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ec7218a92d0059ff4c... jpg (116.93 KB, 597x597)
Escape from the grip of drugs you don't need.

OLD: >>/523191/
A thread dedicated just to my addiction. I'm touched.
Alien Spider Farm
I'm down to a quarter dexie every 36 hours. Hopefully be quit with a few more days.
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thumbnail of 125758.jpg
125758 jpg (67.85 KB, 800x600)
Many NEETs have addiction issue/s, but you are among the few NEETs to rise past it. We should celebrate the achievement to continue to inspire the other NEETs.
Somebody jizzed in your lunch, NEET.
What sauces did you get?
$29 for 12 cans of mid-strength seppo beer, fark
$15 for a sixpack, pretty standard
Well fuck me now I gotta go vote tomorrow when it will be the most busy. FML.

> I assume
You assume correct. Over a period of about a month 3 contractors were supposed to fix it. First came then said he couldn't do it as he didn't have the appropriate gas worker licence or something. 2nd cunt said he'd come but never did after a couple weeks. At this point I queried the dumb bitch realo who casually told me I should call the company. Sent the breach notice the same day. Imagine being an uppity real estate agent and some lowly renter sends YOU a breach notice. Abslutely hammered her ego.

Caught anything decent lately?

> armed and ready to kill.
and end up in jail for a decade
yeah but it's light beer
even dog shit like vb is 1.4 standards
I thought it was going to expensive. He is a cashedUpNEET.
> 12 pack of beer
Monk! No!
> Caught anything decent lately?

> and end up in jail for a decade
Not here.
And even if that weren't the case, it's better to be tried by twelve than carried by six etc.
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thumbnail of WOEcat.png
WOEcat png (302.01 KB, 492x394)

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thumbnail of maximus_keksimus.jpg
maximus_keksimus jpg (195.18 KB, 798x770)
> Imagine being an uppity real estate agent and some lowly renter sends YOU a breach notice.
I was once in an employment situation when a gas/hot water plumber told me the electricity was switched off for a water heater. I then drained water from the sump around the heater as it was dripping into my workspace. I was later told the exposed electricity wires were still live. I doubt they had a breaker given how old the place was. 

Not handling maintenance issues in the workplace is a valid complaint. She should have handled it better, you did good NEET.
Wish I could go sip some opium tea and listen to nick cave with my boy cruisey on the north african coast instead of worrying about my life below the poverty line
Now it makes the situation even worse for him.
Roast has been cooking for 2 hours on low, covered. Got the roast uncovered and oven grill cranked to caramelize the pineapple.
Possum once wrote a musical about a transvestite mad scientist who created a frankenstein monster gay sex toy. Although universally slammed by the critics, it turned out to be a huge cult hit with audiences.
sweat&sour and sour cream
yeah could've bought a slab for cheaper. only bought it because I saw people on youtube drinking it
Yes, at this point he should have just seen the trial through.
It is making me hungry.
> only bought it because I saw people on youtube drinking it
Was another NEET involved in the music development?
what? I want to feel american
u poors
Leavnig for work in 15 minutes. Agitated. Angry. Restless. 
Will get home at 11 and feel like I've wasted the day. 
Pacing around as the venetians berate me
> Will get home at 11
In 10 hours?
> Will get home at 11 and feel like I've wasted the day. 
Have you started a routine for work, as the first few weeks can be absolutely draining?

> Pacing around as the venetians berate me
Get it all out before you leave.
Yeah, 8 hours + 1.5h commute 

> Have you started a routine for work
I wake up at around 8:30 but I find it hard to be productive during the day because I'm watching the clock and dreading work
Oh, I thought you meant leaving work
Arvo shifts are gay
Beat the flip
> 1.5h commute
each way? fark
Nah he must mean 45min
Drink some tea on your breaks to help calm yourself emotionally. Stay clear of coffee or energy drinks.
Ok. Thank you, NEET.
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thumbnail of FTK3VblagAASbEX.jpg
FTK3VblagAASbEX jpg (101.56 KB, 1170x866)
thumbnail of FTK9mlwVsAAvoSl.jpg
thumbnail of FTK9mlwVsAAvoSl.jpg
FTK9mlwVsAAvoSl jpg (65.4 KB, 940x627)
You'll be back in lockdown before you know it.
Watching a meth addict stand in the middle of the road blocking traffic.
thumbnail of PORK ROASTED.jpg
thumbnail of PORK ROASTED.jpg
PORK ROASTED jpg (1.24 MB, 2080x1560)

Will  you have anything else with it that is not shown?
> pineapple
looks alright innit
ol' Shane's a legend
> Justice Helen Wilson, who described Dowling as “zealot, and one who is legally uninformed and factually deluded”, jailed him for 13 months for three acts of contempt, one of which was stating in a “loud and aggressive” manner in a packed courtroom that the presiding registrar was a “known bribe taker and paedophile ... that means you rape children”.
Yeah about 2 litres of goon
does anybody else end up with a scroll bar in this dingus' post?
he did it the other day too
Old GregO has become so lame. Rarely does anything original. It's all product reviews. But not surprising considering he once said he was partly jewish.
I'm the person he replied to. and yes I noticed it the other day. Very strange.
Looking forwards to it. Closed borders are our only hope.
Looks good.
He is quite annoying. I never understood NEETs like for him.
I'm the neet with the home theatre (it's detached from the house, used to be double car garage) which is where they broke into they only took one of the 4k players and an old center speaker and a few cheap tools, all up about $500 worth I guess, considering they could have cleaned the place out there is about 9k just in speakers, plus the rest of it.
neet with the home theatre 
Have been busy cleaning up glass etc and we have removed the old door and my mate met up with someone he knows that is a builder and has organized him to install the new door today when it gets delivered, and the local mens shed is cutting it to size and installing the locks and handles onto it.
I now have multiple movement detectors inside so I should know if anyone else gets in there.
> You need to take these tasks step-by-step and most importantly trying to make more and more steps over time
after decades of slowly going backwards despite all the drugs the Dr's prescribe and years of seeing a psychologist I gave up.
Yes, it didn't show up on Chrome when I viewed the board though.
> all up about $500 worth I guess
Still not good.

> cleaned the place out there is about 9k just in speakers, plus the rest of it.
A positive side in a bad situation.

> I now have multiple movement detectors inside so I should know if anyone else gets in there.
Good to hear.
Just rocked up to the pad. The rain should drown out most of the industrial noise. Goon night.
Good night NEET. Sleep tight.
lower alcohol content beer means you don't have to drink water
Is it possible to create a board where only neets with accounts can post, but stil have anonymous (to the users) posting?
having a pineapple mondster
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thumbnail of aafd37d545d9eb1bd7665d3c5391b9e8.jpg
aafd37d545d9eb1bd7665d3c5391b9e8 jpg (72.79 KB, 1280x721)

thumbnail of 6810F361-6DAF-4D84-AEC2-94457D233133.jpeg
thumbnail of 6810F361-6DAF-4D84-AEC2-94457D233133.jpeg
6810F361-6DAF-4D84-AEC2-94... jpeg (4.11 MB, 4032x3024)
Bunch of slack jawed day drinking faggots in this thread.
I wonder if anybody has ever paid a hooker to do doggy style and then surreptitiously super-glued her anus shut. It's only $2 a tube.
This goon and codeine will make you a god-damn sexual tyrannosaurus...just like nuro
Never forgave him for throwing away his marriage for that floozy receptionist.
She was hot but he had a good woman at home.
That's our boy.
Oh I thought it was Monk
thumbnail of query.png
thumbnail of query.png
query png (97.59 KB, 612x491)
Does chewing tobacco actually increase your sexual stamina?
What an odd query.
Are you lacking sexual stamina?
I have no idea.
I'm reasonably sure women don't like guys walking around spitting out stinky gobs of tobacco juice though, so that might negate the advantages.
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thumbnail of Blain.jpg
Blain jpg (36.66 KB, 687x860)
I was asking for my friend.
Did Weber ever tell us the result of his RAT?
I've had 4 of the fucking things so far. And no, nobody cares.
I posted my postal vote today.
I literally walked past a pre-poll voting centre to put it in the letter box which was a slight irony.
No-one outside offered me a how to vote card as I walked past. They could tell I was a mentally deranged NEET who was too dangerous to talk to.
thumbnail of 1653025064672.jpg
thumbnail of 1653025064672.jpg
1653025064672 jpg (32.73 KB, 518x494)

Post the results please.
So busy. Barely ever here
You couldn't afford anything there, boy.
Um it’s Friday night incel 
You do know Merida makes the frames for specialised ??
Sure thing buster GOAD harder.
> Sure thing buster GOAD harder.
I'm not a buster. I couldn't afford anything there though.
Are any kinds of meat still cheap? Thinking about shopping tomorrow.
> You do know Merida makes the frames for specialised ??
All chinese shit, that's why I ride Japanese steel.
Hatori Hanzo Signature Edition Eeb
> Eeb
eeeeewwwww my legs actually work and don't fracture
Schnitty is cheap
What kind of meat?
> What kind of meat?
That's what I was asking.
Another exec snaffled all the remaining Apple turnovers at Woolies this afternoon.
He was right in front of me, I saw him do it. He took three, the fat pig.
I had to get some jam and cream shitbuns instead and they were not up to standard.
In my experience pork is the only meat which has not increased in price.
Leg, shoulder and loin still good prices.
Which is odd, because they were saying pigs were spreading that encephalitis thingo a couple of months ago
You should have fought him.
thumbnail of 7727EC2B-7CF4-494D-BD86-79C953545309.jpeg
thumbnail of 7727EC2B-7CF4-494D-BD86-79C953545309.jpeg
7727EC2B-7CF4-494D-BD86-79... jpeg (3.36 MB, 4032x3024)
Good that I'm not a buster or good that I can't afford any LV stuff?
He is lucky I did not see him in the car park after.
thumbnail of blob.jpg
thumbnail of blob.jpg
blob jpg (23.23 KB, 259x404)
fucking keke
I went through a manned checkout instead of the self serve today. It had been a long time since I had done that.
The woman packed everything wrong. I need the refrigerated and frozen items kept separate please. It is just common sense.
Another attention-seeking disaster from Nuro, and it is jut going to get worse.
Which supermarket? Bet is was Coles, hope it wasn't IGA
It was woolies.
Also there is no reason to leave a 3 pack of paper towels out. They can very easily go into a bag.
Motherbat puts everything on the conveyer in the order she wants it packed and gets VERY annoyed if they waiver from this.
In his mind it's always a win and the show goes on.
She is a woman of strong mind and firm convictions.
just letting you retards know that there is a new virus called the monkeypox (smallpox) and it's 100% a kike scheme, if you dont want to get another vaccine for another gay plague then buy a purple pitcher plant because its good for treating smallpox apparently, (VERY limited quantity in aus).
i already ordered mine.
Pure femdomme. Has your mummybot shaped your sexuality?
I thought we were all smallpox vaxed as infants. May have even had a booster about 10 years back when I got other things boostered.
There are rules against doxing other posters. Stop it.
thumbnail of 68149518-0ACC-411D-A01A-D7BEBB14E736.jpeg
thumbnail of 68149518-0ACC-411D-A01A-D7BEBB14E736.jpeg
68149518-0ACC-411D-A01A-D7... jpeg (3.83 MB, 4032x3024)
Garn troll some inner city poling stations with infowars memes.
The laws are quiet strict about campaigning on ellection day, there are specific restrictions against things like being a certain distance from the booths, yelling or using speakers where people lining up can hear them, intimidating or harassing voters.

AEC can get instant injunctions issued by a judge to warrant arrest.

T. voltaire
I trust you have some alex jones how-to-vote cards to give out?
At first I was impressed with the auspost’s evening deliveries and text messages with a 2 hour window, but I’m not so impressed with the 6.25pm prediction for tonight. It means I can’t go out for dinner or to the club if I wanted to. And if they started their route at 6am instead of 9.30 or 10am none of this would be necessary.
> a 2 hour window
I thought this was a good innovation.

> 6.25pm 
I did not know they delivered that late. I have never had anything come after 3pm.
I just came then, in a Budget rent-a-van which was even more confusing.
Pajeet driver?
Now that I deleted and banned for it, I have to interject for a moment. I really don't want to listen Nuro how we have to protect his identity, when he was the two brain celled who doxx himself carelessly. He was the one who made data public, where anyone had access (and the wrong person also had) to it. We can't ban all the IPs of the internet to stop someone posting from a thing he made public. We can't sit here all day waiting for new posts to delete.
I'm asking the one to stop posting it. I can't force him, and definitely won't sit around.
We also have no responsibility in the first place, and in this case especially not.
I understand. You're not Nuro's lapdog like he likes to believe.
Nah, white sheila.
This is on Discord yeah?
> sheila
I have never even seen a female delivery driver or postie.
> when he was the two brain celled who doxx himself carelessly
Better NEETs than Nuro have made similar mistakes.
I know a female ubereats driver. Not sure she can read a map though.
Double Dare down the hatch.
I think it might be getting too cold to be drinking cold drinks now.
My body temp has plummeted.
If he paid me liek 1000 $ a month (plus health insurance, plus retirement fund) I might be willing to sit here 8 hours a day deleting the stuff. For the rest 16 hours I might find another two person to do it for same wage.

What Discord?

Such is life.
But one doesn't post personal shit, when knows someone stalks him.
Yes. I have.
The trick is not to have made such an ass of yourself previously so as to have your mistake weaponised.
> My body temp has plummeted.
Feeling it in Radelaide atm
Or to be a name/flagfag
thumbnail of IMG-0358.PNG
thumbnail of IMG-0358.PNG
IMG-0358 PNG (298.57 KB, 750x1334)
thumbnail of IMG-0359.PNG
thumbnail of IMG-0359.PNG
IMG-0359 PNG (253.74 KB, 750x1334)
I wish she wouldn't watch so much TV news.
The NEETs who give the most of themselves to the gen are the ones who will always skirt closest to being doxable.
It is not something to be discouraged.
It is the nameless hiding NEETs who should be ashamed.
That doesn't give you the right to expose anyone.
I love reading these chats.
> pussy blisters
Problem is one doxxes himself, then reeeee at us to take care of his mess.
im going to expose your asshole to my cock
lol fuckoff all the namefags are well fags
But it enables one to do so.
By that metric Nuro has given the most to the gen.
I'm ashamed of being a failure. I'm not really ashamed that I haven't posted 15 million pictures of my bike to the gen. And it's the same fucking bike right? In the same places?
t. nameless neet
> nameless neet
You can be Purple T from now on
Listening to HardRadio these days. It seems their shit goes on loop. Not sure how frequently they change the playlist. This is one of the songs:
To be honest one of the better covers I heard. I don't like covers which just servile copy of the original.
Fuck off. When I'm ready to have a neet name I'll tell the rest of you what it is.
True, it does. But every time it happens, it just reinforces to NEETs not to post photographs or be extremely careful what images they post.
I'm gonna jiggy jig you ban boy
Back is absolutely killing me. Almost wanna walk out. Upper back muscle spasms and low back pain.
Desire to goon
See it through, Monk.
No booze.
This is an imageboard. Not a hugbox.
Don't have to be paranoid, but don't suppose everyone is your friend.
Stick at it m8. It will get easier over time.
> jiggy jig
> indonesian slang for sex
> An Indo-English phrase originating from the culturally soaked island of Bali, Indonesia. The phrase "Jiggy-Jig" refers to the brand most often purchased by tourists on the island.
No it won't. Scoliosis is hard
If I hand't had done my month or so of weights before factory waging I would've been fucked
Monk doesn't have scoliosis. That's a mong disease that Cruisey would have.
We both have it
Monk's body is stiff and unused to labour after his long period of sitting on his arse doing nothing.
His scoliosis will not cure itself, but his body and muscles will adapt to his new work in time.
It will become more manageable. Just stick with it.
scoliosis is a disease not a condition
There is one cure: work.
I'm fearful he might start drinking again.
He has always just been looking for an excuse.
I hope he does start again so I can stop. Equilibrium.
> Equilibrium
A fine moofie
Do you think the Double Dare would still taste good if I poured it into a mug and heated it up in the microwave?
Be sure to wrap some paper towels around it first
start drinking kilkenny, it'll warm you up!
thumbnail of Bit crusty but okay.jpg
thumbnail of Bit crusty but okay.jpg
Bit crusty but okay jpg (141.86 KB, 1280x1170)
Hey there neets, Hows the alcohol misuse disorders going? I had a cunt of a week getting bullied, writing code with a glitching editor and debugging the monkey AIDS the last idiots wrote into the poor mainframe, even stuffed up the friday knock off bugle call somehow. If I was a NEET like (You) I'd be deep in a cup of goon but because I'm N.S. I just deal with it because I'm hard as Iron. Keeping my game strong and I lit the fire when I got back home. Having the furst of the new pixxas and a cup of tea. Soon I wont be able to see my own breath then I'll have a hot bath then I'll go to bed early so I can code all day tomorrow, lift weights and read Mein Kampf. 
Next week. bye.
fuckoff back to 16 schizo
Good to see you checking in with us Tiffo.
only because he nuked his own board and it's dead
Dunno why you guys dislike tiffin so much, would gladly swap him and iga at this point
Looks like a good feed.
he's a faggot jannie
we may as well include nuro in the swap deal as well
Looks like wog food there m8. Why aren't you eating beef, like a true englishman?
imagine coming here to get social validation from (you)s because your board is dead
truly pathetic
He gambled everything on a name change to try and attract what he thought would be a stream of exiles from 4chan /aus/pol. He thought 4chan was going to get blocked in Australia when the e-safety shit came into effect.

He gambled and lost.
thumbnail of igarent.png
thumbnail of igarent.png
igarent png (55.14 KB, 1974x1136)

We'll throw in 10k at no extra cost. I'm certain tiffin has more girth. Also that faggot who keeps making one word quote replies. He can go too.
he killed his board before he even did that with his schizo accusations
I hadn't even heard of e-safety. Man I suck.
> He can go too.
He has serious mental illness.
In the same vain as Nuro.
Nuro is blighted by extreme narcissism.
Tiffin has paranoid schizophrenia.
So there is no mainframe coding job?
> Nuro is blighted by extreme narcissism.
If you've ever visited 16 for any extended period of time Tifaggot is the same.
> disease
Is it like asthma?
Asthma isn't real.
> replace lancia with falcon
> replace beach with bush
Nah Tiffin is okay.
yeah I agree
No he is not. You probably think the BO is okay.
I think Cruisey’s misso delivered my quarter chicken and chips.
You sound like a NEET from a bad home.
Did you tip her?
Shit meme. I came from a good home but still came out bad. Go figure.
The BO is gay and that is okay in his mind
I gave her a tenner and told her to slip it to Dave when Cruisey isn’t looking
Good man.
Are you insecure about your sexuality?Is that why you keep bringing out the faggot card?
Nice arse on her?
Friday nights always make me a little bit sad
It wasn’t bad. She had those fitness leggings on
Like clockwork.
That was nice of you.
I also did this last week and the lady seemed angry at the very idea that a customer would want their items scanned and bagged. It was yet another reminder that machines are better than wagies.
Got pretty choof'd earlier. 
A client asked for a shift last minute, and no workers were available. 
Still feel a bit munted, got a southern belle on the way.
Sitting in the motel area of a dodgy pub.
I consider that me winning. Thankyou.
thumbnail of 1639931603528.png
thumbnail of 1639931603528.png
1639931603528 png (111.97 KB, 640x392)

> Sitting in the motel area of a dodgy pub
Seedy choofhead lyfe.
Rose & Crown?
Me too. What's not said is often as equally valuable as what is said.
thumbnail of ijusthatefaggots.jpg
thumbnail of ijusthatefaggots.jpg
ijusthatefaggots jpg (82.55 KB, 755x737)

Having a water and then a nice early night
Spooky, you could even say >>/524488/
thumbnail of 1653018102206.jpg
thumbnail of 1653018102206.jpg
1653018102206 jpg (77.88 KB, 900x551)

Good NEET.
Good night NEET. Sleep tight.
Night m8
Thank you, friends
Don't worry neet, someday we'll be dead, then we won't be wasting our lives anymore.
what time do early bird neets wake up?
The early bird NEET rises with the sun.
I like this posts sentiment, hard hitting and truthful.
Food for thought.
thumbnail of 9b44adb3544e38e87e165f47efcf8271152e59500d805dbb10c53a0b0a5beb78.png
thumbnail of 9b44adb3544e38e87e165f47efcf8271152e59500d805dbb10c53a0b0a5beb78.png
9b44adb3544e38e87e165f47e... png (15.52 KB, 438x336)
Of which I've eaten rather a lot.
thumbnail of 1652976460053.png
thumbnail of 1652976460053.png
1652976460053 png (110.46 KB, 657x539)
That's actually me.
What if Helen was a reincarnated NEET and Cruisey effectively killed that NEET a second time?
Shit one of my go-to wanks has died
thumbnail of 4605657c9e58b24ebc02394f758d8b94.jpeg
thumbnail of 4605657c9e58b24ebc02394f758d8b94.jpeg
4605657c9e58b24ebc02394f75... jpeg (73.69 KB, 1024x768)
she had a sensual voice too
One cbt session with her, and you'll never have another >tfw post in you ever.
What's gonna happen in the election tomorrow neets? Hung parliament? A shock victory by alex jones?
bookies are calling abbo
thumbnail of boongtu.jpeg
thumbnail of boongtu.jpeg
boongtu jpeg (64.97 KB, 700x525)
What's her rate?
Comfortable Labor majority.
Well m8, she's dead...so that always costs extra in my experience
Kinda missing last week's friday the 13th moofie session. Was considerably more fun than the usual N/IGA dramas and >tfw that fills up friday night here.
well whatever you do, don't turn the telly on tomorrow night
I've had a pretty good and productive day today. I am a bit concerned about voting tomorrow as the (old) address on my photo id doesn't align with my (current) address with the AEC. Got hit unexpectedly by some no gf feels. Horrible.
You don't have to show ID to vote. Just say your name and give the address you are enrolled at.
> no gf feels.
You've got to get over that shit NEET.
thumbnail of 1651597801573.jpg
thumbnail of 1651597801573.jpg
1651597801573 jpg (316.46 KB, 1193x1280)
thumbnail of 1651325548674.jpg
thumbnail of 1651325548674.jpg
1651325548674 jpg (1.24 MB, 2560x1707)
thumbnail of 1650903425600.jpg
thumbnail of 1650903425600.jpg
1650903425... jpg (1.58 MB, 2010x3000)

That always seemed like it would be easy to cheat
I don't think I can resist picking up a goon on the way home
I want to but I can't quite shake those feelings. I've gotten better at managing the feels though. I've sort of come to terms with the fact that I'm a late bloomer or just a dud and so I don't feel like I'm in any rush.
Does it work that way even for the federal election? I looked on the AEC website and they didn't say anything about needing ID.
Cruisey sitting half off his face in a dingy motel sounds kind of cinematic. 
This made me think of that old Mexican man in Breaking Bad.
14 degrees today in Shtibourne, it was an awfully long day today, the fact that I only got 3 hours of sleep last night didn't help, that NEET was on to something about staying away from the caffeine that late. Went and got a blood test earlier, the nurse was qt light-skinned poojeeta, cooked  a burger for dinner afterwards, it was very nice, might open a beer soon.
> cheat
In what way?
> thinking about Natalia Poklonskaya
> 524533
Random coomer thot posting again.
You have to resist. Think about how shit you will feel about yourself tomorrow if you get back on the goon.
> Does it work that way even for the federal election? 
Yes. 100%
Honestly still better than many ausneets posts
Hi Spergo.
What are you being blood tested for?
Monk! No!
Evening spergo. Stay off the energy drinks tonight.
thumbnail of 1652004759439.jpg
thumbnail of 1652004759439.jpg
16520047594... jpg (217.39 KB, 1440x1800)
> Oh my god, 10k! You weren't lying about the girth!
Fucking hell mate, I haven't even made my Olive post and you are already laying into me.
I can't believe she still hasn't hit the wall
Righto, I must've misremembered from the last one. Cheers mate. I guess they couldn't enforce it well otherwise with how many mongs there are that are even dumber than me.
> I haven't even made my Olive post 
Have a good think about whether you should.
thumbnail of 1650903375665.jpg
thumbnail of 1650903375665.jpg
1650903375... jpg (593.33 KB, 2264x3519)
thumbnail of 1652004821999.jpg
thumbnail of 1652004821999.jpg
1652004821999 jpg (295.81 KB, 1024x1024)
thumbnail of 1652161317212.jpg
thumbnail of 1652161317212.jpg
1652161317212 jpg (1.85 MB, 4751x3154)
She just gets better with age.
She has slowed right down with her posting and the quality has been quite poor over the last few months. I also can't be bothered digging through my archives for a suitable older Olive post. I'm thinking I might need to find a different e-girl to start shilling.
She probably talks to nuro several times a day, and is unironically impressed by the lancia
Submit your egirl choices to ausneets first - we will verify that they're actual girls this time.
It's the weekend, go for it!
Its a bloke m8.
> She
> talks to nuro 
Nuro said he hasn't had a woman smile at him in more than a decade. I seriously doubt he talks to women at all.
> unironically impressed by the lancia
She wants to get smashed.
But he's out in the community smashing pussy.
Its got no air bags.
Nuro is drowning in pussy. Day in day out.
It would be much healthier to just pop so many pills you pass out, aye?
Nah, was up near modbury.
She won't be in the car but she'll be connected to it.
Is buro still homeless?
It was, I had the windows down and the breeze was blowing though the window. 
Two young 20 something year olds were huddled by the gaming room entrance, I think sharing a toot.
He is living in a disabled toilet.
thumbnail of 1645363233378.png
thumbnail of 1645363233378.png
1645363233378 png (39.12 KB, 775x525)
Female roommate is back.
He can just squeeze through the door.
*the pad
Which some NEET is parked outside of.
I like that you save the Pepes I post from time to time
I think there might be a hung parliament.
Yeah you have to kind to learn to power through the nogf feels, as nasty as they may sometimes be.
Hey mate, how are you? I got the blood test because I've been getting these weird chest pains at times lately.
Evening, just beer for me tonight.
You could almost write the first bit of a short story with the seen you're setting.
toot, toot!
Nighty night NEETs.
Good night NEET.
thumbnail of vibe check.png
thumbnail of vibe check.png
vibe check png (205.65 KB, 443x612)
I'd be happy if (You) gave up the degeneracy and became a better version of yourself cruisey but that takes a supreme and sustained act of will which you dont posess. In your mind your just average and everyone here is just average, so why get off your knees when every other cunt is a full blown alco too. Thats why you are so keen on big jew daddy karl marx saying that everyone is equal and gets a hand out no matter how useless they are. Its like that shit is ideology written just for you, shit its even your fukn job.
It’s good you got checked out spergo, better not play around with that. It’s probably nothing knowing your age and iirc you go to the gym. Could be some sort of reflux or gerd, which doesn’t always present typically.
I’m sorry you had the setback with the old wage and that you are getting sore at the warehouse. Please stay strong. The situation you are maybe hard to bare at the moment but you have much more chance of getting out of you stay sober. Go for a cruise instead and get a feed.
Are you friendly with her?
It’s good you have roommates, living alone can make some blokes a bit loopy.
I really need to start proof reading my posts.
Was there meant to be a moofie night?
I hope we haven’t upset Shiban.
Forget my recommendation for La Casa de Papel. It has gone to shit in the fifth season.
Yeah, both me and the doctor agreed that it's probably nothing, knock on wood. My grandfather on my mum's side died of a heart attack at 43, so I want to be on the more cautious side of things with this stuff.
> Forget my recommendation 
I already had.
Fairo. If you want to play it real safe get a full cardiac workup every few years. A stress test on a treadmill will spot any significant coronary narrowing, a good gp will be more than happy to refer you for one( probably when you are getting close to 30) seeing you have an early cardiac death in your family.
Good neet.
Neets left ITT, what are you up to?
Not much. Im not a neet however
Same but I still refer to everyone as such. Are you waging or studying?
waging. Im the plant nursery wagie
That sounds like a comfyish wage. I’m sure it can be hard work at times but hopefully it doesn’t get stressful. Was it an interest in plants and gardening that took you down that path?
Just finished watching the footy.
What requires such a late shift at the plant nursery?
I am glad I have lived long enough to see Carlton not playing like dogshit. Are you a blues supporter?
Big Tex
> Are you a blues supporter?
No. Are you the NEET who goes to games with his Dad?
Nothing was specified.
Is a bigot racist?
Jk. He was just born too late. If he had said that shit in the 00s or 90s no one would have cared. He is a gun forward. Says a lot about his character he has stayed with your crows.
I have a general interest in the outdoors, but my parents like gardening. Its hard work sometimes, some days are easy. 
I finished at 1pm today, 4pm Monday-Thursday.
I can’t even remember what day is traditional movie night. I hope you will do one soonish. Last one was a small turnout of good neets which lead to a comfy chatting during the kino.
It’s good they give you an early knock on fridays. Sounds like a decent roster lifestyle wise.
I haven’t had any Indian for quite a while. Could gar a butter chicken (mild) with some saffron rice, onion bhajis and a garlic naan or two.https://youtube.com/watch?v=3pBUOMlNgy0 
Posso and cruisey trying to sort Christmas lunch.https://youtube.com/watch?v=KJ38jTQcO1k 
Which is which?
Cruisey is Jeremy and posso is mark.
I dislike whiny English gits.
Because you know they have serious opinions that they are jut to buthurt to express
Going to have a read and go to bed.
Good night.
> tfw no nerdy flute gf to duet with
Monk will be home soon. I hope that if he picked up a cask he will at least tell us so we can reproach him.
He enjoys the reproaches. It is part of the game.
This has flooded me with memories of webbys old qt banjo teacher. Woe.
thumbnail of apu bear cute.jpg
thumbnail of apu bear cute.jpg
apu bear cute jpg (29.4 KB, 657x527)
Ahh fuck
She is Finnish too. God damn how is my life so terrible.
Those musical girls are nice.
It’s sad old game. It’s like playing an addictive vidya for hours on end and ruing your life. He will uninstall it, inshallah.
Unfortunately. I haven't played in years so I'm trying to find something to start practicing on. I might  - might -  vocaroo it eventually.
I look forward to the vocaroo. It will be the NEET event of the year.
You just need to show him that he doesn't need to drink to get you to abuse him. I haven't had a drop in months and yet you still grabbed me by the neetstick and swung me around the room because I said pentest in front of you.
thumbnail of CF45E21F-D254-4B29-9FA2-E91A87F2AF3E.jpeg
thumbnail of CF45E21F-D254-4B29-9FA2-E91A87F2AF3E.jpeg
CF45E21F-D25... jpeg (13.2 KB, 178x200)
Monk will rise like Lazarus, inshallah.
A strange feel. It is a very yellow moon in WA today and is till low in the sky. It’s position in the sky has changed a lot in a few weeks  compared to landmarks in my corner of this county. I suppose the earth axis changes as we move through these seasons. The change has been a bit jarring.
We must learn to accept change.
A NEET's life drifts through the years like a bottled goon cork on the ocean.
I talked myself out of it. Was gonna just get 8 but I didn't really see the point in the end. I wanted to be fucked up watching moofies on the couch but that requires me to drink while sober first which I would find embarrassing
Got some sugar free bitters and some chippies instead
Indeed. On a related note. I have started to accept that I am not a youth anymore. I will be 30 in 18 months and a feeling of dread has subsidised. I am starting to accept the multiple failures of my twenties and looking positively toward the next decade of my life.
You should be proud of yourself, take tonight as a small victory.  Today could have lead you into bongery oblivion but you have remained resolute.
I feel like slimming down and building a physique could give you a boost and positive reinforcement to get through this adjustment period to non bong life. If you keep waging, eating sensibly and staying off the standards you will to start to resemble the slim chad that us neets fauned I’ve run 17-18.
Well done Monk. We are proud of you. Real strong effort.
That is good news NEET. The past is gone, there is nothing we can do to change it. Eyes on the future.
thumbnail of 1652975999093.jpg
thumbnail of 1652975999093.jpg
1652975999093 jpg (108.52 KB, 1078x806)
> that us neets fauned I’ve run 17-18
Is he that NEET who posts using speech to text?
Excuse my typos. Monk was a much slimmer and toned neet a few years ago, most notably during the time he was living in daddybots warehouse in 2017-2018. Neets loved the teasing legs/bulge pics at that time.
Nah I’m just on the standards. I posted earlier about needing to proof read my posts but obviously I didn’t follow through.
classic NEET drunkpost
He was prime bulge. It is a shame what has happened to him.
> on the standards.
What are you drinking?
On the last heiny 500ml can of the six pack. Then I have a 659ml Sapporo can to round of the night, I will then enter a booze snooze.
wagon tomorrow
Slimming down is the goal. I was hoping I'd have lost some after 2 weeks though. I'm definitely less bloated though.
No alcohol in fight camp. You need to join me
> tfw broke account made monk brake a sweat
> wagon tomorrow
Sounds do-able. I believe in you NEET.
I have been envisioning the ending scene of ausneets. It’s the night of the legitimate nation wide neetup in Adelaide. Cruisey has booked a large table for 15 at coopers ale house, he is sitting alone at first waiting for neets to rock up. Familiar neets slowly rock up one by one with wide grins and warm greetings. Journeys don’t stop believing is the soundtrack to this.
thumbnail of CostaGoon.png
thumbnail of CostaGoon.png
CostaGoon png (893.08 KB, 789x678)
never change neetos
Does he order onion rings for the table?
Some of the NEETs need to make some pretty big changes.
Yes but just as a starter to satisfy the few early neets.Followed by cheeseboards and many other sides along with a lot of pints to get the night going.
If you water grapes with wine does it grow Gooner grapes?
thumbnail of 3f0a7840a2898008716f0b39a123dfc67d84db9c4283ade755047d3b54d0b41b.jpg
thumbnail of 3f0a7840a2898008716f0b39a123dfc67d84db9c4283ade755047d3b54d0b41b.jpg
3f0a7840a2... jpg (51.27 KB, 700x1244)
preach it brother
thumbnail of neets.png
thumbnail of neets.png
neets png (23.4 KB, 300x100)
thumbnail of 1650743646159.png
thumbnail of 1650743646159.png
1650743646159 png (6.86 KB, 225x225)
Very well bannered.
Metallica goes alright after some standards
Tfw tuesdays gone
thumbnail of 25D14A93-5660-40B3-B991-A09F473EC755.jpeg
thumbnail of 25D14A93-5660-40B3-B991-A09F473EC755.jpeg
25D14A93-5660-40B3-B991-A09F... jpeg (59.33 KB, 640x485)
thumbnail of 25D14A93-5660-40B3-B991-A09F473EC755.jpeg
thumbnail of 25D14A93-5660-40B3-B991-A09F473EC755.jpeg
25D14A93-5660-40B3-B991-A09F... jpeg (59.33 KB, 640x485)
thumbnail of 25D14A93-5660-40B3-B991-A09F473EC755.jpeg
thumbnail of 25D14A93-5660-40B3-B991-A09F473EC755.jpeg
25D14A93-5660-40B3-B991-A09F... jpeg (59.33 KB, 640x485)
Webbys Motherbat and fatherbot circa 1995
This seems a disrespectful post.
thumbnail of 1653032406409.png
thumbnail of 1653032406409.png
1653032406409 png (253.54 KB, 540x300)

The formatting was also questionable
I find it deeply concerning that there are 18 year olds who weren't alive in 2000.
This situation is likely to worsen.
It would be more concerning if there were 18 year olds who were alive in 2000.
thumbnail of Cover.jpg
thumbnail of Cover.jpg
Cover jpg (27.25 KB, 388x500)
I can throw in Zombie Strippers in the evening. It's fun.
thumbnail of cofeezzz.jpg
thumbnail of cofeezzz.jpg
cofeezzz jpg (76.91 KB, 712x1395)
Morning neetbros. Another day, another chance to seize the day. Time for some caffeine.
Good evening.
Keep Motherbat’s name out of your fucking mouth
Don’t forget to vote today if you haven’t already
Get a democracy sausage or three while you’re at it
thumbnail of 819E5B05-B7F9-4C3E-9007-3ACADC7108D5.jpeg
thumbnail of 819E5B05-B7F9-4C3E-9007-3ACADC7108D5.jpeg
819E5B05-B... jpeg (43.98 KB, 480x640)

thumbnail of 274DE7A9-259E-48DF-BD24-4470E05198BD.jpeg
thumbnail of 274DE7A9-259E-48DF-BD24-4470E05198BD.jpeg
274DE7A9-259E-48DF-BD24-4470E05198BD jpeg (41.88 KB, 698x440)

thumbnail of 2EDF78C5-C8B8-4071-B50E-38BBC0E14517.jpeg
thumbnail of 2EDF78C5-C8B8-4071-B50E-38BBC0E14517.jpeg
2EDF78C5-C8B8-4071-B50E-38BB... jpeg (40.4 KB, 640x480)

I'd like to give her my sausage
> Marx
Not sure where you got that bit from  Tiffo.
It's election day in Australia today, I suspect a lot of neets are going to be watching the results rather than the moofie.
She's an Adelaide girl apparently
> a lot of neets are going to be watching the results
I seriously doubt it
Very good disciplined NEET
thumbnail of now in high definition.jpg
thumbnail of now in high definition.jpg
now in high... jpg (102.43 KB, 768x1024)
thumbnail of superglue.jpg
thumbnail of superglue.jpg
superglue jpg (19.77 KB, 576x72)
Yes. There is a consistent top up of jugs of green, red, and stoud being delivered to the table by big tiddie maids in Octoberfest type get up. 
The middle of the table has a heated trough full of party pies, curly fries, onion rings and mini quiche lorraines.
> quiche lorraines
egg and bacon pie
The end of the night will have a greased Weber and a line of Charlie from one end of the trough to the other.
lol very good
Good Morning my fellow handsome devils
Was this a girl doing Modest Mouse?
if so you need to put two underscores between the S and 2S on the end of the URL. The board interpreted it as underline formatting.
Thank (You)!

> when every other cunt is a full blown alco
*gooner NEETs

> I dislike whiny English gits.
That made me laugh.

Don't you play with your flute each day?

> I talked myself out of it.
Good news. Well done.

> I have been envisioning the ending scene of ausneets.
The show will go on!

What is the main feed?


I can only imagine the wanks made before and during this post.
> Oh yeah attach that picture
> Hot! *wanks*
> Oh yeah attach that picture
> Hot! *wanks*
> One more can't hurt *wanks*

> Get a democracy sausage
I want to get a bacon, egg and sausage if they have. At least two for me, as I am a growing NEET I have already had cerial to start me off.

Most appropriate picture.

Lots of good new banners have been added recently.

Good morning NEETs.
Off to Woolies. Lets see what they're out of today.
One out of stock item please.
You're loosing it bec.
Look at that neck. 
Reminds me of a pelican.
Healthy at any size.
thumbnail of 1513924013926.png
thumbnail of 1513924013926.png
1513924013... png (150.46 KB, 277x385)
> Clive Palmer spams Australians with false WHO conspiracy texts on the eve of the federal election: 'How is this legal?'

> tfw no text
He knows you're part of the conspiracy.
> 'How is this legal?'
I don't get a text?
You were in luck. They had lots of out of stock items.
They also had to save my scanned items and move to another terminal because eftpos wasn't working.
thumbnail of 281615400_1149096845880231_5725031063506921503_n.jpg
thumbnail of 281615400_1149096845880231_5725031063506921503_n.jpg
281615400_114909684... jpg (46.02 KB, 606x606)
thumbnail of 281869384_842211123406405_7356094491725484891_n.jpg
thumbnail of 281869384_842211123406405_7356094491725484891_n.jpg
281869384_84221112... jpg (35.79 KB, 432x419)
thumbnail of 281783141_546225843633917_1406096619301110379_n.jpg
thumbnail of 281783141_546225843633917_1406096619301110379_n.jpg
281783141_5462258436... jpg (54.37 KB, 850x767)

thumbnail of 282017010_477432887523167_7349091610805045681_n.jpg
thumbnail of 282017010_477432887523167_7349091610805045681_n.jpg
282017010_477432887523167_734... jpg (141.53 KB, 1124x835)
thumbnail of 283088010_165468099345384_2612790136494420537_n.jpg
thumbnail of 283088010_165468099345384_2612790136494420537_n.jpg
283088010_165468099345384_26127901... jpg (112.79 KB, 1124x752)
thumbnail of 274553821_143221378164455_5317029680381713157_n.webp
thumbnail of 274553821_143221378164455_5317029680381713157_n.webp
274553821_14322137... webp (110.48 KB, 1000x1000)

thumbnail of cliev.jpg
thumbnail of cliev.jpg
cliev jpg (27.53 KB, 643x152)
Morning neets. Mummybot and I are thinking of selling the caravan. It’s got holes in the canvas from where the wind got into it while I was driving and it popped up. I don’t think I’ll get back the $4000 I spent on it. I’m thinking of selling my portable fridge, solar battery and solar panel too. Maybe I’ll throw it in for free with the caravan.
Just as long as your rental thing is secure for a while.
It would suck to sell all your stuff and then find yourself without a roof over your head.
The canvas should be able to be patched, so don't knock too much off the price of the thing.
The comments section is good.
Lots of unmoderated dick jokes and AIDS comments.
Thanks NEET.
I like the first one most of out these.

I like this first one as well from these.
I thought you might.
thumbnail of MeToo.jpg
thumbnail of MeToo.jpg
MeToo jpg (51.41 KB, 1033x187)
Good morning NEET.

I agree with >>/524699/.
Joslin is one of the Dail Mail's more colourful and divisive readers.
Good morning BlOke
Not garn vote
Too cold and rainy
thumbnail of jos.png
thumbnail of jos.png
jos png (31.04 KB, 641x446)
Spam in the catalogue, get on it MOD
Nigga just click the check box and scroll down to the report button.
I have done it for you this time.
He is and he should be given an account that bypasses 
> We are not accepting comments for this story
> These comments have been moderated in advance
Good morning NEET.

> Not garn vote
Is your reason sickness?
Needs more green up votes tbqh
Perhaps if they had dagwood dogs and hot chips at the polling stations I might go
Clicked on that linked board in the catalogue and then from there clicked on another linked board: https://bbw-chan.nl/
> BBW SSBBW / Weight Gain Image Board
thumbnail of Screenshot 2021-12-11 at 08-19-27  ssbbw - Lizzo.png
thumbnail of Screenshot 2021-12-11 at 08-19-27  ssbbw - Lizzo.png
Screenshot... png (302.38 KB, 1395x1910)
>>BBW SSBBW / Weight Gain Image Board
Yes, we are aware of that board.
A good backup for when this place inevitably gets vanned
too cold and rainy to leave hovel
What cereal did you have?
I should be fine for 2 years here. As long as I pay my rent. Which is easy since it comes directly out of my cenno payments.
I didn’t know this, I’ll have to look more into it.
You'd think the MAX file size would be larger
Sometimes more pixels is not a good thing
It was some 'healthy' cereal that had dried fruit pieces. It was in a container so I cannot recall its brand or product name.
It's all happening in BEST A this weekend:
Well bantered.
thumbnail of backrooms (Found Footage).mp4
thumbnail of backrooms (Found Footage).mp4
backrooms (Found Footage) mp4 (1.95 MB, 900x720)

Sounds like a great weekend planned. You garn?
thumbnail of 326231_image.jpeg
thumbnail of 326231_image.jpeg
326231_image jpeg (132.99 KB, 720x588)
Good Mongings NEETS

It seems everyone was talking about me last night and IGAy has already false flagged me thismorning. It feels good to be a Nuro.

Fuck fuel is up today
Might look at the air raid shelter and police thing tomorrow afternoon.
I require daily adult supervision
What did you do?
thumbnail of igarent.png
thumbnail of igarent.png
igarent png (55.09 KB, 1974x1136)

> Everyone is IGA

Stay schizoid
ScoMo had the NK hairdo
That pic of ALbo looks like a mugshot
Can anyone remember the board before IGA ? i swear its smell only moved here mid 2020 ? 

IGA smells bad
kek, very good.
This post is shit. In contributes nothing to the thread
oh lets see all your high quality posts and OC then...