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I was at the Kentucky Fried earlier. Cars lined up onto the street at the Drive Thru.
I hovered for a while but in the end the lines were too long and not moving.
Had to keep going. Stale bread for dinner instead.
Contemplating going shopping for some late night neet treats but I look at my waistline and I am unsure if I should.
The story is not proceeding in sequence. HE has not even described what she looked like and he is already talking about the massage.
I watched Widows (2018) last night. It has Debicki in it. It was not very good. Quite bad actually. I don't recommend it.
I used to have a binge that consisted of choc-chip ice cream, black forest roll, cherries and melted chocolate. A true late night special.
Half of what they sell is cheaply made formal wear priced up to tax poor people buying things the week before an event. 
Nothing there is worth more than the sale price, but you can get all your office wear there at the end of season.
Day two without youtube, struggling. Need more dancing girls, product placement and Russian flags. Need more flashing images and empassioned voices. Need more.
https://www.tiktok.com/@ladyjunimo/video/6939308238861012230 [Embed]
Olive plays the flute. We can safely conclude that fluteNOOT is the legitimate and rightful claimant to Olive and not the other OliveNEET.
Greasy mongs can take up to 8 wranglers to wrangle, it's very hard to stop lawyers giving the mongs lard and some wranglers enjoy a greased mong
She walked me into a booth, I think there was a candle or incense near the door. There was only a night light on. 
She had a black mini skirt and a green tight shirt. I don't think she had shoes on. Dyed blonde hair.
I forgot this bit
I got half undressed then sort of needed a piss,  so I put my shirt back on and ask for the toilet by she takes me into an alley but the doors are locked so I said fuck it and there was a bit behind the booths with an electric frying pan, a rice cooker and a half cooked cabbage.
Maybe ungreased, but you can't use body weight to keep a greased mong down. You've got to lock up each limb then lift them flat, hence the need for 8 wranglers
15 acquired. 2 VB tallboys and some whiskey. Wagon termination. 
Someone has to make room for me in the boong cycle.
She told me to get naked and then lay in the bed face down. I was asking her about how much for more. I think I am supposed to haggle, $50 extra for no shirt is ridiculous. After massaging my arse and back she started rubbing my legs and kept tickling my balls and gooch. It's a sensitive spot when it's touched unexpected. I had to jump up after about the tenth time and grab a tissue and she started giggling at me. She told me to turn over and she got another a handful of lube then grabbed beneath my balls around my doodle. I think I might have been going soft so she grabbed it tighter then went for my throat and choked me for about 20 secs and I got hard again. Then I went a bit soft again after she was rubbing my balls and stuff so I just said thanks and I think I'm done. All through this she never stopped smiling. Looked like a demon with incense smoke behind her and an orange glow from the night light and her teeth shining. Fake nails in my neck. 8/10 will probably try again.
> Looked like a demon with incense smoke behind her and an orange glow from the night light and her teeth shining.
Horror... Horror has a face... and you must make a friend of horror.
> she started giggling at me.
> then went for my throat and choked me for about 20 secs and I got hard again
> Looked like a demon with incense smoke behind her 
A memory you can cherish for the rest of your life.
If you come back to California, you should just hit me up
We'll do whatever you want, travel wherever how far
We'll hit up all the old places
We'll have a party, we'll dance 'til dawn
I'll pick up all of your Vogues and all of your Rolling Stones
Your favorite liquor off the top shelf
I'll throw a party all night long
If the tranny is such a problem, bash and or kill it. You’re in a small town. Police won’t care or properly investigate.
*Choking on goon
I'm fine now. I was worried I'd have to spit it into my glass and ruin the remainder of the glass but I managed to get it down.
A homosexual man was killed in my town by being taken out into the desert and taped to a stobie pole. Everyone knew who did it but nothing came of it.
Trannies aren't homosexual. They're still attracted to women. It's autogynephilia, a sexual fetish or more accurately a perversion. Like pedophilia almost exclusively found in men. It's basically unheard of for a women to transition to become a gay men, they're all lesbians before the fact.
Yeah, I know. I'm just saying that a fag got done in in my town and nothing came of it. I bet Weber can work out what town it is based off this information alone.
Second can. Obtrusive thoughts starting to take a back seat. Less crushing pressure to do something productive. Chemical relaxation beginning.
There's probably a sexual deviation and some silicone attachments you could use for that.
Imaginary conversations in my head where I'm normal and confident and sociable 
Smiling for no reason
Reading about poptarts. Horrified by the shit that seppos eat. No wonder they are so unhealthy.
Schizoid implies I have no interest in relationships, whereas for me they are simply unachievable resulting in a case of woe. 
I think generally schizoid "personality disorder" (not real) is maximum cope for ass pies who are so shunned and undesirable that they pretend to enjoy life as a loner because they have "social anxiety" (not real)
He does. He might have latched onto a (not real, manufactured, Jewish psychiatric trickery) disorder as part of his identity to explain some shortcomings. Allah knows I have done it in the past.
You might get some extra rights with that. Liek marry your imaginary people or something. And walk into imaginary coed bathrooms.
I've been thinking of travelling to Baku and finding myself an Azerbaijani wife recently.
They're cute swarthy half-hapas. Baku is a high HDI city with nice architecture and European influence that I could easily see myself enjoying. Relatively low cost of living too. She would be traditional and submissive, easy to manipulate given my influence as the primary breadwinner (AUD🤑) would not put up with raising any soyboy sons. Good location between Europe and Asia. I would be quirky and mysterious telling colleagues that I speak Azeri and Persian and spent good chunks of time in the region. Overall it would make me a more interesting person and I get a hot wife as a side.
> no interest in relationships
I think it should be kept in mind that the DSM-V lists symptoms from the perspective of a psycholgist. ie. how the schizoid presents themselves to someone else, not how the schizoid feels.
From what I've read on the internet, it seems it is pretty typical for schizoids to have having a relationship as a fantasy but not as something they actually desire to manifest.
I'd agree that it is mostly not a real thing. It strikes me as being a bit introverted and psychologists (highly social and extroverted people) view this as being pathological.
You're thinking of a different neet. I learnt the term off of him though.
God, I bet he is the same neet that says that you shouldn't play with your own children.
I used to watch an Azerbaijan couple on YouTube. 
She looked like her name would be Bertha or Helga and has hands like a blacksmith.
Female room-mate got a fancy cake a few weeks ago. The people at the party had very little of it and she let me have it most of it. I don't know where she got it (I could ask) but it was really nice.
Tradwife meme is cringe I know. I couldn't handle a western woman mogging me. I routinely watch my Dad get mogged by his wife and I just want him to tell her to shut the fuck up and lay some hands. 

Same. We need a special emergency WomboFlix screening.
Old school. You need to soak those sponges though, they are dry and horrible. Grandma used to make cakes like that. With strawberries cut in half on it. They were slimy.
I'm 6 foot 4 and not interested in boong twinks 
I just want some time off to read books and get offline. Plus people would think I'm hard
Still at 128kg for the third time this week. Pretty pleased with myself and feeling inspired to do some more exercise.
For neets who didn't get the news - monk fell off the wagon and is back on the goon. Time for us to show solidarity with him and get back on the choof/chockies/goon/whatever.
There seems to be some really cool people at work that I might actually enjoy hanging out with, I just wish I wasn't a spastic.
I am no longer going to make any encouraging replies to Monk and his self-improvement desires.
I am going to be sarcastic and mocking instead. He has made a fool out of me. There wasn't even a good reason for him to fall off the wagon yesterday.
He is just no good.
> Lent against a post on king william
I don't see why you thought it would make good collateral. You won't even be able to remove it.
I reckon the stonework for those old Adelaide buildings looks shit but since they are so old the buildings have attained certain qualities that transcend the ugly style.
Was going to take a pic of the front of the uniting church (probably originally methodist) but the front step was covered with homeless people.
chicken suimin noodle cup for lunch
should have gotten two hot and spicy instead of one of each
Some bloke asked what i was doing.
Turned into a conversation about how we work like niggers and the homeless do it to themselves.
That is a nice little corner building. I am not sure about that greenish colour.

> we work like niggers and the homeless do it to themselves.
You are turning into a facebook boomer. The bossman mentality has ruined you.
This Friday womboflix will be playing The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent (2014) a comedy about Nicolas Cage as Nicolas Cage. On Saturday Shiban will be playing Kontroll.

On Sunday we will be streaming John Wick (2014), an extraordinary violent and stylish action film about a man out to avenge his murdered puppy.
In Stepney now. I don't belong.
Was going to go to booze bros but its in a fancy pub area.
Has monk been heard from this morning, or did he commit sudoku after falling off the wagon again?
I can't remember. I have blocked him out. He said something about getting back on the wagon today but he might have posted that last night.
2 days ago the washing machine repairman told me he'd be here to repair the washing machine in a few hours. Still no sign of him. Don't tell me not to hate tradies.
Severely woed. Contemplating giving ol' Dan a visit. On the train home. All done with my uni work for this week. Had this woman who was maybe about 40 made a pass at me. Some chicks at Rundle mall were yelling and carrying on before. Caused a bit of a scene. They were speaking some Slavic language. Possibly hohols.  Dressed well today and my hair looks good, still got brutally mogged by this bloke who'd have to be one of the best looking men I've ever seen. Noticed that buttcuts are making a return, they are quite trendy at the moment. I haven't gone for one but I've found a different way of cutting my hair that looks really nice. It makes me look younger which is not a bad thing with my facial structure always making me look a bit older than I am. I associate the buttcut with Brendan Fraser quite strongly. Noticed it has become less common for people to iron their clothes. Not a good sign.
They are scum. I have had a plumber full on ghost me after not coming when he said he would. Blocked. I was polite as fuck in my messages chasing him up too. You have to treat these cunts like royalty and I still got ghosted.
Coles is still calling them kievs, but woolworths has changed to the hohol spelling. Which store are you shopping at neets?
this should not even be possible without massive amounts of human interference
Something happened at Kilburn. Think someone died or get injured or something. Lots of paramedics and cops were there and the trains are running late.
There is not much more to say. I engaged a little bit but then got uncomfortable and told her very abruptly that "I have to go" before manually walking away. I have little realisations at times where it occurs to me that I am the source of all the difficulty and hardship in my life but I never know what to do about this fact.
I mean back before he was JUSTED though.
I walked down twice, there was a dreaded white guy rapping and a guitar and bass thing from cyberpunk looking people, and a black guy doing something with basketballs.
The foodcourt under myers is pretty good.
This wasnt from there, it was okay though.
I shared it with the pidgeons and onegot too game and sat on my knee.
My pop hit a kid, apparently the basketball he was holding bounced up and hit the window. He had dreams about the ball for a long time after.
My old man used to bet on the nags. I still think of horses as the fancy version of dogs.
I saw a few signs. While sitting in st peters I was thinking about how goon and wanking is all I like doing when not preoccupied with the wage.
Noble pursuits.
ate one of those 'on the menu' chicken rolls
hopefully they have some springies or pidser tonight
> Easy to prepare, its a good food substitute for depressives due to the minimal effort required (I speak from experience). As my cat usually demands half of the chicken in tribute to him I feel the serving size could be more generous. It tastes exactly how you think it will.
Going to have a nap. Afterwards I will put my boots on and stomp down to the shops. I will not get anything for the rest of you.
Could the recent screening of Leaving Las Vegas have contributed to monk falling off the wagon? Should womboflix avoid showing any films that glamourise self-destructive alcoholism and instead stick to action movies that glorify rightful heroes being homocidal?
Looking for abandoned places around Japan to visit on my trip. This place looks cool and it's very close to Nagoya, one of my stops: https://traveroom.jp/chitosero
It's in Nipponese though.
I am going to go out and get some more river port Sarsaparilla. I will see how floppy the flat breads are too.
Cruisey took me to a Korean restaurant once but he was too tight to buy me a proper meal.
Two thick SEAsians came in as we were almost done. One locked eyes with me for a little too long. Next time I looked up, her chair had turned 45° and I could see her plonker in full view. She kept looking around too. 
Bitch knew what she was doing.
I was just reading an article about the Centrelink Robodebt scheme.
It was saying  how one person who got sent a debt (and then killed himself) shouldn't have been sent the debt because it was on his record that he had experienced "suicidal ideation" in the past, and this gave him a "vulnerability indicator" which should have excluded him from the scheme.
I thought that was an interesting bit of information into how Cenno operates behind the scenes.
The conclusion to draw for any of you NEETs stuck in the cenno system is it will be to your advantage to make sure they have on your file that you are a vulnerable person, and then you may find yourself able to avoid the harshest treatment. So make sure they are aware that you are a suicidal person. You probably won't even have to lie.
Tomato paste, raw onion, tuna, peas, red kidney beans, Worcestershire sauce, garlic. Worked surprisingly well. Good alternative to mayonnaise.
might watch the episode of south park where eric cartman eats all the kfc from a shared chicken bucket