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Ok.. what are the links to her social? Why does every new thread on a girl have a terrible OP
the new e-girls are recent and probably don't have social media unless its a discord account or youtube. Have cewl's tits instead
She has birth control gut. Can spot it from a mile away. Birth control makes the body think it’s pregnant and it hangs onto water hard. It’s funny
Deleted the pics because I can't tell if she is 17 years and 364 day old or one day more.
Better post old hags from now on.
More information about cewl. She is a serbian biology student in Turkey, she is addicted to drugs and insists that she is a virgin.
Ok, so why is the other Anon so triggered?
I don't really know anything about her, but encountered her in a recent thread:
And she doesn't seem too mad that she posted nudes.
thumbnail of IMG_6861.jpeg
thumbnail of IMG_6861.jpeg
IMG_6861 jpeg
(420.18 KB, 828x737)
hey bottom of the barrell :3 i look way more different so here u go a new pic of me cosplaying as ashley (kinda) because i cant go on 4chan rn
Someone post more cewl nudes preferably the ones of her standing over the camera to flash is her roastie. So hot
Don't listen to this  >>/36160/ idiot, short neat nails are the sexiest if you have small hands.

Also, are you really a Serb? I'm sorry we bombed you.
thumbnail of IMG_6894.jpeg
thumbnail of IMG_6894.jpeg
IMG_6894 jpeg
(431.49 KB, 606x809)
cant believe 4chanites think im hiding my chin because im leafy or some shit. youve literally seen it in other pics.

also surprised to see the pics i posted on tw didnt make it here lmao
tbh it's not a good idea to hide or edit parts of ur face cause it shows you're insecure about it.  + we've already seen your whole face by now anyway. still cute tbh.
thumbnail of IMG_6901.jpeg
thumbnail of IMG_6901.jpeg
IMG_6901 jpeg
(105.06 KB, 923x828)
i cut my nails (and bite them like the goblin i am because they are the most nutritious thing i eat and keratine if u count it as a protein) because i do experiments. porn stars grow their nails long because they want to appeal to males.
i dont have access to it anymore but ill post one here
yeah so why bully lmao, go bully the shoopers like empath kek

ignore le filter i just wanted to fit in with the other girls
is that how you imagine us to look like? i'm 23, thick hair, i work as machine learning engineer, rent. we're not all losers here.. anyway post more pics i need to cry.
But yeah I don't think any new egirl will be able to get any sort of attention from now on since the older egirls start getting jealous and send their army after them. It's sad.
thumbnail of IMG_6912.jpeg
thumbnail of IMG_6912.jpeg
IMG_6912 jpeg
(159.6 KB, 786x498)
thumbnail of IMG_6912.jpeg
thumbnail of IMG_6912.jpeg
IMG_6912 jpeg
(159.6 KB, 786x498)
> use filter once to fit in with the other girls
> got bashed for it
hey, i posted that in a pm, got backstabbed and got it leaked. it was for a frens eyes, not one i would post on 9k
that was for the roastie toastie spam
i put those on /agatha2/ myself so no leaks
just cause this board doesnt let u post urself, but hey, its not lewd amirite

can someone post this for me on the thread? im banned appearently see picrel
ermmm what the flip i forgot about the file limit but i cant select the videos now?? like it doesnt show up. what the hell
Wonder what your dad would think about you posting your nudes on an incel forum and getting addicted to drugs with the money he worked for...
ill die before he finds out. im sorry parents, but im really suicidal... i just wish i could run away from who i actually am like i do on the internet
> im really suicidal... i just wish i could run away from who i actually am
I've heard these same words from at least a dozen e-girls, but I still haven't figured out what they actually mean with it. Like, is it related to some kind of mental illness or do you actually feel trapped in a person/personality you hate and cannot escape?
I can't believe this internet angel feels unironically suicidal what the FUCK went wrong here. Fuck. Smart and cute and funny and lovely Cewl please have a good life.
thumbnail of 75DD109A-7947-41E4-B5D0-F0281DF2DF76.jpeg
thumbnail of 75DD109A-7947-41E4-B5D0-F0281DF2DF76.jpeg
75DD109A-7947-41E4-B5... jpeg
(1.33 MB, 3664x2062)
thumbnail of IMG_6645.jpeg
thumbnail of IMG_6645.jpeg
IMG_6645 jpeg
(80.67 KB, 735x398)
i never feel real. i do all this shit on the internet just to feel real. but outside getting acknowledged makes me want to scream. i hate noises i hate light i hate people i hate outside. i feel like i can never be like them, like real. i see my memories in a third persons perspective my therapist commented it could be related to dissociating and stuff. i dont see a therapist much and i literally act like tony soprano during all sessions. if i didnt get meds i wouldnt go anyways. enough with the rambling...
i had an attempt when i was 15, because i got bullied being called lesbian (long story but i talked about it once or twice so im skipping it) by everyone in the whole school. i took all the pills i could find, my mom found me puking all over my bed and took me to the er. they scared me with how i could damage my brain. my brain is the only thing i value and its why i am a pussy about kms. what if im alive but im not me? i dont know who i am, i hate myself, but still i dont think i could exist as another. my ideas, self, ego, and my owness all think different and send me to a downward spiral. so im just not giving a fuck now
like i said, pussy moment. im not going to actually do it. id love to die how jane from brba died. but with more h
ame reference

id try to do my hair like ame and shit but im supposed to be studying because i took pills...

also did the thread on 9k with pictures i posted here get deleted or sth?
> my therapist commented it could be related to dissociating and stuff
Yeah that's the same I thought. It must really suck I know.
Disassociation is fairly common among e-girls because it is present in a lot of mental disorders like BPD, PTSD, schizophrenia, etc...
derealization too, i dont really know the difference but it is also one of the reasons i do drugs, helps me "not be myself"
ok the question is why does circle 2 and line 3
goodnight i took a lot of ritalin so idk if i can sleep tonight (like 100 mgs)
no i smell like cigarettes
lol i cant sleep because of ritalin
thumbnail of IMG_6682.png
thumbnail of IMG_6682.png
IMG_6682 png
(15.51 KB, 259x224)
btw i redownloaded twitter please if you request me dont look like a bot account 

and i cant go on 4chan seems like i cant phonepost for sometime because the wifi isnt secure (fbi is onto me)
my preference is marlboro touch blue i love double fusion but theyre banned here (nenthol cigs too) they bring it illegally so its kinda pricey. but if i needed a smoke id smoke anything just not reds lul
weed, ketamine, lsd, 2cb or sth, meth (once), xanax/rivoclon, oxopane, tramadol, heroin and r9k i think thats it. my favs are opiates, sooo comfy
i did it low concentration so it was much lesser than oxy, not addictive at all. some nausea only but the high was comfy. if i do itnagain ill do higher concentration for that trainspotting/jesse feel
after a long day of cramming with 100+mgs of ritalin, at 5 am i decided it was enough took benzos and drank wine. hope i sleep well. good night everynyan
to the guy that posted this convo on 9k, fuck you, and i did ritalin for STUDYING. my adhd just wouldnt let it work. ask anyone on drugfeel it doesnt work like this if you dont have adhd.
i figured it out now kind of, ill be doing the error% calcs then all ill have to do is write the abstract theory and discussion. even figuring out how to use excel took me a while kek
The conjugate acid of aspartic acid is [COO-] (the carboxyl group). The pKa that you will use in the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation is the pKa of the carboxyl group, which is 2.88. The concentrations of the amino acid and its conjugate acid are not given in the image, so you cannot calculate the pH of the solution using the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation.

However, you can use the pKa of the carboxyl group to estimate the pH range at which aspartic acid will be mostly protonated (i.e., exist as the zwitterion) and mostly deprotonated (i.e., exist as the anion). The Henderson-Hasselbalch equation tells us that the pH of a solution is equal to the pKa of the acid when the concentrations of the acid and its conjugate base are equal. This means that at pH 2.88, half of the aspartic acid molecules in solution will be protonated and the other half will be deprotonated.

At pH values below 2.88, the majority of aspartic acid molecules will be protonated. At pH values above 2.88, the majority of aspartic acid molecules will be deprotonated.

Therefore, the pH range at which aspartic acid will be mostly protonated is pH 2.33-3.46. The pH range at which aspartic acid will be mostly deprotonated is pH 3.46-4.07.
thumbnail of tab.PNG
thumbnail of tab.PNG
tab PNG
(39.21 KB, 920x808)
i know all this; i just dont know how to chose the pKa while calculating for COO- conc.
when polyprotic asp has 1 COO- its a zwitterion still so i was reluctant to use it, but then if i use another it would be COO-2?
i figured it out by my own. submitted the paper took some benzos hopefully i make it to 9 am class
good deduction i also have hypermobile EDS how did you notice it though?
cewl you're the best egirl but I know you're gonna get Ciared in the end

Can you at least overdose alone and not while choking on a dick of some 4chan namefag?
I like how she can go from cute fem to aloof tomboy. When are we getting some more cute cewl though?
i like vidya studying crosswords/puzzles and crosstitching but i havent done it in months because i dont know where to buy new strings >>/36816/
i want to die asap so probably a virgin still
cant you make it like an hour
i dont know, i dress just to play dress up in my room so whenever i feel like it
> how many mgs? and whats ur weight
like 800+mgs with no resistance ideally 1000mgs or so and i'm 75kg. but its not a psychedelic so its only flashing shapes and lights nothing serious.
thumbnail of th-3688056059.jpeg
thumbnail of th-3688056059.jpeg
th-3688056059 jpeg
(20.85 KB, 474x407)
Ciarabros.. I think I'm about to commit some unforgivable sin.. even tho I promised myself..

It's like in that movie when the wife dies and the husband sleeps with her twin sister afterwards..
It was funny how her defense of having short nails was that "women with long nails only like it because pornstars have long nails"
thumbnail of nails.jpeg
thumbnail of nails.jpeg
nails jpeg
(647.22 KB, 2592x1944)
> have serious mental issues and do drugs.
so just the way we like them here then, nails-kun?

you can go back to your long-nailed ugly hags anytime you want..
Hey cewl you are funny as fuck btw keep being you and post more pics of you snorting drugs
You can be mentally ill and do drugs with nice nails too. But if you have disgusting, unkempt nails, it shows you care very little about yourself and your hygene.
And plenty of porn actresses have fucked up nails too. I don't think people who do hardcore porn can be taken as examples for anything... they're not really a standard. kek

You thinking I like shit like pic related instead shows how you can only think in extremes.

Ken and Sunny are prime examples of sexy nails btw.
thumbnail of hands.jpg
thumbnail of hands.jpg
hands jpg
(113.63 KB, 1023x1280)
thumbnail of hands2.jpg
thumbnail of hands2.jpg
hands2 jpg
(140.37 KB, 1280x1280)
You don't need to be sorry, you don't owe me anything. I'm not here to hold you accountable for anything.

Chewing your nails is really unhealthy, in case you weren't aware. The stuff the nails are made of isn't good for you, you swallow the dirt under your nails when you chew on them and it tends to damage your gums.

Skin picking disorder (there even is a greek or latin name for it) is another unhealthy self-soothing anxiety disorder, however, I have only ever encountered one person who did that really noticably, so I can't say much about it. Needless to say she has some mental issues too. But oddly enough, she is actually really into nail art. She only picks her hands during breakdowns etc., not on a daily basis.
i dont chew i pick my skin and nails and cuticles all the time when i dont have something in my hand probably because of adhd or autism idk i dont care when it bleeds and stuff so its actually scary but i carry disinfector so it doesnt get infected
the world will collapse before i get a nobel prize so why live
> i dont chew
So you mean:
> and bite them like the goblin i am because they are the most nutritious thing i eat
Is supposed to mean, you cut your nails and then chew on the cut-off nails?
egirl vulgaris (aka crackhead with daddy issues)

but man, you could cut glass with he nipples

I want to nipplefuck her so bad
thumbnail of 1698795142074.jpg
thumbnail of 1698795142074.jpg
1698795142074 jpg
(653.08 KB, 2016x1131)
Vore is leaking other cewl nudes on r9k.

Since you hate women so much, leak all the other girls nudes you have at this point. At least you'd prove your pont.
I still think it looks like something out of the 60s.

It suits you tho. Not in the sense that you're an old cat lady, but in the sense that you're old school.. if you get my drift..

Okay, I better shut up now.
and on the topic of the nude

i dont think thats me, my hair doesnt grow that thick, and i have a mole in my inner thigh.
i think its "katatonica" herself, but im not sure about that. its probably not me but im not sure about anything. i couldnt know anything for sure.
funnily enough i didn't post that pic when i saw it cause i couldn't verify who it was, why is vore posting her own nudes here is she that desperate for some attention?
If we saw her nails, I could have easily identified her.

A very special and questionable perk of my hand autism when it comes to nudes without face...
Daily reminder that vore circumcised her son. He's going to be an /r9k/cel in 20 years and he's going to murder her for sure.
I did notice that too, but I haven't seen any of cewl's or vhore's hand pics close enough to make it out by just that.
That spot could also have been just a temporary thing.
im out of short release so i cant snort it 😭 im sorry ill see the doctor to get them prescribed again so i can abuse them
i'm gonna be snorting this pregabalin in memory of cewl. rest in peace sweet angel, you will be missed...
that's like saying being good at pottery is normal for someone who has done it for years. it's not really saying much...
The artfag anons are always autistic about refusing to give egirl artists any credit whatsoever. Happens every time.
if i knew cewl's phone number
i would call her everyday
especially during euphoric period induced by ambien
I want to be that toiled paper roll behind her.
Her fucking hobo crackwhore aesthetic gets me SO hard. Why do I always get attracted to such nasty girls?
she literally wears the same pair of jeans in all of her pics. i think she needs to stop buying drugs and invest in some pants.
cewl chose to study chemistry because she wants to be like Walter from the Breaking Bad. The promise of more drugs is the only way she could motivate herself.
in old times girls like cewl would have married to a guy in her 14
now she has to whore out on le internet to feel needed
how sad
If Cewl has a million fans I am one of them. If Cewl has ten fans i am one of them. If Cewl has only one fan then that is me. if Cewl has no fans, that means I am no more on Earth. If the world is against Cewl, I am against the world. I love #Cewl till my last breath... Die Hard fan of Cewl. Hit Like If You Think Cewl Best girl In the World
She hasn't been here for days, they met up, had a great day and now she's definitely getting her pussy pounded right now, multiple drug fuelled sex parties with her room mates. I predict she'll post a thread brahging about it, calling everyone a pathetic loser, how she was never one of us or whatever. It always ends the same with these people. It's definitely over.
I'm ok with her losing her virginity, hell I literally hope she finds a good guy who loves her and makes her happy, it just sucks if after that she disappears again
There's no way she was a virgin anyway. She posted her nudes everywhere on the internet.
You gotta be fucking kidding me..

NO! You can't do this to me cewl! Why r9k of all places? I would be okay with you losing your virginity to a Chad, but not to a fucking r9kcel!

That's cool and all but I don't want to see you become an anal slave to some sleazy drug dealer.

You need to become a drug dealer yourself cewl. Like in Scarface. You already have a chemistry background for it.
he was really understandingn because i told him i was scared and jittery and could cancel at any second beforehand. hes still my fren
i have the money, parents give me eur so i have a lot of lira and since i eat noodles and shit i have a lot of extra money left
so i dont see myself becoming a whooare
It's obvious you and your fakecel friend are gonna fuck anyway. It's inevitable but can you be honest and say what race he is
She's in Turkey, how many pure blooded Aryans do you think are there, dumbfuck?

At least she could score Chaddam, Atatürk's finest. Tho mudslimes treat their women like cattle, cewl deserves better.
he was here for a conference, hes not turkish. i just wanted to meet him before his flight for an hour but couldnt. how can you think there are r9ers in turkey. i encountered one but he hated me iirc lel
> he was here for a conference
Damn. Now she's meeting up with sleazy businessmen and fucking them for drug money
It's over. I'm cancelling my cewlbro membership. It was nice knowing ya lads
because i couldnt meet him and i didnt say in the wild
hello schizo deparment i didnt even meet him i dont go outside

guyss my pc is arriving today so i have more reasons to never go outside ever im so happy
thats what im thinking. i got everything except the gpu preinstalled so maybe i got the pcies out of the psu while i was plugging them to the gpu? hopefully its not something really wrong and i have to wait another week for the warranty shit.
Vore has never had a problem with cewl. They dmed once or twice a long time ago because I think they shared a mutual friend named Dizzi. Regardless She wouldn’t have access to cewls nudes.
make sure it's properly seated in the motherboard too you gotta push it until it clicks. otherwise yeah it's probably faulty.
randomly the gpu leds were on today but there is still no display on my monitor, tried dp and hdmi, another monitor, yet no difference. even bios isnt displayed, so idk what to do
does your gpu requires a separate power supply? check if there are any empty sockets on the gpu

otherwise remove the gpu and try to boot with the integrated gpu on your processor. If the leds light up and cpu fan is working, but still no video output, try different monitor or/and video cables.

In general be cautious with voltages, ie don't try to stick power cables where they don't belong.
C'mon cewl, you're a smart girl, you can figure it out! Don't kill yourself yet, only old and fat women should kill themselves!
sure!! im downloading a lot of ebin games so ill stream them too

im thinking of fnv modded to hell or eldenring or armored core

i really wanna make a cutesy girly robot lol
it depresses me to see how just a single stream from a girl i like works far better than any anti depressant
cewl can you record yourself singing a lullaby so I can kill myself to your sweet angelic voice. Thanks.
I felt like calling your voice weird, but I can't explain what exactly I find unusual about it.
Like you're trying to sound uwu anime? I'm not talking about the singing voice.
its probably cause its not my first languag
i wish
sorry buddy i have an exam next week but ill try to stream this weekend
since the house is crowded with people generally i cant find a good time to stream a lot rip
> its probably cause its not my first languag
I meant the sound and pitch of your voice, not accent or pronounciation in general.
But either way, you don't sound *bad*, in case that what my comment might have looked like I was saying.
omg, cewl, I too! I wanna die too, sing for me pls!

Also, how good are you at japanese? It's a massive pain in the ass to read even kiddie nukiges. I wanna fap to some good porno vns already, goddamit!
If it helps, I'm getting bullied too, cewl. Was bullied at school, bullied in the army, getting bullied at work now. Life fucking sucks.

But it's okay, I get to look forward to my angel cewl now!

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