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1651497111387 png (2.47 MB, 1500x1500)
What do you NEETs consider to be a good brekkie?

Old Thread: >>/519092/
How does he do it?
The shit one got deleted.
The other #514 thread was far better than this one. I wish you guys could have seen it.
Into the gape it went!
thumbnail of kfc.jpeg
thumbnail of kfc.jpeg
kfc jpeg (71.81 KB, 676x513)
Cruisey took it off this free site and put it on his onlyfans. He used to have integrity, now all he cares about is money.
Bossman power move.
The Colonel doesn't open until 11am.
Deep fried icecream or  a sundae for dessert bros?
What feed is tickling your fancy more? Both?
Sundae with chopped nuts.
He vacated retard.
I am home now.
It was nice for basically a steamed supermarket pudding and a scoop of ice cream and a blob of cream.
Terrible thread.
I wish to cook a full English for the NEETs.
Agreed. Let's make a new one.
no beans or blood pudding
> blood
do eeeet
> supermarket pudding
They don't make their own?
> full English
> no BEANS
This is why we can't have nice things
Lets just say I highly doubt it, and the diameter and side wall taper is an excellent clone if it is homemade.
Beans are fucking shit. I new this as a single-digit old NOOT.
You love it!
I 'member bein a wee lad o' 12 and ordering kippers for breakkay in bumfuck highland scottland and some old faggy twat in a kilt and dinner jacket serving me fucking tommy ruff poached in cunting milk and thinkin what the fuck is this shite
thumbnail of 38d17dcadfb8641a1fe419bc28cc46c5-imagejpeg.jpg
thumbnail of 38d17dcadfb8641a1fe419bc28cc46c5-imagejpeg.jpg
38d17dcadfb8641a1f... jpg (20.73 KB, 255x255)
Not posting anymore on this thread. Notify me when we have a new, superior thread that is fit for my quality posts. Goodnight neets.
excellent pepe you stole from me
good night cunt of taste
You'll be back.
You will learn to love them.
> I new this 
and to think I am the custodian of WWWWOTD
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thumbnail of rustled.jpg
rustled jpg (40.03 KB, 474x339)
> Beans are fucking shit.
thumbnail of justadelaidethings_280569304_542119504108747_3133405673871865618_n.jpg
thumbnail of justadelaidethings_280569304_542119504108747_3133405673871865618_n.jpg
justadelaid... jpg (149.09 KB, 1440x1800)
thumbnail of justadelaidethings_280369888_118968074136175_396452248966343371_n.jpg
thumbnail of justadelaidethings_280369888_118968074136175_396452248966343371_n.jpg
justadelaid... jpg (185.76 KB, 1440x1800)
"That will be $63 thanks"
It didn't really cost $63 did it?
I don't know what it actually cost, but knowing Adelaide Oval, probably at least $30 and your first born.
a 600ml soft drink was $8 years ago, so probably $14 now
Good night NEET. Sleep tight.
I’m so full
Are you full, or is the world around you empty?
Food for thought.
Grilled eggplant burgers, lots of parsley and garlic.
Your image didn't upload.
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thumbnail of nq6jdq5sf7s71.jpg
nq6jdq5sf7s71 jpg (67.79 KB, 749x738)

This hits home
He'll be empty in the morning.
After my black instant the chinky poo will be heinous
Having a glass of The Pogues triple distilled Irish whiskey that Motherbat gave me for my birthday.
I don't know what she thought I would want Irish whiskey, let alone one named after a band of some sort.
She just texted to see I made it home from the hotel alright.
You'll need a proper doomsday suit.
Was the whisky at least palatable?
thumbnail of d18a7b3dbecda79b484f8e9c64183bae.mp4
thumbnail of d18a7b3dbecda79b484f8e9c64183bae.mp4
d18a7b3dbe... mp4 (3.04 MB, 576x1024)

Thread redeemed.
Yes, it's fine. It's not quite the same as the islay whiskeys I buy, but it will be alright as the weather gets colder.
all the flavours and you chose to be salty.
What kind of horse looks standoes in the mouth?
made my night
I don't mean to sound ungrateful.
apparently this is celtic punk
Nighty night NEETs.
Gotta respect the standoes.
All of those guys from the Dubliners are dead now.
She is a good motherbat.
Well mallarded.
I hope you had a good night. Belated happy birthday too Webster.
She has her moments.
It's tomorrow, so you're not belated at all.
Thank you.
Good night NEET.
Not sure that is a real pepe.
It is a good Pepe.
Go on.
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thumbnail of 90758850-A0FC-4527-B04F-E538EB7045A0.jpeg
90758850-A0... jpeg (6.83 MB, 3024x4032)
This is the main family of roos that frequents our (my folks) property. From right  to left, mother, arrow and mini(she was a very tiny Joey for a long time). They are nice to have around. They have become comfortable enough here you can walk right up to them when they are lying down. It was a very wet miserable day for them today, it’s funny there is plenty of shelter but they just stay out in the rain when it’s pissing down.
Lovely animals. It must be very nice sitting out there with them.
Nice. They're having a shower.
Middle one has boong paint on its head
That's a lovely scene.
You should teach them to play soccer
Socceroos if you will
For sure. They really lift mums spirits. She’s an odd old chook, she goes out and talks to them. She loves animals. Been trying to encourage her to get another dog like a cavalier or something but she’s always hesitant. My sister or myself could always look after it if something happened.
Tell her to get an alpaca.
Might go to bed.
Night all.
They are actually not bad pets as long as they like you. Other wise they spit in your face.
Good night.
Some of the NEETs are the same.
thumbnail of d5e1bwgbpoh81.jpg
thumbnail of d5e1bwgbpoh81.jpg
d5e1bwgbpoh81 jpg (29.82 KB, 828x417)

I am watching The Terminator (1984).
Me too. Tired.
Nice. Terminator 2 would be a good choice for Moofie night in the future.
Good night NEET.
> Terminator 2 
It is a good film. I have seen it at least 20 times though.
I'm watching Devil's Advocate (1997)
It looks interesting. I have not seen it.
thumbnail of pingu.mp4
thumbnail of pingu.mp4
pingu mp4 (2.19 MB, 480x360)

It's not bad, but the main thing I'm noticing is the quality of acting even in a B movie of that era is so much better than modern movies.
I have noticed the same thing.
What time is Dog Soldiers going to be on?
Need to get a birthday present for brotherbot. Any suggestions? He is 30ish and I am clueless as to where to start.
Bunnings gift card.
thumbnail of ylkdtc8zwf171.jpg
thumbnail of ylkdtc8zwf171.jpg
ylkdtc8zwf171 jpg (54.91 KB, 827x641)

Shit suggestion.
What does he usually get you for your birthday?
A nice shaver.
Bunnings gift cards.
Tendies about to go in the airfryer. 
Not really hungry, just ungooned.
> Tendies 
Aldi brand sweet chilli?
The best.
There is a new Mike Myers TV show.
The Austin Powers dude?
Yeah, and Shrek.
He plays 90% of the characters.
> Shrek
High meme content movies.
Sounds awful.
I am struggling. This depression is smothering me. Can't get comfy.
This one is feeling like a forced meme. 
There is an Alex Jones character.
He had a movie called master of disguise which is very similar.
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-05-13-00-42-17-87.png
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-05-13-00-42-17-87.png
Screenshot... png (2.63 MB, 1080x2160)
Do you want a comfy feed?
> master of disguise 
3.3/10 on imdb. Yikes.
I would love that.
You knew just what I needed.
Sweet chilli tendies, perfectly cooked.
The new Top Gun movie is released in two weeks.
I am off to bed.
Good night NEETs.
4 am neet reporting in
I hope it doesn't suck. I might rewatch the first 30 minutes of The Mummy (2017), which was much better than the rest of the movie.
thumbnail of dancing-clown.gif
thumbnail of dancing-clown.gif
dancing-clown gif (268.29 KB, 498x498)
Good mordning neets. Friday 13th is upon us. What precautions are neets taking to stop themselves being sucked into a meme horror movie today?
Thank (You)!

Woe, she isn't putting her name in the URL and the title was the first chance I had to close the article.

Good view.

Good stuff, poor Pingu.

Based on >>>/operate/12025/ and >>>/operate/12026/ I do not think the moofie list has been picked.

A meal out or some nice chocolates.

Rotten Tomato score gave it 1%

Sleep tight.

Good morning NEETs.

> What precautions are neets taking to stop themselves being sucked into a meme horror movie today?
Wishing that NEET a happy birthday.
thumbnail of bdc.jpeg
thumbnail of bdc.jpeg
bdc jpeg (46.39 KB, 474x632)
Happy Birthday.
thumbnail of fuckboyproblem.s_278549342_771550050494607_4608874401944955439_n.mp4
thumbnail of fuckboyproblem.s_278549342_771550050494607_4608874401944955439_n.mp4
fuckboypro... mp4 (1.89 MB, 720x1280)
thumbnail of everconic_280456364_368437875310565_2921359725196879000_n.mp4
thumbnail of everconic_280456364_368437875310565_2921359725196879000_n.mp4
everconic_... mp4 (483.25 KB, 720x1280)
thumbnail of reelsleaks_279610077_1681098355563756_8613701532204590786_n.mp4
thumbnail of reelsleaks_279610077_1681098355563756_8613701532204590786_n.mp4
reelsleaks... mp4 (6.62 MB, 720x1280)


thank you
I posted that Pepe one a while back when someone said something abusive about me. The other two were funny.
Good morning and Happy Birthday NEET.
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thumbnail of c1.jpg
c1 jpg (81.39 KB, 720x520)
thumbnail of c2.jpg
thumbnail of c2.jpg
c2 jpg (106.26 KB, 709x900)
thumbnail of c3.jpg
thumbnail of c3.jpg
c3 jpg (90.53 KB, 744x992)

thumbnail of bubble.jpg
thumbnail of bubble.jpg
bubble jpg (125.94 KB, 625x605)
Ah shucks, don't get too excited planing my birthday.
I forgot I attached that, but 
> Crypto investors panic during market bloodbath: ‘I will lose my home’
>>Crypto investors panicked on Thursday as the value of cryptocurrencies including bitcoin plunged, with some saying they would lose their homes as a result.
I suspect people have been pulling out their crypto to keep up with biden's weimar inflation trajectory and this has caused the price to tank
Thank you.
Happy Birthday mate, hope you have a nice day.
Which neet is birthday neet?
Good Morning NEETs

Good morning NEET. 
You shouldn't wish such things on others.
it would suck if the vax killed the daughter of the sa medical association president
SHIT MEME ---> >>/520259/
He has post traumatic down syndrome
IGA could realistically drown anywhere at anythime.
Morning nuro
It would, but I'm guessing it's drugs.
Good morning

Happy Birthday Weber
> Who wins and who loses when beauty trends celebrate cosmetically altered looks that are ethnic — but ‘not too ethnic’?
thumbnail of Cunting niggerdicks.jpg
thumbnail of Cunting niggerdicks.jpg
Cunting niggerdicks jpg (167.62 KB, 521x541)

thumbnail of NINTCHDBPICT000482236368.jpg
thumbnail of NINTCHDBPICT000482236368.jpg
NINTCHDBPICT0... jpg (73.58 KB, 595x748)
Hope webby has a big, hearty breakfast to celebrate his birthday
Update on smoking. I’m smoking again. Failed to give up for like the 5th time. At least I bought petrol for my big move on Monday. I got accomodation starting Monday.
Thank you and good mording
I've only had a mondster thus far. I have to get that injection at 10:45, but the medical place is two doors down from KFC.
CaravanNEET? That's good.
Congrats on the new commo
You should be able to pop in there before and after you get your jab.
KFC gravy IV drip?
You just have to give it up the last time. What sort of accommodation are you getting? A bigger caravan?
Nah I’m getting a real room in a share house at first. Then I’ll move out of there in a week or so and move into my own unit
Plastic surgeons win duh. Sometimes journalists win if they are able to sell more vapid clickbait articles to morons. Pretty much everyone else breaks even.
A proper house unit, or a flat? I've lived in flats on my own ever since leaving home, can't say I miss houses.
Good to hear m8
thumbnail of bq_animals_279850716_3198499017071232_3740032186799634889_n.mp4
thumbnail of bq_animals_279850716_3198499017071232_3740032186799634889_n.mp4
bq_animals... mp4 (2.35 MB, 576x1024)

Good morning NEET.
I actually don’t know much about it right now. Just that it should have a bathroom and a kitchen.
> Post Traumatic Down Syndrome
That could be what I have.
Morning bros
> I got accomodation starting Monday.
Well done NEET. Good luck.
thumbnail of pepbd.png
thumbnail of pepbd.png
pepbd png (350.6 KB, 550x550)
Good morning NEETs.

Happy Birthday Weber.
A Big happy birthday to our webby.
I hope he has a nice day and treats himself.
Thanks neet
What are you going to do with your caravan?
Maybe if that homeless neet who used to post here years ago comes back he can live in the caravan, and the cycle continues.
Big treats.
> that homeless neet 
He is still here. He has a home now and eats beans all the time.
Is that bean neet? What happened to his american gf?
Honestly with all his BEAN induced flatulence and capitalisation, maybe it's better that he doesn't live anywhere indoors.
The northman is out on bit torrent. Dunno if I want it or not.
I don't like the look of it. It is too dark. All movies look too dark these days.
Yeah, need to get some night vision goggles to watch them properly.
thumbnail of Small Trolley Load.jpg
thumbnail of Small Trolley Load.jpg
Small... jpg (1.33 MB, 1560x2080)
Didn't buy much. Had a tight budget of 37 dollars. This lot cam to just over 30.
> What happened to his american gf?
I don't know. If she saw him wanking the poo she probably left in disgust.
The first place I’m going to is going to let me store my caravan there. The permanent place I don’t know yet. I might have to sell the caravan.
Girls were a mistake.
> I might have to sell the caravan.
How much do you reckon its worth?
Can you store it at mum's?
Was this all through the public housing system? If so, it's working better than I've heard.
thumbnail of so7zmw9df1i81.jpg
thumbnail of so7zmw9df1i81.jpg
so7zmw9df1i81 jpg (59.6 KB, 1221x763)

Kicking myself for not going back in and grabbing that half-price pack of beef burger patties.
The regret will haunt you the rest of your life.
> cool
Yeah, nah
It is his own perception of himself. He has severe mental illness.
Concerned I may have nits or lice or something.
Is your scalp hygiene poor?
I shampoo once a week. What else am I meant to do? Like, nits are something little kids get so I haven't thought about it for ages.
Have you seen any critters, or is your scalp just itchy?

Cashed up neet.
Knock knock knockin on nuro's workshop door

At. 2. A. M.
Are those home brand soft drinks any good?
Not funny. He's trying to sleep.
I've sometimes noticed bites or sores or something for a long time. and I do sometimes get bites on my neck and other places. I didn't think much of it - like maybe they were mosquito bites, or because I do a fair bit of walking and sitting outside they might be ant bites...but maybe my hygiene's not as good as it could be.
How long did you win for?
The itching is usually the give away, you can buy a lice comb from the pharmacy for a few bucks to make sure one way or another.
Just use conditioner and comb your hair through.
I bought it for 4000 but there’s two holes in it now so it’s probably worth less than that now.
I might be able to store it at mums. Probably not though.
Yeah it was. The first place I’m moving to is ndis funded and partially paid by me. It’s supposed to be 280 a week but I’m only paying 50 a week there. The second place is 30% of my income and I guess plus bills
I gave up smoking for like one night. 
Almost immediately bought more early in the morning
what a pack of arseholes
I'll visit Autobarn as a first choice from now on.
Thinking of clipping my hair down to a few mm. I should probably replace my bedding as well. Dunno what to do about my mattress, can't afford a new one.
waiting on another covid test.
Hysterical vaxxies demand I take one whenever I go see them.
In their mind being unvaccinated and having covid is the same thing.
These people are so shit scared they rarely even leave teir house, and most of the steps they take to stop covid are more akin to holy water than anything else.

Bad home calls come in all varieties.
Just comb your hair with conditioner and a lice comb first, you may find you don't have lice at all.

Butting your sheets and dona covers through the wash wouldn't be a bad idea generally
Absolute clusterfuck getting the vax.
Got called 40 minutes after my alloted time only to discover that was a pre-screening with a doctor, I then had to go and take a number at the nurses station.
> there’s two holes in it now
How did that happen?
I forgot to put the latches down when I moved it so a bunch of wind caught it and made it expand like a parachute and tore holes in it
That is a very common policy throughout all businesses.
Doesn't make it right.
They should be allowed to take whatever steps they deem necessary up to and including killing thieves.
It's good to see a Christian leader actually doing something the Good Book allows for (maiming/killing thieves) for a change.
How likely is a barber/hairdresser to spot that you have lice in your hair? I can't ever remember them mentioning that they suspect I have a problem.
> A tribunal has found that commenting on a man’s baldness is like discussing the size of a woman’s breasts.
Just need to make height off limits and I can start suing women for all they've got.
I imagine they would tell you.
I imagine they would also clipper your hair back to 1 or 0, sell you some bug killer, and tell you to wash your clothes and bedding immediately.
The coke is alright, different to Coca-cola like with Pepsi but you can still taste the cola. Like it's Coca-cola but yet it isn't at the same time. You still with me?

Never tried that raspberry.
I'll let ya know.
Ok, maybe I don't have hair lice. But something's been biting me dammit.
Wash (or change) your bedding if it's practical.
The Manlet fears the Debicki
Women should not be big and tall. They should be short and petite.
Was there a babby in the pram though? Probably not.

“You can have the f***ing rotor mate.”

What's the bet that rotor was for a Commodore?
> Was there a babby in the pram though? Probably not.
There was nothign in the pram except stolen goods.
They also do it fake pregnancy bumps that are hollow that they can fill with goods.
Possum fills his pouch with stolen goods.
> Just stocked up on Yearling Rump Steak,Yearling Boneless Sirloin Steak and chicken and some pork chops and bacon all about 2kg each

The bacon I got from a local butcher recently was very nice. But almost 30 bucks a kilo. 2 rashers was nearly 5 bucks. And they had those white circular bits of cartiledge I haven't seen on supermarket bacon in years. Hated it as a kid but this time I munched through them with delight!
> white circular bits of cartiledge
'pigs teeth'
Wasn't a NEET seeing this in the cinema the other night? Did they post a review?
Does no-one have any sympathy for the auto parts thief?
When you're on cenno with no savings, a car repair can be more than you can afford.
And then once your car is out of action your life gets even worse.
So you send the pig-faced missus to a chain store to steal what you need for a diy home fix.
thumbnail of 1635680993782.jpg
thumbnail of 1635680993782.jpg
1635680993782 jpg (228.46 KB, 720x720)
Habby Birthday Webboig !
They got money for booze and fags though right?
> I wonder if webby will be mad enough to hit on another kfc qt today
Thank you.

My days of expressing interest in women are over.
As NEETs know, those are necessities.
thumbnail of AirBNB.jpg
thumbnail of AirBNB.jpg
AirBNB jpg (101.9 KB, 469x619)
kek. you can see the reflection of the workshop ceiling insulation in the oven lid
A lot of people that steal a lot of shit like are doing it for drugs as they sell it for 1/3 the price.
A big discovery, detective NEET.
Why would i want to pay to stay at Noosa in this weather ? Besides im going to Brisbane tomorrow.
What happens when another nemesis takes his place?
One rotor is oddly specific though, as if she really needed it. Or one of her many kids dads needed it...
I don't know if there is a big market for what she was stealing. Some sort of rotor? Was probably specific to one model of car.
thumbnail of Brucey.jpg
thumbnail of Brucey.jpg
Brucey jpg (22.67 KB, 283x262)
lol, not if the Bruce is flooded.
thumbnail of IGAY BTFO.png
thumbnail of IGAY BTFO.png
IGAY BTFO png (1.39 MB, 1920x1080)

I could be wrong, but the stealers I heard of through family used to come by each shift with new goods always 1/3 of the price. Always wanting more money, asking if you want a specific good that could bring in $$$
Nuro you need to stop making these sorts of posts.
You are embarrassing yourself and harming your reputation for basedness.
we will have a few weeks of peace until some other faggot decides to move up to the sunny coast
FOR ALL INTENSIVE PURPOSES there's 7(seven) dollarydoos in the piggy.
my post quality will increase when i can chill at the work computer again

phone posting is so sporadic and makes me angry because i cant access my well collated meme database(d)
I don't mind the bank account shit but wishing for me to drown is crossing a line. But hey whaddyagonnado it's numo, panshitter and pillbrain.
Buro is a habitual line crosser.
> my post quality will increase when i can chill at the work computer again
You only have yourself to blame for your work ip getting banned. Your behavior and posting has been woeful for a long time.
No-one feels sorry for you.
We are just concerned about Nuro's image.
I feel sorry for stanners.
thumbnail of IGA ALWAYS WINS.jpg
thumbnail of IGA ALWAYS WINS.jpg
IGA ALWAYS WINS jpg (375.66 KB, 1872x1080)
Good things cum to those who wank
Was there a decent reason given for Nuro's work IP ban?
From what I can gather Shiban banned him just because he felt like it and maybe because he believed in the conspiracy theory about Nuro being several different people.
The Hun does as he wills, and the bicycle repairman suffers as he must.
That was me. Saw it with motherbot. Not bad, some good action and violence scenes. Had a mystical element to it that came off as slightly pretentious. We had free tickets, worth torrenting but I wouldn’t go to the movies for it.
thumbnail of IGA Tennis.png
thumbnail of IGA Tennis.png
IGA Tennis png (1.44 MB, 1366x768)
> conspiracy theory
Cunt was banned for SPAMMING that memeball image...

He's been SEETHING about it ever since. His latest BS about it is claiming it was all just a big mistake by the Big Fella. It was no mistake.
thumbnail of igagirl.jpg
thumbnail of igagirl.jpg
igagirl jpg (74.54 KB, 1000x560)

How was AdA?
ATJ I mean
heading into chonky territory
> chill at the work computer again 

I thought he had 4 ISPs and hacked into his neighbours wifi?
Nice haul.
Elite hackers like nuro are too well disciplined to do anything from their place of legal employment.
What brand?
I don't see how it is fair that Nuro is banned but IGA can just post whenever he likes.
What did IGA do?
I once met a wheelchair NEET who was a master of the partial arts.
He told me he would back me up in a street fight, which was awkward because I assumed some element of reciprocity was expected.
Maybe the noosa pad has a Michelin kitchen
Bond street reds
cashed up neet
> a Michelin kitchen
An old bike wheel over a burning michelin tire.
How long are they going to last?
All the doxxing.
He probably would've settled for a handie.
BO would have permabanned him if there was any evidence or indication it was him.
> wheelchair NEET who was a master of the partial arts
well bantered
There is another neet doing that too. Lifeline neet I assume
Sure there is. Or maybe it was aliens. That seems plausible.
Maybe 3 days at best
yawn. fuck off. I've stated too many times that numpty numo doxxes himself as it loves the attention.

Also I wasn't the person posting all the brisbane bike shop/Harry shit. Let that sink in.
Actually I’m broke now from buying those
How do you feel about joining the new handies-for-the-dole scheme that max is running?
> doxxes himself
Then you should have left him to it. There would have been no need for you to make your contribution.
Took covid test, as expected no covid.
Vaxxies now demanding I take a SECOND test to be sure.

Somewhere out there is a merchant who has a lot to answer for.
Exciting. So I get handjobs for dole money?
Wonder how Weber's birthday is going
Betting he was such a big spender at KFC that the qt's there started flirting with him, but he resolutely stuck to his vow not to be interested in them, and that only got them more excited.
If an idiot behaves like an idiot, is it not natural for those around to call out said idiot?
Just sitting here.
Fuck off
Will you treat yourself to some nice booze and food soon?
Garn melburn
Me too. It's kinda draining.
I voted today.
Still on the wagon?
Too soon.
Did you get a sausage?
no :(
Then do what?
Did you vote for clive, or are you still holding out for a text?
Coughing up green phlegm and blowing green snot out of my nose. Going to make another cup of honey and lemon tea soon.
Will monk stay on the wagon over the weekend?
Get a bat aids test?
I unironically voted for the boong party.
Yeah, apparently they give those out with cough syrup. Came back negative.
Probably not.
Who did you vote for m8?
Hunting Bloodsworn doomsayers.
The ALP?
The magic 8 ball says LOL
thumbnail of 04b9166d2804ec0062d37d7b11698.jpg
thumbnail of 04b9166d2804ec0062d37d7b11698.jpg
04b9166d2804ec0062d37d7b11698 jpg (232.1 KB, 1320x770)
Pretty sure it was these fellas.
> Hunting Bloodsworn doomsayers.
At the neet compound we will register this as a political party with the AEC
thumbnail of Weber.png
thumbnail of Weber.png
Weber png (222.21 KB, 395x316)
Happy birthday Weber
You bet. Steady on
So what time are the films on?
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-05-13 General 3 — The Indigenous-Aboriginal Party of Australia.jpg
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-05-13 General 3 — The Indigenous-Aboriginal Party of Australia.jpg
Screenshot_2... jpg (770.94 KB, 1071x1431)
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-05-13 The Indigenous-Aboriginal Party of Australia.jpg
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-05-13 The Indigenous-Aboriginal Party of Australia.jpg
Screenshot_2022-05-13 The... jpg (760.65 KB, 2350x1273)
Well memed.
I wanted to start early, so we could get through several moofies, but I don't know what shibs is doing. He may have to sleep, or eat breakfast or work or whatever he does.
Thank you. That is a nice cake.
thumbnail of boong_doctors.jpg
thumbnail of boong_doctors.jpg
boong_doctors jpg (148.21 KB, 631x712)
Has he not announced it yet? I was looking and couldn't find it but I assumed that was just because I'm a boong.
Are you on a diet or feeling depressed again?
Might go for a nice little neet walk. Hopefully the moofie doesn't start for a while.
What about a pie from Clive?
I had a zinger combo for lunch. Feeling like a bit of a sad sack.
If the crypto market crashes, we're  finally gonna be able to afford gpus again.
Goodbye neet.
thumbnail of boongpa.gif
thumbnail of boongpa.gif
boongpa gif (51.54 KB, 520x295)
I suddenly have a bad feeling NEETs.
Get to the toilet quick smart m8
Testes Testes 1, 2, 3…
It's Scott Morrison's birthday today.
That is very sweet.
tfw having a freddo frog
> Feeling like a bit of a sad sack.
is there anything we can do to cheer you up?
Nah, it's all good.
You've all done enough today.
Got brotherbot some whiskey from the Doc. Cost $80, pretty fancy.
Anxious about not knowing what time the movie night will start.
New year new webby
What was it?
Don't be one of those cunts walking in to the cinema 5 minutes after the moofie has started.
thumbnail of Bitch Nigger Liquid Cunt Dogs.png
thumbnail of Bitch Nigger Liquid Cunt Dogs.png
Bitch Nigger Liquid... png (53.39 KB, 525x499)
If I had a few grand in savings and a decent Fourbie I'd fuck off straight west until this shit blows over.
That sort of weather is happening too frequently.
It is not a good place to live any more.
Might be climate change.
Tullamore Dew, "tripe distilled" and "aged 12 years". I've seen him drink the cheaper variant and I know he likes it so I thought this would make a decent present. I hope I didn't fuck up. Probably should've looked up some reviews or asked here aye.
I'm going to post in all caps in the chat.
Really need a time for the film. Getting anxious.
That should be a good one. I'm sure he'll like it.
I like to be one of the cucks who gets there on time, pays to see 30 minutes of ads, and consumes all his popcorn and coke before the movie starts.
Thanks neet. I feel a bit bad about only getting him whiskey. It is adequate financially but it feels a bit uninspired or thoughtless.
Weren't these the times
thumbnail of aghast.jpg
thumbnail of aghast.jpg
aghast jpg (89.37 KB, 612x499)
How bad has Friday the 13th been so far neets?
What's worse, walking into a cinema late by yourself or being there BY YOURSELF with the lights on and hordes of normie chads and stacies walking around you...?
I am watching the footy tonight.
Don't care about your moofies.
what's tex up to?
You were never invited. We don't want normieball fans around here anyway
So shibs probably means to start it around 5, east coast australian time
At a tiny train station in northern vic
Need to shit
> shibs
Who's playing?
Are you going to stop by Dan's on the way home?
Do it on the tracks like a good Pajeet.
Chucked a bit earlier. Anxious about floods. Might gar park outside of numpty's pad for the night.
Collingwood v Bulldogs
I drove to my favorite park to do some reading. When I got there there were signs near the entrance saying road closed, but I didn't see anything blocking me so I figured I could still get in. Then a woman in high vis came up and ordered me to leave, belittled me for not having seen the signs. I felt like a young sub visiting a femdomme for the first time, the humiliation was so exquisite. I drove off in shame and was so rattled I didn't even stop at maccas to get the breakfast I had planned. Woe'd. Many such cases.
Ok, odili has put on dog soldiers for us
Those are three times.
Why didn't he say anything here first?
It's my fault. I went around shibs to get the moofie started. If shibs had done it everything would've been fine.
Tut tut.
Are we going to restart a bit later?
I presume so.

> This
This, so much this.
thumbnail of 60A34CFD-8720-4AC5-8559-857981E36E04.jpeg
thumbnail of 60A34CFD-8720-4AC5-8559-857981E36E04.jpeg
60A34CFD-8720-4AC5-8559-85... jpeg (4.45 MB, 4032x3024)
About to get a whole let better.
thumbnail of 127071488_289383809062718_8652570334111917363_n.jpg
thumbnail of 127071488_289383809062718_8652570334111917363_n.jpg
127071488_2893838... jpg (75.1 KB, 1080x1074)
thumbnail of query.png
thumbnail of query.png
query png (97.59 KB, 612x491)
Will being drunk and high on codeine help nuro escape the floodwaters?
It will help him escape the fear and anxiety of IGA
thumbnail of 1645662584735.jpg
thumbnail of 1645662584735.jpg
1645662584735 jpg (583.3 KB, 2000x1333)
The /ausneets/ movie night will be starting at 5:30 AEST. This is in 34 minutes from the time this post was made.
The link is:
> of IGA
He normally uses poppers for that.
thumbnail of 24.jpg
thumbnail of 24.jpg
24 jpg (117.51 KB, 883x581)


Is that some kind of faceapp? Boongify yourself? Or are those real people?

At least it's red-white-green.
Another screenshot for the future court case. Cheers!
thumbnail of 0d781fc668831abd8998150c0c56e312-imagejpeg.jpg
thumbnail of 0d781fc668831abd8998150c0c56e312-imagejpeg.jpg
0d781fc668831abd8... jpg (61.58 KB, 960x960)
Getting my moofie snacks
Really does suck being a beta male
> your honour the guy I stalked online drank completely legal alcohol and took totally legal prescriptions as directed !
> as directed 
I hope not.
Whatever happened to that neet with the mannequin?
He transferred his consciousness into the mannequin. He is the mannequin now.
He loved the mannequin so deeply and truly that she came to life as a real woman and left him for chad
thumbnail of planet-terror.jpg
thumbnail of planet-terror.jpg
planet-terr... jpg (355.09 KB, 1536x2175)
So movie will start around 5:30, maybe a couple minutes later, because I've stuff to do.
Let's go in alphabetical order:
1. Army of Darkness
2. Dog Soldiers
3. Planet Terror
All of em about 1 hour 40-45 minutes long, so calculate the starting times if you wish.
After Planet Terror I can put the others on again, in whatever order.
> bragging about codeine 

Feels like high school again
You have become an embarrassment Nuro.
It upsets me to see you like this.
thumbnail of pepehands.png
thumbnail of pepehands.png
pepehands png (238.98 KB, 1200x711)
> tfw you will never be in year 8, doing codeine and choof with nuro behind the bike racks
Why even go on living?
The pic will help the judde/jury understand what sort of person you are. An Gooner pill-popper with a scat fetish.
How did you get this pic of Weber returing to Motherbats after a snack haul from Drakes?
Our school moved the bike racks into a shed which was kept locked all day because of too many thefts.
Off his tinder profile
I don't think Weber smiles.
The bad home was strong in that school
He was always like this; you just couldn't see it.
No .
thumbnail of Dog-soldiers.jpg
thumbnail of Dog-soldiers.jpg
Dog-soldiers jpg (26.56 KB, 360x450)
Ok, now showing Dog Soldiers(2002), good doggo edition, on https://cytu.be/r/endcorner
He was Based. His posts were the only reason I would get up in the morning.
This evil movie tube is taking valuable and much needed posts away from the gen.
thumbnail of 1652064381865.jpg
thumbnail of 1652064381865.jpg
1652064381865 jpg (125.57 KB, 704x864)
You cant deny even though there is a steamer in a pan, Nuros still looks less moldy and more hygenic.

I am not getting flooded and do not have to evacuate shit, it will help me with my severe lack of whizzing

> Nuro fears IGA
IGA is a joke of person. A little unloved Weazel no one likes and no one can trust

how long did you last at your ""parents"" IGA ... HOW LONG ?

sod off shit cunt

i didnt take any drugs until i was 22 from memory 

oh yes im sure the jury will consider random pictures of the internet seriously 

webber grimaces and people smile back

i too remember that comfy here before IGA arrived and started forcing memes and gaslighting everybody, the question remains how fucked was his childhood where this sort of dishonest behaviour was his only way of existing ??

back home at the noosa pad. high and dry, pizza in oven, got house music cranking,  considering my trip to brisbane tomorrow  

> at the noosa pad
Nuro please. Enough with this.
I told you to get him a razor.
You are welcome to prove Nuro wrong anytime. So do it cunt. Enough with your games.
thumbnail of think-emoji.mp4
thumbnail of think-emoji.mp4
think-emoji mp4 (51.03 KB, 600x600)

=lololololololololol !==
You were the one that took a SHIT in a PAN.
Not IGA.
Make a hot chocolate for him and bring it to him in that car park.
> Enough with your games.
What games? That NEET and others just want him to stop causing trouble.
thumbnail of MASSIVE FAGGOT.jpg
thumbnail of MASSIVE FAGGOT.jpg
MASSIVE FAGGOT jpg (157.43 KB, 533x567)

If he wasn't homeless he wouldn't feel the need to try to convince us how good he has it.
This shite might be tracking west to me but can't be certain. See ya soon nuro.
Come on m7, you're straight up homeless. You are living illegally in a workshop that your mate owns.
Says the guy sleeping on a blowup mattress
https://www.tiktok.com/@ladyjunimo/video/7048742826313583878?is_copy_url=1&is_from_webapp=v1&lang=en [Embed]
Homelessness is BASED when NURO does it.
thumbnail of Trev.png
thumbnail of Trev.png
Trev png (822.15 KB, 600x600)
Crumbed steak for dinner.
thumbnail of iga.webm
thumbnail of iga.webm
iga webm (3.92 MB, 1280x720)
IGA i know you so are unbelievably poor and unattractive its hard to believe but  i had a pan from and old sharehouse i never used. I shat into it and threw it straight into the pan.

You are still so epic BTFO by the steamer attack you are still seething about it. IGA you are not very smart and get literally everything about it wrong. The point was not shock value of the steamer. It was a carefully planned take on all your cringe worthy cooking on a camping gas stove next to your moldy fucking hovel. The juxtaposition implied you cooking like a fucking homeless person was shit and not Based

Let that sink in you fatherless piece of fucking shit. Fuck off no one like you.  

Thanks Trev.
You did it again the next day. This means you had to clean the pan and take another shit in it.
Why is he allowed to shit up the thread?
um sewweeety that was a single take, thanks for lying and thanks for trying !
The steam sinks into the walls. It never leaves like a smokers house, you can always smell it.
He's posting the famous jiff from the screenshot I posted recently. Talk about being OBSESSED.
thumbnail of 3q45f.png
thumbnail of 3q45f.png
3q45f png (102.5 KB, 292x335)
> jiff
I am hungry but not hungry enough to bother cooking. I will go a bit longer and then give in. I need to do some shopping tomorrow. I always put it off until I really need to go.
thumbnail of unnamed (24).jpg
thumbnail of unnamed (24).jpg
unnamed... jpg (37.53 KB, 683x1024)
> attempting to defend shitting inna pan
Are you still getting the private number calls?
Do you have an unnamed (69).jpg?
thumbnail of nuro.mp4
thumbnail of nuro.mp4
nuro mp4 (678.95 KB, 1280x720)

Maybe there was leftovers?

Fecal matter fried rice anyone?
I snort gems up my arse.
Good work with those reports...
Can someone please explain to me what is wrong with this ? If you are working hard and need to crash ? I am honestly not getting it ?
That's the joke. IGA can't imagine work, let alone working hard.
He worked in construction for a long time iirc prior to having the breakdown and ending up neet. Mental health is no joke.
Large crystals?
> lots of questions
> spaces between the word and punctuation marks
I wonder who this could be? Definitely not Nuro, hahahaha, most certainly not a case of BAN EVASION.
thumbnail of LMAO.jpeg
thumbnail of LMAO.jpeg
LMAO jpeg (34.39 KB, 433x650)

i never even noticed the laptop until now