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Will it be utopian single state covering the whole world and focused on ensuring health, peace, prosperity and happiness of all people on Earth

or rather huge modern dystopian world empire , the huge state which will by the time descends into the abyss of economic and technical stagnation, consumed by corruption and lawlessness, from time to time as the authorities weaken someone revolts and promises a new order - but either they liquidate it or after a few years it turns out that after a few years it is the same evil as the previous authorities. And so, all the time until finally, civilisation crosses a certain threshold of degeneration, below which changes are irreversible and civilisation collapses ? How do you think ?
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d31cf3121268ab26a... jpg (4.14 MB, 2500x2500)
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Psych Warfare jpg (270.57 KB, 1174x1078)
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> In the USA's state ideology, all religions, philosophies, opinions, and people
> are equal and that means you can't discriminate good from bad according to the USA's ideology.
Not exactly. "National Socialism" shortened to 'Nazis' is still constantly lambasted, insulted and mocked by kikes.
> the CIA, try to use psychological warfare against a population
Before the CIA there was the OSS and literally the Psychological Warfare Division which first made up the jewish 'shrunken heads', 'pelvisbone ashtrays', 'jew skin gloves and lampshades' and 'collected orthodox jews tattooed skin'. As in absolute bullshit.
> but the CIA’s media praises them
The jews' media. Kikes have headed the CIA as well.
> just as surprised as I am that the USA’s law enforcement haven’t arrested them for it yet
When the heads of government are kikes, don't expect law enforcement to do anything but act as blind, submissive traitors.
> If you don’t recognize White Nationalist governments
What White Nationalist governments? You might say I "don't recognize" them, but I genuinely have no idea what reality you're talking about. Every government I'm aware of is kiked.
> Jews have been expelled from over 109 countries so far. What if you’re wrong and Whites take control over their states again
> and look over their history with other nations and see your nation on the list of those that conspired to genocide Whites?
I sure hope a nation becomes Nationalist and decides to attack the nation I live in which traitors conspired along with jews for caucasian genocide. See, because I live in the United States of ZOG. In which case should an occupying government finally gain the upper hand, execution of traitors will finally be lawful, as it is still in articles of law.

Article III, Section 3, Clause 1:
Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.
Israel has levied war against the U.S. both against the USS Liberty and during 9/11. Treasonous politicians adhering to kikes and giving them aid and comfort have been guilty. There are numerous witnesses for that. The following are the consequences:
18 U.S. Code § 2381 - Treason
Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.
This is the law proving the executions of those bribed by AIPAC and other Israel PACs are legal.
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thumbnail of al swindler.jpg
al swindler jpg (12.08 KB, 285x200)
I don't think they wrote the matrix. I would not be surprised if in a few decades it came out they stole it from someone else. I know terminator was ripped off from Harlan Ellison. The only reason why that made a stink is because you are not supposed to steal from kikes in hollywood. 

Have you ever asked yourself, why anime has become so popular lately? Why it's not so "cucked"? It's because a lot of those themes shit on the hero's journey. They hero's journey is for sociopaths. they have a stage where they reject their destiny then change their mind. Something boomers love. anime? Anime stories are about DUTY. Demon slayer? Duty to one's family and one's culture. Naruto? he never falters, his duty is to his nation and he will reform the system from inside, through the legal means. Berserk? Duty to one's morals and creed. There is not faltering. That's what makes them different from western stories. 

Exposure to untainted truth from foreign shores is the undoing of globalism. 

As for globalism? it will not end well for the people working towards it. The fatal flaw of the west is that the main stream leadership assumes that the world is full of people that think just like them. What they fail to grasp is that most of the world sees the US in decline, and the cause of the decline is the progressive movement and "reforms". they know because it's obvious to them. 

So there will be this moment, when the gloablists will realize that they have made a mistake, and want to dial things back. I suspect that is what this great reset is that claus is talking about. They are realizing that the world sees their values and them as harmful. So now the more observant ones are trying to dial things back. It's too late. The mismanagement has hit critical levels. They covid disruptions hurt the system far too much to help it, and have triggered organic social reform.
> As for globalism? it will not end well for the people working towards it. T

It won't work in general. People will always be tribalistic and will gravitate around people who are just like them 

> Have you ever asked yourself, why anime has become so popular lately? Why it's not so "cucked"? 

I mean some of it isn't. But some of it is extremely cucked and subverssive.
> There is not faltering
that maybe have more to do with japanese culture rather than the product, meaning, if japanese culture didn't cherish those values there would be no market for it, after all it's still a market. Japan has always kept the best for himself, it happens with all kind of gadgets, cars, etc, Japan is a country that market his products to Japan (unlike my nation that seem to market to the UN for special-star points) The small island has a history of disliking foreigners, in the Tokugawa era foreigners landing in Japan could get decapitated for just being in Japan, they didn't like foreign intervention in that time, and they don't like it now.
And I just remember the tiny hats believing the planet was made for them and have the right to go anywhere on the planet, I kind of believe they're trying to push the same shit with all this inmigration bullshit. You have war in your nation? No problem go to another nation, don't own a house either, you'll lose it anyways. Your nation is going through economic struggle? No problem go to another nation, they can't stop you, and don't think of owning a car, you can't afford it. Your nation got filled with sub saharans? No problem, go to another nation, is not like your're tied to the land anyways. You did get a cryptowallet. Right? That's the future goy!
> want to dial things back
They're already trying, I've seen comments from the supporters of EU and UN bullshit calling out inmigration, but not calling out the inmigration pushers, they just want to throw the general population against the "EbIL nAtzeeS"
> have triggered organic social reform
There is nothing organic from those social reforms if there was nothing organic from the crisis that created them. I would like to know more about those reforms to maybe give an informed opinion, at least where I am the push for UBI, digital ID, and other things has been going on for years, the flu is just exaggerating the push for those reforms.
I will grant you the mismanagment issue, they're not the best at their job, they're only good at lying, and that only get you so far, the same way the USSR failed because of bureaucracy, the liberal world will fail, and their reliance on industrialiced nations such as China is already showing with the Russia Sanctions thing, and the lemmings are still not making the connection to sending all your industries to a foreing nation and living in the world of services (you know, the "you'll own nothing and be happy"). I wonder how many nations hace the manpower to be industrialiced, the more sub saharans they invite the less industrious the nation will be, that's just a fact.
Everything is illegal, everyone is a criminal, everyone is under surveillance 24/7, and no one cares.

Living in a police state means that you must live in dread of being arrested. You can't help feeling hopeless.

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thumbnail of stop using your smartphone.png
stop using your smartphone png (2.01 MB, 2382x1761)
Imagine a degenerate wasting 4 hours a day watching youtube, what a waste, a controlled creature of instinct and hedonism. I was this creature years ago and I come to tell you it wasn't nice.
If you browse image boards for half an hour a day, don't own a smartphone, and understand the degeneracy of modern entertainment, this guide may have a little good information, but it won't change your life.


> What do I do?

 * Stop using a smart-phone, this is critical.
 * Stop using social media, or minimize their use.
 * Avoid FAGMANS: Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix, Samsung.
 * Only use secure, encrypted, foss, chat apps for communication. Email is not secure.
 * Get rid of smart-watches, and smart-tvs, etcetera. If it has an internet connection, it is evil.
 * Get rid of supermarket discount cards and membership cards of any kind.
 * Don't get a genetic test.
 * Use uBlock origin to mitigate tracking.

> What is the problem?

 * You are being data-mined.
 * Your smartphone, smart tv, and smart dildo are all data gatherers.
 * Social media, and cookies are the same. Social media is surveillance, and cookies are trackers. This is re-branding.
 * This data is being used much like weather stations, enough data and a model can be set up that predicts human behavior, this information is in the worst possible hands.
 * This system can also be used to entrap or spy on you.
 * Internet of Things is mass surveillance extended into other appliances.
 * Tech is made addictive on purpose. This includes gaming, porn, etcetera.

> QUI is behind this?

 * Same as always
 * Logistics and specifics are implemented through FAGMANS. There are others.
 * The US feds, through the pentagon, and alphabet agencies, mostly NSA.
 * The CCP has Xiaomi and other companies that do mass surveillance.

> This is difficult weh weh I'm a faggot!

 * Apply /SIG/ principles.
 * Take one thing off of this list, stop watching youtube videos all the time and read instead.
 * Next week, Stop using facebook.
 * Next week after that, replace your smartphone with a dumb phone.
 * Since you still may want to use messaging apps, use them on BlueStacks.
 * Slowly but surely, release yourself of these chains.

> But I like tech! Is there any virtuous use of technology?

 * Yes, this guide is for people who have a problem with tech.
 * Halfchan's /pol/ is tech, and accidentally redpilled a generation of people, social media allowed for unprecedented spontaneous organization, this was accidental of course, we were never meant to be free to speak.

In all seriousness, if you do not intend to stop using your smartphone, stop reading and kill yourself.
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Well, fuck, if so, i hope i can go on without being fucked somehow. Anyway, the ID was acting like a "friend" towards me and everyone on the thread, not as a shill. Not much after, a few threads about how they are making a database about us.
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gjhrhrtjh jpeg (8.8 KB, 289x174)
Why are so many people dying in their sleep?

61.22GHz endogenous opiate-induced respiratory depression = brain and heart ischemia.

It's the same mechanism as an opiate overdose, just from endogenous opiates. When you're asleep you can neither feel your body dying nor notice you aren't breathing.

Both the 5G towers and many devices emit this frequency. For some reason phone manufacturers aren't advertising that they use this frequency, which is called WiGIG among other things.


Natural News is like The Sun or The National Enquirer. It's full of shit.
Americans said that they hated freedom 100 years ago because the environment was dirty, there were murders, and medicine was dangerous, but the US is now a police state and the environment is still dirty, there are still murders, and medicine is still dangerous.

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thumbnail of 514374011.jpg
514374011 jpg (587.88 KB, 960x638)
The CEO of JewTube the horrible Jew Susan Wojcicki is demanding governments pass laws to silence online speech. Wojcicki has been one of the primary Jewish individuals responsible for silencing speech on the Internet. Because of her efforts, there is no longer any interesting content on JewTube. She even removed the dislike button because Joe Biden’s speeches were getting massively disliked on the White House JewTube channel. [Also, YouTube's channel had the most consistently disliked videos on the entire platform]

Despite these types of enormous censorship efforts, they have not been entirely successful. The fact that we have things like the trucker protests going on in Canada is a testament to that. But even if more laws were passed to silence speech, it is a logistical impossibility to silence any and all dissenting speech on the Internet. Jews like Wojcicki obviously want that to be the reality, but it just isn’t practical. They’d have to shut down the entire Internet in order to do such a thing.

thumbnail of Susan Wojcicki censor all speech.mp4
thumbnail of Susan Wojcicki censor all speech.mp4
Susan Wojcicki censor all speech mp4 (2.11 MB, 1280x720)
I had to find a Twitter video downloader to get this. It's for those who don't click the link. Watch here instead.
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thumbnail of sdg.jpeg
sdg jpeg (5.79 KB, 225x225)
Censorship of communications services invalidates the democratic processes of a country.

If people can't discuss an issue, you can't vote on it.

Censorship of communications means you don't have a democracy, but a pseudo-democracy.

Section 230 is Constitutionally illegal, it's literally Congress passing a law abridging free speech.

47 US Code Section 202 says denying service for basically any reason is illegal for ISPs, websites, and all other businesses online since they use the telecommunications system that is subject to Common Carrier law.

It's only a matter of time before China controls the major tech platforms now and since this is the norm they will censor and deplatform everything that contradicts China's interests.

Is all this damage done by Jew censoring criticism worth losing the country to revolution and giving China a free pass to leverage control of platforms to completely take over?

Is it worth all the billionaires and government cronies losing everything just to push some Middle Eastern cult's ideas of using brutish tactics to suppress opposition?
Considering the danger posed by these censors online, many of which seem to be spies of other nations that big tech has negotiated into their "moderation teams" in exchange for access to the country that then censor Americans, I think these tech company CEOs and boards of directors should be assassinated and replaced. 

They are an iminent threat to the country and many of them and their companies qualify as illegal undisclosed foreign agents simply for having their company operate in multiple countries.

This is the eventuality I think. The USA has lost as globalism and these people are dragging the country down. They're just individuals making catastrophic choices because they are not loyal to the country. The time that this will be tolerated will come to an end as people realize this will impact their claims to assets in the country. If China gains control of the communications services, and they will because of the USA's disasterous policies, then they will flip the USA so fast it will make everyone's heads spin and all the billionaires, bankers, and real estate moghuls will lose absolutely positively everything. I don't think those people want to put everything on the line so Jews can use brutish tactics to suppress criticism. Jews just aren't worth losing everything for.
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thumbnail of billionaire jews.jpg
billionair... jpg (199.35 KB, 477x868)
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Business... jpg (2.39 MB, 1217x6833)
thumbnail of Biden kikes.jpg
thumbnail of Biden kikes.jpg
Biden kikes jpg (133.61 KB, 1064x747)
thumbnail of all jews.jpg
thumbnail of all jews.jpg
all jews jpg (610.53 KB, 784x3562)
thumbnail of jews control the media.jpg
thumbnail of jews control the media.jpg
jews control the media jpg (4.22 MB, 6824x4208)
> Is it worth all the billionaires and government cronies losing everything just to push some Middle Eastern cult's ideas of using brutish tactics to suppress opposition?
Those billionaires and government cronies are typically jews themselves. See >>/76282/ where there were jews crying to a panel about "white supremacist violence" being on the rise (when in reality it's very low). In the rare case billionaires and government are not kikes: AIPAC or any other tribe PAC have such a person on their knees for circumcised jew dick bribe money.
You know the US is doomed when Americans would rather attack those who defend freedom instead of criticizing the government that is enslaving them.

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thumbnail of dghonuj.png
dghonuj png (94.42 KB, 1095x772)
thumbnail of dghonuj.png
thumbnail of dghonuj.png
dghonuj png (94.42 KB, 1095x772)


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the real thing I noticed, is that /pol/ is being killed using traffic, authentic threads get archived in 5 minutes, And if they survived they get flooded with bot replies. Nobody wants yo do anything, because gookmoot never cared and most jannies trooned out. Most anons are retarded and grew up with 4chin, they will never leave
ITT: endless complaining about 4chan, not endchan. Mootkike left 4cucks a long damn time ago and it has leftist SJW moderation. 8chan was similarly kiked. 4chantards lost their social lives in exchange for trolling to cause 'butthurt' the point it didn't matter what stance you took. Anyone would take furious opposition. Old news. Forget that stale troll culture piece of shit.
How hard is it to just stay here or in another imageboard? And just keep inviting people here if you want a more active board
Staying here is easy. Every other social media I know is jew owned and SJW controlled on purpose. I was lucky enough to find this board years ago after being banned from 4cucks and 8cucks for exposing Trump and Merkel for the jews they are. As for IRL, half of the family is dead and the other half refuse to listen to reason about the holocaust fraud, the evils of jewry etc. Coworkers are talked to like I'm walking on eggshells and they're just as brainwashed. So inviting others is hard. After "denazification" for over 70 years, the subjects we discuss here are unconventional and deceptively vilified.
This seems like the type of procedure an egocentric fifteen year old would think of. The plan is simple: be a retard.

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thumbnail of AP_350915085.jpg
AP_350915085 jpg (860.49 KB, 2048x1533)
I am from Germoney, showing support for National Socialism is sadly patched and can get you into legal problems and social sanctions since most Germans are NPC's
thumbnail of 263239281.jpg
thumbnail of 263239281.jpg
263239281 jpg (13.08 KB, 188x268)
True. Your country has been taken over since 1945, but then so has most of the world. The country I live in is North America, the United States. My ancestors are Scottish. There are no penalties of law yet here in the U.S. about rejecting the holocaust fraud, which is something that results in Germans being sentenced to fines and prison time. However, public domain websites owned by jews exist to end a man's whole career. Cops will investigate pamphlets spread by National Socialists revealing the JQ because they're cucks for jews. All politicians and Congress are cucks for AIPAC. But here's the most important thing. They can all go fuck themselves. 

Hitler was the greatest man who ever lived.
Im from Slovakia bratu nemecký simmilar it is here with national socialism here but spiced with a totaly castrated history where we even question our independence that we fought for 900 years.

But those who saw know about AH they know he gave us nation when he could simply toss us to Horty or Smigly because we had no value in beginning they know he wanted to give us a fat reward after polish campagin and was amazed when Dr. Tiso refused a generous territories with claim that he will not take non slovak territories 
We know we actually did not betrayed him and stood with him to the last minutes of our double cross on matra tatra and fatra moutains with our guards
We know how he gave us helping hand to kickstart our nation and later discovering our technical and agricultural handsomnes

We know AH wasnt a monster despite the jewish brainwashing 
We remember AH and national socialism and still wait for his order to fight like in poland like in ukraine holding trapped soviets to the last dying breath and italy with hungary (Gustav Vendrinsky anyone?) with our old fashioned maddnes and courage.

We remember him and never forget what he gave us
A nation
thumbnail of Screenshot_76.png
thumbnail of Screenshot_76.png
Screenshot_76 png (1.8 MB, 1534x833)
Im from Greece. Golden dawn is now declared a criminal organisation and its illegal to say that the holohoax is fake. The good thing is that the youth is now more nationalist and they are increasing since they beat the shit out of bolshevik scum in Stavroupoli. Pic related is the students in Stavroupoli saluting
> Im from Greece. Golden dawn is now declared a criminal organisation 
What?!  When did this happen?

How's Greece right now? Economy still bad?
thumbnail of 1400.jpg
thumbnail of 1400.jpg
1400 jpg (36.36 KB, 178x264)
> youth is now more nationalist and they are increasing since they beat the shit out of bolshevik scum
Good to know Greeks might have a chance at breaking kike-roach shackles.

thumbnail of 1233017224-800x445.jpeg
thumbnail of 1233017224-800x445.jpeg
1233017224-800x445 jpeg (121.1 KB, 800x445)
[Yet STILL not considered an act of war because Israel PACs own U.S. government. Israel is the one and only terrorist nation and it's supporters are traitors.]

In its May 2021 war with Gaza militants, Israel used American weapons to destroy U.S. humanitarian projects and damage an American-owned Coca-Cola bottling plant, according to a report by The Intercept. Damaged or destroyed facilities included:
• Hospitals, water treatment and sanitation facilities funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)
• A dozen factories built with USAID money
• Dozens of schools operated by the U.S. State Department-backed United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA)

More than a hundred UNRWA facilities were struck, causing more than a million dollars in damage. The impact is far more than financial. As The Intercept‘s Daniel Boguslaw elaborates:  "In Khan Yunis, Rafa, and Beit Lahia, wastewater treatment infrastructure and water reservoirs funded by USAID, which the U.S. government spent millions to construct, were destroyed by aerial attacks that affected more than 300,000 civilians. Ninety-seven percent of the water in Gaza is contaminated, resulting in a widespread public health crisis, rendered even worse by the destruction of U.S.-funded water infrastructure." 

The May 2021 war took a steep toll on Gaza, with more than 240 Palestinians killed and nearly 2,000 wounded. Four thousand rocket attacks from Gaza on Israel killed 12. Israel’s periodic devastation of Gaza is often characterized as “mowing the grass.” Yoav Galant, a former Israeli military commander, embraced the philosophy in a radio interview: “This sort of maintenance needs to be carried out from time to time, perhaps even more often.” Though Galant and others would suggest such “mowing” is focused on Palestinian military power,  Israel’s routine destruction of hospitals, water treatment facilities and other civilian infrastructure suggests Israel strives to keep Gaza in a state of perpetual economic devastation.

A Coca-Cola factory also came under 2021 Israeli bombardment. Its owner, U.S. citizen Zahi Khouri, said, “We had thousands of pallets burned, and there was damage to the logistics area. There was damage in the industrial estate, but what was also damaged was the investment of Coca-Cola in a project through Mercy Corps where we built a water purification station for a refugee camp." In a dark twist, the destruction of U.S.-funded civilian infrastructure is accomplished with American-made and/or -funded weapons. The United States and Israel are currently operating within a memorandum of understanding by which Americans are on the hook for $38 billion in military aid over a 10-year period ending in 2028. That’s just a minimum. Congress is free to throw more money at Israel along the way—such as the $1 billion for Iron Dome missile defense it approved in March by a 420-9 vote in the House.

Per The Intercept, there’s more to the “special relationship”: "The aid system also provides cash-flow financing, a system resembling layaway, that allows Israel to purchase weapons in the present using money from the future. And it contains an offshore procurement exemption—offered to no other country—that allows Israel to spend U.S. tax dollars on its own weapons industry without disclosing how it spent the money to Congress or the American public."

They're crazy so they always have to do stupid shit like that

thumbnail of fat ugly kike.png
thumbnail of fat ugly kike.png
fat ugly kike png (816.68 KB, 740x749)
Well to start off with, this man is not a National Socialist, at all if you couldn't tell. (It's super obvious) Just look at him, he's another fat degenerate kike with no morals It's unlikely this man is European. The main thing being that this is Psychological Warfare They are trying to demoralize.

> The shooter was "radicalized" on 4cucks

> The shooter typed up a manifesto namedropping all the sites the feds want banned

> It's literally a low effort copy & paste of Brenton Tarrant's manifesto

> The shooter used all of the gear the feds want banned

> The shooter used all of the weapons the feds want banned

> The shooter drove past the anti-white politician

> The shooter drove past the federal building

> The shooter drove past a illegal immigrant sweatshop

> The shooter decides to shoot up a grocery store full of white people

> Allows him self to be captured, fueling white privilege myth

Here are three articles in the last week about white replacement theory before the shooting
Blatant start to media campaign against "white replacement theory"
(I don't know how to black out links)
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thumbnail of Sami1.jpeg
thumbnail of Sami1.jpeg
Sami1 jpeg (59.38 KB, 413x622)
thumbnail of Sami2.jpeg
thumbnail of Sami2.jpeg
Sami2 jpeg (232.31 KB, 866x1390)
thumbnail of Alan Dershowitz.jpeg
thumbnail of Alan Dershowitz.jpeg
Alan... jpeg (866.32 KB, 927x1257)
thumbnail of Saul-steinburg_photo.jpg
thumbnail of Saul-steinburg_photo.jpg
Saul-steinburg_photo jpg (13.17 KB, 365x273)
> that pic with him and the shapiro guy makes him look like a laponian
Really? I searched and he don't look anything like a laponian. Here's Sami people vs. more kikes for reference  

> Gendron is a Belgian name in origin.
They steal everything. Why wouldn't they steal last names since it helps them blend it much better to other nations?

They did it with Poles. They did it to Germans with the "Burg" surname. The Sassoons did it when they got kicked out of the Ottoman empire. Why wouldn't they steal names from Belgians too?
thumbnail of MilliVanilli.png
thumbnail of MilliVanilli.png
MilliVanilli png (1.51 MB, 1114x833)
thumbnail of ehh.png
thumbnail of ehh.png
ehh png (180.65 KB, 311x367)
thumbnail of ju7t65.jpeg
thumbnail of ju7t65.jpeg
ju7t65 jpeg (32.35 KB, 800x533)
> So he's a mix bloded individual, makes me think of the milli vanilli guy, minus the suicide.
Hmmm I don't really see it. He's the guy to the right with glasses Sorry my friend
The name is Belgian, but of course jews take on names to blend in. Peyton's parents Paul and Pamela are such gremlin-like creatures, I very much doubt they have 100% Gentile blood. They must be a certain percentage kike to be that hideous. Of course this is speculation. We'd need a family tree dive to know for sure.
Yeah, you're probably right. I'm just sharing the info that I have from doing some recon around different places I've been.
thumbnail of Brazilian 2005 Referendum.jpeg
thumbnail of Brazilian 2005 Referendum.jpeg
Brazilian 2005... jpeg (178.83 KB, 504x567)
thumbnail of bad idea.png
thumbnail of bad idea.png
bad idea png (440.2 KB, 775x548)
To North Americans browsing here: I wouldn't cave in to pressure and "hand your guns" in or whatever after obvious FED false flags happen. Reason being is that Brazil already did something like that. Everyone handed their guns in, because leftism.

It ended up with the murder rate in Brazil going up 5 times afterwards. So, just don't.

thumbnail of 5th element 67.png
thumbnail of 5th element 67.png
5th element 67 png (408.11 KB, 874x578)
Everything is black magic inversion:

Right, reason, logic
> Wrong! Subjective
Escapism = bad..... Reason = good
> Escapism is enlightenment! Fuck you are illogical for being reasonable!

> anything can be a female!
> BAD!
> oooohhh what's the gender?

White women are best women
> white women bad, every other woman good
> Robot wombs!
> white women are niggers! 
> white women are niiiggggggggers women!

America is the oldest Nationalism in the world
> America is child and no culture. 
> Whites do not exist. You are Mexican Goblin!
> America invented Communist globalism
> give us your guns and free speech
> Walmart and McDonalds are not so good fuck you!

Gnosticism/Kabbalah = religion of the elite
> Gnosticism is against the elite because materialism
> Gnostics are the hidden version of everything good
> Gnostics don't tranny or fuck kids or cannibalism
> Gnostics are better than faggot priests
> Gnostics are brand new and nobody ever heard of this before because it's like a conspiracy!
> magiC -k-   Esoteric HERMETIC not Gnostic at all!
> Watch Robert Seperh and Asha Logos the Hollywood trust fund babies. They tell the history of the Scythian Israelite Aryan!

White people should have babies
> What's white?
> Chad took my mommy!
> mommy tranny milkies give to jennifer lopez taco!
> white women hate us~!

Race = nature
> Racism is crime
> No such thing
> White race is bad
> nature isn't real, not appeal to nature!
Nature = classification

Atheism doesn't believe in Jewish God
> Atheism is Jewish Communism
> Atheism is Gnostic occult trans-humanism
> Atheism is NWO Jews
> Atheism makes you gay

Russia is a Soviet KGB country that is not Russia but Jewish Oligarchy
> You are Jew!
China is Communist
> China is Fascist like all Catholic Nationalism!

Capitalism = Ownership
> Capitalism is bad because you own nothing goy
> Communism means you own production
> All money is metal
> Ayn Rand Paul is good
> NatSoc you can't own anything!

Fascism is anti-Globalism
> Fascism is corprations!
> Fascism is Communism
> Fascism is vaccines!

Jews and Arabs are Neanderthals mixed with homo-erectus and cro-magnon. They are inbreds from Mongolian mutts or Saudi Arabian/Carthage mutts. Israel never existed. The bible is stolen from REAL cultures.
> Jews are not Jews we are Jews, white people are Israel
> Jews are enemies of Christ in the bible like the Pharisees
> Jews are the chosen to be bad boys!
> Jews are magic and control Hitler because it was planned for 3000 years ago, Rabbi book say so!!!! KNOW MORE NEWS said so!

Nukes seem like, I don't know... Why are they building weapons of all shapes and sizes if nukes are all you need?
> Tucker Carlson said we can't fight the Soviets because they will NUKE US!!!

Vaccines were good but these vaccines are bad
> AmeriCANS!!!!!!! They produced it in a Communist Chinese lab! THE AnGLO
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thumbnail of althing allthing viking senate goverment odin druids godi.png
thumbnail of althing allthing viking senate goverment odin druids godi.png
althing... png (1.06 MB, 1488x1839)
> America is the oldest Nationalism in the world
Before 1776 all counties were monarchies or some slave shit. They were not NATIONS!

Unless you go back to Athens or Celts, the ALLTHING of the Gothic Viking types.
> pic
It looks like we have another talking about old Norse and Aesir which is fine. You should know anyone is banned talking shit about Nordic religion just as fast as shit-talking Christianity as the kikes love to do. Focus disgust where it belongs - on Judaism. This fact is already listed in the rules. Unless of course you were already banned in another thread for starting shit. Then never mind.
wtf are you talking about?
>>/87621/ -> >>/87602/ -> >>/87596/ Now try a little reading comprehension.
> Now try a little reading comprehension

Could have been written a little better sorry.

> Before 1776 all counties were monarchies or some slave shit. They were not NATIONS!

Uhh no monarchies were good. It worked in Europe for most countries with monarchies lasting roughly 1000+ years. There's also the Rome Republic, which wasn't a monarchy after a king was obscene and tyrannical there. 

And well, Rome had a good military at least.

thumbnail of 2neeb6.jpg
thumbnail of 2neeb6.jpg
2neeb6 jpg (94.67 KB, 1024x846)
Hey so I got a few questions just to clear up a couple things that some people say about national socialism as well as my general thoughts on things in general.

So I guess I start from the beginning the way I view a nation as it should be is as a garden where the government acts to grow a strong and powerful people. In that garden anything can grow which represents the myriad of talents with the strongest being allowed to propagate themselves and the weaker allowed to attempt but inevitably fail. In the propagation of the strongest both the people and nation benefit however there must be a recognition of the weak and the strong and that there are different weaknesses and strengths. I have talked to some people who say that if they were to ever get power they would institute universal basic income which I think just incentivizes laziness. 

I guess what I'm trying to clear up do the people here believe in a hierarchy or do they believe everyone is equal?
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thumbnail of 1645426470315.webm
thumbnail of 1645426470315.webm
1645426470315 webm (3.88 MB, 400x225)
> I meant more in the personal and societal aspect those who have ambition and talent go on to become higher men trying to embody ever higher ideals

If you mean as hiearchy climbing such thing was faded in NS germany since you are citizen of nation or better an individual with relationship and responsibilities for your nation and class conflicts also faded. But if you mean it as sort of carrier struggle of promotions or profesion (and here i can be wrong) it was motivated as long as you did not break your responsibilities to your community (like having a family) since your struggle is a struggle of nation to exist
The very same Americans who scream that regulations make countries rich are surprised to hear that the Soviet Union was poor.
thumbnail of (1).png
thumbnail of (1).png
(1) png (269.73 KB, 356x468)
thumbnail of 1651877775198.webm
thumbnail of 1651877775198.webm
1651877775198 webm (5.51 MB, 852x480)
thumbnail of 1650548540215.webm
thumbnail of 1650548540215.webm
1650548540215 webm (869.13 KB, 540x540)
> Reeee laizeres free economics is way corporates know what to do
Meanwhile margaret thatcher fucked up britain irreversibly with regan the US...
We already live in world where corporate jew has free hand you see it everywhere the exploitation had become a third name
Laizres free economics is meme you are a meme and it will stay that way

> Implying that soviet union had regulated economy
Ty si teda iny kokot judeobolsheviks had only one thing in econojy goal THE PRODUCTION AT ANY COST 
Had you heared on 5 year plan? No? The famous quota of we will give a crazy high quota on how many of stuff should be made or how many harvest should be made and unfurfiling is counted as death sentence so go figure and we will rise it after period of time anyway?
The same quota plan for which you produced all of the goods but still got empty shelf and table in your home?
No? Then fuck off aidskike
The doublespeak by Amazon. Jesus Christ. "While employees have the right to organize, we have a right and responsibility to share our position that a direct working relationship is better for the customer, the company and the associate." It's not sharing their position. It's enforcing. Proposing snitching to management about phrases like 'living wage', 'grievance', 'contract' and 'representation'. It all brings me back to when I used to work under such shit jew retail orgs. Of course they reject Unions. Amazon is infamous for telling their employees they can't even go urinate.

thumbnail of swastika-graffiti.jpeg
thumbnail of swastika-graffiti.jpeg
swastika-graffiti jpeg (71.13 KB, 611x499)
A Jewish woman has been arrested for spray painting antisemitic graffiti at a bus stop in the heavily-Jewish populated section of Borough Park, Brooklyn:  A Jewish woman charged with spray-painting two swastikas on a Brooklyn bus stop took to Facebook after the hate crime and posted “maybe the anti-semites have a point,” the NY Daily News reports. Farnoush Hakakian, 45, was arrested Wednesday and harged with criminal mischief as a hate crime for the May 5 broad-daylight incident in Borough Park. “I am Jewish. This is my art, this is how I express myself. I don’t agree with Judaism and how the Jewish people are,” Hakakian told investigators when she was arrested, according to a law enforcement source. She also admitted to drawing the swastikas, the source said. Contacted by The News over Facebook about the case, Hakakian continued to criticize Jewish people. “Instead of condemning the anti-semites, did it ever occur to you maybe we are doing many wrong things and we need to change? Did it ever occur to you maybe the anti-semites have a point? A good one?” Hakakian wrote. “If Jews including my own family would be open to criticism and change, extreme cases wouldn’t happen against them,” Hakakian wrote.

The comments left on the Jewish website (Matzav.com) are very revealing and completely ignore this woman’s main point that Jews are doing something wrong to engender such a negative reaction against them i.e., “antisemitism”. The commenters say she needs “mental health professionals” to cure her of whatever it is she has or predictably call her a “self-hating Jew” a Jew who “undermines her own people” a moser a snitch. Jews have long been pushing to enact Federal laws to make it illegal to commit basically any crime against Jews especially criticize them the same modus operandi they used when they took over Russia in the wake of their Bolshevik “Revolution”. Jews like hate crimes because they are so easy to incentivize and then fake a book-length study on hate crimes concluded that over 70% of such reported “crimes” are indeed hoaxes perpetrated by the accuser.

Of course, Jews like to characterize anyone who criticizes them as “ignorant” and “uneducated” or having some pathological and irrational obsession with Jews but nothing could be further from the truth. A recent survey by a prominent and respected Jewish journal showed that more educated people are more likely to hold antisemitic views conversely, the only reason you don’t hold antisemitic views is that you maintain a comfortable and willful ignorance of what is really going on around you. The more you know, the more likely you will start seeing recurring patterns of behavior among Jews which is permitted, but only as long as you don’t attribute these behaviors to their “Jewishness.” Either way, it’s unlikely this Jewish graffiti artist in Brooklyn — Farnoush Hakakian — will be prosecuted for any “hate crimes” against her own people that’s not what the laws were ever intended for. Hate crime laws are intended to muzzle [Caucasian] people while the Jews subvert and destroy Christendom and if 60 million dead Christians in Russia won’t convince you of that, nothing will. Of course, Jews like to characterize anyone who criticizes them as “ignorant” and “uneducated” or having some pathological and irrational obsession with Jews but nothing could be further from the truth.

A recent survey by a prominent and respected Jewish journal showed that more educated people are more likely to hold antisemitic views conversely, the only reason you don’t hold antisemitic views is that you maintain a comfortable and willful ignorance of what is really going on around you. The more you know, the more likely you will start seeing recurring patterns of behavior among Jews — which is permitted, but only as long as you don’t attribute these behaviors to their “Jewishness.” Either way, it’s unlikely this Jewish graffiti artist in Brooklyn, Farnoush Hakakian, will be prosecuted for any “hate crimes” against her own people. [Continued]
That’s not what the laws were ever intended for. Hate crime laws are intended to muzzle [Caucasian] people while the Jews subvert and destroy Christendom, and if 60 million dead Christians in Russia won’t convince you of that, nothing will.


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