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How are you getting ready for the long weekend?

OLD:  >>/593845/
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thumbnail of pidge.png
pidge png (701.61 KB, 1300x975)
SA Best A.
God bless the Pidge.
My life has been one long weekend for teh past decade
thumbnail of pidge_gif.gif
thumbnail of pidge_gif.gif
pidge_gif gif (1.29 MB, 498x498)
I like that Pepe variation a lot.
I wish they'd make it that gifs won't load unless you click teh thumbnail. They really are a resource hog.
> They really are a resource hog.
They are essential.
What happens if you get on cenno but don't get separation certificates or whatever they're called from former employers? Last I recall you need 3 or so
I don't think they will pay you from what I remember about past experiences for NEETs. I think they will after a while though.
i hope you have all lived, loved and laughed today
Not for Monk's arse though.
Goon, coom, shitpost.
It's only a long weekend in one state, you mong.
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thumbnail of 7008368.jpg
7008368 jpg (118.58 KB, 1200x1046)

> in one state,
You need to overcome this mindset.
and his attitude
He is a bad NEET.
Right back at you neet.
lizard lick chicken pickin'
git eet!
thinkin' 'bout the chicken pickin'
might cook meself some steaks
quiet, please dont leave me
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thumbnail of doomsday suit.jpeg
doomsday... jpeg (58.28 KB, 503x810)
Put on the doomsday suit, it'll be quiet in there.
obama molested me once
some osrs tonight
thumbnail of gimp.jpeg
thumbnail of gimp.jpeg
gimp jpeg (203.84 KB, 634x982)
I find they get too hot sitting in the sun.
i bought the moisture absorber thing by the way
I have to ask...have any neets ever had their intimate regions waxed? Was it worthwhile?
thumbnail of IMG_20220920_165656.jpg
thumbnail of IMG_20220920_165656.jpg
IMG_202209... jpg (709.22 KB, 4032x3024)
On the plane. Cramped as fuck.
Not even enough room for a wank
May it whisk away all your fluids.
You'll just have to wank in the aisle.
What are your plans in Zipperheadland?
Were any other neets aware that NK had a korean qt? I never hear about these things.
thumbnail of toilet doomsday suit.jpg
thumbnail of toilet doomsday suit.jpg
toilet... jpg (241.24 KB, 959x936)
That to can be sorted.
International boong edition.
I don't think I could fit through that center aisle.
Well done NEET. Very exciting.
Even sideways?
Ask the person next to you to wank you off.
Yes. He posted a blurry picture of her a couple of years ago.
It is NK's birthday next week.
If they folded the seats down.
well done steak with tomato sauce
See woman then see country.
I have no interest in Korea and there's nothing I want to see over there.
Hope most cunts there don't think I'm some K-pop fanboy
> I'm some K-pop fanboy
There is no shame in that, we do not judge.
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thumbnail of man_on_fire2.jpeg
man_on_fir... jpeg (164.92 KB, 1440x810)
thumbnail of prestige-2.jpg
thumbnail of prestige-2.jpg
prestige-2 jpg (151.36 KB, 1280x720)
This Friday on womboflix - a negro shoots some mexicans in Tony Scott's Man on Fire (2004). Then on Saturday, for the discerning neet viewer, we have The Prestige (2006) - set in Edwardian London where two rival magicians, partners until the tragic death of an assistant during a show, feud bitterly after one of them performs the ultimate magic trick. Staring Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, Scarlett Johansson and Michael Caine.
big milkers?
Friday tomorrow bros
That is a rude question.
Short week?
what's on tonight, you big stinky fuck?
It shouldn't be, a girl's boob size is public information.
Weber introduced the banjo to Korea.
A private session, you're not invited.
Tiffin has reserved the entire front row
This is all very exciting
the washing machine sings me a song
NEETs in the know knew.
Find the song on Youtube for us please.
Long weekend reset begins.
> to bed
Goodnight NEET
Shazam it!
Where are you allowed to go without the vaxx?
North Korea. Keep up.
with enough mental illness you can go anywhere
I should have said other than there.
They won't let me into New Zealand
thumbnail of neet.jpeg
thumbnail of neet.jpeg
neet jpeg (20.94 KB, 740x417)
while new neets no know
not mentally ill enough
Looks like they might have changed that:

I can't visit the USA without consular approval
new zealand? more like poo zealand!
I don't like how Americans overreact.
Oh yeah
Yeah buddy.
thumbnail of 79de285a5e0f3681a32f5bff2f1387c952c82d82f2f0aefc577f202c37c310fa.jpg
thumbnail of 79de285a5e0f3681a32f5bff2f1387c952c82d82f2f0aefc577f202c37c310fa.jpg
79de285a5e... jpg (152.63 KB, 800x800)
the cat is meowing
Throw it some sardines.
throw it at the wall
thumbnail of fm.jpeg
thumbnail of fm.jpeg
fm jpeg (89.68 KB, 650x547)
Who the fuck is this NEET and why should Nuro care ?
> Nuro 
Can't wire speakers
Someone else you can not score for.
None of what is going to happen would have if Nuro did his part.
Preferential treatment for some.
thumbnail of 1be1badf5b37847ba1b97b38f25584ff.mp4
thumbnail of 1be1badf5b37847ba1b97b38f25584ff.mp4
1be1badf5b... mp4 (1.27 MB, 540x960)
Meanwhile on Monday.
thumbnail of 76536c332e25969d4b1e7c34ed156657.gif
thumbnail of 76536c332e25969d4b1e7c34ed156657.gif
76536c332e... gif (906.25 KB, 271x325)
thumbnail of 0582cf6363f071059831fc84a060d11f.mp4
thumbnail of 0582cf6363f071059831fc84a060d11f.mp4
0582cf6363... mp4 (5.35 MB, 576x1024)
Handy to know.
Catastrophising about tomorrow but its totally warranted
What the fuck happened to the site NEETs?
It was down for like a week, was this really just to fix .gif?
thumbnail of 84f1e995cd7584de7403a4f796da32e7.mp4
thumbnail of 84f1e995cd7584de7403a4f796da32e7.mp4
84f1e995cd... mp4 (4.19 MB, 576x1024)
Worse comes to worse. Power up that web cam and sell your services.
Yes. An essential feature.
wasn't down for a week
I'm halfway there already
was I the only one who couldn't access the site?
> Catastrophising
That's normal anxiety, I do that everyday.
thumbnail of 8995609b4adc3e187541d0541cb43945.mp4
thumbnail of 8995609b4adc3e187541d0541cb43945.mp4
8995609b4a... mp4 (1.76 MB, 576x1024)
no, but it wasn't a week
Cloud flare is still blocking access to endchan for some users, I just got the wire up.

is this the site, cloudflare or glowniggers?
its tiktokneets fault
Wasn't it just like a daY?
Some users still can't use the site, as in right now.
net and gg work fine. The org one doesn't work on my phone.
NK will be passing Shark Bay soon
It may be that the .org is blocking cloudflare IP's by accident, the firewall might mistake cloudflare for a attack node.
thumbnail of phone.webm
thumbnail of phone.webm
phone webm (2.16 MB, 406x720)

tiktok NEET should be banned
utter shit
thumbnail of a8ab9813813691ef1f2794acf8aef070.mp4
thumbnail of a8ab9813813691ef1f2794acf8aef070.mp4
a8ab981381... mp4 (2.19 MB, 576x1024)
Please up your game.
All domains work for me.
thumbnail of funnygirl.webm
thumbnail of funnygirl.webm
funnygirl webm (2.75 MB, 576x1024)

I don't even get this kind of humour 
I'm leaning towards it just being for kids with ipads over something post-ironic and taking the piss
ur r small brain lol
thumbnail of 2b69bbcabf08428bcbf8886f21c118a5.mp4
thumbnail of 2b69bbcabf08428bcbf8886f21c118a5.mp4
2b69bbcabf... mp4 (1.6 MB, 576x1024)
At least Olive is easy on the eyes.
nite neet
goodnigjht NEET. Sleep tight.
nah that neet needs to drink bleach
we're a bunch of fucking mongs, that's what
thumbnail of ddea456e9415408dc5984f04e5a39eae.mp4
thumbnail of ddea456e9415408dc5984f04e5a39eae.mp4
ddea456e94... mp4 (3.59 MB, 576x1024)
Good advice
thumbnail of old_pepe.jpg
thumbnail of old_pepe.jpg
old_pepe jpg (41.94 KB, 500x492)
We will never understand the zoomer humour. We have been generation gapped.
Does olive sell a custom fleshlight on her onlyfans?
> generation gapped
Only used.
Goon isnt working tonight, heart rate is increasing, feeling shaky.
You just need to drink through it
thumbnail of c3ce946b2c8e800af053d1da664952ab.mp4
thumbnail of c3ce946b2c8e800af053d1da664952ab.mp4
c3ce946b2c... mp4 (1.86 MB, 576x1024)
Felt a lot better after a few glasses of water. I must be dehydrated for long periods and not realise it.
Finally received that last instalment from the father of that nigga who borrowed $6k at the beginning of June.
Neither a borrower nor a lender be, NEETs.
Good to hear you got it back.
Nighty night NEETs.
Good to hear.
Good night
be neither the jewed nor the jew
wonder how monks going
I kept watching the queens funeral last night but endchan went down so I couldnt keep talking to that neet about it.
I fell asleep with it on the telly.
When the procession got going through the country side and castles it was comfy. I could see how a neet could snooze to it.
The goons starting to work. 2 glasses left
Worried about a sleepless night, worried about the office tomorrow
Did you wage today?
Yeah, technically
what happened this week?
heavy goonage and lack of sleep fuck your shit up?
Hope NK keeps us updated on the korea trip. Its a positive neet arc.
I sold my kindle I got in 2018 that I never use for $50 today to some gumtree cunno. Feels good to get a bit of cash from whats basically clutter now.
Good news.
NK is usually disappointing with personal updates.
He mostly just posts the pic of the elephant having sex.
I'm feeling optimistic.You're right though, he was always quite the aloof neet.
thumbnail of B6U20jBCcAAXHIo.jpg
thumbnail of B6U20jBCcAAXHIo.jpg
B6U20jBCcA... jpg (34.56 KB, 699x523)
Quiet night on the gen.
What are you up to NEET?
thumbnail of just.png
thumbnail of just.png
just png (530.82 KB, 500x533)
Standard relapse. Had almost five days. Monk situation got to me.
what about you neeto?
Big weekend but nothing extreme. Anxiety got the better of me. Realising how hopeless the situation is. Thinking it might be best to get a casual job and do the outpatient program. Drafting the message to Bossman in my head. Dreading being taken to a meeting room and given notice 
A broken record I know.
> almost five days
That will have done your body good regardless of the relapse.

> what about you neeto?
I'm on the gen and reading on reddit.
You need an inpatient program. You need to stay in a facility for several months.
You might not get sacked. Have a crack again tomorrow and see how it goes. Try to salvage it and if you get sacked so be it. Start the outpatient asap regardless.
what sub neeto?
I heard the adelaide trio are securing him a spot at an inpatient program in the adelaide hills on a hobby farm.
I can’t while working full time
/idiotsincars/ right now.
I see. Can you keep your head above water on 25 hours a week?
It’s a full time role at an international startup, they’d just replace me anyway
I will check it out. I love the aussie dashcam comps so I think it would be up my alley.
wonder if any neets remember Michael from struggle street.
I could never watch that show it was too upsetting.
Might give it another watch. I’ve only grown closer to him.
Yeah it was brutal.
Even the most feral neet here was much more dignified than a lot of people on that show.
thumbnail of B61E79B2-1E63-4A91-AE28-446AF3718F48.jpeg
thumbnail of B61E79B2-1E63-4A91-AE28-446AF3718F48.jpeg
B61E79B2-1... jpeg (1.91 MB, 3088x2316)
thumbnail of 795C7D8E-454E-40BE-8E85-04DF90FC2081.jpeg
thumbnail of 795C7D8E-454E-40BE-8E85-04DF90FC2081.jpeg
795C7D8E-4... jpeg (2.67 MB, 4032x3024)
My hairlines getting justed.
Yikes. I am not too far behind you NEET.
We need to have the dignity to accept ageing gracefully. To just let it go.
Season Three.
I looked that show up on YouTube and started watching a compilation of the funniest bits.
None of it was funny.
Last time he went overseas he was chased through the back alleys.
Feels weird seeing a NEETs eyes.
Dead silverside eyes.
You need to watch it for a while before it starts getting better and better.
Which NEET is it?
They all look alike to me.
Norwood reapers taking me.
On the Parade?
the standards, junkfood, cigs and zoloft did that to me.
Might just get munted and send my pre-resignation message in the early am
You look like you have witnessed a massacre, but the shock and dullness in your eyes is just from a slow accumulation of NEET living.
Talk to the boss like an adult and stop all this immature shit. Stay sober and deal with it tomorrow like a man.
Mourning all the possible futures for myself that I ruined.
RIP. They are out there in parallel universes living their best lives. We had to take the L here in this one for them to succeed in theirs.
Can I still take a W before its too late?
I think you already know the answer to that.
Looking at minoxidil on ebay
thumbnail of woji.png
thumbnail of woji.png
woji png (5.19 KB, 645x773)
thumbnail of 4ad.png
thumbnail of 4ad.png
4ad png (71.57 KB, 422x420)
Think I’ll resign tonight
thumbnail of 1483243054292s.jpg
thumbnail of 1483243054292s.jpg
1483243054... jpg (5.82 KB, 205x246)
is it the right move?
Monk might have to don the UMM polo at this rate.
Don't be stupid.
He'll be one of the mongs, not one of the herders.
I don’t see any other options, why delay the inevitable
If you are honestly not at a point where you can go back to work and be productive enough to salvage I can understand. Are you having a full on breakdown?
I don’t know what a breakdown is anymore 
I exist in a constant state of pressure 
I can barely feed myself or clean the toilet, manage my dirty laundry or other household chores 
I have 2 hours a day where I’m not drinking or hungover 
I could possibly manage another two weeks at work but the shame of keeping up this lie isn’t worth it
Not good mate. You're gonna have to tell your folks how bad its gotten to get that support behind you. I think its either go to wagga or work 30 hours a week at a warehouse and do outpatient until you are back on your feet.
sit down on the couch and do some deep breathing.
I'm gonna get a new stereo head unit put in the camry. Bluetooth, apple play etc. Not even at 250k yet. Want to get it to atleast 300.
Thinking about monk singing unchained melody at karaoke.
15 acquired 
I think the decision has been made
thumbnail of JmZ8pdJXm6vPK-F-.mp4
thumbnail of JmZ8pdJXm6vPK-F-.mp4
JmZ8pdJXm6... mp4 (361.81 KB, 320x494)
> 15 acquired 
fuck mate. Its done and dusted with a haul like that at this hour. Beer or goon cuzzo?
Tallboys and a long neck 
One last hurrah, totally doable
The fuck are you doing? 
Don't resign unless you have something else lined up.
You should send that resignation email or text now. You won't be getting up before 2pm now.
He is doing what he always does.
His brain is hardwired into certain responses to stress.
He is like the rest of us.
He should just be a mong and continue waging. Wait till they sack him and do 4 interviews in that time.
It is frustrating watching him self-destruct all the time.
> He should
We all should have done many things differently along our journey. But we didn't.
If we had made the right choices we wouldn't be mongs. But we are mongs.
Monk and me gonna have to use the last three months of the year to gear up for the true unjusting in 2023.
I would say that at his point the 2020s are a write off. It will be easiest to start fresh on January 1st 2030.
I think this will be the right choice. It will be tough, tomorrow will probably be the last payday. But I can’t bear this weight anymore. The lies, the excuses, the constant shame. There are lots of casual jobs around. I could make the rehab doable. A stress free job, sobriety and weight loss. 6 months on the program and back into it. I can’t keep showing up looking wasted at the morning zoom call. If it goes wrong I’ll roll the dice at Wagga 
The stoic abstainer arc is close
You are talking about trying the things you have tried before. They will not suddenly work this time.
You need inpatient rehab.
I’m hopelessly fucked 
I can’t stop lying and exploiting patience of others to extend my hedonism 
I deserve to suffer and do something honest
> I deserve to suffer and do something honest
tell your folks the absolute truth if you are in the frame of mind.
Don't quit, just start applying.
Maybe I use these fantastical redemption arcs to escape my own reality which results in self sabotage. I can’t keep track anymore
Those are breddy gud.
You've been posting a lot of this cringecore.

The CIA wants me dead
The FBI reads my mails
Twitter CEO is a cunt
And the ADL can suck my cock
At the gym
Have a good session NEET.
Kebab ordered
At this hour? What a lifestyle.
Morning neetbros. Slept well, feel bright and bushy tailed and ready for the day ahead. 
shidded my pant
Good morning.
morning, are you kebab neet?
thumbnail of 0zd6kcm7wnp11.gif
thumbnail of 0zd6kcm7wnp11.gif
0zd6kcm7wn... gif (511.03 KB, 840x488)
shidded in my toilet!
Well done NEET.
I am off to bed NEETs. Good night.
good night and sleep tight
good morning, sleep tight
thumbnail of hlglz991iyo91.png
thumbnail of hlglz991iyo91.png
hlglz991iy... png (796.43 KB, 1149x1864)

Bought some new low carb bread from aldi, trying some for breakfast now, hope it's not too terrible.
If it's the one I've read about previously, it should be quite alright.
Getting up and reading the posts Monk made after I went to bed almost always put me in a bad mood.
It tastes like cardboard, but I've never really liked bread anyway so I don't care.
I tried that Bürgen bread or whatever it's called before, I didn't mind it although it felt really moist.
facebook alphabet disney amazon apple marvel dc netflix and google is formally excommunicated from heaven equals decode h t t p s w w w whitehouse govcontact washington bureaucracy f u c k e d you all

True story mate.
thumbnail of i don't fucking care.gif
thumbnail of i don't fucking care.gif
i don't... gif (1.17 MB, 326x168)
(c) Nothing in this section exonerates a public employee from liability for injury proximately caused by his negligent or wrongful act or omission in carrying out or failing to carry out:
(1) A determination to confine or not to confine a person for mental illness or addiction.
(2) The terms or conditions of confinement of a person for mental illness or addiction.
(3) A determination to parole, grant a leave of absence to, or release a person confined for mental illness or addiction.
Ca. Gov. Code § 856

Key out Silicon Valley
Thank (You)!

Long Weekend Reset at the end of today.

Better and better.

> tomorrow 
That sounds do-able.

It will go well with the blue hat. Perhaps he can feature in the next ad.

The Long Weekend Reset is really needed.

That taste of boong water looked vile.

> gear up for the true unjusting in 2023.
Sounds do-able.

> The stoic abstainer arc is close

> Key out Silicon Valley
Encryption debunked?

Good morning NEETs.
I wish I could be this schizo.
might do The Mash, The Monster Mash, later
He does keep himself busy, I admire that.
I had a protein shake on my walk home from the gym earlier this morning. I had a black coffee and a banana about an hour after that then I had another black coffee just now. I might have tuna, brown rice and steamed veggies for lunch.
Will it be a graveyard smash?
> Will it be a graveyard smash?
I believe so.
I need to stop being a lazy arse and read/watch more stuff on esotericism so I can start getting into the nitty gritty schizo stuff.
You should try and summon a semen demon
thumbnail of 9887039.mp4
thumbnail of 9887039.mp4
9887039 mp4 (214.69 KB, 460x432)
Just be warned, there is a non-white in this video.
Why would I need to do that when I have you lot?
might have to go and visit the old bird tonight
It was scanned into the Adelaide depot just after 5 this morning and is on board for delivery.
> Bold move! Dramatic moment chess World No. 1 Magnus Carlsen RESIGNS after one move in rematch against US teen - whose earlier unexpected victory inspired bizarre theories that he used anal beads to cheat
Whizzing above
> Furious residents living under noisy drone delivery flight path call for the service to be banned near their homes - but one neighbour LOVES it
025 OFF
The DailyMail focuses on what the people want to read. There is no speculation to him using anal beads in that other article.
Last week I posted an article about the anal beads fiasco. The DailyMail is woefully behind.
Weber hacked Possum's remote-controlled anal beads once.
After a dispute in the neet council turned deadly, 20 guys were sent to possum's house to whack him once. But possum got so high on garlic bread that he didn't even feel their bullets.
He fell into a pool next to a neon sign saying "the bread is yours"
well bantered sir, well bantered
debating the merits of emptying my caboose here or at Motherbat's
Perhaps reflect on  >>/595042/
noun [ca-boose]

1. a ship's galley
2. a freight-train car attached usually to the rear mainly for the use of the train crew
3. one that follows or brings up the rear
4. buttocks
The caboose should be emptied before any significant life decisions.
thumbnail of 1663709424648436.jpg
thumbnail of 1663709424648436.jpg
1663709424... jpg (668.11 KB, 1296x730)

Where is the whimsical example of its use?
> space camp
lol lmao
imagine the idiotic shrieking
thumbnail of 1024x576_MP4_2071025410684240585.mp4
thumbnail of 1024x576_MP4_2071025410684240585.mp4
1024x576_M... mp4 (1.71 MB, 1024x576)
Here is Pajeet delivering it.
Excellent word of the week.
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-09-21-08-28-39-48.png
thumbnail of Screenshot_2022-09-21-08-28-39-48.png
Screenshot... png (1.7 MB, 1080x2160)
Imagine coming from a family like this.
Happy birthday, NEET.
*covers ears*
It's not mine.
Not very needful of him.
You should know when my birthday is anyway.
Not him, but everyday you are with us is a special day.
It was a white guy, who was a bit too cheerful.
They love kissing his arse at News Corp
> Gerry Harvey on life, health, happiness and losing $4 million in the blink of an eye
>>“I just had a mare die the other day that was worth $4 million, not insured,” he tells news.com.au.
>>“I looked down and I’d lost $4 million in one hit but I thought about it for five minutes at the most and I certainly didn’t get agitated. Because you just roll with the punches. 
>>“He doesn’t have to be successful. He just has to be alive and well. In my observations, the ones that do that have a longer happier life.”

Just a reminder.
> Billionaire Harvey Norman founder settles court case with his long-time friend's dying widow who he tried to EVICT from one of his properties - after she became too ill to continue legal fight
Harvey Norman did nothing wrong.
A coordinator company with a managing herder that identifies as 'they' offered me a big mong. 
Not replying.
Why would they offload a mong?
open game
get bored in 2 minutes
repeat ad infinitum
play anime
get bored in 2 minutes
repeat ad infinitium
They don't do the support worker part.
you wouldn't download a mong
Unloading that caboose
He also took government Covid money, turned a record profit, and refused to repay any of it.
Government shouldn't have made his company eligible for the money.
Set it free.
I've gotten obsessed with watching video game reviews rather than playing them. This guy on youtube has me convinced that cyberpunk 2077 was actually an ok game.
I do that. Unreal engine is the best for reasons I don't understand.
Wonder if monks on the bossmans discussion list.
Listening to Jimmy Buffet.
> Jimmy Buffet
Warren's brother
terrible sleep, tossing and turning since 11
Shaq in Australia.
Worst sleep I have had in a while.
going to be a long day
psycho eyes
The KFC milf called me honey again
Ask her what's good for dipping
I'll remember that next time. She did ask if I wanted any sauces.
just ask her out
'No thanks, I'm spicy enough'
She wants you.
I have my doubts
KingCobraJFS is live, chillin
thumbnail of 1663725829509.jpg
thumbnail of 1663725829509.jpg
1663725829... jpg (2.78 MB, 4000x3000)

thumbnail of unknown_308280463_417531263843946_8784377255525515218_n.webp
thumbnail of unknown_308280463_417531263843946_8784377255525515218_n.webp
unknown_30... webp (188.59 KB, 1440x1440)
thumbnail of unknown_307617985_757683538637512_1843739083179788879_n.webp
thumbnail of unknown_307617985_757683538637512_1843739083179788879_n.webp
unknown_30... webp (174.7 KB, 1440x1440)
thumbnail of unknown_307630647_130927322812787_4568050263879877885_n.webp
thumbnail of unknown_307630647_130927322812787_4568050263879877885_n.webp
unknown_30... webp (39.89 KB, 570x570)

thumbnail of unknown_307980014_612232737217919_5969131985444148379_n.webp
thumbnail of unknown_307980014_612232737217919_5969131985444148379_n.webp
unknown_30... webp (179.8 KB, 1440x1440)

Only a chad like Cruisedog could pull this off.
Big Boss Energy
The bad home is strong in this one
was that the coon?
Done a few hours of actual work.
Waste of money, put it towards a newer car.
Apparently I'm supposed to get the $25k first home buyers grant, I thought I already got it. 
What do I ask revenueSA Weber?
Normally that goes direct to the bank when your loan is arranged... How did that not happen?
thumbnail of Monk's new career.jpg
thumbnail of Monk's new career.jpg
Monk's new... jpg (28.91 KB, 400x262)
> something else lined up
Well done, you can take the rest of the day off now neet.
Yeah, I thought it already had over a year ago. My mate, who built around the same time as me just got an email from them.
"a show about dindu-nuffins"
It's as difficult to get on cenno as it is to get a new job.
What did they email say?
It's not free spending money. Best case, I'd say they'll give it to the bank who will deduct it from your remaining balance.
There are presently more jobs than people to fill them.
Got a shift in about an hour. 
Still haven't worked out how to put the public holiday service fees in. 
Hopefully it's automatic on the invoice otherwise that'll be a long job in a week or two.
Good work NEET.
That's all I wanted it for. I haven't made a deposit on the mortgage since November.
I was wondering if someone would connect those posts.
I watch more movie trailers than movies, and sometimes even a 3-minute clip is hard to sit through.
> I haven't made a deposit on the mortgage since November.
You mean voluntary additional repayments? Please tell me they have been taking repayments each fortnight or month.
thumbnail of cenm.jpg
thumbnail of cenm.jpg
cenm jpg (82.18 KB, 1031x678)
We'll look after him.
on DSP*
Yeah, there's still over $50k in the offset account, and they get deducted from that.
bunch of squirelly looking cunts aye
Get your missus to make her fortnightly pay a voluntary repayment
thumbnail of unnamed.jpg
thumbnail of unnamed.jpg
unnamed jpg (101.55 KB, 683x1024)
Got them chicken wing cravings
Garn teach a mong how to cook toad in the hole.
i might bully a neet
gonna lay in bed soon
So you pay it off quicker.
If this was you  >>/593986/ then you need to be teaching YOURSELF how to make the actual dish.
You are living my dream NEET.
Embrace it!
i'm waking up at 3 tomorrow morning though

Big day today neets, tomorrow is my moving day but some stuff is getting moved today.
Last night in the house. I've got my books all packed up and most of my clothes. Female room-mate will be picking them up today. Got a bunch of slop cooked up so I don't need to cook for a few days. I still need to disassemble my furniture, pack up the odds and ends of mine (such as toiletries, food, shoes, weights, desktop etc.), thoroughly clean the kitchen and something else that I was thinking of before but that I've suddenly forgotten. I've developed a bad cough and a sore throat. Possibly bat aids. I bought some "Vicks Vapodrops" to replace the stolen strepsils and these are not as good but about the same price. Feeling very low energy today which is annoying as I really need it today. If I could be bothered I'd go down and get some goon for a good piss-up tonight as that puts me in a mood for packing and cleaning things. Probably not a good time to go drinking an immuno-suppressant though.
Thank (you) for posting it for me.
I feel better knowing that I could stop posting and that Olive-posting would live on without me.
Good luck with the move.
Probably better to stay sober and celebrate when you're all settled in.
that wasn't even a shock image
but we already have wendys
The article says that they are a "Wendy's Milk Bar"
warm and muggy outside. This summer's gonna be hard on executives.
lol he didn't click on it
They will have skellies fan them with palm fronds.
I'll mug you
poo time, after six coffees it is well earnt.
Sweaty executive nussy. Imagine the smell
a messy but satisfying poo
A messy but satisfying encounter in the public toilets
The damprid is doing it's thing, the reject shop was closed after work so I didn't get that one
Fuck off
lol nuro a big poofter
thumbnail of igarent.png
thumbnail of igarent.png
igarent png (55.09 KB, 1974x1136)

Low quality posts
^low quality poster
thumbnail of OIP.4oxxOL2xjwV82_YjNvPZRAAAAA.jpeg
thumbnail of OIP.4oxxOL2xjwV82_YjNvPZRAAAAA.jpeg
OIP.4oxxOL... jpeg (10.91 KB, 250x240)

How am I one?
The thumbnail displayed as goatse whether it was AI generated or blurred that's what I saw.
> doesn't even know
Nor do I care.
thumbnail of 1663469193361871.png
thumbnail of 1663469193361871.png
1663469193... png (374.31 KB, 512x512)

Be careful
thumbnail of 1663465082912982.png
thumbnail of 1663465082912982.png
1663465082... png (692.61 KB, 640x640)

not seeing it
That's nice sweetie
i can see pepe
tuxedo pepe
was going to cook toads in a ditch but then was like nah too much effort I'll make lemon pepper chicken wings instead but then I was like nah I've been meaning to make apricot chicken for months so I'll make that instead but then I realised I have no chicken so was like nah I'll just cook the heckin kangaroo steak.
wonder if monks risen
Herbert Adams pies are now owned by the chinks, I wont be buying them again.
thumbnail of 1663465312815242.jpg
thumbnail of 1663465312815242.jpg
1663465312... jpg (25.55 KB, 495x362)
thumbnail of 1663734871755.jpg
thumbnail of 1663734871755.jpg
1663734871... jpg (28.69 KB, 720x960)

This country is owned by the chinks
so is 4/20
nothing sweet about this bitter old neet
thumbnail of man-on-fire-drive.jpg
thumbnail of man-on-fire-drive.jpg
man-on-fir... jpg (110.04 KB, 1920x800)
thumbnail of the_prestige3.jpg
thumbnail of the_prestige3.jpg
the_presti... jpg (3.26 MB, 2048x1362)
And now an announcement from womboflix - our Friday night feature film will be the action-thriller Man on Fire (2004) about an alcoholic burnout who goes on a vigilante rampage in mexico - should be a real banger.

"Never show anyone. They'll beg you and they'll flatter you for the secret, but as soon as you give it up... you'll be nothing to them. " 
Then on Saturday, we have the thinking man's movie, The Prestige (2006),  based on a novel by Christopher Priest, the story of two rival stage magicians in 19th century London.
love on the dash cams when motorbikes rev the engines when cut off by cars
thumbnail of 1663735107241.jpg
thumbnail of 1663735107241.jpg
1663735107... jpg (483.3 KB, 1500x1875)

thumbnail of boongs.jpg
thumbnail of boongs.jpg
boongs jpg (89.32 KB, 1040x694)
preheating the oven now
Two legs please.
Nuro ran over a quokka in the lancia once.
thumbnail of nom noms.jpg
thumbnail of nom noms.jpg
nom noms jpg (103.24 KB, 600x450)
boong appétit
The monster!
Feeling less shit this afternoon the usual. I've been doing more walking and less wanking than I usually do. Trying to figure out which is to thank for my improvement.
Quokkas don't speak Chinese.
Probably both. For reals.
You should try wanking while you go for a walk and see what that does.
A man of science I see.
It was the other way around. Nuro got hit by a chinaman whilst on the eeb.
Garn have some feed.
Good work NEET.
Watching the esoteric jew
Five (öt) weetbix.
I prefer to think of him as the magic jew. Learn anything interesting?
Greco-Roman/Egyptian spells, so your name is fitting
ProteinNEET slapped me after getting high on creatine once.
Weber drove up my alley once
Weber is cool, I wish he was my older brother
What protein he use
Weber plugged his monitor into his motherboard instead of the GPU once.
Told him it was a one-way street and to back the fuck up
Did he eventually pull out? Was your back alley ok afterwards?
thumbnail of 1663737664954.jpg
thumbnail of 1663737664954.jpg
1663737664... jpg (44.51 KB, 320x521)

one of us
I broke into a neets house to make a sandwich once
What your address Weber I want to send you some totally COOL things.
I look forward to meeting him
Settle down you spastic
We should invite him to be an after dinner speaker at the neet compound.
Good home.
> identifies as 'they'
Big red flag.
Looks like you have a big job ahead of you NEET. Good luck. Moving is always stressful but it is best to just get it over with as quickly as possible.
thumbnail of Reports.jpg
thumbnail of Reports.jpg
Reports jpg (164.05 KB, 871x571)

4pm AEST
They're remaking Hellraiser with a female Pinhead.
Hollywood is creatively bankrupt
thumbnail of hellraiser4.jpg
thumbnail of hellraiser4.jpg
hellraiser4 jpg (150.33 KB, 768x700)
I'm hoping for a bbw tranny
I have. Think it'll be an all nighter off the grog
Pasta and something for dinner
that something better be garlic bread!
Someone screenshot this and recap it tomorrow with monk's late evening  'garn' posts...
Long Weekend Reset begins.
Might have to gar a 6er to get through teh night
And mayhap anotehr roast helen
thumbnail of doctor.jpg
thumbnail of doctor.jpg
doctor jpg (70.4 KB, 866x1300)
Grab two
thumbnail of yeah.jpg
thumbnail of yeah.jpg
yeah jpg (22.11 KB, 233x356)

thumbnail of Helen.jpeg
thumbnail of Helen.jpeg
Helen jpeg (180.48 KB, 1280x720)
Make it two thanks.
thumbnail of 916902-1.png
thumbnail of 916902-1.png
916902-1 png (59.15 KB, 308x385)

thumbnail of kfc-bucket.jpg
thumbnail of kfc-bucket.jpg
kfc-bucket jpg (153.24 KB, 960x691)
how many helens per bucket? Can some big brained neet calculate it?
thumbnail of man-drinking-beer-having-online-video-conference-home-view-web-camera-social-distancing-coronavirus-man-204478465.jpg
thumbnail of man-drinking-beer-having-online-video-conference-home-view-web-camera-social-distancing-coronavirus-man-204478465.jpg
man-drinki... jpg (108.56 KB, 1600x1156)