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978f05e7fcb27836e89472cb2058f... jpg (113.79 KB, 1124x793)
We are family!

OLD: >>/520211/
niggers tongue my anus
Weber the grumpy grinch edition
Well done neet on finally creating a new thread - do not let it be said that your day has been wasted.
i have rabies
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thumbnail of banner.png
banner png (33.68 KB, 300x100)
I have a new respect for graphic artists - I used to think they were just retards who were too stupid to code, but it turns out making banners and shit is hard.
i have scabies
Added, should appear within the mix when it comes by.
with their tongues
Treat them!
I will f5 until I find the new banner.
> but it turns out making banners and shit is hard
it's hard if all you have is mspaint.exe
graphic artists are still retards
That explains the intervention orders against buro.
Thanks. Does anyone know how to make banners that look less shit?
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thumbnail of 1651005004188.png
1651005004188 png (119.14 KB, 583x482)
Those are yank possums. I fear some of our neets have always lived in the city/suburbia and have now clue what australian possums look like.
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thumbnail of screencapture-endchan-gg-bannerManagement-js-2022-05-14-17_06_17.png
screencapt... png (7.21 MB, 1192x14560)
you did well NEET
lol at the crypto babbies' mental gymnastics about the crash being due to the sort of pump and dump they've all previously said that crypto is immune to
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Last_Three jpg (240.56 KB, 590x615)
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thumbnail of 377b49944a9830a5bde305755b09e8b2.jpg
377b49944a9830a5bde305755b09e8b2 jpg (44.96 KB, 676x401)
I wonder if Hungary has Possums
and now that I've finished scrolling, double lol at the suicide hotline at the bottom of the article
Many such cases.
swampy dirt
Might try and get my old job back
pump and dump in my arse
> Might try and get my old job back
which job of about the 17 or so you've had is this one?
Some quality banners there.
i need an office job
I went to Autobarn today instead of Supercheap, as I said I would the other day.
The low end of the wage they advertised was more than I was on, and I could be up to speed straight away
hp and str just lvled
this doth butter no parsnips
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thumbnail of B3969198-6C8E-4E7A-8F74-845E15C26935.jpeg
B3969198-6C8E-4E7A-8F74-84... jpeg (1.95 MB, 4032x3024)
So last thread I posted a picture IGA called gay. What that unintelligent goof didn’t realise was moments away away from capturing the moonrise in the middle of a few weeks of rain. Nuro’s accumen is so finely tuned despite weeks of weeks of rain and weather event he can still calculate the the planets during the day and cross reference them with weather radar predictions. Let that sink in. IGA is sitting depressed drinking at a computer screen and Lord Nuro is out finding literally needle sized KINO in Haystacks of cosmic and random atmospheric weather. Let that sink in IGA you simply cannot compete. Best drown yourself now.
You are fucking delusional, mate. You are on the never-to-be-re-hired list.
Well bantered.
Settle down.
> Nuro’s accumen
Shit photo.
He's probably drowned anyway
Pajeet told him when he left that he could come back.
Rude. I've reformed my lifestyle now.
Wonder if monk will be a better work this time around.
ate a boiled egg
> I've reformed my lifestyle now.
lets give it a month at least before we start making these pronouncements
Nuro should be banned for this behaviour. He has nothing to offer the board except drama. He deserves the doxing.
Oh you mean at Telstra.
Their HR is probably so shit he could go back with a fake name.
> Nuro should be banned for this behaviour
That will never happen, or else it will be a slap on the wrist kind of ban that he'll immediately avoid.
I might start a pub.
Free drinks for your NEET mates?
You can't afford it.
Only for Monk.
> He deserves the doxing.
You need to find a new board. You're not welcome on this one.
looks dry
Potato salad.
Well said.
Yummy yummy
Well bantered.
I have recovered from chinese for lunch. Already feeling kind of hungry again.
Just like Nuro, so they have something in common.
Did you get that satay beef?
Don't they use the freshest dog and cat meat?
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thumbnail of maxresdefault.jpg
maxresdefault jpg (77.92 KB, 1280x720)
spring rolls are back on the menu boys
Go back for some springies m8.
Oh so you are obviously the doxxer then and proud of it. Um seweety that’s a 18.1
I really wish there was another place like this but completely drama free.
It would soon be overrun by the neets from bad homes. That's just how it goes. You have to be strong, and learn to fight back.
There will always be drama of some kind mate, whether it's N/IGA or Weber clogging a toilet and having a hissy fit because spring rolls aren't in season.
You are so fucked in the head. Just go back to 4chan already
It's every day now with this shit, people actively encourage it with the two retarded chucklefucks.
> two retarded chucklefucks
This is the best way to view it tbh
So long as it sells chinese.
Brit pubs do free curry as it keeps the punters buying beers. Spicy chinky would work the same way I expect.
> wanting chink food at a pub
Two different well bantered's in nine (9) minutes. Might not sudoku after all.
get on the comedy circuit with your not gonna kill myself this week tour
Am I speaking to 10k or IGAy?
You’re so pillbrained you don’t even realise there’s more than 2 people fed up with your cringe forced discord personality
So you're including 10K in your spazz attacks now? When is NoFun getting included?
Trying to ban drama would itself lead to far more drama than we have now.
I used to do my "10K is a two faced tripple nigger" to take the piss out of Nuro.
Seppo possums are so much uglier than our beautiful marsupial
Good to hear.
That's cool.
It was well bantered.
thumbnail of possumcu.jpg
thumbnail of possumcu.jpg
possumcu jpg (203.49 KB, 700x756)
He is our special Possum.
Imagine having a gf.
Americans have a bizarre obsession with male height. They think it has magical properties.
I have not noticed Australian men caring much about how tall they are.
Except ones on the internet who have caught it from the Americans this last decade.
All nuro seems to do these days is post a pic of the ebike or lancia than proceed to engage in arguments.
> internet who have caught it from the Americans this last decade.
How do these chastity cages work?
What happens when you get horny and start getting a boner?
Invest in a good humbler.
thumbnail of Nuro's bedroom.jpg
thumbnail of Nuro's bedroom.jpg
Nuro's bedroom jpg (37.08 KB, 427x332)
> Let that sink in IGA

Are you asking for a friend?
i know right
> A ball stretcher is a sex toy that is used to elongate the scrotum and provide a feeling of weight pulling the testicles away from the body. This can be particularly enjoyable for the wearer as it can make an orgasm more intense, as testicles are prevented from moving up. Intended to make one's testicles permanently hang much lower than before (if used regularly for extended periods of time), this sex toy can be potentially harmful to the genitals as the circulation of blood can be easily cut off if over-tightened.
Nigga I bet you're the same cunt that's been talking about garn a pub for months! And I bet you never went once.
What if he never left?
He's a satiated slab of beef
...what if he lives in a pub the same way nuro lives in a disabled dunny?
A lot of male CEOs in Australia tend to be tall. I suspect the bias has always been here too, it's just less spoken.
> slab of beef
I'm not a lean cut either.
Are we running a pool on when FIFO will have his second heart attack?
FALLING DEEP... jpg (99.75 KB, 465x540)
Yeah nice try tiffin. Fuck off back to your asio honeypot.
thumbnail of 7B1E7BAA-BFF5-4B27-9BA2-8D7C8151B3FA.jpeg
thumbnail of 7B1E7BAA-BFF5-4B27-9BA2-8D7C8151B3FA.jpeg
7B1E7BAA-BFF5-4B27-9BA2-8D... jpeg (2.62 MB, 4032x3024)
Imagine imagining this.
> garn brisbane tomorrow
thumbnail of c1fd76118fbf07c47573eb4aa7d05a749e37b36d6ba25f9c38a4857be7e84092.png
thumbnail of c1fd76118fbf07c47573eb4aa7d05a749e37b36d6ba25f9c38a4857be7e84092.png
c1fd76118fb... png (586.71 KB, 682x890)
Is this all you got Stanley ? Did you read the fine print ? I can cancel and do anything at anytime.  Lame you curly haired untalented fatherless bitch boi why don’t transition already.
thumbnail of f874810c0e97570842c083e5dbd181b0-imagejpeg.jpg
thumbnail of f874810c0e97570842c083e5dbd181b0-imagejpeg.jpg
f874810c0e9757084... jpg (171.68 KB, 1080x1080)

thumbnail of now that's a double feature.png
thumbnail of now that's a double feature.png
now that's a double feature png (6 KB, 1047x98)

> I Know And Feel These Signs
Thank you for reminding me of my deep loneliness.
It is hard NEETs.
thumbnail of tINNED piE.jpg
thumbnail of tINNED piE.jpg
tINNED piE jpg (247.45 KB, 1040x780)
thumbnail of pIE oPENED pRE-oVEN.jpg
thumbnail of pIE oPENED pRE-oVEN.jpg
pIE oPENED pRE-oVEN jpg (302.9 KB, 1040x780)
Had this pie in the pantry for at least 2 years. Can't even see an expiry date on it.
tinned food is good for decades, provided it hasn't rusted through
Can I have a slice?
anzacs ate this every day of world war i and had the temerity to complain about how hard things were
Weber would have single-handedly cleared an enemy front for a pepper pie and a vanilla slice.
Two pepper pies.
Enjoy your pie neet.
Imagine what the diggers could have done with a can of Mondster for breakky
"What do you mean there's nobody else left to kill? Do I still get a pie? Wait until Motherbat hears about this!"
thumbnail of PIED.jpg
thumbnail of PIED.jpg
PIED jpg (202.73 KB, 1040x780)
I know about rust being bad. There was a little oxidation around the top edges.
looks alright
the pastry wouldn't have reacted properly if it had been exposed to air
thumbnail of 93F5FE16-AB53-46AA-B406-E5ED4D39AA33.jpeg
thumbnail of 93F5FE16-AB53-46AA-B406-E5ED4D39AA33.jpeg
93F5FE16-AB53-46AA-B406-E5... jpeg (4.41 MB, 4032x3024)

> TFW when you match the meal anticipation of a Webber at chink restaurant …
Wow, it's nothing.
No pastry on the bottome. It was really nice though.
Served with peas and gravy it would've been 10/10
going to watch telly for a bit
Glad to hear it was good m8.
> South Australia's corrections department facing legal action after refusal to supply prisoners with voting materials
don't want to do nothing, this computer screen is just draining the energy from me
My Crows are playing Brisbane tonight.
I will start watching but it might be another game I will have to abandon early. Might get ugly.
how many goals is tex gonna kick?
> voting materials
It turns out it is some propaganda newspaper that tells the prisoners to vote for lefties.
Is there some sport where qts just tear each others clothes off and stuff until one side submits? Be much better than watching normieball.
Only one or two tonight. the ball is not going to get to him very often.
and what their voting rights are, which the government doesn't want them to know for some reason
mud wrestling, jello wrestling. foxy boxing.
Subtracting your wank force.
I filled out my postal vote.
Voted for One Nation in both houses. Labor ahead of Liberal for preferences.
Why One Nation, did she explain?
>>TFW when you match the meal anticipation of a Webber at chink restaurant …

What did he mean by this? Sometimes nuro seems to gooned to speak English
Sometimes NEETs like to combine words without care for their meaning.
thumbnail of debonair-pepe.jpg
thumbnail of debonair-pepe.jpg
debonair-pepe jpg (87.9 KB, 334x334)
Excellent choice. Now if only millions of australians would do likewise we might still have a country in a few decades time.
Yeah, I reckon nuro's been hitting fort forte pretty hard lately.
Should we have a betting pool for who will go into liver failure first?

I feel that we have too many strong competitors, even though we need less.
What are the current odds?
Perhaps we need some thing like a poal.me to help determine the odds.
The ausneets deadpool - who is actually on medication for their liver/cholestrol/blood pressure problems? I thought nuro was at one stage.
> The ausneets deadpool
Yes, if isn't the mental battle then it's the series of physical battles against the body.
Saturday night /ausneets/ - everyones out doing normie things
thumbnail of ad5fd9595dd2c964507a9407de5647d5.mp4
thumbnail of ad5fd9595dd2c964507a9407de5647d5.mp4
ad5fd9595d... mp4 (1.21 MB, 576x1024)

Who are our big name gooners? Monk, nuro, IGA, cruisey, webby...spergo? I don't remember. It seems easier just to list off the neets who aren't elite gooners.
One mystery that was on my mind this morning was about sheets, specifically those candyland bed sheets set. How are they?
Both my mind and body are shot.
Could be. Our Elite Gooners are in a class of their own.
Have a wank.
Did possum like to goon? Or was his only weakness garlic bread?
Every NEET has at least one weakness.
Also that neet with the female roommate who's name I can't remember.
Spergos not a gooner
I thought he used to post about gooning. Could be my memory is fucked. Which ones were the benzo neets?
thumbnail of 62.jpeg
thumbnail of 62.jpeg
62 jpeg (24.01 KB, 500x500)
You need a recharge.
thumbnail of 42aa41d64c8ec4d34b1260483fc4b2ba.mp4
thumbnail of 42aa41d64c8ec4d34b1260483fc4b2ba.mp4
42aa41d64c... mp4 (1.25 MB, 576x1024)
> POV tickling a NEET
Might go get a caramel sundae from maccas. You neets want anything?
Pay in cash. Touch a cutie.
Family feast please.
Small orange juice please.
> Touch
thumbnail of 986215c285c0daaf06bfea875d25527b.mp4
thumbnail of 986215c285c0daaf06bfea875d25527b.mp4
986215c285... mp4 (4.11 MB, 576x1024)

me on the left
You look good NEET.
4 Spring rolls please.
He does have a very sensual neck.
Having a candlelit dinner for one. 
Boiled the taters for 10 minutes then did em in the pan like mummybot does. Dunno what you call that.
My Crows are doing well.
Only one goal for Tex so far.
Uh oh, taters are hard on the inside.
The double cooking method sounds nice, but I have never had it. I would like to try it with chips though (boil then deep fried).
thumbnail of pepe_doll.jpg
thumbnail of pepe_doll.jpg
pepe_doll jpg (468.91 KB, 1600x1982)
Where should I touch her?
When we get the neet compound going, every saturday nights all the neets will converge on the tv room, get choofed and maybe take some codeine, and watch mallard tv all evening:https://youtube.com/watch?v=nYcHi9EgUHs 
There will be no TVs at the commune.
We are going back to nature. No electricity at all.
That's a lot of mallard footage.
Wonderful stuff.
thumbnail of 637c69b0e64331c0424ec5105da1208a59b216a88baabcb3ea6584553c0b8b62.png
thumbnail of 637c69b0e64331c0424ec5105da1208a59b216a88baabcb3ea6584553c0b8b62.png
637c69b0e64331c0424... png (60.98 KB, 762x754)
How will we deep fry mars bars without electricity?
Nothing compared to what's in my private collection.
The oil can be heated to the appropriate temperature over the open fire.
Looking at a nordy website
thumbnail of Snaptik_7097314400272518405_meme-fanpage.mp4
thumbnail of Snaptik_7097314400272518405_meme-fanpage.mp4
Snaptik_70... mp4 (317.95 KB, 480x894)
Nighty night NEETs.
The football is spiralling out of control.
It is the umpires again.
Good night.
You should.
Having some coopers and listening to some music.
> coopers
Red top?
“Coppers” by default is green. NEETSs must specify if drinking a different colour.
Mmmm could garrr
> Mmmm could garrr
That better not be you Monk.
Tex is kicking like shit. Fucking up set shots.
Terrible night. Awful game.
Was it good
I had a pint of green with a roast pork at the pub, it brought up strong feelings of driving out into the bush with my tin to be a boong and driving home in the morning.
You wanted to go walkabout cuz.
> roast pork
With crackling?
More annoying issues with logitechs unifying receiver on linux. 
I paired it via bluetooth to my laptop the other day, and that takes priority over using the usb receiver with the desktop. Seems wrong to me. 
Re-paired it using some 3rd party Unifying receiver software, which I needed a wired mouse to use. Then when I remove the wired mouse the system freezes. 
Still could. 
My car seat turns into a bed and it's only 20 or so k's to out of the city.
Is the missus home?
It didn't come with any.
Wasn't a great meal.
Watching live dark side of the moon. 
Not sure why I haven't seen this before.
Just me and the dog.
You should have got the surf and turf.
Bleep bloop monk
Cruise by the truckstops and pick up a gin.
I fixed it.
I also took down my second monitor and put my main one on its stand instead of using the monitor arm. 
The position is actually a lot more natural and feels more like work than leisure which is exactly what I was going for.
It was the cheaper option. 
There was a 300g scotch for $35 but I instead went with $18 roast of the day, which was probably the lunch special. 
$7 imp pint of green is good too.
> $35 
that is a lot for one meal. Everything is so expensive these days.
I could try. Just need to avoid main rds. 
Would love to be on the dirt road between balaklava and snowtown with no breeze, the windows down, listening to nothing and having a choof.
Yeah, I was hoping there was a special.
There was at one I went to the other day. 
$15 pint and parmy but it was only one night a week
I need another feed.
I'm overcome by greed.
There is no genuine need.
Bad mood. Frustrated, don't know why. No desire to goon but would have previously been right to it. 
Very productive day but still unsatisfied. Can't be productive because almost bed time but feel guilty if I do something 'relaxing' like watch TV or youtube. 
Passed out at 6
Just woke up
Good morning NEETs
Even a crusie won't help.
Good morning.
Watched The Departed. Not bad.
Desire to goon.
That better not be you Monk.
Is that the one with Martin Sheen and Mark Wahlberg? I thought that was good.
Ordered feed. 
Fucking $8.50 delivery.
What did you order?
I just wanna get gooned up and watch The Departed in the darkness of my lounge room. Drink until my eyes are heavy and and my mind is wandering into the movie. Fall asleep in 5 minutes once I get to bed.
You need to go to an inpatient rehab centre. Get your parents to loan you the money.
Ordered feed. 
Fucking $8.50 delivery. >>/521492/
> Pizza
What toppings?
How many garlic breads?
I'm thinking about those times I was at the pub after work. That serene calmness slowly drifting over me.
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-05-14-22-48-05-75.png
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-05-14-22-48-05-75.png
Screenshot_2022-05-14-22-48-05-75 png (3.71 MB, 2160x1080)
Monk you should read a book called "Games People Play", specifically the game which features "the Gooner", which is you.
Looks good. I look forward to the images.
It's a really good song too
Both versions
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-05-14-23-04-45-85.png
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-05-14-23-04-45-85.png
Screenshot_2022-05-14-23-04-45-85 png (2.97 MB, 2160x1080)
You do not want to unspoiled these next few pictures. 
Feeling better now
Big meaty pizza. Sensual.
I find brown foreigners generally to be scared of dogs.
That is good to hear.
> these next few pictures
Still waiting...
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-05-14-23-21-43-77.png
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-05-14-23-21-43-77.png
Screenshot... png (2.3 MB, 1080x2160)
This one should be a banner
Glistening. Erotic.
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-05-14-23-13-06-82.png
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-05-14-23-13-06-82.png
Screenshot... png (2.04 MB, 1080x2160)
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-05-14-23-21-25-87.png
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-05-14-23-21-25-87.png
Screenshot... png (2.03 MB, 1080x2160)
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-05-14-23-23-06-42.png
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-05-14-23-23-06-42.png
Screenshot... png (1.76 MB, 1080x2160)

thumbnail of a40.jpg
thumbnail of a40.jpg
a40 jpg (53.19 KB, 611x674)
Have you been keeping up the boong sessions cruise?
Kinda hungry, might make a second dinner
Put a couple of chops on for me please.
alas I have only tofu. Not even green onion or ginger.
Don't bother then.
Made mixed fried rice, tofu and leftovers all gone.
Your image didn't upload.
I am not sure I like the movie trope where a character is listening to music through headphones while being oblivious to some big loud violent goings-on around them.
Very strong depression and anxiety again. Some minor tears leaking out of the eyes for the second night in a row.
Mental state very bad. Wondering if this could be the lead up to some full on crossing the line into permanent psychosis and insanity, or alternatively if all the stress could lead to some sort of physical health bomb going off, maybe a heart attack.
The older I get the closer in all the walls become. There is no going back, no do-over. What is left of my future looks grim.
Suicide strongly considered but discarded as an option while my dog is still alive. I must see his life through to its end and do what I can for him. I am not as good as I could be to him when I am this depressed. No energy to do much other than give him his food and water. But I must be here for him until the end.
I am going to bed. I will need to work hard on some distracting fantasy in my mind to get to sleep without reality intruding for even a moment and mentally and emotionally destroying me as I lie there.
What an existence.
NEETs are not well equipped to assist you.
No-one asked them to.
Woke up, can't get back to sleep, can't even have a glass of milk because my dishes are dirty. What a failed existence I live.
Well I guess I'm telling you that you should get help from someone
Why don't neets care about my dirty dishes? Can I get some help with them?
Only one NEET should care about those. You.
we all have our own dirty dishes
Where's the 4am NEET?
woke up at 2, went back to sleep at 3, discussing a legal name change with my lawyer
Change it to Anthony t'dik-mongus.
I already know three kids with that exact name. The confusion when the teacher checks the roll would be terrible.
> https://scitechdaily.com/long-term-benzodiazepine-xanax-klonopin-ativan-use-destroys-neural-connections-in-the-brain/
Long term benzo use destroys brain connections.
Noone suspected that one.
thumbnail of coffeez.jpg
thumbnail of coffeez.jpg
coffeez jpg (32.12 KB, 499x292)
Time for my 4 espressos and 2 energy drinks
fart mording
nobody does sunday breakfast in a 20 minute drive radius of where I am
the few places outside that I can find don't have functioning websites or menu links that 404
the absolute state of this country
Thank (You)!

> driving out into the bush with my tin to be a boong and driving home in the morning.
Boong life feels.

Well bantered.

> Fucking $8.50 delivery.
Big surcharge.

Feed = Power.

Pickles the brain.

Go for a stroll and find a nice place for breakfast.

Good morning NEETs.
> Go for a stroll and find a nice place for breakfast.
When I said 20 minutes I meant in a car. A stroll (death march as an exec) will find a McDonalds and a HJs.
Drive to a place, stroll over and browse their menu. If you like it, stay there.

You deserve better than 
> McDonalds and a HJs
thumbnail of jobSearch.jpg
thumbnail of jobSearch.jpg
jobSearch jpg (183.34 KB, 640x853)
I wonder how Monk's job search is going.
> want to get a HJ from a mcdonald's qt
It'll all end with a small orange juice thrown at your face.
Just so long as I can throw my vanilla thickshake in her face
I hope the machine isn't broken though.
I want a red rooter from a KFC girl
Misso bought a drawer and mirror thing, her dad and I went to pick it up yesterday. 
Broke the mirror. Misso flipped out. 
Hiding in bed.
> Hiding in bed.
Under the sheets?
Watching youtubes
Cool my oc’s a banner now
Thinking of having some chinky for lunch
Wonder how often drive-thru qts suffer lewd comments from customers.
Well done m8, imageboard influencer 2022 is in reach.
You should make it yourself. Good motivation to cook it and you could make it healthier.
Good morning
Nice to see the sun shining after a week of rainy weather. Almost motivates me to leave the hovel.Almost.
Good morning NEET.
Who has the superior gravy - kfc or red rooter?
All these receding flood waters are very dangerous and I have not seen it’s flag for days. 

Morning nuro. Perhaps we should declare stanley dead, and delete his flag.
Did we get rid of that fake scotsman?
Marns nah #BodyOdor is of the opinion removing flags will break the site (it won’t)
Covid test came back negative
It's all so tiresome
Should we start a neetlore wiki, neets?
Why did you need three, what was it for?
thumbnail of Farmers.jpg
thumbnail of Farmers.jpg
Farmers jpg (48.57 KB, 300x388)

No thank you.
Don't judge him, some neets enjoy a bit of swabbing, depending on the orifice.
ActionKid is live!
thumbnail of IMG-0348.jpg
thumbnail of IMG-0348.jpg
IMG-0348 jpg (2.14 MB, 4032x3024)
thumbnail of IMG-0349.jpg
thumbnail of IMG-0349.jpg
IMG-0349 jpg (1.79 MB, 4032x3024)
thumbnail of IMG-0347.jpg
thumbnail of IMG-0347.jpg
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Drove to Lyndoch and got a pepper pie and a coffee from the Sunrise Bakery and ate it on the village green. Should have worn a jumper.
Edit: Remove description and link to a partial video of a recent shooting.
He said it was the third one, it sounded very anal.
Important person?
poor darlings had to share a can of beans after being cut off for one night?
If it was less cloudy it would have been perfect. How was the pepper pie and coffee?
> tfw having to pay women to wear nurse's uniforms and swab me anally as the only way I can feel good about myself
How sad.
Never had lamb on pixxa. What drink you git?
They were pretty good. I think I shall go back some time and try their dine in menu.
The thousand watching him would argue he's a more important person than (You).
That’s a pretty low score. Lame.
That's one lonely barbecue.
That's two I think
another coward who didn't have the guts to shoot himself or engage the police
> engage the police
and by this I mean the only people present able to defend themselves
It was indeed lame.
Morning bros
7 days sober
Doing well.
We're all going to make it
Spacing out the dexies to 30 hours between doses today. Also getting off the sugar.
Probably true.
Good morning NEET.
Good achievement.
Good work too.
neets getting clean
Good work, weren't you at 18 hours last time? 
I finally managed to sleep without benzos last night. Wagon carts charrioting forward.
24 hours. I feel like I'm pretty much physically non-addicted at this point. A few weeks ago when I started tapering off I would keep getting headaches everytime I dropped the dosage. That doesn't seem to be happening anymore, but I'll wait another week before I completely stop them.
> I finally managed to sleep without benzos last night.
Very good.
> I would keep getting headaches everytime I dropped the dosage. 
How sooner after out of interest?
so close yet so far away
Uncovered my hole.
Might have some KFC at 11.30 and then do some work on it.
Keep an eye out for flying objects and an ear out for abuse.
unidentified flying neet objects
there's a heckin annoying helicopter going around and around and around at the moment
If it's black you better not relax
> tfw getting on the sober and no junk food wagon today
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mp4 mp4 (1.13 MB, 576x1024)

I want to put a baby in her.
You're gonna keep choofin, though, right?
Nah haven't choofed regularly for a very long time.
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Clapping Jiff gif (273.51 KB, 220x220)
> mp4.mp4
Cleaned the kitchen benches, put away random things.
Going to clean the stove, then do the vacuuming.
Sorted out the washing and took out the bins.
Then going gym.
In his anus?
> tfw driven to clean out of sheer boredom and not out of necessity or hygiene reasons
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> jiff
I've done the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, put a load on and showered. Gonna chuck it in the dryer now and then wash the floor and windowsills and organise all the kitchen cupboards.
You are a productive neet.
that is the name tiktok serves up when you right click and select 'save video as'
Had a bizarre dream I was fly-fishing with Pauly from Fat Pixxa/Housos. He was wearing blue denim pants and jacket.
And I've never fly-fished
Suns out, door open, venetians up, 3rd instant, productive morning, listening to the pharcyde, absolutely kino
Eating chocolate instead of doing anything productive, just like the Lord would have wanted
See you in the gulag, neeto
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iz jpg (115.34 KB, 1200x900)
Based. Keep it real neet. The rest of these losers will soon fall back into the goon and drug and binge eating pits they're trying to climb out of.
It's too early for the chopper.
> Misso flipped out. 
Over an accident when you were trying to help her? That is disappointing behaviour.
well it's not like you can take something you broke back to the shop
Goon in 30
Her materialistic gold digger instincts kicked in when the accident affected her ability to entertain her vanity in the mirror. 
No patience for cruisey, he is simply an enabling provider.
Getting to root her on the modular lounge might be worth it to him.
They've been together long enough too that she gets half of United Mong Management if they split up.
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dis gif (1.13 MB, 320x320)
He needs to put her in her place.
Kitchen cleaned, stove cleaned, washing machine on.
Vacuuming half done, will actually mop.
Throwing out junk that I saved more than a month ago thinking I would use it. If I actually need any I'll just find more junk.
I can cast but have never actually caught anything.
> tfw no half a mong to manage
Red rooter, by a mile.
How was it? 
I've only been to that bakery once and was a little disappointe.
The lamb was a little overdone, pamploma do a better yiros pizza. 
Had Pepsi and makers mark, so looked for a deal without a drink
The pie was alright. Not as chunky or as peppery as I would have liked, but certainly not bad or anything.
The drive and location is nice.
Thank you, I have missed your hole.
But kfc chips are so good
Hmm. What does it mean?
According to reddit SA police bought some cheapo second hand helicopter that is much louder than the previous one they had. It can also apparently fly more hours so they stick it up there more often.
Yeah it pissed me off. 
It was a pretty expensive dresser and she'd been talking about it for a while
> pretty expensive
Is it fixable?
Do you have insurance that might cover it?
It is a lovely town. 
I looked at houses there a few years ago.
Now you're going to have to spend the week getting quotes for new glass while the mongs sit in puddles of their own filth.
> while the mongs sit in puddles of their own filth
It helps build mong character
No, it was second hand, that's why I had to pick it up. 
I took the leg/joiners off that the mirror sat on and it'd be pretty easy to fit another one.
I'm not helping.
How many glasses in are you?
> so looked for a deal without a drink
Smart move

Well done. I did a bit more cleaning too. There are now spaces on the floor I literally haven't seen in months.

Think it means I need to pull my finger out and use that rod I bought last November.
Just started. Only have 1 and 1/4 bottles for the night. Not monk fyi.
You say that now.
> Not monk

Not yet, at least
> Not monk fyi.
You say that now.
Garn get some chinky, you neets want anything?
Bag of prawn crackers please.
Officially putting off the weekend chores until next weekend
Nice one, full of healthy omega 3 fats
One step forward, one step backwards.
The stability of squalor
You can't hurt me with your fancy phrases
One spring roll thanks.
You say it like a bad thing. 
The best anyone should aim for is to be content with their self and environment.
Yeah, burn the place down!
"Healthy Fats" will be my rapper name (I'm executive).
Maybe spelled a different way for more street cred.
Healthy Fats sounds more like a band name than the name of a single artist
Helfy Phats, Professional Street Nigga
Are you trying to get in on my musical project? What instrument do you play?
> Helfy Phats
Why do I feel okay at the start of the day but get hit by the crippling depression at night time?
Perfect for him.
It sounds like sundowners for old people but Dr Google says it could even this
> Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders 

Perhaps speak to someone more qualified.
Hope fades and the tedium of reality kicks in
I can sometimes make a whistling sound with the top of a beer bottle
my gape does this sometimes
These are the consequences of executives falling for healthy eating propaganda and not supporting their local fast food businesses
it is also another story detailing devious pajeets
Singh vs Patel is one of the truly great rivalries
You need a plug.
Not when you spell it like that.
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thumbnail of KEK.png
KEK png (249.6 KB, 401x262)
Really wish I was a more social and likeable person bros
But then we wouldn't have the pleasure of your company
Desire to afternoon wank.
Desire to consume instants.
thumbnail of 2323F6DF-9494-4C4B-A7E8-F6A14FEE42D4.jpeg
thumbnail of 2323F6DF-9494-4C4B-A7E8-F6A14FEE42D4.jpeg
2323F6DF-9494-4C4B-A7E8-F6... jpeg (2.44 MB, 4032x3024)
Having a coffee down at the marina bros
Find the gold now.
Got my chinky - mongolian beef, lemon chicken, fried rice. Also got a parking ticket. I'm such mong.
my gape does this sometimes
Nice, now go steal a yacht for the commune.
Where is the chinky image?

How much was the parkingg ticket?
Did you know you were doing an illegal park at the time?
expensive meal
Yes, but I thought I was well away from where the parking inspector jews would be looking, and I was only there for a few minutes. They must know all the spots people are likely to park and strike like jewish cobras. Unbelievably fast.
Just gonna have to go on a diet, and pay the ticket out of money not spent on food.
The Jew is three steps ahead of the likes of you m8.
How many other NEET chads have never got a parking ticket or speeding ticket?
Wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t turn in your word and avoided the chink instead
Fatherbot used to chalk his own tyres up in the CBD to fuck with inspectors.
hijack a yacht!

Based. I wish he were my fatherbot.
People that do that sort of think tend to be weird cranks.
Huffing and swearing in frustration at the poor performance of the vacuum and the constant sensation of crumbs and other carpet debris under my feet.
Did any of you NEETs see that story about the Chinese drone swarm technology?
They had them weaving through a forest full of trees.
I tell you the future is looking grim.
Comply with a totalitarian dystopia state or you will be hunted down.
Nowhere to hide with satellite tech. they will be able to get a thermal image of you wanking in the middle of nowhere and send the drones for you.
No-one will be left in peace. every person on earth will be brought into one huge system.
Clean your filter.
Chinks aren't gonna launch a military invasion of this country m8, they're doing a demographic  replacement one instead - immigrate en masse, bid up house prices to a level where the locals can no longer afford to have families, and have our government help them and suppress any dissent.
Buy a decent one if you want one that werks longer.
We will all be brought under the system.
If not Chinks it will be our own government.
> Did any of you NEETs see that story about the Chinese drone swarm technology?
This one:https://youtube.com/watch?v=Lr7L2t-svJQ [Embed]

This one is pretty good https://www.harveynorman.com.au/vax-wet-and-dry-vacuum-cleaner-20l.html
Second link should be:
Easily taken down with netting.
They could fly over or around any practical netting you could deploy.
Ewoks defeated the Imperial Army
You need a better sucka.
I haven't but surely it will happen one day
Learn to embrace the filth
so go underground like the gooks did or into caves like the taliban did
at some point they have to send actual humans in after you or deploy massive weaponry which loses their public support
Technology will solve all problems. Underground will not save you. They will send the machines.
Only the ones too monged to get a driver's licence
All we have to do is get inside a star wars moofie and we'll be fine.
I am an Ewok posting from the planet Endor
Tex Walker will fuck them up
thumbnail of ewok.jpeg
thumbnail of ewok.jpeg
ewok jpeg (45.99 KB, 500x375)
Judy would have made an excellent ewok.
I should be going for a run but I am going for a wank instead
You need to assert dominance and tell them to get back in their car.
Only one goal last night. ngmi
Could do both at once.
Mopping done, waiting for that and the clothes to dry.
Should have taken an hour but took three because there was shit everywhere and I had to vacuum first.
Whole house now smells like a hospital; but at least I can finally use the laundry again after the REDACTEDincident
He'd finish too fast
Don't tempt me