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6aab3ac230... png (81.19 KB, 746x639)
She is gone NEETs. A piece of history has passed away forever. The world marches on towards its grim fate.

Old Thread:  >>/588890/
Sorry to disappoint you Beau, but I remembered to make a new thread just in time.

Sa Best A
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thumbnail of th.jpg
th jpg (22.6 KB, 338x450)
This is a real princess
NK you boong.
Might fuck the flashlight without cleaning it like a stinky neet
Put it in the dishwasher. Quick cycle.
The Wollaton Park Gnome Encounter
Just don't let the ants get into it.
No, of course not. A latina princess would outrank a Jewess.
I should get a rich mummy Jewess the same way Lovecraft did.
That way I could neet it up in style.
I am obese
Lazy neets won't post.
Me too. Disgustingly fat.
Where would you buy one from?
Good neets.
You aren't a real neet if you have a BMI under 40.
It is getting hard to fit in the car seat.
Real neets are housebound.
thumbnail of 1658543550690305.webm
thumbnail of 1658543550690305.webm
1658543550... webm (2.77 MB, 1280x720)
Get a big car
Those are very low to the ground. I would not want to have to get in and out of one.
Neets getting brutally sodomised by a tyrannical BO who uses their tears as lube to rape them again not for his own pleasure but just to make them suffer
big rape
Sex reparations
thumbnail of elephant-sex.jpg
thumbnail of elephant-sex.jpg
elephant-s... jpg (106.91 KB, 872x730)
boongs raping neets
neets bleeding from their arses after a visit from wombo
neets with down syndrome getting gangraped by the slightly less retarded neets at teh council meetings
neets exchanging sexual favours with the BO for moderator positions
Big hot boong slut with big tits sucking your unwashed cock while your family watches.
Lorelai is such a slut.
Dirty fat disgusting boong lady with slimy smelly vagina smashing your cock
mummybot used to say the boong chicks where we lived would go you for a six pack.
NK you boong.
Caravan? He would never. Or would he?
Might have a coffee.
What would they do for a slab?
imissfather is into some real sick shit too.
He made caravan do this thing with an onion and an enema, I won't talk about it here but it was disgusting!
We didn't have to specify such things before the pan-shitter came along.
A white onion?
Calm down.
> imissfather is into some real sick shit too
I can believe that. The CBT especially. He is depraved.
Four boong chicks I guess? I wonder if they had a bulk discount? This was in Pormpuraaw from memory, although we hopped around to different boong towns due to mum's work.
I remember she was livid once because in one of them the council installed a coin operated barbecue. The local boongs went and smashed it the very same day to get the money out (obviously it was too early for there to be any money). At great expense the local government replaced it but they went and smashed it again so they replaced it with a simple push button system where no money was involved but they smashed that one anyway. I don't think all that much money was involved in that but she seemed to care about that story in particular. I think that was what made her snap. She was really progressive before we went up there. This was around the early 2000s for context.
She was also angry about the government giving heaps of money for the boongs to get computers, cameras etc. as part of an education programme but the boongs broke in and smashed them for fun. 
She still hates abos. They cut our dogs leg off with a cane knife which is part of it. They'd also still clothes off the lines (she lost many a sarong that way) and even shoes off the verandah.
Until you've lived with boongs and seen the way they are you don't know anything about them. I've seen people stabbed, clubbed etc. I've seen women get their legs broken for cenno claims, fires started for warmth inside houses and shit. Most Australians would refuse to believe this sort of thing could happen in a country like ours but it is a whole other world out there.
We also lived in Bamaga and Seisia for context. My memory of them all blurs together. One of them got a pool which resulted in the local health outcomes significantly improving and she speculated (semi-seriously) that it was because it was the closest thing to bathing the boongs had.
wish I could give posso a call
thumbnail of aboriginees.jpg
thumbnail of aboriginees.jpg
aboriginees jpg (46.45 KB, 500x320)
Would you sleep a night in this house for $1000?
> also still clothes
Fuck me, way too much goon tonight lol. Seems the living amongst abos has rubbed off on me lol
Good night netts, I'm off to bed now.
Probably the craziest thing I saw up there was a man getting speared in the chest with a star picket or a man going and breaking teh front legs of a dog to use it as a hot water boyylr,. the dig could walk ,m no joke, in a bipedal fashion, not very far but it could wlak.
THe dogs up there all slinked about in fear of the boongs because they'd throw bottles and hsit at htme, there were always heaps of bottles laying around. Huge piles of bottles and cans were no concern to the boongs.\
The randomly hitting other abos for no discernible reason was the other very strange behaviour. I suspect it woudl explain abo women havinf such an unusually high homicide rate in this country. They;d often club tge other boong chicks over the head with longneck bottles.
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-03-11-16-16-55-388_org.mozilla.firefox.jpg
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-03-11-16-16-55-388_org.mozilla.firefox.jpg
Screenshot... jpg (208.64 KB, 1080x1293)
All we need to do is wash the boongs
What would you say?
Good night BoongNEET.
Hell, I'd pay to fuck that hot boong chick in pink. Only nine children, slut is probably still tight.
The poor abo children all get eye and ear diseases that permanently damage their senses. All could be prevented if they just washed their faces.
Bad homes.
They could stand next to the toilet and people could piss on them and clean them that way.
I'd pay her to clean the kitchen.
That would unironically result in better outcomes than doing nothing.
thumbnail of 6ca294fd8d3650bf4c11c78cb8d8888e15383f4b59a2bb617a6364b9d9cbbc63.jpg
thumbnail of 6ca294fd8d3650bf4c11c78cb8d8888e15383f4b59a2bb617a6364b9d9cbbc63.jpg
6ca294fd8d... jpg (243.03 KB, 594x396)
I'd go there for the sex
We were heading to the KFC tonight and in the car park there was an old guy who had fallen on the road and couldn't get up.
We helped him up onto the curb first and then lifted him to his feet.
He said he had an achilles injury and bad knees but I think he might just have been a drunk.
He got back in his car but was still there when we had been through the drive-thru and back.
He was just looking for attention
Hottest aboriginal ejaculations caught on camera
your video link didn't upload.
Everyone on this website and the entire internet has their IP addresses collected by DARPA. It is stored on LIFELOG and Dumped into a program called INDRAS NET. All souls go to Saturn for Judgement after death. There's no escape for any of you. The entirety of this solar system goes into the soul matrix. Unless you are found worthy of going to the Higher Heavens. You will have to give an account for every idle word. The who, what, when, where, why, and how. That's what happens on the Moon upon death. If you deserve soul obliteration you will be thrown into the lake of fire inside of the sun. Those who are worthy go before Shiva for judgement as long as they are cremated to be freed from the reincarnation cycle. Those who get buried will be returned to a soul orb and placed back inside of a womb to be born again after filing out a new soul contract. This is the journey after death and no some shitty tech firm has anything to do with it. Neither do retarded Djinn. Welcome to reality. No Google has zero say so whatsoever.


Now we need someone to decode it for us.

Thank (You)!

NFT incoming.

I doubt he took the breadcrumb.

Good luck.


Wank your life away with meth.

> I remembered to make a new thread just in time.
They'll post some bullshit excuse later to excuse their behaviour (i.e., told hours before, hundred posts before, open invitation).

The carpet stain one passed away though.


They'll bite off more than they can chew.


> She was really progressive before we went up there.

> They cut our dogs leg off with a cane knife which is part of it.

> I've seen women get their legs broken for cenno claims, fires started for warmth inside houses and shit.
Madness but funny.

> she speculated (semi-seriously) that it was because it was the closest thing to bathing the boongs had.
She was probably right.

Depends on how thick the stew is.

Poor doggos. They should put down the boongs that harm them.

He was over boonged.

He does need that.

Good morning NEETs.
morning neetos
thumbnail of jjust.jpg
thumbnail of jjust.jpg
jjust jpg (68.8 KB, 604x931)

Good morning NEET.
Time 2 poo
Monday morning. Life moves forward.
Good morning NEET.
Good posts
Had a dream last night where a doctor was examining an MRI image of my brain and pointing out white spots representing potential damage due to drinking. Was absolutely terrifying
> Was absolutely terrifying
Weekday reset today?
Yeah fucken oath. Was up early today. Slightly taxed. Ready to submit to the wagon and embrace its journey
thumbnail of b030afb20076d3d365d5f42407a42ad4.png
thumbnail of b030afb20076d3d365d5f42407a42ad4.png
b030afb200... png (44.75 KB, 1200x1799)

Excellent Pepe Selection
> Ready to submit to the wagon and embrace its journey
thumbnail of They Them Live 👓.mp4
thumbnail of They Them Live 👓.mp4
They Them... mp4 (2.39 MB, 1280x590)
Excelent peepee collection.
thumbnail of FcYwadQXwAA96q8.jpg
thumbnail of FcYwadQXwAA96q8.jpg
FcYwadQXwA... jpg (8.4 KB, 564x248)

All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good men to refuse to piss all over boong kids
Might give it a watch, beats doing nothing.
She was a wise Queen.
> In March 2022, in the weeks after Russia’s invasion into Ukraine, a senior former member of government, also revealed the Queen’s backhanded passing comment that spoke volumes. 
> “The only time I met Vladimir Putin was back in 2003 on an official visit and my then dog barked very loudly,” said the UK’s then Press Secretary David Blunkett, speaking to the BBC.
> “I did apologise to the Queen who was obviously hosting.
> “She said, ‘Dogs have interesting instincts, don’t they?’”
thumbnail of Screenshot 2022-09-12 at 09-29-34 Mail Online.png
thumbnail of Screenshot 2022-09-12 at 09-29-34 Mail Online.png
Screenshot... png (61.58 KB, 821x745)
I have removed the bookmark now, she is gone forever.
Weber asked the Queen to do his shoelaces up once.
thumbnail of a3804ae25601d8b7ef2cd3a4b0eb4c5c.jpg
thumbnail of a3804ae25601d8b7ef2cd3a4b0eb4c5c.jpg
a3804ae256... jpg (535.94 KB, 2000x1224)
This coffee is garn down a treat
thumbnail of Yeah Buddy.png
thumbnail of Yeah Buddy.png
Yeah Buddy png (879.93 KB, 640x800)

Yeah Buddy!
Ok neets, let us ponder what movies womboflix should play this week.

Escape from New York (1981)
Angel Dust (1994)
Kamikaze Taxi (1995)
Streets of Fire (1984)
Rapid Fire(1992)
Showdown in Little Tokyo(1991)
Black Sheep(2006)
The Revenant(2015)
Dog Day Afternoon(1975)
Brotherhood of the Wolf(2001)
Chariots of Fire(1981)/Blade Runner(1982)
A Scanner Darkly(2006)
Last Man Standing(1995)
Desperado(1995)/Sin City(2005)
Boondock Saints  II(2009)
The American(2010)
In Bruges  (2008)
Smokin Aces (2006)
The French Connection (1971)
Captain Phillips (2013)
Vanishing Point (1971)
Oceans 11 (2001)
Repo Man (1984)
Scarface (1983)
Edge of Tomorrow(2014)
Man on Fire(2004)
Ronin (1998)
Predator 2 (1990)/Predators(2010)
Dirty Harry (1971)/Red Dawn (1984)/Extreme Prejudice (1987)
Terminator (1984)/Terminator 2 (1991)
Brazil (1985)
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)
Iron Man (2008)
The Prestige (2006)
thumbnail of crash.jpg
thumbnail of crash.jpg
crash jpg (293.93 KB, 1100x962)

thumbnail of day off work good.jpg
thumbnail of day off work good.jpg
day off... jpg (62.71 KB, 1107x620)

I hope Nuro hasn't had to reschedule any bike jobs that were booked in for the 22nd.
The ones complaining about a public holiday with two weeks notice are the same ones who had no issue with snap covid lockdowns with twelve hours notice.
Like a good bossman he will be working that day.
> snap covid lockdowns
Over the flu!
A work from home day?
Double or triple A?
Good morning
I wonder what will grandpa Jo will do?
> A request for world leaders to make their way to London via commercial flights has been swiftly dismissed by Anthony Albanese. 
>>Documents obtained by Politico revealed foreign heads of states and their spouses were asked to travel on commercial flights and that the use of helicopters to get around had been banned. 
Good morning NEET.
Albo loves his new perks.
He's taking his girlfriend at our expense too.
Feeling bad about the Queen.
Feel the Queen going is another sign I am getting older.
Getting older has not been fun.
Being young wasn't much fun for me either but I was less aware of my own misery in some cases.
I had more anxiety back then though.
Couldn't even leave the house a lot of the time.
Maybe I was aware of my misery. My memory is shot.
Brain wrecked by childhood abuse. Left me ill equipped to face an adult life.
Failure to launch. Failure to thrive.
Constant depression and anxiety. Flashbacks to the past.
I feel contempt for anyone else who whinges about shit like this.
Don't dwell on it, just move on.
But the brain is broken. Cooked. Its permanent.
Don't want the Queen to go.
Everyone goes though. We all have to go eventually.
I am a disgrace.
Time to seek treatment with dr dan murphy
> Failure to launch. Failure to thrive.
There was that guy that lived in the bush for 10 years or so, came out and started living his life working towards getting a PhD. The only failure is to not take any action and thinking change is not possible.

> Flashbacks to the past.
You need support to address them, as they will not go away. There are strategies for dealing with them that I have used to help manage them.

> Cooked. Its permanent.
You shouldn't compare yourself to others either. Everyone has faults and those who do recognise them are probably the most unwell.

> I am a disgrace.
Not until your day of your judgement when you pass.
> 10 years or so
Much longer
> Much longer
> Local landowners who remember him estimate he was there for far less time — perhaps 12 months.
greasy goblin
thinking about neet cracks
Wanked all the enthusiasm for the day away.
Probably true. But depending on whose land he was camping on (if it was crown land), it would be convenient for a neighbour to discredit any claims he had of living on the land for a long period of time.
just pulled a neet's arse crack hair
i found a ring in a cave once
Too tired and taxed to do much wageing today 
Not much on my plate thankfully
> Stage one: Finding and riding the wagon
thumbnail of raHd1QR7.mp4
thumbnail of raHd1QR7.mp4
raHd1QR7 mp4 (3.81 MB, 576x1024)

> tiktok
Poor Clayton, he should have cut it open for him.
Well memed.
This cunt just copy/pasted my post from the other night. And you flogs didn't even notice.
pee pee poo poo
You should challenge him to single combat.
That was obviously faked.
I want real and spontaneous Clayton or no Clayton at all.
might get some alcohol and lunch
don't get lunch and buy more alcohol
but I didn't get breakfast
then that means you can spend even more on alcohol!
> from the other night. 
All NEETs memories are hazy from Thursday night.
lol queen dead :DDDD
Haha suck it Stanners !
thumbnail of LMAO.jpeg
thumbnail of LMAO.jpeg
LMAO jpeg (34.39 KB, 433x650)
In me defence I thought it a good post and deserving of a re-post especially as it got no (you)s.
You are acting up because of how salty you are that Nuro's stocks have risen due to his successful soldering commission.
thumbnail of salty.jpg
thumbnail of salty.jpg
salty jpg (169.2 KB, 1200x970)
IGA's entire persona on here summed up in one picture.
thumbnail of zucca.jpg
thumbnail of zucca.jpg
zucca jpg (35.71 KB, 465x262)

thumbnail of Gen Cycles.png
thumbnail of Gen Cycles.png
Gen Cycles png (658.68 KB, 2200x2141)
This image has stuck in my mind.
had some kfc and got some rum and wine
tomorrow onwards I will stop drinking for a couple of weeks and try and eat only home made meals
> rum and wine
A recipe for a good chunder
> tomorrow onwards
Sounds do-able.
big bucket of original recipe?
did a smelly fart :DDDDD
I thought it was, you didn't mention the queen though
rupert murdoch has the big gay
describe the aroma please, in the same detail wine connoisseurs do
Cold and lazy. 
Trying to cut the mints back, only on my second of the day so far
The old pecker lookin a little red around the rim.
I have always had the idea of managing my obesity through not restricting how much I eat (because it is not possible), but just cutting out the really bad processed stuff.
Binging on stir frys and home-cooked meat and veg meals instead of take aways, packets of chips and boxes of biscuits etc.
The problem is that I am too lazy to cook anything. And I just let the fresh food rot in the fridge while I keep going to the shops for more take away and processed junk.
I need to give it another try and force myself to get cooking.
I said it was laziness but it is something more than that. Some kind of procrastination with deep psychological roots related to my dysfunction.
Just paralysed by even the idea of doing productive things. Brain is not only uninterested, but fearful.
> successful

Not until it is confirmed working.
> had some kfc 
What did you get? How many Wicked Wings?
> Trying to cut the mints back
Good luck NEET.
Could there be any doubt?
Our boy Nuro knows his stuff.
me h8 wimmin
neet sounding
might learn python
a large zinger combo and ten nuggers
All you will learn around here is brown snake.
brown sneak came out my arse this morning lmao
> you didn't mention the queen though
I did too. He copied it exactly.
thanks for the (you)s
A doggy bag is 90 bucks a tea bag is 50 but I'll have to ask you to excuse me right now
Nigga I can get 25 tea bags for 2(two) dollars.
poorly bantered
Start small. Plan on only one meal that uses minimal ingredients. Don't stuff the fridge with raw ingredients that will only overwhelm and cause anxiety.
thumbnail of /tmp/phpMmFdMO
thumbnail of /tmp/phpMmFdMO
/tmp/phpMmFdMO (54.73 KB, 0x0)
might restart the khmer rouge
That sounds sensible.
god DAMN i'm dropping some amazing farts
thumbnail of 905228_480m.mp4
thumbnail of 905228_480m.mp4
905228_480m mp4 (53.64 MB, 852x480)

iga one of them hood niggas
> tomorrow onwards I will stop drinking for a couple of weeks and try and eat only home made meals
Good luck NEET.
> I need to give it another try and force myself to get cooking.
You should blog post with the other NEET on your journey.
> /tmp/phpMmFdMO
Do you know how this directory listing happens?

I have only seen it occur one other time.
torentialling house of teh dragong episode 4
supposedly it contains a creepy sex scene
> a creepy sex scene
I suspect it's a side effect of PHP's move_uploaded_file() where $_FILES[] contains an empty array element where the filename should have been, so the original /tmp filename gets used instead
Original file name was faa68d20bec2d37d77a7c18b105faebc16f885318f2015882179c0e504a3b6c7.jpg
thumbnail of /tmp/phpTH8F3Z
thumbnail of /tmp/phpTH8F3Z
/tmp/phpTH8F3Z (21.8 KB, 0x0)
sites broken
thumbnail of 0f09226b8938aaa75c41caddd4a128f75b20f86af0d1fa2b450765c10f1231d9.jpg
thumbnail of 0f09226b8938aaa75c41caddd4a128f75b20f86af0d1fa2b450765c10f1231d9.jpg
0f09226b89... jpg (556.07 KB, 923x609)
Thank you for the information.

Strange. I will try with this feed combination image.
tablespoon of spicy pickled onion to stimulate the bowel economy
the poo I did earlier has left a lingering stench of rotting fruit
Just falling out of me after those instants
How are the tubers looking?
lel only just realised the abbo girl from the pierced nipples cafe had a spot of legal bother
Yeah buddy.
One should not casually enquire on another man's tubers.
thumbnail of video.trendingnow.com@cb12722d-8e22-3afa-aff3-db81122fd990_FULL.jpg
thumbnail of video.trendingnow.com@cb12722d-8e22-3afa-aff3-db81122fd990_FULL.jpg
video.tren... jpg (25.29 KB, 602x375)
It's not a tuba!
I will be watching the footy on Friday and Saturday nights so I will not vote this week.
Same problem, too lazy to prepare fresh salads and shit. One thing which has helped is buying those big bags of prepared salads. But I'm still fat.
> goldner
That's a jewish surname
It's a very common abbo surname in BEST A
Webber Goldner
thumbnail of GOMER.jpg
thumbnail of GOMER.jpg
GOMER jpg (28.88 KB, 183x262)
thumbnail of Mrs Green RIP.jpg
thumbnail of Mrs Green RIP.jpg
Mrs Green... jpg (57.86 KB, 454x512)
TPG is useless when it comes to data monitoring. There's no way I burned through ~800mb since 10am when I checked the balance. Only been watching Youtube vids at 240p since.
I reject the notion that IGA was being a silly billy when the fact of the matter is, IGA was being a silly sausage.
Something might have been downloading in the background. Apps updating themselves etc. Windows update.
It probably only updates intermittently.
Have you tries setting some software up to limit usage?
Struggling to make another coffee as my over-caffeinated hands are shaking too much.
Is that a Praying Mantis?
Sounds like you don't need another coffee NEET.
pretty sure it's atheist bro
Very poorly bantered.
as long as it got the ol' noggin' joggin'
Did not think about that. Haven't updated Windows in years.
thumbnail of 1662949211385994.jpg
thumbnail of 1662949211385994.jpg
1662949211... jpg (284.93 KB, 1280x1920)
thumbnail of 1662944442025473.jpg
thumbnail of 1662944442025473.jpg
1662944442... jpg (156.72 KB, 1000x1000)
thumbnail of 1662943319096104.jpg
thumbnail of 1662943319096104.jpg
1662943319... jpg (931.38 KB, 1993x2500)
I LOVE Greasy Surrender Monkey Land
Eva Green should be my mother.
she should breast feed the neets
Yes, poor thing was murdered by KingCobraJFS with booze and vape smoke. So he glued it to the end of a 'magical staff' that was then sold.
might have that longneck of rum
That first chic was in the last Bond moofie?
thumbnail of 15e9032849033c44abbbb47dfc97315a-videomp4.mp4
thumbnail of 15e9032849033c44abbbb47dfc97315a-videomp4.mp4
15e9032849... mp4 (2.51 MB, 576x1024)
> magical staff
first and third are same girl
been in a couple of bond movies
First and third are the same chick, Léa Seydoux. She was in Spectre and the newest one. Eva Green was also in Casino Royal though, the girl in the 2nd photo.
Who could be behind this post?
The real Dan would never berate a regular
Kek, you must be one of his most valued customers by now.
I am shocked by how negro keeps making posts pretending to be someone else and thinking that we won't know who it is.
garn to coles to pick up some chockies. You neets want anything?
One Cherry Ripe please.
30kg of bbq chook please
Bring me a corned beef from the meat section please. Approximately 2kg and with a very thick layer of fat on the top.
Have a feed.
Pushed some code into UAT 
Celebrating with another long neck
I don't have the self discipline to read the book I got on self discipline :(
lol I am like that with all sorts of self help books.
I download em and that's it.
> Celebrating with another long neck
Weekday Wagon Reset?
He should write off September now. Start fresh on October 1st.
You know that 4 day weekend is going to have him right back in disgraceful fucktard mong territory if he doesn't head to Wagga beforehand.
The whole year really, Wagon 2023 should be the new goal.
I have 35 coins totaling $10.65 all with the Queen's head on them. They're all going to be worth at least $300 each in a few weeks.
Just a hunch.
Garn a cask
There are heaps in circulation though.
I was sleep deprived today so had a little pick me up. Wagon pit stop at worst
You are taking a shitpost too seriously m8.
I want to know why.
thumbnail of 1662520188422227.png
thumbnail of 1662520188422227.png
1662520188... png (588.76 KB, 735x735)
> a little pick me up
I want Rachel Weisz to be my mummy jewess so I can be a neet like Lovecraft did with his.
If you were more like DH Lawrence, you could put a flower stem in her vagina hole.
Getting fat.
maybe youtube videos are better since all you have to do is slouch there and not put in any effort
My attention span is pretty bad for that sort of thing. I can hardly watch a film without checking here, browsing /tv/ etc.
You look terrible NEET.
> not put in any effort
Tis the neet way.
His cheeks have become puffy.
I'm not quite nuro tier fat but I have a bit of a paunch visible when I wear only a t-shirt.
thumbnail of olive.jpeg
thumbnail of olive.jpeg
olive jpeg (5.79 KB, 168x300)
thumbnail of Sonia_Greene.jpg
thumbnail of Sonia_Greene.jpg
Sonia_Gree... jpg (541.55 KB, 951x1219)
The lewdness of olive, or the wholesome sonia greene. You can only pick one, neet.
Cask acquired
thumbnail of cough cough #maidoutfit #puppygirl #puppygirlcosplay.mp4
thumbnail of cough cough #maidoutfit #puppygirl #puppygirlcosplay.mp4
cough... mp4 (1.17 MB, 576x1024)
you never know when it will strike!
It is even worse than you think.
Dan confessed to me that he hates neets once.
This is a dirty rotten lie!
Possum used Weber's head to make a pencil disappear in a business meeting once.


This one. What fucking creature says it the other way?
Uni quiz done. 11/11. Garn have some feed.
thumbnail of cr3.jpg
thumbnail of cr3.jpg
cr3 jpg (451.25 KB, 1030x677)
It's true, Dan is a bad man.
Well done.
Those filthy frogs that's who!
I did it
Well done NEET.
I thought so.
Who's a good uni student? Huh? HUH?

no description of the men, so niggers
Having a wage beer in bed
45 pack of LCMs have been opened.
Had two Weber Boigurs on Sat, three on Sunday and about to have my second one for today.
Tut tut tut.
You're addicted.
You are an adult now NEET. Kids lunchbox foods are no longer appropriate.
The John Wayne?
just ate what was supposed to by 4 days chocolates in 20 minutes
Brand/variety/quantity please NEET.
Serving size: 22g (1 BAR)
You are out of control.
It's goon time.
thumbnail of /tmp/php5thpf4
thumbnail of /tmp/php5thpf4
/tmp/php5thpf4 (63.49 KB, 0x0)
Did you have any mongs with you for any of these stops?
thumbnail of bottle_tintara_core_shiraz_final_2x.jpg
thumbnail of bottle_tintara_core_shiraz_final_2x.jpg
bottle_tin... jpg (111.2 KB, 368x1280)
I think he is starting to eat the mongs.
He is selling them to WeberBoig. WeberBoig is people!
thumbnail of no.jpeg
thumbnail of no.jpeg
no jpeg (18.03 KB, 474x250)
I could go a poke
Stay home.
thumbnail of C34530A5-BFE7-44AE-8F38-7B7CE6CD1408.jpeg
thumbnail of C34530A5-BFE7-44AE-8F38-7B7CE6CD1408.jpeg
C34530A5-B... jpeg (5.11 MB, 4032x3024)
Fun Fact. Nuro goes to this place in the afternoon and listens to the Jurassic Park Theme…..
ThAT''S sooooo cooooOOOOL
Hardys Tintara, on the main street of McLaren Vale, has been at the heart and soul of the region from the very beginning, taking over a disused flour mill back in 1876.
Stanners BTFO. AGAIN!
Keep an eye out for marauding velociraptors, Nuro.
He listens to music out the back of an industrial estate
So cool, omg
Coolum Beach more like Coolum Bitch (You)
>> >>/590221/
might watch my dragons show before the inevitable spaz out
I would like Lolita(1997) added to that list.
> the inevitable spaz out
You keep predicting these but they do not occur as often as you think they will.
Poorly impersonated. Poorly bantered.
The cashed up NEET lifestyle only destroys.
I haven't bought a lottery ticket in ages.
Think of all the money you spared therefore win.
I lost my chance to become rich.
Not counting the bottle of wine I just opened, today I consumed 15,040 kilojoules or 3595 calories:

pepper mayo slider	1208 x3
small chips		1169
large chips		2338
zinger			1710
10 nuggets		2272
mountain jew 600ml	1182
mondster		1045
rum & cola		1700
thumbnail of Another BASED upload.jpg
thumbnail of Another BASED upload.jpg
Another... jpg (67.48 KB, 640x359)

You are not going to be able to exit out of the corvette with the style and grace you had hoped for.
Old GregO is making curried snags for dinz
Could have put in more effort aligning the image on the monitor NEET.
I know :(
We have 18 days starting tomorrow to get at least a couple of kg off.
I like the way SGI obviously sponsored the computer gear, but gave him the shit tier monitors.
> starting tomorrow
That's the NEET way. It is do-able.
It's that, but it's also that 18 is a nice divisible number.
You can do it NEET, I believe in you!
MS Paint doesn't allow arbitrary rotation
I remember you saying you wanted to lose weight by September. Is there a special occasion you'd like to be trim for?
I'm going away with the club for the October long weekend (Friday 30 September - Monday October 3) and just wanted to have some weight off. I said that about 10 weeks ago and have done nothing.
The old version used to and then they made it progressively shitter with Windows 7 and 10.
thumbnail of 4B98C001-09D8-4B15-A545-6E6A5E866BFB.jpeg
thumbnail of 4B98C001-09D8-4B15-A545-6E6A5E866BFB.jpeg
4B98C001-0... jpeg (3.77 MB, 4032x3024)
Post herding treat bros
thumbnail of Screenshot 2022-09-02 at 14-44-02 _ausneets_ - NEET General #577 - Fleshlight Edition.png
thumbnail of Screenshot 2022-09-02 at 14-44-02 _ausneets_ - NEET General #577 - Fleshlight Edition.png
Screenshot... png (11.26 KB, 644x98)
More of a simmer man.
You earned it!
You're getting on the wagon tomorrow, FIFO.
You'd be wise to get a personal trainer for the next few weeks. See em once every few days at least to keep you motivated and accountable.
Yeah that’s the plan. Still had half a pack of smokes left so had to delay until tomorrow.
Just how big is the folder you have of me?
bacon, egg and cheese sandwich for dinner
Not that bad
My maintenance calories is supposedly around 3000. 

Sounds do-able you big sussy chungo 😏

I'm on the heineys. Early night for me, God willing 

I just picked up another vape. Fiend them harder than I ever did smokes. Go through a 4000 puff vape in 2 days
> had to delay until tomorrow
neet gang neet life
I look forward to the image.
FIFO on my wrist.
thumbnail of 1B4DCA9B-0CCD-4B83-AF0D-E88021A6B6DD.jpeg
thumbnail of 1B4DCA9B-0CCD-4B83-AF0D-E88021A6B6DD.jpeg
1B4DCA9B-0... jpeg (3.35 MB, 4032x3024)
Deep fried pickles
If you get a job as a herder can you just take the mongs to the pub as a social outing? Thats what I'd want to do as a herder or the herd. Wonder if you could claim it on tax too
I think that whole 'duty of care' thing is going to cramp your style.
They look good. Beautiful batter.
thumbnail of BEACS.jpg
thumbnail of BEACS.jpg
BEACS jpg (30.48 KB, 393x262)
mongs should just be kept in cages
thumbnail of Screenshot 2022-07-31 at 18-35-42 _ausneets_ - NEET General #560 - KingCobraJFS Edition.png
thumbnail of Screenshot 2022-07-31 at 18-35-42 _ausneets_ - NEET General #560 - KingCobraJFS Edition.png
Screenshot... png (17.45 KB, 834x117)
Oh I just liked that post, it made me laugh. I typically save things that make me laugh.
> tomorrow
Hudson Hawk (NES)
> Deep fried pickles
Have you converted?
I meant no. Not sure why oh came out. Woe.
Texting the boomer from my old wage 
He says things have improved drastically. I bet his salary hasnt
I second that NEET who said he wanted to see Jackie Brown at moofie night.
bruce willis got dementia
Poorly bantered.
Was that the guy who printed everything?
> Jackie Brown 
You stop feeling like a loser for being at the pub alone halfway through the second pint
It was missing from the list. Projectionist NEET is very lax sometimes.
Been thinking about the cas again.
Do you talk to strangers there?
Only to the old mates who sit at the bar while I order my beer.
go and have some fun
If cruisey had got me on the books I could use the company credit card for that kind of stuff.
might be racist soon
Is webby actually a poltard or is it ironic?
fuck you nigger
Yeah. He's a good soul really. His complaints were always valid even if he was a bit slow with the tech 

It helps if you live local too. If I can walk there then by all means I can eat and drink alone there watching the footay 

8 days till payday and I've got a grand up my sleeve and some to live on. Still fiend it watching gambling youtube videos but happy with my decision to ban myself
work starts at 8 tomorrow
Remember when Wombo set it up and said he wanted to see Sneakers and Hackers and the other guy was all fuck no, you're going to watch Batman I through MCMXXXXVIIII
I made neither of these posts.
not sure why that dumb nigger thought i was you, i wish i was though
Webby likes Indian women. He's approaching his White Sharia phase where he'll start chasing a moozie chick
> 've got a grand up my sleeve
Maybe you can start to save some now.
Weber's Motherbat played the recorder on Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven
Webby needs the mid 30s equivalent of bat
Go there and get yourself voluntarily excluded.
What do they say?
“How you travelling big fella”
“Big day cob?”
Bragging about my salary to the boomer
I don't remember that but I believe it.
I'm just winding up moofieNEET
Sad old buggers. Lonely.
Webby has good taste. Hackers would be a good watch for the neets.
I have about 24 hours of leave time from work now.
Been kind of impressed he’s kept the job tbh.
Leaved up neet.
Just like us 

Me too. Was convinced I was gonna lose it. Went into the office last week and sorted it all out. Told bossman about how I was demoralised, he agreed and said my work had picked up since going in.
Making the last one a schooner so I can still drive.
First time changing the strings of this cheap acoustic bought a few years back. They're so shiny.
Very responsible.
nothing wrong with drink driving
*Based NEET.
Smell my feet
I might summon a daemon.
thumbnail of 5dea9da654ad7f462acaa4da881bc37d.mp4
thumbnail of 5dea9da654ad7f462acaa4da881bc37d.mp4
5dea9da654... mp4 (2.79 MB, 576x1024)

> tiktok
I can think of more subtle and entertaining ways to fuck with a thot's car.
thumbnail of c3ce946b2c8e800af053d1da664952ab.mp4
thumbnail of c3ce946b2c8e800af053d1da664952ab.mp4
c3ce946b2c... mp4 (1.86 MB, 576x1024)
imagine not eating pork
Could have hid it better too.
Can't imagine a life without bacon or ham sammies.
Thinking about that expat life in South East Asia again. A dozen birds messaging me, big nights on the piss with the other Aussie mongers, hangovers on the back of a scooter taxi, the humidity, the stares from people on the street, a couple grand cash filling up a backpack, meeting backpackers, meeting pilots and corporate types, cheesey Irish pubs watching the footy, a new flat every couple months, a new adventure every day. Me and FIFO would live it up over there
thumbnail of abdfbcea29669f2053df78df093310dd.jpg
thumbnail of abdfbcea29669f2053df78df093310dd.jpg
abdfbcea29... jpg (71.81 KB, 1024x768)

British dual citizenship should be a birthright for every WHITE Aussie.
You'd just be another scooter statistic.
I wasn't involved in one crash tyvm
Phooc Meih would love it there too.
I’d have to learn enough IT shit to make 2k a month minimum. Might be able to stay in webbers spare room and get a crash course in infosec prior.
Monks son in Jakarta would be almost 5 now.
thumbnail of unknown_10000000_644721253441460_602992263862889622_n.mp4
thumbnail of unknown_10000000_644721253441460_602992263862889622_n.mp4
unknown_10... mp4 (8.67 MB, 1080x1920)
and covered in bumrash
I wouldn't want to be FIFO when the second heart attack strikes and he only has third world hospitals.
My boy monk will safe me with a fresh slapper.
4 and a half at absolute most 

You'd have to work it off. I could hook you up with a teaching job
Fucking nothings changed this year. Still on the standards.
You and me both 
If you promise to go to AA I will too
Nothing changes and yet we keep striving for change. It is the NEET way. Tomorrow is a brand new day.
i might buy worming chocolate tomorrow
I hate living like this but let of me still wants to keep gooning. Not sure how it would work out, I’ve always been open to it.
Part of me*
every time i fart i poo a little, after a few hours of farting i need a shower to wash my arse
Do you wash yourself often then?
i have to, i dont like pooing a little when i fart, they're juicy farts
windows xp
Big worms?
lets get wankered, seriously cunted
Big Webster
thumbnail of Screen Shot 2022-09-09 at 11.01.40 pm.png
thumbnail of Screen Shot 2022-09-09 at 11.01.40 pm.png
Screen... png (425.22 KB, 356x706)
We are the same. Evening comes around and a long neck goon bottle combo doesn't seem like a habitual issue. Just adds some enjoyment to a gen session and a movie before sleeping easy. I'm still employed and my family haven't disowned me yet so that seems good enough. Lackluster and mediocre. Only in the morning do I wonder what my potential off the piss could amount to. My entire personality changes depending on the hour of the day. 
Lately I've been having these flashbacks of earlier times, entire months that I seem to have forgotten in recent years. Just drifting through life. The smell of the spring morning brings me back to last year. It's awful to consider, when I'm chugging water over the kitchen sink and dreaming of change every morning, only to become hesitant at lunch and complacent in the evening. Left to my own devices. Need a missus to reel it in. Too fat and off the rails for that now. Pic related its my current gut. 10 months pregnant. Woe, deep and brooding woe.
Venetian judgment
thumbnail of LMAO.jpeg
thumbnail of LMAO.jpeg
LMAO jpeg (34.39 KB, 433x650)
How manu months are you in?
low quality post like usual
thumbnail of d1grmwfnxvi91.jpg
thumbnail of d1grmwfnxvi91.jpg
d1grmwfnxv... jpg (930.07 KB, 1080x1409)
> 10 months pregnant.
Should we buy blue, pink or yellow for the baby?
Good image.
Poorly bantered.
I fought to free you. Post your toilet 
> #teamnumo
I feel you. Last two years had been a blur, gooning every night is basically time travel. We need the wagon.
at least you lot have alcohol as an excuse for your lives being a blur, i've got no reason like that
That’s only been my excuse since late 2019. I put my life in the toilet before the goon became a problem.
thumbnail of SnapTik_7137800545930202370.mp4
thumbnail of SnapTik_7137800545930202370.mp4
SnapTik_71... mp4 (5.75 MB, 576x1024)
If only we knew.
laziness and apathy for me, i've never had the urge to drink
It would respond better to a 10 pack of Wicked Wings and half a dozen garlic breads.
Banger choon that
8:32 going to bed goosnfihr
They are all trauma responses. We have been fucked. Don't blame yourself. Individual responsibility is a scam.
Wonder why cruiseys not here tonight
This is why Possom no longer posts here.
Today's was a double bacon cheeseburger in a large meal and a John Wayne, followed by 6 lcms and an airfryer worth of Costco karage chicken and a yukult.
Can't tear himself away from WeberBoig
Hope he’s not feeding pineapples into the pokes
I think he just appeared
Finished watching the new Thor. 
Disappointed in Christian Bale and Russell Crowe for submitting to this shit.
Did you see me there?