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Would a NEET ever clean it?

OLD:  >>/583801/
IGA is a vicious little shit
I'm going to my imagine world I created as a coping mechanism, do you lot want anything?
One cherry ripe please.
garn poo
May I have an imaginary hot boong chick gf please.
Might tuck my penis and pretend I'm a girl for a bit.
My imaginary boong chick gf ate that other NEETs imaginary cherry ripe.
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Pidge 2 jpg (40.95 KB, 245x239)
> imaginary cherry ripe.
I hope you're not expecting me to bring stuff into the real world from my imaginary world. That's beyond the scope of my powers, I'm not Nuro.
one elven princess please
Good morning NEETs.
I woke up feeling pretty good this morning.
Could it be that the extreme tiredness and brain fog I have been suffering from are over?
It has been six days since I gave up drinking coffee. I think I was in some sort of withdrawal process.
thumbnail of Pepe the frog - music clip (Marvel83' - Golden Dawn).mp4
thumbnail of Pepe the frog - music clip (Marvel83' - Golden Dawn).mp4
Pepe the... mp4 (8.75 MB, 480x480)
Good Morning NEETs
> I'm not Nuro.
Set the goal, work towards it!
time to shit!!!!!!!!!!!
Good morning NEET.

> I have been suffering from are over?
With the right lifestyle changes, yes.

Good morning NEET.
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thumbnail of philip_hansen.jpg
philip_han... jpg (21.29 KB, 615x409)
morning nuro
Morning Player.
> I woke up feeling pretty good this morning.
G'morning NEET, I hope this keeps up.
Good work mate.
I have been thinking about the conundrum of the Big Fella trying to reach us. If he dials the following number, he should be able to reach a representative during the appropriate hours of operation:
> 00 61 1300 723388.
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kick-ass4 jpg (2.78 MB, 1382x2048)
Tonight's big movie will be Kick Ass (2010) at 7pm AEST on womboflix. Come hang out with the neetbros and watch one of the greatest superhero films ever made.
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download jpg (14.17 KB, 189x224)
Front teeth are for poofs
That package that did a 400km detour round-trip in the state (To a regional area) is now being delivered. Exciting times.
Maybe they put some drugs in it for you.
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Can of VB for breakfast. Got the goon shakes
> rare boongs
thumbnail of 54abc703a04277e913474c4bdd2f448c255107f67c0a1cc48ccff90fbffcb2f1.jpg
thumbnail of 54abc703a04277e913474c4bdd2f448c255107f67c0a1cc48ccff90fbffcb2f1.jpg
54abc703a0... jpg (16.58 KB, 360x360)
Why did the Russian fellow not reply to me?
I will be there. Looking forward to it.
According to google there is only 800,000 or so boongs, I would have thought there was more than that.
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thumbnail of Dan-Murphy_s-van.jpg
Dan-Murphy... jpg (259.16 KB, 920x456)
Sounds like an emergency. Call a Danbulance.
> Firstly, thank you for choosing TPG – we don’t take this for granted and work every day to make your services better and more reliable.
> However, NBN Co’s costs to us have continued to climb and we are now in the position that we need to increase some of our pricing. 
I re-read this email and it still pisses me off.
Those slavic types are often rude.
I look forward to the banter, I do not remember enjoying the film but hopefully that changes.
Fuck them off and go with Aussie BB, you will not regret it.
I called out to him for a few days too. Meow.
I do not want to lose my @tpg.com.au email, do you know if it easy to transfer that to a paid plan? I have a lot of family emails sent to it. 
I also am using their shitty TPG router just for the landline number service (I would need another device). I might if I change my plan later on.
When I left them they cancelled everything, phone,emails and internet about 3 hours after the phone call and I had asked them to finish up the month which was still 2 weeks away.
I had to go to the ombudsman in the end to get my phone number back.
The Ombudsman should be an old stoned hippy who just choofs and chants OM all day.
It's good that it got to see some of the Country.
might watch the new season of stranger things
Given their slow and typically useless responses, I figured they were.
> I had to go to the ombudsman in the end to get my phone number back.
When I changed by plan down from 100/40 to 50/20 (I was not paying extra), they instantly refunded the credit for the billing period and billed me for the new period, which was in credit as a result. They are stingy cunts when exiting them though.
> The number of permanent skilled migrants allowed into Australia has been lifted to 195,000
Sir is on his way.
going to get dressed and drive across town
link plz
They kept trying to charge me a $10 account closure fee for about 6 months too which I ignored.
All those retards who voted for labor because they thought they'd fix the housing crisis - kek.
The Ombudsman is overworked and shit these days. I had to get in contact with the Cenno ones last year, I was told the wait list to get my case handled was still X months away after waiting three months. I had a claim ongoing with Centrelink for almost a year at that point, which was still ongoing and I got paid out for later on. 

I only got them working on my case when I wrote some bitchy email and the bloke got back to me, referencing details from my mothers DSP claim months ago and that he had no ability to access my file at Centrelink or impact their decision. It was some bullshit that he was powerless in the case because they want to do fuck all.
I heard similar on the morning talk shows on the TV. They talked about aged care workers, but I see that as their entry point to once again exploit the system.
lol, my plan downgrade happened within half an hour including the speed downgrade. They can do work when they want to do it.
Good morning
The weekend was looking so positive.
Fucking hell, 3 months is a nightmare.
I got my phone sorted out in a few days with 3 or 4 emails but I guess the Cenno one would be a lot more complicated.
Good morning NEET.
> Then you want to work on your picture game. Because I’m going to let you in on a little secret: we women couldn’t give a hoot about the giant fish you caught in Port Macquarie on holidays three years ago. We want to see pics that show off your personality.
> Perhaps, laughing at a BBQ, rock climbing in the Blue Mountains, falling off a bike. Anything that shows us you are up for an adventure, or enjoy looking at art, or can have a good laugh at yourself, is sure to make us curious.
Because women post so many of these types of pictures not... just photos of themselves in stupid poses trying to hide their chins and gunts
thumbnail of Lostitlaughingpepe.jpg
thumbnail of Lostitlaughingpepe.jpg
Lostitlaug... jpg (10.96 KB, 229x221)
Kek, jana is upset because she isn't getting attention on the dating apps
Might have a halal snack pack for lunch. Chicken and lamb with cheese sounds good.
thumbnail of pinterest.jpg
thumbnail of pinterest.jpg
pinterest jpg (11.77 KB, 349x262)
Time of death: 12:43am

The government deliberately underfund the ombudsman to limit his capacity to look into the government and all their shady shit.
Coffee brewed. No milk, oof. Luckily there was a pot of cream. Day saved.
> 3 months is a nightmare.
The claim started in early 2020, I contacted the Obmudsman for Cenno in early 2021. I was told my case was not of importance until I highlighted that nothing has happened after a year of me writing multiple letters of appeal. That got them moving in the end and their bullshit response.

I still don't understand why the matter couldn't be resolved earlier. In the end, they knew I found a specific part of the legislation applicable to me to approve my claim and I had the evidence to support it. It took them one phone call and suddenly my claim was approved.
Bin it!
Bossman wasn’t happy about my sickie yesterday
Yes, I was more pissed as I had a separate claim a few years before it. It simiarly took a year to process my claim and the lady at the Ombudsman whipped up a fuss at Cenno. Thing started moving in days, but Cenno made a lot of mistakes in that case.
It could be a point of discussion to talk about rehab, or just let the cycle continue.
I am glad left it the left the UK before the strikes happened over there. It took more than a week to leave the international hub in the UK.
They looked good, but I think I would pass on the spicy mix and go with some smoked paprika and brown sugar to get that smokey bbq flavour.
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thumbnail of melon.jpg
melon jpg (36.47 KB, 692x371)

Did Weber ever finish his hole?
Good question.
Or the bedsheets
I look forward to them the most.
I would like to see Webers hole before I die.
you couldn't handle the hole
Wonder what fast-food item the old GregO will be reviewing today?
It would be like staring into the abyss.
It has blinded a NEET already.
thumbnail of kikes.jpg
thumbnail of kikes.jpg
kikes jpg (83.38 KB, 1125x624)

Carlton Dry isn’t the best beer to drink warm and flat
> I delete your books.
Well make an account on the following site and get them sent back to your Kindle associated device as explained here
Couple of beef shanks served over mashed potat would be nice for lunch.
Keep telling myself I'm going to quit so only get the sixer. Plus I ain't about to carry a slab home. Boongs would rob me.
> I'm going to quit 
Start today NEET.
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thumbnail of Wiki.png
Wiki png (23.58 KB, 448x420)

thumbnail of 7f123a640222cbb03028b3f6a60ee8503fe07f6fbc80caad7ae008b563fd20.jpg
thumbnail of 7f123a640222cbb03028b3f6a60ee8503fe07f6fbc80caad7ae008b563fd20.jpg
7f123a6402... jpg (121.17 KB, 896x720)
This is why you need a crew of neets to help you.
When the government says they're bringing in a further 35000 "skilled" migrants this year, does that mean 35000 in the next 3 months or are they meaning financial year?
Nah, I'll do it once the rain stops.
If it ever stops. Feels like it has been raining since February.
thumbnail of needful.jpg
thumbnail of needful.jpg
needful jpg (5.2 KB, 221x228)
Why not both?
His neckbeard is so black it blends into his T-shirt.
kek a lot of banks closed their branches in part with the reasoning you can [email protected]
> Why up to 30 metropolitan Australia Post offices could close
I would not give that website my kindle email address.
You can just download them to your computer and upload them to your kindle manually.
Most smokers are the same as these alcos who think they are just one more day from quitting. Very few smokers buy by the carton even though it is cheaper per pack and saves them having to go in to buy them so often.

This was true back when cigs were cheap as well as today.
This ones for Weber ... and his hole.
> You can just download them to your computer and upload them to your kindle manually.
That is what I do as well.
thumbnail of Magnum.jpg
thumbnail of Magnum.jpg
Magnum jpg (79.79 KB, 608x478)

Almond are best.
Honeycomb are good.
You don't see them that heavily discounted much any more. It used to be quite common.
Half price used to be $4.50
But what is the correct serving size?
He's had two guys from grindr show up. So far.
> up to 30
That is not many across the whole country.
> He's had two guys from grindr show up
What does he tell them and his viewers?
Definitely one. They are too rich for any more in one sitting.
I buy 3 x 25g baccy pouches for the week each week.
I don't save any money but it seems silly to go back 3 times.
Is he not gay at all?
How long has his dry spell lasted now?
thumbnail of igaaaaay.png
thumbnail of igaaaaay.png
igaaaaay png (37.79 KB, 448x420)
> it seems silly to go back 3 times.
That is because you aren't telling yourself that each pouch you buy will be your last.
Nuro's spelling is worse than I would have predicted.
kek, grindr date no.3 is a knockin
thumbnail of strollerboong.jpg
thumbnail of strollerboong.jpg
strollerbo... jpg (11.26 KB, 183x275)
You  just put a blanket over the slab in your stroller. Could be a baby in there.
It's the first step for them to cull even more I predict. To first see how the community reacts, then using what they learn from this case to cull other ones. It is exactly what the banks did with their branches with the same type of bullshit reasoning. 

It isn't a problem now but if you have to travel two or three suburbs over to get to an Australia Post outlet when everyone else wants their parcels near closing time, it doesn't sound fun.
Does he sperg out?
> tfw your carton of vb identifies as an aboriginal baby
I presume they catfish these guys with someone elses photos, not Cobra's.
I don't know what's worse, that you are calling out someone's spelling or don't have a fucking argument.
Some gay men would happily do Cobra they are promiscous horn dogs.
For people who think our First Nations people lack intelligence, you should know that they invented stroller transportation of beer slabs.
Prior to this invention people carried them in their arms like cavemen, or tried to use shopping trolleys whose wheels would sink into the soft red dirt of the country's interior.
It was boongs who worked out that the baby stroller's wheels were perfectly adapted for the task and could carry your beer across almost any terrain.
History does not record what happened to the baby thrown out of the stroller for the first slab.
thumbnail of dingers.png
thumbnail of dingers.png
dingers png (76.46 KB, 375x360)
> History does not record what happened to the baby thrown out of the stroller for the first slab.
thumbnail of 331bc3bc468dc485f99d1307827a21a15c43f2e058126d733bf7990656af3f46.png
thumbnail of 331bc3bc468dc485f99d1307827a21a15c43f2e058126d733bf7990656af3f46.png
331bc3bc46... png (89.41 KB, 531x508)
They will probably put in more automated parcel lockers. Banks of them in shopping centres etc. email you a QR code to unlock your package. No people involved other than the courier who puts it in.
Just desperately want this wage day to be over
> don't have a argument.
I am tired of the whole thing. I am just a bystander.
The friday jitters.
If only women were the same.
That could work, but what about people needing to pay bills and use the banking services at Australia Post. It is not the largest segment of the population, but I see people being disadvantaged by this change.
bullshit you are on team bitch boi always were always will be
thumbnail of sherlockpepe.png
thumbnail of sherlockpepe.png
sherlockpe... png (56.16 KB, 363x280)
> I am just a bystander.
I noticed you didn't say innocent bystander ....
thumbnail of DISMISSED.jpg
thumbnail of DISMISSED.jpg
DISMISSED jpg (12.29 KB, 255x170)
hitting the cans later?
Only old people and drug dealers do that and they don't count.
Already started
> people needing to pay bills
At some point they are just going to tell people they need to learn how to pay a bill on their phone.
There is a period right now where they are indulging older people who grew up before computers were a thing.
At some point the indulgence will stop.
It is probably still a decade or so away. But slowly more and more things will stop having an in person option.
A lot of banking is the same. The oldies go into branches for things it would be much easier to do on the computer or phone app.
At some point the tolerance will cease.
Eventually you will not even be able to live in society without having a smartphone.
Cashless society too.
He is a disgusting alcoholic pedophile who shits the board up for his own amusement. I loathe him.
i know he rally hates faggots despite always saying he supports gay rights. That time he didn't bother answering but it definitely gets to him.
B-but his bike photos are so based...
Possum does NOT put his pants on one leg at a time like the rest of us.
what can and how many so far?
His hauls you mean.
haha suck it stanners
He does it sitting down.
As many neets can attest, possum doesn't even wear pants, not even when he goes horse riding.
That is true but it does not shock or offend. He is like Donald Duck.
*whore riding
they are already forcing people to use their phones to order a meal at the pub

its literally all 70+ years old folks who cant scan a QR and dont have banking set up, they even hired a special menulog guy just to help the old people lel
I take my Cenno out at another banks ATM. Cenno has no right to know what I do with my money. When I need to make purchases, I often put it back and it limits me from overspending. Without access to Australia Post I would need to make 40+ minute round trip to visit my nearest bank ATM. The branch it is at has terrible opening hours and is no longer open on Saturday.

> At some point the indulgence will stop.
I agree with the sentiment, but I still feel that it is an essential service especially provided by Australia Post. I also feel it helps them escape any responsibility as well because the delivery people are almost like mosquitoes with how fast they need to move (who do you contact when something goes wrong). Yesterday they blamed the 400km round trip on a delivery address issue, but package I received was addressed correctly. The RoyalMail site actually provides line by line instructions on addressing packages to Australia and what forms need to be completed for what postage values.

> But slowly more and more things will stop having an in person option.
It is happening now at a steady pace. Any bank branch that isn't bringing in customers is getting closed. 

> Cashless society too.
I do not like this at all.
> I do not like this at all
> forcing people to use their phones to order a meal at the pub
I would just turn 360 and walk straight out. Not even joking.
5 years
If you turned 360 you would still be there
Its a meme m80.
Some say he is part Scottish and wears a kilt.
thumbnail of Img 1847.webm
thumbnail of Img 1847.webm
Img 1847 webm (3.29 MB, 1280x720)

speaking of bike parts, just got this bad MF
thumbnail of walk backwards.gif
thumbnail of walk backwards.gif
walk... gif (137.63 KB, 258x200)
> and walk straight out.
I do not like the meme, as it doesn't clearly specify how he walks out there (backwards).
I am glad you are getting into the high end ebike stuff Nuro. You are doing very well.
Nuro, I have a small soldering job I want you to do for me.
I'm too old and fat fingered to do it myself anymore.
Others that he merely likes to dress like a catholic schoolgirl.
I would turn 540 and walk straight out.
Possum once taught michael jackson to moonwalk.
I can picture it. The NEET fedora slanted over the brow.
its my cas, i have no self control with slapper
mod 360 please.
what is it ?
I hope you will be able to sell all these expensive components.
Against medical advice, possum rides whores bareback.
This guy does TikTok repairs on mobile devices, he could probably do it for you

https://www.tiktok.com/@maxhawker [Embed]
thumbnail of thedashcamstore.com_blackvue_gps_antenna_for_dr750lw_2ch_3__59766.jpg
thumbnail of thedashcamstore.com_blackvue_gps_antenna_for_dr750lw_2ch_3__59766.jpg
thedashcam... jpg (176.16 KB, 1280x853)
I have one of these that is one meter long and I want it shortened to about 3 inches.
Pretty sure it's just a TTL interface cable (power, ground, TX, RX), and the actual antenna is in the molded plastic thingo, so shortening won't change attenuation or anything.
thumbnail of LMAO.jpeg
thumbnail of LMAO.jpeg
LMAO jpeg (34.39 KB, 433x650)
Your knuckles have three chins
its just a 2.5mm trrs

very doable
> grasping at straws
What would happen if you filled up your car with petrol but for whatever reason can't pay for it. Say your card is declined for whatever reason.
What would they do?
They must just take your details and tell you to come back and pay it later?
Yes, they take a copy of your drivers license and get you to sign some shit and you have 24 hours to make good before they set the Police on you.
Poorly bantered.
Thank you. Has that happened to you?
No, but I had something similar trying to get out of a paid carpark once when I was young and stupid.
Don't surrender your licence or anything. They have no legal power to confiscate your property or keep you in store.
That can be dificult with stubby fingers.
Stanley suspiciously knows a lot about not paying for fuel.
He paid for the pussy he's gonna feel the pussy goddamnit!
thumbnail of 765eb87c581f78fd03298944129bf633-imagepng.png
thumbnail of 765eb87c581f78fd03298944129bf633-imagepng.png
765eb87c58... png (426.55 KB, 1142x1197)
Bingeing on chicken pasta. I feel no shame.
thumbnail of nuggerspepe.jpg
thumbnail of nuggerspepe.jpg
nuggerspepe jpg (20.53 KB, 340x334)
Happened recently my card declined due to being a broke ass nigger. I honestly didn't know there wasn't enough on the card. Told them I'd drive back home and get money from a relative. Bitch worker told me to leave my licence and I did like the beta I am. Still pissed off about it. What happens if they lose it? Think they'll care? They'll just shrug shoulders and say it ain't there responsibility.
Creamy chicken alfredo?
> chicken pasta
Would have liked a photo.
I've got the rangz downloading.
Fuck you and your deadshit attitude Stanley. It’s like you are trying to blame them when your card got declined. They are a professional business and it happens all the time they won’t loose your card you stupid cunt.
Nuro is a big businessman in the know he knows how things work.
> loose
Put your flag back on tubby
If only you knew.
I know nothing john snow
Nuro has come so far that he now sides with The Man against the humble struggling NEET.
Nuro fixed The Mans car.
thumbnail of Screenshot 2022-07-13 at 16-22-59 _ausneets_ - NEET General #550 - Someday I'm Gonna Lead A Better Life Than This Edition.png
thumbnail of Screenshot 2022-07-13 at 16-22-59 _ausneets_ - NEET General #550 - Someday I'm Gonna Lead A Better Life Than This Edition.png
Screenshot... png (21.87 KB, 973x163)
thumbnail of Screenshot 2022-07-21 at 19-16-23 _ausneets_ - NEET General #555 - Negress Ownership Edition.png
thumbnail of Screenshot 2022-07-21 at 19-16-23 _ausneets_ - NEET General #555 - Negress Ownership Edition.png
Screenshot... png (30.09 KB, 1352x192)
> humble 
Ain't that the truth!
confused about iga's story - did they give him the stuff? If not, why'd he have to leave his license?
You negotiate a plan because driving off is a criminal issue. Coming to some type of agreement is a civil matter that the police can do fuck all on.

I know of at least two instances in my state when the police have contacted the driver of the car to request they pay for fuel within X hours as an ambiguous message.
Isn't the 2nd pic a post from Monk?
Reading Comprehension NEET strikes again!
Could be. Humble was not the correct word for all NEETs. Struggling is correct for a lot of NEETs though.
He did it for free.
But he wouldn't score any choof for Cruisey.
Stay humble King.
The gook escort crisis could have been prevented...
He couldn't. He doesn't have the connections.
> for Cruisey.
Perhaps he needed to hire a higher class of rental.
> higher class of rental.
I was thinking of this news article too
> TikTok star Hasbulla Magomedov, 19, heads out for a shopping spree in Melbourne in a $300k Lamborghini and gets whacked with a $185 fine for parking in a loading zone

No expense spared.
I kinda have the urge to see how far I could throw him.
stanley is such a looser
Just don't throw him into a loading zone.
> looser
How does this shit even make it to Dailymail?
> Dailymail
oh i fucking wonder!
My bussy is tight
nothing is tight in your life
calm down there's no need to yell
ummmmm i have bipolar ;)
thumbnail of Mouthbreather.jpg
thumbnail of Mouthbreather.jpg
Mouthbreat... jpg (30.7 KB, 317x262)
Brutal stone toss faggot. How will I ever recover...
nato pays me thinking i'm the leader of a mercenary group in ukraine
i doubt youll ever recover
onions are high test
They accept any and all content with a pump and dump style. I was going to post one tragic article last week about a young bloke dying, as they wrote this about his addiction. I think there was another mistake in there too
> The devastated father described his son (pictured, Eden) as a sensitive and intelligent warrior who had beaten addition

Still haven't correct. Joslin would have made fun of the authour and had her comment deleted.
I thought you said nuro pays you at first
i serve him for free
Second poo of the day.
Did an awful bit of poo on rising that had the consistency of modelling clay.
Had a Double Dare for brunch and that bubbled through and broke down the remainder, which came out quite explosively.
Common misconception, he did sound like a politician of sorts.
i double dog dare you to drink another double dare
It was exploding out of you.
Nuro is actually a front for the cia
I don't have another. I have just cracked a sugar-free Mondster to replenish my vitamins and minerals.
> to replenish my vitamins and minerals.
A big poo can take a lot out of you.
A big hard poo deserves a big cold beer and the best cold beer is Vic bitter!
> sugar-free
thumbnail of 76536c332e25969d4b1e7c34ed156657.gif
thumbnail of 76536c332e25969d4b1e7c34ed156657.gif
76536c332e... gif (906.25 KB, 271x325)
we need find game some of us can play
just had dinner
thumbnail of 722f8e8bec5f4e83e9041545d227945f6b12400150ac5f63256e7f44e08b96ca.gif
thumbnail of 722f8e8bec5f4e83e9041545d227945f6b12400150ac5f63256e7f44e08b96ca.gif
722f8e8bec... gif (1.09 MB, 200x270)
Guess you haven't seen pics of his welding.
Good meal?
nice gif
I critiqued them at the time
I'll chop the cable this weekend and do it. If I fuck it up, it was only $38 anyway.
thumbnail of czSyshG.gif
thumbnail of czSyshG.gif
czSyshG gif (157.46 KB, 500x333)
Chop it you slack cunt
sauted some onion and garlic, then cooked the steak, also cooked a can of beans in a cup of chicken stock with taco seasoning and cholula sauce until it was thicc, used a slice of bread to wipe the plate clean afterwards. i should have taken a pic, im sorry i keep forgettings until im half way through eating
> i should have taken a pic, 
Good reflection NEET.

> im sorry i keep forgettings until im half way through eating
It happens. Reminded me of that NEET who accidentally a chicken and a family chips.
Stubborn gooner poo
Coat hanger time?
> chicken and a family chips
that would have been a good meal, especially if he had gravy with it. that steak and beans was my one real meal for the day
thumbnail of f2c13a7c30980bdb6f914811f5e7ca42.jpg
thumbnail of f2c13a7c30980bdb6f914811f5e7ca42.jpg
f2c13a7c30... jpg (16.33 KB, 326x215)
mum said that about me once
What matters is that you are here now NEET.
thumbnail of f2c13a7c30980bdb6f914811f5e7ca42.jpg
thumbnail of f2c13a7c30980bdb6f914811f5e7ca42.jpg
f2c13a7c30... jpg (16.33 KB, 326x215)
thats worse!!!!!!!!!!
Well bantered.
> cholula sauce
Is it on par with paradise sauce?
> paradise sauce
Never heard of that one.
think some fruit cake in a bowl with milk poured over it would be alright?
you gotta be fucken kidden me
Yes, sounds lovely.
basically xmas pud with melted ice cream
no not
im gon do it
The big fella was upset with me in similar tone when I asked he leave the recipe to me in his will.
If you had cream and eggs you could make a custard to go with it.
I look forward to the photo.
Sounds tasty. What cut of steak?
thumbnail of IMG_20220902_143447.jpg
thumbnail of IMG_20220902_143447.jpg
IMG_202209... jpg (2.84 MB, 4000x3000)

The big fella is disappointing at times.
A work of art.
For presentation I would have recommended you to freshly zest some lemon peel over the top.
But I felt that I have resolved the conflict. He doesn't need to worry about putting down the number for different psych wards, as he can put down this number  >>/584915/ now
thumbnail of 1588594245923.jpg
thumbnail of 1588594245923.jpg
1588594245... jpg (12.36 KB, 297x268)
> tfw no gf
That was not well memed.
need spoopy paranormal/schizo youtube vids pls
Regretting the chicken pasta binge now. Why didn't you guys warn me?
iga can be your gf
would you have listened?
We're gonna build robot gf's neet. Just watch the gen for the upcoming announcement.
thumbnail of trotters.jpg
thumbnail of trotters.jpg
trotters jpg (111.08 KB, 1280x720)

The tiredness and brain fog are back.
My thoughts exactly.
Well memed. A bit cruel though.
I'm in a similar boat. Feel wretched and vague. Having a lay down.
poorly image bantered
thumbnail of LMAO.jpeg
thumbnail of LMAO.jpeg
LMAO jpeg (34.39 KB, 433x650)
HAHA now this is quality OC
thumbnail of fxyWMWqA_400x400.jpg
thumbnail of fxyWMWqA_400x400.jpg
fxyWMWqA_4... jpg (24.47 KB, 400x400)
Just had lunch. Coles turkish roll, louisiana style chicken burger air fried, siracha mayo, cucumber and carrot chopped like do for bahn mis. 650 calories. 850 cals left for the day.
> Coles turkish roll,
Were they decent?
Well lunched.
I’ve done about 20 minutes of work today
i tried the coles viet bread rolls recently, ate all 6 in a day so i obviously dont have the willpower yet to buy them again
yeah they are alright. I suspect they are the ones they get frozen having been already baked.
> yet 
You're going to get there NEET. Iron will and self control will be yours. I believe in you.
Well done.
my self control with food is improving thankfully
busy bee
thumbnail of the hate.jpg
thumbnail of the hate.jpg
the hate jpg (81.06 KB, 877x575)
Got you covered bro, this guy does it all.
I watched 3 to 4 minutes of that video, does he seriously sell his videos as early releases on that Patreon before uploading them to YouTube (he was 'critised' for not uploading that black hair video there first)?
> calories
We use the term 'kilojoules' in this country.

"Australia officially dropped the use of calories by 1988"
shit he went outside
> "Australia officially dropped the use of calories by 1988"
which is retarded, given calories per gram are trivial to remember:
1g protein = 4 cal
1g carb = 4 cal
1g fat = 9 cal
1g alcohol = 7 cal
He wanted to greet his grindr date.
Got no  >>/585204/ Only to smoke.
thumbnail of UL20276.pdf
thumbnail of UL20276.pdf
UL20276 pdf (228.77 KB, 0x0)
The markings on the cable led me to this data sheet.
Assuming it's the five pair version (with one pair unused), that means the individual wires that have to be stripped and soldered are 0.12mm in diameter.
My pubes are thicker than that.
> My pubes are thicker than that.
Include one for reference if you mail it up.
> that means the individual wires that have to be stripped and soldered are 0.12mm in diameter
I arrived at this by measuring the overall diameter of the cable, which is 3.2mm, subtracting 2mm to account for the 1mm thick outer jacket according to the datasheet, and then diving the remainder by 10 (the number of conductors for a 5 pair cable).
thumbnail of Nigga dispatched.jpg
thumbnail of Nigga dispatched.jpg
Nigga... jpg (129.47 KB, 865x573)

Peep show
Poorly bantered
Moderately bantered
Bad headache. Might go lie down.
thumbnail of Image7.jpg
thumbnail of Image7.jpg
Image7 jpg (121.43 KB, 1875x1034)
It will be about as thick as this cable.
Numbo be like, "Sorry I've lost my solder connections"
thumbnail of Image12.jpg
thumbnail of Image12.jpg
Image12 jpg (307.44 KB, 2592x1944)
Sorry wrong cable, this is the one I was thinking of.
He might be busy with Fort Forte Friday. You will probably have to remind him tomorrow.
Yes. Thoroughly unpleasant to work with.
Garn a 6pack of Dan's meds. Swear I'll quit tomorrow...
> Swear I'll quit tomorrow...
You should take up rehab with that other NEET.
trips confirm
Terrible posting lately
I'll terrible post you lately.
thumbnail of uglyboongcunt.png
thumbnail of uglyboongcunt.png
uglyboongc... png (927.97 KB, 763x757)

Punish whitey because the boongs can't control themselves.
This would be like the NEET Commune banning Dan because of Monk.
thumbnail of Dan.jpg
thumbnail of Dan.jpg
Dan jpg (60.85 KB, 494x365)

These posts make me feel smart. I've always bought in bulk.
Wage complete
We should really ban Monk because of Dan.
Well waged, welcome back.
Bet you only buy one thinking you'll quit tomorrow.
thumbnail of woe.jpg
thumbnail of woe.jpg
woe jpg (76.21 KB, 384x409)
They'd make such a lovely couple.
Perhaps that is the origin of Super Boong.
Most boongs have got a bit of Dan in them.
We've all had a bit of Dan in us.
Dan is generous with his liquids.
Without the green bin what power does Cruisey really have?
He would never get away with his vile crimes if he did not have its sorcerous plastic to hide behind.
thumbnail of iyuom.jpg
thumbnail of iyuom.jpg
iyuom jpg (165.06 KB, 926x616)
Mighty fine lookin woman
Be careful neet or you'll be the next one in the bin.
Almost forgot my Cenno report
Fecking Cenno app failed to remind me, the useless wagiebot.
Good night NEET. Sleep tight.
thumbnail of Kino.jpg
thumbnail of Kino.jpg
Kino jpg (640.43 KB, 2080x1170)
Yet another classic haul from The True BASED One.
thumbnail of p is for possum.png
thumbnail of p is for possum.png
p is for... png (985.83 KB, 937x553)

are any of you going to brave the rangs of powah this weekend?
NK you literal boong
> rangs of powah
I do not know what this means.
Is that a euphamism for nuro's arsehole?
the Amazon LOTR series with extra orcs
nice haul
Was that image taken from this story?
> Taxi driver who threw 78-year-old woman out of taxi still at large
i wasn't able to download the video easily
thumbnail of Homer.jpg
thumbnail of Homer.jpg
Homer jpg (21.81 KB, 259x262)
That smell of garlic roasting
think I'm going to go to the club tonight
haven't been in ages
if I stay here I'll only give in and drink
thumbnail of Laughing Dark Skinned Homosapien.jpg
thumbnail of Laughing Dark Skinned Homosapien.jpg
Laughing... jpg (34.31 KB, 433x650)
> Google Chrome Bug Lets Sites Silently Overwrite System Clipboard Content
>>In the interim, users are advised to refrain from opening web pages between any cut/copy and paste actions and verify their clipboard before carrying out sensitive operations on the web, such as financial transactions.

> In version 3 of the manifest, Google changes the webRequest API to block extensions from modifying the data before it's shown to the user, which renders ad-blockers useless.
Peanut butter and honey sandwich
An outing will do you well.
Stay with us
thumbnail of Sshweeontek.jpg
thumbnail of Sshweeontek.jpg
Sshweeontek jpg (86.7 KB, 887x530)
She has a fivehead and possible FAS but I love her anyway.
> women
thumbnail of Trev.png
thumbnail of Trev.png
Trev png (822.15 KB, 600x600)
GregO is live
> He addressed the audience as follows: 
I turned off when he was talking about dick in regards to the can.
Hurt me
*his dick
Going to bed at 7
Get your heart pounding with a long walk.
Live whimsically and make it 7:01:01
That's crazy talk.
What about 07:00:02?
Early to bed early to rise
That's fine.
makes you ready for a good boonging the next day.
Lol gregs on the royal dutches 
Those are povo tallboys
If only we knew how bad things really were.
Kill me before I wake
So like schedule an alarm to wake you up early for a walk?
run for the hills
doot-doot doot-doot
run for your life
I don't want to wake up
Have a power nap instead.
A power nap could save your life
Going to get down to 3 degrees in Webby territory tonight.
Some peanut satay sauce on the wings
He's well insulated
Your image or video didn't upload.
Brown snake territory*
GrogOs been on the poke
Ask if he has a system.
Cruisey might not fare so well if he's outside choofing.
Curry powder + peanut butter
thumbnail of kick-ass7.jpg
thumbnail of kick-ass7.jpg
kick-ass7 jpg (34.16 KB, 900x600)
We'll be streaming Kick Ass in 54 minutes on https://cytu.be/r/womboflix - prepare your popcorn neets, and bring your best bants.
Xcantd be thejdr sleeh
Me too.
I'm sorry about a lot of stuff
thumbnail of IMG_20220814_131852.jpg
thumbnail of IMG_20220814_131852.jpg
IMG_202208... jpg (381.29 KB, 1080x1440)

think i'm done wasting oc here. sick of being accused of shit and also the bs from nurmbo
> and also the bs from nurmbo
Stumers Cuppa when?
One foot on the platform, the other foot on the train
I've been wearing my headphones all day and now my poor little neet ears are sore.
I don't like stanley
Noice,I haven't had one of those in ages
has monk hit the meth yet?
My nazi money
No. I brought it up while watching the footy last night and a mate was keen though
Go for it
Nasty comment
I need to fix my attention span
I'm not monk
I get no pleasure from sex, wanking is great though
Neither am I.
> I get no sex, wanking is great though
I might disappear, I wish I didn't exist
Shelve it!
Go for a walk and disappear into nature.
Walk to gym tomorrow morning, might lay my head onto some train tracks
Goodnight fellas hope you are not the intended recipient
8:30 express?
I'd love to fuck off innawoods too. One can live without money or material goods but one needs water and food.
To hear the rhythmic thud sound the trains make?
Some of the roasted garlics were so crispy I ate them skin and all.
> intended recipient
Did you just drop an SBD?
gar cas
Yeah I do that
Well hauled.
I have it downloaded.
I've downloaded the first episode. I've yet to watch it. Morfydd is hot as fuck though.
Weber defended diversity casting once.
Well bantered.
Come to the movie room NEETs. We are watching Kick-Ass.

thumbnail of 90F3E676-2F38-4635-9B78-14612B55E6BE.jpeg
thumbnail of 90F3E676-2F38-4635-9B78-14612B55E6BE.jpeg
90F3E676-2... jpeg (3.11 MB, 4032x3024)
Beau only got his moderation position due to his Hungarian ancestry.
thumbnail of kick-ass2.jpg
thumbnail of kick-ass2.jpg
kick-ass2 jpg (61.4 KB, 723x482)
Get in here neets, Kick Ass is starting!   https://cytu.be/r/womboflix
> [X]
Nice one fella 
I miss the feeling of getting munted in the warehoue like old times
Enjoy your feed neet.
aboriginal anus
aboriginal anus