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was this here before? i dont remember seeing it. if it wasn't, do you folks think somebody else bought it and made it public?
I will be surprised if she sold it my bet is she comes back streaming for us again

she says she doesn't want online friends anymore but thats like everyone she knows her whole life right?
if she does that would be best. 
unfortunately, i really can't tell, as orbiters have gone as far as buying her an entire car in the past
also unfortunately i feel as if her mom wouldnt let her stream after the er incident, which makes me feel like it would make sense for it to be sold. 
also, what do u think of the previous post? was that playlist up?
if only there was an edit post button ;_; 
it's all fine marky if u read this (DOUBT) i only chose cuz u looked good in it... maybe take off the glasses sometimes
its fine the photo shows strength telling us she wont be defeated by a night in the emergency room. here is my prize I have brought back for you my loyal orbiters she says as she raises her arm to the camera
its fine they're overreacting its no worse than the last one and its a funny pic if she didn't want people to see it she wouldn't have shown it in her stream
You're a little blind if you think that looks good.
The entire photo and context that is.

Ain't just a photo of a bright and gleeming Christian family, husband, wife and children.
thumbnail of marky playlist.jpg
thumbnail of marky playlist.jpg
marky playlist jpg
(23.01 KB, 1055x783)
she has to be reading this thread, or maybe an orbiter bought it and is privating it. it was up literally 5 minutes ago
this playlist is gone, alongside the song playlist
thank GOD i archived it
i hope some day someone will make a 'mir re-uploads' channel, like they did with agaatha 'threemilktea'
I have a feeling that she came back this time just to disappear forever. I'm completely shattered.
Why would she update the description only to delete it all? Why? This makes no fucking sense.
She removed all info on the gmail account that was on the description... fuck bros. I think this isn't her. Whoever paid for her account 
She’s the one who showed off her bracelet on camera and made a big deal about it. Screenshots were already posted too. She also claims this site was blocked on her ISP. So don’t worry. Not your fault. She’s just insane and unstable.
You’re just grasping for straws trying to find someone and something to blame other than Marky herself and her own actions. She already said she was going to delete the channel. A picture of her that’s nowhere near as unflattering as other pics of her from a stream she uploaded wouldn’t make her delete her fucking channel when she already said she was planning on deleting it.
What's even the point of selling a YouTube channel unless it's like a billion dollar deal.
Making them is free.
She’s self obsessed enough to think orbiters would buy her channel and she thinks she deserves the free money because some strangers online found her attractive years ago.
1. It’s not a bad picture. 
2. SO many actually bad and unflattering stream screencaps have been the OP image before while she was still lurking and it never triggered a big reaction.
man ppl helped buy her the cars she crashed. someone paid a grand for her Higurashi figures. almost all her depop stuff was WAY overpriced but it all got bought up cuz its her. hell i bought one of her figures even and paid WAY more than what it was worth, because I just wanted to own something that she has touched. in short, orbiters WOULD buy her channel, it wouldnt surprise me.
i think she made her videos private to keep for herself and did the cat stuff to leave as the face of the channel but maybe she sold it
Cause it's embarrassing to go to the ER for drinking too much alcohol on your own volition, plus she does tons of things that she regrets very shortly after.  I'm not blaming the guy who made this thread but it was not the best thing to do what he did.
No. One of the pics she self posted here the other day was her with a bloody nose. She’s still obsessed with her own bloody nose lmao. Self fetishizing
She is so stupid, "quitting the internet for the sake of her health" will lead her nowhere
2 possible situations
1: marky is posting on a new slate
2: someone bought and is trolling
Neither has to with OP or the photo. Stop overreacting.
Better would've been if the crazy parents just named her "Mary Thompson".

An actual woman's name (not, a man's name with a "y" slapped on the end).

And middle names are silly.
There's nothing to understand, she's not gonna go anywhere by quitting on the only people who have supported her for the past few years.
i dont get it. why does she have such difficulty making friends irl? shes not a social retard. she could easily go to the local starbucks or join a book club or hang out at artist venues or music places, and probably meet like minded ppl. yes im sure some creepy guys would also approach her, but thats true for any girl. it cant be THAT hard for her to make a few irl female friends in her town
> shes not a social retard
She’s literally more socially retarded than the two diagnosed autistic egirls posted about here. She lives in her own world and can only talk about herself and most of what she says isn’t linear either. She’s hard to follow and she goes on incomprehensible tangents fueled by rage and thinks it’s normal.
Continued, I think she’s legitimately schizoaffective. She’s had bipolar since she was very young, and the older and more unstable she gets the more nonsensical her speech and writing and behavior become.
this marky episode is starting to get boring, anyway here is archive https://www.youtube.com/@mirarchive187
her history is talking to groomers, orbiters, doll pedos, hanging out in discord servers and image boards and streaming for socialization do you really think she knows how to form relationships with normal people?
Why peeps speak godless like in here lol. Everything is blah blah sick this, blah blah broken that.
Yal sound like the unpure trying to poke holes in things.
Go eat some chocolate and play vidya or something shesh. Live!
Completely annihilating yourself at any opportunity, intentionally getting close to harmful people, going from aggressive and unstable to bedridden in a never ending cycle, having a long history of delusional thinking, and seeking out the worst people possible, all until your life is ruined, is not a fucking “personality trait.”
uh have you seen the way she talks and writes lately? have you seen what she’s been doing and what direction her life has taken? totaling 2 cars in a week, being unable to keep a job, being unable to maintain ANY relationship of any kind even with family or distant acquaintances, being unable to form basic sentences most of the time, having full blown breakdowns multiple times a year .. isn’t normal. she drank so much she got hospitalized after begging people she claims she hates to insult her until she cried bc she wanted to feel something. she’s extremely mentally disturbed. you don’t have to call it a diagnosis but she’s fucked up and continuing to get more fucked up
i add too real friendships are give and take if she meets ppl off the internet shes not special no one knows her story, no one insulting her for it, no praise and money or an inbox fill of messages just for existing it takes effort
this is why every egirl she tried to befriend she soon ghosted. channing, alice, ciara (believe it or not marky was the one to act out first in that friendship), ken, all the ppl from her old servers. she disappeared from all of their lives bc it took effort. with orbiters she doesn’t have to do anything but exist
yep, no definition of purity. didn’t think so. maybe construct an actual consistent epistemology before trying to convince everyone to believe your grand sweeping statements that eat their own tail with no basis in reality. everything you say relies on people believing “it’s true because it’s true.”
true, but like i said, marky happily befriended ciara and ciara never did anything to her, and marky still talked shit about her and ghosted her. might’ve been the only girl ciara didn’t screw over and that still didn’t matter
orbiters are easy when you can ghost them and theres always more but based on recent events I assume it doesn't make for a very happy life
If Marky's reading all this, she's going to be so stressed out she'll delete the two videos she just uploaded along with the rest of the channel.
'them' is us, obviously.. us evil orbiters who have ruined markys life, kek. just like kasper thinks her life is fucked up because she got involved in 4chan and pedo discord servers, and thus they ruined her life. its such an easy scapegoat isnt it? to blame nameless, faceless people for your terrible decisions in life instead of placing the blame where it really belongs - YOU
All comes from God.
Blame not the prostitute, nor man.
It is He who gave her a tempting body.
And it is He who gave man eyes.

That sin came from it, should not be on them. God is their savior.
Sin came from God. God made sin.

Blame not the innocent lamb who ate poison berries put to its mouth, nor the wicked man who put them to it, but Him who said "let it be".
you sound like you've never read the bible if your life shut the fuck up retard
some old videos of her singing, dancing around with a stick and some others not sure if they were there before tonight or not
do you mind sharing the playlist?
I've backed up all her videos, so I'll know if there is something new in it. Also tell me if you need anything  and I'll upload it.
That post IS God's word lol.

>  >Die on the cross for forgiveness of sin
>  >Take the blame for sin

Have YOU even read it?

The cross was a godless weapon used to wipe away blame, by murder. Robbers were nailed to a cross in public to die. For it to be seen by all.
Otherwise they were all blaming each other for it, fighting. The sheriff blamed because he didn't catch them, and even just others blamed for looking like the robber. None would take the sheriff's word, and they loved lying. So even God leading them to somewhere, to see the robber, would not help. Because those who love lying had something to gain by lying against the sheriff. So even just the blame of sin, was tempting them to sin.

God saw none should be blamed, for all came from Him, so He went on the earth as man, said "I am the Lord", gave His word, had them all believe He was to blame for everything, and took that blame Himself. So He was nailed to the cross, and His death displayed in public.


That's the story of His death.
Now here's the meaning of things that's "for God", that wishes for Him to have life.

Think of "dieing on the cross" as a metaphor. That hopefully people know they can put a matter to death within them, because they love their neighbor and forgave them in the sunset.

And that your reminder of light be photos of those you love and your good times, not an actual cross lol.
It's a metaphor.
Anyone know what happened to Tom? The guy into the Beatles who was the number one Marky freak for years.
> dancing around with a stick
yes it's the "video" playlist and it was already there.
There were 4 playlist: video, song, draw and another one with shitty meditative music
> I need to go back to quitting the internet for the sake of my health

she just came back and she looks like fucking shit, and not just because shes aging
what a dumb bitch
Whats your guys thoughts on the truth, that bad people lied about there being a virus, and used it as an opportunity to rob their employers? In 2019.

>  >Say there's a "new" virus on the earth
>  >Fake being sick in mass
>  >Force employers and government to give you money for it

The lie vaccine.
The lie vacation.

Why haven't I seen them actually sick? Especially according to it being "new".

I've seen drunks before. Completely unconcealed that they're drunk. Vomiting, passed out in the street.

The earth is not perfect.
Why have I not seen anyone actually "sick"?

I speak of, seen by my eyes. In my streets. At me.

Wouldn't they all have dropped dead, like a plague? Especially unprepared, and houses unmarked.

And why were they doing weird, luke-warm things, like keeping businesses open but removing chairs? Where were old people suppose to sit while waiting? It was very godless to expect the weak to wait in lines.

Lies. All lies, from the very beginning.

God is the same, yesterday, today and forever.
But I saw this world lied in 2019, and changed.
So what's the consensus bros. Did she sell her shit or what? Do you think she's gone forever?
I'm pretty sure my account was restricted / comments were deleted for saying "Is this even Marky". Either that or "Marky" is blacklisted from her comments.
I think its her posting those videos bc shes bored and needing to see the response. she could have just deleted her youtube quietly if she wanted to quit the net for health instead of big farewell tour and then keep uploading and lurking
... or it could be that someone bought it. I'm not sure why everybody else decides to pretend like it's impossible, not like people have legit paid her enough for a car + custom plates in like a week, and bought out her weird figures
both are possible her entitlement to 2 grand for her channel was based on having money thrown at her for years and it's not unlikely someone did this time too.  but she also can never stay away and always comes back for for more so hard to say which outcome
true. do you think she'll come back soon, anon?
also this is OP, i think i figured out how to remove pics from posts. should i remove the OP post's thumbnail or does it just not matter now?
One day... I have hope. In one month I make enough to support her financially for over a decade, and buy her as much weird dolls and clothes as she wants. I'm not ugly, either. And slightly above average in height (altho I'm still growing),  I feel I could truly have a chance if she let herself open up.
No, it doesn't matter now. That pic is not what caused her to delete everything anyway. Also only mods can delete posts or files currently.
i don't think the op pic matters shes not gonna put her videos back or start streaming if you do that. she WILL be back look at what happened this time when she stayed away too long she needs it
Fear not Markybros for I have saved all her videos.
I downloaded the best quality available,
VP9+Opus (or AVC+Opus if VP9 wasn't available).


Mir's "video"  playlist: 43 videos ~ 900mb

Mir's "draw" playlist: 5 videos ~ 500mb
she turns to us in her darkest hours not family not friends. we are her family and she knows it she just needs to come home and sit by the fire
Grow up, shes doesnt have PCOS. Its a little mild acne breakout, from stress and poor diet. god you ppl really take the ball and run with it, with everything! 

"Symptoms include menstrual irregularity, excess hair growth, acne, and obesity."

her periods are normal. she is certainly not obese, her body still looks great. and shes not growing facial hair. if anything she is losing hair.
LOSING HAIR IS ONE OF THE MOST COMMON SYMPTOMS OF PCOS. A lot of women have it and most of them don’t grow excess hair, they mostly LOSE HAIR. Also Marky is naturally a little overweight and has to diet to counteract that. 

How the fuck would YOU know about her periods? Also she takes birth control which is prescribed for irregular periods.
> How the fuck would YOU know about her periods?

duh cuz i fish her tampons out of the trash when her mom brings out the trashcans every tuesday evening for garbage pickup
> the bible
No difference to all the other random religious scriptures.
None of them is any more valuable than the other, they're all generic and interchangable.
thumbnail of 1505859278143.jpg
thumbnail of 1505859278143.jpg
1505859278143 jpg
(87.68 KB, 691x653)
Marky, why do you love torturing us so much? Do you think it's fun streaming and then disappearing leaving us with a sour taste in our mouth?
I know you're reading this. 
Answer me.
she never finishes them. can’t even get past 20 pages. she had all kinds of “classics” open in pdfs on her desktop streams before for months at a time and could never answer any questions i asked her about them. i assume she thinks she wants to read but doesn’t have the willpower to. classic trait of people like her. she wants to be more productive and smart than she actually is
genuinely sad number for someone pushing 30. that’s like the amount of books you’re forced to read for middle and high school
i had already forgot abt her, why the fuck did she had to come back with this bullshit just to make me remember all the years of pathetic orbiting
probably not helping her mental state. unstable girls with weird age complexes always get suicidal when their birthdays are coming up
she uploaded three videos last night. 

if she were smart shed just focus on being a wagie, make some friends and touch grass but she always comes back
I bet that she made those three videos when she was like 13. The quality of them (360p/480p) and the aesthetic feels like early 10s. That would also explain the capital letters.

She found those old videos in her drive and uploaded them out of boredom for trolling. She realized that no one is gonna buy a 1k channel for 2 grands anyway, considering that you can easily grab one online for less than a hundread.
Imagine the scenario , if you will, that you went on a 10 day backpacking trip through the woods with marky, and on day 8, after hiking all day every day in the 90 degree humidity and heat and NO bathing faciltities, on the 8th night her tent malfunctions and breaks while she is trying to pitch it. So you MUST share your small one man tent with 8-days-unbathed, unwashed, stinky, rank BO, sweaty backpacker marky. that would be so terrible wouldnt it? god its just unthinkable. thank goodness this isnt a fetish of mine or anything
what happened to that one girl she streamed with all of the time. Can she not be there for her?
let's go over the reasons why her channel might have / might not have been sold
might not have:
> channel banner is meat, she's had a username called "mirmeat" before
> could just be cleaning out the channel
> channel name is awfully similar to simply "mir"
> video description on the post of it being sold was updated to "hewwo" before it being taken down
>  would have sold for 1.1k at least according to desc, which is an odd amount for someone with a brain to pay just to post cat videos
> if somebody bought, they would either delete everything permenantly, or post something besides cat videos
might have sold: 
> said she was quitting before
> orbiters have bought odd amounts before
> could just be someone tormenting/trolling us
> video titles are capitalized, unusual for marky
> why would she delete everything after saying she was quitting

there's more that i forgot
thoughts, markybros?
Marky’s faking being crazy she’s just bored and doing destructive things cause she’s taking a larp too far
no clue. hard to tell bc alice gets pissed off about everyone she knows and marky ghosts everyone she knows. alice went off about marky being a bitch and never elaborated
the mods confirmed it as soon as she posted it. 

marky, again please go to the hospital. get a treatment plan. none of this matters. we are unhealthy people chatting shit for fun and its toxic. we’re fucked up too. im sorry marky. your life isnt over. youve made mistakes and youre feeling nothing but doom but its not over. you can turn your life around at ANY time. any age. any moment. please. you just have to be willing. there is more to life than this.
I don’t think anyone has her address? idk. might be the best option but it’s best that she go to the hospital willingly.
No idea if anyone even has a way to contact her family at this point. I remember when she had a facebook in 2020 and had all her family added and listed publicly, but that was way too long ago to be useful.
hopefully this post is actually a legit one, it’s much better than calling the cops just for them to scare her into lying to everyone or forcing her into the hospital.
YouTube just now asked me to rate her 'My Video' upload from last night, so I was glad to have the chance to give it a 5-star rating and tag it as 'calming,' 'enjoyable,' and 'heartwarming.'
not him, but what do you think should be done? not trying to gotcha either. just genuinely wondering. because i think this should be taken seriously since the jannies confirmed it’s actually her and she’s been unstable and hurting herself for two weeks now
marky, let the reactions you’re seeing here be a reminder that almost every single person here and elsewhere is just shooting the shit for some sense of community and usually lonely themselves. not that it makes it better. but at the end of the day we are all rooting for you and im sorry if what we’ve said here has helped bring you to this point. it’s easy to get carried away. i know life is very hard even if we didn’t exist though so im not trying to make this about us, i just hope you are paying attention to the fact that even the dregs of society here don’t want you dead.
reach out to old friends. any of them. it doesn’t matter how long it’s been or what you’ve said about them or what they’ve said about you. rebuild your support system. maintain friendships. you can do it. you don’t have to tackle life on your own.
this guy is right, email/call someone who has helped in the past, no matter who they are or what ended up happening between you, bad or good. there are always different escapes.
If marky comes out of this safe and unscathed, hopefully with a plan to become healthier, I will never post here again and I will ask to be banned by BO himself. I don’t want to do this anymore.
Marky here. I will not be here in this thread after this post. Please do not bother my family. I am no longer feeling suicidal as I just received money in my paypal account.
You keep saying that, but the posts she made when she dumped selfies here (which was confirmed to be her by both the mod team here and herself on stream last week) were written exactly like that. I do doubt it's Marky though, the paypal thing reads like some orbiter joke and I feel like she wouldn't say "Marky here." 

But seriously who knows. It's not like anything has been sensible lately. Hope she's okay regardless.
Har har. Very cool. I know it's fun to be edgy and misanthropic sometimes but cool it, even if you hate her, for as long as she's still alive she can change her life. Wanting her to snuff out that golden possibility is not just cruel but immensely evil.
Dear Mir,

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your video set to a cover of Jon Brion’s Little Person. It was actually my first exposure to the song, and you paired it brilliantly with that montage of found footage. Every one of those clips you used gave the impression of person, someone with dreams and secrets, and loves, groping in the void for the reciprocated humanity we all crave. It was evocative of how adrift and helpless we can feel in life, and even moreso online. Some felt like unrequited cries for attention, yet others gave touching glimpses into what felt like birthday well wishes or virtual reunions with faraway family. To me, it spoke to the duality of the net and of its simultaneous emptiness and capability to enrich the human experience. That video is gone from my favorites now, but I deeply hope the girl behind it isn’t, too. Lord knows you’ve been through a lot. More than most people endure in life. More than anybody ever should. I don’t know you, and we will never meet, but what I do know is that the world would be an emptier place without you. If you never resurface online, that’s a-okay, just don’t let your next appearance be an obituary. So please, little person…
Somewhere, maybe someday
Maybe somewhere far away
You'll meet a second little person
And you'll go out and play
It’s 2023 Marky, everybody’s miserable and feels like giving up.  You’re not alone, there are serious problems with this country, and it’s not just your fault if you feel bad.  You have to hold out and try to wait for things to get better.
Not everyone. Even with the people who have said cruel things, I bet most feel bad seeing this. Not all. But most. I know I do. We have to listen to that feeling and let it lead us to light.
thumbnail of 6.jpg
thumbnail of 6.jpg
6 jpg
(41.22 KB, 622x628)
Marky is a 26 year old woman she should get a job and stop begging for money like she is a teenager. Infantilizing her will only make her more delusional and she won't be able to live in real life because she wants everyone to kiss her ass. She needs to grown up and get the personality of an adult instead of pretending to be autistic baby uwu depression girl in front of her computer to get money from dumb simps. This being said that is only acceptable when you are 15-19 after that it's strange as fuck.
She DOES have a job. No one said she's a baby or little girl or anything. She has a different life and brain and environment from you, from me, and from anyone else. Do you think she does these things and feels this way for fun? No. Obviously a lot of what she's done before shouldn't be enabled but there's a time and place to talk about that, I don't think telling someone who has a job already to get another one will help them snap out of suicidal ideation and feeling like their life is over at 26.
I think Marky should touch grass and get some friends in real life there are lots of people that struggle like her if not even worse. Why not going to a psychiatrist? Why not going outside? Marky can save herself she does not need online fags telling her she needs to be protected at least be from her city and go out with her to help her.
I agree, I would just feel guilty if I did and said nothing to try to make her feel better. She does need friends and more real life activites. Relying on orbiters isn't sustainable.
thumbnail of marky.png
thumbnail of marky.png
marky png
(852.5 KB, 640x853)
> I would just feel guilty if I did and said nothing to try to make her feel better
Marky is not entitled to your love you know? she probably has many guys trying to do the same as you are doing right now on her DMs / email. She thinks the love people give her is disposable and trash. Could be married and have children by now but she acted like a thot all her "prime" and now she is a empty woman. I doubt she would enjoy any Agatha2 user company but I think you could try.I don't think she gives a fuck given how she calls everyone a retard and has that "queen bee" vibe because she used to be a 10/10 when she was 16 to 20. Marky probably has narcissistic disorder and wants people that love her the most to feel bad for her, she knows her orbitors would commit suicide if she killed herself now she might be playing mind games...or actually have depression. 
But my question is: why not getting help? She knows she's undeniably beautiful and the most attractive woman on this board yet she does not take care of her looks just to spit on her orbitors. Might be very beautiful outside but inside she is manipulating everyone and markyfags can't see it because they are obsessed with her looks.
I'm not attracted to Marky. I'm not posting any of this to get attention from her or anything like that. I post here in general more out of fascination and the old community than anything, and I'm posting this current stuff because I feel genuinely bad. But I get it. I acknowledge I'm possibly being too sympathetic and choosing to ignore her toxic tendencies, but I also don't want anyone to kill themselves.
thumbnail of marky sunglasses.jpg
thumbnail of marky sunglasses.jpg
marky... jpg
(1.68 MB, 2320x3088)
People that want to commit suicide don't tell anyone. 
People that are actually suicidal just kill themselfs. 
People that post strawpolls on the internet for everyone to see "how should i kill myself today" are attention seekers trying to manipulate people into feeling bad. I am 100% sure she has friends or a boyfriend to take care of her and just wants to use internet people. Of course I don't want Marky to kill herself but she victimizes herself when she is not a fucking victim anymore. She has her mom, her orbitors, all the love she can get on the internet because she is famous AND I believe Marky could easily make friends in real life if she went to animecons. Her biggest problem is still thinking she is 16 years old. Bet people compliment her for being pretty and she could get a modeling career. I think it is TIME TO STOP having a victim mentality "oh sam abused me I am so broken" no, he moved on and so should you. Become more successful than him, become more successful than your "haters" "discord groomers". Start having a real life social life.

It's been 10 years Marky, stop using people to get free validation and use yourself to save (YOU) from depression you are a grown woman now and you can do it we believe in you.
Unfortunately I have known multiple people who told everyone they wanted to kill themselves before they did it. I will never assume it's not possible. You don't have to see things my way, but saying "Don't" is the least anyone can do.
thumbnail of marki.jpg
thumbnail of marki.jpg
marki jpg
(60.66 KB, 451x800)
I think we have to send Marky to a psychward so she can't kill herself. They would remove everything away from her so she couldn't rope herself or drink until she pukes to death. After a month she would be all good again.
Marky for the love of christ get help no one here can save you.
I don't keep up with the lore as much as I should... QRD on what the fucks going on with her?
The fact that it's a fucking NEKOSHELF (of all people) who bought the channel is kinda amusing and depressing at the same time.

THE realest best friend LOL.
Found this. Beach Boys. Is this the guy she cheated on the Russian with? Starting to ring a bell
retarded granny whore pretends she wants to leave the internet for the 7th consecutive year while attention whoring and baiting 5 incels who spam the board

everyone else here just waiting for her roastie and cow tits to flop out for us to jerk off to