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1663291682... jpg (132.03 KB, 1440x1115)
What do you NEETs think makes a good home?
Do you blame growing up in a bad home for how your life turned out?

Old Thread: >>/592880/
How does he do it?
The faggot cunt makes threads way in advance so he has complete control over them.
If that means neets can't post because he is absent and the thread is full then that is just bad luck. He doesn't care as long as he has power.
Ignorant ranting.
Cry more beau.
Post a pic of your battle station please.
shit thread
I was in a good home for my childhood but a bad home during my teen years. That's why I'm more or less well adjusted but clearly a bit fucked up. Good enough to mask it but struggling with the whole adult life thing. Was very obvious over the weekend when all my peers knew about wines and cheeses and mortgages but all I knew was gooning and gaming the mental health system
I've posted it before.
my saliva is thick, i wonder what thats a symptom of
is that a bloke in a dress?
I was from a good home, however, I think it was also to blame for the way I turned out and my failure as a teenager and adult. I will ponder this while I sleep.
Need to rape.
oh it's a meth head stalker, what a surprise
Garn make curried sausages.
They all are.
I look forward to the photos.
> wines and cheeses and mortgages
They sound like a bunch of poofs m8.
what if his pics don't upload?
I will be upset.
Figured that cunt was gaslightin
> tfw i'll never die in a duel at noon outside a saloon
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thumbnail of 1663494113782368.jpg
1663494113... jpg (130.71 KB, 1080x773)
thumbnail of 1663497169160078.jpg
thumbnail of 1663497169160078.jpg
1663497169... jpg (148.29 KB, 1920x800)
I love cooking whilst drunk. I end up doing a better job somehow, I think because I am more relaxed.
The pics will get through!
i would rape her then beat her violently to the point of disfigurement to ruin her acting career, but i'd kiss her goodbye because im a gentleman
I don't usually cook meals at this time of day.
Garn meal prep a chlli cheese egg sanga
cats are girl pets
Wish I could play an instrument or was into a sport or otherwise had some kind of hobby I could talk about when I met people. I've literally got nothing. Just work, gooning, youtube videos and this board
im worried i might be immortal
thumbnail of official.jpg
thumbnail of official.jpg
official jpg (345.18 KB, 1006x1201)

Having panic attacks thinking about how much of my life I've wasted
How old are you?
thumbnail of 0262F420-FC0E-4271-97E6-F26C12C44BFA.png
thumbnail of 0262F420-FC0E-4271-97E6-F26C12C44BFA.png
0262F420-F... png (338.49 KB, 1170x2532)
thumbnail of C768C9CF-AAC3-4FB3-A781-692FF02973FF.png
thumbnail of C768C9CF-AAC3-4FB3-A781-692FF02973FF.png
C768C9CF-A... png (779.8 KB, 1170x2532)
Nah I’ve finished eating for the day.
That 10,000 steps thing is bullshit, I hit that most days and I'm still fat as
Post goon headache
keep drinking
I suspect this is gonna be a long night of insomnia
Well done NEET.
For me as well. One and a half glasses left.
Bet neither of you post and leave me to lonely NEET hours
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thumbnail of Screen Shot 2022-09-18 at 11.06.30 pm.png
Screen... png (1.32 MB, 1197x1087)

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thumbnail of 1659280796134516.jpg
1659280796... jpg (62.84 KB, 1000x1000)
thumbnail of comfy_sleep.jpg
thumbnail of comfy_sleep.jpg
comfy_sleep jpg (36.04 KB, 544x397)
you should feel happy for your fellow insomniac neets if we're able to get to sleep
You should keep the same hours as me.
Your hours are erratic and inconsistent.
When did Nirvana become classic rock
When it became 25 years old.
Watching Return of the King (Extended Edition). It is a real struggle. A lot of 10 second skipping.
I might get the train to the bottle-OH and an uber back
What a lifestyle.
On the blackjack vlogs again
You should be on the self-improvement vlogs King.
Pity party, just for me
A party for onе, so let me be
Pity party, just for mе
Just let me be, just fucking let me be
on the tinnies
work this morning
On the LCMs
> LCMs
The genuine ones or the Aldi imitations?
Genuine, but not the nicest flavours.
Put one in my lunchbox for school tomorrow please.
Finished watching Return of the King. The clod who did the torrent cut off the end credits for all three movies. I hate when they do that.
I was raised by the World Wide Web
Don't have any real friends
I was raised by the interneeeeet
> I was raised by the interneeeeet
A bad home.
I'm a Loser, Abuser
Retard on Computer
I'm a Hater, a Waster
Rule Violator
Trouble Maker, a Faker
A General Instigator
I'm a Loser and a Zoomer
I'm a First Person Shooter
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thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-09-19-01-21-43-20.png
Screenshot... png (2.3 MB, 2160x1080)
Had three, for now.
Very nice.
Strawberries dipped in the sugar bowl and a Bertie beetle.
A good dessert.
Failed normie, failed normie
Conversations confuse me and bore me
Messaged ten e-girls, they ignore me
Now I'm sitting here, lonely and horny

Social outcast, always picked last
Couldn't pass class, bored of being a dumbass
So ugly, so hungry
I fell in love with girls faster than they'd dump me
You should find some more uplifting music.
After the Beatles broke up John Lennon said that Paul McCartney made elevator music.
Was that a compliment or an insult?
An insult.
I like elevator music
I am off to bed NEETs. Good night.
Me too. Wage in 4ish hours. Night
Good morning, I'm still anti-semitic
Do we have any cashed up NEETs here?
> Michael was wrongly ‘hounded’ by Centrelink over $1000. He’s getting 7 cents in a settlement payment
Thank (You)!

Lot less charitable.

I hope you consulted the Venetians.

Good Pepe.

> What do you NEETs think makes a good home? 
One with your basic needs met and being able to take risks growing up.


> I knew was gooning and gaming the mental health system
The NEET essentials.

Sleep tight.


A lot of steps.

That is how I see his post too. Woe.


Looks good.

Real NEET treats.

Hearty kek.

Good morning NEET.
thumbnail of Screenshot 2022-09-19 at 07-23-09 High school defends transgender teacher with large prosthetic breasts.png
thumbnail of Screenshot 2022-09-19 at 07-23-09 High school defends transgender teacher with large prosthetic breasts.png
Screenshot... png (16.56 KB, 795x137)
That thing posted a few days ago made it to the DailyMail
> Canadian high school defends transgender teacher who wore enormous prosthetic breasts underneath tight T-shirt to class
lots to do this mording
Medical emergency things?
Hopefully there will be a video of those rubber tits getting pulled into some machinery in the future.
Good luck with your day then.
Have to drive to the car shop with the new rear brake kit.
Then walk back.
Then drive other car with new tyres in it there.
Never had teachers like that when I went to school.
Queens funeral is on tonight.
BEST A time:
7.14pm coffin leaves Westminster Hall, arrives Westminster Abbey
7.22pm Service
8.30pm Procession marches from Westminster Abbey to Wellington Arch
A very busy morning.

Lucky NEET.
thumbnail of 71Prl4W4IhL.jpg
thumbnail of 71Prl4W4IhL.jpg
71Prl4W4IhL jpg (250.24 KB, 2000x2000)
Have you lot used stuff like this for your rooms before?
A tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
I have a couple in the gun safe and room.
I'm going to buy one for my room tomorrow.
thumbnail of Fcy_oyZWQAMTKiL.jpg
thumbnail of Fcy_oyZWQAMTKiL.jpg
Fcy_oyZWQA... jpg (130.55 KB, 878x1024)
A time traveller once tried EXTREMELY hard to prevent the invention of the saxophone.
You can get them cheaper from the reject shop than you can from the supermarket.
Are they as good after emptying once?
Oh the reject shop ones are disposable. You peel the foil off the top when you get it and throw it away once it's full of water.
morning neetos, in spite of last night's insomnia I eventually got to sleep and slept well and feel good
Good morning NEET.

Weekday reset has begun.
> Weekday reset has begun.
Until he gets to Wednesday afternoon anyway.
Yes, the Long Weekend Reset begin then.

> Weekday reset has begun
Ok neets, substance abuse survey time. "Today I am..."
A - on the standards
B - on the choof
C - on the darts
D - on the dexies
E - on the chockies
F - on the dole
G - on the spring rolls
H - on the wagon
I like E to G, but I am H. It's do-able.
Yesterday I did A and G
Might try H today
thumbnail of Screenshot 2022-09-19 004714.jpg
thumbnail of Screenshot 2022-09-19 004714.jpg
Screenshot... jpg (252.68 KB, 1428x1140)
hello friends i forgot how much i love not working
sup czechm8
Good day NEET. Are you doing any personal projects, have you started university yet?
I'm so unfit it's not funny.
Brisk walk back from the mechanic (800 meters) and then driving back in the other car and unloading 4 tyres and walking them into the workshop has me knackered.
They should have got the tyres out for you.
im not going to uni, dont need a second bachelors degree. going to something between a bootcamp and evening school

ive been trying to lose some weight recently been hitting the gym, still at 110kg, also doing the CS50 course and fucking around with linux on my thinkpad

whats up with you?
whats up
thumbnail of (1)_ausneets_-_NEET_General_41_-_Time_to_Hit_the_Road_Edition_-_2018-02-28_11.17.18.png
thumbnail of (1)_ausneets_-_NEET_General_41_-_Time_to_Hit_the_Road_Edition_-_2018-02-28_11.17.18.png
(1)_ausnee... png (232.35 KB, 974x429)
Start working on the fitness issue today NEET. You can do it.

Your post reminded me of attached.
> going to something between a bootcamp and evening school
That's fine. As long as you are commited and can land a position, you'll be sweet. Bootcamp sounds like a lot of grinding though, so as long as you're fine with that way of learning.

> still at 110kg
I said we needed a fitness wagon for all the NEET. Pulling the wagon at the commune will help you.

> whats up with you?
Not much, keeping on.
> fitness wagon
this is what we need

im fine with grinding, i got through all schools always doing things at the last minute so being under pressure is fine
thumbnail of mobility-drive-through.jpg
thumbnail of mobility-drive-through.jpg
mobility-d... jpg (110.8 KB, 1280x720)
I'll be pulling the wagon with my mobility scooter.
It was only a 10 or 15 meter walk. I did two at a time.
> this is what we need
Yes, very similar.

> im fine with grinding,
As long as you can retain and recall it meaningfully. From my understanding in Australia, employers and such after the bootcamp want you to develop things on the spot and use it at a higher level, which for a bootcamp means all the content is very compressed (i.e., something that seems trivial may be essential in solving a problem one day). 
It is not taught any better at university though, as a subject I attended for Python was focused on string manipulation and the set-up instructions never touched on using any command line interface.
Perhaps UMM PTY LTD can provide you will the necessary walking assistance aids.
They're a mob of cunts. You need a new mechanic.
When I inevitably die from being a fat slob, the NEET orchestra and choir needs to perform this:https://youtube.com/watch?v=v-UNuxC41O0 
'Double orchestra' and 'double choir' just means you need to form two groups, one on either side of the conductor (Possum), and perform antiphonally.
If you were starting to get puffed at that stage, it was rude of them to not help a customer.
In all fairness, I sprung the tyre job on them with no warning.
An extended family member is believed to have schizophrenia (not fully diagnosed from what I have heard). It does make me wonder how many steps away from it through bad life decisions or genetics I am from it.
I listened to this from start to finish. It is nice. Didn't think I could make it all the way though.
Were they a big choofer?
car bomb?
It is also the piece that plays during the opening credits of Casino (1995).
When you love someone, you've got to trust them. There's no other way.
We'll be playing Weird Al's Eat it and Fat, just like we do at all executive funerals.
What do the voices say?
Fuck you ya boy scout.
I think they got a little into it but not too heavy. A lot of it from what I have heard is the environment they are living in. I think the caregiver person they are with has it (purely my observation) and they themselves have not been able to take care of themself properly. It sounds like they are in a state of mania as they had a pretty solid life with a partner and education pathway. I know they have left the partner for some reason and I can imagine their education is impacted by this current issue. Came as a bit of a surprise.
How many neets think choof gives you schizophrenia?
Interesting fact, thanks.
Need to get ready for wage.
I hear no voices. My mental health is fine and has been evaluated as such.
I want to watch The Ninth Gate (1999) moofieNEET.
I'll add it to the list, but it can't be this week. Womboflix has only one rule - a movie has to get nominated to the list, then voted for again later before we play it.
Still stuck living in the 2000s bros. When or if I finally catch up to the present day, I'll feel like a time traveler going into the future.
You need some time traveling whizzing device.
I will have to listen to this later.
We still need a friday banger movie, and the movies you neets have voted for (The Prestige and Ninth Gate) are saturday night movies. We might go with Man on Fire unless someone has another suggestion.
Has the appearance of a negress
> Man on Fire
7.7/10 sounds watchable
thumbnail of Fc1G62naIAIY2bC.jpg
thumbnail of Fc1G62naIAIY2bC.jpg
Fc1G62naIA... jpg (94.61 KB, 935x888)
thumbnail of Fc1HSMHakAEx8c9.jpg
thumbnail of Fc1HSMHakAEx8c9.jpg
Fc1HSMHakA... jpg (63 KB, 920x719)
I hate women.
thumbnail of b3387a25d2944b43016cc56f30a7549f.jpg
thumbnail of b3387a25d2944b43016cc56f30a7549f.jpg
b3387a25d2... jpg (80.14 KB, 768x768)
> An anti-vaxxer has consulted a group of peers over what she believed to be a suspicious sight at a “freedom” rally in Sydney.
>>“OK I would like some clarification on what these things are …. they were switched on at the rally today in Sydney,” her post ready.
>>The “things” in question weren’t some obscure unrecognisable objects, they were – to no one’s surprise – street lights. 
thumbnail of absolutely based.jpg
thumbnail of absolutely based.jpg
absolutely... jpg (78.24 KB, 724x960)

Eric t'dique
But why were they on during daylight hours?
Better for catching them on film.
The glowies had summoned ringwraiths to help monitor the protesters, and the nazgul need special lights to help them see by day because they only partially exist in this reality.
Wagio wagie waging on the wage 
Need to go do it
The suggestions were:
> “They are 5G scanners that double as vaccination spray when you pass under them. It’s such a fine mist you can’t see it. Special government operations,” one wrote.
> “Wrong, they simply scan people’s vaccination chips and place an invisible mark on unvaccinated people using lasers, so that they can be easily identified. People may think they have a sunburn on the back of their neck, but it’s really their mark,” another joked.
thumbnail of brownlow.jpeg
thumbnail of brownlow.jpeg
brownlow jpeg (1.78 MB, 4583x3056)

thank you
> another joked
how do they know that was a joke?
> thanking a ringwraith
thumbnail of Untitled.png
thumbnail of Untitled.png
Untitled png (346.86 KB, 596x693)
I need to stop reading the twitters
I thought that was just a NEET explaining the situation
> 6. Images containing gore or anything else likely to shock or disgust must be spoilered.
It was probably copied from Reddit or Facebook, track them down and ask them.
thumbnail of 1662838692256295-scaled.jpeg
thumbnail of 1662838692256295-scaled.jpeg
1662838692... jpeg (472.48 KB, 1637x2560)
thumbnail of unknown (39).png
thumbnail of unknown (39).png
unknown... png (450.14 KB, 512x512)
Good Morning NEETs
Good morning NEET.
morning neeto
Slept through my morning meetings. Chucked a sickie on account of made up insomnia. Having the last half of a warm carlton draught. Such a loser. Crashing and burning. I'll be dead by 30
> Having the last half of a warm carlton draught.
Weekday reset tomorrow?
So, they are both men?
Another drunken sticky note left to myself that I'll throw in the bin 
No escape from the gooner life
thumbnail of man_on_fire.jpg
thumbnail of man_on_fire.jpg
man_on_fire jpg (404.45 KB, 1394x2048)
thumbnail of the_prestige.jpg
thumbnail of the_prestige.jpg
the_presti... jpg (26.64 KB, 500x497)
This week, on womboflix:
In Mexico City, a former CIA operative swears vengeance on those who committed an unspeakable act against the family he was hired to protect.
Our Friday night banger will be Man on Fire (2004), from the director of Top Gun, starring Denzel Washington, Dakota Fanning, and while I haven't seen it I presume there will be a lot of mexicans in it getting shot.

On Saturday night, for the philosopher-neet, we have another Chris Nolan movie, The Prestige (2006), a movie about metaphysics and magic (stage magic, actually) set in 19th century London, starring Batman, Alfred the butler, and Wolverine. Be there, and I promise your smooth brain will become wrinkly.
A real loser could drag things out until his 40s.
> Dakota Fanning
Dakota's Fanny
> that I'll throw in the bin 
Just update the date and leave it there to shame you.

> No escape from the gooner life
You need rehab. Take unpaid leave and work towards moving past it.
absolute dickhead
> I'll be dead by 30
Looking forward to it, thank you.
> Take unpaid leave
I'm not even past my probation yet
We need to collectively shun this fucking idiot.
You should read the contract and determine what conditions exist. If they value your employment, they should be open to the idea of unpaid leave to address these absences. It is recommended by a doctor and you would have medical certificates that you attended treatment. It's not like going on a holiday.
thumbnail of Americas_1 2022-08-19 14-40-45.mp4
thumbnail of Americas_1 2022-08-19 14-40-45.mp4
Americas_1... mp4 (62.09 MB, 1920x1080)
looks like rockstar got hacked and GTA 6 is leaked lmao

rajesh basterd do not redeem you bloody
I do not want any of our gooners to expire from excessive pickling.
That looks like the night club in GTA V Online with a lot of mods to improve rendering. I could be wrong but it looks very similar.
I cannot find a video that isn't terrible without digging further but it looks like thishttps://youtube.com/watch?v=v7gxE21OF6A [Embed]

The graphics are like these mods from 2020https://youtube.com/watch?v=DMHrBJeycHc 

Turn down the sound on both.
thumbnail of Americas_1 2022-09-13 16-24-02.mp4
thumbnail of Americas_1 2022-09-13 16-24-02.mp4
Americas_1... mp4 (50.21 MB, 1920x1080)
its a early pre alpha build most of the assets like the night club will be added

you do get to play as a big booty latina and there are far right militias in the game
It looks very similar to GTA V. I hope it improves further.

I would download a pirated copy just to play through it though.
so what happened did stanners kill itself or seomthing when its flag got nuked ?
On Twitter, adult content now requires a login and now you cannot even scroll without getting hit with a login request. I didn't think the site could get worse.
I have some uBlock Origin rules to fix the login prompt when you scroll.
thumbnail of Americas 2022-09-13 17-17-43.mp4
thumbnail of Americas 2022-09-13 17-17-43.mp4
Americas... mp4 (29.2 MB, 1920x1080)
i think most places in america look the same, especially florida with L.A like 5 was 
i havent paid for a video game since like 2017 and im especially not giving any money to take two

car stuff looks pretty cool hope well get more customization
That actually worked after blocking the bar at the bottom, thank you.
> GTA 6
Please tell me the lead character isn't some purple haired tranny with pronouns.
It's a bif booty beaner
> and there are far right militias in the game
guarantee these will be severely restricted in what they say and do
they wont be dropping jew red pills or lynching niggers from lamp posts
thumbnail of 1663547068464130.jpg
thumbnail of 1663547068464130.jpg
1663547068... jpg (875.58 KB, 2179x2448)
you get to play as a white guy redneck florida man and his gf big booty latina

hope take two interactive doesnt take /ausneets/ down now that i posted it ;)))
Good alternative too, thanks.
thumbnail of 20220919_000755.jpg
thumbnail of 20220919_000755.jpg
20220919_0... jpg (3.29 MB, 4000x3000)
The pictures will get through!
what you got there big boy?
> ruin her acting career
You could just let her act.
I didn't ask.
thumbnail of 🦊 #overwatchkiriko #overwatchcosplay #kiriko #overwatch2 #o.mp4
thumbnail of 🦊 #overwatchkiriko #overwatchcosplay #kiriko #overwatch2 #o.mp4
🦊... mp4 (1.52 MB, 576x1024)

> car stuff looks pretty cool hope well get more customization
That is the hope I have, but with GTA V on Five M online severs you can already do a lot of modifications to cars, but not detailed graphical representations like that video inside the car. That is where I am wondering what value the game will bring when the non-official community has helped improved that game including performances fixes.

I hope they have not 'upgraded' Vice City like the remastered GTA SA, then copied over everything else from GTA V
Curried sausages from last night. I don't have a freezer and I've got very limited cookware and food with which to work. It looks awful (needs peas to get some contrast) but tastes nice. I had it with some lentils I boiled. Won't have to cook for a few days which is always nice.
Looks good so far.
lol how much time do people spend in the cars that they need to adjust all that stuff?
I used to just carjack somebody and scream around until I blew it up and then get another car
thumbnail of Fc4UDX7XoAIRB4i.jpg
thumbnail of Fc4UDX7XoAIRB4i.jpg
Fc4UDX7XoA... jpg (58.54 KB, 600x358)

More for drifting and racing online people take very seriously. Even beyond role playing servers were it is much worse, I have been told through restrictions of user privileges that I partially abused that people were upset because they take their Kill Death ratio very seriously. Despite the server I use to play not being competitive at all.
ah ok
I never played online GTA

Good morning, NEETs.
Good morning NEET.
thumbnail of 1663550624522170.jpg
thumbnail of 1663550624522170.jpg
1663550624... jpg (31.45 KB, 460x483)

I do not like these images.
> Rank-and-file FBI agents are accusing the Biden administration of exaggerating the threat of White supremacists and pressuring agents to cook up domestic terrorist cases involving racist extremists.
same thing is happened here
> same thing is happened here
It will probably happen to the joker/s behind this event
> Second bus with migrants arrives outside Kamala Harris’ residence
Curried snags, yum.
What brand/variety of sausages did you use?
thumbnail of qf.jpg
thumbnail of qf.jpg
qf jpg (141.68 KB, 936x909)
Is Womboflix going to stream Her Majesty's funeral?
Looks like it is well suited to our schedules.
I'll probably watch the first bit and then watch the rest tomorrow from a recording. It would be good for the late night NEETs though.
wonder if monks on the standards
I'm sure he's on the wagon today, this time for realz
Getting the last bit of boonging out of his system.
oof didn't mean to sleep in till midday
> Second bus with migrants arrives outside Kamala Harris’ residence
Absolutely based
Aldi ones. I used pork but I also use beef.
Have a standard to wake you up.
Don't be silly
Havin a coffee
thumbnail of Emma_2020_Film_HD_Poster_1680x1050.jpg
thumbnail of Emma_2020_Film_HD_Poster_1680x1050.jpg
Emma_2020_... jpg (434.16 KB, 1680x1050)
> Do you remember me, neets?
With whiskey?
Did you eat the circular cutouts?
milk no sugar
you're sweet enough
Garn take a few days off drinking aye.
> hacker wants to strike a deal to prevent additional leaks, including source code, from coming out
The tip of my right index finger hurts. There's no cut or visible mark or anything. Just a sharp pain when I type or put pressure on it.
Yeah buddy.
Might be a chilblain.
Garn take a few days off to do some drinking aye.
how do i stop ldaring
how do i stop ldaping
I don't even shop at yours.
Sounds like aids.
how do i stop raping
how do i stop gaping
cancer and aids
the prognosis is not good
Nuro caught monkey pox once.
Beau banned me and said he'd only unban me if I "was a good neet"  whilst gesturing to his neetstick once.
lazy good for nothing neets.
Some God-awful posts today
Seventh coffee down the hatch. Violent and volatile shit is en route.
It is exploding out of you.
Goodbye NEET.
thumbnail of awful.png
thumbnail of awful.png
awful png (34.11 KB, 400x120)

in bed
I'll be in in a minute.
gonna try to buy just 1 bread roll tomorrow, slice up a bunch of onion, cook that in some olive oil and garlic then have it on the roll with some mustard for dinner tomorrow
some dirty stray cat has done a massive spew outside
thumbnail of pepesleep.jpg
thumbnail of pepesleep.jpg
pepesleep jpg (84.08 KB, 1080x609)
Lights out in ten, then straight to sleep.
Better out than in.
not yet but i hope to be free from the pain of this life soon
thumbnail of TIAH.jpg
thumbnail of TIAH.jpg
TIAH jpg (50.7 KB, 351x262)

Sounds utterly horrible!
looking forward to buying that moisture absorber thing tomorrow, fuck i'm an old man getting excited over something like that
Hopefully it puts a stop to the seepage for good.
Even though they're labeled as 'disposable' you can in fact reuse. Peel back the papery film and tip out the water. You can buy the synthetic pellet refills OR use regular salt which is much cheaper.
gonna need something better for that kind of seepage, my arse has never been the same since weber used it
weber shoved the wrong end of a ping pong paddle up my arse once
thumbnail of C9696BB2-1119-4AA8-A936-C72BEC0B34A4.jpeg
thumbnail of C9696BB2-1119-4AA8-A936-C72BEC0B34A4.jpeg
C9696BB2-1... jpeg (3.24 MB, 4032x3024)

first day of school holidays at Noosa.
> first day of school holidays at Noosa.
oh no no no no
I have never seen so much pristine boob and ass in my life. Dear god….
Those poor kids don't even realise the danger they're in with you nearby, you sick fuck.
Uhuh I bet hey have never even heard of hi-res audio
thumbnail of hires.jpg
thumbnail of hires.jpg
hires jpg (156.25 KB, 1444x923)

thumbnail of LMAO.jpeg
thumbnail of LMAO.jpeg
LMAO jpeg (34.39 KB, 433x650)
brown eye
A very disturbing thing to admit.
none of you are real
Are you?
> first day of school holidays
You know what is expected of you. Do it.
This mong has been drinking and ranting nonsense for 5 fucking hours...
sore throat for 4 days
chicken loaf
Have you recently had oral sex with a stranger in a public toilet block?
You should kiss the NEET with the cancers and sore finger.
no, im hte neet with herpes and thats the lsat thing he needs
captain coochie
> im hte neet with herpes 
Correction, you're one of the neets with herpes
i am HTE neet
jimmy buffett is a faggot
pie cured my erectile dysfunction
trying not to sleep yet
ingrown toenail
Tiffin will definitely be watching MoF. Yeah buddy.
entertain me
Need to go and get 4 AAA batteries
what's with bringing up tiffin so much?
how are you?
do any of you wear watches?
thumbnail of DVD_cover_of_Strapped.jpg
thumbnail of DVD_cover_of_Strapped.jpg
DVD_cover_... jpg (31.54 KB, 265x376)

please spoiler pictures of black people
i was sacrificed to moloch when i was a kid once
No a lot of the time I don't even know what day it is.
And you ended up here?
based, i forget beyond knowing what days i have to go to work. even once i get to work i suddenly forget what day it is
yeah :(
batteries and firelighters acquired
probably on another watchlist
What for?
Well, yourself?
Turn that :( --> :D
Do it.
thumbnail of Boglim vocal covers.jpg
thumbnail of Boglim vocal covers.jpg
Boglim... jpg (82.16 KB, 850x520)
Just hit midnight Casper Wyoming local time
vegemite and cheese sandwich
I am not he, but if he doesn't want to Big Fella could probably chuck a live stream onto the endcorner.
He's really combing it over well.
Fuck off.
pissy pants
I didnt ask for excuses.
war started in 1211
Kraft plastic cheese?
I can't fix what isn't mine ;)
cherry pie?
ffs say what it is then instead of just 'no'...
> ffs 
> ...
no :)
Well bantered.
thumbnail of oink oink.jpg
thumbnail of oink oink.jpg
oink oink jpg (47.14 KB, 472x262)
Pour some of that slop into the trough, we gotta fatten these pigs for the next council meeting.
Me on the left.
thumbnail of IMG-0593.jpg
thumbnail of IMG-0593.jpg
IMG-0593 jpg (3.05 MB, 4032x3024)
thumbnail of IMG-0594.jpg
thumbnail of IMG-0594.jpg
IMG-0594 jpg (4.36 MB, 4032x3024)
What are you guys having for dinner?
That looks good NEET.
idk, probably sleep
You have nice ears.
Nothing that nice.
I hope so.
I made a rub from salt, black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, smoked paprika, dried thyme and rosemary.

I'm going to sear it on the grill grates and then shift it to indirect heat with some butter, olive oil, fresh thyme and rosemary for basting occasionally.

Basically like this guy does here:https://youtube.com/watch?v=9gg_jjUb-S4 
I have cleaned the undersink cupboards and the kitchen drawers.
I had to kneel on the floor to get into the cupboards. I am too fat to be doing this sort of thing.
It was only a couple of hours work I suppose but I feel like I've run a marathon.
Obesity has sapped me of my vital essences.
Perhaps the executive is meant to live the SLOB LIFE and I shouldn't bother cleaning any more.
thumbnail of busted.jpg
thumbnail of busted.jpg
busted jpg (147.83 KB, 1255x465)

You have a disability related impairment. You should unironically apply to ndis to get a helper.
thumbnail of 2123a8906fd22ebaf96c7d404e9e8048d4cb276c101bd3d4630ff460953aa132.jpg
thumbnail of 2123a8906fd22ebaf96c7d404e9e8048d4cb276c101bd3d4630ff460953aa132.jpg
2123a8906f... jpg (137.93 KB, 494x584)
And a cute one too
Good work NEET for finishing that job.

> and I shouldn't bother cleaning any more.
That would be a more shameful life.
Has our boy cobra had anything to say on the passing of lizzie?
he devoted an entire stream to her, getting sloshed on Canadian 'Crown Royal' whisky while singing Elton John's 'Candle in teh Wind' multiple times and constantly stating he was '80% British'. I really need a hobby...
> ...
enough of that
thumbnail of gentleman-pepe.jpg
thumbnail of gentleman-pepe.jpg
gentleman-... jpg (23.74 KB, 331x334)
There is no higher calling a man can devote himself to than the study and scholarship of the cobraverse.
Fun fact, the word 'the' is banned on Josh's chat, if you use it your message won't show.
> tfw depressed and anxious
have a wank, it may relieve your anxiety
I have what you need
Available over the counter
Seven days a week
No prescription needed
Yeah buddy
You only have what the NEETs think they need, not what they actually need.
They need sobriety. Yeah buddy.
thumbnail of IMG_3616.MOV
thumbnail of IMG_3616.MOV
IMG_3616 MOV (14.15 MB, 0x0)
They got me surrounded bros
You've been feeding them, that was your mistake. They will take human flesh if nothing else is available. Evil birds.
Food for thought.
Yeah buddy.
Embrace them!
Cook em up on the bbq
7 on 1 is not a fair fight
it's always like that with blacks. cockatoos will fight you 1-on-1, but magpies will gang up
stew summer soon
thumbnail of IMG-0595.jpg
thumbnail of IMG-0595.jpg
IMG-0595 jpg (3.34 MB, 4032x3024)
Got some good grill marks on it.
That is a very clean rack it is on.
That is a lot of butter in that foil tray.
It's only for basting.
looks perfecto! will there be any leftover for a steak sanga lunch tomorrow?
I imagine so. It was a 900g steak.
Yum bet that smells nice.
A NEET size steak.
how much was the tomahawk?
Sick of looking at and listening to Cobra but can't turn away as I feel like something epic is about to happen any minute.
Reminds me of Motherbat's
$35.22 from Coles.
Probably could have/should have got one from a Butcher.
Very good.
"Fuck sickos"
And on that note he finally ends the stream. What an epic shitshow it was.
I'm in an odd mood.
I love it how when he talks about girls or getting a gf he was always states "of age, unrelated and alive pussy"
Are you feeling queer?
don't forget 'human' and 'cis gendered'. He is a very disturbed individual.
thumbnail of FUyzAzvXEAY6LUp.jpg
thumbnail of FUyzAzvXEAY6LUp.jpg
FUyzAzvXEA... jpg (26.64 KB, 460x437)
just for you sweetie
thumbnail of IMG-0596.jpg
thumbnail of IMG-0596.jpg
IMG-0596 jpg (3.33 MB, 4032x3024)
thumbnail of slap.jpg
thumbnail of slap.jpg
slap jpg (37.83 KB, 960x960)
give it a slap
you are tracking that in myfitnesspal right webby?
I want the big chunk of fat near the handle please.
Looks overdone.
You are overdone.
my gape won't close!
thumbnail of 702d590dfa47450cc89503c1c36ec0c6dc3826587f9535b78be7e17e0b17e8cb.jpg
thumbnail of 702d590dfa47450cc89503c1c36ec0c6dc3826587f9535b78be7e17e0b17e8cb.jpg
702d590dfa... jpg (18.27 KB, 600x238)
Was meant to start studying at 9 this morning. It's nearly 6pm and I still haven't done shit.
Superglue it!
What neet can afford to spend $35 on a steak for dinner?
Have some dinner then do a few hours neeto
Salvage it!
Webby like our boy cruisey is classed as a C.U.N.
Cashed Up Neet.
thumbnail of wizard-imagepng.png
thumbnail of wizard-imagepng.png
wizard-ima... png (370.73 KB, 710x805)
neets who are interested in the occult, have you ever seen a demonstration of real magic?
I paid $27.82 for a 592 gram tomahawk from a local butcher back in July. The price per kilo was $46.99, and given that 900g would have set you back $42.29.
Study tomorrow instead.
I saw a NEET hop on the wagon and ride it once.
bullshit, none of the neets here could do that
Any neets know how to refresh some moderately stale rolls?
Fuck it
Three sheets of paper towel.
The box says $37/kg, with a net weight of 0.952kg
thumbnail of slap.jpg
thumbnail of slap.jpg
slap jpg (37.83 KB, 960x960)
Add some water and some heat NEET. Google will tell you exactly how much.
Big hairy mong.
thumbnail of IMG-0597.jpg
thumbnail of IMG-0597.jpg
IMG-0597 jpg (3.31 MB, 4032x3024)
thumbnail of Giza-pyramids.JPG
thumbnail of Giza-pyramids.JPG
Giza-pyram... JPG (1.2 MB, 1833x1208)
The karma from sending caravan 30 bucks that one time never came back around to me.
There's probably 3 meals there. I only ate what is shown cut on the board plus the chunk on the right.
like run it under the tap then microwave?
Well cooked.
thumbnail of hbihbjhib.jpg
thumbnail of hbihbjhib.jpg
hbihbjhib jpg (7.04 KB, 228x221)
that fatty bit on top right looks based.
a few seconds in the mike will soften them
> caravan
We do not hear much from him these days. He is in the midst of serious mental health challenges I think.
One day NEET.
You do not know that NEET. You could have avoided a misfortune you did not know about.
Very nice.
Scared about facing bossman tomorrow
suffer in your jocks
Early night and few standards?
You should have waged today.
Monks on the brink of another crisis.

We'll see. Don't know what happened last night, bought a 6 pack at midnight after already having ~15 standos. Mong stuff. 

Yep. Had a 5 hour nap instead. 

Yep. Don't know how long I can keep this up
Yes, there's no reason he can't set an alarm or two and get up and go through the motions.
I spent my 20s going to work still half cut and then having a bottle of plonk for lunch.
I'm not a professional like you are
having a glass of wine
I only had half the bottle last night
what time is the queen thing on wongodix
6pack acquired. God save the KING!
Well of course the majors will be cheaper than the little guys.
I doubt my local guy would even have one. He'd tell me to come back in a day or two.
It is a tad overdone imo. I'd call that medium rare to well done.
Turned on you like a b_n s_e
I was shooting for medium-well, at 69C/155F. I used a temperature probe.
Like a bin sao.
as he places an order with Coles online shop :)
Desire to resign
AhK then looks like you achieved it. I really need to get one of them probes instead of guessing.
to the couch?
They're worth their weight in gold.
I double-check with an instant-read thermometer before I take it off too.
Later. I need to clean the kitchen and buy some food. A monumental task at the moment
Just go to work you boong.
Is yours digital or mechanical?
I use one of these during the cook:
That constantly measures the temperature inside the Weber and inside the meat and sends both values to the other unit.

Then when I think it's done, I use one of these to double-check with a couple of pokes into the fattest bit of the meat: https://inkbird.com/collections/food-thermometers/products/waterproof-meat-thermometer-iht-1s
Might have to get one of those inkbirds myself, I usually just end up cutting into the steak to check.
Here's a freebie for my fellow KingCobra fans
2(two) seems overkill. It's not like you're cooking poultry or minced meat. Do you ever touch the meat with a finger as a test for doneness?
> Do you ever touch the meat with a finger as a test for doneness?
Did jews build the pyramids neets?
I was unaware that he had left the previous crisis.
What time we going to womboflix for the queens death stream
Calm down please.
A few have asked. He don't reply.
thumbnail of Wild.jpg
thumbnail of Wild.jpg
Wild jpg (85.81 KB, 833x479)