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e6e539a6c7... jpg (99.18 KB, 750x742)
How are you preparing for Thursday night?

OLD:  >>/586884/
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thumbnail of 1662421343904870.jpg
1662421343... jpg (142.33 KB, 1440x810)
SA Best A
Why have green cars become rare?
What is behind the rise in white?
> Silver is much more expensive than white or grey.

Imagine my shock.
thumbnail of bbb.jpg
thumbnail of bbb.jpg
bbb jpg (83.02 KB, 1200x675)
> the rise in white?
Did you member when it was cheaper?
No its Just  JEWS 
I wonder what that alpaca is up to?
Shitting at Westfield 
Toilets absolutely stink
Sounds like an unsavoury scene.
Probably being based.
Leave a floater for the next person.
What if it was an NFT?
The police are here. I saw a gun and talk of it being unregistered. It's all too tiresome.
The boong next door?
Lost my fucking wallet at westfield, and I wasn't even drinking
Haven't done that in about 10 years
No it seems it was brought by someone. I am not leaving my room until they fuck off.
It is inside your house?
> The Cursed Shit: The Case of the Missing Wallet.
Did you find it, or is it still lost?
No thankfully they kept it in their car. It has nothing to do with me. I think he wants to register it or some shit.
Still lost, thought it might be down the side of the car seat but apparently not. I'll call the shopping centre tomorrow
I hope they have it there for you.
Are you going to cancel your bank cards?
I will if the centre doesnt have it
What if some derros have stolen it and get up to mischief tonight?
They'll inherit the stinky shit curse.
Moved it all out of the account. 
More worried about my work fob and my souveneir casino rewards card
> souveneir casino rewards card
You're a Corporate man now. Cas man is dead.
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thumbnail of Pligrimflyboy.mp4
Pligrimfly... mp4 (9.55 MB, 1280x720)
Nighty night NEETs.
Good night.
nighto neeto
Do your boots feel sticky on the floor?
I thought it was Thursday.
I thought it was Tuesday this morning when I put my underwear on.
How did you see the gun?
I hope you cancelled your cards that can pay wave.
Was it in a case?
Was that you tapping your foot in the stall next door?
A tommy gun in a violin case.
I was singing sesudio 
> Ssussudio
A great great song. A personal favourite.
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thumbnail of 1662547707837200.jpg
1662547707... jpg (331.72 KB, 1920x1920)

I was tapping my foot to Leland sklar, probably sounded like I was having a seizure.
Thank you.
Back now. Having a rum and cola.
Bit of a wet drive home.
This trend isn't just cars, people are starting to notice the lack of colour everywhere.
It flogged down earlier.
Good to hear you had a nice time.
Read that wrong, still hope it was good.
Are we being pushed into a monochrome dystopia?
It would appear so.
It wasn't too bad. Finally collected my name badge after 2 years of membership.
Wore my new $16 100% polyester 5XL yellow hoodie from Amazon. The Hotdog Man cometh.
> I think he wants to register it or some shit.
Bit late to do that after the Police have come to arrest him.
> polyester 5XL yellow hoodie from Amazon
Post a screenshot of this product please.
> collected my name badge
Was there a solemn investiture ceremony?
I am picturing Tiffin on his bugle in the background as it is pinned to your 5XL polyester hoody.
No, the guy crossing off the names at the door basically said "oi for fucks sake take your badge, it's been sitting here for years"
It has a magnetic backing plate rather than a pin.
lol, did you know it was there?
thumbnail of hoodie.png
thumbnail of hoodie.png
hoodie png (470.29 KB, 1224x638)
no, nobody explains these things to me
Very nice. Should have got a few in different colours.
Very fresh
Well bantered.
I got red at the same time.
Might get a blue one.
My brand name hoodies are like 80/20 cotton and polyester, so it will be interesting to see how 100 polyester goes. It may get stinky and sweaty due to not being a breathable fabric.
I might get one too, that's pretty cheap. 
Is polyester an itchy material? 
I have been trying to get cotton mostly because my eczema likes it more.
> Is polyester an itchy material? 
No, it's not itchy at all. Just feels slightly different to normal tracksuit material. I wear tshirts underneath, so it's only my forearms and neck it comes in contact with anyway.
I wonder how those rissoles went on the barbie.
Poor Stanley might have become too inebriated to post the pictures for us.
going to bed
night all
Good night NEET.
Me too
Night poof
Good night poof.
Can’t sleep now
Have a midnight snack.
I bet he thought he was calling me a poof.
I have nothing snackish
Your all poofs.
A bigoted and misguided belief
No Cornados?
I was going to offer you a snack, but not now.

I didn’t make the reprehensible comment
A cornado blew the roof off my Aunty's house. There was cheese dust all over the ceiling afterwards.
Get Tyrell to clean it up
Sounds like more a job for Detergent Jones.
That NEET needs to publish a chapter of his book like GRRM does occasionally
Tyrell Crisp can be another character in that NEET's novel. A big boss nigger and pimp.
I agree.
Tyrell Crisp and Collard Green went to Cruisey’s house on business once.
> Collard Green
lol well bantered.
Seriously thinking about putting the dog down. 
Sorry about bringing it up so much, I know the topic makes some of you uneasy. 
Thinking I'll get the injection and give it to him myself at home. 
He's got the strength back to stand on his hind legs again, but is off center and very wobbly. 
He keeps pissing on himself because he can't stay upright.
When he goes to piss.. He's still got control over it.
It is a tough decision but it sounds like it might be the right time. Have a talk with your vet about what the options are.

> Thinking I'll get the injection and give it to him myself at home.
I have never heard of someone doing that. I think you would have to have a vet administer it. They cannot just hand out dangerous drugs I don't think.

I am sorry that you are going through this. You have given him a good life.
They said I could last time I asked them. 
Was planning on burying him at dads, but now thinking I might cremate him. Not sure.
> Thinking I'll get the injection and give it to him myself at home. 
Here you can't just get it like that.
I remember you started to give half tab of steroids (at every other day?), and wanted to go back to the full one.
Why have you decided to do lower the dose in the first place?
The vet said I should after the first week, which I did and he was fine for a while. He's back to the full dose (half tablet daily) which she said was fine too.
I have been thinking about it for when my Doggo's time comes.
I don't really like the idea of having his ashes in a container just sitting somewhere in the house. It feels weird. But it is what most people do these days.
Burial is an option so long as you have somewhere to do it and you can be confident he won't be disturbed where you choose to bury him.
Well keep at the full dose then.
Do you have financial problems preventing you to pay for the meds?
How about the extra work the cleaning up means?
Do you make this decision with clear head?
Yeah, cremation is a bit weird. 
Dads house is the plan because I can't see him ever selling it.
You could have him cremated and then scatter the ashes somewhere. Or bury the ashes.
I have a whole extra pack of the meds, enough for months. I have been giving him a clean before he comes back in. 
He looks at me like he's done something wrong.
That would save me moving his body 300ks.
On a positive, he's not acting like he's in any pain and is eating and drinking well.
I meant how much bother to clean.
If you have the meds, plus not much bother for you, and he is relatively ok when on the steroids, then why kill him now?
Maybe one day just gonna have a nap and passes away.
He just went and had a shit then fell back in it. I had to clean him like a baby.
Almost 2 years ago the vet said he's about to have a heart attack and pass away. 
He's lucky to last this long, I kind of hope he passes away naturally.
I am off to bed. Good night NEETs.

Cruisey I am thinking of you and what you are going through with your dog. You have my sympathy.
You should do what you think is best. You are the one in the best position to know what is best for him.
It is easy for other people to throw out their opinions and make you question yourself, but that is not the right thing for them to do.
You will do what is best and what is right by your dog, like you always have.
Night mate
Night fella.
Gym done
bitch faggoting shit cunt
how are you doing this morning?
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thumbnail of df504600d187a15084b8d03adaf8f962.jpg
df504600d1... jpg (76.55 KB, 596x600)
i'm alive during the twilight years of western civilisation
it can be a bit like that sometimes
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thumbnail of 1661945376827.png
1661945376... png (1.69 MB, 1100x962)
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thumbnail of Fb-XDMb4-WIAAb2-Bz.jpeg
Fb-XDMb4-W... jpeg (926.12 KB, 2200x2308)
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thumbnail of 1662425203328.png
1662425203... png (659.03 KB, 2200x2141)

thumbnail of Fbj-VZt-Kak-AALR95.jpeg
thumbnail of Fbj-VZt-Kak-AALR95.jpeg
Fbj-VZt-Ka... jpeg (711.02 KB, 2200x2116)
thumbnail of 790-B2-D97-BD42-4-FD7-A999-AAB13-B028-FC9-scaled.jpeg
thumbnail of 790-B2-D97-BD42-4-FD7-A999-AAB13-B028-FC9-scaled.jpeg
790-B2-D97... jpeg (390.32 KB, 2115x2560)
thumbnail of E926-B4-EE-E7-AF-4-D1-F-9-EAD-90-B0-D119-A536.jpeg
thumbnail of E926-B4-EE-E7-AF-4-D1-F-9-EAD-90-B0-D119-A536.jpeg
E926-B4-EE... jpeg (917.83 KB, 2200x2200)

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thumbnail of 27-YBN3y6t-scaled.jpeg
27-YBN3y6t... jpeg (452.46 KB, 1862x2560)
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thumbnail of 10-dROI4oG-scaled.jpeg
10-dROI4oG... jpeg (291.76 KB, 1781x2560)
thumbnail of 2-eQ6eTdv-scaled.jpeg
thumbnail of 2-eQ6eTdv-scaled.jpeg
2-eQ6eTdv-... jpeg (519.71 KB, 2176x2560)

thumbnail of 7-0yJl0vu-scaled.jpeg
thumbnail of 7-0yJl0vu-scaled.jpeg
7-0yJl0vu-... jpeg (300.94 KB, 1920x2560)
thumbnail of 8fN9VJg-scaled.jpeg
thumbnail of 8fN9VJg-scaled.jpeg
8fN9VJg-sc... jpeg (292.21 KB, 2099x2560)
thumbnail of XATG8Pu.jpeg
thumbnail of XATG8Pu.jpeg
XATG8Pu jpeg (232.1 KB, 2200x2030)

thumbnail of Fbpq-Pcq-Xo-AYt-Jza-scaled.jpeg
thumbnail of Fbpq-Pcq-Xo-AYt-Jza-scaled.jpeg
Fbpq-Pcq-X... jpeg (398.48 KB, 2176x2560)
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thumbnail of 1662052175744850.jpeg
1662052175... jpeg (299.78 KB, 2200x1965)
thumbnail of D379-CE4-B-1-FD7-4-A27-A144-A030-DCAA65-E4-scaled.jpeg
thumbnail of D379-CE4-B-1-FD7-4-A27-A144-A030-DCAA65-E4-scaled.jpeg
D379-CE4-B... jpeg (198.39 KB, 1370x2560)

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thumbnail of 1662085357942.png
1662085357... png (986.41 KB, 1000x895)
thumbnail of 1662040348355626m-scaled.jpeg
thumbnail of 1662040348355626m-scaled.jpeg
1662040348... jpeg (204.2 KB, 1368x2560)
this concludes memetic thurdsday
going for a drive
too early
too many wagies on the roads
Grab me a sausage roll on the way back please.
thumbnail of 173-1737887_ru7wnqf36poz-chinese-pepe-the-frog.png
thumbnail of 173-1737887_ru7wnqf36poz-chinese-pepe-the-frog.png
173-173788... png (379.86 KB, 513x703)
bing chilling nihao ching ling ping pong gualow
thumbnail of 173-1737887_ru7wnqf36poz-chinese-pepe-the-frog.png
thumbnail of 173-1737887_ru7wnqf36poz-chinese-pepe-the-frog.png
173-173788... png (379.86 KB, 513x703)
fak u western pig
I might apply for jobs at the post office.
Grab my sausage roll please
bacon, eggs and onion might be on the menu for breakfast
The show is on, I needed to do something before that road becomes unusable.
Between a fresh bread roll?
thumbnail of Musk.png
thumbnail of Musk.png
Musk png (23.79 KB, 540x259)

hate speech isnt real
> Only Galadriel is brave, smart and nice.
Lord of the Simps
Woolies has all their Xmas mince pies and shit out already.
Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Cyber Bullying Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Walk Away From The Screen Like Nigga Close Your Eyes Haha
thumbnail of 3ad4756792ce7a2ef41cf088d55a119c.jpg
thumbnail of 3ad4756792ce7a2ef41cf088d55a119c.jpg
3ad4756792... jpg (24.82 KB, 500x331)
> Xmas
I said Xmas not Kwanzaa you stupid nigger
thumbnail of 3q45f.png
thumbnail of 3q45f.png
3q45f png (102.5 KB, 292x335)
> Xmas 
thumbnail of Untitled.png
thumbnail of Untitled.png
Untitled png (19.49 KB, 647x443)
How can they disrespect Nuro like this?!
The memes are thick and bulbous this morning. 
Good morning friends.
That second one is pretty funny.
I hope there's a tangy condiment.
you're a tangy condom
I feel something evil brewing
I'm having a Dare too
Thank (You)!

They'll be slappin' away otherwise.

I liked Monk's cover.



Good choice.


A good start.

> Seriously thinking about putting the dog down. 
It is never pleasant thought. It made me very upset the night before I decided on it and I stayed in bed the next day. 

> Thinking I'll get the injection and give it to him myself at home. 
I picked the vet because it a location far away. If I did it at home I would keep thinking about it.

To make sure I felt there with her to the end, I left her blanket with her. It made me a little more comfortable knowing she had it with her.

If you do decide on that path, plan ahead a few good days with him. I spoiled my doggo rotten with heaps of fun outside (the weather was very nice for once), early dinners and heaps of treats. It was really nice spoiling her.

> but now thinking I might cremate him. 
You can get some ashes into some jewellery like a key chain. I like that memento that I always try to carry with me.

> you can be confident he won't be disturbed where you choose to bury him.
That was a big concern for me. 

Creating a memorial with their favourite toys and blankets is nice too. It always make me smile when I see the shrine.

> You are the one in the best position to know what is best for him.
Very true.

I like the first and last.

Those little cunts in the first image might bite.


Perhaps they don't want to get to close. It is like the sun.


Good morning NEETs.
i might have a cup of tea
thumbnail of 16766e2eb972fbc226f879c6e24a2d48.jpg
thumbnail of 16766e2eb972fbc226f879c6e24a2d48.jpg
16766e2eb9... jpg (16.09 KB, 276x326)
i am a sinner, at least i'm not jewish
i want to suck on some tiddies
describe the titties please
in my mouth
yes those ones
doubt it, he doesn't even have bread.
no carbs from bread today
Cheers mate, morning
thumbnail of 9850418.png
thumbnail of 9850418.png
9850418 png (18.37 KB, 462x229)
3/5 are ticked off, I need a hobby but I'm not sure if talking to people online count.
Good morning, that was some quality ketchup.
all 5 for me
thumbnail of 74CAF624-5499-4740-9262-FEE65C4C4828.jpeg
thumbnail of 74CAF624-5499-4740-9262-FEE65C4C4828.jpeg
74CAF624-5... jpeg (2.96 MB, 4032x3024)
Good Morning NEETs
isn't real
Morning Nuro
Terrible breakkay choice.
thumbnail of Untitled.png
thumbnail of Untitled.png
Untitled png (23.35 KB, 647x539)
You're getting a parcel today, Numo.
thumbnail of White boong.png
thumbnail of White boong.png
White boong png (47.73 KB, 150x151)
Hey you, yeah you. Fuck off.
Might intercept this package. Tee hee hee.
You had better not!
Fuck off with him.
thumbnail of HEY LOOK AT ME I'M NURO.jpg
thumbnail of HEY LOOK AT ME I'M NURO.jpg
HEY LOOK... jpg (792.43 KB, 2080x1170)

I wish you two would just kiss and make up already.
That made me giggle a little.

Good morning NEETs.
It's this yin/yang thing  >>/588020/
> yin/yang thing
> In Chinese cosmology, the universe creates itself out of a primary chaos of material energy, organized into the cycles of yin and yang and formed into objects and lives. 
> Yin is the receptive and yang the active principle, seen in all forms of change and difference such as the annual cycle (winter and summer), the landscape (north-facing shade and south-facing brightness), sexual coupling (female and male), the formation of both men and women as characters and sociopolitical history (disorder and order).[1]
You’re a terrible breaky choice
I am full of fat and gristle.
> ... a Chinese cosmological term for the "Supreme Ultimate" state of undifferentiated absolute and infinite potential, the oneness before duality, from which yin and yang originate.
Based. Those were great choices for breaky, not that you need any of the poofs here to confirm it for you. I hope you enjoyed the view while you ate.
Also full of shit, just like Macca's food.
> I am full of fat and gristle.
Sausage McMuffin?
Not for long, that Dare has my tummy hurting.
Client facing meeting in 18 minutes 
Need to shower
You need to manage your time better
morning neets, woke up for 3 hours in the middle of the night before getting back to sleep, very bleary right now , keep wanting to binge on sugar to try  and wake up
That couple of kilos of chicken I consumed in the last 36 hours has gummed up the tradesman’s entrance something fierce
Should've had some beans. I'm thinking of taking my usual recipe with chicken pasta and replacing the pasta with chickpeas.
Tight turn around.

> gummed up the tradesman’s entrance
You need Dare.

Good morning NEET.
I had Dare and that just made it angry
> only two burgers for breakfast
Are you watching your figure now? You're letting the rest of the neets down with this wimpy eating.
thumbnail of batman_begins2.jpg
thumbnail of batman_begins2.jpg
batman_beg... jpg (181.08 KB, 1280x720)
Ok, tomorrow night on womboflix we begin The Dark Knight Trilogy with Batman Begins. Directed by a british guy called Chris. Starring a british guy called Chris. Coincidence?
4 minutes to spare. Winning
Hopefully the anger will be release soon.
I finished up for now and gave everthing a polish.
Did you see a sparkle?
Youtube thumbnails have been broken since the fed takeover.
That one is "How To" article animated.
Issues started before around here  >>/584051/
Shows up for me on .net but not .org
Same for me.
I'm on .org
thumbnail of Wood.jpg
thumbnail of Wood.jpg
Wood jpg (79.62 KB, 873x573)

> wood lathe safety
> leaning across the work with sleeve touching it
Fuck I had to stop watching
The value of that wand would be high.
thumbnail of 220712_EV_Day_2022_SocialTile1_1080x1080.jpg
thumbnail of 220712_EV_Day_2022_SocialTile1_1080x1080.jpg
220712_EV_... jpg (207.08 KB, 1080x1080)

thumbnail of Fucking niggers.jpg
thumbnail of Fucking niggers.jpg
Fucking... jpg (94.29 KB, 889x577)
This guy is apparently live-streaming random shootings on Facebook.
tell us again how kiwi farms was the problem
At the end the 'wand' pops off unexpectedly.
He is going to be maimed or killed at some point if they don't take it away from him.
> if they don't take it away from him.
The carpet after the incident will be worth at least double.
I bet the neighbours on the other side of the wall love the BBRRRRRRRRT BBRRRRRRRRRRT BBRRRRRRRRRRRT each time the retard jams a far-too-big chisel into the piece
thumbnail of fik0giciucm91.jpg
thumbnail of fik0giciucm91.jpg
fik0giciuc... jpg (49.61 KB, 1284x499)

He's a busy man building his business and managing his grindr dates.

If I remember correctly, he is only able to earn and save up to small amount on disability (they will cut you off if you're even slightly over from what I read). He should probably be careful if he sells too many wands in a batch. I wonder if he offers pick-up though.
4th instant 
Enough nicotine to kill a small child 
Inbox 0 
Smashing the daily wage tasks
Smashing instances, nicotine and wage. Based.
Thank you I'm not a freemason or a jew so making friends is hard.
Aren't there millions of people around you?
I live rural.
Do you know Mr Myagi?
> 8 coffees
> 1 coke
> a partial dexie
Still haven't done a single productive thing and it's nearly lunchtime
Do you know Steve Irwin?
> name change
> acronym
Where are those barbecued rissoles?
I eated them
eat da poo poo
first image is gold

don't get the second
> don't get the second
pretty sure they were telling him to call her a nigger
haven't cooked em yet
was thinking that
thumbnail of yeah.png
thumbnail of yeah.png
yeah png (6.53 KB, 641x175)

Very exciting.
Wondering how many neets can hit a reverse parallel park with ease.
If the spot is bigger enough or if the spot has no cars in the front or back, I do. If I desperately need to park there I just do heaps of back and forth corrections to get it right.
hit the kerb?
Not me. I've never even tried.
thumbnail of IMG-0580.jpg
thumbnail of IMG-0580.jpg
IMG-0580 jpg (1.74 MB, 4032x3024)
thumbnail of 541499.jpg
thumbnail of 541499.jpg
541499 jpg (125.58 KB, 1200x1200)
These were alright. Could have been spicier.
Wonder how doggos going
Based and nibble-pilled

That paper towel looks high quality too.
thumbnail of pet.jpg
thumbnail of pet.jpg
pet jpg (45.48 KB, 465x262)
May have one to try them one day.
Caved in and had a second coke. Starting to feel awake. I'm such a junk food junky.
You need an appetite suppressant like methamphetamine
Buffalo sauce is just butter and a chilli sauce of your choice, though the brand Franks is typically used.
That can be a double edge sword for some, as it can be like you haven't eaten all day at night.
I have never had a buffalo sauce that I have liked. It is either too bland or too thin.
Found my wallet wedged between the passenger door and the door frame thing. Mashallah
had you cancelled your cards yesterday? if not, why not?
I temporarily locked the slapper and left 50 bucks in the debt card in case locking it would also lock Apple Pay
Which is why you need to make it yourself.

Can imagine the relief.
A stroke of good fortune. Well done.
Yeah buddy.
My luck has been steadily improving since the cas ban
> A young woman who had sex with two men on the same day has given birth to twin boys with different dads.
vile whore
> tfw never had a threesome and probably never will
you could pay for the experience if you really wanted it
idea does nothing for me
Have a MMF with Based Nuro. Yeah Buddy.
thumbnail of yeah buddy.png
thumbnail of yeah buddy.png
yeah buddy png (1.65 MB, 1100x962)
Utterly barbaric practice. A true neet gentleman never goes in sideways, no matter how loose the fit.
More like MMMM at the warehouse
Well memed.
thumbnail of Untitled.png
thumbnail of Untitled.png
Untitled png (77.5 KB, 653x574)
I'm the one who posted here a few days ago about this fucker on ebay.

I thought he sent  to me but he didn't. Got mixed up and the tracking notification I got was for another item. This was for a cheap ebay auction.

He has another review stating that he doesn't deliver when the auction ends cheap, so I'm pretty sure he's bullshitting and is gonna resell the item somewhere else. Should I ask him to send to me anyway even though he's claiming he dropped it in a puddle?

I thought this was arriving today, then found out I got the tracking mixed up, and I really fucking need one of these.

Please help me, NEETs.
you should save your money up and have one with two hookers on valentine's day
Thinking about good movies that womboflix could play on halloween
> Please help me, NEETs.
I don't really understand what you want.
You sound very foolish. You need to get in better control of yourself.
Harry Potter
> then found out I got the tracking mixed up,
That sounds like a scam. That is the item has been delivered when you claim it was not send for whatever reason.
I wouldn't trust him.
Item Received. That was pretty generous m8. I hate those 2.5mm fuckers i am just going to splice the cable it will look cleaner and be stronger that way.
Which one?
No I meant I got the tracking notification mixed up with another item's. I thought it had been sent but that notification was for a different item
Yes he's clearly bullshitting, but should I push for him to send it anyway? No reason I can't claim money back if it doesn't work anyway
And I'm the one who told you you need to stop using ebay. You really do suck at it...
> but should I push for him to send it anyway?
How much was the postage? 
You might not be able to claim it back if he sends it.
$20. Surely ebay would still give me the money back?
> Try to ride a bike
> Fail
> "Just stop trying to ride a bike bro, you suck at it"
> Surely ebay would still give me the money back?
I do not know their specific policies, but sometimes in disputes sellers try to get out of refunding postage. Perhaps read their policy on it.
I've dealt with them before and it just seems like it comes down to if you can get sway support in your favour or not
I've found being as racist and obnoxious as possible gets both the seller and eBay/PayPal to try and make me go away as quickly as they can.
You guys are useless. I'm just gonna tell him to send it anyway
Love the NEETs who ask for advice and then rubbish everyone who gave it.
Thanks for the advice.
Got pretty choof'd. Still a bit out of it.  Remade my service agreement, consent form, and support plan templates. 
That's a big achievement.
Well done. Getting stuff done.
Onya Cruisedog.
*Big non-sexual pat on the bum.*
Going to send them to a digital make up man.
The goading is strong with this one.

They will be a high class set of mong documents.
Good on you for not using a bigoted word like tranny or troon.
Gonna stick a couple of southern style tender in the air fryer bros
good luck and god bless
be careful
> gonna binge on some shitty processed food
5th instant. The wage demands it
Good goading. Yeah buddy.
RUOKDay plastered all over the dumb fuck “talent manager”s linkedin profiles today.
I got some postcard thing in the post about mental health you are meant to send it on to someone else. I put it into the recycling bin.
Dick Smith died
He did not.
> As a child, Smith was considered academically hopeless and, having a speech defect, called himself "Dick Miff"
Spiritually he died quite some time ago
Don't goad with false death announcements. Yeah buddy.
Munging on lollies.
fuck off some other cunt has been doing exactly that for a while now
Good work.
Squirt City?
Snakes alive?
Big bag?
thumbnail of EC24ED69-8CF5-480A-BE01-94AB0023CB70.jpeg
thumbnail of EC24ED69-8CF5-480A-BE01-94AB0023CB70.jpeg
EC24ED69-8... jpeg (3.7 MB, 4032x3024)
Are you a 5chad too webby?
I'm kinda partial to musk sticks and those lolly bananas
Save some for later please.
Milkshake chews >>/588228/
Yeah buddy.
Shut it down!
> Use Emergency SOS via satellite on your iPhone 14
> Emergency SOS via satellite is available only in the U.S.
thumbnail of hiss.jpg
thumbnail of hiss.jpg
hiss jpg (310.61 KB, 1100x962)

Hearty kek
Well memed.
Large and in charge.
You know what they say about a man who has big undies?
He must have a really big obese body.
In tops, yeah.
If only it could call Dans and order a goon bag in the event of an empty sack.

three extra chins
thumbnail of YEAH BUDDY.png
thumbnail of YEAH BUDDY.png
YEAH BUDDY png (1.65 MB, 1100x962)

Well memed.
Thank you, Based One.
He stole my maymay
Yeah buddy he did.
thumbnail of n1.jpg
thumbnail of n1.jpg
n1 jpg (107.29 KB, 686x832)
thumbnail of n2.jpg
thumbnail of n2.jpg
n2 jpg (1001.18 KB, 1400x1400)
thumbnail of n3.jpg
thumbnail of n3.jpg
n3 jpg (23.96 KB, 385x225)

> she is NOT for sexual.
LMFAO surely you could have bought a shortened cable for a lot less.
It's not a detachable cable, and all the online reviews for it complain about the length.
The funds could be for a dinner date for two. Four burritos.
These milo KitKats taste exactly like the original, though there is a noticable grainier texture from what I assume is Milo.
> tfw not cashed up
> grainier texture
Joslin's last comments are almost gone from her profile.
I hope he has a snake bite kit on the eeb if he is taking IGA out for dinner.
Soon it will be like she never existed.
One day she will be remembered as a minor prophet of Based.
thumbnail of Ready_1.mp4
thumbnail of Ready_1.mp4
Ready_1 mp4 (421.18 KB, 576x1024)

They spent some serious coin on that suit.
I wonder if inflatable pants would help keep prolapses on the inside where they belong.
17,266 steps today.
That's a good number, dude.
Olive has made some changes.
thumbnail of r0_0_1782_1188_w1200_h678_fmax.jpg
thumbnail of r0_0_1782_1188_w1200_h678_fmax.jpg
r0_0_1782_... jpg (59.56 KB, 1017x678)
I am ready, are you?
thumbnail of based.jpg
thumbnail of based.jpg
based jpg (139.55 KB, 1024x683)
the orange squirted
I have some questions.
How does an 18 year old already have "multiple license suspensions"? Doesn't a fuck up on your Ls or Ps automatically mean you are without a license until your Ps would normally have expired at 19 or whatever?
Also why is he hanging around (and murdering) 14 year old girls? Why hasn't he been charged with being a paedo?
only just noticed his sheets or quilt look inflatable too
> will never have rubber sheets
> "multiple license suspensions"? 
In NSW, beyond your Ls you get enough points for one base level fine, I believe.

I think you only have to be 16 years old and something months to get your L's, which some people do on the day and then work straight to their Ps. So by 17 and something he could be driving independently. They are also lenient on you for those issues like speeding and driving without a license conviction on your first time at court (i.e., he could have gotten it back conditionally for 'work' as the reason).

> Why hasn't he been charged with being a paedo?
Probably some relation. The communities out there were considered out of Sydney until the last 10 to 15 years when it became 'Western Sydney'. Bogans are becoming millionaires out there with big blocks out there no wanted not too long ago.
He's doomsday suit 24/7
Bossman paid $100 for a new office access card before I found my wallet at lunch time 
> In NSW, beyond your Ls you get enough points for one base level fine, I believe.
Ah OK. Back when I got mine in BEST A, it was basically drilled into you that if you fucked up on your L's or P's that was it for a couple of years.
You are the gift that keeps on giving.
i hate women
i hate women in the workplace
I hate women in space
i hate women of the Indian race
yeah them too
No you don't.
YES I DO! because they scare me
you need a big strong man to put his arms around you
Cruisedog, have you ever had to go to SAHMRI (the cheese grater hospital building)? What is the parking situation?
might go to motherbat's tomorrow night
feeling tfw
A change of scenery might help, go for it.
comfy rain. going to cook-a da pasta and have it with some pesto
A guy at the club imported one of these a couple of weeks ago. Mob interstate is currently upgrading it with an additional 150 horse.
> Mob interstate is currently upgrading it with an additional 150 horse.
How many overall with the addition? 
Do you think he will die in it?
no work tomorrow and not gonna go to the gym since its raining, might stay up late tonight. going to bed around 9 instead
I think the figure they were throwing about was 900 at the wheels.
I don't think he'll die in it, but I suspect he's going to have an accident at relatively low speed, not realising just how squirrely it will be.
He may also discover the BEST A regulations throw a spanner in the works and it has to be registered as a supercar or something.
you didnt need to post any of that 

STFU stanners no one sends you money in the mail, no one loves you
You're turning into a night Owl neet.
> might stay up late tonight.
Night owl.
i applied for my passport, gonna take 3 months. going to save up over the next year or so and prepare for that international incident i'm going to cause
Laptops have been switched
Visiting a naughty site 😈
It's time we put an end to the skellie menace and created and executive ethnostate. Starting next week, if your clothing size doesn't end in XL, you will no longer be allowed to post here.
> you didnt need to post any of that 
I thought they might like it. Fuck 'em if they didn't.
> not realising just how squirrely it will be.
I can see that.

That would be unfortunate. Did he really want that extra oomph?
thumbnail of 9850950.jpg
thumbnail of 9850950.jpg
9850950 jpg (42.06 KB, 596x460)

I quoted the wrong posts, woe.
> Did he really want that extra oomph?
Yeah, he's a bit sad in that regard. Likes making noise.
His Commodore and his Corvette are both excessively noisy.
He and his wife have recently come into some money, but he didn't want a new Corvette because he doesn't agree with them shifting the engine from the front of the car to the arse.
thumbnail of 98f64f1df22e5c8fc8ddcb725cdc1a64.jpg
thumbnail of 98f64f1df22e5c8fc8ddcb725cdc1a64.jpg
98f64f1df2... jpg (134.71 KB, 1078x1022)
Ey Frodo why do those corrupt by the ring say Orks strengthen the shire? I mean oh Madonna i can't make no sense of the thing
I 3XL that.
> Inside Kiwi Farms, the hate-filled platform that just had its worst day everhttps://www.news.com.au/technology/online/internet/inside-kiwi-farms-the-hatefilled-platform-that-just-had-its-worst-day-ever/news-story/a6974fabccb676533b13dbfc038b5810
so timely
thumbnail of 1521646191028s.jpg
thumbnail of 1521646191028s.jpg
1521646191... jpg (8.07 KB, 250x250)
> trans activist
The end times are upon us.
I bought 3kg of oranges today
Did you see the news story about the teacher in Ireland who has been jailed for refusing to use a student's made up gender?
thinking cooking pasta and just mixing some taco seasoning with it and a bit of the pasta water will go well?
might need some butter or something to bind it
thumbnail of 41e98dfdc7a225c9edfc6e559d47753.png
thumbnail of 41e98dfdc7a225c9edfc6e559d47753.png
41e98dfdc7... png (129.71 KB, 358x370)
No. The pendulum is going to swing back soon and when it does good lord are heads going to roll.
thumbnail of sarah hanson young and her fucking huge pig arse.jpg
thumbnail of sarah hanson young and her fucking huge pig arse.jpg
sarah... jpg (222.96 KB, 933x1244)

thumbnail of adam faggot bandt and his beard.jpg
thumbnail of adam faggot bandt and his beard.jpg
adam... jpg (124.28 KB, 576x1024)

My gas kills.
the O in coal is in an unfortunate location
i hate alison brie
i hate all women named after cheeses
i hate jews
thumbnail of edgy.png
thumbnail of edgy.png
edgy png (453.29 KB, 680x570)
go back to reddit
thumbnail of FcFxNVoakAA2KeQ.jpg
thumbnail of FcFxNVoakAA2KeQ.jpg
FcFxNVoakA... jpg (116.72 KB, 1125x745)

BO please delete hate speech.
thumbnail of sdan.jpg
thumbnail of sdan.jpg
sdan jpg (32.16 KB, 300x300)
Watching youtube videos on how to increase your willpower while bingeing on chocolate. Neetlife at its finest.
might get ready to go to bed, so much for staying up until 9
I suspect destroying kiwifarms will just send a million spores of their kind blowing forth to infect various other parts of the internet.
> $20 billion dollars company kicks a guy who does it for free
I'm watching one about quitting alcohol for 1000 days. Onto a bottle of red after 4 cans of rum and coke
based, what are you going to follow up that bottle of wine with?
nothing, I have to drive tomorrow
thumbnail of pepeli.jpg
thumbnail of pepeli.jpg
pepeli jpg (46.7 KB, 600x600)
drink driving is based
garn night
You cannot go to bed until you say it properly.
want to play harry potter D&D with the good home nerd neets
> tfw no headless asian train waifuhttps://youtube.com/watch?v=r_iWNJpsHhA 
> unfortunate location
The gape!

> kicks a guy who does it for free
You could say he gets his kicks for free from it.
The ultimate Gook night.
Shove an onion up my arse
Chop it you slack cunt.
thumbnail of tonyanal.jpeg
thumbnail of tonyanal.jpeg
tonyanal jpeg (70.93 KB, 487x393)
I'll crush it instead
I hate Linus from LTT almost as much as women and the moon.
Well stepped.
> risk of adverse effects, some of them serious, including infection, seizures, heart and lung problems, and death.[3]
We can only hope.
Do you liek Tech Shrek?
Yes, we addressed that long ago. I think there is a link in there about a South Korean woman cooking her colon doing it.
I'm not a massive fan, but he seems genuine enough.
iktf bro
You should have sent Based Nuro a pre-addressed prepaid satchel to send your item back to you in. Would have saved him a bit of trouble.
orange-coloured ones?
Given the time the package took to arrive, it sounds like Australia Post needs drivers. A NEET here should get a job there whizzing around Noosaville.
In south korea, the coffee enema cooked colon of young women is considered a rare delicacy.
Well bantered.
I was right

I unironically have panic attacks every time I look at job sites.
It is a very challenging position to be in.
NEETs must seek the DSP for relief.
You can be honest with us NEET. No one likes looking at those sites or using them.
She looks for sexual.
She has nice bobbies.
Parking is shit, I once spent almost an hour finding a spot. 
Also has one lift that goes to the third floor, then another one that goes to where you need to go.
I browse seek and realestate.com.au for fun sometimes
What do you need to go to the cheese grater for Webster?
Pop does.
Some subcontracted IT bullshit
You could park near thebarton and take the tram.