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What are you going to stop doing for self improvement this year?

OLD: >>/517175/
How ? ? ?
Why ? ? ?
Steak and roast taters from mummybot tonight
I will stop poo'ing on my neighbours driveway.
Garn give up the dexies. Then the sugar. Then the overeating. Then my habit of sitting around wasting time rather than executing my plans.
Pajeet you have to go back.
Lucky NEET.
Good luck NEET. Sounds doable.
Good luck NEET.
big steamers
Haven't gone shopping ages.
Only got bits and pieces left.

What should I make with potatoes?
I'd make fries but I have no oil.
I've got spray oil, maybe I should make wedges
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1347e33a9a... mp4 (1.21 MB, 576x1024)

Just do what feels right.
Boil them and simply add heaps of butter and salt to them.
Thanks neets, I won't let you down.
If he has butter, he could simply slice them thinly and fry them in that.
This is the way
powdered mashed potato is truly vile
They do magic to make it taste good
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88eb7943af... jpg (92.7 KB, 640x853)
> iktf
t. executive neet commands skele
The same sort of thing will just happen again. 
All a collapse will achieve is the same result taking a bit longer. 
Although reverting to a gold dinah and destroying fiat might be worth it. 
You do it first. 
Different strokes. 
TiffinNEET is the third. 
They all live in the toilet block of his mind. 
Maybe he was on holiday on \g\
Well that's all very convenient isn't it. 
> tfw nidf steps in to set the story straight. 
Old Nuro only got drugs from toilet blocks.
At least one bad home NEET saw it too. I've seen it posted since. 
We'll keep coming back, night after night either way. 
We need more monk updates. 
Yeah, he's a good fella. 
Big cocks. 
He will in 90mins
How do you prepare for sleep? 
Threw them out. 
Silicone does not keep. 
It's more than 2.5x the girth. 
I bet you giggled like a girl writing this. 
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gravyb jpg (83.89 KB, 384x440)
Is this a banner?
I don't think we can claim that one.
Goon free day. 
Getting a head ache.
This sounds alright. If he has an onion, that would give it some bite.
Drink heaps of water
might go to bed
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Good night neet.
want some company?
Should you just withdraw from goon? Aren't you supposed to taper off or take benzos or something?
Good amount of (You). Thanks.
Good night NEETs. Sleep tight.
A real man can just quit.
Just makes me thirstier.
Not really, that's a good idea.
Rub it a bit for me.
I am making crumpets.
Can the NEET with long nails come over and scratch my itchy spots?
You're a piece of crumpet.
What are you having on them? 
I like butter and honey, or butter and Vegemite.
You said you would.
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thumbnail of nails.jpg
nails jpg (76.16 KB, 600x900)
> sultryduck.tiff
E's a noice bit a crumpet
I'm not letting you anywhere near my itchy areas.
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Untitled jpg (33.83 KB, 534x175)

Happy birthday to Coopers
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sneed png (764.24 KB, 691x691)
For the NEETs
drink the ESG koolaid
A doo run run run
I didn't know what that was and now I hate it.
Would rather go with chuck
Oi cunts I see you. The people I hate the most on this planet.

Christopher Poole
Abaddone Apollyon
Donald Trump
Barack Obama
Brian the intern at NASA
Maat parasite known as Glenn Beck
Mark Levin
Ben Shapiro
Inanna Aphrodite
George Soros
Zachary Hubbard
Pagan Christians
Blackhair witch posing as the Holy Queen and her Gook Daddy
Stanford University Scum
Harvard University Scum
Michelle Obama
Joint Chiefs
Austin Lee Meredith
The Pope
Uranian Serpents
Mongol Dogs


Fuck off singapore. Your best days were under british rule.
My beard is going grey before I can grow a proper one. 
I think I may have Flemish genes.
Make a list of who you do like.
What a strange post.
> Flemish
Sore throat?
My beard is 3/4 white but I have no grey hairs
My neck beard is red.
multicoloured NEET beards
What age did it start changing?
David &
King Yeshua in Clearwater Florida.
Those who are actually trying to do good on my planet.


put the wedges in with onion powder, chilli powder and salt.
just sort of sprayed and tossed them with canola oil.
Hoping for the best
> David
Are you an American?
I hope you cut them thin. 
Can we get a picture?
Sounds like it should be a good feed
I God
Yod He Vav He
Are you an insane person?
We already have too many of those sorry.
Hope monks managed to avoid getting stuck into mummybots liquor trolley.
Do you ever spray spit when you yawn? 
I've done it it the mirror before and it comes out from under the tongue. 
Reminds me of how snakes squirt venom.
A bet he's had a couple drinks and a choof with mums bloke.
No human. I am being honest. King Yeshua is my only son. I hid him in America. If anyone touches him they die.
Having a few peronis(buronis)
Long day at the wagecuck facility. One of these days I'll quit and return to the rose tinted neet days.
Apparently it's called gleeking.
Yeah wouldn’t surprise me if he’s downplayed the standards issue and had catch up drinks with them.
Awesome, you should go somewhere else and tell them all about it.
A few isn't an issue.
Buy comfy things with your wage so neetlife is better when you return.
> telling God to leave
God is not from singapore
And what it all comes down to.. 
Is everything is going to be alright.

We're all gonna make it.
Maybe the English left him there.
In my soul I'm still a poor neet surviving fortnight to fortnight so the things that bring me comfort are extremely cheap
That is a lot of information on gleeking
Is potato neet caravan neet?
That's the best way,too many wagies get used to wagielife spending.
Those sound like compatible neet identities
Cruisey should give potato neet an emergency donation so he can at least afford some instant mashed potato and gravox.
Cruisey needs his potatos he can't just go around handing them out
Emergency NEET payment
Dan and the colonel.
Emergency NEET potat
Forceful neet wealth redistribution
One day I will knock on your door and offer you all potat.
Dan is a bit fancy for me, I prefer to hit up Craig
SecretpoliceNEET scares me.
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thumbnail of 20220509_205638.jpg
20220509_205638 jpg (3.06 MB, 4128x3096)
Wedges with yogurts, red bean dip, jalapenos and avocado. 

It really wanted a salsa but I had no onion. 
Very little oil used,  I soaked the potatoes in salt water so the starch came out and they crisped.

An executive might use sour cream, jar salsa, tons of cheese
Wish I was an investor from UAE buying up Lagos slum areas
If you ever act on that fear he will know immediately
You can’t drink during fight camp mate.
wheres the tomato sauce
That looks yummy.
Are you the same NEET that only had a potato or a diferent potato NEET?
oo la la
I thought you only had potato.
I already knew.
I am worried that was a diferent NEET and he just got potat mogged
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thumbnail of friendless-pepe.jpg
friendless... jpg (58.26 KB, 699x1000)
Imagine how he feels, with his one potato and no dressings.
Had a brief conversations with the qt coworker today. She seems far too nice for a depraved man like me.
Thanks NEET.
Good acquisition of power.
They're the ones who are always drawn towards depraved and cruel men.
Woe, that poor NEET
I appreciate your attempt to give me hope, neeto.
Mum does not have a bloke that I know about
I’m feeling really naturally tired which is absolutely grouse
Did you have any standards today?
This could be a story you tell your grandkids one day.
Then I'd have to explain who potato neet is
That other NEET probably won't even reply now
Thinking about that at from the chinky today
I'm sure you could bring out her depraved side.
Didn't you have a choof with mums bloke last time you were there? 
Good to hear that you are handling the sober life.
One look at my frog folder and she would never be the same
thumbnail of 9546e8dd385ece7786b6da6fe66cc35c.mp4
thumbnail of 9546e8dd385ece7786b6da6fe66cc35c.mp4
9546e8dd38... mp4 (2.11 MB, 576x1024)
Nighty night NEETs.

Tonights food for thought.
Once he understood how empty and hopeless his one potato life was, he chose to end it. Authorities would later find his dessicated corpse wrapped tightly around a small unwashed woolies potato. It was his only friend.
See how comfy ausneets can be once we get rid of all the nasty neets who were posting earlier this evening?
Misso's cousin and her kid was here the other day. 
She saw the Gen and commented on the frog. 
I tried to open vocaroo but she went back to bipi or something.
> tfw I'm now part of some poor kid's childhood trauma
I like comfy.
Which one of us is on your mental roster for tonight's twink session? 
i bet it's Weber
It is the duty of older generations to traumatise children. It helps build character.
I hope they find the potato a good home after all that.

There has been some confusion between the NEETs.
I am BEAN NEET, who's shopping fell out of order and had an unscheduled potato dinner.
Today was nacho day, so I used the nacho condiments on the wedges.

In my opinion if tiktok was banned nothing of value would be lost.
I'm aware that some NEETs have been reduced to phoneposting in these difficult days; but this is no excuse for normie apps.
Some of the little shits I see at the shops could use a good traumatising.
> Nay
Well done mate
You will take the name we give you and you will like it
There will be a subculture in Africans in about 15 years obsessed with frogs and Dan. 
Her brother is a weeb, I got him pissed for his 17th birthday and made him watch Frank Zappa. 
Gentrification starts in the strangest of places.
Shhh,No more beans now,only potat
BEAN NEET is gone. He is dead. There is no more BEAN NEET. There is only POTATO NEET. The neet council does as it wills, and the neets suffer what names they must.
Ah. I thought it was weird that you got on so well with someone rooting you mum.
thumbnail of 7b19a6386cf203ebfdc291941c2cc0298fad8bfecf3053455a0c0b5475f17e04.jpg
thumbnail of 7b19a6386cf203ebfdc291941c2cc0298fad8bfecf3053455a0c0b5475f17e04.jpg
7b19a6386cf203ebfdc291941c2cc0298... jpg (29.31 KB, 800x522)
> There will be a subculture in Africans in about 15 years obsessed with frogs and Dan.
thumbnail of steak.jpg
thumbnail of steak.jpg
steak jpg (232.58 KB, 1379x1028)
That was really nice, steak was nice and rare and the prawns were cooked in a bit of oil, butter and garlic. Just a bit of salt on the tomatoes and they were done and provided a nice sauce for the dish along with the butter on the potatoes.
On the day of the potat, you will be made to choose between them and your vile beans.
I am from the Center of the Universe. I live in Singapore. Not the same thing. When my son is ready we leave this planet together. In the meantime this world will burn for making war on my son. Look around and see how bad it is. It is going to get worse. No one is getting forgiven for making war on my son. EVER. The lake of fire awaits them all.
Noice, the NEETs are feeding well today.
This new persona is the worst one yet.
I fully support this.
Sadly I think it will be put in a cage, passed over for adoption in favour of sweeter potatoes, then eventually put down once it gets too dry and shrivelled. Such is the bleak potato life.
Another potat NEET?
You're a sweet potato. 
We'll find a use.
We should tie reins to those noisy hyperactive kids at shops and use them to pull sleighs around like they were pack dogs.
Ficki ficki on your waifu.
Fucking monk left me with the goon shakes.
Long live potato NEET.
Wonder if monk will get a root in Wagga
A sign of brain damage. You should taper off with the help of benzos
I hope the other potato NEET is alright.
He's had his dinner mogged and his name stolen.
He better stay away from my cousin.
I hope you got consent.
> When my son is ready we leave this planet together
Better take plenty of beans with you to eat on your journey.
I wouldn't mind some pharmaceuticals.
I'm sure there is plenty of boongs out there.
He will put a baby in her inshallah
And by the neet formerly known as bean neet, no less. I was actually beginning to like single potato neet. He seemed like a scrappy underdog.The neet formerly known as bean neet is super annoying.
Woe, the lowly potato NEET.
I am being honest. You do not like what I say oh well. Bad luck will follow you all of your days. I am no actor. Neither is my son.This is no psychological operation. That Ishtar pig Magdalene and the Twitch gaming community are scum damned to the lake of fire. Touch my son and die. Tartarus the imitator is that black haired boy named Brian at NASA. He is not my son Yeshua. My son Yeshua has curly brown hair. A full beard. Blue green and gold eyes. The community of dirty nephilim are not him. Neither is that Redhead INUILLTAMMUZI in Texas. Keep trying me though human. I am going to continue destroying this planet.
He murmured something.
yeah, nah.
fuck off cunt
The HPV must flow!
You can consider HSBC financing in Australia suspended effective immediately.
G'night neetos

Look forward to my complaints about wagecuckland in about 22 hours time
Night m8
G'night wagieNEET
Maintain the rage against the wage.
Might block singapore neet.
I will tell the NEETs a story about a man with one potato.

It was halfway through the Syrian war and North Africa and the middle east were awash with drifters and migrants, there was clamouring every time a bus or a train arrived, the ports were operated by soldiers with rifle butstocks.
Nobody really knew who was in charge or what they were meant to do, some ports were taking ships, some weren't; many said they weren't but then did anyway.
Quickly anything that could float was towed out into the med with the hope some globohomo peace patrol would tow you across to the other side.
Deals were being done on the spot, thousands of dollars was going between two strangers hands in ten seconds, phoney tickets were printed, anyone with a uniform was constantly on their phone trying to get rich.

A NEET was laying low, having made an illegal border crossing and trying to wait for an opening to get the hell out.
The NEET has been arrested three times that week already (twice at gunpoint), but at this point that was part and parcel.
Law and order had broken down so the word "criminal" had no meaning.
the NEET was laying low, in a place that would normally have been packed but at this juncture was both safe and deserted.
The NEET was at a strip club.

Nobody had time to pay for a strip tease, the staff never turned up for work, the place was run by the mob and so remained open regardless.
The people assembled there had all played this game before.
The strip club had a fully stocked kitchen, while crowds smashed shops and looted supermarkets nobody even considered this. 
When one thinks of a whore house, one does not typically think about food; but out in the street people stranded in transit were thinking of little else.
The NEET addressed the owner/barman as if nothing were happening out of the ordinary and the barman was not holding a machete,
the owner told the NEET he would have to cook his own food and pay for it in advance.
Would the NEET cook the strip clubs menu? that would be ridiculous.
The NEET took stock of what was avaiable and put on some grilled vegetables and started rolling out breads.
Is it unusual to walk into a strip club during a riot and start making bread? Nobody thought so, as the machete wielding barman and the NEET had some flatbread and eggplant dip as an entre while the mains were in the oven.
The NEET thought about asking the barman to use his machete to cut the flatbread but thought better of it, the large Turkic man put the machete on his lap and set the table with full cutlery.
these are all nuro OC from when he was living in brisberg



Who cares! You face me when you die. Just remember that you pathetic worm. Enjoy watching the world burn.
And on the 8th day god fucked off
Just for that you get 10K years in the lake of fire.
The sudden drop in post quality has made me sleepy
G'night NEETs
Motherbot invited expected me to walk the dog with her friend and her friends 25 year old cancer survivor daughter. I pussed out. 

Sucked in
As the NEET was trying to sauce some moldy tomatoes he noticed a new figure walk in; though several people had entered and left picking up various bhigh testosteronegings and pieces of furniture.

This man was squat, bald, overweight and dressed in rags; but appeared as though he had great strength.
One could notice small parts of tatoos under the mans clothing as he nervously shuffled his way inside and cowered in a corner. He appeared to be from the dirty cosmopolitan part of Russia closer to the south east, with a nose broken beyond natural geometry and a putrid odor the NEET could smell even from the kitchen.

The Turkic host said nothing as the man entered, no acknowledgement was given by way of gesture either. 
The NEET assumed the Turkic man preferred not to speak and simply accepted this at face value.
It's hard to survive in the underworld and silence is a passable stand in for respect.
As is flatbread.
The NEET emerged with some fresh pasta filled with a vegetable and legume patte, made by using a empty bottle as a roller and driving the water off in a pan. The pasta was served with a simple tomato sauce, the tomatoes having been boiled back to sanitary standards and the skins grated.
There was more bread, this time slightly leavened and served with roast garlic,salt, and oil.
The NEET looked at the Russian man in the corner, shivering and visibly miserable- but the Turkic host pre-empted the NEET by placing the machete back on the table.
The Russian man was not welcome, the host simply didn't want to cause a scene.
Why with only three people there would it matter? This was obviously a matter of the proprietors pride, opening his strip club during a riot and standing ready to take customers though he had no staff, nothing to sell and the whores were all in hiding for fear of kidnap by the human traffickers who had swarmed on the transit town.

Having finished eating the NEET reached for his wallet, asking in English how much he owed.
The Turkic man was momentarily angry, the role of host and patron being momentary reversed.
"five" he gestured. This gesture was obviously taxing for him, even as far as gesturing went.
This was simply for the sake of ensuring he didn't contradict his previous position, "five" could have been in one of six currencies, but the NEET knew better than to reach for the USD. This was simply a courtesy payment.
The host sensing the NEETs agitation softened somewhat and gestured with his elbow that the Russian should be fed.
The NEET scrammed up a plate of whatever remained- little pasta but enough sauce and bread.
Using a platter and filling a glass of water he took it across the damp odorous room to the Russian, checking his expression so as not to show any sign of having noticed the odor either of the room or the Russian himself.

The Russian looked like a rat caught in a trap when he saw food approaching, he looked left and right for a place to dart but being in a strip booth was cornered.
The Russian checked every pocket to make sure nothing precious was likely to fall out if he had to run.
The NEET put the tray on the table and looking at the floor backed away across the room.
Realizing it was a gift and not a challenge the Russian man ate without thinking or with any regard for manners. It immediately occurred to the NEET that this was the reason the Turkic man took offense, sensing the Russian had been reduced beyond respectable conduct in his establishment.
Why should it matter if the Russian licked the plate? The same reason the Turkic man didn't immediately throw him out- respect.

The Russian drew out of his pocket something wrapped in silver foil, broke a piece of whatever it was off and rubbed the already licked plate with it, licked the plate again then buried the tinfoil into his pocket.
Truly this man was starving, not the lean hunger of the poor- but the rabid starvation of someone spontaneously deprived of food, feeling the fat liquefying and burning in his own stomach.

The Turkic man was behind the bar again, and half turning but not making eye contact he spoke wordlessly to the NEET. "This is why I don't let starving people in here". The NEET put his face in his palm, evidently he would not be feeding the Russian again.
The NEET got out his phone, and speaking clearly to the Turkic man he asked if he could use it- it was a strip club after all.
But his thoughts were elsewhere and the NEET had only spoken a single word, not in Turkish, Arabic or French but in Russian: "Mozhno".
Before the turkic man could react the Russian had crawled halfway across the room, speaking so quickly and with such a strong accent that the NEET could not understand him. Obviously this man was not raised in Russia, but there was no time for this as he entreated the NEET with open hands.
"I was coming.......no....and they.....money....police...." it was a familiar story, but obviously the Russian's first time.
Yelling could still be heard outside and the touts whipped the people up into a panic to sell taxi fares towards ships that would never set sail.
The Russians increased agitation at hearing this yelling belied how little he understood about North Africa.
Weber said he wanted to splinter my arse into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds once.
Weber hacked into a train management system and demanded the female driver to masturbate for the in-cab camera under threat of detailing the train once
The NEET observed on the tattoos that that man had on his forearms, none the NEET recognized.
Calming the man down by waving at a chair the anxious Russian was seated, which was fortunate because the Turkic man behind the bar had the machete out again.
Slowing down the Russian explained that he had been sent to the city on business but was trapped when the place went to hell.
The city had not gone to hell overnight, the NEET though it very strange someone who had no idea millions of Syrians were fleeing through it would be sent so far abroad- but this seemed to be exactly the case, maybe this was the Russians playing a sick joke on this hapless man.

The banks were closed, the credit card machines were not working, there's no way out, nothing is for sale, police are arresting people at random.
The NEET could have observed all this for himself simply by peeking through the strip club's blinds. This was not news.
Finally the Russian broke down, the hotel owner at the last place he was staying demanded money and he had none, so the Russian had spent several days hiding in the hotel too afraid to leave but unable to pay. 
Again this man obviously didn't understand North Africa, in Russia if someone demands money they usually mean it but out here it's simply a way of opening negotiation.
The Russian could have probably offered the hotel one USD a day with the rest owing and they would have taken it, but it really seemed like the Russian didn't even have a kopek and had not eaten in days.

The NEET ordered three shots of palinka but the barman declined, the NEET took this as a warning.
he payed the full price for the two shots and gave one to the Russian, who immediately knocked it back and was momentarily silent.
Finally he spoke "will you help me get to Italy?".
This was a stupid question and the host had finally had enough, he banged the handle of his machete on the table and pointed at the door.
The blade of the machete wobbled slightly, as it was of the plantain variety.
The Russian was terrified, he had nowhere to go and feared the streets, he again looked left and right.
The NEET recognized this challenge was not directed at him but he would have to abide the hosts demand, and picked up his satchel deliberately.
The Russian was still looking his he might try to run into one of the back rooms, but in an instant the host had come around the bar and thrust the machete under the Russian nose, yelling at him in what the NEET assumed was Turkish. The NEET also noted a small tatoo behind the hosts left ear- the host was a gay man.
The nerve of the Russian broke and he started crying and cowering, he was scared to go outside and could not think clearly, the NEET knew better to interject.
The host yelled "money, money", lowering the machete and looking as though he would just slap the cowering Russian.
Painfully, as if drawing a arrow from his chest the Russian reached into his pocket and withdrew the tinfoil covered object.
It was a boiled potato, of which a small piece had been broken off earlier.
The Russian placed it on the table in total abandonment.

This struck everyone hard.
The Turkic man cursed in Arabic and stormed off behind the bar, he poured himself a slug of blank spirit. He had officially knocked off work.
The Russian looks around wet faced, was he safe? Did nobody want his potato? He didn't dare to put it back in his pocket until the Turkic man glanced back and seeing it was still on the table waved him to keep it.
Carefully the Russian checked the tinfoil wrapping and put the potato back in his pocket, he had been passed over.
The NEET simply say back down, holding his satchel in case the demand to leave was made again.
For a time all three say in silence, the host drinking an alarming amount of straight liquor.
Every time I go to take a shit, the indicator light on the webcam in my toilet bowl flashes green and air raid sirens go off at Weber's house.
> about a man with one potato.
I can tell it isn't about a Lithuanian man. No Lithuanian man had a one full patato.
Good catch-up.
You could've got your willy wet
Well memed.
A good feed.
Good meal.
He needs semen retention during fight camp.
The NEET had a few meals worth of food in his satchel but didn't even think to offer any; this was not a place for charity.
leverage was everything in North Africa, money couldn't get you anything here. The first soldier or government official would rob you blind, millionaires became destitute overnight and this was exactly why the touts and traffickers were whipping up panic.
This is why the NEET was laying low, there were always ways out- but the current of desperate refugees was like a river in flood, find yourself among them and you will be swept away regardless of who you are or what you know.
The NEET had spend the last week in a whore house forging paperwork, it was less about the money and more about the information.

Italy was not an option.
Europe didn't give a shit about the Africans money and there was an election coming in Germany.
The NEET asked the Russian where he could stay until this blew over, this was met with confusion.
The Russian explained that he couldn't go "back", nor could he stay here- he hoped to get on a boat to europe.
This was not a very original plan but the man could not be blamed, Soros had sent hundreds of agents into the region promising passage to Europe under Merkel and Syrian and non-syrian alike took off in a frenzy to start new lives.
This flood of missions of desperate people formed a great flood, choking and trampling on each other.
If the Russian was left to his own devices he would not have got far.

Peeking through the blinds he saw the street was calmer, and the NEET ducked across the road to a narrow shop that had several cabinets pressed against the windows and no lights. 
The signs had all been taken down but the neet noticed places on the glass where a sticker had been torn down.
This store had some connection to the coptics, and the leverage the NEET needed was his rubber shoe heel and a square metal card. The remarkable thing about rubber is how much it can be compressed, the NEET drove the rubber between the card and the door until the sheet force pushed the door open a crack and into this crack the NEET yelled various threats and demands until the shop owner emerged. This coptic motherfucker was to produce potatoes or bad things would happen to him.
The NEET then walked back into the strip club with a bag of potatoes, things were easy in Africa if you had leverage.

the NEET found the Turkic man passed out behind the bar and the Russian had not moved an inch.
sneaking behind the turkic man, who now looked far more childlike and who's hulking appearance now looked far more femenine. The NEET put a large number of potatoes on to boil, he sat back down.
"oonasyest Kartoshka"
Suddenly the look on the Russian face brightened all at once 
Both his suffering and the suffering of the city was self inflicted..
The Russia looked down at his left shoe, thinking about how he had come to this point, starving, reeking in a strip club during a riot.
They had become caught in a tunnel, in front of them was Europe and behind them a war; but this dichotomy was their own.

The NEET picked up the phone.
The Russian offered the NEET half the tinfoil potato, and we ate it with the last of the tomato sauce 
In ten days they would be in Bulgaria, touching down in an airfield devoid of immigration control, both men leaving behind years of misfortune.

kek, we tell similar jokes about Poles.
Thinking about Cruisey casually tossing a couple of silicone cock rings into the bin with the food scraps.
Success. Say hi to the NEEToes.
Out with the silicone cock rings, in with the anodised cock rings.
Can’t sleep. Mind racing with immediate visualisations of unfucking my life when I get home, the redemption arc, the rearrangement, cleaning out the mental and digital and physical closet, the healthy grocery haul for new recipes, the fresh sheets, the watered and thriving houseplants, the cleaning of and peace negotiations with the venetians. Images of a brighter future, a nicer flat, a gf, a comfy and stable job, respect, health, accomplishment, Everest, a dynasty, enlightenment, a noble death. 
The goon haze lifted, glutamate rebound, pent up dam of cognition overfloweth.
I am tired but woeless
It is good you can see a positive future for yourself.
But remember there will be setbacks along the way.
One step at a time.
Good shit mate, this is nice to read.
Of course, I’m no stranger to short bouts of motivation 

Thanks neet
please tell me to go to bed, anyone
Go to bed. Now.
thank you neet. good night.
Good night.
real neet hours
thumbnail of nightshift.png
thumbnail of nightshift.png
nightshift png (305.99 KB, 740x738)
OG NEET hours
What does this phrase "felted" mean?
I have been seeing it recently.
The memes move too fast for me these days.
Don't encourage upstart memes. I'm in the process of creating a website that will let you experience a particular year of your choosing, and only read and view memes from that year, and translate all current memes and happenings and social media stuff into memes that were popular in that particular year. Yeah, it'll work.
Isn't wayback machine already doing that purpose?
Yes mexico, but mine will monetise it. You need to understand the ways of the white man.
Jews aren't white.
Pepe is the only meme any honest NEET needs.
Maybe a Wojak every now and then, or a Gondola.
Ironically in spite of chronic insomnia, I've never worked nightshift. A missed opportunity. Probably because I've hardly ever worked.
They say working nightshift is bad for your health, but that may just be an urban myth.
Anyone still awake ? I woke up because I had to take a shit
I am awake.
Can any of us truly be considered to really be awake?
Food for thought.
Morning neetbros. Another day, another chance to do something with your life.
having a mondster
I'm poor, so I have to start the day with aldi energy drinks
I had one of those and it was terrible.
Morning neets.
She loved the bugussy.

I went to sleep listening to a headspace bed time story. That was the last thing I thought/heard.

> had an unscheduled potato dinner.

Aesthetic feed, yum.

Good night NEET. Sleep tight.

Thicc post.

One of the only banks that doesn't charge currency conversion fees on transactions.

Good night NEET. Sleep tight.

> I pussed out. 
It would have done you well. Go next time.


> detailing 
Polish clean?


> peace negotiations with the venetians
Very important.

> Images of a brighter future, a nicer flat, a gf, a comfy and stable job, respect, health, accomplishment, Everest, a dynasty, enlightenment, a noble death. 

> I am tired but woeless

Sounds do-able.

Good morning NEETs.
Funds are safeu
it goes down
I don't know what you are talking about
Nobody does.
thumbnail of ahhhhhhh.mp4
thumbnail of ahhhhhhh.mp4
ahhhhhhh mp4 (4.82 MB, 1280x536)
thumbnail of 1588882774190.jpg
thumbnail of 1588882774190.jpg
1588882774190 jpg (62.31 KB, 554x563)
You ''will' be!
thumbnail of Jana.png
thumbnail of Jana.png
Jana png (106.65 KB, 300x200)
thumbnail of Nadia.png
thumbnail of Nadia.png
Nadia png (83.28 KB, 300x200)
She isn't in my database.
From initial? Never
Linkies remain stinky.
thumbnail of 8db4026498a9703e21d9bedb77ee4780-imagejpeg.png
thumbnail of 8db4026498a9703e21d9bedb77ee4780-imagejpeg.png
8db4026498a9703e... png (232.71 KB, 495x504)
Good morning Sir/Madam
Rule 6
6. Images containing gore or anything else likely to shock or disgust must be spoilered
G'morning NEETs.
I just released that steak back into the wild, it was yearning for freedom.
thumbnail of GM2.jpg
thumbnail of GM2.jpg
GM2 jpg (107.61 KB, 716x711)
> The show’s ratings have dropped off a cliff since a woman took the lead role, probably due to you know, script problems or something.
> The announcement put to rest rumors that the Doctor was going to be played by a set of floating teeth.
> as the doctor “travels through space and time to slang rock and blast on niggas that been did him dirty.”
> Asked if he meant that the sonic screwdriver will be in the shape of a giant African horsecock, Davies cleared things up: “No, he will literally use his giant black horsecock as his utility tool. Whenever there is a problem with busted technology, he will whip it out and start humping it.” Davies explained this tweak will incorporate traditional African scientific methods.
Good morning NEET.

> it was yearning for freedom.
Are you?
Yes but not in a down the toilet way.
I just realised that neither of those women look real.
It's more like they are badly made Sims or something.
Well, there's 60 years of doctor who episodes out there people can watch if they don't like the black doctor. I never much cared for the show myself, except for the title theme, which I loved:https://youtube.com/watch?v=QNszKKAtEwU 
You should look at Instagram some time. Millions of plastic looking duck lipped cookie cutter clones.
thumbnail of moss.jpeg
thumbnail of moss.jpeg
moss jpeg (549.54 KB, 2000x1288)
Morning NEET buddies.
stuck in the liminal zone between sleep and being energetic enough to do something
I'm not your bud, pal
G'morning NEET
thumbnail of soy.png
thumbnail of soy.png
soy png (5.41 KB, 210x240)
> tfw neetzoned
thumbnail of 20220504_105719.jpeg
thumbnail of 20220504_105719.jpeg
20220504_105719 jpeg (673.62 KB, 2000x1904)

They were well paid in the 14th an 15th century because the black death had come along and wiped out most the population, creating a labor shortage.
> Lord Leverhume
I heard a fringe theory that the black death was because they switched from wood to coal and didn't have proper chimneys or some shit
I see where you're going with this.
> Failing to find sufficient voluntary workers, HCB turned to the Belgian colonial authorities, a brutal regime notorious for their use of a system of travail forcé (forced labour). The Belgians were "grateful to have a partnership with an enlightened entrepreneur to help salvage their battered reputation"[47] and it allowed Lever to recruit the Congolese workforce he needed. Leverhulme's participation in this system of formalised labour has been documented by Jules Marchal, who contends that, "Leverhulme set up a private kingdom reliant on the horrific Belgian system of forced labour, a program that reduced the population of Congo by half
Good morning NEET.
Back is feeling a lot better. 
No goon or choof last night. 
About 30hrs sober, longest time in a while.
> About 30hrs sober, longest time in a while.
It's what the body needed!
Healthy sober NEETs
But it worked.
Think I'll have a little sesh this afternoon.
Had a wank?
Yeah, I just thought it was funny that a slaver was talking about how well paid labourers were.
Down to the last few teaspoonfuls of Nescafe
Snort it.
Don't waste it orally
An accidental one. 
All I can remember from the dream was flying a jet. 
Was pretty exciting.
thumbnail of 06dce5c2bcd16fcfe712ea7c60f57297d660a2e1bf46c6901dc32907b37d3971.png
thumbnail of 06dce5c2bcd16fcfe712ea7c60f57297d660a2e1bf46c6901dc32907b37d3971.png
06dce5c2bcd16fcfe... png (95.64 KB, 300x300)
Not for long
I haven't had a wank since Thursday night or the early hours of Friday.
That's what you think.
I only smoked 2 (two) joints yesterday and I have a weed hangover this morning.
Good feeling innit
Yeah the existential terror feels real good.
thumbnail of Diver's body.jpg
thumbnail of Diver's body.jpg
Diver's... jpg (430.15 KB, 709x1759)
Perhaps he tried to do a line underwater
That is a lot of cocaine.
Glad you are feeling better.
interdasting that he made it back to shore with everything before dying
I was under the impression 'the bends' take hours to kill
If he was off his nut on the coke he might have got stuck or had breathing problems underwater
yes but that sort of thing usually leaves them down there, dead
guessing he either had a heart attack that happened after he surfaced (or was slow enough to allow him to surface), or some kind of bends-related embolism
thumbnail of 1652124930315.jpg
thumbnail of 1652124930315.jpg
1652124930315 jpg (168.29 KB, 1130x1280)

Possum told me he'd give me the bends once.
Hard work is a spook. It’s all luck
I know the perfect cure.
Praise Fortuna
Lol, nah,not till the arvo.
> Today was nacho day

There exists no such day. Nachos can be eaten anyday of the week, unlike tacos which can only be consumed on a Tuesday.
I have told myself 1600 is clock off. Need to do stuff until then.
Can you make me some nachos please.
I'm doing the same, none till after all my chores are done or 3pm, whichever is later.
It does make getting things done a lot easier.
Are these choofheads neets or just wfh niggers?
I have to see a bloke from 1-3 anyway so ...
Although. I could try to get someone else to do it. 
That's about as much work anyway
thumbnail of query.png
thumbnail of query.png
query png (97.59 KB, 612x491)
Was the NBN a mistake?
We are niggers, this is a nigger board how did you not know this?
thumbnail of depressed.jpg
thumbnail of depressed.jpg
depressed jpg (74.72 KB, 960x960)
> tfw still haven't clocked on
I'm finding I'm enjoying it more when I do smoke, getting stoned rather than being stoned if that makes any sense.
Yes. 5g is better.
I will call you bigg nigg from now on.
My NBN is slower than the old setup.
Could be some newbies guess thinking that was a mistake.
Yeah, I no longer enjoy being whacked all day. 
An hour or two is long enough.
thumbnail of bignig.jpg
thumbnail of bignig.jpg
bignig jpg (21.06 KB, 400x400)
huge waste of taxpayer money that should've been spent on affordable housing instead
We'll get there.
tfw unmotivated?
thumbnail of forgot my lunch at home.mp4
thumbnail of forgot my lunch at home.mp4
forgot my lunch at home mp4 (2.48 MB, 1280x640)

going to the bank and then pre-poll voting
I like it most of the time but it is more fault prone. I doubt I would have access to the speeds and data allowance under anything Telstra was going to run.
must have been a good lunch
I have no salsa, gaucomole or sour cream.
How do you prepoll?
> tfw clocked off 10 years ago
That's a good moofie. Should put it on the horror list.
thumbnail of Untitled.png
thumbnail of Untitled.png
Untitled png (516.36 KB, 355x717)
Took me a while to see it
Are there any drive-thru polling stations? I can't be fucked dealing with all those annoying cunts handing out propaganda. They're worse than the lifesaver cunts sitting out front of supermarkets. Might just not vote and pay the fine.
No O..? 
I don't get it.
Lame. I want to punch the person who did that.
3rd row from the top
Grab me one of those little pencils please.
Well rested and not hungover, first time in ages. Kino
Postal vote would be your best bet. Not sure if they still do them or it’s too late.
thumbnail of thumbsuppepe.png
thumbnail of thumbsuppepe.png
thumbsuppepe png (165.39 KB, 840x709)
Have you started getting a plan together?
Have to do the application by the 18th
> Kino
Nah your bender was kino, this is not
Someone is worried they will be the boards biggest gooner if Monk sobers up.
> bender 
He was just existing in his unit while his creditors circled around in his final weeks. It was pretty sad.
He wasn't the biggest anyway.
What if his creditors send thugs after him to retrieve the money he owes? There could be a massive street battle in wagga wagga.
The marks will be on his credit history that he can fix when he returns to wageing after his fight camp. Stronger, better and more Chad.
thumbnail of wagga.png
thumbnail of wagga.png
wagga png (39.76 KB, 632x590)
> a massive street battle in wagga wagga
Seems like that happens a lot
Bogans gonna bog.
Or he could take out a 30k loan and then just stay on the dole and sell crack in wagga.
How do you apply for a crack loan?
That's great to hear Monkey Boy, though the DT's don't usually hit until a few days after cessation. Stay strong.
Don't they do meth in wagga? Crack seems like city slicker degeneracy.
> tfw monks got me thinking about getting on the wagon
A lot of country towns are full of crackheads,high unemployment and not much to do.
Sauce of this?
Go to your nearest pre-poll centre.
I am back from doing just that. Having a Dare.
I just got a scam call from some gook woman saying she was from something something research company that does important research.
I may have yelled "YOU FUCK DOG,YOU FUCK DOG IN ARSE" a few times before she hung up.
You should've asked her what she was wearing. Women shouldn't be using phones without their husband's permission anyway.
> Women shouldn't be using phones without their husband's permission anyway.
I always ask them to put their husband or guardian on.
Kek, I will have to remember that one.
thumbnail of Savings.png
thumbnail of Savings.png
Savings png (2.44 KB, 708x75)
thumbnail of lifeline2.png
thumbnail of lifeline2.png
lifeline2 png (24.06 KB, 485x303)
C'mon, you should already know this stuff, trying for phonesex with random women who are forced to talk to you for work related reasons is like basic neet dating 101.
The very important research bit spoiled my erection.
Made all the more exciting by the prospect of government financial assistance being cut off, or being reported to the police.
had to share my screen briefly, and the file titled "[company name] nigger shit.txt" was clearly visible
nobody said anything
Kek,HR will be after you with knives and razors
Double Dare?
Never tried that, powdered eggs or milk.
> if tiktok was banned 

OliveNEET would off themselves right quick!
Another cold day perfect for lying around in front of my computer and watching trashy youtube videos on the paranormal.
Oliveneet offed himself some time ago after olive sent him some dick pics.
[email protected]
More or less. Wanna go home already 

I don’t think I’m that far gone to get DTs, it’s only been 15+ standoes for a few weeks or months
Kiss the cutest girl in class then fart in her face?
Drained another sack of Australia's purest water, Pureau, 100% guaranteed free of chlorine, flouride, sodium & additives.
That's what the good book sayshttps://youtube.com/watch?v=1SigvSdzIWU 
> Wanna go home already 

> I don’t think I’m that far gone to get DTs, it’s only been 15+ standoes for a few weeks or months
you might feel a bit shit on day 4 or 5
Hearty kek.
going to cook some more tempura nuggers
Do you have enough food?
> Wanna go home already 
Not yet, a few more days at least otherwise you will go straight back to gooning.
I can spare him 3 tempura nuggers and a slice of white bread with a thin scrape of butter
biggest put off for me with bottled water is it's in plastic bottles
You are avoiding some of the shit they add to tap water but won't there be some stuff leaching off the plastic?
> t. KindNEET
he needs three or four weeks
I suspect he'll go back in a day or two and resume drinking and just not post about it.
> won't there be some stuff leaching off the plastic?
Is the water more acidic is a good question to consider.
What sauces you got to go with them?
Microplastics put hair on your chest m8.
> not post about it.
Nah monk doesn't respect us enough to bother lying to us.
> he needs three or four weeks
True. But what he sticks to is another matter. I hope it helps him and he can truly move onto chapter of winning.
I have 3 thingos of KFC tomato sauce
I may have lied to that NEET yesterday.
Just went to Rivers and they only had one type and colour of plain cotton shirts.
I do m8 thanks for asking. That savings account is separate to my main one which still has 50 bucks to last till Monday. It's been empty for years.
Glad we didn't get nuked yesterday, thought the russkies were going to do it during their annual victory day thingy
Gotten down to a quarter dexie every 18 hours. Slowly getting there.
Probably the only way to save whites in europe at this point tbqh.
All the NEETs are getting clean.
The Day of the Sober aproaches.
Same. Any fatFucks wanna swap their food addiction for a booze addiction?
Yeah as long as he phones me and tells me to get out in advance it's all good
I wonder if you'd survive if you got down in the sewers in time for the impact
I tripped the labor candidate over..  By accident. 
I was trying to get past the cunts giving out pamphlets and he stepped backwards.
> whites in europe
No such thing.
> sewers
yeah you'd want to die in a shit tsunami
Kek, well done
Did Putin officially declare war with Ukraine like the media was speculating?
Good work mate.
At a Serbian restaurant. 
The fella is darker than Misso.
Tell him you're Croatian.
No one is getting nuked
but there is an abnormally high level of military vessel activity in the Sydney harbor this morning
You'd have to stay down there though for a few years to avoid the radioactive fallout. Plenty of time to learn Ninjutsu ;)
Doesn't look like it but isn't that just a formality? They've been at war for the last few months by most definitions of the word
The shockwave might travel through the tunnels and kill you
Could live off the shitwater
thumbnail of ARREST_HIM.png
thumbnail of ARREST_HIM.png
ARREST_HIM png (2.12 KB, 173x64)
go away asioneet
thumbnail of Screenshot 2022-05-10 031956.jpg
thumbnail of Screenshot 2022-05-10 031956.jpg
Screenshot 2022-05-10... jpg (157.86 KB, 1407x1155)
Really considering buying these just so I can get into the sewers if the sirens start going off

Have you lads ever been in a man hole?
You should first download some ninjutsu videos from youtube, in case you can't find a sensei for a while.
Never thought about man holes too much until recently
Have you been watching Naruto recently?
Also look for urban exploration videos, they'll show you people exploring the drains and underground tunnels where you live.
I think you've been watching the Ninja Turtles a bit too much mate
your mum fucks me in my manhole
Some neets think about man holes far too often.
Aren't you an exec? Could you fit down a manhole?
> Serbian
> restaurant
pick one
Is this one a good start?https://youtube.com/watch?v=d0uDsL0xAdQ 
100kg isn't THAT fat. Obese but not morbidly so
100kg is obese for 5'4 britards
I shall have the restraunt thank you may keep the Serbian.
There is a single moustache hair that always stabs into the corner of my mouth. Only on one side. It's very annoying.
Your good deed for the day.
I'm 5'10 mate
thumbnail of maxresdefault.jpg
thumbnail of maxresdefault.jpg
maxresdefault jpg (151.06 KB, 1280x720)
> after 4 months in the sewers I have started to notice my body adapting
looks like he stole the exhaust pipe off the lancia
Hair clippers without a guard are good for every day shaving
For permanent 5 oclock shadow have the built in metal guard just out a tiny bit from the blade
You can put it all the way into the blade for the closest shave but I've found it can nick bits of your face doing that, so a razor is best if you want a close shave
thumbnail of Clippers.jpg
thumbnail of Clippers.jpg
Clippers jpg (99.59 KB, 925x1500)
I have these ones
He gave me a big smile afterwards. 
Still didn't vote for any of them. 
- Sustainable Australia 
- One Nation
- Lib Dem  
- can't remember
You know the worst thing about having something like clippers? Everyone in your family wants to borrow them all the time. All people who are financially much better off than me too. Too miserable to buy their own clippers. They turned me into an Ebenezer Scrooge type tight fisted miser, now when I get anything of any sort (no matter what it is) I tell no one about it. Bunch of freeloaders I tell you
I have the same, I no longer like clean shave.
Even have relatives (who are on well paying jobs) asking if I have trousers they can wear to a funeral. What is wrong with people?
I'd be generous if it went both ways but these people never do anyone any favours they only ask kek
A deadly weapon in the hands of an expert
I like a clean shave with my safety blade if I have to go somewhere meaningful or an interview or family event or something else like that
(Chance would be a fine thing)
An interesting vid about bread, featuring a science person with a big-arse mole on her face.
thumbnail of lel.jpg
thumbnail of lel.jpg
lel jpg (83.9 KB, 1294x733)

> bread
breada or brott
> Have you lads ever been in a man hole?
Yeah, we call it 'Nuro'.
The Nescafe gang strikes again
> Still didn't vote for any of them. 
Did you register your intention to vote then walk off?
> Naruto
I thought you were old enough to get the ninja turtles joke.
t. readingcomprehensionneet
Is that shopped or is she unbalanced?
> What is wrong with people?
They sound money hungry with a sense of entitlement like the Chinese.
I mean I didn't vote for any of the pamphlet pushers.
thumbnail of It's_All_So_Tiresome.jpg
thumbnail of It's_All_So_Tiresome.jpg
It's_All_So_Tiresome jpg (66.42 KB, 1022x731)
Got aviator style glasses off the opticians recently, big mistake, look like some sort of serial killer from the 1980s
Then I was looking around the web and went down a rabbithole about naturally fixing your own eye sight and the opticians industry being a scam that only takes your money and makes your eyesight worse
Feeling sleepy after rissoles, onions, cream cheese and brott.
Have a digestive nap
aviator style reading glasses? wtf?