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This is the binge scene. I'd suggest you don't watch it if you are worried about spoilers.
I was flat out getting the right length in time. I dropped the quality heaps but it was still way larger than I expected.
Did you watch it? You may find it upsetting. I'm not exec but I struggled to watch it. Probably had more of an effect on me since I care about the character having seen the stuff before hand.
The way he puts the jam on the chip sandwich is disturbing. It makes it so obvious that he is just chasing that little hit of dopamine and doesn't even enjoy it.
Post some pics before they overwhelm you. And can you set up a time lapse webcam pointing at yourself so we can watch them strip your corpse of flesh? Thanks.
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I think that it is less of a problem for countries with first world internet.
She ran out of content. The self-discovery lasted a while and so did the hook ups, but alas she could never /lifestyle/relationship/
A walking contradiction. She says at the end of the article that bad boys are great for filling time until a good guy comes along, even says 'The good news is, this bad boy phase usually wears off. You take them off the pedestal they so clearly don’t belong on and start to appreciate the good guys. You actually long for a nice date with a guy that adores you.' but at the start of the article states shes in a situationship with a nordy boi. 

> Instead of falling for a normal guy with a normal job going on normal dates, you’re stepping outside of your comfort zone
What does she even mean by this. How many guys is she fucking with 'cool' criminal records. Do my drink driving and intervention charges count? 

She is the ugliest of her friend group and looks totally average without makeup. Cuhringe
> What does she even mean by this
you glossed over the 'normal dates' too, by which she means she just meets to immediately fuck some rando
Women get a massive dump of oxytocin after they get fucked (including rape) which makes sex a vital part of their perception of relationships. The same doesn't happen for men. Kind of explains why women stay attached to le bad bois. Women are basically animals
I was going to watch it until I saw this was the calibre of actor in it: https://www.news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity-style/red-carpet/actress-kahyun-kim-goes-topless-on-red-carpet-at-cocaine-bear-premiere/news-story/0079cba881ae4308eec5aed567bd25aa
NEETs will be fighting over chocolate at the commune, it's best if we just give them spoons to settle their arguments, that way they can just spoon each other.
I wanna go to adelaide and explore lizbef city centre and davo and surrounds. Feels like a crucial part of NEET lore that I've been exposed to for like 6 years.
Been planning on moving my bed into the room with the air con for 4 years. Finally doing it this evening.
I'm more concerned about the clientele. This must be what it is like for Japs to come here. You walk in and you're suddenly surrounded by poorly behaved fat cunts with tattoos.
You must shop at weird times. Go to the supermarket at opening (6.30/7.00am) and you won't see any. Saturday morning at 9am is full of normie family types rather than scum too.
He survived the 14 pizzas. It was his heroic but foolish attempt to go up against the end boss in the form of a kfc bucket that killed him. What an absolute legend.
Someday I want to top off a lifetime of obsession with fantasy, rpgs and anime by watching a really good fantasy anime. Haven't found the right one yet though.
I've watched Shield Hero which I quite liked and I'm now nearing the end of Konosuba. I get the feeling all fantasy anime is inevitably not-great just based off the people who write it. Anime seems to be very incestuous and fantasy is already an incestuous genre anyway.
Possum kept embarrassing me on a school camp by trying to talk to me about anime in front of the cool kids once.
This is the intersection near the hoteru I will be staying at in Tokyo. There's a restaurant in the same building that sells a roast chook with a beer can up it's arse.
Maybe I should save up for a holiday. I wanna go to the middle east but airfares are insane
I done goofed neets - the bed frame is too big to fit through the doorway, so I have to take it apart, but my tools are packed away underneath all the boxes I've piled up everywhere to make room for the bed to move
Actually its not that bad. A grand to Cairo 

You'll have to do it. You can't stop half way through a rearrange. Imagine the shame when the bed is back in its original place. 
At the very least you could move the mattress and do the frame >tomrrow
There's a village of about 700 people up the mountains from Tokyo and they have a goat. I must pet the goat.
Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park seems pretty cool, a bunch of little towns that would be cool to visit for an hour or two each.
got the bed moved. Now I can't fall sleep watching youtube videos. This may have been a mistake
Somehow in the bed move I've lost an entire bedsheet. I have no fucking idea how this happens
The garlic bread was inspected
It was margarine, not butter
The parsley was dry, from a jar
The bread was stale
He ate it anyway, two sticks
As he watched the whale
Did a back workout. Up in weight and reps for everything. Looking swole, my upper chest/traps/front dealt looked fooken savage as I was doing shrugs. The straps will take a while to get used to, I felt like they made the shrugs harder because the bar on the dumbbell was effectively wider, maybe I didn't have them on tight enough.
Watching a Kitchen Nightmares episode I got led to by YouTube.
These yanks call chefs "chef" as if it is a title like "doctor".
"Yes Chef Ramsey".
Do we have any brother neet boards out there that cater to neets from lesser countries, like britain or new zealand? I was thinking we could send insomnia neets over there while the rest of us are asleep, so insomnia neets won't get lonely
gonna try and lie down on the newly positioned bed and listen to some audiobooks. This is scary, haven't slept in a different position for 5 years
And easily as good as the Coles ones. 
They have a rotisserie machine that cooks about 20 at a time and they need to keep cooking them because they sell so many.
There's a strange change in best A. 
Very windy and clear except only one dark cloud down south. 
There's HAARP arrays in the gulf and they're playing with weather. Which would be alright if we knew what the particles are they leech out of planes. Chemtrails all day for the last three except today. 
Aluminum and silicone. Making the frogs gay. Hope they keep it down south.
2am neet 
Can’t sleep. Have never been able to tolerate the sound of a ceiling fan well
Very strong winds outside. Could be disastrous for fires if they and the temperature persists.
> Read the vile comment male boss made to a female worker about her bottom having 'no meat' – as her $10,000 payout is slammed in court
> David Graham, a 'sovereign citizen' who calls himself 'Guru', was arrested in Wollongong, south of Sydney, on Friday after allegedly intimidating a radio worker.
> Graham walked into Wollongong Local Court on Thursday to face the charges, thronged by more than a dozen supporters. 
> He said he used his time in custody to 'red pill' Wollongong police officers and that he uses the mainstream media to get his messages out.
> 'If we get a chance to use the mainstream media ... let us have it, we need it - we're in a war,' he said.
ok neets, got a $50 coles voucher to buy some stuff with, what do you guys need for the next week?
I bet he comes back with enough ingredients for 2, maybe 3 meals. 
$15 pub meals are cheaper unless you are a masochist that eats legumes.
Weberboig had out of order signs on every pump, OTR was a pre-pay pump and I waited for 5 minutes at the counter while the dumb bitch made coffees and then served another guy who ummmed and ahhhhed about what fucking pie he wanted so I drove off. Half expecting to be accused of stealing fuel shortly.
Had to go to the pie face one.
> Australia sending drones, imposes more sanctions on anniversary of Russian invasion
> Ukrainian forces will be bolstered with a $33 million drone delivery
> So far Australia has committed military aid worth more than $500 million, including 90 Bushmaster vehicles, ammunition and artillery.
> Some Australian soldiers are also deployed to the UK, where they are training Ukrainian Nazis to commit war cimes
$533m could have done a lot for homessness or the healthcare or something, right?
Another day on earth bros, with nothing to do but binge and fantasise. What do you have planned for the day?
I've decided I'm gonna stay off the paranormal and ufo videos/topics for good, except as part of social activity. That'll limit the amount of time I can waste on them. If any of you neets want to watch new episodes of beyond creepy or such, let me know and we'll stream them and watch them together.
These are worse than cops, they're civvies who choose to sit in a car for 8 hours and fuck over their fellow citizens driving past.
Monk is using github to build a monument to his sin and vanity that will eventually crumble and kill him.
Imagine actually keeping the doors closed so flies don't get it, such a crazy concept for some people.
Found a couple of old panadols, they must be getting close to 10 years old. Down the hatch.
> Britney Amber is trying her best to learn but it just seems too hard for her to convert her ways to Judaism. She will do anything to convert as quickly as possible. She gets the rabbi's cock in her grasp and its not long until he is obliging letting her wrap her lips all around that cock! She just wants to fuck and knows she will get her Jewish name after this session. Her fiancee walks in to Britney taking all that cock in her trimmed pussy and his best friend is amazed at how big that Rabbi's cock is. It's really not helping the moment. She makes her fiancee watch how a real cock fucks that pussy and she thinks weekly sessions may be in store for her to really get the ways of the rabbis teachings drilled into her!
I put more ant poison on the counter. I feel like a fool given the extent of the problem and the past failures, but I may as well use up the rest of the poison left in the bottle.
I think I will investigate a new poison to buy. Some next level shit. The stuff they used to delouse jews.
Might be worth calling a pest company and asking if they have any surface treatments that will kill ants on contact and just spray every surface.
> didn't have them on tight enough
Pretty sure you are only meant to have a single layer of fabric there. Like you just let the excess hang.
Good work on it though. Do you use them for deadlifting too? Make sure to at least do your warm ups strapless for the sake of your grip strength. I find deadhangs are good for grip strength. I like to do them afterwards. I do them with the squats as well as it is meant to be good for your spine or something.
Woke up at 12:30pm. Woe. Can't even remember unplugging my phone which was on the opposite side of the bed. Sleep cycle ruined again. 



First instant for me. Might drive to melburn today, in which case I'll smash a 4 pack of something on the way

I was letting the excess hang but it there wasn't enough tension between the wrist and the actual weight. Shrugs felt like all the straps did was increase the thickness of the dumbbell bar.
This one looks good: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albino_(film)
> Film scholars Mark Miller and Tom Johnson described Albino as "a nasty, repugnant tale of racial hatred and revenge", criticizing the "exploitative" treatment which contemporary Rhodesian sociopolitical issues received.
oh lawdy dem rangz
Tomorrow night on womboflix we have the sequel to last week's Blade Runner (1982) with Blade Runner 2049 (2017) which continues the story and also looks fucking cool.

Then on Sunday we have the story of a self-destructive alcoholic and his hooker gf in Leaving Las Vegas (1995)
(he's white)
She smiled and choked me for about 3 or so minutes.
I didnt hint or even know that was my thing. Still not sure it is.
These bitches are making me need another wank.
They all dress like provocative whores.
Even if theyre walking around with their bfs, they dress like theyre looking for rape.
Did some of the neets on here go to school with each other? I came in late to the movie and missed the initial backstory.
Spammed some job applications. One replied asking for a CV during it. Straight into the archive folder with no reply!
> asking for a CV
A neet of your calibre shouldn't need to fuss around with CVs. They should give you a job just on your firm handshake and looking them in the eye.
35 degrees where I am. Feel sick from the heat and having to sit inside all the time. How are you holding up neets?
Is there such a thing as gentle CBT? (not the therapy type, the other sort of CBT). Asking for a mate.