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36226dba78f6f68480... jpg (39.07 KB, 480x480)
Only the highest quality are accepted.

OLD: >>/521240/
You're tough guy routine is even cringier than your photos.
Why don't you go SHIT in a PAN again?
thumbnail of 275149851_2712289469080015_113470294221613270_n.jpg
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275149851_27... jpg (156.62 KB, 1080x1350)
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thumbnail of 803C54AE-86A8-49F9-BBD9-A5DBA3F713FF.jpeg
803C54AE-86A8-49F9-BBD9-A5... jpeg (2.93 MB, 4032x3024)
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thumbnail of B2CB1D0C-34AE-42C3-ACB0-49A65330E219.jpeg
B2CB1D0C-34AE-42C3-ACB0-49... jpeg (3.31 MB, 4032x3024)
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36449ACC-1B31-4F64-BD17-74... jpeg (3.5 MB, 4032x3024)
Is this the real next thread? It’s early. Caravan neet here trying to upload pictures again
Looks great NEET!
She has all that cosplay stuff and coloured hair to distract you from the fact that she's not that hot.
Looks nice neet. Lots of room. How much is it going to cost you?
You're going to be in for a shock if you ever see a real life female up close
Looks great neet heaps of room as well.
> from the fact that she's not that female*
It wörks.
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thumbnail of unnamed (30).jpg
unnamed (30) jpg (54.64 KB, 640x640)
Thanks neets. It’s 260 a fortnite
You can set the resolution half. That would be enough.
Also nice empty space in that crib. Many possibilities to make it cozy.
Interdasting NEET how much ??
> tfw not a chad tradie with dual-cab ute, tinnie, jet-ski and thot gf going on camping trips
a neet in public housing lives better than you lol
I already posted it. It’s 260 a fortnite
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thumbnail of Pork Snags.jpg
Pork Snags jpg (246.79 KB, 1040x780)
Just when you think the toaster oven isn't powerful enough it takes off on you like a rocket!
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thumbnail of 7147E3D0-BBC7-46E9-BE40-17DE5FB08B2F.jpeg
7147E3D0-BBC7-46E9-BE40-17... jpeg (2.14 MB, 4032x3024)
Rewarding myself for staying away from the Chinese joint today.
> 260 a fortnite
That's pretty good.
Looks more like a punishment.
NEETs are eating well.
thumbnail of iz.jpg
thumbnail of iz.jpg
iz jpg (115.34 KB, 1200x900)
Good thinking.
> Waiting for monk to post a bottle of whisky he got to reward himself for staying off the longnecks.
I'm going to make a toasted ham sandwich and a cup of chicken soup. Feel like garbage.
You ever thrown a cast net Weber?
Or what about pumping yabbies?
> what about pumping yabbies
got to wrap them in masking tape or they burst if you pump too hard
If only cruisey had wrapped helen in masking tape.
> Feel like garbage.
What is going on NEET?
Well bantered.
Looking flash NEETo 
Good work
Fucking exhausted. Big day.
Not reading the old thread.
Caravaneet should use his new place to set up the neet compound. He could fit several neets in the spare rooms, one in the caravan, and nuro could sleep in the toilet.
I specifically asked a certain person a question yet some dumb cunt thinks they have the right to butt in.
> Big day.
What did you get up to.

> Not reading the old thread.
You better.
I do not like this phrase "touch grass" which you see a lot now.
What does that mean?
1 hour till the bottle_OH shuts. Can't tell you how tempted I am to gar a 6er of Reds.
That's new to me
I looked it up and apparently it means go outside.
I thought it might be like doing a poo or touching a girl's cooter or something.
thumbnail of f4ebdf4305280fd451689d002dcec101-imagepng.png
thumbnail of f4ebdf4305280fd451689d002dcec101-imagepng.png
f4ebdf4305280fd451689... png (40.9 KB, 584x516)
Hospitals and mongs.
Stop playing your game.
I thought it would be about muff too.
Slabs are cheaper per bottle.
No and no, NEET.
Have you?
Should I?
$25 for a 6er, ~$55 for a slab.

.gg is best for larger file uploads, as .org and .net sometimes cut off the upload before it finishes.

Good luck NEET.

Looking flash. Much potential.

Not bad at all.



Everything in a row?


Stop before the garn.
thumbnail of BUCKO.jpg
thumbnail of BUCKO.jpg
BUCKO jpg (217.98 KB, 1121x589)
MrBucko is the sort of TrueBlue Aussie that's sadly garn outta fashion, to be replaced by beta faggots like OliveR/SoyFree/nuro. From a time back when men were men. He both served in the army and was a prison guard at one point. Still plays rugby too. Fucks a boong with zero fucks given. A true Alpha Male.
The same mongs you have told us about before?
This is why you need to see a psychologist on a regular basis, they can come up with ideas to help you get through the cravings, It might be something like make a phone call to someone or go for a walk (without any money on you so you don't get tempted to drop into the bottleshop) the desire to goon will pass you just need to keep your mind occupied until it does.
Best to have an early night.
> Nobody even asked about my RAT test.
> https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-61242341
> Delhi suffers at 49C as heatwave sweeps India
Imagine the smell
We didn't give a rat's about it m8.
Hmmmm I wonder how that neets rat test went?
I don't even have anyone to talk to about it. I can't tell Motherbat or she will stress non-stop.
Was it positive?
Koori pooni is good for his vigour.
All the STDs will shorten his lifespan significantly.
Um I have 660m2 and live a 10minute ride from the beach. You could not be even more wrong if you tried.
In bumfuck nowhere ? How classy
I'm not Monk
Don't be a cunt.
Look at all this attitude while cooking poorfag discounted meat items. SAD!
Your FAT arse is yet to post a single pic of a caught fish.
An awful post.
Um what is the first rule of real estate ? 

Try and prove me wrong I will wait….
I only slept about 3hrs last night. 
Misso lost her keys last night after coming home and seeing a dresser her dad and I went to get but the mirror broke while moving it.
Her shift ended up in emergency, so it was a clusterfuck trying to get my car back and deal with the dog this morning, before getting a client out of hospital who was being discharged. And that's before the shift. And in amongst the regular Monday morning shit, was getting texts and calls from 7am.
Dan's Coolum Beach closes 8pm, that gives me an extra hour of pondering.
Gay cunt.
Thanks neets.
Fuck you it’s not in bumfuck nowhere
That's if you are buying.
> Misso lost her keys last night after coming home
Did she throw them away during a tantrum?
thumbnail of C66FFEA2-3555-4FFE-9D73-EDC3C7239CBD.jpeg
thumbnail of C66FFEA2-3555-4FFE-9D73-EDC3C7239CBD.jpeg
C66FFEA2-3... jpeg (18.26 KB, 170x255)
Say Gday to Daniel and Isaac for me. 
Tell them to shout you some choof too.
They were on a door handle, neither of us could find them.
> Fuck you it’s not In COPESVILLE 

Imagine living in Copesille.
I should have taken my drill and taken it off the cabinet, was only 6 screws.
I reckon caravanNEET might also be alburyNEET.
He used to be a bit of a narky cunt with overly opinionated views.
Its using my flag again. Remember it's a highly succesful business man with no time for us lowly NEETs...
Ahh, who are they?
I can only imagine since I don’t live there.
I’m not Alburyneet.

By the way I have Abbo neighbours. I met one of them. She seems nice and actually speaks English well.
You're strong enough to not need it. We believe in you.
Very potent.
Cousins. Sick cunts. 
Should chat up your nungah neighbour.
Non-stop action. Mongs never sleep.
Many such cases.
I'm not monk either
There has only been one case.
No one is monk
Or are we all Monk?
Food for thought.
Case of drawer case unit is an ongoing saga of woe. From hiding under the sheets, flying objects and obscenities, and post woe reflections are many such cases of woe.
> Food for thought 
Or is it? Food for thought 
Food for thought.
My nunga neighbour has a partner and a child. I don’t like boongs anyway. I like white girls
There’s a little bit of monk inside all of us.
I wonder how certain NEETs say certain meme phrases to themselves when they post them.
Bad home call today is leftards.
Six of them at once, a small herd.
All in agreement, simply virtue signaling, for hours.
And I get the impression they do this every day, it's not for my benefit.
How vanilla.
Let us know when you hear the first domestic violence sounds.
Were they trying to educate you on the state of the world, or how they have been told it is?
thumbnail of 7e5cffd7187eb92c368071650d7b6783eb076daf8e8cefe5db371264c29cbb5c.png
thumbnail of 7e5cffd7187eb92c368071650d7b6783eb076daf8e8cefe5db371264c29cbb5c.png
7e5cffd7187eb92c368071650d7b6783eb076daf8... png (319.6 KB, 1066x600)
Or are we all Mongs?
Doof for thuouht
thumbnail of group_giantfeast.jpg
thumbnail of group_giantfeast.jpg
group_giantfeast jpg (83.85 KB, 560x400)
Thought for food
Stob making me thunk.
I like vanilla. Isn’t it funny how almost nothing tastes like vanilla but everyone thinks it means the default taste?
Will do. It probably will be tomorrow.

Man I could do go for some kfc but I have no money until the 19th. Even then I have rent to pay now so I can’t afford to always get takeaway like usual. I have to give up smokes now too since they’re so expensive.
You should if taken your drill and screwed IGAs head. It’s only 6 screws to kill it.
I think honey should be the natural 'base' flavour.
I'd only screw his head if he grew his salt and pepper locks back.
Absurd suggestion.
thumbnail of A2862FB0-E2CF-4FE7-B0FF-33E5F1DA7ABE.jpeg
thumbnail of A2862FB0-E2CF-4FE7-B0FF-33E5F1DA7ABE.jpeg
A2862FB0-E2CF-4FE7-B0FF-33... jpeg (2.68 MB, 4032x3024)
 I am still the most highest rated NEET deemed most likely to succeed. 
Honey is a global flavour that everyone knows as a natural sweet.
Maybe cruisey will send you some money for darts and a group giant feast.
Only for choof, fuck durries.
I hope Cruisey is wiser than that.
Gard' a xier of REds at Dans. Parke outside the pad for another comfy night.
Put some thumb tacks down.
I wonder this sometimes as well.
thumbnail of cobra_mong.jpg
thumbnail of cobra_mong.jpg
cobra_mong jpg (66.53 KB, 1280x720)
Gaze long enough into the mong and the mong gazes back into you.
Might garn some toast soon.
What do you non gooner NEETs do all night?
Just sit there watching YouTube or something?
Play vidya
Watch YouTube
Watch moofies
Watch TV shows
Read websites
Post on the gen
Thank you at least a few NEETs here can show some respect.
I try falling asleep by watching youtube. If I'm not feeling tired I look at my todo list, start to do something, and immediately feel it's all too much effort and feel sleepy instead.
Listening to jazz and now feeding on peanut butter on toast.
thumbnail of 8f373a862511c23002452535568d876f.mp4
thumbnail of 8f373a862511c23002452535568d876f.mp4
8f373a8625... mp4 (14.13 MB, 576x1024)
Buy the dip.
refresh the gen over and over
And yet so many of my posts don't get a (you) from you.
My life peaked the first time I had a shitpost turned into a banner
A proud moment.
Life is full of mysteries
Food for thought.
Many such cases.
thumbnail of neet_meet.jpg
thumbnail of neet_meet.jpg
neet_meet jpg (118.63 KB, 1152x864)
To mark the banner edition of ausneets, we want every neet to try and make an OC banner.
Surely we have a slaveneet to do that for us
You are all slaveneets. Get to work.
I think I need to get a PlayStation to slow the boong cravings.
I have also been thinking about this
thumbnail of bitch.png
thumbnail of bitch.png
bitch png (30.56 KB, 404x400)
> Take that whore NEET
Moderately bantered.
Another masterpiece!
You can make a banner for /ausneets/. Give something back to the community.
Needs a modular lounge.
I've made enough.
I never got substantial (You) return.
> I never got substantial (You) return
The NEETs are mostly takers, not givers.
It is part of why they all ended up here.
A lot of narcissism and self-involvement.
After several minutes of intense effort I have decided to give up on making a banner
At least you tried.
That's what motherbot always tells me
thumbnail of banner_nuro_toilet.png
thumbnail of banner_nuro_toilet.png
banner_nuro_toilet png (85.44 KB, 300x225)
I wanted to do one of nuro's beach pictures, but I saw we already had some as banners, so my efforts would be plagiarism, and I went with this instead.
My oc became a banner. Does that count?
Put some colour behind the text. It’s hard to read
thumbnail of unnaaye.png
thumbnail of unnaaye.png
unnaaye png (3.14 KB, 300x100)
I have decided to exert myself
> tell me what you want
> because here's what I want
> and I want you did do it

Why do f-oids do this?
Do what you want, or ask someone else to do something. 
Don't try to trick someone else into adopting your objectives, this isn't a form of negotiation it's manipulative and never works.
I have seen worse.
This is why I spend my life posting here instead of getting a misso
Needs /ausneets/
That it's also the thought that counts?
The quoted text almost sounds like something from Spice Girls song.
thumbnail of unnaaye.png
thumbnail of unnaaye.png
unnaaye png (4.22 KB, 300x100)
Just for you
thumbnail of banner_nuro_toilet.png
thumbnail of banner_nuro_toilet.png
banner_nuro_toilet png (86.58 KB, 300x225)
Like that? I find both equally hard to read.
Very well done. An artist's eye for colour and form.
No we're not.
thumbnail of IGAY BTFO.png
thumbnail of IGAY BTFO.png
IGAY BTFO png (1.39 MB, 1920x1080)
friendly reminder
thumbnail of S T E A M E D.gif
thumbnail of S T E A M E D.gif
S T E A M E D gif (4.3 MB, 280x280)
I don't know how you blokes are feeling but it's getting a bit steamy in here.
Is that a euphemism?
Doesn't the disability toilet have a fan to suck out the steam?
The steam burns a few NEETs. They should stay away from the source but they crave the steam.
So it's a metaphor
It's very real for some NEETs. They sit here and post then counter the posts as their internal steam level rises. Then they explode with a sudden burst of steam, burning all the good posts near it.
thumbnail of 3900340adedb1fece2ebd61c6657e953.mp4
thumbnail of 3900340adedb1fece2ebd61c6657e953.mp4
3900340ade... mp4 (1.15 MB, 576x1024)

I forgot my best friend from school's surname. It took me ages to think of it, and first I thought it was something that was close but was wrong.
Memory going. Only trauma remains fresh.
you need to get off the goon m8
You can always reread old neet generals to remember what your life was like
> Only trauma remains fresh.
The nearest NEET should give you a cuddle.
The BO deleted them.
Your new life started in 2022.
A Ned Kelly pie, a chicken pie, a Cornish pasty, a chocolate donut full of cream and an iced cake, also full of cream. 
$10 total
I think my best friend from school's gf is a tranny. I saw pictures on facebook. I couldn't be 100% sure. I haven't been in contact with him for many years.
You didn't eat all that. How was it so cheap?
Moderately priced feed.
Watching the medallion. 
It hasn't aged well.
$2 for any pastry or cake. 
Weber Boigur Co is trying to outdo OTR I think.
Are they good pastries and cakes?
thumbnail of c07cc5920a68b0d084fbc27f29db0c45.mp4
thumbnail of c07cc5920a68b0d084fbc27f29db0c45.mp4
c07cc5920a68b0d084fb... mp4 (1.43 MB, 628x576)

As good as any average bakery.
> the medallion. 
5.2/10 on imdb
Not good enough.
When the guy put them through the til, the thing said I had $18 discount.
It's sort of trying to be a comedy.
Cashed up NEET.
Can you do a vocaroo of this. 
I need to know how these memes sound in your head.
Just imagine him giving two thumbs up as he says it.
To the moon!
Buy the dip!
Jokes on you, jews! I'm too poor to be able to borrow money.
That makes it worse.
What if they're already three steps ahead of you, like they did with that NEET and the parking fine?
Nighty night NEETs.
night night neet
I've been thinking maybe it wouldn't be so bad having a few foreign neets hanging around on here at night, they could keep the 2 am and 4 am australian neets company when they couldn't sleep
Good night.
We have the Glasgow NEET and the Hungarian but neither are very good posters.
Hungarian NEET is good. 
UK/ Scottish NEET is a shitcunts
The Medallion is utterly terrible.
Wonder how monks shift went
Did you watch it all?
So do I. I hope it went well and he has stayed away from the post-work standards.
UKneet is a good bloke and nice to chat to.
Shiban is legend for persisting with moofie night.
Very generous appraisals.
I hope he will supplement the waging with counselling or a goner support group. It would require him to humble himself but I feel it would be his only hope. Pharmaceutical interventions never stopped him. Everything will come undone again if he hops off the wagon.
You are a hard to neet to please.
I think he probably still thinks he can just drink on weekends. Or just have a couple at night "to help him sleep".
He is still a long way from realising that he can't drink at all, ever again.
My standards are high.
Indeed it would be a very hard change. He would need to fully embrace being a sober person which is pretty hard in this country. He was on a ufc kick a while ago, he should join a mma or jujitsu gym to get a rush another way.
Yes he would enjoy that I think.
Which neets do you rate highly?
> which is pretty hard in this country.
I am not sure about how hard it is. I don't think anyone cares if you stay sober.
It would not be fair to play favourites in such a public fashion.
Maybe you’re right. The perceived social pressure may be distorted by one’s own craving for that liquid relief. I’m sure someone not drinking would become old news pretty quick in their circle.
Also I am not sure how big of a circle Monk even has.
He could probably do with a new one anyway.
I went to Kmart today to buy some shit for my mates engagement party. I bought a nice jacket(3xl) with a collared shirt. I will match that with executive jeans and my cleanest white sneakers. I will look like shit regardless but at least I made an effort.
I think he has one or two normie mates he has had a bender with a few times a year.
> 3xl
You are still a skellie. It is good that you get invited to this sort of thing.
Yes, they supply him with the cocaine.
That 3xl jacket had a fair bit of give in it.
That's a rip off of the aeres fmg, it was designed from close security in transit.
Still waiting for Weber to tell us about his RAT.
Yea think all the NEETS are too lazy to do moofie
Been quite worried. He will most likely be fine but the asthma and weight makes me nervous.
I don't mind the Brit.
What are you blokes left ITT up to?
I'm watching a tv show and reading about the Ada programming language. I don't know much about the programming but the reliability focus of it seems interesting not that I understand very much of what I am reading about.
I'm sorry I'm not well versed in aboriginal anal.

Writing email and drinking tea. What are you up to?
Watching a movie called Public Enemies
Iktf about lack of understanding it is good you are engaged in something productive.
I’m on the standards after quite the food binge today. One Heineken tall
Boy left.  I suspect I am back in Afib like I was after my heart attack, feels like a fish is flopping around in my chest and I can feel feel my justed heart rhythm in up in my throat. If it is still like this when I wake up I will probably have to go to ED since they are more well equipped to check it out than seeing my gp. This isn’t really a surprise , play stupid games win stupid prizes.
Is it good?
> I'm not well versed in aboriginal anal
We have tried to teach you.
> Public Enemies
7.0/10 on imdb. Possibly watchable.
I was playing Half-Life 2 but it crashed and I had to restart my computer.
> aboriginal anal
You will undergo a baptism by fire.
> I suspect I am back in Afib like I was after my heart attack
That is very worrying NEET. Please take good care of yourself and go to the hospital sooner rather than later.
Loved that game. Played it first when it got a port on the OG Xbox. Our family pc at the time didn’t have the specs to run it.
Ooooo, I've a Dreher, so I can do some boonging with you fellas.
By Michael Mann? The girl was pretty and Bale was well cast imo. I didn't think it was great but it was alright from memory.
If we are boongs, does that make you a gypsy?
I am not too worried short term. AFIB doesn’t make you drop dead or anything just increases your risk of stroke long term. I don’t have private health insurance so am ambo would cost me 1000+((Wa) since I am too drunk to drive.
Almost lost an executive today. 
Obesity, high blood pressure, stroke, several more strokes. 

Press F for potatoNEET
You can get a taxi.
Go on?
Did you have a stroke?
I don’t quite understand
Do some light cardio (wanking).
thumbnail of 9476935eaa2e26528d5.mp4
thumbnail of 9476935eaa2e26528d5.mp4
9476935eaa2e26528d5 mp4 (5.77 MB, 400x230)
Saw a Chinese man driving a bus today
Are you saying you had strokes?
Who is PotatoNEET?
True. .. fug
Shit all over the floor and vomit just to spite pajeet.
Cum on his face to assert your dominance.
thumbnail of 44E3B89D-2B69-4B4F-8EAB-A838BC9275A7.jpeg
thumbnail of 44E3B89D-2B69-4B4F-8EAB-A838BC9275A7.jpeg
44E3B89D-2B69-4B4... jpeg (60.83 KB, 960x960)
thumbnail of 44E3B89D-2B69-4B4F-8EAB-A838BC9275A7.jpeg
thumbnail of 44E3B89D-2B69-4B4F-8EAB-A838BC9275A7.jpeg
44E3B89D-2B69-4B4... jpeg (60.83 KB, 960x960)
NK oh you
Such obscene comments
It's a Hungarian beer. Lager. Dreher was a bloke here brewing beer in the 19th.

Drinking beer is a German thing.
Is it a nice beer?
Brands here often market there salami as hungarian. Is salami a big thing there?
> salami 
That is certainly the stereotype.
Buy it on Amazon.
thumbnail of 22916253964fb516a495b5ecfaba536c999c8b9e2e7c3cda315ee11a653d2df3.jpg
thumbnail of 22916253964fb516a495b5ecfaba536c999c8b9e2e7c3cda315ee11a653d2df3.jpg
22916253964fb5... jpg (69.11 KB, 629x711)
Very nice and great price. Vertical and horizontal venetians, very nice indeed. 

Can I have choof money?

Same. Close the gen, try to focus, reopen the gen. Repeat. 

It was decently brutal. Several containers unloaded. Feet hurt, and I rolled my ankle pretty bad. Felt like a weber fall moment, for a moment I thought I'd sprained or broken it because it immediately got super hot. 
Will have to push through the discomfort tomorrow. 
Had to deal with MONGs for hours which was frustrating, a 20 year old derro who identified as a boong despite being white. A younger hip aussie indian guy saved the day, he was cool. Hung out with him and a cute maori girl with big milkers who had trouble calculating 3 x 12. 
Feel like the work is good punishment for my gooner behaviour. Redemption awaits me, inshallah. 

No desire. This time feels different. I know where it will lead me if I falter. I bought some smokes earlier today and just felt like a dumb cunt smoking on the way home. The romance of the lowly warehouse peasant smoking on the highway has worn off. 


Fat loss first.
Wonder if monk still has a bit of dormant mojo required to pull the stacked maori bird.
It is good to hear that work went okay Monk. It will get easier as it goes on.
You should ice that ankle tonight.
I like 'em hairy.
It's ok beer. Maybe it's better than most Hungarian beer, but Hungarian beer ain't good. In my experience they got worse during the first decade of 2000. In fact all the beer got shittier, the lincensed ones as well, because they don't use the classical brewing process, but set the taste with enzymes and shit like that.
Good beer can be bought at small local breweries.
> Is salami a big thing there?
thumbnail of images (46).jpeg
thumbnail of images (46).jpeg
images (46) jpeg (8.21 KB, 319x460)
I am displeased with this post.
Cryptic, possibly serious, and with no follow-up to answer the questions it raised in reply.
thumbnail of between tennis and golfball.png
thumbnail of between tennis and golfball.png
between... png (1.47 MB, 813x1098)
I don't think I can make it to the wage tomorrow. Fuck. This is the last thing I need. 
Hopefully I can send the labour hire mob a photo as part of a report or something so they know I'm legit and not chucking a sickie on the second day. 
Woe, this is sickie karma.
thumbnail of dreher-s.JPG
thumbnail of dreher-s.JPG
dreher-s JPG (851.67 KB, 1632x1224)
The liter jug is overkill for that 0.5, but why not.
That looks ugly NEET. Get some ice on it.
Maybe a doctor's visit tomorrow would get you the evidence you need for the employer.
Maybe a workcover claim down the road too. It could be serious.
Big moon out there tonight.
Hit it with a hammer
It hurts. I'm doing the wombler hobble
It was all the extra weight you've put on.
Your frame wasn't ready for the full executive load.
Exactly what I thought when it happened. I deserve this.
Goodnight neets. I normally wouldn't be going to bed for another two or three hours but I need to start going earlier.
Night, fella.
Big moon means a big goon
Good night.
Your a big goon.


A NEET known to me did. 
Discharged today,  still no word on his condition,  he could be potato.

I do not intend to post cryptically, but this comment is often made. 
Maybe I struggle to communicate
I hope he is okay.
thumbnail of 1652414415374.jpg
thumbnail of 1652414415374.jpg
1652414415374 jpg (37.93 KB, 710x842)
I am off to bed. Good night NEETs.
good night
Some day I'm gonna lead a better life than this.
Garn get some donuts for brekkie. You neets want anything?
Coffee and a pie please
Fish n chips please.
Bandage it up and go to work if they then send you home thats on them.
Thank (You)!

> I bought a nice jacket(3xl)
Growing NEET.

> I suspect I am back in Afib like I was after my heart attack,
Good night NEET. Sleep tight.

> I don’t have private health insurance so am ambo would cost me 1000+((Wa) since I am too drunk to drive.
Aren't you on Cenno? In some states the fee is waived for those on the payment under a hardship criteria.

Good night NEET. Sleep tight.

> Vertical and horizontal venetians, very nice indeed. 
Sometime to inspire you towards working to achieve.

> Redemption awaits me, inshallah. 
I hope.

> I don't think I can make it to the wage tomorrow.
You should make a compo claim.

No thank you.

Good morning NEET.
thumbnail of e73fa98180ba57eae39d3df8d1fd2b00-imagepng.png
thumbnail of e73fa98180ba57eae39d3df8d1fd2b00-imagepng.png
e73fa98180ba57eae39d3d... png (224.95 KB, 402x344)
Been awake since 3:30. Today's a big day for me, having my first dexie free day in...well, a long time.
fermented cum
One would hope it is reasonably fresh though, as some imported products stay stocked for months/years before they are sold.
Good luck neet I'm sure you will be fine.
Big Fella should recommend some lollies for us try.
They have racist sweets
Stummers elderberry cream filled dark chocolate
Meme magic is real
Ahhh, that's where they came from.

> Stummers 
I wonder if that Sewing Centre stocks them.
Good morning M8
> A Ned Kelly pie

My local bakery has that but I've never tried it. Looks weird, has no pastry on top.
Good morning N33T.
Did the KFC kill fifo? We should have a memorial for all those lost in service of The Colonel.
Checks out. The irish are too poor to have pastry on top.
Oh sheeeeeeeet

I once did container unloading for  about a month. Most physically demanding job I've ever had.
thumbnail of boong_woman.png
thumbnail of boong_woman.png
boong_woman png (506.39 KB, 872x853)
> who identified as a boong despite being white
M8, it is never ok to question an indigenous person's indigenousness. This is why Andrew Bolt is in jail.
thumbnail of weigh.jpg
thumbnail of weigh.jpg
weigh jpg (42.02 KB, 602x600)
Does monk weigh more than webby now?
Maori milkers
Stroked potato.
more appropriately
How convenient.
A flat white with an extra shot and two sugars please.
I like runny eggs, they're always overcooked in the pie.
It will probably be hurting him more this morning than it did yesterday
thumbnail of 2123a8906fd22ebaf96c7d404e9e8048d4cb276c101bd3d4630ff460953aa132.jpg
thumbnail of 2123a8906fd22ebaf96c7d404e9e8048d4cb276c101bd3d4630ff460953aa132.jpg
2123a8906fd22... jpg (137.93 KB, 494x584)
Also, how much does a neet have to weigh to qualify for DSP on weight grounds? Asking for a m8.
Is that what's in it? I was too embarressed to ask.
I cannot remember but it would be at that level for the Pepe all the time.
> bought a nice jacket
> Kmart
thumbnail of cut_rate_dan.jpeg
thumbnail of cut_rate_dan.jpeg
cut_rate_d... jpeg (5.14 KB, 150x150)
A quick swig from a longneck should help him ignore the pain, and be a productive worker all day.
thumbnail of JUST take my 20 bucks.jpg
thumbnail of JUST take my 20 bucks.jpg
JUST take my 20... jpg (17.68 KB, 262x262)
thumbnail of 1652308189759.jpg
thumbnail of 1652308189759.jpg
1652308189759 jpg (23.08 KB, 320x320)

Dog did a big piss on the floor boards right in front of me.
Is he making a statement or just old and retarded?
thumbnail of ibs1.jpg
thumbnail of ibs1.jpg
ibs1 jpg (37.86 KB, 828x898)
thumbnail of ibs2.jpg
thumbnail of ibs2.jpg
ibs2 jpg (35.35 KB, 828x827)
being Held Accountable for my diarrhoea
Splish Splash.
thumbnail of b2s.jpg
thumbnail of b2s.jpg
b2s jpg (49.3 KB, 500x479)
Old and retarded. First time in this house. 
I think he must have been holding it in, he just got up. 
Misso is on the shower, I cleaned it up and can't smell anything.
thumbnail of hungarian-salami-the-best-1.jpg
thumbnail of hungarian-salami-the-best-1.jpg
hungarian-sa... jpg (89.69 KB, 250x321)

> Misso is on the shower
on not in?
He's asserting his dominance as the alpha dog in the house.
Hungarians have quite impressive sausages. I'm jealous.
He wouldn't have broken that mirror.
Hungarian with salamis or Taliban with IEDs? Same thing really.
> expat.com
I don't make speling mistakes.
thumbnail of 325964_image.jpeg
thumbnail of 325964_image.jpeg
325964_image jpeg (137.47 KB, 720x578)
Good Morning NEETs

Could have just slept all morning.... Got a wrap from the bakery that was meant to have avocado on it but didnt. I am very unimpressed. 

You are missing the "s" at the start of that domain.
Good morning NEET.
I'm waiting for IGA.
Payback for that day he was left in the car
> tfw bored and hungry and withdrawals from smokes. 
I just ran out of smokes and I have no money. I’m going to try give up smoking again.
Are you taking up feeding instead?
thumbnail of GermanBakehouse.jpg
thumbnail of GermanBakehouse.jpg
GermanBake... jpg (356.33 KB, 1414x2000)

The resume will just be pictures of all my milkcrate cooking.
It wouldn't hurt to apply.
thumbnail of justadelaidethings_280840823_557259756104760_6766089632032116767_n.jpg
thumbnail of justadelaidethings_280840823_557259756104760_6766089632032116767_n.jpg
justadelaideth... jpg (183.89 KB, 1440x1701)
thumbnail of justadelaidethings_280757136_751379132703967_587802110312788431_n.jpg
thumbnail of justadelaidethings_280757136_751379132703967_587802110312788431_n.jpg
justadelaideth... jpg (204.2 KB, 1440x1701)
thumbnail of justadelaidethings_280947389_260358456254003_3263206703599273128_n.jpg
thumbnail of justadelaidethings_280947389_260358456254003_3263206703599273128_n.jpg
justadelaideth... jpg (181.78 KB, 1440x1701)

Send on in for numo with a steamer pic
thumbnail of 47634567.jpg
thumbnail of 47634567.jpg
47634567 jpg (25.97 KB, 310x364)

Sickie chucked.
Get your ankle looked at so you at least have a paper trail to back everything up
I'm not sure there's really a point tbh. Given its a labour hire gig they can cancel my shifts for any reason. The girl didn't seem to mind. Just hope its better by tomorrow.
You're supposed to report your injury as soon as it happens and as slight as it may be.
Yes, and they probably covered that in his induction.
I didn't wanna rock the boat, it felt ok after sitting down for a few mins. Only noticed once I took my boots off
ActionKid is live!
I'm watching this:https://youtube.com/watch?v=BfQD8lgt-Ng 
Feel like garning to BWS for a 12 pack of Coors.
thumbnail of 845011c244661a3d2bbdc3bae3f21bef-imagepng.png
thumbnail of 845011c244661a3d2bbdc3bae3f21bef-imagepng.png
845011c244661a3d2bbdc3bae3f21bef... png (838.12 KB, 640x446)
Well done m8. Escaped mr shekelstein for another day. Now what are you going to do all day?
A labour hire mob once gave me the boot the same day I chucked a sickie. Granted I left the job mid-way through the shift as it was so utterly boring but still I'd worked at several other places with the labour hire company over a period of a few months. In the end it means nothing if you're shown to be unreliable. They have a reputation to uphold (ie. providing workers that turn up everytime all the time). Good luck.
And so it begins, The Beginning of the End of Monk's 'Redemption Arc'. Oof...
I'm not Monk.
Then stop deliberately posting like him.
At this point, any neet who metions he's gonna get some goon is gonna trigger cruisey. Maybe monk needs to start posting with a flag.
Organise and backup my files which are in disarray. Get stuck into a NodeJS project. Feels different having all this time on my hands now that I'm not exactly a NEET. Can't be wanking the day away. Slept like a king too. 

They don't fuck around. I'm meant to be in the quality control part where I just check pallets and do data entry in some kind of DOS terminal application, that should increase my value a little bit.
Might gar a GP after all, could be a sprain
What did he mean by this?
Never heard of him
> monk?
> yes
I’m not monk
When Mr Bode says the two are racist, the man calls him a “f*ing n**r lover”

Tht escalated quickly
Oak strawberry milk > Breaka strawberry milk
Probably not the smartest thing to say in  a taxi.
Yelling at David again. 
Keeps giving me excuses about not knowing how to do stuff.
Give him a formal warning.
He needs the stick.
thumbnail of 83e4de4f6313e4a6d017511a89fa6ed634b4c032b60d2b3ca26da6d37b059a23.png
thumbnail of 83e4de4f6313e4a6d017511a89fa6ed634b4c032b60d2b3ca26da6d37b059a23.png
83e4de4f6313e4a6d017511a89fa6ed634b4c03... png (197.22 KB, 1024x576)
More like the iron bar
Put the carrot inside him.
thumbnail of 1 D8s6WnH0tn9_l6eT819C5A.jpeg
thumbnail of 1 D8s6WnH0tn9_l6eT819C5A.jpeg
1 D8s6WnH0tn9_l6eT819C5A jpeg (113.03 KB, 1280x800)

I'm not monk.
Getting out of your home and doing something in a routine would be good for you tbh.
thumbnail of fa8.jpg
thumbnail of fa8.jpg
fa8 jpg (102.56 KB, 1488x913)

I hope it gets better soon. Perhaps try some cold packs on it.
Good luck, get a note as well.
Did you use the stick?
Don't remember Kilkenny tasting like water. Fuck.
Swing by me and I'll fill your script.
Inspire to be and be even better to set an example.
thumbnail of c524b67142e3409a6fa41097ea407412-imagejpeg.jpg
thumbnail of c524b67142e3409a6fa41097ea407412-imagejpeg.jpg
c524b67142... jpg (70.4 KB, 866x1300)
Doctor Dan, medicine man.
The caffeine hits way harder when you're sober
Time to take the edge off.
thumbnail of 1561159583547.png
thumbnail of 1561159583547.png
1561159583547 png (479.08 KB, 582x582)
That's because alcohol is a downer and caffeine is an upper
LET'S GOOOOOOO!https://youtube.com/watch?v=VJzCLcce1Sk 
Did this girl ever get identified beyond the "put on netflix" greentext?
Your a downer
Second can. They go easy.
Boozy cruisey makes her bruisey
These cans must be off, pours don't stay milky. BWS never again.
It's important to assert yourself as patriarch of the household. Can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.
Have four more before going to get a bottle
Imagine having a BAC of 0% on this fine afternoon.
David is working hard for his wage today.
You instilled the fear into him that he needed.
How hard is it to get on the DSP with only social anxiety disorder?
SAD. You might want to look at upping your game, and developing a few more anxiety disorders - maybe generalised anxiety disorder.
Ok satan, if you take 'em both at once, same quantities does that then become a midder?
Depends on how much assistance you need day-to-day and the medical evidence you have to support that case. You need 20 points for the DSP, so look at these impairment tables and see how you can get the points needed. The condition also needs to have been treated and fully stabilised (i.e., you have sought medical help, but it has not helped you and your condition is still the same)

Then acquire evidence that supports this case. It needs to be strong as they question and try to poke holes in everything.
Just woke up, failed to sleep. 
Cascade of nightmares.
Let's not. Those ip2 faggots are pure cancer.
Focus on your mental health today.
Time for a pick-me-up.
Goocheese? YES
thumbnail of goocheese6jw63y-femgooner.mp4
thumbnail of goocheese6jw63y-femgooner.mp4
goocheese6jw63y-femgooner mp4 (24.02 MB, 1280x592)

Usually I just ignore it until it goes away. 
Yesterday I was severely griefed by normies, today I'm also likely to be griefed by normies.
Okay, thanks. I meet the technical requirements but I suspect you'd need a much stronger case to even bother.
> Yesterday I was severely griefed by normies
Perhaps you instead need to focus on your resilience so that it is water off a duck's back.
> I suspect you'd need a much stronger case to even bother.
I am not trying to be mean, but this is my view. If you feel that you're life has gone nowhere and in the immediate future is going to remain the same, then that might be enough. The issue is going to get the medical documentation that you have significant mental issue, that has been treated by medical professionals and you are still impacted by those mental concerns daily. Such that you still feel like a loser that you were X years/months/days ago. That is what they want to hear and see with medical evidence backing it up. 

You would need to be self-defeating and show that it has significantly limited your potential, especially your ability to work. You need day-to-day assistance with tasks, otherwise you stay at home in your room and do nothing with a limited enjoyment of life.

NEETs here have moved on from the DSP and then back again. It's not a single track but proving you warrant the DSP is not the best process as it is very stressful dealing with Cenno and being upfront about your problem makes it worse. I have had to do it once and found it very confronting, even when the people overall were okay to deal with.
pinch of salt for Lunch
Coarse grain?
tfw no unstable drunk slut to sexually abuse while sober
tubby chungus
Ever heard that saying "Never stick your dick in crazy"? KingCobraJFS mentioned her a while back and that's the only way I know of her. See her get knocked out by those black bitches recently?
> unstable drunk slut 
Then one day waking up and realising she has looted everything she could carry that is now at Cashies?
> See her get knocked out by those black bitches recently?
I saw her fight some but she didn't get KO'd from what I remember.
> goocheese
Is that a tomboy or tranny?
dont think trannys can grow big floppy milkers like that
thumbnail of SAXA.jpg
thumbnail of SAXA.jpg
SAXA jpg (35.62 KB, 293x401)
here she is taking a dump in public
Knocked to the ground is what I should've said.
Might join Cruisey in a lil afternoon goonin like I do everyday...
You two should record vocaroos to each other all afternoon
thumbnail of BOY FANTASY - I H3ART Y0U ft. g0r3c0r3.mp4
thumbnail of BOY FANTASY - I H3ART Y0U ft. g0r3c0r3.mp4
BOY FANTASY - I... mp4 (7.53 MB, 720x720)

thumbnail of justadelaidethings_280962299_154979880352502_8015441643535016070_n.jpg
thumbnail of justadelaidethings_280962299_154979880352502_8015441643535016070_n.jpg
justadelaideth... jpg (111.02 KB, 1321x1491)
The description says it is not per month, it is per week. Plus $20 for bills. $120/week.
I'm not Monk
Unified Mong Management PTY LTD, NEET Gen edition
Hot, not water proof as it would flood and you would feel the wind for $100 a week, fuck...
thumbnail of fairy.jpg
thumbnail of fairy.jpg
fairy jpg (254.61 KB, 1558x1080)
My little project of turning 1.5v solar fairy lights to run off a 9v plugpacks is nearly finished I just need a bit of hookup wire to go from the regulator to the controller box for the lights and I'm done but all I have is some 3mm cable which is just a bit too thick and not very flexible. And any thinner stuf on ebay is like 20-30 dollars for 10 meters, may have to go through some old boxes full of parts and see if I can find anything suitable.
It's also illegal to rent out a class 10 structure as they are deemed uninhabitable.
Can't you just get some figure 8 cable from Bunnings?
That would be the cheapest but bunnings is one of the many shops I can no longer go to.
I like how easy it would be to change the battery and power source. Would you have the power source inside to protect it from the elements and crooks wanting to steal it.