemeyer.jpg
thumbnail of Marvin_Heemeyer.jpg
Marvin_Heemeyer jpg (16.28 KB, 240x237)
thumbnail of Old_Mormon_Fort_RL.jpg
thumbnail of Old_Mormon_Fort_RL.jpg
Old_Mormon_Fort_RL jpg (140.33 KB, 1024x768)
> Lawyers
Are you kidding me?  My post included all the gambits, but obviously you didn't know, lawyers ruin this world and yes there's an "i" in there but you could drop it, they run the world to ruin, hah get it?  Lawyers are non-American scum, foisted upon good men.
Pic included of great American hero who tried the legal system, but found rolling treads work better.  If you do not have a local bulldozer plant, you are not free, and yes, by throwing off the kike, according to General Grant's War ORders, within 48 hours, our problems would be fewer.
thumbnail of 375.jpg
thumbnail of 375.jpg
375 jpg (171.7 KB, 460x414)
Three explosions and 500 rounds couldn't stop him. Now there was a man with an idea. To be clear, bulldozing a concrete plant, town hall, media outlet, a mayor's home and a hardware store is not permitted under U.S. law. As per global rule 1, none of you should ever copy this exact construction project and mow over the Federal Reserve. Especially not the headquarters of A&E, Disney, Turner Broadcasting and Entertainment, Sony Pictures, CBS, ABC, NBC, ION Media, Comcast Cable, Warner Brothers, HBO, MGM Worldwide, AMC, FOX, The CW, IFC and Sundance, PBS, MTV, Viacom, ION Media, Time Magazine, People Magazine, The New York Times, the Emmys live, AIPAC or any synagogues since every one of those is filled with jews. That would be illegal and anti-semitic.
Thank you, yes, Marv was clearly violating the law and only narrowly avoided prison.  Obeyibg law is a choice people make minute to minute.  I would also say there is zero connection between being Marv and reading about armor.  However discussing mechanical problems with lawyers is onehundred percent, a waste of time.  One day, I pray all the lawyers are blindsided, but, I would as a man still understand justice and law.  I need no lawyer until the beast government accosts me, aka terry versus ohio, jacobsen versus Massachusetts, etc.
I don't quite understand what you're talking about

thumbnail of boardroom.jpg
thumbnail of boardroom.jpg
boardroom jpg (105.05 KB, 1200x900)
Trump is a zionist yet he seems to truly be a nuisance to the globalist acceleration through covid, what the hell is going on? 

Is zionist=/=globalist? Last I knew, it was perfectly convenient for a zionist to preach nationalism back home in israel yet globalism for all the rest. 

Is Trump just controlled opposition? Where is this shit going? Europe, China, what the fuck is happening. 

Who's with who and what does each wanna do?
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does that thread answer the other questions?
thumbnail of drawfagsOriginalContent.png
thumbnail of drawfagsOriginalContent.png
drawfagsOriginalContent png (36.58 KB, 800x300)
Other questions like 'what the fuck is goin on my internet ibros?' are the questions only research can get you answers to.  Bro, if this thread exists, can you make it as funny as your orignal post?
"Globalist" is just one of many words international jewry came up with to distract from their obvious control. If you're genuinely curious and you're not pulling the millionth "Trump may be a Zionist but the quarter jew might be ok guys!" shill attempt, the thread about all of his deliberate jewish and masonic ties/approved-laws/cucking can be found here: >>/65491/
Also, we have a QTDDOT. It is two threads above this one at the moment. Don't start entire OPs for questions.
Hitler I assume has already talked much sense and pretty much answered your question but allow me to elaborate a little more.

If I may suggest a notorious book by a jew, read 'rules for radicals' in which the 'marxist' agenda is laid out in as clear a plan as possible for his fellow jews and shabbos goys. It doesn't matter what the sides are, on both sides is a jew, so as fighting over 'issues' like globalism devolves into chaos, from that chaos comes weakness and a power shift, a pseudo revolution where regardless of which side won the outcome is the same, you crushed and obedient.

Whites have a sickness and while China is a threat during our time of weakness, being anti China, anti globalist, anti nationalist or really anti anything makes our problems worse. Instead, just be white, with pride and intent. Let each action of your day be preceded with 'am I benefiting my race and by extension myself?' White power is not something we have to fight for, it's something we are. When people begin to understand and value that, jewish brainwashing and trickery loses its' power over us. I would have been pro Trump if he had been pro white, a symbol of unity regardless of his true intent, but he never was. However, many people wanted him to be and they recognized others wanting the same thing and perhaps that was a good start.

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