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> US gearing up for war with Russia and China
> Critical industries like nuclear, medical, manufacturing, agriculture pretty much everything has atrophied to the point of stagnant decay
> Since American has been at war with goat herders for 16yrs. Its weapons has not only stagnated, but is well over a decade behind.
> Suddenly the US government cuts off Russia off cold turkey depriving the US of fertilizer, uranium, LNG
> Realize this is a critical mistake
> Start investing in said critical industries
> Realize you made a mistake cause all your universities graduated foreigners that fucked off back to their own country and for some reason ((accreditation boards)) limited the number of graduating engineering majors. So there's no surplus of dedicated engineers
> There's a severe lack of dedicated engineers like nuclear and chemical engineers. Just mechanical engineers everywhere.
> Realize you made a grave mistake
> It'll take a better part of a decade to train and educate people in these critical industries.
> Realize it'll take a better part of a decade to unfuck American infrastructure.
> Realize it'll take at least 5yrs minimum to build new infrastructure for said critical industries.
> Your shadowy overlords that fund your political party are getting impatient and want you to go to war now.
> Realize you made a horrid mistake.