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Dear Board Owner,

This tranny board is clearly dead. Since you're a fag and wouldn't give it to Ashley herself when she asked for it, maybe you'll be gracious enough to pin this thread so that people know where to find her?

"Official" Ashley board is now at >>>/ashIeyj/ (the L is a capital I)

do you still want this board for the url or would you rather keep the new one?
That's up to Ashley. If you're the BO, just give her admin of this board. Her endchan username is xmr. You can confirm that by looking at the pinned post on >>>/ashIeyj/ or contacting her directly.
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BO you still here?
this cunt isn't going to give the board up is he?
> spam the board until it dies
> pretend to be on the high road afterwards
Stalin would be proud.
Of course it would die. Ashley is on the other board. There is no purpose to continue discussion here unless she is here. It's the tranny spammer that really put the nail in the coffin. He was on other boards doing the same shit. I think he's some foreign coomer who somehow stumbled onto this website not fully understanding the purpose of the boards.
you're the owner I assume.  you can tell who I am right?  I'm sorry for my contribution to what happened, though it was probably never going to go well regardless.
if Ashley apologizes for being a faggot and asks very nicely will you give it to her?
message me on discord or one of the other things if you prefer
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...much better resolution...
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...I always knew it was you. 

Just wait 'til Ashley finds out. This board will be cleansed of your defilement... in the fires of holy retribution! 

So it is written in the Book of Rage!
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...my contributions...
more like CUM-tributions...
...just sayin...
Posting to keep this thread bumped because the board owner is a STUPID CUNT
I told you but you didn't listen.
What do you mean?
BO isn't going to relinquish the board because he believes it grants power over you.
 Allow them to take it's memories so it can make new ones.
I'm the OP and I'm not ashley. Not sure if she's been in this thread or is even interested in this board anymore. But it's rightfully hers and would take the BO all of 30 seconds to give it to her. What a faggot.
She was given vol status and threw a childish bitchfit over it. She doesn't deserve it. The board will remain as a testament to better standards.
lmao bitter virgin cope. she's literally the subject of the board retard. And what standards you shitstain?? Yeah the current BO is doing a great job right now right? Love seeing all the tranny threads, the broken background, zero moderation, etc. Stellar fuckin job.
> vol status
what does that mean
Your tears amuse me.
volunteer status, like a mod. obviously she should own the board. like if you made a fan forum about dwayne "the rock" johnson and one day he actually contacted you and said "wow amazing site, can I administrate it and participate with my fans?" only an insane person would say no. it's literally the best outcome any "fan community" could ask for
u the only 1 cryin bitch nigger. i suggest you try learning what the inside of a woman's vagina feels like for the first time before playing with the big boyos
Ahh yes, I have heard of this Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.
why the fuck should she have control over the board just because it's about her? how much of a simp are you
Why should BO have control of it? Why does it bother you so much?
She's never getting this board. She threw a temper tantrum, she did this to herself. The board will never be hers.
Dude, no one actually even cares anymore. You can keep the board for you and your friend.
And this is why she shouldn't be in control of the board. She is now banning discussion she doesn't like, arbitrarily deleting posts that don't break any rules, and she has blocked posters from using tor. This board needs to be brought back so we can have UNCENSORED Ashley discussion.
lol you weren't even discussing ashley you gaslighting retard, you were having a dick waving contest with the other discord fags. it went on for like 50 posts in a completely unrelated thread. she made the right call. but you can hang out here and jack off to trannies if that's your thing (I hear that it is)
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the irony of banning for 'namefag drama' lol. ashley is the biggest namefag of all, the entire fucking board is dedicated to a namefag. i guess this narcissistic attention whore can't handle any discussion that doesn't directly pertain to her
so every post there has to specifically be about ashley? what rules were broken? who gives a shit if there are posts in an unrelated thread, the entire board is a sea of garbage anyway. oh no, I wasn't even discussing ashley! keep simping for this 3/10 attention whore in the hope of getting a crumb of pussy dude. but i'm sure you tell yourself that has nothing to do with it right? yeah, i'm sure you just do it because she's just soooo le funny and based. you'd totally still hang around and orbit her even if you didn't want to fuck her, right? come on, be honest with yourself. do you even realise how pathetic you are? she is probably laughing about what a bunch of losers you simps are while getting fucked by bf lmao. yeah, you can go hang out on that board and continue your sad desperate attempts to gain the favor of some dumb whore
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You're just a faggot. She blocked me as well and I deserve it. The thing is, I can't actually be blocked. I don't see what your problem is? She should be able to block anyone she wants and to delete her own board if she likes.
I feel like you're describing me and that's not my post.
She's not really a namefag. She's more of a YouTube personality. It's not like she was posting as Ashley Jones on a board before she made YouTube videos.
She's laughing. I'm laughing. We're having a good time. Why aren't you? Are you one of her exes she dumped or something? Wanna wrestle? Btw, have you ever seen the snow here in Colorado? It's thick and white like my cum.
BO i think you should give to board to ashley

if she records a video of herself apologizing
While on her knees, twisting her own nipples hard enough to make herself  whimper. (I'm not BO this is just an idea I'm throwing out. Sorry Ash...)
that's a good idea but just giving a non-ironic apology is probably more painful to her
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What does she have to apologize for? She's not your mother. She didn't raise a faggot.

Guess what I'm having for Thanksgiving. I'm eating Ashley and for dessert, I'm going to sniff her boots, and it's perfectly fine because we're both into vore as G*d intended.

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