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Find a good post each day and tell the NEET of its value.

OLD: >>/522199/
thumbnail of Cone Bay Barra r9kedit.jpg
thumbnail of Cone Bay Barra r9kedit.jpg
Cone Bay Barra r9kedit jpg (57.01 KB, 417x354)

Should've cropped out the white parts
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thumbnail of yes.jpg
yes jpg (19.82 KB, 620x372)

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thumbnail of Barra.jpg
Barra jpg (19.8 KB, 209x230)
Ok neets, you read the thread title - quality bants only for the duration of this edition. Any neets with one word shitposts will be asked to wait outside until the thread is over.

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thumbnail of r73gas5.jpg
r73gas5 jpg (15.54 KB, 298x224)

Meter readers love it when confronted
Tell us about curry sauce on chips.
thumbnail of 1983.mp4
thumbnail of 1983.mp4
1983 mp4 (5.21 MB, 720x528)

Large BMI?
Great pictures.
Never heard of that one but it sounds interesting, is it any good? Happy birthday by the way.
That's pretty cool.
Should have gotten the VSOP for like 20 extra.
Nice, keep it up.
These made me giggle.
I'm very much an amateur gooner these days.
Excellent use of the image and filename combo.
Looks like a decent place.
What's in a Ned Kelly pie?
Shit... I too have had a fucked ankle of late, I hurt mine in a non-wage related incident though.
Looks very nice.
I haven't, but I'd like to.
15 degrees today in Shitbourne, the grind never ends, going to have to start cranking out my final essays soon, had some HJ's for breakfast this morning, a $7 deal from the app for the breaky roll and 2 hash browns to precise. Going to do some exercises and head up to the shops I reckon. Beautiful sun outside.
Is there any confirmation on how old exactly she is, as from my preliminary research there is no information publicly available?
> These made me giggle.
When they are done well like that it is the same for me.

> Going to do some exercises and head up to the shops I reckon. Beautiful sun outside.
More NEETs need this outlook. I like it.
having a mondster
Early 20s I'd say.
Mentally 12
My guess would be late 20s to early 30s.
> is it any good? Happy birthday by the way.
Yes, it was quite alright. I have since finished the bottle.
Thank you.
lack of self-care, alcoholism etc can make people look older
I'm sure somebody will ID her at some point.
Well image bantered.
Well barra'd.
Thank God globalisation and all these migrants saved us from having to live like that!
Well tower-posted Spergo.
$405 minimum payment on the slapper 
Bankruptcy awaits me
Nice to hear from you Spergman
> final essays
Best of luck
Perhaps call them about financial hardship relief?
And bad mistakes
I've made a few
fuck boomers
Listen to this NEET >>/523297/
Get on the phone, see what your options are.
Don't just let it run and do nothing and disappear in a goon haze to avoid it.
I've had my share of sand kicked in my face.
But I've come through.
I just did, got until next Friday to pay.
Are you able to work tomorrow and Friday?
Yes sir , that should net me around $600, paid next wednesday
about to do something the BO might not agree with
Think twice. Don't do it.
Wish I could handle IRL confrontations as well as this guy
the more I think about it the more I wanna do it!
Weeeeee are the dole-bludgers, of /ausneets

And weeeeeee'll keep on shitpostin, 'till the end
I sometimes suspect that Gmail doesn't always deliver messages to recipients.
Twice in the past week I've sent emails to different people that I would expect to elicit a response and yet neither has replied.
You may be right NEET, but I remember telling myself that when I didn't get responses to emails, and texts too. "It must never have arrived".
It was just a cope. They just didn't give enough of a shit about me to reply.
My friends. Former friends.
kek, this nigga was never going to win this
It also takes a while before you receive an error message that it was unsuccessful (i.e., domain does not exist) when compared to other services.
You should get a 'delivery failed' automatic message in such instances.
"Maybe it went to their spam folder" is another cope I have told myself.
Although one time it actually did.
thumbnail of reeeee.jpeg
thumbnail of reeeee.jpeg
reeeee jpeg (4.27 KB, 225x225)
> $53 to buy a house back in 1983
Actually, $53 a week. Gas them anyway.
> Gas them anyway.
What if some of them are wearing doomsday suits?
These boomers sell a house they originally paid $40,000 for for 1.2 million and think they deserved it.
You might be on their AWS SES blacklist for being a nordy neet
garn coles
Give liquorland a wide berth.
Can you get me some custard and frozen cherry pies please? Don't need 30kg, just 1l of custard and a few packs of pies.
> cherry pie
you got a warrant for that?https://youtube.com/watch?v=OjyZKfdwlng 
I would like a whole cherry or a segment from a slice of >>/523323/ frozen cherry pie.
Pic related get the NEET seal of approval. Very good. Currently half price at Coles.
forgot pic
Zoomer noots never heard of the song
thumbnail of Smith_sDoubleCrunch.jpg
thumbnail of Smith_sDoubleCrunch.jpg
Smith_sDou... jpg (93.44 KB, 800x1067)
Or maybe it didn't post.
Please. Thank you.
GregO did a review of these. Haven't watched it. TBH these crunchy chips are more likely to result in mouth ulcers so I avoid them. Smith's Thin 'n Crispy FTW.
Salt and vinegar chips are about the only ones that actually taste like their name.
> mouth ulcers
I put them in one at a time and lay them flat on the tongue.
That's fine if you're eating Pringles but all other chips have odd random shapes.
Sounds very sensual.
Garn Stumers, see ya soon Numo
Steamers Accord?
Also some green lace please.
You should see what happens on their way out.
My savings account interest rates have gone up by 0.25%, which is good news. They have been so low it is basically nothing.
Inflation still kills savings though. this is not a NEET-friendly economy.
You couldn't afford it.
High gas fees?
That's one of the smaller charges on the invoice.
thumbnail of m24deb52vwo31.jpg
thumbnail of m24deb52vwo31.jpg
m24deb52vwo31 jpg (77.59 KB, 684x696)
What do skellies do if they're not always shovelling chocolate and chips into their maws?
Lefty/pol/ pls go.
This is a board of peace.
I hope they will both sign it
They are at peace with themselves. They do not always need to be doing something. they abide.
#goodnight #blessed #earlytobedearlytorise
Live. Laugh. Love.
Thanks for that I just checked my accounts my savings account is now at .30 while my supposed higher interest rate maxi saver account was at .05 I have now moved most of it to the savings account.
Big savings?
Another big hurdle in my nope application. Not angry or desiring goon this time though.
> big hurdle in my nope application
What has happened?
Good night NEET. Sleep tight.
Having trouble exporting a function from one file to a function in another. 

Have a function A with objects (request, response).
Have a function B I'm exporting to function A that acts upon those objects.


function A (request, response){
function B


function B(){
response.write("Hello World")

ReferenceError (controller.js): 'response' is not defined
Get on Youtube. Sir will have the answer.
thumbnail of needful.jpg
thumbnail of needful.jpg
needful jpg (5.2 KB, 221x228)
I can't tell exactly what you're doing, but I would guess you need to add the response as a parameter to function B.
Yeah I just realised. I thought I'd actually have to pull the object from app.js into controller.js to be able to use it, instead of just a reference to it, in the function.
Mong moment. Everything becomes obvious as soon as I type it out as a question
nigga do some reading about scope and order of inclusion
Never underestimate just how expensive two(2) slices of ham from the deli can be
Git commits over fundamentals, I need a job
thumbnail of tranny curry nigger freak.jpg
thumbnail of tranny curry nigger freak.jpg
tranny curry nigger freak jpg (107.61 KB, 884x587)
look at the fucking disgusting freak Dan has peddling spirits on his website
like last night when you didn't know how a web browser worked lol
thumbnail of 3647D29F-2C74-4D57-B22F-11B669D7284A.jpeg
thumbnail of 3647D29F-2C74-4D57-B22F-11B669D7284A.jpeg
3647D29F-2... jpeg (18.26 KB, 170x255)
An incredibly rude comment.
You know I'm just winding you up.
Cashed up NEET.
Dan's mask has slipped.
You see the Demon lurking beneath.
> social justice expert gets to blend the scotch
> african whiskey must be represented in every blend
> scotch is racist 
> every spirit now tastes like bootleg J&K 

How does this help them sell whiskey?
I'd root her.
Yeah shes a brownskin qt.
Weber made a HTTP request to me and I replied with a 413 status code in response once
thumbnail of IGAHAUL.jpg
thumbnail of IGAHAUL.jpg
IGAHAUL jpg (933.89 KB, 2080x1560)
based noosa smoked ham
Possum something something to my something once
NUMPTY NURO BTFO YET AGAIN png (178.23 KB, 1322x623)
Been waiting for you.
It's no Olive.
The haircut and piercings suggest severe mental disorder.
> severe mental disorder.
She would be able to empathise with a lot us sad cases then.
> severe mental disorder
I don't doubt it. You would have to root her in a hotel and not give her your real name or occupation.
thumbnail of 07680952e84d456b4860adde04a0fb5e6db249e83f4a27e104e9794a7603e016.png
thumbnail of 07680952e84d456b4860adde04a0fb5e6db249e83f4a27e104e9794a7603e016.png
07680952e84... png (408.2 KB, 439x564)
Blended goon neets, or single source?
Whatever goes down easiest and gets you drunkest.
A seasoned and wise neet.
thumbnail of epic-reeeee.jpg
thumbnail of epic-reeeee.jpg
epic-reeeee jpg (6.87 KB, 236x236)
> DSP neets are sculling down single malt goon while the rest of us plebs have to drink mixed goon
> It's no Olive

So it's a born female?
A true goon veteran will take the cheapest available and dilute with water to increase the drinkability.
New Nikki Delvanthal
Olive is a born female, you fat stinky fuck!
woolies brand lemonade was my go to.
Stop claiming olive is a tranny unless he's sent you dick pics in which case please repost them
New SWE Diaries
You watch absolute garbage.
> dilute with water
Up all night pissing or piss the bed.
She looks like the sort who roots her own dog, and that dog does look pretty satisfied.
girls cant computer
Low quality thots.
There's nothing sexier than when women do the sort of sexy things that are only sexy when done by a woman

t. Not OliveNEET
NUMPTY NURO BTFO YET AGAIN png (178.23 KB, 1322x623)

As if your mummybot's any better
Offer some constructive criticism by posting some actual tiktok females. Free us of the tyranny of tiktok trannies.
thumbnail of 62CC9F0B-F3FE-46B8-BD7D-B54643484BB3.gif
thumbnail of 62CC9F0B-F3FE-46B8-BD7D-B54643484BB3.gif
62CC9F0B-F3FE-46B8... gif (1.67 MB, 280x280)
Looks like you are just inserting your self into drama again IGA. How sad and pathetic you must me feel right now.
the neets are getting healthier
Too caffeinated. 5 instants was too many.
A neet who can't hold his caffeine. How pathetic.
Oh I'm feelin just fine
> he posted it again
Tantrum in….
You get off work and immediately come here to start shit. 
Don't you have anything better to post? Anything better to do? 
Can you just fuck off to the beach and abuse your headache pills for a few hours and leave us alone?
Posted what?
Its all those Woody Allen movies.

> A cast member on the 2014 run of The Rocky Horror Show has told a court that the woman Craig McLachlan is now suing for defamation used to show “photos of her poo” to people on set.
thumbnail of 331bc3bc468dc485f99d1307827a21a15c43f2e058126d733bf7990656af3f46.png
thumbnail of 331bc3bc468dc485f99d1307827a21a15c43f2e058126d733bf7990656af3f46.png
331bc3bc468dc485f9... png (89.41 KB, 531x508)
Does NK have a sister?
Traveling prostitutes are nothing new.
Good ones?
Weber got a discount on a prostitute after helping with her homework by reciting the main tenants of the NIST framework in a public sector context once
He was charged extra after what he did to her though. And told never to contact her again.
Gonna do the dishes.
Literally, not figuratively.
Scrub 'em real good.
A Scanner Darkly is on SBS tonight
7/10 is good. Do they have many of those political ads on SBS?

Those drive me up the wall.
Give em a scrub for me as well neet.
I don't know.
I was going to just record it and skim through the adverts.
I don't like it when they bring the thot gf along on outdoor activities.
Boys only.
Normies get out REEEEE
She caught a couple of decent fish.
It is a good movie.
David's partner in crime.
> Senior executive at disability service provider said CEO yelled at her after raising concerns over quality of care
I only watch shiban approved video streams
Yeah well Ovaltine said you're a brown noser
thumbnail of shitadelaide_282194059_803162667738621_3605626332873668961_n.jpg
thumbnail of shitadelaide_282194059_803162667738621_3605626332873668961_n.jpg
shitadelaid... jpg (315.42 KB, 944x1181)

I see all the house CCTV cameras as I walk along the streets. Sometimes at night my motion starts them up and scary light beams shoot at me.
I do not like the feeling.
Cringey stay at home mum who spends 6 hours a day watching instagram reels tier
The perfect milf for a neet who needs a femdomme in his life and some therapeutic CBT
> I do not like the feeling.
We had some installed after a break-in.

Most have notifications for detected events, so that only those events are recorded with snapshots taken every so often.
You should only be able to point them at your own property. Not the street.
> a break-in.
Tell us about what happened NEET. When was it?
what about where your front gate joins the footpath, numbnuts?
They are within our property bounds, except for one facing the street. But it requires you to be about 5 meters past the boundary line for it to record and the lines to come on. You can control the boundary for motion events.

Last year. I woke up to noise and they came in the back door, dog barked and they fucked off. There were similar breaks in the area.
> the lines
*the lights
> where your front gate joins the footpath
That should be at the absolute edge of the frame.
thumbnail of BlackBooster.jpg
thumbnail of BlackBooster.jpg
BlackBoost... jpg (62.71 KB, 720x960)
> More NEETs need this outlook. I like it.
Eventually the whole "woe is me" sad cunt act gets old, at least it did for me.
That's good to hear.
I would have had more posts but bloody windows had to update and the tower post I first made was lost.
Thanks, hope you're doing ok too.
These don't look pleasant.
Hopefully they'll start selling Black Booster.
so that you can't see the person tampering with the padlock on the gate or rooting around in the letterbox
good one
> Black Booster.
That container has always made me laugh.
> they came in the back door
Was it locked?
Did the cops ever catch them?
> Eventually the whole "woe is me" sad cunt act gets old, at least it did for me.
Don't get uppity NEET.
we're all about up syndrome here
I also dislike this growing trend of karen becoming a local extension of globohomo's power
is a minimum payment just the interest for that month?
I have never had a credit card
> Eventually the whole "woe is me" sad cunt act gets old, at least it did for me.
I'll remember that next time you're crying about nogf.
Spot the neet from the bad home.
> Was it locked?
No, we have been here a long time and have never had any issue. Everything is locked now and checked each night.

> Did the cops ever catch them?
No, updates but they did get a hair sample and finger prints so they will remain in the database. I think they went interstate as they took some keys that had a key return and they appeared in another state (i.e., the key return company called us and asked us why they were in another state).
Spergo posts about once every three weeks now.
> a hair sample
Dark hair?
bet he has a gf, but doesn't want to tell us
I have no clue. Since they were caught off guard, they ran off in the middle of their search and in the process their hat fell off. When the police arrived, I noticed the hat and immediately told them to collect it.
240 volts hooked to the back screen door each night
Fridge on the back verandah with glyphosphate filled beer bottles.
Couple of chickens and a dog rigged with suicide vests
In my state, you would be liable for their injuries. I have a night light, which looks like a knight stick. If someone came in, I swing it at their skull, as I am concerned about my safety and their threatening actions towards me (i.e., if they broke down a door, I can imagine violence is the next likely outcome).
> chicken
God I miss Helen.
This is why Helen no longer posts here.
What sort of hat was it?
In BEST A there is no requirement whatsoever for proportionality.
>>/523464/ and >>/523465/ would either be illegal or at least leave you open to some kind of civil suit as it's premeditated
>>/523466/ is just ridiculous
One of those basketball hats I think. I just saw it, and knew that it was not ours.
> In BEST A there is no requirement whatsoever for proportionality.
thumbnail of sensible_chuckle.png
thumbnail of sensible_chuckle.png
sensible_chuckle png (385.18 KB, 592x452)
> force update of hardware update program
> update program force updates the system on startup 
> Bing now default browser
> PC is 6 years old
> Every force update breaks it
The next PC I buy will be even older than this one.
Reject system update, embrace windows XP
> In BEST A there is no requirement whatsoever for proportionality.
The Rann government changed the law to be fairer to the homeowner.
Rann got broken into himself once and chased the invader down the street with a boong spear he had for decoration.
> Rann got broken into himself once and chased the invader down the street with a boong spear he had for decoration.
The addition of 15C to the Consolidated Criminal Act was a result of campaigning by an elderly widow named Ivy who was one of many elderly victims of home invasion at that time.
> Rann got broken into himself once and chased the invader down the street with a boong spear he had for decoration.
What a good bloke.
Rann was (is) a corrupt turd and adulterer.
15C was the one good thing he did.
The spirit of wizzy possessed him, infusing him with boong strength and speed.
> 15C was the one good thing he did.
One good act then.
thumbnail of all dogs go to heaven, ATF can go to hell.jpg
thumbnail of all dogs go to heaven, ATF can go to hell.jpg
all dogs go to heaven,... jpg (52.96 KB, 608x527)
The act has existed since 1935. His government just added part C to section 15.
> adulterer
lol who cares.
> lol who cares.
Broken home neet
The other woman's husband who smacked him in the face with a rolled up magazine at a public function.
Behold the neet who never knew his father, just a series of abusive men who were his mother's boyfriends.
A real man like Trev wouldn't have taken that.
Bad home NEET
Trev wouldn't have been all up in a married woman's guts to begin with.
Yeah, Trev is pretty busy on the road these days.

One of my pc is w7 and it only gets security updates.
I'm feeling pretty happy tonight
> security updates
> Windows 7 will enter its End of Life on Tuesday, January 14, 2020. After that date, Microsoft will no longer offer patches and security updates for Windows 7
According to Tacitus, in ancient germany: "A wife guilty of adultery is summarily punished by her husband. He cuts off her hair, strips her naked, and in the presence of kinsmen turns her out of his house and flogs her all through the village."
Pretty sure that's how trev would handle it.
What has put you in such a good mood?
That's seems too moderate an approach to me. Yemen and the like have better policies.
thumbnail of Dan-Murphy_s-van.jpg
thumbnail of Dan-Murphy_s-van.jpg
Dan-Murphy_s-van jpg (259.16 KB, 920x456)
 Windows 7 ESU (Extended Security Updates) ends in January 2023
You have six months to get your shit in order, son.
False cheer. The crash will come.
Sounds do-able for him.
Well bantered.
going to watch tele
Good night.
Been a lot more productive than usual. 

I could possibly gar a celebration for 11 days sober
The son looks like an alien like Mark Zuckerberg.
> gar a celebration
You better not.
> celebration for 11 days sober
Keep an eye on your long term goals.
That is the face of a child of divorce.
Bad home face?
Yes. He is dead inside. His parents killed him with their selfishness. It is just the shell walking around now like a zombie.
Many such cases.
Watch that power level NEET.
> Many such cases.
> He is dead inside. His parents killed him with their selfishness. It is just the shell walking around now like a zombie.
Me on the left
iktf. I live only for cytube movie night now
Might go to the nordy site
Its a sin.
Here neets, expand your puny little minds and enjoy neet comfy hour:https://youtube.com/watch?v=yk-Ivm9MhYs 
Made ramen.
Sick of ramen, what should I cook that's interesting?
Put a couple of chops on for me please.
Cheap priced recommendations?
4.6 standards down the hatch. (not monk)
I have no money, so I suppose I'll just make a ghetto version of something nice.
There is no difference if your outlook on life is good, for lunch I ate half a box of stale bran flakes.
Nobody cares about your alcoholism unless you're monk. Feelsbadman
thumbnail of born-to-feed.jpg
thumbnail of born-to-feed.jpg
born-to-feed jpg (79.55 KB, 428x500)
If I didn't spend all my money on food, I'd have stuff left over to buy nice things.
You need a food bank or food vouches from a charity NEET.
What are you drinking?
Could go a bottle of goon....
thumbnail of 9d0ec48afc5dde5551130eb71a0eebda.mp4
thumbnail of 9d0ec48afc5dde5551130eb71a0eebda.mp4
9d0ec48afc... mp4 (12.36 MB, 576x1024)
You need life hacks.
You need sobriety.
If put some keif in my cigarette does it reset my sobriety counter
The Tiktoks continue to get worse.
I didn't think it was possible.
Yes. You shouldn't even have it in the house.
Some day we will find a real girl on tik tok. Someday.
The Tiktoks must stop
Gonna go to bed. Someday I'm going to lead a better life than this. Real tiktok qts. Going to bed at 10. Friends. Good night.
Good night NEET.
We are all going to make it.
I choofed
Good night NEET. Sleep tight.
thumbnail of 40180def0158c5baef25fdf8e309ede6.mp4
thumbnail of 40180def0158c5baef25fdf8e309ede6.mp4
40180def01... mp4 (489.83 KB, 576x812)
This NEET doesn't even know where to find the secret mallard tiktok stash.
Could easy go a goon right now...
Henlo u big stinky pooftas
> pooftas
They are all promiscuous horn dogs.
ScoMo crashed an under 9’s soccer game and flattened an 8 year old apparently
A sinker not yet a steamer.
Nighty night NEETs.
Good night NEET.
C’mon Tex!!
Tex torpedoed a garlic bread sixty meters into Possum’s mouth once.
Bought a desk from big-w today. Have it all set up. Going to use it for writing. My other desk will only be for the pc. Might upload a photo later.
What sort of writing?
Definitely post a picture
Well done NEET. I look forward to that photo.
What sort of writing are you going to do?
You can’t just copy my posts m8
Maybe you copied mine.
Food for thought.
Anyone ITT?
What are you up to?
Watching Youtube videos analysing deleted scenes from Star Wars movies.
Comfy. I watched all the prequels and sequels at the movies. It was nice to see Star Wars with modern cgi in the sequels but they had a lot of shit parts to them.
What’s your favourite Star Wars film?
> What’s your favourite Star Wars film?
Empire Strikes Back is the best of them.
Revenge of The Sith is the best of the three prequels.
Rogue One was okay.
I do not acknowledge the existence of the 3 recent sequels or the Han Solo film.
You have good taste. Were you into any Star Wars video games?
This might be the most programming I've done in one day.
The Wrath of Khan
I believe KOTOR (the original) to be the best video game of all time.
Well done NEET.
Nice, I didn’t get very far at the time with the first kotor since I had to hire it from blockbuster. I owned the second and really enjoyed. The original Star Wars battlefronts were also a lot of fun. I have watched my friend play Jedi fallen order and his ps4 and it looks pretty good.

Iirc they are doing a remake of kotor.
But that’s star trek my barátja
Wonder if there could be an Original Star Wars trilogy moofie night
> Star Wars battlefronts 
Yeah they were good games. could lose yourself for hours.

> Jedi fallen order
Yeah I played that, it was okay. Had some good ponchos your character could wear. Ugly black woman in it almost ruined it.

> Iirc they are doing a remake of kotor.
I had not heard that. I will check into it.
I meant writing for uni stuff. I will post a photo tomorrow when I have everything sorted.
I thought you might have been writing an /ausneets/ screenplay.
> -ja
How did you get to that affix?

I dunno, sure. It's over 6 hours dough.
I've never seen them.
Dey aint bad. Not that good as the hype suggests.
I have so much energy. Too much.aybe it's because I didn't eat rice for dinner
I think about suggesting some Korean and hong kong kino for a future moofie night. I’m not sure how it would go down with the neets and I might be just trying to push my taste on them.
> (possessive suffix) his, her, its, -'s, of (third-person singular, single possession)
> barát (“friend”) → a barátja (“his/her/its friend”)
His use is incorrect according to this? He uses the third-person form in the first person?
Google translate has let me astray shiibs
How does that work? I don't think eating less carbs leads to more energy.
> barátja
> Barát
Should've used Yandex.
Lower insulin response which would make him feel better if he was slightly insulin insensitive.
Dunno, white rice is pretty high GI and seems to make me crash a lot. Had a bacon and egg burrito for dins with a low carb tortilla. 
Granted, I recently got stuck into the nutrigrain again. 
I think the productivity of the last 2 days has got me on a high.
Hello Dr NEET.
Do some more programming. If you are a different NEET, then you could into programming.

I've Hobo With A Shotgun and Zombie Strippers downloaded.
Also next week, on 25th, Towel Day. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Probably the BBC show.

> His use is incorrect according to this?
barátja = his friend
So he wrote my his friend.
barátom = my friend
And the my will be redundant so have to be left out.

No problem, barátom. But this is why I asked, I couldn't imagine the original which would have translated in third person by google.
I will bring it up again in a month or two. I’ll try think of one good Asian kino that most neets might enjoy.
Moofie nights need to be later. I'm not watching moofies before 8pm
> nutrigrain 
Yeah, you should probably avoid that stuff. I find that having fruits and vegetables in the fridge are a good alternative to things like that. Carrots, apples, grapes, lettuce etc. are pretty cheap generally.
There are several reasons that our language family out competed yours and ease of learning is likely a considerable part of it.
> the nutrigrain again. 
That stuff is pure sugar.
It is hard to please everyone. He tries to be accomodating as he can.
Autoreiji is good. At least I like it. I'm not sure what most NEETs would enjoy.

That's silly. Here babies learn Hungarian.
I was thinking memories of murder or maybe raid 1 or 2.
Or maybe battle royale
I was always under the impression that English was hard to learn.
> MoM
Watched half.
> Raid

> Battle Royale
Another Takeshi Kitano. I would watch that.
> babies 
That seems like a helpful attitude to have towards learning any natural language.
I like Asian kino as long as it's not replays of Oldboy.
That Korean film Parasite was Kino, as was Slimido. There was another good Korean war Kino but I can never remember what it's called.

Very few good movies come out of China, there were a few good ones that came out of HK but they are all pretty vintage now, maybe infernal affairs? Not sure if Kung Fu Hustle was actually made in China.
All the Chinese people look exactly the same, even the famous Chinese people.

Never seen a good film from anywhere else in Asia unless you count anime.
The philistine produce some kek tier rambo movies that they are fully into.
Either the Ewoks made a movie about their mass killing or one of us made on about their mass killings.
Starts with a bizarre scene of a giant fish, you guys know the one.
Yeah raids Indonesian. I’m glad you like kitano. I watched a lot of his moofies when I was neeting living my sister. I enjoyed all of them but sonatine and hana bi left the most impression.
kek that's the rambo I was talking about, shit I thought it was phillipines.

And memories of murder is the giant fish one right? 
Where the general who killed all those people actually agrees to appear in the documentary, dresses up like the people he personally killed, gets a makeup artist to paint him like a dead person then re-enacts the murders in reverse?
You are thinking about the act of killing neeto
thumbnail of clear red card, he should be out next week.mp4
thumbnail of clear red card, he should be out next week.mp4
clear red card, he should be out next week mp4 (982.41 KB, 640x360)

The kiddie table of languages. Still most Hungarian don't, won't can't learn it.
Latin is the baseline for every Indo-Euro language. If you learnt that, you can all the others easily. It is also very regulated, with all those coniugatios and declinatios. Orderly and formal it seemed.
German was pissing me off with the der die das, and nothing can be do about it just learn it, drill it. Otherwise German isn't a hard language either.

> language family out competed
I don't think that has anything to do with the difficulty of languages. Every newcomer of ours had no trouble to assimilate into us.
It's about centers of power, and projection of that power and influence.
I am not going to watch the video. I am very sensitive to cringe. I can't watch much of these arsehole fake politicians at all, even when they're not bowling over kids.
I'll take those into consideration.
It reminds me of my dad trying to kick the footy around with my mates and I  when I was little. He was always pissed at the time and would go down awkwardly just like scomo did.
The Johnny Howard bowling a cricket ball is the worst cringe I can think of. Do not post the video.
Going to the coles near the late night bottleo. My will is strong.
In my memory he falls over while bowling. But after watching it he just makes an abysmal attempt at it.
Tones had the best cringe momentshttps://youtube.com/watch?v=9wT9XS_TvzQ 
> an abysmal attempt at it.
It goes straight down.
> Latin is the baseline for every Indo-Euro language
What do you mean? That they are all substantially influenced by Latin? This is not true of Persian and the Indic languages. I would agree that Latin can be useful for learning other (non-Romance) IE languages but I think that is primarily because it teaches grammar in a more formal and abstract way. Native English speakers have a very poor grasp of the more formal aspects of grammar. Most people here won't know what a declension is for example, they just go off what "sounds natural" which does work pretty well even if you are a massive prescriptivist.
> just learn it, drill it
It generally does not convey any information either and it is (usually) arbitrary. At least with Russian the gender of a word is a function of the spelling so you can deduce it. In German you need to learn the gender of every noun so that you can use the correct article otherwise Germans will snicker because you said das Panzerfaust instead of die Panzerfaust. Although I find it is an alright language to only read. It is the writing/speaking of it that gives me the shits.
> don't think that has anything to do with 
I was being facetious. With these languages spreading mostly through the native speakers I would expect the difficulty to be pretty much irrelevant.
I had three weeks of no booze, no cigs and very sensible eating when I first started Zoloft after another anxious breakdown. Now it’s kicked in and I am feeling better I have been gooning and eating like a pig. Not good at all. No wonder my blood pressure was abysmal when I got checked out after the Afib episode.
> my blood pressure
What was it?
Pull yourself together mate. It isn't worth it doing that to yourself.
169/120 at ED. 152/115 at my gp today. I’m back on Perindopril and propanol as of today.
You need to get your diet sorted out.
I mean kinda the same. For 2 thousands years there was:
> latin grammar
> latin grammar
> latin grammar
> latin grammar
> latin grammar
And from the science of Latin Grammar grew out the studies of the vernaculars. All the scholars who started the study their own languages 99% of the time had formal Latin education. The grammar of local languages did not emerged organically from the language, how Latin did originally.

Yes, German has that problem.
Go easy on him pete.
I know. Need to get back on long brisk walks too.
Don't walk past the chinky.
> my blood pressure was abysmal
eat BEANS.
thumbnail of diogenes.jpg
thumbnail of diogenes.jpg
diogenes jpg (104.31 KB, 960x540)

I wonder if Jesus ate beans.
Food for thought.
no comment
FIFO NEET you have turned out to be a good NEET.
There are precious few NEETs capable of engaging in proper give and take conversation.
I think those extra crunchy chips did do some damage to the inside of my bottom lip.
He is one of the NEETs.
I am flattered. I assume you are a mod if you have identified other posts as me. Maybe you are posso. I was quite a bad neet a few years ago to the point ( probably deservedly) there was an attempt to permaban me in late 2018.
> I was quite a bad neet a few years ago
Intriguing. What sort of misdeeds did you do?
It was accumulative. Repetitive annoying posts. Stirring up other neets. Impersonating other neets. Being narky etc. the straw that broke the camels back was posting “ I wish Weber had a gf”. I was banned and then banned on site when I tried to post by posso. I sperged out pretty bad and bought a vpn and embarassed myself further.
I reformed when I came back on end after 8 went down.
> I reformed when I came back
That is good to see. We all deserve a second chance.
Bad neet. At least stay off the standards. You can do it.
It's easier to stay sober than get sober
I am off to bed. Good night NEETs.
Night fella.
gotta unfuck my sleep cycle.
Can't even get a single night's sleep in order to reset the cycle.
> sleep poorly
> sleep in
> drink coffee
> stay awake
> sleep poorly
I've seriously considered giving up caffeine, but being so sleep deprived I'm not functional without it and if I quit for a few days all that happens is =I start lapsing in an out of focus, falling asleep at random for several hours at a time
Yeah I've done that for years, and it's made me the man I am today. Try setting a limit on your caffeine consumption and have it all before 9 in the morning.
How much caffeine do you drink per day? At what times?
'Hello World' is quite challenging.
Morning NEETs another brisk one to start the day at -1.
Put the bin out. No thanks to any of you lot.
diogenes more like diobeans
Monk better be going to work today.
Thank (You)!

Good price and desk? 

> I'm not watching moofies before 8pm
Would you turn up though? Many people have requests and there has been several instances when no one showed up.

If autopilot is off, you should be fine.

> Now it’s kicked in and I am feeling better I have been gooning and eating like a pig
Not good.

Good redemption story.

There are video walkthroughs on YouTube for Node.js

I wouldn't be up early enough.

Good morning NEET.
You should have reminded us to remind you to put the bin out so it's your own fault neet.
Those silly bugs.
> Beijing accuses Western media of ‘vicious smearing against China’ following reports that passenger jet may have been deliberately crashed into ground
> There are video walkthroughs on YouTube for Node.js
Monk doesn't need no learning materials
He chucked today in.
They even going through the basic set-up with Visual Code. There are no barriers to entry.
monk needs a crawlthrough, not a walkthrough
thumbnail of wojak-vs-pepe.jpg
thumbnail of wojak-vs-pepe.jpg
wojak-vs-pepe jpg (78.88 KB, 600x333)
Based and neet pilled
That slapper isn't going to pay itself.
He's literally injured.
Working one day a year is plenty. No need to overdo it.
ease it into it
maybe try two days next year?
Sounds do-able.
no figuratively
> There are no barriers to entry.
That's what she said!
thumbnail of memefrog9000_281559858_4961382047313537_1967962398978258608_n.jpg
thumbnail of memefrog9000_281559858_4961382047313537_1967962398978258608_n.jpg
memefrog9000_281559858_... jpg (178.64 KB, 1440x1255)
thumbnail of memefrog9000_281410347_1686730478362452_2748685758101892225_n.jpg
thumbnail of memefrog9000_281410347_1686730478362452_2748685758101892225_n.jpg
memefrog9000_... jpg (94.55 KB, 1406x1757)
thumbnail of memefrog9000_282351745_699636714677161_4798517853609129818_n.jpg
thumbnail of memefrog9000_282351745_699636714677161_4798517853609129818_n.jpg
memefrog900... jpg (198.52 KB, 1440x1800)

> memefrog9000_281559858_4961382047313537_1967962398978258608_n.jpg
What sort of failed freckles are those?
He needs to do a few weeks at the hard wage to give him the drive to move on from it plus the income. That it's either that for the rest of his working life, or a nice comfy beep boop job.
thumbnail of frensplace_281410015_167919802311874_2007255530052137366_n.jpg
thumbnail of frensplace_281410015_167919802311874_2007255530052137366_n.jpg
frensplace_281410015_16791980231... jpg (83.58 KB, 1200x797)
thumbnail of frensplace_281623961_586211195971900_5262879262841248313_n.jpg
thumbnail of frensplace_281623961_586211195971900_5262879262841248313_n.jpg
frensplace_281623961... jpg (94.12 KB, 1440x1336)
thumbnail of frensplace_281048660_1110709152843397_7913962637841758290_n.jpg
thumbnail of frensplace_281048660_1110709152843397_7913962637841758290_n.jpg
frensplace_281048660_11107091528433... jpg (52.15 KB, 852x548)

Have you got any executive pepes? The image filter means I have to post unique ones and I'm running out.
thumbnail of gaiaxheimer_280685980_169724575432903_1413402894240111915_n.mp4
thumbnail of gaiaxheimer_280685980_169724575432903_1413402894240111915_n.mp4
gaiaxheime... mp4 (434.51 KB, 720x1280)

I'll have a look
thumbnail of for neet.jpg
thumbnail of for neet.jpg
for neet jpg (190.41 KB, 1043x1017)
thumbnail of 954.png
thumbnail of 954.png
954 png (30.42 KB, 916x910)

Thanks. I've just realised that by posting it here it's now added to the image hash database and I can't repost it. Such is life.
> post unique ones
Thought that was the point.
You can repost them next thread.
or resize, add a pixel, etc
thumbnail of 1652830876071.png
thumbnail of 1652830876071.png
1652830876071 png (223.98 KB, 1290x1399)
Good Morning NEETs

marning nuro
^ fucking tard
I think you just killed a NEET with frenly fire
He got what he deserved.
thumbnail of tumblr_nr8mwwt0Y61uvq3s5o1_1280.jpg
thumbnail of tumblr_nr8mwwt0Y61uvq3s5o1_1280.jpg
tumblr_nr8mw... jpg (370.53 KB, 960x1280)

thumbnail of 1651173585432.jpg
thumbnail of 1651173585432.jpg
1651173585432 jpg (23.04 KB, 400x400)
he is not fren
Good morning NEET.
thumbnail of EnSBB7XWMAEdhFL.jpg
thumbnail of EnSBB7XWMAEdhFL.jpg
EnSBB7XWMAEdhFL jpg (47.07 KB, 1200x899)

thumbnail of pepe-pepe-universe.mp4
thumbnail of pepe-pepe-universe.mp4
pepe-pepe-universe mp4 (1.72 MB, 640x640)
Mongings. How we travelling ?
I need a boost of sorts today to get me going
have a bowl of custard
> BREAKING: The Prime Minister has struck a second child
I reckon if a few of you neets had gotten the beatings you deserved as children, you might not have turned out to be such mongtards.
thumbnail of H0jqRa8jQ3TG_qIM.mp4
thumbnail of H0jqRa8jQ3TG_qIM.mp4
H0jqRa8jQ3TG_qIM mp4 (3.85 MB, 1280x708)

and some cherry pie
I eat enough. I just need to get going.
thumbnail of yZx6paJUmb1GFvb4.mp4
thumbnail of yZx6paJUmb1GFvb4.mp4
yZx6paJUmb... mp4 (3.86 MB, 480x848)

Beat the mong out of them?
I am not a mongtart
Doing what needs to be done.
Little bit.
You can't even spell mongtard. One of the signatures of being a tard is being unable to spell tard.
The candidate in question is quite upset lol
If you were the execs would have eaten you already.
Considering that almost every single free-to-air TV station has had political ads on high rotation with a political ad from each party in an ad break this last week, I can see his frustration. If people are upset by his action, I wonder how disconnected they are from the reality of the people they intent to serve. TV is not the best media but it could be there only source of entertainment and having this shit jingle on high rotation does piss you off:https://youtube.com/watch?v=ADVf0a73K_0 [Embed]

This bullshit too would annoy me:https://youtube.com/watch?v=ORjflFkm2rY 
> TV station
You should be watching only /ausneets/ and cytube moofie nights to fulfill your media consumption needs. Anything else on your screen is verboten.
There are only so many 8 hour relaxing mallard videos one NEET can watch.
Good morning DUDE
Good morning NEET.
out of booze
Is today the day you work on sobriety?
thumbnail of b8a.jpg
thumbnail of b8a.jpg
b8a jpg (64.68 KB, 600x807)
got the lecky bill
paid the lecky bill
magic 8 ball says...NOO
6am bad dreams. A swig from a longneck to ease the pain. A 750ml swig.
Monk! No!
> If autopilot is off, you should be fine.
Coles was shut so I went to the bottleo. Got a 6 pack of soda water

I am

I know basic setup etc. 

Thats the plan. On the first time I was really regrettin it, the whole past couple months of post-resignation boongery. Thinking more and more about going back to my old job, 3 days work from home. 

Jesus christ nuro learn to type
Who was home invasion neet? I want to guess cruisey because I'm sure webby would've left nothing but a pile of bullet ridden corpses.
I can always hope?
Big bill?
> Webby on the 6 o'clock news trying not to laugh while talking to the media about the traumatic events
> 6 pack of soda water

> Thinking more and more about going back to my old job, 3 days work from home. 
If you can maintain the sobriety and they will take you back, go for it.
$304.08 down from $349.49 the previous quarter
$395.49 rather
thumbnail of 1648470887655.png
thumbnail of 1648470887655.png
1648470887... png (411.67 KB, 534x756)
> longneck
Good onya cobba!
not monk
My bills are going down now that the air-con isn't on for 12+hours a day.
Never lose hope son.
Same rate and less usage causing the drop?
> isn't on for 12+hours a day.
Why was it running for that long?
Combination of less usage (no longer summer) and my correcting their previous estimated read.
Motherbat was also staying here for about a month over December/January, so there was more cooking and cleaning and shit happening.
thumbnail of engineeringiga_280474154_1746973998984451_1253778900149603009_n.mp4
thumbnail of engineeringiga_280474154_1746973998984451_1253778900149603009_n.mp4
engineeringiga_28... mp4 (513.8 KB, 640x640)

Nice detach.
thumbnail of The Daily Mong Round-Up.jpg
thumbnail of The Daily Mong Round-Up.jpg
The Daily Mong Round-Up jpg (74.4 KB, 932x355)

Former bossman hasnt been online on telegram for a week. Looks like some of the other guys haven't either. Wonder if they've quit or just abandoned the app. 
Might reach out
They can't even proof read the DESCRIPTION
They blocked you.