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The show will continue on!

OLD: >>/518186/
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1651426348459 png (551.56 KB, 600x450)
SA Best A
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F6F0C6E5-8C9B-4C7D-90C1-B9... jpeg (3.6 MB, 4032x3024)

Three days of goon?
The fish and chip shop gave me way more food than one neet should dare to eat. But dare I may.
legitimately based
The fish and chips have defeated me. I will never be a real executive.
i like posting in the new thread
It's a victimless crime
Every new thread we lose at least one small brained neet who can't work out what those numbers next to the NEW THREAD message means. They are victims and we will never forget them.
whichever neet created the new thread so early is at fault for this debacle
ya fuckin new thread wankers!!
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thumbnail of 1424572516785.png
1424572516785 png (103.67 KB, 471x480)
yer a fuckin turkey mate
garn brush teefs
Anyone ITT
Turk from /afl/?
No link to the new thread.
Watching the gentleman.
Are you enjoying it?
Why didn’t you post it neeto?
Yeah, it's very good. 
Only drinking, not choofing.
Thoroughly enjoyed it. 
Hugh Lauries best film.
philosophising about existence
Watching Seinfeld so I don't have to. 
Jewish humour has the answers.
bad home fight.
Drunks, mongs, shitfights
internet connection also severely fucked
> Jewish humour has the answers.
It has the wrong answers.
who is fighting?
what are they fighting about?
Bad home NEETs in the last thread who saw it was ending but didn't post a link to the new one.
cursed thread that was locked after 10 posts while the old one died
Your a cursed thread.
several mongs, one being unknown to me.
They are fighting over nothing or some huge deal; it means nothing to me
You have not given proper details.
You need to explain the situation more clearly.
You need to bring us into your life in vivid fashion.
Let us live through you.
I find being this fat very embarrassing.
All the diet attempts fail.
The urge to gorge is overwhelming.
I went to bed at 9pm, hoping to sleep through until the monring and reset my sleep schedule to something sensible.
But I woke up at 1am and couldn't get back to sleep. So now things are worse.
I have applied for a postal vote for the upcoming election.
I am not going near all those normies.
You had to tick a box giving a reason you needed to do a postal vote.
I ticked the "Serious illness" box. Depression, anxiety and Generalised NEET Mong Disorder (GNMD) are a serious illness.
4 am neet reporting for duty
Tell them you're homeless, you won't have to vote at all
Do your catch-up.
I do, every morning. And every morning I am disappointed.
My posts are a highlight for their good humour and spiritual profundity.
Give me my (you)s.
You can't even use English properly you mong, I'm not giving you any pity (you)'s.
In what way did I not use English correctly?
I think we should adopt a later daily schedule during the colder months.
Getting up early is fine during spring and summer. But in winter it is dark and cold and your car windows are all frosted over or fogged up you can't even see when you are driving.
Businesses and schools should open a few hours later.
I am downloading Fantastic Beasts the Secrets of Dumbledore. A good torrent just came out.
I don't expect much from it. The previous one was shit.
Harry potter reached its peak back in 2001. It's been cancer ever since.
I haven't liked any of the movies.
I enjoyed all the books except the final one. Weak ending.
Yeah, letting women learn how to read and write was a mistake.
This 4am NEET is not a high quality NEET.
There are no high quality neets, particularly at 4 am
G'morning NEETs
I had a good sleep but I did a 30 second fart when I got up.
wazzup faggots
noun [con-clave]

1. a private meeting or secret assembly
especially: a meeting of Roman Catholic cardinals secluded continuously while choosing a pope
2. a gathering of a group or association

The NEET Council voting is secretive, and sometimes compared to a papal conclave, in part because of the history of unpredictable outcomes.
thumbnail of 57dad55a4db36a3a53622bbac2d07b97cae6dfa1ea871969a8d42598bc900621.png
thumbnail of 57dad55a4db36a3a53622bbac2d07b97cae6dfa1ea871969a8d42598bc900621.png
57dad55a4db36... png (61.44 KB, 1228x1502)
My dexie addiction is being replaced with a sugar addiction. I need to stop.
thumbnail of NEETConclave.png
thumbnail of NEETConclave.png
NEETConclave png (173.47 KB, 349x266)

Who is the real power behind the neet council? Also, were the borgias popes really jewish?
Me on the bottom left
Possum of course,and the Borgias may have been partly jewish or it could be lies depending on who you read.
You need to give your mask a clean mate
Good night NEET. Sleep tight.

Dental work is expensive.

There is a way of getting a dental voucher from Cenno for emergency dental work that covers the gap payment. That is probably the best way to not have teeth pulled.

What a feel.

You need to build up your strength.


The need to feed is a NEET feature. Probably not helped in the cooler weather when people binge more.

You need to do a sleep study or get something to treat it.

Perhaps I will watch it tonight.

The trust the plan conclave was meeting in two weeks.

You're a growing boy NEET.

Good morning NEET.
Good morning NEET.
Arse for days
> 'No chair is ever big enough': OnlyFans model , 29, who's had FIVE Brazilian butt lifts in a bid to get the world's largest bottom reveals the downside of her extreme figure
Let me be the first to exclaim "Vile!"
God, it's like a bad cartoon come to life
Thank you.
Thank you
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thumbnail of wat.png
wat png (3.49 KB, 785x24)
Is this a game of hangman or do koreans really write like this?
Interesting they got away without using the word family in their five values.
Gook is unique.
That would fall under socially conservative I guess.
> Socially Conservative means that the family, consisting of one Man/Husband and one Women/Wife with their children be encouraged and supported. That everything is to be done to support them and that as little as possible be done to harm them. That the family is the basic unit in society, it built the past and it will build the future.
> That the family is the basic unit in society
That's typically what you see in a value point.
such a fart face
Good morning Sir Madman
I won't stand for having a Britboong flag
Awesome. Double down on the Australian Computer Society model you cunts.
Fark off ya bleedin pommy cunt,go and eat prince charles
"Our policy is an online record of your expertise" congratulations on inventing LinkedIn you dumbshit
None of those five points are going to happen at once and if you had once chance to put all your eggs in one basket for success, I feel that
> Loyal to its own Heritage

Would have its greatest success and impact. The rest are pipe dreams, as politicians are self-serving. It's much easier to rally people behind a set of core beliefs, instill those rights into law and making it difficult in 10 years to revisit those principles to change them without a constitutional change. As time goes on, change will continue on but laws are much harder to change.
thumbnail of GM3.jpg
thumbnail of GM3.jpg
GM3 jpg (48.65 KB, 640x640)
Are we /pol/ now?
It's too early in the morning for this shit can't you save it for the arvo when the mongs turn up.
which posts have upset you sweaty?
The ones talking about politics in a pretentious intelectual tone obviously.
You're not very bright are you?
For all I know, you could have been referring to the ones about the IT skills register.
I am sorry for confusing your tiny little poofter sports obsessed brain mate I shall try not to do so in future.
Hope for the bussy flash sale.
monk is cranky off the standos
thumbnail of nazidog.jpg
thumbnail of nazidog.jpg
nazidog jpg (38.93 KB, 500x388)
We have always been /pol/, and will always be /pol/
Imagine the look on possum's face if he comes back to visit ausneets one day and sees all these slanderous posts about him.
I still wonder what happened to the gooner who drove to Dan's and got caught.
Wasn't that Monk? and he was lying about getting caught?
He took a wrong turn while trying to evade the cops and ended up in wagga
I have no clue. 
I am glad they were stopped as one image showed their car in the middle of the road.
But I have a yearning to learn more.
Name a more iconic lineup than the highwaymenhttps://youtube.com/watch?v=nOWjX4BpC24 [Embed]https://youtube.com/watch?v=aFkcAH-m9W0 
"Legislation makes it an offence for sex work to be carried out near schools, care services and places of worship between the hours of 6am to 7pm and on holy days"

So no whoring on Easter or Christmas day, and you can bone a hooker near a school but only outside of those hours. Imagine you're balls deep at 5:59am and she makes you pull out. You'd have a serious case of blue balls for the next 13 hours.
> you can bone a hooker near a school but only outside of those hours. Imagine you're balls deep at 5:59am and she makes you pull out. You'd have a serious case of blue balls for the next 13 hours.
especially when she then trots through the school gate
> Name a more iconic lineup than the highwaymen
Cruisey, Possum, and Weber.
The media has forgotten all about nuro's failed solo career.
Fucking David finally got back to me. I took all his shifts off him. 
Makes more work for me but these wagie fucks need to remember who works for who.
Thinking about creating General #514 now...
> remember who works for who.
Bossman power move.
I make the threads early with an estimate on how fast we will burn through them (sometimes we can burn through 100 to 150 posts in an hour). But if people cannot link the threads, I wonder what hope we have for people to make them and then good home NEETs make several threads and there is confusion.

I think it's me and someone else who mostly makes the threads. A few good home NEETs have made threads when we have failed though, which also serve an important role that needs to be recognised.
I've supplied maybe 85% of the frogs. Somebody else can take care of the threads and links and shite.
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thumbnail of unnamed (28).jpg
unnamed (28) jpg (48.05 KB, 640x360)
thumbnail of unnamed (27).jpg
thumbnail of unnamed (27).jpg
unnamed (27) jpg (58.29 KB, 640x360)
thumbnail of Hopeless.jpg
thumbnail of Hopeless.jpg
Hopeless jpg (237.68 KB, 1117x607)

> Somebody else can take care of the threads and links and shite.
I appreciate that duty which serves an important function, similar to the list edition NEET.

The whole community does participate in different ways, but there is a reason behind my logic. That sometimes the spammer decides he wants to make six threads. He's miserable and everyone else should be as well. Threads should be made much later and others given the opportunity without fear that some spergout tantrum will shut everything down.
I supply the titles. Between us we are a finely oiled machine for creating quality new threads and filling them with posts of shit.
Bought a dodgy orange juice. The label claims '50% less sugar'. Check ingredients; 50% orange juice, 50% water'. Tastes almost as diluted as the shit you get from Maccas.
> The label claims '50% less sugar'
I wonder about the need for such a claim. Do people add sugar to it because it isn't sweet enough is strange.
Day 4, took a while to fall asleep last night. Gonna try not using my laptop in bed tonight
Good progress.

> Gonna try not using my laptop in bed tonight
Shut it down at a set time every night to create a routine could help as well.
thumbnail of dd066-videomp4.mp4
thumbnail of dd066-videomp4.mp4
dd066-videomp4 mp4 (1.03 MB, 720x486)
See (you) soon.
Why is this so bloody loud?
I didn't appreciate it either.
thumbnail of 2022-05-11 10.43.57 satview.bom.gov.au 887b361eb9c8.jpg
thumbnail of 2022-05-11 10.43.57 satview.bom.gov.au 887b361eb9c8.jpg
2022-05-11 10.43.57 satview.bom.gov.au... jpg (483.83 KB, 2081x1139)
Good Morning NEETs

Fuck this fucking weather is fucking pozzed.
Good morning nuro. Hope you're not falling for the global warming meme.
Desire to goon rising
treat yourself unless you're monk.
Cyclone forming off WA coast. I hope NK used the extra-strength hair gel today.
Or that other neet who's drying out. Or that neet who's quitting the dexies and in danger of developing a terrible new habit.
thumbnail of goongarden.webm
thumbnail of goongarden.webm
goongarden webm (2.33 MB, 600x605)
Walk in my garden of delights friend.
I was just thinking to myself how the agenda would be going now if the globalists labeled it "global flooding" instead of global warming and or climate change.....

that cyclone has de escalated it was really swirling the other day
Good morning NEET.
I heard nuro formed the wrong opinion once
His opinions are just straight copies of popular 4chan sentiment
K thanks
it was just that once 

um seweety  /pol/ is always right 
these lying whores keep getting caught out
Pulled pork brioche for lunch.
> Lizzo
I can't wank to that.
Surprised the photos weren't censored like every other MSM outlet  has been doing. It's just a pile of bones ffs.
Pulled pork brioche for lunch have been consumed.
thumbnail of MONDSTA.jpg
thumbnail of MONDSTA.jpg
MONDSTA jpg (65.55 KB, 414x418)
I wonder if there is a smell.
Thanks. Having a sip at the moment.
thumbnail of Trev.png
thumbnail of Trev.png
Trev png (822.15 KB, 600x600)
Needs more Trev in the world.
only things that would smell would be recent things with meat on them still
Yum. I had a plain pie.
thumbnail of Coles Specials.jpg
thumbnail of Coles Specials.jpg
Coles... jpg (262.12 KB, 623x1011)
thumbnail of 100 PERCENT.jpg
thumbnail of 100 PERCENT.jpg
100 PERCENT jpg (144.83 KB, 618x614)
thumbnail of What did they used to taste like.jpg
thumbnail of What did they used to taste like.jpg
What did they used to... jpg (93.24 KB, 611x490)

Was it good?
> 100 PERCENT.jpg 
Most of their stock has come from China with a few bulbs from Australia that is often not at all fresh.
Very crumbly and I now have indigestion. I enjoyed it but the pain isn't nice.
thumbnail of 6A75FF3D-89FA-404E-80AB-37E079688B19.jpeg
thumbnail of 6A75FF3D-89FA-404E-80AB-37E079688B19.jpeg
6A75FF3D-89FA-404E-80AB-37... jpeg (3.69 MB, 4032x3024)
Bought some fresh rolls from the bakery and rolled my own today. I should do this more often I literally saved 11 dollars.
> saved 11 dollars.
Yes, you can make it how you want it.
Good job.
no sushi?
https://nypost.com/2022/05/10/high testosterone-musk-says-hell-reverse-trump-ban-from-twitter
lol fucked by the very word filter I suggested
> I enjoyed it but the pain isn't nice.
You shouldn't have hit it with a stick.
thumbnail of DASH CAMS.jpg
thumbnail of DASH CAMS.jpg
DASH CAMS jpg (440.59 KB, 864x2560)
No offence to Weber but this reminded me of the time he fell down and couldn't get back up.
Several times on the weekend Motherbat said things to the affect of "please don't fall over" while we were walking around.
Five weeks on my right leg is still sore to touch below the knee.
On Monday I booked a two night stay in the CBD for this Friday and Saturday. I got up and cancelled it this morning. Nobody wants to see a fat loser like me taking up space.
no had to use the chook left over from last night

the filter has become the filtered
this was pretty cool
That chinky feed last night resulted in a very loose bowel movement
If wages go up to keep with inflation the DSP should ho up to keep with inflation
> DSP should ho up
recipients are already a bunch of hoes
Serves you right for supporting those commie fucks
A nationwide poll about one electorate 
Kooyong is mostly old money liberal voters
> he fell down and couldn't get back up
Sounds like a turtle. Shitey should take care of him.
article comments are good
I wonder if shitey ever fed dexies to the turtle, just to see what would happen.
Rich fucks who don't care about cost of living or housing because they already own much of the country's housing stock, but do care that their beachhouses might be underwater due to climate change.
That would be animal cruelty.
thumbnail of Jewesses.jpg
thumbnail of Jewesses.jpg
Jewesses jpg (92.24 KB, 1024x655)

Not the kind of problem any of us will have to worry about.
I want one.
A real life boong asked me for the time while I was in town earlier
Green Hash from womblers.
Did you tell him to get a job and buy his own god damn watch?
Should have said Dreamtime
If Australian stock is provided year round, it would be fresh. It is often not fresh and the alternative is Chinese stock.
what is that?
The olds havin a nap after a big lunch, God bless em.
Just woke up. 
Terrible sleep. 
Mongs were fighting all night, slamming doors, yelling, hooning around. 
Indeed, twas probably a codephrase. No true boong cares about white man's time.
he is not me
> Five weeks on my right leg is still sore to touch below the knee.
You should see a qualified medical professional, if not done already.
Shit that was 5 weeks ago? Where has my life gone?
> tfw depressed
What are you doing with your life depressed neet?
I never picked up that Dumbledore was gay
I would've trusted him if I was 12 years old too. Woe.
You've been on boong time.
What gave it away was the way he held his wand
thumbnail of jk.png
thumbnail of jk.png
jk png (41.25 KB, 606x451)
he wasn't until he was
cert iii in mong care. Have my work experience placement week after next. Besides that things aren't going very well, need to get on top of some bad habits and establish some good ones.
So what you're saying is despit the pic saying Coles  had removed all imported garlic that they'd still sell CHink if no Aussie garlic was avail?
thumbnail of Property developer kikes.png
thumbnail of Property developer kikes.png
Property... png (135.93 KB, 300x388)
I remember getting free loaves of bread from that Salvos while living outta me car.
I imagine living in a car was quite uncomfy.
Yeah well forget that, we've got to make room for more immigrants, diversity is our strength.
thumbnail of kfbmz8as3iw41.jpg
thumbnail of kfbmz8as3iw41.jpg
kfbmz8as3iw41 jpg (122.83 KB, 1242x1226)
Why do we have so many mong wranglers on here? We should be the wrangled, not the wranglers.
It's just cruisey
bummed him to death
Head & Shoulders doesn't work
> just cruisey
Two words that shouldn't go together, ever.
It does if you actually shower more than once a fortnight
thumbnail of VincentVanGoth.jpg
thumbnail of VincentVanGoth.jpg
VincentVanGoth jpg (244.24 KB, 954x654)
No. It takes more moisture from your  skull while giving you just enough moisturising oils to think it's effective and have you buying more. You simply cannot dispute my uneducated nonresearched logic.
thousands of comments mentioning too much immigration in the search table thingo, but it gets presented in the article thusly:
> mmigration was also a concern but some worried Australia was becoming more racist.
The Dirty Mac.
BO still hasn't used the Gochujang
Useless prick
Vegetarian one. 
Bean tier. 
Gave it to the dog.
What even is a 'dash container'?
You should have known better.
It was a fake patty, fake cheese, a hashbrown, jalapenos, tom sauce and mustard.
how were the girls?
> fake cheese
and monk's mum
Shes in aged care iirc.
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-04-30 'WARLORD Part 2' - A KingCobraJFS Story - YouTube.png
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-04-30 'WARLORD Part 2' - A KingCobraJFS Story - YouTube.png
Screenshot... png (360.59 KB, 288x696)
I'm so unfit, two hours of digging a trench and cutting wood for the old boy. I'm sore and tired now.
Chloe seemed well. 
She has a lot of weird little tattoos. 
One is a smiley face.
Cruisey how do your mongs get so much from their packages? Is the ndis really that generous?
Bot has an elderly woman as a client and her package is only like 60k per year. 
She had 3 sons, 2 killed themselves because of drug addiction issues and the other was in a car accident that permanently disfigured his face and caused an acquired brain injury, he later shot himself in the head. 
I think this package is just for recliner chairs and lite n easy subscriptions etc but not sure if it covers health costs too.
> She has a lot of weird little tattoos. 
I think a lot of girls get these sorts of tattoos as another form of self-harm. A form of self-harm that is mostly seen as socially acceptable.
Is that aged care? 
There's only 4 levels on that with a max of 50 odd grand. 
All that stuff about the sons is sort of irrelevant. 
If it's aged care the funding is very flexible, although if NDIS, I need more info.
> She had 3 sons, 2 killed themselves because of drug addiction issues and the other was in a car accident that permanently disfigured his face and caused an acquired brain injury, he later shot himself in the head
she should be in prison for her mad parenting skills
LMAO, Tiffiny buys Promite.
Promite > Vegemite
> Tiffiny 
Good boutique?
Promite is better.
MightyMite shits on the rest
MagyarMite tastes like gypsy poo
> Imagine buying an 'Aussie' product that's owned by America
> implications
thumbnail of 1f91e50b0d33690c221a7d685dc0a0017934577e05e8508baabc3c763460031a.png
thumbnail of 1f91e50b0d33690c221a7d685dc0a0017934577e05e8508baabc3c763460031a.png
1f91e50b0d33690c22... png (34.2 KB, 809x808)
I've been boonging it up quite a bit the last few days. I've been doing nothing but drinking, wanking and watching films and tv shows.
Caught a mouse in a mouse trap. I need to get rid of the mouse but I am putting it off. This reminds me of the neet with the cat poo in the shower.
Haven't gone to the gym in a few days due to this current bender. Not sure if I should extend it another day for a solid night of sleep before returning to the gym or just gar tonight.
Contemplating getting some more goon. Not interested in having a wank though. I'm all wanked out for a few days.
Still feel like shit. Not outright suicidal but absolutely dejected. Real fucking lonely. Going nowhere and I'm in a hurry sort of deal. Nothing unusual I suppose.
I can't even be bothered posting the latest crop of Olives.
Oh believe me I was fucking feeling it a few days ago. I am actually quite disturbed how much better getting smashed makes me feel. It just lifts my mood like nothing else can.
Town was fucking depressing today.
Stores were out of stock, more people begging than usual, stores closed as if it were a public holiday.
Is it a public holiday?
thumbnail of 74105-alison-brie-y-3-012-123-118lo.jpg
thumbnail of 74105-alison-brie-y-3-012-123-118lo.jpg
74105-alison-... jpg (665.25 KB, 2402x3000)
It is tough NEET. I am in the same boat.
I do not know what else to say. It is so hard.
Looks terrible.
> literally saved 
No shit you downie. Buying food like that is a terrible idea when you are homeless. Why the fuck didn't you think of this earlier?
You should go talk to your gp oliveneet. If thats not your cup of tea then try go for a walk or make something healthyish to eat as a positive first step.
Put the kettle on.
Put on some music
Throw both the mouse and the trap in the bin with a dustpan. Fuck mouse.
thumbnail of living the dream.png
thumbnail of living the dream.png
living the dream png (101.4 KB, 1448x980)
> I've been doing nothing but drinking, wanking and watching films and tv shows.
Living the dream.

> Haven't gone to the gym in a few days due to this current bender
You need to, you need a fight camp like that other NEET.
> Is it a public holiday?
Depends on your state, I am assuming no but I could be wrong.
Ask your mate SoyFree for advice.  Oh that's right he doesn't exist.
Are many people here real?
Yeah. I'm still waiting for my life to start. Sometimes the realisation hits me that this is it and I just feel so disappointed.
I've been thinking about it. Getting started with the psychologist would be the tricky bit for me. I'd have to be very open from the beginning but I'd be very uncomfortable doing that when I didn't really know them very well.
Even the times line up. Yeah, I'll go tonight. Probably just a lighter session to get back into the swing of it.
Fucking hell mate, you sure do seem cut up about him making a more successful spin-off board than you.
thumbnail of 🤭 #GamerGirl #dva.mp4
thumbnail of 🤭 #GamerGirl #dva.mp4
🤭... mp4 (530.3 KB, 576x1024)
Here you go neet, might keep you going until you feel in the mood.
thumbnail of BEAN NEET, witnessing a shitfight.png
thumbnail of BEAN NEET, witnessing a shitfight.png
BEAN NEET,... png (625.82 KB, 673x673)
Poorly bantered
just like 10k, nofun, cruisy, wombat, possum, and iga
Is anyone real though?
Break the cycle or you’ll be broken in fight camp
Am I real?
Point out one instance of him posting here post-/chill and I'll stfu.

I'm waiting.
A masterpiece. Did you buy it as an NFT?
Many of us are just a manifestation of thought that continue to live on in the minds of others.
...and certified mong neet
I agree.
Interesting insight. Many chicks love cutting themselves.
common sense neet
As one elite gooner falls, a new one rises to take his place.
Just as I thought
A lot of Coomers there.
Shit meme. You keep asking and I keep providing and you keep ignoring. Google is failing me and I can't be fucked finding his posts again.
One(1) suspect chicken tit down the hatch. Will let you guys know tomorrow if it stayed down
That doesn't mean he doesn't exist you spastic.
Which Evil Dead was suggested for F13th?
How do people use laptops on their lap or on a table? My neck is killing me after 15 minutes
> take his place
He's just keeping his seat warm.
I originally suggested for Dog Soldiers and/or Vampires. The neet who wanted army of darkness suggested it afterwards, and while it's a find movie, it should go to the back of the queue.
I have no clue. I would use a dock system if I was forced to use one.
Tilt the screen back and slouch down in your chair like a proper NEET.
HERE: >>/502136/ fuckface
By luck it was the first thread I opened.
Don't think we're gonna be able to get through 3 movies on friday the 13th, but maybe it's worth trying.
It slides down the far end of my chungo
thumbnail of gamer.jpg
thumbnail of gamer.jpg
gamer jpg (99.95 KB, 1280x720)
An attitude of dignified repose works best for the larger neet.
Goodbye neet.
Is it possible to make new threads invisible and locked until we reach 1000 on the old thread?
Yo the base of that chair must be made of mithril
Why are you obsessed with this?
Sleep tight.
A suggestion, not an obsession.
What's the point of an invisible thread?
Tea and sweet potato curry soup consumed.
Would recommend the sweet potato curry, I'd make a batch and freeze it but some MONG stole all my fucking tuppaware and the NEETs know how important this tuppaware is.

I've got like 20 containers and none have matching lids.
Not only did the MONG steal my tuppaware but she dumped a ton of random unmached containers in my kitchen.
The fuck am I going to do with these?
I didn't want them, and it's just so if I throw them out she can justify keeping all of my good ones.
Bad home struggles, maybe if the whore cooked her own food she could afford to buy her own tuppaware
Your arse is my obsession - anal the suggestion.
Probably not. The better solution would be allowing any level of staff of a board (i.e., when logged in) to make threads if thread creation is locked (it could be a simple check in the code for role signature or some other variable). Me or the other two mods, could then make a thread without issue.
I spoon stuff like curries into freezer bags and then twist them off and put them in the freezer.
Once they are frozen it all comes out in one lump.
> twist them off and put them in the freezer
Weber threatened to do that to me once.
> it all comes out in one lump
That's a good quick easy poo.
You should have listened to him the first time.
Weber employed me as a personal assistant but became enraged when I posted jokingly about the frequency of his toilet visits during the workday on LinkedIn once
He has a thin skin and quick temper.
Dignity. And to keep the riff-raff from posting on it until it's ready.
Are there any good films about boongs?
Okay these were suggested:
The Witch
Black Sheep
Dog Soldiers
The Snowtown Murders (this was suggested a couple of times, no)
Planet Terror
From Dawn Till Dusk
Army of Darkness
The boss does as he wills, and the PA from the temp agency suffers what she must.
> riff-raff 
It's okay to say NEETs from bad homes.
thumbnail of rustled.jpg
thumbnail of rustled.jpg
rustled jpg (40.03 KB, 474x339)
> Once they are frozen it all comes out in one lump.
Good stuff. Real a head shaker.
There must surely be a line of bdsm videos where a portly, short and surly boss inflicts extreme sexual cruelty and humiliation on a much younger PA, just fresh out of uni.

If not, we should make it.
> short and surly boss
Funky tune.
An executive CEO
That's gay.
thumbnail of ceo.jpg
thumbnail of ceo.jpg
ceo jpg (285.7 KB, 1061x708)
thumbnail of toilet doomsday suit.jpg
thumbnail of toilet doomsday suit.jpg
toilet doomsday suit jpg (241.24 KB, 959x936)
You just want to see the look on their face.
The ones on the lower half of the list are going to be more fun than the ones at the top.
The VVitch was well made, but kind of boring.
I haven't seen army of darkness for a long time
> Dog Soldiers
I vote for that one. I wouldn't say it is the best film on the list but it is the most fitting for what we will be doing.
Dog Soldiers
Army of Darkness

These will be good fun horror movies.
My eczema looks like track marks.
Nuro said that he could grant me safe passage to and from the Coolum beach public toilets, but stressed that that if I were to venture to any toilets beyond the beach, my safety couldn't be guaranteed once.
Sooth it!
Got a whole tray of frozen oven bake pastries for 4$.
Nobody bought it because it was labeled "ravioli" but was obviously not ravioli.
I assume whoever imported or packaged it google translated the name because they didn't realize Australia is multivulti.

If these are actually good and were simply mislabeled I'll go back and buy $20 worth.
These frozen pastries usually bake really well and the filling is like 3 ingredients so you get what you pay for.
Apply a soothing lotion.
Did you remain safe on your journey?
thumbnail of c.jpeg
thumbnail of c.jpeg
c jpeg (61.75 KB, 800x800)
You need some Cetaphil.
> Got a whole tray of frozen oven bake pastries for 4$.
Feed = Power
Some parts made it through unmolested. Some parts.
I need a chink girl with hello kitty underpants.
Well done neet.
Did you see any blue blocks?
Up 5kg. Not good.
thumbnail of screensh.jpg
thumbnail of screensh.jpg
screensh jpg (127.65 KB, 1843x378)
I took a screenshot of pic related just now because it is something I have talked about on here before but no-one else knew what I was talking about.
Well I finally found someone else who has mentioned it. He is absolutely right. It is not just me. All the meat in this country started tasting and smelling weird.
NEETs I want to start drinking smoothies.
Does anyone have a recommendation for a blender or similar machine?
I want it to be cheap and easy to clean.
We'll make do with:
Dog Soldiers
Army of Darkness
either Planet Terror
or From Dawn Till Dusk

Also if anyone has recommendation of the order, do tell.
I have more or less given up on meat this year.
I've also noticed a marked rise in big food businesses selling synthetic meat, only today I saw a chain store promoting fake meat.

Because of inflation, it could simply be that far more of our high quality meat is being exported to China.
It could be that quality has fallen in the last year, and this could easily be related to issues in feed supply.

Maybe something is going on.
Couldn't' tell you what.
Cheap ones from Kmart and such work are okay but loud.
Use a a stick blender.
You can just blend a smoothie in whatever jug and just rinse it off under a tap.
Far more useful than a blender because you can also use it in pots on the stove to make curry/soup.
I own 3 kitchen gadgets and the stick blender is one of them.
Pro tip: you can get one from an op shop then order replacement blades online.
> in whatever jug
What sort of jug should I use?
Does the stick blender make liquids fly all over the place and mess up the kitchen?
thumbnail of 781BCAB0-DD45-4040-9E1D-72EB97AA215A.jpeg
thumbnail of 781BCAB0-DD45-4040-9E1D-72EB97AA215A.jpeg
781BCAB0-DD45-4040-9E1D-72... jpeg (3.38 MB, 4032x3024)
Woolies had these the other day. Usually I only find these at fancy non squatter IGAs
I remember when you first mentioned it and I said I had noticed the smell and thought it was the way they now seal the packs and the easy pull opening they use, I guess they use heat to seal it. I now only get meat delivery from my local butcher and there has been no smell that I have noticed, I'm getting another order on friday I think so I'll report my findings. The first thing I noticed when i put my first order in with them was the Australian bacon tasted a lot better than the  stuff from the deli from both coles and woolies.
Don't mention him you boring dickhead.
Fuck off.
You are meant to be pretending you are not living at the workshop any more.
thumbnail of image.jpg
thumbnail of image.jpg
image jpg (1.63 MB, 4032x3024)
It barely fits in the air fryer we will see. I did not account for this on purchase 

Stop seething angry old man, I’m sorry the poorfag and fatherless attacks on IGA rubbed you the wrong way

I am working late and finishing this tonight fuckwad. Parts just arrived and it’s down to the wire cuntoid.
I swear I have a picture of her somewhere. Shitey treated us poorly. We provided him with succor, with friendship and companionship during his aloneness, and in return he only sent us pictures of the girls he shagged while they still had clothes on. Much woe. Many such cases.
Close the toilet lid when you go to sleep tonight.
There were some good pics of Shitey's miss Kitty. She was much more attractive than the Indian Lady.
Shitey was a horn dog.
starve yourself 

well done, be sure to deliver the executive's cut before supper time

take your meds

low self worth
How early can we start? Be best to start early if we're trying to get through 3 moofies.
Just set the scale to start at -10 and then you will be down 5kg instead.
There's a few ways to avoid this and I never do now.
Many stick blenders come with an attachment or a special jug.

A. use the aerator blade it will never hurl shit around, that's the one with the semicircular cutouts.
B.if the blender is deep in the liquid as with soup it's never an issue
C. failing either of the above you just use a deep jug, you can buy a round water jug for like $5.
Ausneets diet tips
Thank you.
I might give it a try.
Um my toilet does not smell. It’s brand new and immaculately cleaned with mold killer every few days. that and my shit does not stink so fuck off
Rats crawl up them from the sewers sometimes. IF you hear a noise, you will know what it is.
Thank you.
I might give it a try.
Do you let customers use it?
My grandparents used to set their scale to start at a negative number.
I think they did it to avoid the psychological effect of seeing their weight at over 100kg.
you sure that wasn't a side effect of them calibrating it with a known mass? the springs in those old ones would give out over time
I don't think so.
Who goes into a business and uses their shitter?
> Who goes into a business and uses their shitter?
t. Pajeet.
Bins are out for the garbage people.
thumbnail of pajeet.jpg
thumbnail of pajeet.jpg
pajeet jpg (28.57 KB, 550x335)
No self respecting pajeet, that's for sure.
Most people would spontaneously empty their bowels walking past the Lancia in the car park.
Wouldn't pajeet just go on the footpath in front of the business
Anywhere designated.
Saw this comment on reddit and it made me lol:

Someone I know in another capital city trapped any cats that came into his yard and took them to a council pound on the other side of the city and said the he found it wandering the streets.
I think his point was he just spotted the pajeet poster.
Poorly bantered.
Tomorrow I have to put out my red (rubbish) and yellow (recycling) bins.
Get back in the bin!
> red (rubbish) and yellow (recycling) bins.
Please to describe their relative sizes.
thumbnail of t_75d3028f064bc0c25d1cd60137744775-imagejpeg.jpeg
thumbnail of t_75d3028f064bc0c25d1cd60137744775-imagejpeg.jpeg
t_75d3028f064bc0c25d1... jpeg (10.6 KB, 255x191)
#binlife 2022
thumbnail of IGAY BTFO.png
thumbnail of IGAY BTFO.png
IGAY BTFO png (1.39 MB, 1920x1080)
The yellow bin is maybe two inches larger in each dimension than the other.
Respectable businesses are not found on designated shitting streets.
Mate you did a shit in pan you vile pig of a man
The trend these days is to make the rubbish bin tiny. They want it all in the recycling bin.
Calm down Keegan you live in a warehouse.
You ridicule IGA for drinking goon and you post photos of goon yourself. 
Post your bedroom (not the summer toilet one)
Nuro a toilet is still a toilet.
Could it be used for steaming?
With the right modifications. Maybe something involving Weber's hole.
struggling to eat 15 baked cheese pastries.
Unsuited for the wog diet.
But feed=power so I will persist.
Imagine preferring a toilet bedroom over a dirty kitchen
I made a 320g box of Celebrations last 4 days
Don't stop NEET, you can have a purge later, but they must be finished.
I bet all the good ones lasted less time than that.
Who hasn't taken a shit in a pan?
You could have kept half for tomorrow.
In cookin pan?
Hopefully no one else ITT
Good luck NEET.
We can start as early 17-18 AEST.
> tfw WA neet and won’t be home in time for first movie
Numpto is absolutely obsessed. Those narky posts from before have no place here. He is mentally unstable. Bragging about a bike and a toilet? Please explain?
He is a narcissist.
Why didn’t buro try move in the workshop when bossman was still alive?
Nah, I sorted them out and ate them in groups
He's a machinist.
thumbnail of red.jpg
thumbnail of red.jpg
red jpg (56.17 KB, 600x400)
thumbnail of boong.jpeg
thumbnail of boong.jpeg
boong jpeg (6.83 KB, 324x324)
We have the red and the green one is for garden waste etc that only gets emptied once a fortnight, and as many as the black recycle ones you want to put out every week, the paper-cardboard must be separated from the rest.
I bet he negotiated with his partner after the death as part of him becoming the CEO
meant for >>/519615/
The whole thing is bit less than 5 hours (no matter which we pick Planet Terror or From Dusk, 2 minutes difference).
So if we start at:
- 17 AEST, it ends 22
- 18 and 23
- 19 and 24
There are some NEETs who go to bed early or has other stuff to do late evening/early night. No matter what they won't see the last one probably. There must be some compromise.
I understand. Can’t please everyone. What moofies are on btw?
I felt like having chinkie again but I thought better of it. QT asian didn’t give much of a response when I said the meal was delicious yesterday. If only I was a slim, tall and handsome neet.
> asian didn’t give much of a response
She's a lesbian m8 move on and forget her.
Are you short fat and ugly?
If I wasn’t a coward I would have asked her out like webby did to that chick in the drive thru.
Doing a Weber
thumbnail of pan.png
thumbnail of pan.png
pan png (146.3 KB, 480x600)
you NEETs crack me up sometimes
That is unfortunate.

It would just have been awkward for all concerned. We NEETs need to know our place and not inflict ourselves on the normies and their lives.
So it’s the Jews??
Why is that Pepe so tumesced?
Surely someone out there could love me?
- Dog Soldiers
- Army of Darkness
- From Dusk Till Dawn or Planet Terror
Order is undecided.
Well memed.
I found Pepe's erection a bit crass and unnecessary though.
Indeed, we must stay hidden in the shadows unknown to the rest of humanity.
I do not know enough to say.
I suppose it is possible.
Based. I haven’t seen any of them.
I don't mind the last option. I probably won't see them all but will watch what I can.
Almost completed my 42nd lap of the sun without finding one.
You need to up your game neet - a real executive could've gone through that in 4 hours, and had room for lunch.
unlike taking a shit in a pan, which was tasteful and necessary
> I found Pepe's erection
Hot (no homo)
Planet terror might be better than from dusk till dawn. I recently re watched my suggestions to that list. They’re all pretty good.
Why isn't the pan steaming?
Asian women represent the extreme end of submissiveness. In spite of any claims they make, they all quietly long for a white man to dominate them and command them to make dinner
picky NEETs
A steamer.
I’m 28 and never had one. Feel like I lost part of my soul by having an escort binge a few years ago. It didn’t make me feel any different obviously.
> an escort binge
How many escorts? What race were they? How many trannies?
thumbnail of Trev.png
thumbnail of Trev.png
Trev png (822.15 KB, 600x600)
> How many trannies?
I am turning over a new leaf
Do trannies cost more or less than biological females? Does vary according to whether they're mtf, ftm, pre-op, post-op, have a giant penis, etc? Asking for a friend.
If you had a friend you wouldn't be here
No you're not.
White men have big dick energy, it's a combination of being tall, not easily buthurt, and generally well meaning.
Many foreign men are a combination of short, petty and spiteful. Nobody likes them.
I will never consume an Gooner beverage or consume an entire woolies cheesecake in one sitting ever again
thumbnail of pepehands.png
thumbnail of pepehands.png
pepehands png (238.98 KB, 1200x711)
A cruel observation
Onto stems?
Over 18months from mid 2018 to late 2019 probably 40ish girls but it’s hard to say. Few white Scarlett blue girls, one African chick who was an awesome root, lots of Asian, one Taiwanese chick in her mid 30s with a tight body who had impeccable hygeine for a locanto prossie who I maybe saw 10 times.
You're just going to go back to the other side of the leaf, which is where you were a few weeks ago, except now it has lots of dirt on it.
How many standards did you have m8? What flavour was the cheesecake?
I do not appreciate the assumptions that underpin these questions
Taking full advantage of your disposable income.
Yes but the belief that this time the leaf will remain new and life will finally improve is a victory in its own way. It's like that moment of hope that you get after wasting money on a lottery ticket.
Yeah I try not beat myself up about how stupid it was. It’s done now.
thumbnail of a.jpg
thumbnail of a.jpg
a jpg (20.24 KB, 474x322)
Actually I'd be terrified of going near african prossies, I'd be worried about what tropical diseases they might have.
What better way was there to spend your money? Spending it on vidya or fancy booze? Turning it into sex is making the most of a poor life situation.
Like HPV 2?
One of several reasons why I'm not into prossies is my extreme hypochondria and fear of infectious disease.
I don’t know, maybe your right in some ways. It was a rush most of the time. I try to imagine how good it is for normie blokes to run through aussie chicks their age through tinder or whatever.
> consume an entire woolies cheesecake in one sitting
You should be proud of such an accomplishment.
Big binge.
This is an entirely valid concern, I wouldn't go near a foreign prostitute even if they were from Germany or Poland or something.
Wonder how monks going.
I've eaten one of those fancy ones from the cold bakery section of woolies. Caused me to swear off food binges for almost a  few hours
I’d had a similar experience smashing a 1L connoisseur cookies in cream in one sitting.
You're a growing boy NEET.
Eaten half the pastries and I feel unwell.
Too much fat.
> Too much fat.
Straight to the arse!
Maybe the next half will fix it
It doesn't even crack my top ten most shameful binges. My capacity for pride disappeared many years ago.
NEET worthy banner post.
we shall see
The remains will make a nice second breakky.
Can you make me a full English for breakfast?
Two minutes in the microwave on high, two paper towels - top only.
thumbnail of iz.jpg
thumbnail of iz.jpg
iz jpg (115.34 KB, 1200x900)
BASED and 5XL pilled.
> Top ten most awesome binges
Let's have a countdown of these chart toppers. What did you have?
What Wattage microwave?
4xl atm all though have been up to 6xls. To think I got down to XL and Ls 4 years ago. Woe.
> I got down to XL 
You did well NEET but it was not for you. The hunger is real.