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how much would you pay for Marina's bath water? 

Funny you'd bring that up. I was reading some pretentious kike's article on the joys of not understanding foreign languages, which led me to post my (tangentially related) thoughts on the fedi, which in turn led to meeting him. I love those amusing little coincidences.

I was checking out Cradle of Filth yesterday, a gothic metal band that's been in my backlog for years, and discovered Nymphetamine which was one of their big hits in their days. Super catchy and melodic song. After listening a few times I thought I'd look up covers on youtube out of curiosity, and guess whose face shows up? Rehn Stillnight, the blonde girl from Nocturna. It has like 8k views lol, no wonder I didn't know her pre-Nocturna. Obviously not that unexpected since her band makes similar music and CoF was one of the genre's founding acts, but it's still cool when things come together in that way. 

That and I like looking at her face. Her face should be everywhere. Just replace all visuals captured by my eyes with her face and her sweet pale italian titties and replace all sounds with her singing voice. Jesus christ, now that'd be a life worth experiencing