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oh my god you fucking retarded pedrophilic niggers cannot tell when a girl uses faceapp young filters and snow filters to look younger and pander to you pedros. you fell for it with lily and you'll fall for it again and again.
she’s really obviously using snow filters and i wanted to say something too but held my tongue lol. uncanny valley stuff
Is it just me or does she not look like a real person...it's really freaking me out. She's pretty of course but she looks artificial and generated. Something about the eyes and the extremely posed stance.
She edits her photos and uses snow filters and wears makeup that makes her look uncanny. Trying very hard overall.
thumbnail of 92B693FB-1DF7-4F02-952D-767334348B78.jpeg
thumbnail of 92B693FB-1DF7-4F02-952D-767334348B78.jpeg
92B693FB-1DF7-4F02-95... jpeg
(4.56 MB, 3264x3264)
It’s a face app filter, probably the teen one, you brainless idiots. It looks like ai because it’s an ai filter that blends other faces with your own face to create an effect. Like a female filter you see used for memes often. You can tell by the weird grain around the hair eyes etc
Notice how all of her pics are at the same angle. She can't move her face otherwise the filters won't work properly
Lmao @ every pic being really blurry and low res or with creepy streaks everywhere from an AI editing/upscaling app. You guys are fucking retards.
she openly admits that she heavily edits all of her pics and that she looks nothing like this, and she still has simps fawning over her. they don't even care.
Is this not that Newter girl that was posted here a while back? They look exactly the same.

other than hairstyle these two girls, newterchan and french-chan, look exactly the same. Maybe it's just because they're both using the same faceapp filters, but literally their eyes, nose, lips, chin, are exactly the same. they both showed up around the same time as well. 
and if you google newterchan, the only results are for this board, meaning she likely posted herself here, and the image she posted here has an iphone filename, and all of the pics of herself french-chan posts also have iphone filenames. It's very suspicious. are they the same person or not?

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New Reply on thread #14827
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