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6cb96c9683... jpg (196.14 KB, 1080x836)
How are you going to improve your life today?

OLD:  >>/589905/
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BEE2E7F6-8... jpeg (3.28 MB, 4032x3024)
> 2hrs ago
Nuro! This is your edition!
Can we get a picture of nuro's bedroom with a pepe in it?
or a poopoo
He's the chicken wing.
Big Chad bossman.

I'm living clean today.
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thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-09-13-15-27-32-68.png
Screenshot... png (3.91 MB, 1080x2160)
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thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-09-13-15-27-17-92.png
Screenshot... png (3.81 MB, 1080x2160)

That's a drumstick Bro.
Big garden job.
Cruisey do you have a colour printer?
Awesomely based but keep your nice bike out of the sand.
Thank you. It seems he includes NZ footage in his compilations. That puts me off.
I need to relearn the art of chook appendage identification.
Real men work.
Nuro have you posted the item back to Weber yet?
Made it to the toilet block with seconds to go before my arse exploded. Didn't even bother going into the men's and used the disabled cubicle instead. Much more room to relax and do your business. I can see why nuro likes to sleep in one ;)
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-09-13-15-33-58-78.png
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-09-13-15-33-58-78.png
Screenshot... png (1.2 MB, 2160x1080)
I do. I only print in black and white though.
Catastrophic gape?
But you can print in colour if you want to?
I only watch him and Dash Cam Owner's Australia which is more popular but Scotty's vids always contain more offensive language which is always good for a laugh. I don't like the NZ footage either but it doesn't appear often and most vids don't contain any NZ footage.
Liquid shits. My insides are not in good shape atm.
What are you getting at?
I might give them a go.
Either post the creeps you (inevitably) took of that thot playing volleyball or fuck right off!
I was going to ask you to print out a meme but I did not realise it would cause such consternation and throw your humours out of whack to this degree.
Go get a felafel roll.
Nasty plant that
I'll whack your humours out of consternation. 
Post the meme.
> Post the meme.
No I feel too exposed now. I have been rubbed raw.
lool (you) well bantered
I cringe whenever I get near the spikes. They're dangerous cunts.
The John Wayne?
the boongs in your neighbourhood have noted your removal of this spiky foliage. The last obstacle has been cleared, expect them.
You must eat a bucket  of original everyday for the next week to help you relearn.
Is that the infamous green bin?
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thumbnail of 1659359151389079.png
1659359151... png (48.34 KB, 392x293)
Who did you get to do it?
Double bacon cheeseburger is the deal of the month.
No mustard on mine thankyou.
thumbnail of Cetaphil.jpeg
thumbnail of Cetaphil.jpeg
Cetaphil jpeg (34.45 KB, 850x995)
Is that what the Gold Coast gook used on Cruisey?
The drivers on these dashcam compilations always beep at the car which has wronged them.
I don't bother. It always feels like an impotent gesture to me. A bit cringe.
I only use the horn to warn someone if they need to stop what they are doing or they will get fucked up.
A lot of the beeping you see on the roads is done after the fact as an expression of impotent rage.
I don't indulge in that.
I've had falafel only once in a pre-made supermarket salad and it wasn't good. I like chickpeas though.
Give them the finger. If they act aggressive wave your pistol at them.
This was a joke btw, glowniggers.
thumbnail of Top of the fridge Haul.jpg
thumbnail of Top of the fridge Haul.jpg
Top of the... jpg (600.65 KB, 1170x2080)

Too fat and too many pimples.
Good price on that chicken.
I didn't realise Lizbef to Naracoorte is basically a 500km trip.
> bacon but without the fat
No no no IGA my nigga that is not on m80.
Nice haul.
You don't know what he's cooking, dipstick.
Stick your dipstick up your urethra Franklin you mongrel.
had a 40 minute nap, i feel fucked. back on the osrs woodcutting
draynor world 562
You know what they say, the bigger the cushion the sweeter the pushin!

Did you not see teh discounted price? Short cut is great for a quick bacon fix without the grease spatter. KYS
Have a black instant.
Bacon without grease isn't even bacon. Just salty cardboard. KYJELLY
very low quality posting from you
Possum pinched my bottom and then pointed at an innocent NEET when I turned around once.
> he can't buy bacon unless it's on sale
The heroes gate at kiev
You should always look for bargains at the supermarket.
There are no innocent NEETs.
There were until Possum arrived.
20 minutes at 180c in the air fryer.
Discounted food is a trade off. Lower price but also past its best. No longer fresh.
I have pulled some slimy nasty meat out of reduced packs before. Not rotten, not quite, but no longer fresh.
I don't buy reduced items close to the use by date any more.
When he came.
thumbnail of bane.jpg
thumbnail of bane.jpg
bane jpg (49.39 KB, 1920x1280)
Most people would fear ending up in a hovel, but not IGAY, He was born in the hovel, he was mould-ed by it.
thumbnail of rent.jpg
thumbnail of rent.jpg
rent jpg (377.7 KB, 2016x1512)

well bantered
Tiffiny on a goading mission tonight
well samefagged*
that's a nuro tier cope
It's Cruisey that chubby arsehole.
It's NoFun!
thumbnail of Capture.PNG
thumbnail of Capture.PNG
Capture PNG (65.69 KB, 1035x553)
What do you even need a degree for? This is minimum wage for a 21yr old. Way more than enough to live comfortably with 35 hours a week.
Watching youtube in 144p is like playing NES.
Good goy.
If you can get 35 regularly as a casual.
When did the minimum wage hit 45k per year?
casual also means no paid sick leave, no annual leave, etc
filthy casuals
There is sick leave now.
how many days on full pay?
Well bantered.
The Victorian Sick Pay Guarantee is an Australian-first initiative giving Victorian casual and contract workers in certain jobs up to 38 hours a year of sick and carer’s pay. Payments are made at the national minimum wage.

The Sick Pay Guarantee is a pilot program. It will run for two years from 14 March 2022.
> Victorian 
I just vomited.
Victorians are the scum of the earth.
Getting a degree is the ultimate "good goy". You put yourself in debt and get stuck with a job you can never switch out of, unless you want to start over from 0. More pressure to work more hours and overtime because you're a "skilled worker", and you need to do more stressful work which lowers your lifespan and mental capacity.

You still won't be able to afford life extension anyway. You can still buy land and a car on minimum wage
Good work NEET.
I've had it a fair few times and it's only been good twice. 
Gave me the best poos of my life.
Having a VB long neck and some lollies as a pick me up. Was taxed all day. Scroll wheel on my houe has carked it. Oh well.
Ate at Betty's Burgers
> Betty's Burgers is a popular Australian burger shack that was established in Noosa in 2014. 

I had

Okay nothing overly great.
Looking forward to the cooking videos buddy.
I begged that giant ISIS executioner to take my life by doing a big falafel shits in my mouth but he got stage fright.
Did it have a shitty 50's theme?
Anywhere south of Victor is basically Victoria.
Kind of. More as pop art style like a fusion
big cuppa coffee
Wonder if FIFOs on the Adelaide redemption arc fantasies
I just had an hour one. 
I'm on an Azerbaijani village viewing binge.
How long do you think you can work in some manual field. The successful tradies have an existenital need to get an offside to do the heavy and dirty work. Thats where uneducated cunts come in. 

Plus its massively annoying being a professional and having to explain some elementary principle to a 20 year operator who doesent need to know about basics because muh experience.
I wonder if Cruisey got his number.
Can't go past a special mate.
IGA is my special mate.
10:30 am sharp, Dep Tailem Bend
11:15 am Meningie. Can be a 10 min toilet stop only! (LHS At park where the Pelican carving is.)
12:45 pm Kingston. Lunch & fuel at OTR. Subway, Hot Dogs, Café food.
1:30 pm Dep Kingston. Head to Penola via Princes Hwy (instead of Turning left to Naracoorte,
3:00 pm Penola. Turn left to Coonawarra. Stop at Wynns 3:15 pm For tasting.  Tasting + nibbles $7 / head. (2 whites & 4 reds). Tasting in Cellar or on the lawns if it’s a nice day
5:00 pm arrive Naracoorte. Check in at xxx. Approx 430 kms
7:00 pm Dinner at Bushmans Arms Hotel (10 mins walk). 20 Robertson St Naracoorte.
Why are you talking about trades? I work customer service in a pharmacy
Possum has been acting narky ever since the FIFO love triangle started.
> I work customer service in a pharmacy
so retail so
> stuck with a job you can never switch out of,
emphasis on special
Oh your retail. notice how there are no old cunts in retail.
A sad outlook for a sad person who never had any hope to begin with
That's gay.
Sounds nice.
> notice how there are no old cunts in retail
I see plenty at work.
>>stuck with a job you can never switch out of,
No? I can switch out whenever I want and do whatever I want
notice how there are no happy old cunts at work
moving goalposts
> Victorian Bitter
correct, the guy with the uni degree says how to move them and the operators do it.
thumbnail of vbbarn.jpeg
thumbnail of vbbarn.jpeg
vbbarn jpeg (52.93 KB, 957x678)
Speed shidding at meningie
Very Barnaby
thumbnail of 1242135.png
thumbnail of 1242135.png
1242135 png (795.94 KB, 645x602)
> women
thumbnail of 99095874_481078252648814_4348959042115207168_n.jpg
thumbnail of 99095874_481078252648814_4348959042115207168_n.jpg
99095874_4... jpg (31.84 KB, 480x480)
> 1242135.png 
Typing them out by hand again.
Career discussions from cunts on the dole. Classic.
I did?
Most cunts here are wagies.
Most cunts here are cunts.
Most people here are fat.
Most cunts here are the same cunt
We're all one.
That was unnecessary
selling 700 willow logs if anyone wants them
Correct. Most cunts here are one cunt
selling 700 weber logs if anyone wants them
None of you fuckers have managed to refute me. Minimum wage is more than anything you could ever need.

Or, let me guess, you NEED more.
boigah kang
thumbnail of b0e.jpg
thumbnail of b0e.jpg
b0e jpg (27.74 KB, 656x679)
you mum suck me nice and hard through my jorts. checkmate
Thinking about the size of Monk's arse. Thicc.
thumbnail of skeleton-dance.gif
thumbnail of skeleton-dance.gif
skeleton-d... gif (618.94 KB, 498x374)

tell us in a few months when interest rates are at 10% and inflation is at 20%
covered in rash
Three please.
How much are you selling them for?
It was good to see it was growing too.
It is for basic things, you wouldn't be able to get anything new on it like a house or a car.
Do you plan to live in a share house?
28 gp each
I got yet another email stating another .5% increase.
Once taxes and the Medicare Levy have been applied, a single person earning the Australian minimum wage can expect to take home around $3,000 per month or just under $35,800 per year
I'll buy all 1400 if you accepted AfterPay.
Do you know how much Weber logs weigh?
7/4 on to win Nurgle 2022
i pet the stray dog!
3 courics.
I'll use them for the foundation of the Commune.
I bet nobody in Hungary believes Big Fella when he talks about his special needs Australian friends
thumbnail of big Trev Fella.jpg
thumbnail of big Trev Fella.jpg
big Trev... jpg (59.11 KB, 1024x576)
> his special needs Australian friends
Contrarian delusions of anti-materialism is so 2008. I want all the money I can get
Houses are for people too stupid to buy land
Rent is $220/week for a one bedroom place
Don't forget to have one of the Masonic NEETs lay a cornerstone
> Houses are for people too stupid to buy land
> no counterargument
how does one buy a house without buying the land it sits on you fucking mong
Do you live in a one bedroom place? It sucks.
> Nuro have you posted the item back to Weber yet?

Yes. I forgot to mention this today. I sent it back via startrack so look for a blue package Webster. Also if for whatever reason it fails to work it is covered by Nuro+ Warranty.
> not having a house in the air
big brain neets can do it
> Rent is $220/week for a one bedroom place
With  >>/591081/ that is 35800 - (200*52) = 25400 / 52 = $488 per week You have less than the dole. How do you budget for the rest?
> Nuro+ Warranty.
> You have less than the dole. 
This is wrong. I am thinking fortnight.
The correct calculation is also
> {[35800 - (220*52) ]/52} = $468 per week.
You are a good fellow Nuro. Your stock has risen very high with this good behaviour.

> Nuro+ Warranty
The idea is you JUST buy land
He probably shit in a box and sent it.
thumbnail of J U  S T.jpg
thumbnail of J U  S T.jpg
J U S T jpg (97.22 KB, 938x1550)
> The idea is you JUST buy land
Lucky bugger.
But it doesn't
And live in a tent?
what can i say webster made me an offer i could not refuse......

bitch be gone
liver and bacon
Thank you, Numo.
Did you get a brandy yet?
IGAY would have taken the money and waddled
Poorly bantered.
The idea is you rent and accumulate land at the same time
Imagine wanting to be poor
death by autoerotic asphyxiation
Even $468 is more than enough to live off. Why do you make it sound impossible? Food is $50/week.

Humans only need food and shelter to stay alive.
imagine wanting to be
What for? 
Build the house and rent it out.
what's so bad about wanting to make more?
imagine wanting
Become slave
Yes, you do that once you can
That didn't answer my question.
I already answered you before.  >>/591009/
Higher paying jumps induce more stress on your mind and body, lowering your ability to do other things.
Seems like you're attacking it backwards. 
There's no point of buying land if you're not going to use it, and ideally make money off it.
Really seems like you're just talking a bunch of shit without knowing anything.
More money doesn't mean more stress.
Unless you like your job.
Is this Tiffin? 
Pretty confusing trying to understand where he's coming from.
thumbnail of 930267ed4226b961be39cdcfb156fa06.gif
thumbnail of 930267ed4226b961be39cdcfb156fa06.gif
930267ed42... gif (1009.3 KB, 310x176)
that neet's brain when he realises some people actually like their jobs
thumbnail of 1661768230337232.jpg
thumbnail of 1661768230337232.jpg
1661768230... jpg (75.75 KB, 828x856)
> Is this Tiffin? 
A deeper question than you intended. Food for thought.
Imagine what the lowlyneets of yesteryear would think of us.
one big ugly second breakfasted
He could use the land for produce. 
That's food for thought.
> Higher paying jumps induce more stress on your mind and body
It's the opposite. 
Financial stress is worse than wage stress
thumbnail of 6dc1816b6d28dfe15431cc3a551d6b89-imagepng.png
thumbnail of 6dc1816b6d28dfe15431cc3a551d6b89-imagepng.png
6dc1816b6d... png (171.84 KB, 665x485)
> Food is $50/week
A slow, painful death. I spend more than that on just junk food.
thumbnail of hungarian-trucker-at-calais-20151125-motorway-a216-n216.mp4
thumbnail of hungarian-trucker-at-calais-20151125-motorway-a216-n216.mp4
hungarian-... mp4 (86.6 MB, 640x360)
No subtitles. I saw one back then with, but youtube deleted that 100 times over. This is from dailymotion.
Is he angry at the gypsies?
What fucking financial stress? You already have everything you need
Doesn't exist
More work = more stress
> no argument
The point of owning land is to have somewhere you can build a place to call home. What are you talking about?
Migrants at Calais. When it started in 2015.
> What fucking financial stress? You already have everything you need
This. You cannot suffer in the wect.
Why aren't the truck drivers running them down or shooting at them?
More work doesn't mean more money or stress. 
I want land to live on, but if I bought land now I'd build and rent the house/s out, then with that capital buy more. 
If you just buy land and sit on it, it'll cost you in rates and it's a waste if it just sits there.
> shooting at them
> What fucking financial stress? You already have everything you need
What about things you want? A comfortable house, a fun fast car, a gaming PC, your drug(s) of choice, nice food? No? Attracting a girlfriend

> More work = more stress
Have you ever had a job above minimum wage?
like none of the eastern bloc truckies have guns
I can't live on beans.
He only has a knife.
At one point he says:
> am gonna stab you with my tactical knife
thumbnail of boom.png
thumbnail of boom.png
boom png (1.28 MB, 1920x1080)
The boom enters the shot during S01E16 of Gilmore Girls.
Buying gf?
Feeling hunger.
Getting regular fulltime work is fairly difficult for wagie shit.
> A comfortable house, a fun fast car, a gaming PC, your drug(s) of choice, nice food? No?
> Have you ever had a job above minimum wage?
Nope. Studying is stressful because there's nothing I want to study
not enough gp yet
Me too.
> Bloat
So what do you wanna do with your life then, sit around being lonely and complaining about everything? Sad.
> Bloat
So we should just stick with the most basics of needs and have or want nothing more?
> Studying is stressful because there's nothing I want to study
Ah, projecting onto others.
Pretty much, he basically outed himself with that post. He's a good goy after all.
You will eat the bug and live in the pod and you will like it!
And posting on /ausneets/, yes.
/ausneets/ is bloat
I remember there was a place you could mine some stuff that was used by mages to make runes. I remember grinding that heaps to make money.
I've moved from committing genocide on the giant frogs to level up my combat and prayer to levelling up woodcutting recently. Selling the logs will rake me in some shekels to get myself a gf soon.
Studying is a waste. 
Anyone who runs a business will take someone with 4 years experience over a 4 year degree. 
There are plenty of exceptions but it's more likely that you'll be able to work your way up to the position in that time rather than just landing it because you have a qualification.
What percentage of your internet download speed should be achievable for the download of a torrent? I can only get about 10% in my torrent client of what a speedtest through by browser says. I am pretty sure the upload speed on the other end is not the issue as it is consistently pretty low even on faster torrents.
Big ol bloaters
thumbnail of 1633598239751.jpg
thumbnail of 1633598239751.jpg
1633598239... jpg (86 KB, 433x427)
In your version, is there a paddock of cows to the north east of Lumbridge? I remember that was a good place to grind as a beginner for the easy combat and low level trees. You could get a nice combat->woodcutting->firelighting->cooking cycle going.
> 1633598239751.jpg
Whoa, are those numbers in your filename?
Yeah, I'm playing OSRS.
I don't understand the purpose of your post.
Depends on the number of seeders.
> What do you mean you want to do your own things in your time on this earth?
Yeah, obviously. But even torrents which my tracker says are wicked fast (~20mb/s) I can not get more than a few hundred kb/s through my client despite my browsing hit way over that in its speedtests.
Check open ports.
Sperg outs come out in all shapes and flavours is my reflection of his post.
benis :DDDDD
He has a point. You can do very little work and be happy. If you are in a position that you can maintain your standard of living for 10 hours a week, why not just do that? People always want more than they have and just spend their whole lives working and chasing more.
how was that post a spergout?
Fuck, reading about it makes me want to do a playthrough but that is one hell of a time commitment. I lack the discipline to only play it a reasonable amount of time, I'll just end up playing it every waking hour of the day for several months straight because I am what Plato would call a natural slave.
Perhaps he was questioning the appearance of number in image file name as new phenomenon. Who knows if he cannot answer the original question.
A mercenary is any person who:
(a) is especially recruited locally or abroad in order to fight in an armed conflict;
(b) does, in fact, take a direct part in the hostilities;
(c) is motivated to take part in the hostilities essentially by the desire for private gain and, in fact, is promised, by or on behalf of a Party to the conflict, material compensation substantially in excess of that promised or paid to combatants of similar ranks and functions in the armed forces of that Party;
(d) is neither a national of a Party to the conflict nor a resident of territory controlled by a Party to the conflict;
(e) is not a member of the armed forces of a Party to the conflict; and
(f) has not been sent by a State which is not a Party to the conflict on official duty as a member of its armed forces.
All the criteria (a–f) must be met, according to the Geneva Convention, for a combatant to be described as a mercenary.
CaravanNEET banned a neet for material compensation once.
> playthrough 
OSRS doesn't really strike me as the sort of game where I can do a playthrough. It's just a good game to play while I listen to stuff where most of my attention is actually spent.
Which torrent client do you use?
Contemplating a walk to the bottle-o and Coles.
My local bottle-o has started employing negros. I think they are sudos. They are very friendly although my interactions with blacks have been fairly mixed overall. I don't mind being around them for limited interactions like that unlike some neets but I certainly would not want to be forced to be around them.
What's the tl;dr?
Wagon time?
I'm not overly concerend about it. I just thought it was odd. I think I will leave it for now and only try to fix it if it persists for more than a few days. Lord knows I need to work through the backlog of shit I've downloaded but haven't been in the mood to watch.
This will be the last big piss-up and then I'm on the wagon.
It won't be the last.
Interesting article about imageboard design.
> It won't be the last.
Until tomorrow
Check my open port baby
thumbnail of morf.png
thumbnail of morf.png
morf png (1.64 MB, 1920x800)

Not bad from what I read. I liked this part
> The small portion of newcomers who reject assimilation, undesirably affecting the nature and quality of discussion, are known as "cancer," under the premise that cancer, if left untreated, will spread.
benis in bagina!
Wew, Emily just said to Lorelai:
> Tonight, your daughter is celebrating her 3-month anniversary.
> What was the last relationship you had that lasted that long?

> I thought so!
thumbnail of Typing them out by hand again.png
thumbnail of Typing them out by hand again.png
Typing... png (795.94 KB, 645x602)
Bringing the sass. slay queen.
Yeah, I remain agnostic about the realtime thing (I will need more time to think about it) but I think the author seems to have a pretty good understanding of imageboards.
Have you ever met a Finn?
But the original question remained unanswered.
Your parents are related.
But the original question remained unanswered.
That's okay.
It is.
Far better to be a neet born of incest than a neet afraid of answering a question.
Garn consume some feed. 
Dunno what though. 
Weber Boigur is coming to mind.
I bet we've got a neet from the colt clan here.
Food for thought.
I responded to autismNEET's question.
> Weber Boigur
Are the staff familiar with you now?
Boig could be what the body needs.
> autismNEET's
That name is far from unique.
Never claimed it was.
Will one be enough?
Very much so.
But did you answer his question? Food for thought.
It never is.
I am beginning to lay the concrete bricks.
Lay the foundation!
You just reminded me that it's 2 for $10 Tuesday.
Dean just bought a car for Rory that he is going to fix up. She is mirin' his mechanical aptitude. I bet shitey got mad pussy for that reason.
I get paid soon.
As he walks in now one of the staff members slaps him on the arse and says G'day big boy, and gives him a cheeky wink.
I just got paid.
I'll need a meal as well so I can have a drink with it.
> I bet shitey got mad pussy for that reason.
Shitey got mad pussy because he was pretty and they also got mad because he was autistic.
Shire was the mechanic.
I watched him get paid.
I got paid overnight
Congrats, what's the first order?
thumbnail of 1624951141899.jpg
thumbnail of 1624951141899.jpg
1624951141... jpg (45.35 KB, 636x588)
Dean just told Rory that he loves her. Oh fuck she didn't respond. Now they're fighting.
thumbnail of 71C4298A6B29.jpg
thumbnail of 71C4298A6B29.jpg
71C4298A6B... jpg (35.19 KB, 740x380)
Now watch me get naked.
Sore cheeks?
Transferred most of it into my other account for future plans.
> walks in 
I wish you could pay for fuel in the drive thru
All the burger talk is making me hungry.
> tfw negative neet lore
Not only am I faceblind, I also can't keep track of names. I think this is an issue beyond mere intelligence. I find novels are often hard to follow because I can't keep track of the names.
I don't know if 'name blindness' is a real thing or not though. Face blindness is real and I'm IGA tier in that regard.
Has nikocado said anything about the intervention in Ukraine?
> I can't keep track of the names.
You'd never have that trouble with a Detergent Jones novel.
It's 2 for $10 Tuesday.
aren't you locked into their shit choice though?
Get me the surf and turf burger please.
Garn get dressed after this episode and go to the bottle-o.
Go on.
And a seat sniffer.
I couldn't get on the Seaford/Flinders train around 3:30pm because of some "incident" on the train line there. The way the security guard said it made it sound like it was a suicide or something.
Pack of burger rings thanks.
thumbnail of 24f3843dc3d1cc6812ea3a2785ca32cb.mp4
thumbnail of 24f3843dc3d1cc6812ea3a2785ca32cb.mp4
24f3843dc3... mp4 (1.08 MB, 576x1024)
It might take that cheeky fella a while to get it out with his breathing issues.
Woman got hit rescuing her dog which ran onto the tracks. Dog also died.
Anything except for the big bbp and one of the others. 
Big bbp is three patties and three bacon slices.
It's a Southern Belle or nuffink
Poor dog.
There are guys getting lit up by massive artillery barrages where they don't even get a chance to see the enemy. Meanwhile he shoves food into his mouth for attention from people on the internet.
A sad incident.
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-09-13-19-47-28-07.png
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-09-13-19-47-28-07.png
Screenshot... png (2.54 MB, 1080x2160)
Too lazy for Boigurs.
Ahh, Clarence park, that fits with the Adelaide->Woodlands park section being shut down.
I feel weird about riding the train over the very space that people died.
It says 'party size'. That means you have to share it.
Watching Israel MyChannel.
Love a thick Jew accent.
You'll get the special.
You can get that one.
thumbnail of 36c55cd851962c4dd804cffefc61e764.mp4
thumbnail of 36c55cd851962c4dd804cffefc61e764.mp4
36c55cd851... mp4 (863.53 KB, 576x1024)
He's a humanitarian cause.
Are you going to dip those?
Selfish cunts killing themselves and ruining schedules.
The picture they used made me smile
Motherbat has made those for me before
Cost to satisfaction ratio doesn't add up.
But they're mini sized.
thumbnail of boongardy.jpg
thumbnail of boongardy.jpg
boongardy jpg (174.5 KB, 400x562)
Just watched this docco. Its no surprise that Jack was a degenerate junkie low IQ subhuman garbage. The absolute hubris he displays when telling of his exploits in "hunter gathering" and "getting a good earn" I.E. stealing from clueless whites.
> spent high percentage of his time in gaol

> spent high percentage of his life in the gutter

> spent high percentage of his resources on smack

what he didnt get around to doing was being a abo in country. he was a city abo vermin through and through, dependent on the welfare state. That and cucked whites.

Watch it for a good laff at the pissed melbourne abos he calls his people.
Get the ruler out.
How tabs closed out of five?
All over the place.
That was exactly what I thought when I watched it.
I was going to snap the sticks off so I could fit more in the airfryer. 
I refrained because I'm a man of moderation.
Good idea. Cook the first batch well and move onto the second
Simply means you have to eat the entire box.
I look forward to the photo of the cooked dogs.
You don't understand the system.
Just put pineapples in.
Get rid of the small notes first.
You didn't give it an imbd rating. 
Certain NEETs won't know what this means.
Bastardy (2008)
7.3/10 on imdb.
I wanted his rating, not theirs.
> do your own things in your time on this earth
Which is? What special things are you doing on the dole that everyone should quit their jobs to pursue?
The number of unanswered questions continues to rise. Woe.
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-09-13-20-09-44-11.png
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-09-13-20-09-44-11.png
Screenshot... png (1.85 MB, 1080x2160)
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-09-13-20-11-26-24.png
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-09-13-20-11-26-24.png
Screenshot... png (1.88 MB, 1080x2160)
Have you ever had this? 
I got it as a meme but it sounds alright.
its a auto bio doccumentary. it doesnt warrant a rating. just watch it to see how fucked the melbourne abo paradigm is.
We need a quantifiable rating and not an evaluation due to autism, incest and other reasons.
THis docco is chips out of fishermans basket, maybe some of them have tartare sauce but you know that most of them are going to be left over.
Well quantified.
We need a rating in goon bags. 7 goon bags is good 3 half empty goon bags is bad.
Looks like zakuszka. It's a spread they make in Erdély, Romania, and Serbia.
Thank you, it's edible covered in sauce.
Starberries are $2 a punnet now in melboron
I didn't open it because it says you need to get rid of it in 7 days.
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-09-13-20-25-49-91.png
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-09-13-20-25-49-91.png
Screenshot... png (2.55 MB, 1080x2160)
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-09-13-20-25-33-94.png
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-09-13-20-25-33-94.png
Screenshot... png (2.51 MB, 1080x2160)
Should have gone to Weber Boigur Co.
where is the photo of the dagwood dogs?
It tastes okay. You can season it if you want.
> 0% sugar
Get into it!
Good first batch. 

What are those other things?
I saw it say paprika and thought of you. 
Do you have it on meat?
I'll keep an eye out
Fake karage chicken. 
They've got nice chunks of chicken in them.
Its for bread/toast. If you think it would taste good with meat, then why not.
They'll tide you over until the second batch.
Wonder if webbys had a few reds
Opened the gen for the first time today. No intention of a catch up.
Nighty night NEETs.
Good night NEET.
Do your catch-up big fella.
Not replying to the NEET who won't catch up.
Wish webby would teach me to ride a motorbike
At gym
> big fella
How did you know
I didn’t send posso that email btw cruisey. Would be quite the imposition on you when I thought about it sober.
On the chef Jean Pierre
Good night.
You'd know that I've replied if you did catch up. 
Tbh I sure you could get as many hours anywhere, not just with me.
I pay decent but hire up pays about the same.
I see. you are a good egg. I’ll keep that in mind.
Gonna gar a beer. I don't think this goon bottle will be enough to get me to sleep after last nights big boongin. Have to sensible though given I'm leaving the wank cave tomorrow.
I am off to bed NEETs. Good night.
He rides a loud dirt bike past my house at 4am.
Easy man. I'll help you out if you really need it, but you don't. 
Probably best to not work for someone who knows your wanking habits and goon routine anyway.
Watching videos on elden ring. I want to play it.
There are far too many low quality posts here. Remember that this thread is dedicate to nuro and show him the respect he deserves.
> Probably best to not work for someone who knows your wanking habits and goon routine anyway.
Makes a good strong working relationship.
Bet you're not really.
Basically nothing of value was posted all day except for the womboflix movie annoucement
That's why I reinstalled dark souls III, those games are for the young with quick reflexes.
All the different gear in it look cool.
I would not hire a 5.5 incher. It would be 7 inches minimum for all my employees.
There was some good banter about buying land for no reason that I got a few laughs out of.
He'll do for the lesser clients, not the protein hungry ones.
You just turned on me like a you know what
The problem with working for cruisey is I'd post about my boongin on the gen and then he'd know my sickies were fake 

I'd just set kpis you can do at 3am. 
Have the week off if you can get it all done in a night. 
I actually brought this up today, I have not had one sicky or missed shift since I started from any of my workers.
> I have not had one sicky or missed shift since I started from any of my workers.
How can they with the WomboSec Snorkel installed in their fundament
i hate women
I love women. I’ve never had a gf.
Kind of devastate webbys on team buro now
We can go to the workshop and torture buro for webbys address and steal the vet
It's only because IGA called him fat.
I think it was ‘triple chin nigger cunt’ and IGA lamenting not injecting cyanide into the onion that he found particularly objectionable.
I don't think I've ever felt truly 'relaxed' in my adult life. You could put me on a white sand beach in the Bahamas and I'd have something nagging me in the core of my mind.
thumbnail of 217a5978ab40454230a85cea22297e99.mp4
thumbnail of 217a5978ab40454230a85cea22297e99.mp4
217a5978ab... mp4 (851.38 KB, 176x144)

The musical is coming along nicely
> googles Bahamas crime statistics
I wouldn't either.
Have you tried morphine?

Wish we could just get comfy and chill on neet street
thumbnail of 84dbbe89b93148a18fbf8fca156d77c4.jpg
thumbnail of 84dbbe89b93148a18fbf8fca156d77c4.jpg
84dbbe89b9... jpg (60.67 KB, 676x676)

Watching the 60 minutes 'investigation' into Australian neo-Nazism again.
They actually have the reporters park under a bridge and shadily get into a car with their informant like its a Hollywood movie lol
the cat meowed at me
thumbnail of 9863071.jpg
thumbnail of 9863071.jpg
9863071 jpg (230.59 KB, 900x2104)

bai lan
Tempted to have a hearty feed and I normally would but I need to lose some weight.
thumbnail of 79FCC8F4-D5FD-4162-8DC4-FC2AE913ED18.jpeg
thumbnail of 79FCC8F4-D5FD-4162-8DC4-FC2AE913ED18.jpeg
79FCC8F4-D... jpeg (1.53 MB, 4032x3024)
Up to badness
I slept for about half an hour but then woke up and had to go to the toilet and then couldn't get back to sleep.
So I am up again.
10 pack of Wicked Wings please Big Fella.
Don't donate to the depressed children.
I hate that bitch at work
I bet this life of mine is just a test. If I can make it to the end with my faulty brain without killing myself then I'll be rewarded in some way, ideally with a hug and a father figure
Its possible.
Me too. All her passive aggressive little remarks and she does no work at all.
Definitely is, no way can having a faulty brain like mine be anything other than a test
Does your ego not allow any room for the possibility that you are just faulty?
I just said I am
You all exist as well, just I exist in this universe as the current me as a test.
Maybe we're all being tested and this universe is just the clown world universe
The clown world simulation is only going to get worse for us
With all that said, I just farted
Neets on the Gnosticism pipeline
thumbnail of mentor.png
thumbnail of mentor.png
mentor png (758.37 KB, 2000x1000)

Still waiting for that NEET's KFC update.
Really need to eat some fresh veg today lads. This is no joke.
verb [TIH-tuh-vayt]

1. to make smart or spruce

Run and titivate yourself, Possum, here comes Cruisedog!
Thank (You)!


Security at its best.

A steamer.


> badness

> and a father figure
You have Dan.

Good meme.

A NEET could be in this sentence I found
> Well perhaps, is there anything he can titivate doing in the flat see 

Good morning NEETs.
Good morning NEET.
Good morning NEET.
Weber can give you a hug.

Here's the trail.
Very well worded.
I'm shiddin'
Shid so good
Tops of 27 this weekend, I'm garn melt.
we just have rain
it is all we have had since christmas
Is it falling out of you?
Thankyou, another good one.
Another day on earth bros. Not as many posts as I was expecting to see this morning.
> to see this morning.
Did you wish everyone a good morning?
That bastardy boong got into my dreams last night. 
City vermin through and through?
I suppose I was just angry that we, as in society, suffer such vermin to run free, instead of doing the needful and putting them out in camps in the desert or institutions. Its the same for the NDIS mongs who get enabled to act like retarded rajahs and their families run small businesses off the gibs. Bring back eugenics I say, it was all the rage in the americas back before ww2.
The advantage of passing out early from goon the day before is waking up to 100-300 shitposts.
morning neetbros. Did a big stretch last night, had a good sleep, feeling better than I usually do. Might re-install my os today.