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1663324746... png (86.52 KB, 270x270)
What do you NEETs think of the rise of AI and its influence in our lives?
Will there ever be an AI powerful enough to simulate posts on the gen of the calibre of one of our elite posters?
What are the implications for the NEET lifestyle?

Old Thread:  >>/591860/
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kd8iptas8z... jpg (71.82 KB, 768x768)

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thumbnail of igaaaaay.png
igaaaaay png (37.71 KB, 448x420)

All I think about is all the deep fake porn I'm gonna make when one day I finally learn how to use it.
> one day
Sounds do-able.
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thumbnail of 12069cca-857e-45ae-aede-8492ef81a4bc_570.jpg
12069cca-8... jpg (34.52 KB, 298x570)
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thumbnail of artworks-000565144952-lob8s9-t500x500.jpg
artworks-0... jpg (50 KB, 500x500)
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thumbnail of medium-carousel-sexy-creepy-robot.jpg
medium-car... jpg (98.62 KB, 1200x675)

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thumbnail of j-A70l0qOLmW25jd.mp4
j-A70l0qOL... mp4 (2.16 MB, 720x1280)

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thumbnail of same.jpg
same jpg (188.71 KB, 889x861)

Over there it is a good point.
You both look wonderful.
That groan of utter contempt
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thumbnail of Fcw7BGqaUAYruAX.jpg
Fcw7BGqaUA... jpg (1.17 MB, 3024x4032)
I’m glad the Queen didn’t live to see this abomination
I think some of it is better than the real thing. 
Here's one for the Gilmore Girls NEET: https://mrdeepfakes.com/video/35142/alexis-bledel-enjoys-many-orgasms-trailer
Kek you changed the wiki page to dunk on IGAY.
None of Morfydd yet unfortunately.
Or Olive
I do see his pain though, being the head of state over there sounds like a pain in the arse.
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thumbnail of COOMisan.png
COOMisan png (186.83 KB, 600x600)
It will look good on you NEET.
Probably didn't need the second one. 
Philosophising the conceptual differences between action and intent. 
What is sin? 
Trying to convince myself it's all intent. 
Trying to convince myself that being a much of a too short sighted dumb dumb to work out what could result gets me ethically out of having to take responsibility. 
The poor judgment and timing. 
Those personal relationships. 
What could have been different.
No line between the interpersonal and intrapersonal 
Dude weed lol getting deep. 
Alan Watts, Aldous Huxley, Moondog on the corner, Miles Davis. 
Weber hated my intramarigal affairs with the choof pipe once.
Is this from Modern Family?
Season two is about to begin. 
It just keeps getting better.
You are starting to crave it!
> If only we knew how good it actually was
back from autobarn and coles and liquorland (fuck dan)
I sometimes jump when they look the camera. 
Years from now, whole houses will be fitted with wobbly motion detected cameras that get AI bleep bloop to assess the internet character profile updoot value within a 30 sec time span and put on tictoc.
Pay a subscription to control the wobbly snorkel.
This is how people will act IRL.
> I sometimes jump when they look the camera.
Better and better.
> back from autobarn 
Big shop?
They don't hide the exaggeration 
They own it like a yass qween 
I think I might be a bit of a Beth and Jerry. And a bit of the fat homo. 
They have made the faggots extremely happy and playful. 
Big gay teddy bears.
some small zip ties
thumbnail of IMG-0591.PNG
thumbnail of IMG-0591.PNG
IMG-0591 PNG (536.77 KB, 750x1334)
She has cut off the mondster ("mutha") supply :(
thumbnail of DC_Coffee_Criticial-hit_3_1100x.jpg
thumbnail of DC_Coffee_Criticial-hit_3_1100x.jpg
DC_Coffee_... jpg (242.04 KB, 1100x1100)
Got some new coffee because I am a sucker for shiny packaging.
> Press start... loading... Critical Hit is the META pre-game ritual that will manifest you to the next level both digitally and mentally. 
> Created in collaboration with EA's Firemonkeys studio, this unique blend is designed by gamers, for gamers.
> Origins
> Colombian La Orquidea, Brazil Labareda and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Adado
> In the cup
> Flavour: complex with notes of florals, ripe stone fruit and milk chocolate
> Aroma: nutty and fruity
> Acidity: balanced acidity
> Roast: light - medium
I am not going to respond.
I am not going to visit.
thumbnail of mf.jpeg
thumbnail of mf.jpeg
mf jpeg (45.91 KB, 800x800)
You will have to start concealing it when you visit.
I look forward to how it tastes.
Joe Hildebrand is another person that needs to filtered on that site.
thumbnail of E7yoHBRE26QZw4qW.mp4
thumbnail of E7yoHBRE26QZw4qW.mp4
E7yoHBRE26... mp4 (2.36 MB, 460x816)

That's some fancy coffee.
You'll be full homo by mid season 3, rooting for the two faggots.
One just quit his job and the other one is now working at a greeting card shop to make ends port.
Real families support one another.
Silly kot.
Another strong start and quality programming throughout. It becomes better and better some may say.
tiger rolls with gypsy ham for lunch
might  become a black nigger
kiwifarms is back, albeit with a certificate error on whatever is doing the reverse proxy up front
== >>/592961/
I can't eat them, the crusts are too hard and hurt my teeth.
I'll reverse your proxy upfront
What's for second breakfast?
It would suit you.
You should get one of the other neets to chew it first to help soften it.
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thumbnail of 1633758971081.gif
1633758971... gif (801.53 KB, 510x510)
Got a black instant on deck. I'm also doing a weekend reset. 2 days since a standard and almost a day since a smoke.

That night I went I got a twister box, cheese added to the twister, snack popcorn chicken swapped out for wicked wings. In regular size with a sunkist.
thumbnail of 96-D3-B841-06-DA-42-CD-BF9-D-D1891-E2-D1014-scaled.jpeg
thumbnail of 96-D3-B841-06-DA-42-CD-BF9-D-D1891-E2-D1014-scaled.jpeg
96-D3-B841... jpeg (391.16 KB, 2051x2560)
thumbnail of Fc-NRxq-AWQAA7xh9-scaled.jpeg
thumbnail of Fc-NRxq-AWQAA7xh9-scaled.jpeg
Fc-NRxq-AW... jpeg (327.37 KB, 2028x2560)
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thumbnail of 1663201769900-scaled.jpg
1663201769... jpg (401.55 KB, 1920x2560)

thumbnail of CE81-E968-FE33-4782-B0-C7-565524-B72067-scaled.jpeg
thumbnail of CE81-E968-FE33-4782-B0-C7-565524-B72067-scaled.jpeg
CE81-E968-... jpeg (400.82 KB, 1600x2560)
thumbnail of 1662838692256295-scaled.jpeg
thumbnail of 1662838692256295-scaled.jpeg
1662838692... jpeg (472.48 KB, 1637x2560)
thumbnail of Fc-Mgiy-Xk-AAL3he-scaled.jpg
thumbnail of Fc-Mgiy-Xk-AAL3he-scaled.jpg
Fc-Mgiy-Xk... jpg (375.79 KB, 1637x2560)

thumbnail of 5767204.jpg
thumbnail of 5767204.jpg
5767204 jpg (13.89 KB, 300x300)
Will have two of these with a cuppa later on.
thumbnail of 290732197_10227751790528546_4023480656144993132_n.jpeg
thumbnail of 290732197_10227751790528546_4023480656144993132_n.jpeg
290732197_... jpeg (254.51 KB, 2200x2286)
thumbnail of 507941-EC-8-B14-43-BE-A62-C-0-DD6856-AC465.jpeg
thumbnail of 507941-EC-8-B14-43-BE-A62-C-0-DD6856-AC465.jpeg
507941-EC-... jpeg (449.52 KB, 2200x2192)

thumbnail of 150130-cat-cow-farbman-677x1024-1-scaled.jpeg
thumbnail of 150130-cat-cow-farbman-677x1024-1-scaled.jpeg
150130-cat... jpeg (503.49 KB, 1692x2560)
thumbnail of 1662835107901250-scaled.jpeg
thumbnail of 1662835107901250-scaled.jpeg
1662835107... jpeg (323.54 KB, 1918x2560)
thumbnail of 1662707511353129m.jpeg
thumbnail of 1662707511353129m.jpeg
1662707511... jpeg (168.72 KB, 2200x1238)

> I'm also doing a weekend reset.

> 2 days since a standard and almost a day since a smoke.
Good work NEET.
Webby on Tinder
good drink choice
thumbnail of minecraft.webm
thumbnail of minecraft.webm
minecraft webm (40.53 KB, 160x320)
thumbnail of minecraft.webm
thumbnail of minecraft.webm
minecraft webm (40.53 KB, 160x320)

Current temp 26c with a max of 28. Possible storm action on teh horizon.
There are ones worse than that I have posted on /test/
What tony montana was to cocaine I am to mars bars. I need to go into rehab.
Playing some neverwinter nights. Reminded of how boring it was
In year 8 sex ed some kid asked what a mars bar party was and I still think about it and laugh
thumbnail of Man arrested.jpg
thumbnail of Man arrested.jpg
Man... jpg (229.98 KB, 710x1164)
thumbnail of Poked.jpg
thumbnail of Poked.jpg
Poked jpg (220.65 KB, 735x1090)
thumbnail of Kiwi fruits.jpg
thumbnail of Kiwi fruits.jpg
Kiwi fruits jpg (117.5 KB, 692x446)

not familiar with that one
will google image search it later
urban dictionary will help you out
this was 1993, so pre-Internet
That's nice Cruisey
> gypsy ham
Foreign pork?
coles deli counter
> zero connections
> Goldsmith
that and milkers
two boxes?
thumbnail of 3-day sale.jpg
thumbnail of 3-day sale.jpg
3-day sale jpg (109.96 KB, 541x615)
might get half a kilo of each
On March 16, 1991, a Korean store owner, Soon Ja Du, shot and killed a 15-year-old Black customer, Latasha Harlins. Du accused Harlins of stealing orange juice, and after watching her put down the jug and turn to leave, shot her in the head.[14] Some historians view Du's posting bail as the breaking point in tensions.[15][clarification needed]
I might make tomorrow a desktop free day. I'll just read and watch stuff on my laptop.
Fucking raped ass
Well bantered.
What a load of choofhead shite.
thumbnail of 26eb68a4-2f8e-4c3a-b5ad-3967a045e7cf.jpg
thumbnail of 26eb68a4-2f8e-4c3a-b5ad-3967a045e7cf.jpg
26eb68a4-2... jpg (312.42 KB, 2831x4246)
I have enough milk for one bowl of cereal and a coffee
I bought a toothbrush today.
I don't understand how you can even watch it.
I would feel physically ill.
She is a good woman. She is worried about you.
I walked 17,494 steps today. Had an early lunch, steak and steamed veggies.
Its gone. You mutt.
Thank you.
Use a splash for a Pilk too.
Well achieved NEET. Enjoy your lunch.
UMM PTY LTD needs some data retention program to prevent those situations.
I was so poor growing up my whole family had to share a toothbrush.
We even shared the mouthwash, after someone was done they would spit the mouthwash into the next persons mouth.
Good luck NEET. Stay strong.
How is the stew today?
thumbnail of Extremely desperate.jpg
thumbnail of Extremely desperate.jpg
Extremely... jpg (88.81 KB, 889x587)

thumbnail of aboriginees.jpg
thumbnail of aboriginees.jpg
aboriginees jpg (46.45 KB, 500x320)
Not enough bugs.
Gonna go aunties house and look up her cunt for some cockroaches.
old Choofhead must've sobered up
He's young at heart.
Good luck NEET.
Very good bikkies.
NK you boong.
You left out the part where the negress attacked the gook woman
Did not come across any such part in the wiki article, though not surprised they'd omit such a fact.
thumbnail of Triple chinned nigga.jpg
thumbnail of Triple chinned nigga.jpg
Triple... jpg (49.57 KB, 511x627)
Trips confirm
thumbnail of 1626940585840.png
thumbnail of 1626940585840.png
1626940585... png (1.34 MB, 1280x969)
What productive weekend hobbies are you NEETs up to today?
thumbnail of 1663378192312323.webm
thumbnail of 1663378192312323.webm
1663378192... webm (2.91 MB, 640x800)

binge eating
Skellie propaganda.
Learning about databases.
big data?
Yes with PostgreSQL, as I like the instructor way of teaching it.
thumbnail of TFW.jpg
thumbnail of TFW.jpg
TFW jpg (52.45 KB, 857x573)

Is the recycling bin full?
Just emptied, it's been backed up for a couple days.
You might be able to recover a few fragments with the right tools.
thumbnail of the right tools.jpg
thumbnail of the right tools.jpg
the right... jpg (47.49 KB, 380x262)
Nah all good, there will always be new data to replace what is lost.
Big tax. Scary tax.
thumbnail of 160097fdefd6c56792533e85832f8a62-imagejpeg.jpg
thumbnail of 160097fdefd6c56792533e85832f8a62-imagejpeg.jpg
160097fdef... jpg (92.41 KB, 1423x1080)
Quality rape
thumbnail of 7e1bd486062c88fbf60851ebd4152fd47f2f68775fc2f3e0d9f814582a5a08d4.png
thumbnail of 7e1bd486062c88fbf60851ebd4152fd47f2f68775fc2f3e0d9f814582a5a08d4.png
7e1bd48606... png (360.27 KB, 640x480)
Quality gape
"Where there are low quality neets, there will be low quality posts"
-- The Aphorisms of Possum, Volume IV
thumbnail of 1663318183958752.webm
thumbnail of 1663318183958752.webm
1663318183... webm (1.92 MB, 400x656)
Raped train gape
less poo than I expected
Possum was right about everything.
What about Modern Family?
that chick was smoking hot, alexis bledell level
He was right about that too.
If I piss my bed can I just leave it outside to dry without changing the sheets?
I don't mind the smell.
the big titted chick who played the innocent nerd turned out to be your typical thot trash irl.
> can I 
You can do whatever you want NEET.
Is that what you want to do? Have you pissed the bed?
Playing with multis on the footy, feeling lucky
Big charity work?
Exclude yourself before its too late.
First and second goal scorer, Sydney by 1-39. 
$10 bet has potential returns of $1610.00
> First and second goal scorer
Your multi will be bust within the first five minutes and then you will be in a bad mood the rest of the game.
> $10 bet 
Be careful as it starts of small, then its hundreds and it becomes thousands. Consider  >>/593058/
I haven't pissed the bed yet I might do it after lunch.
I could put the mattress out when it's raining so the piss will wash off.
Keep us updated NEET.
Absolutely flogging down in melbourne
Look at mister fancy pants here, I bet you think you're too good for the neet compound.
Got myself a long black and went for decent a stroll down by the foreshore. Improved my brain fog and mood a bit. Back home having a yorkshire tea with tiny dash of milk.
stay dry neeto
Windy in Adelaide
I don't own any pants because I keep shitting in them.
I broke my washing machine since I never took the poo out of my pants before I washed them and now my washing machine smells like shit.
Well done NEET. You are treating yourself well.
NK you boong.
Good to hear NEET.
need an m5 nut urgently and can't get one because been drinking
big fuck-off chicken sandwich for late brunch, with garlic aioli and pickled onion on a slightly stale sesame seed bun.
thumbnail of needful.jpg
thumbnail of needful.jpg
needful jpg (5.2 KB, 221x228)
I am ready sir!
because he's been drinking
I can imagine it would have been a delightful image.
need to nut urgently but can't because been drinking
Then the birds will piss on it.
thumbnail of 075d3a7015850809b39a6cf0b0072076ab4baa246bff3dcbb7f3ad2202e198aa.png
thumbnail of 075d3a7015850809b39a6cf0b0072076ab4baa246bff3dcbb7f3ad2202e198aa.png
075d3a7015... png (1.33 MB, 1280x720)
I am ready
literally got autistically labled boxes for m2, m2.5, m3, m4, no 5
can't put the roof back on the car until I find one
Sounds very nice.
Embrace the convertible life.
chasing it down with a few squares of cadbury old gold
I'll fuck the birds
can't you add the m3 with the m2?
it's raining
> with a few squares
Good control.
ordinarily this would be funny, right now I want to punch you
thumbnail of tmp676943908004954113.jpg
thumbnail of tmp676943908004954113.jpg
tmp6769439... jpg (199.45 KB, 736x489)
is this our /yuriBRO?
I only wish I was this neat
We should have a schizoid vs autism league match
thumbnail of Old-Newspapers-Collected-Clutter.jpg
thumbnail of Old-Newspapers-Collected-Clutter.jpg
Old-Newspa... jpg (62.16 KB, 500x375)
Top tier autism
might just drive to the shops aye
Well bantered.
Potentially get a fancy new tool installed in it.
thumbnail of m5.jpg
thumbnail of m5.jpg
m5 jpg (179.46 KB, 1524x1051)
Here ya go, take what you want.
thumbnail of 013374.jpg
thumbnail of 013374.jpg
013374 jpg (134.87 KB, 1200x1200)
Get some dinner
I have temporarily solved the problem with a small R-clip
A kind offer.
had sandwich
i hate jews
I have sprayed the oven with cleaner. Waiting half an hour now.
I have been meaning to do it for months. I wanted to get the whole house cleaned but I am so tired and low energy that by the time I finish cleaning everything the stuff I cleaned first will be dirty and need to be cleaned again.
Ham sandwich?
They didn't have flat tops in ancient Rome.
thumbnail of DE805941-B898-455A-BF4B-8F3731E016FF.jpeg
thumbnail of DE805941-B898-455A-BF4B-8F3731E016FF.jpeg
DE805941-B... jpeg (3.19 MB, 4032x3024)
Cheese sandwich?
That's a nice view. I'm glad there are no bright green handlebars on that bike.
Good thing about having your own toaster oven is no end-of-lease scrubbing of a regular one.
Try going fast enough that you can ride across the water.
Back in my toaster oven days I would just throw it out when it got too dirty/noisy and just buy a new one.
Some NEETs (myself included) believe he could probably walk on water.
You actually got rid of the flags, good onya!
Probably should have got rid of all the flags except the Australia one.
Taxed but invited out to go drinking
I doubt anything will change.
Weekend reset tomorrow?
banner worthy post
If you turn your friends down they may not ask again.
Maybe that is why you never change.
Food for thought.
Vegemite sandwich?
> Maybe that is why you never change.
I am not the users or board software.
With mayo?
> tfw your nuro gps cable causes the dashcam to throw an error and shut down
No that can't be true.
No refunds.
Might have to claim that warranty that came with it.
I'm going to read the manual. It could be something like a timezone setting. Looks like you have to run their shitty PC software do do that.
thumbnail of great little unit.png
thumbnail of great little unit.png
great... png (11.64 KB, 1211x106)

What a pain in the arse.
haven't eaten any vegetables today. Really thought I was gonna have that heart attack
Did you at least have that binge?
Yes. Had some woolies brownies which were unusually good for woolies. Then I made some melted nestle chocolate with milo, something I've been wanting to do ever since nestle discontinued their big milo chocolate bars.
> which were unusually good for woolies
Spooky that sounded like it could have been your final meal. A divine intervention of sorts. Perhaps you do need to eat some vegetables.
Sounds to me like not eating vegetables is a surefire way to prevent heart attacks
Try the milo kit kats
thumbnail of Judy.jpg
thumbnail of Judy.jpg
Judy jpg (86.43 KB, 779x519)
> Perhaps you do need to eat some vegetables.
Let's not get crazy here
I did. They were disappoint
smart neet
> Let's not get crazy here
Perhaps you even cheated the system. If you keep binging, you only have good binges.
thumbnail of b76011208c1f1b74299f78b627802eef-imagepng.png
thumbnail of b76011208c1f1b74299f78b627802eef-imagepng.png
b76011208c... png (10.74 KB, 373x181)
Did we ever find out who this was?
thumbnail of Give this a go ya lazy cunt.jpg
thumbnail of Give this a go ya lazy cunt.jpg
Give this... jpg (61.79 KB, 1063x233)
The old Grego's got you covered.
thumbnail of Crikey.jpg
thumbnail of Crikey.jpg
Crikey jpg (103.6 KB, 717x531)
It was just monk being facetious
thumbnail of banner_drive_safely.png
thumbnail of banner_drive_safely.png
banner_dri... png (125.25 KB, 300x300)
We may never know
Bet on 
Carn swans
Good luck, got my lotto entry in.
I have cleaned the oven.
What a bitch of a job. Noxious chemicals and brown filth liquid. Gloves and mask were on.
I will need to give the racks another spray and soak before cleaning them again. Maybe tomorrow. Very difficult burnt on black crud.
thumbnail of nh3vOZsW.mp4
thumbnail of nh3vOZsW.mp4
nh3vOZsW mp4 (3.05 MB, 576x1024)

Got any ammonia?
might drink petrol
I'm making chicken rice tonight
Noice. I'm waiting on a hunger tamer box
Pajeet delivery?
of course
ram it deep has been there for about 10 minutes now supposedly
> Pajeet
"dirty stinky indian" is the preferred nomenclature
think he's done the ol' turn the phone off when you get there and collect half a dozen orders for the other delivery apps trick
Weber courted a dirty stinky Indian once.
she messaged the other week and asked how i was and i replied good and she replied that's good to know
I'm going for the Pies in the footy.
Sydney are too crisp, too clean, too good. I can't get behind it. They don't have the NEET spirit.
She is a nice person.
Shame. What you do is put some in a baking tray along with boiling water into a preheated oven and leave overnight with door closed and oven off. Worked a treat for me. One thing I'd never do again is use a baking soda/vinegar paste as you'll get the grainy shit everywhere and almost impossible to remove all without hosing the cunt out with a karcher.
> grainy shit everywhere and almost impossible to remove all without hosing the cunt out with a karcher.
I have had bowel movements like that.
Aren't most of the Collingwood players grandfathered in from family who used to play, meaning they all grew up rich
couple of their players were in a minor car crash on the way to the airport. The article said no injuries but I'm not convinced.
No that isn't the case. Only a few of them.
a sportsball fatality would be about the only thing that would get the media to stop covering the monarchy
yeah it's a bit like when 9/11 happened
He experiences a wonderful life.
Has it arrived yet?
yes, eventually
Is it still all over the TV?
Are they not doing normal programming?
You should work on reporting these Pajeets one meal box at time.
thumbnail of A82374D5-9775-4798-809F-68E1475A7938.jpeg
thumbnail of A82374D5-9775-4798-809F-68E1475A7938.jpeg
A82374D5-9... jpeg (2.59 MB, 4032x3024)
Lovely day here m8 it was actually unexpectedly warm. How was yours ?
Good evening, NEETs.
I just finished pizza for dinner. Garlic prawn pizza (gone) and a bit of BBQ Chicken pizza. Marvelous, simply marvelous.
Good evening NEET.
Hello NEET. What are you up to?
That sounds nice.
just remembered i have two small lemon cheesecakes
thumbnail of jackie_brown2.jpeg
thumbnail of jackie_brown2.jpeg
jackie_bro... jpeg (31 KB, 474x711)
Yo, we'll be streaming Jackie Brown (1997) in 50 minutes on womboflix.
It was and filled this little piggy up.
Eat them!
I will be there when the footy is finished, or maybe a bit sooner if it doesn't get closer.
Haven't had a TV in almost 2 years but I wouldn't be surprised if at least one channel has a 24 hour broadcast of the coffin. All the major channels have a few 'sub channels' they could free up.
thumbnail of 1D348507-0783-4085-8872-DCEEAA6EA880.jpeg
thumbnail of 1D348507-0783-4085-8872-DCEEAA6EA880.jpeg
1D348507-0... jpeg (3.25 MB, 4032x3024)
Double Nice

I ate one. I'll have the other tomorrow night.
How do you keep your bike secure when you are living your best life and going into all these bars and restaurants?
Good self control NEET. Admirable.
Nuro doesn't actually go into bars and restaurants, he just hangs around his bike driking goon and pretending he's having a great time, god I sound like IGA
> pretending he's having a great time
Just to impress us? That is sad.
Nuro is living his best lyfe.
The show continues on as nothing changes!
Nothing wrong speaking the truth Stanley
Well at least Nuro gets out and about. Some NEETs just drink their goon in the dark at home.
thumbnail of 45BE7A3F-71E5-47F6-A5E2-038C3EEFE2B2.jpeg
thumbnail of 45BE7A3F-71E5-47F6-A5E2-038C3EEFE2B2.jpeg
45BE7A3F-7... jpeg (2.5 MB, 4032x3024)
Just gave the Camry a handwash, got a bit sweaty. Getting tfw refreshed now.
> Some NEETs just drink their goon in the dark at home.
There are strangers outside.
Well done NEET. Lovely scene.
> tfw impressed
Very comfy.
I have one light on.

Remembering good times from yesteryear. How about yourself?
stop banning me you communist
MoofiesNEET doesn't give us enough time to get to the cinema before the moofie starts.
> How about yourself?
I'm watching the footy m8.
"Here we go. AK-47. The very best there is. When you absolutely, positively got to kill every motherfucker in the room, accept no substitutes"
It's negress time neets, get in here: https://cytu.be/r/womboflix
Womboflix advertises the time and name of its movies all week before playing them.
If I ran the moofie night youd all enjoy stirring filims like "the greatest story never told" and "battleground europa"

or maybe comedies like "Schindlers list". Not this nigger cuck hollyjew propaganda that weber likes.
that's tiffiny for ya/
thumbnail of de52eef9f82aefa24b5a73ee77a3bbfba7995ece4491f88693f36ff5bec5786a.jpg
thumbnail of de52eef9f82aefa24b5a73ee77a3bbfba7995ece4491f88693f36ff5bec5786a.jpg
de52eef9f8... jpg (75.36 KB, 768x593)
I cry every time and see the price of scotch. I might have to get a still some day. fuck my life
thumbnail of those eyes.jpg
thumbnail of those eyes.jpg
those eyes jpg (86.75 KB, 861x583)

supposedly they cause hypothyroidism or some shit and that then causes the eyes to that bugged out shifty look.
imma kick your smart little arse all teh way to antarctica!
Is it true tho?
thumbnail of worrybear.png
thumbnail of worrybear.png
worrybear png (10.32 KB, 500x500)
> the rise of Australian Intelligence
No such worries I have
Oh you!
thumbnail of Vegas.jpg
thumbnail of Vegas.jpg
Vegas jpg (98.66 KB, 869x581)

thumbnail of jackie black.jpg
thumbnail of jackie black.jpg
jackie... jpg (249 KB, 960x1440)
Warning: This moofie has niggers in it. Niggers are ugly as hell and smell vile. There is nigger music all through it, nigger music is all beat and no rythim. Michael jackson was a pedo and a nigger. Niggers make up 40% of the population and commit 13% of the crimes and when a nigger moves into your neighbourhood all the property prices go down because they are subhuman monkeys. Oil drillers are names for white women who have miscegenated relations with niggers. 

Dont try to understand this moofie because the niggers acting in it are awful and they talk nigger talk called "ebonics". The main nigger actor is super scary and his menacing yellow eyes pop out of his black head whenever he says some stupid nigger swear words. This moofie needs subtitles and maybe some way to tell the niggers apart because they all look the same. 

two out of five big mandingos

that was a good moofie

going to have a smoke
Bingo bango bongo never leave the Congo
its way more watchable today than it was back in the 90s when i saw it 

That is not your flag Nuro.
thumbnail of moofie_night.jpg
thumbnail of moofie_night.jpg
moofie_nig... jpg (128.81 KB, 1280x720)
Thanks for coming to our screening of Jackie Brown neets - we had a good turn out - it's difficult to figure out  which movies will attract more neets.
i am so glad its gone top work !
Suspected nuro would start using the wadjinga or voltaren flags...
I did enjoy Morgan Freeman's performance though.
The show must go on!
Nighty night NEETs. Sleep tight.
Should've asked neets in the cytube room what movie they wanted to see next week. Never mind. We'll sort it out tomorrow.
i got fuck tonnes of movies, how bout a movie with mostly whites that isnt shit for starters?
80s movies are usually bangers
Good night TightNEET.
Wandjina is Cruisey's flag.
you are almost implying that its illegal and their are rules against it

i deleted my own flags faggot and i am glad IGAY has been nuked too i hope that bitch boi gets the message
Hudson Hawk. Do it for Nuro.
The Sunset Limited. At least half the cast is white.
Tiffin you should cut the Hollywood Jew out of your life completely.
Cut more spars and spend less time on the screens.
How about Dirty Harry (1971)/Red Dawn (1984)/Extreme Prejudice (1987)?
My back is sore from the contortions I had to do to clean that oven.
> those teeth
I'm sure one of the other neets will give you a nice sensual massage.
mentions his teeth and his binge drinking (began age five)
going bed
> began age five
Bad home.
> i deleted my own flags 

You kept saying how much of a pain the process to remove 'your' flags was, emailing admin...

Yet all I did was make one post to BO to delete BOTH the IGA and anti- flags and they were gone the next day. Me thinks/knows you are full of shit...
Good night.
same i am too going to bed

good sleep nnets
He should also stop lusting over teenage girls who look like non-teenage girls...
I'll assess it tomorrow, but out of the box, the dashcam doesn't like it.
You should take your own advice there as well.
Good night.
Folded three sheets of paper towel into quarters and wedged it into my cleft to absorb the seepage.
pilonidal cyst?
I am Watching The Two Towers. With a lot of skipping. It is mostly dross.
ruptured bussy from gaping?
Cancer probably
Colloquially that is known as a muffler.
Get a proper diagnosis it will be less harmful than imagining the worst all the time.
"There is a point of no return, unremarked at the time, in most lives."
-Graham Greene
potential banger, havnt seen that one
thumbnail of IMG_20220917_144810.jpg
thumbnail of IMG_20220917_144810.jpg
IMG_202209... jpg (1.89 MB, 4032x3024)
Went to Northbridge in Perth today.
Homeless cunts took over the place and most of the cafes were closed or empty.
There's an empty shop in the photo, imagine trying to open a business there.
Looks like a milk crate boong has made his nest there.
Side effect of your dickhead premier licking the state down for 2 years?
There's a nest near every alleyway.
I remember back in 2013 the police used to give move on notices to people camping on the sidewalk but guess they changed that.
Is this literally 90 minutes of two people talking?
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-09-17-20-48-00-843_org.mozilla.firefox.jpg
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-09-17-20-48-00-843_org.mozilla.firefox.jpg
Screenshot... jpg (281.6 KB, 1080x1940)
Smokes, goon and a banana
Looks like it. I think the Hungarian was making a joke about 50% of the cast being just one person.
That banana was just empty vitamins.
In an Uber to the bottleo, left my choof behind, woe
Ask if the bottle shop sells weed.
> In an Uber to the bottleo
Sounds glamorous.
thumbnail of 20220917_112500.jpg
thumbnail of 20220917_112500.jpg
20220917_1... jpg (3.02 MB, 4000x3000)
This was the buckwheat porridge this morning. Photo taken midway through eating. It was alright. Not heaps better than regular porridge. It was fun to make.
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-09-17-21-25-03-042_com.google.android.apps.maps.jpg
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-09-17-21-25-03-042_com.google.android.apps.maps.jpg
Screenshot... jpg (985.99 KB, 1080x2160)
Homeless were a problem before but lack of chink finance and cheap labour is putting the death spin on it.
McGowan doesn't give a fuck and doesn't need to since the entire country is fucked and everyone's niggercattle.
Thank you for the photo NEET. What were your ingredients?
Buckwheat, water, milk, butter, honey.
Home. Gooning. Wish I had that choof.
It is very good.

Yes. Very good. Angry Moofie Neet will call it pseudo-intellectual codswallop.

And the neger isn't full blown kaffer so at least 50%.
Where did you leave the choof?
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-09-17-22-04-55-406_org.mozilla.firefox.jpg
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-09-17-22-04-55-406_org.mozilla.firefox.jpg
Screenshot... jpg (715.72 KB, 1080x2160)
The store was bought by some idiots who want to open a sweets store.
It has no hope.
Mates houe
Weekend reset next week
He will smoke all your choof.
Sounds doable.
It's probably all been smoked by now
arse rape
a cruel and corrupt board owner exchanging moderator positions for rights to a desperate neet's arse
neets offering sexual favours to have their bans repealed
thumbnail of 1663322463720190.jpg
thumbnail of 1663322463720190.jpg
1663322463... jpg (33.36 KB, 728x456)
Do any of you find vampirism to be highly erotic? Playing Skyrim and watching the Underworld films makes me highly aroused. I like the idea of getting bitten by a woman who is far older, powerful and wiser than I could ever know but with the youthful appearance. The sort of femdom aspects appeal to me.
No I do not share those feelings.
Lorelai Gilmore is a massive slut.
not even the act of biting? That feeling of vulnerability as she bites into your neck and has the opportunity to kill you but won't due to her love for a mere mortal like you?
Rory just kissed Tristan.
That fad died in 2011
It still gives me a chub.
Wagon tomorrow.
Write the weekend off now. Fresh start Monday.
Certainly tempting.
There is only a couple of weeks left in September, you  may as well wait until October 1st for the fresh start now.
Anyone up
About to have a goon.
Don’t have anyone in the world to talk to except you random cunts
How are you?
I am here.
He's taken a cornerstone of our being away. 
We're effectively the tranny board now. 
Cut it's dick off and pretending to be something it isn't. 
They might've hated it because they're mentally ill, but it was always part of us. 
It's an honour.
Been better. Don’t wanna spill my usual woe shit here and now. Wish I had a missus to scratch my head and kiss me to sleep
Dozen tails.
Should get the homeless to run them.
Hello. How are you?
I am okay. I have drifted into a 3am to 11am sleep schedule.
Depression has me feeling low energy.
Do you think it's related to the bad weather? 
Spring was supposed to be fresh and warm.
Unburden yourself NEET. What is going on?
> Do you think it's related to the bad weather? 
I don't know. I have been miserable for many years now.
We've had a lot of bad weather.
Curtis Mayfield.
What does that mean?
Move on up. 👆
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-09-18-04-27-20-39.png
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-09-18-04-27-20-39.png
Screenshot... png (2.08 MB, 2160x1080)
4am NEET
Morning neets
based bertie beetle bro
Not really. Goth girls can be kind of hot, if they're not too fat or too pierced. And it sounds like you're into femdom.
Gonna have some hamburger patties and baked beans for breakfast. You neets want any?
BOM predicted rain from late morning, so of course it is raining now.
Having a Mother Razzle Berry Zero Sugar
You mother fucker. Went to the show and got a Bertie Beetle bag for yourself and not for the other NEETs.
Thirty beans please.
the chinks open stores and operate them at a loss. The CCP often underwrites the costs and pays salaries, to what ends i am unknowing but it is a fact.
I was going to suggest many of them are just money laundering fronts.
Thank (You)!

> We'll sort it out tomorrow.
Sounds do-able.

From what the other NEETs said about it just being talking, it scores high on IMDB

I cannot recall seeing any of them so I would be happy to watch them.

Hopefully he gets the deluxe package.

Perhaps they could use the situation to get a rent reduction.


> has made his nest there.

You were right the first time.

kek she has changed her hair colour, tab closed.

> It was fun to make.
Do you have to do something specifically for it?

Another nest.

kek the nest is out of sight and not in the reflection.

Sounds do-able.

Another good first batch.

Good morning NEET.
> EXCLUSIVE: From paying 'the Greek way' to his dad's desperate cryptic note: Inside the Aussie F45 founder's frantic scramble to avoid bankruptcy BEFORE launching the global cult gym phenomenon... that's now ALSO on the brink of collapse

Same crap earlier this year
> F45’s gym-tech too generic to be patented: court
There is an F45 gym at Victor Harbor next to Coles and it is extremely noisy on a Saturday if I take Motherbat shopping. I can't imagine how loud it must be inside the gym itself.
Hopefully it might be gone soon and quiet shopping days can be enjoyed.
> Plus-size Philadelphia drag queen, 25, DIES of heart attack during performance at gay bar: Medical examiner says she was also killed by obesity and diabetes
I hope so. They also don't have a white power rack so they are not a real gym.
thumbnail of c79a53fa6991d76853c3731be41bde9e-imagejpeg.jpg
thumbnail of c79a53fa6991d76853c3731be41bde9e-imagejpeg.jpg
c79a53fa69... jpg (25.5 KB, 600x800)
Gonna start dieting today. I mean it this time!
thumbnail of Executive Exit.jpg
thumbnail of Executive Exit.jpg
Executive... jpg (142.1 KB, 634x1120)
> Britain's fattest man, 32, who weighs 47 stone complains that his human rights are being infringed by new calorie-controlled diet as doctors battle to save his life
>>In October 2021 Jason had to be hoisted out of his flat by a crane after collapsing
Eating vegetable/s is do-able.
vegetables are gross
thumbnail of fat-people-417030.jpg
thumbnail of fat-people-417030.jpg
fat-people... jpg (97.22 KB, 620x488)
Misread that as the crane collapsed while hoisting him
It was entirely possible that the team of skellies didn't acknowledge how powerful he was.
Good morning NEEToids. Slept well. Got 1 hole uneaten burrito leftover from last night. Devouring it with a big can of V. Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaah !
Good morning NEET.
> Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaah !
Mogged the Mustang car club at the bakery. They probably have working GPS cables though.
> They probably have working GPS cables though.
Did the plug into 'puter fix it?
I haven’t tried yet. Was too busy with the moofie etc
I am looking forward to the outcome of it. I remember I had do something similar for a map system a family member bought that refused to work or some shit until it got the latest maps. I want to know if Nuro was too accurate in his work.
Too accurate??
The accuracy overwhelmed the GPS is my working theory.
Wonder if he's made it to season 3 yet.
Mogged it?
Time will tell.
Scientists tell us that if nuro and GPS disagree on your location, nuro should be considered accurate.