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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Intravenous and Oral High Dose Vitamin C

on at least one major alt-news board this information is being censored so I thought id post it here, maybe it will help you, maybe some of you will spread the word

here is a video in which a doctor in china tells story of a family in Wuhan who likely benefited from taking high dose vitamin C 

here is a thread on high - dose vitamin C ... for a while this message board frequently had posts on vitamin C, then suddenly they seem to start suppressing this  information



you'll have to click to see the information, its too long to post here
> for a while this message board frequently had posts on vitamin C, then suddenly they seem to start suppressing this information
Something about identifying a godlike productions poster as "GLPtard". I don't know if that anon was good or bad. Then again, I was called "Hitler spammer" back in the day as if it was some kind of insult when it's the best fucking thing to do on any IB ever. So we'll see about you.
Yeah, vit c is a great immune booster.

Friendly reminder to my polacks, you cannot overdose on vit c. Get some effervescent tablets and drink that shit all day.
You can overdose if you have hemochromatosis or take over 2,000mg in a day.
Well, you can exceed 2,000mg if you would want to but you might get horrible cramps, burning piss and the shits. In any case, I meant over dosing is non-lethal. I knew a guy who ate those dissolving tablets like sweets when he was training and he never had any complaints.
> hemochromatosis
wow, nice catch, hadn't heard of that
no over 2000 mg won't cause overdose ... if your reading comprehension is too poor to read the link you can at least watch the video
Don't be a twat. There's nothing wrong with my reading comprehension. Over 2,000mg was not recommended in the link at all. Informing anons that an OD (not fatal, just unpleasant) is possible was just a safety precaution. Ingesting that much will cause: abdominal pain, cramps, diarrhea, headaches, nausea and insomnia. You're not a doctor if you're not aware of that, "dr ebola".

Vitamin C is necessary for your immune system, so do take it in moderation. It is not a cure for the Corona virus.

wow the video I included has been removed from youtube !

no there is evidence it will cure covid-19 as well as many other viral infections especially viral pneumonia.

taking MASSIVE DOSES when sick is essential if you want to significantly benefit.  the point is that the vitamin C is not just helping your immune system, it acts directly as an anti-viral in the blood stream and possibly within cells as well.  Otherwise I couldn't explain why its so amazingly effective against viral pneumonia including in patients in such a weakened condition that the dramatic improvement they experience couldn't possibly be attributed in the main to their own immune system.

I dont pretend to be an expert, but Dr. Chen (video removed) claimed that vitamin C causes the production of hydrogen peroxide in the body and this is main reason for its direct antiviral efficacy, beyond what help it provides to the patients immune system.
just an example, dr. Saul a nutritionist says that he cured himself of pneumonia in about 4 days, with dramatic improvement after ... I think it was about 12 hours ... by taking around 100 g of vitamin C a day orally

100 g ... an amount that large should be your goal when sick, its not easy to do and most probably won't go to the effort, dr. Saul managed to do so by taking it in many small doses, every hour, starting with 2 g every 6 minutes until he reached his tolerance level and then backing off the dose amount

I haven't experienced anything that dramatic but I have noticed a few times when I've been sick that I felt a lot better taking large amounts of vitamin C orally, it greatly reduced the symptoms

could save your live, here is a quote from last link


Robert F. Cathcart, MD, successfully treated pneumonia with up to 200,000 milligrams of vitamin C daily. (1,2) One can, to a significant extent, simulate an IV of vitamin C by taking it by mouth very, very often. When I had pneumonia, it took 2,000 mg of vitamin C every six minutes to get me to saturation (bowel tolerance). In three hours, fever was reduced several degrees and coughing virtually stopped. At an oral daily dose of just over 100,000 mg, complete recovery took just a few days.
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Yes it can be attributed to a strengthened immune system. Vitamin C fast-tracks the production of lymphocytes and phagocytes (white blood cells). Immune cells need vitamin C. It is essential for anti-viral immune response. What's more, you can stress your system through exercise to increase the rate of production after taking supplements. The recommended upper limit is 2,000mg. Long-term extreme overuse of that amount is going to cause build-up, reducing vitamin B12 and copper in your system. Excessive oxalate and uric acid from continued over-use may lead to kidney stones. Experiencing those are known to be more painful than being shot. Robert F. Cathcart, MD's treatment of pneumonia, while it worked, the article conveniently doesn't mention the unpleasant side effects both patients would have experienced. In the situations of R.F.C. and A.W.Saul, large doses were administered under medical expertise.

You're not going to die from too much vitamin C if you try upper limit doses in a short time frame and not to excess through extended use. So go ahead. Experience the results for yourself. Have a "blast".
here is another copy of the video youtube deleted 

WATCH IT and then ask yourself, what is so "objectionable" here that it required deletion ?

Dr. Richard Cheng, MD, PhD, claims he spoke to a woman in Wuhan, China who believes her family was saved from COVID-19 by Vitamin C. We explore the story.
dr. Saul didn't cure his pneumonia using vitamin C (post above) under supervision of an MD (he is not an MD).

experts in the field say that their patients take high-dose vitamin C over extended periods and they've never seen a case in which resulted in kidney stones.

I try to take at least 5 g a day when not sick, as much as I can handle when I am sick, and haven't had any problems result that I'm aware of.

as stated in the video ... now working, vitamin C is extremely safe.  

im not sure why high dose IV vitamin C isn't being widely used by doctors to treat illness.  Based on what I've seen I think its probably as effective as claimed.  Some evil profit motive, or power motive I suppose.
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thumbnail of 80915.jpg
80915 jpg (4.8 KB, 300x162)
> dr. Saul didn't cure his pneumonia using vitamin C (post above) under supervision of an MD (he is not an MD).
Wait a minute. "Dr. Saul"? That's what made me believe he had medical expertise. Your nonsense is causing confusion. So I looked into him. He has a Master Degree in Science and PhD in Ethology. That is human and animal biological behavior. Which doesn't make him a doctor. Why do you slap the "Dr" label on those who are not doctors? Yourself included. And this guy who's not a doctor has a hideous website called "doctor yourself". Is that why you think you're a Doc?
> "Some experts in the field didn't experience some things."
The above were studies performed by MDs.
> I try to take at least 5 g a day when not sick, as much as I can handle when I am sick
Pic related. You would notice diarrhea. You're going to experience long-term effects from that. But then again you must be an expert "Dr. Ebola".
immune system uses peroxide to kill. Peroxide production requires Vitamin C.

Therefore, make sure you've got enough to keep your troop's ammunition supply chain intact.

Vitamin C is not a cure, but not having enough is going to hurt
Correct. White blood cells and skin cells produce peroxide to kill bacteria. Again, no vitamin C is as dangerous as taking too much. You'll want to ingest a healthy amount daily. There's no need for an IV. 90 milligrams is all you need.

No I'm not a Dr or an MD but Dr. Robert F. Cathcart M.D
and Dr. Klenner, MD are and used high dose vitamin C successfully.
Some of their results are described in the first link in the OP

links in your post are to scientific studies showing
a high intake of vitamin C supplements can increase risk
of kidney stones for example:


> Results
> During 11 years of follow-up we ascertained 436 
> first incident cases of kidney stones. Ascorbic acid 
> use was associated with a statistically significant 
> 2-fold increased risk (Table). In contrast, multivitamin
> use was not associated with kidney stone risk (RR, 0.86 [95% CI, 0.62-1.19]).

and what is the baseline risk of kidney stones?


> The lifetime incidence of kidney stones is nearly 13 percent in 
> men and 7 percent in women.

So a high intake of vitamin C supplements over your entire life
would cause an additional 10% risk of experiencing one incident
of kidney stones.  One would assume that short-term high intake
during times of illness would cause a proportionally smaller risk

Its up to each to decide whether the risk is worth the benefit.

Let me finish by pointing out a critical part of the protocol for
Using vitamin C to fight an illness, and that is using a timer to
maintain a regular dosing schedule throughout the day, and to
take as much as you can tolerate WITHOUT diarrhea.
This link also has a table of doses that Dr Cathcart ( yes, MD )
found effective for various illnesses.


> It was found that maximum relief of symptoms, the most shortening
> of the course of the disease, and the greatest reduction in complications 
> could be obtained by the oral doses just below the point causing diarrhea. 
> This titration to bowel tolerance is usually easily sensed by the patient. In 
> many conditions symptoms are markedly suppressed but will return rapidly 
> if the dose levels are not maintained long enough. In the case of very toxic 
> diseases, doses may have to be taken every half hour. Even short delays in 
> taking these doses may prolong the disease.
doctors in china report curing 50 of 50 patients in ICU with high dose, 10 to 20 g of vitamin C a day

in particular one patient who was on the verge of dying was given an emergency dose of 50 g vitamin C delivered by IV, resulting in quick improvement in his condition that could be observed in real time

among patients that require ICU care the death rate I'm guessing is around 30 percent

so 50 out of 50 recovery is amazing

I assume they were in ICU because the study was conducted only on patients that required significant hospital care
Jewish media is focusing on the benefits to mother nature to distract from the fact Israel created the virus.
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89825510_2471927599787596_51825111970092... mp4 (4.1 MB, 1280x720)

If any of you knows someone who can hijack broadcast signals to play the above video on a mainstream network, now is the time
I think what you're proposing is illegal dude
So no
No fooling, you might get in trouble if you do
I don't know anyone who's capable, and if they were capable I doubt they would be caught. I do not give a shit about trouble at this point. ZOG has gone too far.
anyone ready for the monkey shit? have you already watch 12 monkeys? it's jews, all the way up, if you know who believes in the god of hate you know it's the jews, get ready for inflated fake monkey pox numbers
The world used to have no cities. City-states then started appearing. City-states led to countries. Now there is a global government. Hopefully, countries will break into small villages again when everything collapses.

Iceland is not a free country, but maybe small places are more likely of having peace if everyone has similar values and backgrounds and everybody knows each other.
> anyone ready for the monkey shit?
That disease isn't really new either. That's pretty weird.
I guess COVID got old so now they're doing this
Anyone saved a copy of those videos? Looks like they got taken down

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