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I have no doubt we will, friend. I always know its xmas or new years when we get our yearly rose video. it functions as a calendar for me. its the only way i know that another year has passed.
> alive
> not a drug addict junkie slut

She won. Rose won. Bow down you e-sluts.
> actually intelligent
> not just e-attention whoring

She won on so many levels. It's like she was on a league of her own compared to these other basic bitches.

I come here exclusively looking for someone new and active that makes me feel like her used to when she was active, but they are all just meh.
It’s up boys … rose didn’t disappoint . She is truly still the queen .
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she doesn't even deserve being here. she needs her own seperate board. rose will be the ever lasting queen of 4chan who didn't fuck up her life. kudos to her!
> 5\10 feet
> cute tummy
> doesnt dress like a whore
I guess she can stay.
That new video was something else. I was gonna be happy no matter what, as long as she posted, but that new video is so fucking good.
it's weird. her height and figure make her look like a fragile sparrow, but her attitude is that of a commanding dominatrix you'd gladly submit yourself to. at least, I certainly would
Alright Im starting to like her more and more. I like how she doesnt get offended or indignant over the shit people say.
35lvl and she looks hot and young as always
Shit these are some top tier genes that dont hit the wall untill over 40
If there was a girl that looks like sunny and ages like rose that would be gods greatest gift to the humanity
Never cared for her content, but nice to see that Rose made it without internet fandom consuming her soul.
I wish there was a haven for rosebros nowadays, she's the only girl who's actually still worth orbiting
I read somewhere (i think it was reddit) that there were some new contemporary pictures of her but of course they got banned from a site like reddit. That's something I would look forward to for example. It doesn't mean I'm going to stalk her just by looking at her pictures but websites like reddit are shit for stuff like that.
Rose has got wavy hair. It's wavy on the count it's waving good bye to her cuz she's going bald!
around 2011 she was doxxed. Since then she took a long break till 2016 or 2017, uploading maybe only once or twice inbetween. She till uploads, but only one video / a handful of songs around Christmas, usually on Christmas Day.

hi rose, if you're reading this. upload on December 25th this year instead of Dec 26th like u did a few years ago, it really fucked with my autism.

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New Reply on thread #7972
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