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MAGA edition

https://www.tiktok.com/@grubage? [Embed]

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Zce9VCEgtpEkwWNwJ1cAP3zxAQGi0bhz/view?usp=sharing (Alternative to the mega)
Links are safe and no illegal content

Previous Thread:  >>/14023/
There is a website that allows you to create an AI chatbot called character.ai. I hope somebody will make Ciara chatbot for real.
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test mp4
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almost completed  my real time ciara model for deepface live, I will post a download link here soon
Crackhead Ciara just rolls off the tongue, but she was not in fact a crack user. Just everything else, but mostly Benzos and opioids. Crooked Crackhead Ciara (3C) works even better.
Hey folx, here me out please. I need VITAL INFORMATION in regards to our beautiful angel princess Ciara Horan (Peace be upon her). I require her EXACT or even an ESTIMATE datas regarding her HEIGHT and WEIGHT. I will keep this short but I have found a dark demonical methode that allows me to imagine her in my head while I "summon" her. I just need her Height and Weight to start the beginning stage. I will also need her ashes, dna sample such as hair, saliva, vaginal discharge etc in the future but that will wait. The basic needs to be obtained first which is her HEIGHT and WEIGHT. If this project of mine really works I am willing to share my dark arts with anyone willing. More information to come soon such as an email address etc. Keep in touche....best regards,
hey, AI_anon, that's some nice work. Can I ask, did you create a hypernetwork or bake a full model? Would be bad-ass if you were able to post it somewhere for people to D/l. That way Ciara can live on and on and on and on....
BORN: 20.04.2000
HEIGHT: 1,61m 
WEIGHT: 42kg 
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Do you guys think if she'd stayed alive and started a XXX OF she'd be a millionaire by now, living the dream life?  I  kind of do.
Her looks were fading because of declining health. And Ciara had a terrible job of maintaining an online fandom because she was always closing accounts and making new ones.

Her focus wasn't on building a "career", instead it was to scam and buy drugs. Those were her two big priorities.
1. She looked like a skelly. 
2. she was known to dabble in fent and heroin at the time.
3. Fent is killing hundreds a day.
4. All her family says she's dead.
5. No confirmed sighting since.

An internet addict like Ciara chan couldn't stay away this long.
the fat latino? He was just some shitty dealer she was shacking up with. Seriously just supply her with drugs and she'd be on your dick. Ciara-chan was a hopeless junkie whore.
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official ciara horan model for stable diffusion 
to generate images use promot "lilycollins"
don't ask my why the model is named that, it's a long story

here's a download link
Imagine getting a chance to date to her and not doing it because you think after seeing her r9k pictures "she belongs to the streets" (cringe wigger language) and her orbiters will come after you even though that has never happened. Also guy seems like a piece a shit and spent the entire night calling all his friends to tell her this "crazy" girl he was involved with after finding out.
This may sound crazy, but some men actually take intimacy and relationships very seriously, and they tend to not want to be involved with mentally unstable women.
Also, it's kinda retarded to call someone who rejects sex an "incel". That's the complete opposite.
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You're missing Noah, the 18 year old who exposed her first to heroin and benzos putting her on the path she went down. 

Jake was her only actual natural boyfriend. Everyone else was a druggie enabler. Mark Lindon wasn't even a boyfriend - he railed her but he was just a dealer.

So the list of her actual BFs/serious hook-ups is:

Jay - Old white boomer
Noah - Skinny white kid
Jake - Small hispanic kid
JT - Asshole white druggie guy who was with her when she supposedly died

And Marc was just some druggie guy who F-ed her

That correct?
seeing ciara pics makes me kind of sad. Even though i never orbited or got obsessed, it makes me sad that a young and interesting person died because a fag greedy mexican pressed pills with fent on them. sad
Damn I feel bad for her, the uncomfortable truths and realities she had to live with as a result of her fame. And why she did drugs, she didn't do them for pure pleasure but like medicine.
God, you really are a newfag, probably argentinian too. No, that’s not Michael with her in that pic. Michael is a 30 something year old who groomed multiple of the women posted about here, including Sunny and Bianca and Asteriaa and probably others. He had sex with Ciara plenty of times and they dated off and on for years. The guy in the pic with her there is JT.
Yep, argentinian. Struck a nerve. Idk how that’s “nothing“, I literally told you what you asked. Ciara and Michael dated irl and that’s not Michael in the blood pic. The drivers license pic is also at least 10 years old and he looks nothing like that anymore. I don’t know if there are any pictures of Michael and Ciara together but he’d meet up with her to have sex and do drugs when she was like 16. They groomed Sunny into sending them nudes and were part of some sexting trio thing for a while. Lots of old logs proving this and showing drama between Michael and Ciara in sheep village but I don’t have them, someone else can provide.  

Also that “Thomas” guy Ciara wrote that note to above is a psycho stalker who has obsessed over Marky for like 7 years now.
He got fucking NOTHING lel. 

That's the NYC guy she was hooking up with. She was organizing sex-drug parties in NYC and Philly with people she met on Discord. I forget his name. 

Ciara was the discord bicycle. So if you want just list of who screwed her it's likely endless.
Ciara didn't seem to have a problem sleeping with hispanics, seems like a cool girl who didn't see race even if she should've.

Thanks so much for these pics, anon.  I've never seen them before.

Do you have any pics of Ciara and Michael Sosa together as well?
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And a sad irony is that Nico-san was young in the SD era, so we could never see her eyes that well. We have HD images of her now, but she's gotten old at nearly 40. Ciara-chan will never look old because she never will be old. 

But in any case, these kind of heterochima eyes make me wild.

Legal newds and lewd vids of Ciara are rare, and most people are afraid to post them, so we'll probably never see it.  But kudos for proving your point that the other pic was cropped.

Thanks for pointing out that Ciara had heterochima eyes.  Guess they are pretty rare in people and it helps pinpoint what made her looks so unique and ethereal.
The vast majority of white people with eyes that aren't shit brown have central heterochromia. Can't tell unless you're close up anyway.
If anyone would like some custom Ciara AI-art (pretty much anything is possible) hit me up at '[email protected]'. Show your true love for her and create more content of her. Ciara loves you. Ciara wants you to email me. You do not want to disappoint Ciara, do you Anon?
yeah that has to be the cultiest sounding thing i've ever read
and we're on ag2
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Well, Eliza is kinda worshipped here.  So in that sense, she is kinda goddess/deity-like, at least to us weirdos who still have such a strong interest in her.
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He's fucking with you. From what I recall, that guy's name is Jack. He and Ciara dated from late 2017-early 2018 after meeting in therapy. There were rumors that he was a drug dealer or was at least supplying her with drugs, but I don't think that was ever confirmed. There was also a schizo-tier theory that he was part of a Jewish Blood Cult and was making her "do stuff with her blood".

Okay, thanks on the name correction and pic of them in bed together.  That's a new one for me, as I've never seen it before.  Thx.

Update on Ciara's love interests:

So the list of her actual BFs/hook-ups is:

Jay - Old white boomer boyfriend
Noah - Skinny white kid
Jake - Small Hispanic kid
Jack(?) - Fat white kid who she met in therapy
Kenny (aka Blankenship) who she met up with in NYC for sex
Michael Sosa - Asshole online Svengali-type
JT - Asshole white druggie guy who was with her when she supposedly died

And Marc Linden was just some druggie guy who F-ed her

That correct?  Any I missed?

Alos, still looking for pics of Ciara with Michael Sosa.
Just curious, what exactly is the appeal of creating an extensive list of someone's dating history? Not that I'm against it, I just don't get the appeal.
You're on forum for people who obsess/like to talk about e-girls and in a thread for Ciara you're asking why someone here would create a history of who she dated?

I'm one of her "fans," I guess, but honestly don't know that much about her personal life.  I noticed I had a bunch of pics of her with various guys and just want to put names with faces, so to speak, and gain some insight into these guys in her life.

Seems a lot of them were pretty bad influences on her.  But maybe that's what she wanted-slash-sought out.
I'm here for news and pics regarding very few select egirls, I'm not really into the drama or life history aspect of the board.
But like I said, I'm not hating, just curious about people with different tastes.
You are simping after a dead girl while all us sheep boys got a ride. Get a fucking life

Technically at the eire meetup they only got blowies because ciara didnt wanna wake grandma up
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Interesting to compare the two. Ciara's mom more or less hints that Ciara always had serious developmental problems which were untreated. Even before drug addiction, Ciara displayed serious problems including borderline personality disorder.

Nico-san in contrast was a shy nerdy straight A student who was given meth over some summer program in high school. Then she went crazy, became a meth whore, then got clean. Since she was otherwise psychologically normal, once the meth was removed she lived a normal life after that.

The point is that Ciara was just a fundamentally broken person, and she was never going to be fixed.
I’m not saying this to be mean but she would’ve had chads if any had actually been attracted to her. But they weren’t. She talked about how all the chads at school made fun of her and called her ugly. I think it’s easy to forget she wasn’t conventionally attractive at all and that’s the appeal. 
She dated anyone persistent enough who had drugs or money and gave her attention. That’s all it took. It wasn’t virtuous.
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25a72ce2c631dfd0a7df8... jpeg
(1.04 MB, 1080x1080)
>  It wasn’t virtuous.
Not saying she didn't mostly do it for drugs or money but she had all of r9k simping for her and there's a good amount of failed chads in there. For someone to sleep with this guy after having hundreds of people call you beautiful and a 10 is a humbling act even if she was mostly attracted to money or drugs instead of waiting for failed chad to come along and give her the same with looks, which is how most girls would have gone about it.
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thumbnail of Stacy Ciara.jpg
Stacy Ciara jpg
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> she wasn’t conventionally attractive 

I think if she went full-on stacy-mode with hair, makeup and clothes she could have easily been an 8/10 in her high school and gotten chads night and day.  

But I think she had a loser mentality (super low self-esteem) and consequently attracted loser guys like the druggies and stalkers she continually hooked up with with.  

Her downfall was all mental, not physical.  She could have easily turned herself into a rich as fuck OF-Ticktoker if she'd had a positive self-image.  

But hot girls with low self-esteem and druggie-loser boyfriends are super common.  She just happened to end up in that group and it sadly cost her her life.
> But I think she had a loser mentality (super low self-esteem) and consequently attracted loser guys like the druggies and stalkers she continually hooked up with with. 

She was BPD which includes god level narcissism. 

> Her downfall was all mental, 

Lemme see. Possible autism spectrum, delayed development, multiple concussions leading to obvious brain damage and impairment (possible damage to her empathy centers), addiction to scamming and manipulation, addiction to opioids and various drugs, and of course borderline personality disorder.

Did I miss any? She was fucked. Her dying young is actually a blessing as she'd just get worse and harm more people over time. It was a mercy killing.
> But hot girls with low self-esteem and druggie-loser boyfriends are super common. 

Because ciara was a loser druggie girl she was hooking up with guys who would help her get drugs. She literally just wanted to scam and do drugs and have sex. These were her only goals in life. She was never going to change. 

There's some rich girl of a banker from the UK who is diagnosed Borderline who also just needlessly scammed and scammed and lied endlessly about everything. Ciara was on the same path.  Bitches like that are mental and never going to change.
> Possible autism spectrum, delayed development, brain damage and impairment (possible damage to her empathy centers), addiction to scamming and manipulation, addiction to opioids and various drugs, borderline personality disorder.

Your just described 3/4 of the girls in my school
Gonna throw in she had a genuine unreal nice side from what I can tell, one time someone was stalking her and when she realized it instead of running or threatening to call the police she hugged him. She was friendly to anyone who came up to her. She slept with ugly guys which I already made the argument for above. I'm sure there's other examples. And part of the reason I and am sure many others are attracted and think they had a shot with her was because she was deeply flawed with drug and mental health issues that derailed her life which is similar to what's happened to some of us.
Hugging a stalker isn’t “nice.” It’s insane and risk taking and attention seeking. Textbook BPD. Everything you’re listing to try to prove that she’s nice is just part of her completely overwhelming need for validation from the lowest people on earth because she was never gonna get it from anyone actually admirable. Any time she was “nice” it was because of an unrelenting narcissistic desire for admiration and obsession, not because she wanted to genuinely warm someone’s heart or help someone with something. Her life was dedicated to doing whatever it took to get more positive attention.
> I'm sure there's other examples.

Any one have online screencap examples of Ciara being nice?  Or have personal experiences of it?  I’m curious if this Anon is right and if she had a sweet side to her infamous damaged, narcissistic side.
Sad Ciara likely never heard a lil peep song. Half the songs are about being a depressed drug addict. 

White Wine = being alone until you found a "white bitch" (coke, meth, or some other white powder drug)

And of course Ciara-san and Lil peep died in the exact same manner. Peep at 21, Ciara at 19. 

> Sad Ciara likely never heard a lil peep song.
Dude, what? Literally every zoomer especially the druggie ones has heard Lil Peep songs. Couldn't go a day without hearing his shit a few years ago.
Irony is that JT is 10% the druggie of Ciara-san. She was the one guiding him, and introducing new drugs to him. And it's his inexperience that led to Ciara-san's overdose. It's easy to blame him as some big bad boogieman but he was more along for the ride.
Both his account and others. Ciara had to give him benzos to calm his nerves buying drugs. He's just a teenage goof which is exactly how he didn't know how to handle Ciara's OD.
Makes a lot of sense. Literally any experienced junkie would've known what to do immediately and wouldn't have lost the Narcan like what happened with JT. Ciara had it stashed somewhere, JT didn't know where it was for some godforsaken reason. Ciara was too arrogant and thought she'd live forever. No idea why she wouldn't have put it out in the open.

Nice guys finish last syndrome.  Supposedly Jake loved her too much and was "too clingy."  At least that's the jist I got from reading some screencapped archives.
He is a lowlife scumbag, but at the same time she wants him to choke her because she's a crazy bitch. It demonstrates he's a strong male compared to weak ass Jay. 

He got out of town because he was sick of Ciara's borderline shenanigans.
What was the broader context behind the event? Why were they in NY? (that's where they were right?) Was it a random vacation? Who was paying for everything?
> but at the same time she wants him to choke her because she's a crazy bitch.

Based on her involvement with "predators" like Marc, Kenny, Michael Sosa, JT, and to some extent Jay, yeah, she was attracted to scummy druggie assholes.  

She seemed to have a lot of fantasies about living a "normal" nice straight life, which is evident in lots of her letters and posts, and even her attempt to live with Jay, but her true default setting was the exact opposite--like her fucking shitbags like JT in hotel elevators while high on xannies and fent and god knows what else.

It's in interesting dichotomy.  A dark aspect of her that makes her compelling and interesting I guess.
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thumbnail of Zombieland.png
Zombieland png
(61.33 KB, 975x372)

I think the hotel where she died was in or near the infamous Kensington area of Philadelphia which is currently in the news for its "walking zombie" tranq addicts.  I guess it is and has been a notorious druggie area for a long time now.

Guess they were there to fuck and do drugs.  She made money from scamming guys, so that may have funded the trip.
Honestly no idea. I guess I just like the way Ciara looks in a sci-fi setting and am not imaginative enough to think of her in other scenarios.
Can anybody make a Ciara chatbot AI? We already have Ciara AI image generator, Ciara chatbot should be next
Honestly Ciara is the only e-girl who ever captured my interest, and I really don’t know exactly why.  But she did.  I have no real interest in other e-girls besides a momentary interest if they’re cute.  Then I might save a pic or two, but that rarely happens.
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thumbnail of FBI-1.jpg
FBI-1 jpg
(133.69 KB, 738x366)
We all know she manufactured and distributed CP of herself online for profit.  She also supposedly distributed CP of other girls like 14yo Sunny.  

Several anons supposedly snitched on her to the FBI, like pic related.  

Did she ever get in trouble for it?  Like did the FBI ever go to her house and interview her and her parents?  Investigate her alleged offenses?  Just curious what LEO did about it, if anything.  

Ironically, if she'd gone to jail for it for 3 or 4 years, it might have saved her life.
She did make and distribute CP of herself and others, but that screenshot is very fake and gay. Completely broken English, unprofessionally written, no credentials listed. You must be Argentinian.
> Admitting to herself and others she was a horrible person 
Most evil girls (which is most girls) would never admit this about themselves (or even have the ability to self reflect in the first place) imo this is further proof of the good person she was inside.
STFU, faggot.  You add nothing to these threads but misinformation, lies and your lameass attempts at insults.  No one wants you here.  Stay the fuck away.
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thumbnail of Manipulate-1.jpg
Manipulate... jpg
(30.33 KB, 483x767)
thumbnail of Manipulate-2.jpg
thumbnail of Manipulate-2.jpg
Manipulate-2 jpg
(33.3 KB, 559x767)
thumbnail of 1650424766110.jpg
thumbnail of 1650424766110.jpg
1650424766110 jpg
(101.68 KB, 1280x722)
There's overwhelming evidence she was no angel.  She did bad, selfish, harmful, hurtful, even illegal things.  She scammed, conned and stole both money and possessions.  She abused people that genuinely liked her and wanted some form of connection with her--even if it was just admiring her from afar.

That said, I have no doubt that she must have had some kindness and love in her like you suggest--maybe even a lot.  It's not easy to find examples of it online, but I like to think her closeness with her pets is a manifestation of what was good in her.  

If anyone has stories or examples of her good side, please share.
> She did bad, selfish, harmful, hurtful, even illegal things. She scammed, conned and stole both money and possessions. She abused people that genuinely liked her and wanted some form of connection with her--even if it was just admiring her from afar.
That's just a regular woman lol.
> I like to think her closeness with her pets is a manifestation of what was good in her.
Women like pets so much because they're incapable of loving anything that wasn't specifically created to love them back. Same thing with loving their kids.
She made her cat lick her cunt, dude. Close indeed. It’s also well documented that tending well to pets is a distinctive trait of sociopaths, which is only of note because it never matches up with how they treat human beings. But the only reason they like having pets so much is because they’re not humans and they’re beneath them and easy to control, and usually they get positive attention from having them. 

Cannot believe the amount of newfags on this board lately. Has it seriously been so long that people are actually unaware that Ciara was a loud and proud sex addicted scammer who would sell CP of not just herself but other people to random men on reddit? She got people addicted to drugs, lied about every single person she knew, screwed over Marky many times, was Bianca levels of cruel and mean to people, and ruined everything she touched. Not only is everything I said true but she spent years showing all of this off to anyone who’d give her attention.
Congrats, you're an obnoxious old boomer faggot who knows every last detail of Ciara's life, including every time her cat supposedly licked her pussy.  Do us all a favor and KYS, you fucking retard.
I’m literally 21. I was in the same groups as Ciara and around the same age as her. Most of the original posters in places like this were in those groups, until the Argentinian image board incels learned about her and /r9k/. Now this place is mostly Argentinian teenagers who actually believe literal ironic memes like “beautiful Angel Ciara,” meanwhile the people who actually knew her are still hanging out on Discord together talking about how evil she was, in public servers you’re all just too dumb to join I guess.
I made a post on r9k a while ago when I found similar screencaps in the archive. A girl made a vocaroo response saying she was around r9k the same time as Ciara and talked with her and they were being ironic and edgy when they said stuff like this. I've tried looking for it but I can't find it now. Even so, there's always a kernel of truth when someone's being ironic. This is all probably copium and excuses I'm making for Ciara but i thought i'd share.
I agree that she was just a child and was going to be accordingly immature.
However, women in 2023 have no accountability or responsibility.
So she would've needed a wakeup call, a dose of reality, or she'd have just slid from 4chan grift to Twitter grifting when she got a bit older.
Many former "e-girls" just pick up radical political views instead of reassessing their lot in life and keep grifting until they absolutely can't anymore.
> Many former "e-girls" just pick up radical political views instead of reassessing their lot in life and keep grifting until they absolutely can't anymore.

Because it's ready-made ideologies that tell them they are not responsible for anything. They're victims of the evil patriarchy and capitalism or whatever, which is why they're losers. These women are like allergic to personal responsibility.
Ciara did not care about much anything other than anime, scamming, neo-pets, and drugs. She didn't think deeply and didn't have strong views on anything. She was leaning a bit into feminist victimhood rhetoric towards the end of her life, but that's just a tool she picked up that was convenient.

More like you're a miserable fat tube of lard who got scammed by her and you're still seething and crying about it years later.  Go vent your pathetic hate, rage and tears about her on discord, fucktard.
thumbnail of CFRND.jpg
thumbnail of CFRND.jpg
(356.4 KB, 792x792)
I always find it interesting that there's almost no pics of Ciara with other girls (besides her sisters).  Most girls have tons of pics with their friends/other girls, but not her.  Sure, it could have been due to her being a narcissist and having trouble making friends, but still I find it odd.
> it could have been due to her being a narcissist
All girls are narcissists, although her more than most. I think what probably stopped her from having female friends is not being a typical girl and being able to talk in the same ditzy social way about gossip excitedly like all girls do. Guys don't care and just want to bang so they'll talk with any cute girl.
thumbnail of N.png
thumbnail of N.png
N png
(16.27 KB, 658x183)

> All girls are narcissists

I bet there's more women-hating incels who talk out of their asses than there are female narcissists