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Previous Thread:  >>/31878/

https://www.tiktok.com/@grubage? [Embed] [Embed]

Archives & Misc.:
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Zce9VCEgtpEkwWNwJ1cAP3zxAQGi0bhz/view?usp=sharing (Alternative to the mega)
https://anonfiles.com/kcm3uaQ5y6/lilycollins_ckpt (Ciara model for Stable Diffusion, use prompt 'lilycollins' to generate Ciara images) (DEAD LINK, need a new one)
https://web.archive.org/web/20160930154537/https://a.pomf.cat/rjedwu.txt (Ciara Skype logs)
https://web.archive.org/web/20170102162447/https://pastebin.com/L3cEaWbr (Guy Maimon email)
1eb2e6bc393a4800f58944cb6f98cfb18a72fe2b (infohash for old Ciara pics and videos torrent, don't forget to SEED IT)
> She deleted her pantydeal. It’s gone. At one point it had said 3mo since last logged in. Sometime after that it changed to 1mo. and someone had pointed that out.

As someone pointed out, it's unlikely that her parents knew about her pantydeal account or her login details, and even if they did they would have deleted it right away.
No way that isn't her. I'm in, conspiracybros.
Makes no sense. Banned for what? Also it doesn't explain the logins in the previous months.

In hindsight, it also makes no sense that her parents accepted requests on tiktok or instagram. It's  extremely difficult to do that accidentally and repeatedly. It was probably her doing it out of boredom to see how we would react.
Ciara is alive, happy, she has been clean for years now and we have a date tonight
You know she shared her scamming accounts right? And Michael broke into many accounts and shared the account info. Jay may have her password infos as well. There are so many other reasonable possibilities other than her being on it.
Good morning everyone! 

I just woke up from a dream where I made Ciara take 5-Meo-DMT in my room. She was acting like a possessed demon after taking one hit, and the for entire time I had to hold her down but she kept grabbing my arms violently. Once her trip ended, she was pissed off at me for making her take that, but still forgave me. We kept talking calmly for the rest of the dream. She was wearing all black and looked really cute. Best dream I’ve had in a while, and the only one I’ve had about her. 

Anyone else wanna share a Ciara dream?
A while ago I had a dream where the government was hiding the sun and also Ciara was alive but a secret organization was hiding her and also she would shapeshift into objects and animals, she shapeshifted into some of my plushies to hide herself from my parents and then she shapeshifted to a cat/rat and was on my shoulder and we walked around this tropical place where the sun was stolen.
She’s dead af. Check out Jay’s insta. Years long mourning page. Confirmed by her father Tom Horan on Facebook and there was that post by her mother Sinead. It’s about to be 4 years since she died in February of 2020 and she would be turning 24 in April this year if she were still alive Also her sister posted that she’s in an urn.  

TLDR - she ain’t fucking coming back
Born-again virgin. She turned to Christ before she died and was granted her virginity back. All glory to her pure and untainted coochie.
Ciara is alive and in Dublin.
Her ex colleague confirmed so didn't die.
Her dad let slip she went to rehab.
The rest of her family are trying to keep her safe from orbiters.
She still reads insta messages.
She still uses her Spotify and lastfm. She has new social media.
I wouldn't be surprised if she still lurks here.
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please stop wasting air and bandwidth if all you’re going to do is project 

you’re a great example of why Bosnians shouldn’t have access to computers
She was so pretty.. my little heroin princess.

She helped so many robots to lose their virginity. A true angel.
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thumbnail of charlie-brown-walking-charlie-brown.gif
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I remember being subbed to her youtube account and talking to her on one of her livestreams, back when she was doing the whole hamsters thing.

I can't remember exactly what I said to her but I do remember something inexplicably sad about her response. Her demeanor was just off putting, especially when she was talking about her old guy boyfriend.
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charlie png
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It was like interacting with a friend whose mom had just died.

I'll never get over the fact that she was only 4 months older than me, and that she was a Catholic like me too. I wasn't an oldfag like a lot of you who'd known about her since 2015 or whatever but I fucking miss her anyway.

I think her death and the phenomenon of her online disappearance and the fact that so many guys were literally in love with her despite never meeting her is like one of the most tragic and gut wrenching things I've ever witnessed.

There are so many life lessons here about the fleeting beauty of youth and the failure of weak men to protect women from the dangers of the world, and about people being cast aside by modernity, but I think the biggest thing I've taken away from it all is how lonely everything is. 

There's like less than 300 people left on the internet who frequent these boards, and who actually even gave a fuck in the first place. 

I know it's a natural part of life to die and be forgotten but I can't get over it. I don't want to die, and I don't want to forget her bros.
Yeah, very few girls like Ciara who are cool, high trust, affectionate and look ethereal on top of that. They're all bitches
Nope. It is her sister Catie. Pearl River. That’s her picture from track. 

For all the posting you guys do, it’s incredible how incompetent you are. 

You really believed her birthday was April 20th like on the fake obituary? Seriously? lol.

She wasn’t born on 420. She was born on *January* 20th.  She wasn’t born in 2000, either. She was born in 2002. 

Which by the way, census records confirm she was alive and recorded as 22  two years ago. 

Don’t believe me? Go have fun trudging through US obituary records. It’s a pain in the ass, especially when there’s nothing there. 

Since I’m already spoonfeeding everyone, I’ll leave this here. 

16 Short Way, SUFFOLK, Shoreham, NY 11786

Knock yourself out.
Nah her DoB is really 04-20-2020. Don't  ask me how I know it. You are probably looking at the records of someone else with the same name.
Though I agree that there is no obituary of her, not even those online obituaries that everyone automatically receive, even dead druggies. So it's weird to me. Also weird how no one knows the hotel she supposedly died in ,so we can't check in any way whatsoever.
> Don’t ask me how I know

Ooooo. Mysterious. 

T. You have no proof and you thought you sounded cool. Ball is in your court. Go ahead and prove me wrong.
you are either retarded or trolling. even her relatives celebrated her birthday on 4/20. that's not up to discussion.
Here's something everyone knows for a fact: you weren't around when Ciara was, and you have absolutely know clue what you're talking about.
Her birthdate wasn't some secret, dumbfuck, it's not something anyone needs to "prove" to you and it's not something that's up for debate. You don't even know what city she lived in, which is also something that literally EVERYONE fucking knows.
If you don't know what you're talking about, just shut your fucking mouth instaed of making retarded posts.
Nu-Ciara orbiters have to be some of the dumbest fucking people on this board.

The United States Social Security Death Index is only updated to 2014. We'll have to wait about five more years before we see her name on it and have to come to terms with the fact that she's just a pile of ashes and bone chunks and we're just a bunch of necrophiliacs.
You are looking at Ciara M Horan, age 22, Shoreham, NY who isn't our ciara. 
Btw Ciara's real full name is Ciara Noreen Grace Horan.

new activity also on linkedin.
there. there was activity on it also in 2020-2. why would her parents/friends/groomers keep logging in the profile?
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thumbnail of maybe ciara rip.jpg
maybe ciara rip jpg
(111.21 KB, 1080x783)
Maybe I found her. Could this be her? Anyone with an ancestry subscription could check this?


It seems that you can access the ancestry data for free if you live in Pennsylvania. Anyone? or maybe a VPN?
Lie. I'm pretty sure it was one of her irl bfs who got her hooked on heroin and hard drugs. Either him or an online groomer like Sosa.
r9k did nothing wrong.
thumbnail of Ancestry.jpg
thumbnail of Ancestry.jpg
Ancestry jpg
(57.03 KB, 667x326)

Anyone with access to the Horan Family Tree account on Ancestry.com can mark her down as dead or alive. 

So it's worthless in far as verify her alleged death.
I'm not sure if that entry is her, but it says that there is 1 source of her death and I think you can check it with a subscription or for free with an account from Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania State Archives has a partnership with Ancestry.com to digitize their archives btw so it's possible that the source is the State archives itself. People living in Pennsylvania or with a VPN should check that. There might be definitive and conclusive evidence of her death.
> Birth and death of brother Raymond Horan (2004-2004)

Did she have a brother who died prematurely?
Pennsylvania was a red herring. It was a temp visit. never a residence. She successfully made a ton of people focus on PA despite still being in NY the whole time.
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IMG_0034 png
(2.69 MB, 1284x2778)
That’s a lot of words for source: me.

You have the discussion and arguing finesse of a teen girl who pulls hair in fights and everything you have said thus far has been projection, unconfirmed nonsense  that you have yet to prove, or just outright bullshit. You have the self actualization of a two year old. 

Maybe that’s why you’re so retarded and your takes are exceptionally bad, logic has never entered your emotion dominated peabrain. 

Everything you “know” to be true is real exclusively to you and only to you, because you “feel” things are true because they make you super duper totally angry >:(

Aggression and unwarranted righteous self indignation doesn’t make you look right, it makes you look stupid. Quit wasting everyone’s time. Provide proof or log off, take your meds, and go play in traffic. 

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thumbnail of 1495255290037.jpg
1495255290037 jpg
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(165.87 KB, 974x1280)
Can anyone tell me where was the the memorial card first ever posted and by whom?

Again, you are looking at the wrong person. There is no catie horan in her family. Her sisters are  from Aisling (oldest), Katie(second oldest) and Helen (youngest).
ifaggot go back.
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> Can anyone tell me where was the the memorial card first ever posted and by whom? 

LSD leaked it but it's from Jay.

You're a mujahid of Hamas and you break into a settler house and find those four young jewesses. Which one do you liberate first? (The answer may surprise you)
Yes. Back in late 2016 when I first became a Ciara obsessive, I read every scrap of online information about her that I could get my hands on, include some very long transcripts of chats from Skype groups that she was part of. I distinctly remember someone saying that Ciara shared a photo of her stillborn baby brother with the other members of the group. The girl was an absolute legend and I miss her so much.
Isn't it weird that the memorial card said "coworker and friend", but the funeral was a private thing for the family and a couple close people.
Maybe jay got it from him. From the way he put it and his old instagram posts, it doesn't seem that he was invited to the supposed funeral.

It's easy to imagine her five years on realizing how unconvincing the death certificate was and mocking up a memorial card the second time round.
it probably would have been bad for her business. 
they say that she used to sell her little sister's nudes to redditors.
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thumbnail of kiki-broom.jpg
kiki-broom jpg
(221.31 KB, 850x1183)
lol i only now noticed that this is supposed to be a kiki cosplay

real weird shit considering i was re-watching anime not long ago and ended up fantasizing about kiki and looking for some rule34 with her

you can't tell me Miyazaki is not a fellow hebephile-in-arms when he made a 13 y/o cute anime girl ride a broomstick while wearing a short black dress with a striking red head-bow (red is a color of sexual desire)
Like the other dude said, you know the entirety of the orbiting community for most if not all e-girls were made up of pedo (you are as well, but let's pretend you aren't)
Idiots pretending to be something they aren't. They know they'd beat off to photos of younger versions of these girls.
hebes are not pedos. there's nothing wrong or unhealthy with liking sexually developed young girls, in fact the age of consent is 14/16 in most European first world countries. only cuckmericans governed by jews and trannies will call you a pedo for that.
Katie sure jawmogs 90% of the male population, tho her jaw is not as pronounced when she doesn't smile.

She should get contacts, get a longer haircut so that bangs would cover her side-cheeks, and maybe we could have a thread about her.
katie is one year older than ciara (2000) and all those pics are from her twitter or instagram. she wasn't a kid lmao
In case the handful of legit users of the board - who aren't that samefag replying to the thread every 5-30 minutes - wandering what happened: I deleted couple of posts which clearly depicted children.
It doesn't matter if the subject of the photos are adults today, when they are five on a photo, that is a photo of a child. Similarly perhaps a victim of a csam is in his/her 30s today, the footage still remains cp.
Besides I won't ever believe that she's +18 today for the poster above is a pathological liar.

Now to address a couple of posts:
Perhaps I misjudged you and we are on the same wavelength after all. Please help out and link posts where the subject of the media is u18. I'll scrub those. Thanks.
You know I wish you would stay at any other website - you clearly know where to stay -, but you are a trash carried by the wind, it blows you back here every time.
> What?
I think that unnecessary spotlight on this "pedo" board from reddit got your paranoid ass even MORE trigger-happy.

Not in one those images was she in any erotic context. In at least one of the deleted posts she was clearly older than the minimal age of consent in the US.
naw, i don't think we are on the same length of wave. personally i quite like teens even if under 18, or well under 18. and a board without under 18s sounds really lame, but it's your board so whatever. i'll go elsewhere.
These pictures got me thinking. We know Ciara's dad was verbally abusive towards her and seems like a pos. What was her mom like?
what if an anon seduced momma ciara and created a new ciara and raised her on the internet, i think this is a plausible outcome
> You know, might've been for the best that Ciara died young.

at least it spared us watching her turn into a toothless street druggie on streets of Phili,
who could possibly be 'triggered' by not being allowed to post sexy young teen girls. sickies

if she was a toothless drugie on streets of Phili no one would care. People who live that life all came from a normal life at some point,

Ciara knew what direction her life was in. best case it was clerk at a grocery store for life. worst case it was strung out drug zombie :

What is weird? The fact that we all love Ciara's mom - she's so hot - or the fact the admin unironically exchanged Ciara's older sister with an iphone 7 in her hands for a 5 years old topkek ?
she would just not get to that point, you really think jay, her parents, her sisters, her friends, her orbiters would all abandon her?
most of those people come from broken homes or can’t manage social relations, that’s not ciara

I appreciate the bit and the point it's trying to make, but at this point I unironically want to see Sinéad's feet.
what about that looks not legal? those were recorded shortly before her death when she was 19. go back to wherever you came from and also kill yourself you stupid idiot.
Look unless you guys wanna fuck her dead body stop fucking talking about this bitch and move on she's dead find a new girl that is actually alive.

I wanna fuck her dead body. Or at least pass by her coffin at a funeral. Like a dead bird on the sidewalk, that strange sensation of seeing something up close that had
erstwhile never remained still long enough to be made a study.
This board is full of self-promoting ugly ass e-girls talking shit about the superior e-girls from the past. 

This could that negrette one or that midori retard. 
Actually, her was medoi, she was so ugly my mind couldn't keep this info. 

But there is also that abortion survivor Ika, that is confirmed to lurk around here too.

just imagine. you re some wanna be e girl. you heard stories about Belle bein rich n famous. so you set up an O.F. , absolutely no one subs, no wants to pay for your pics or vids, no one tips for your cam shows on cam slut watever. And, you find out you were lied to about bein an e whore. 

Anyways, so you are above person, on ere for whatever BS, scam runnin, and see men, whom you despise outside wallet content, who care about person died years back. I can see why they d be pissed off,
Indeed, it must be very sad to find out that all your potential clients are broke-ass spergs obsessed with dead and disappeared girls.

Besides, the irony of a board created to stalk e-girls getting stalked by e-girls is staggering.

im 98% sure its most of the ones comin in here to lash out and bark about findin a new person. a dude wouldnt care if another dude missed a dead woman,
ciara never posted on /agatha2/ you retard. posting yourself on r9k is obviously not selfposting, you need to post your ugly egirl pics somewhere for them to be reposted here you dumb cunt.
Calm down newfag. He's right. Ciara was a notorious self poster. She admitted to posting her selfies on qt and 10/10 R9K threads, besides spamming her selfies all over /b/. Not that the other girls are any different by the way.
And yes she used to secretly post also on the OG agatha and agatha2.
She was addicted to the attention.
Ciara posted often on /agatha/ and /agatha2/ on 8chan. Only reason she doesn't post here is because she's dead.
> posting yourself on r9k is obviously not selfposting
> posting yourself is not self posting
>  >posting yourself on r9k is obviously not selfposting
where the fuck else are egirls supposed to post?? rediit? there needs to be a primary medium where they can post themselves
Ciara had her dawr al-satr in 2016,and we are now living in the days of ghaibat al-kubra. The jews boast, "we have killed Ciara." But they killed her not, nor did she OD. Only the rumor appeared to them. And those who differ therein are full of doubts, with no certain knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety they killed her not.
The only thing is the family avoided making an obit because of her internet fame, but this just fueled rumors she is still alive. I his appears to bea bad idea.
I would link her sister's instagram too (not hard to guess) but I don't want to make janny angry
Usually self posting is used as an insult for those posting themselves anonymously pretending they’re not them. Ciara was the most guilty of this and no one comes close even in death.
idk what the fuck selfposting is used as an insult for but posting your selfies on endchan is pretty fucking sad in my opinion, cause this is an orbiting board, imagine some ugly bitch who gets no attention just posting herself in a male orbiting community cause no male wants to post her ugly ass on here.
That femcel desperation is kind of hot. And then I realize women live on journalist difficulty and then I go back to laughing at them.

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