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been worrying that a cramp in my side is some serious disease, but it's probably either a muscle I pulled a few days ago while moving furniture around or because I have a new sleeping position on my bed now
I accidentally squeezed the sarsaparilla bottle as I was pouring out a glass and it went all over the kitchen counter and onto the side of the fridge and wall and dripped down in the little gap between the fridge and kitchen counter.
All I had to say was "I don't want to go to school any more, I hate it" and that would have been the end of my nightmare.
But for some reason I thought I had to keep going. I never even considered just staying home and ignoring the parents when they tried to make me go.
I didn't realise I could have just laughed at them while they raged. In reality they would have been powerless. If only I had worked that out at the time.
I thought I'd gotten over insomnia, but I guess by 'gotten over' I was just good at lying in bed watching youtube videos until I fell back asleep.
> Australia is about to legalise MDMA and psilocybin for medicinal use. So how will it work?
>  >Professor David Nutt is a neuropsychopharmacologist who is a leading expert in the field, and the head of the psychedelic research group at Imperial College in London.
>  >Professor Nutt uses the analogy of defragmenting a computer hard drive to allow programs to run more fluently.
found a huge spider in my room at 3 in the morning, inhaled what's probably a deadly dose of surface spray mortein trying to kill it, been up ever since. Had to go outside in the dark for hours waiting for the air to clear in my place. Day ruined. Life ruined.
> Woolworths issues urgent recall for sausages sold throughout one Australian state due to fears of plastic contamination
>  >The supermarket giant has warned Market Value 24 Thin Beef Sausages 1.8kg sold between February 22 to March 1 could contain plastic.
>  >Products containing plastic may cause injury and sickness if eaten.    
Guys like monk are the reason that responsible adults like me aren't allowed to buy a bottle of vodka at 7 in the morning whenever I need it. Prove me wrong.
The one at my work is a flat faced, flat arsed, pig nosed, big lipped one. The human name she chose was Holly which I find funny.
> space Commander Air Vice-Marshal Catherine Roberts 
Space command will keep us safe.
The other day at the Korean restaurant, the staff were all like that, except for one Laotian pocket rocket. 
Was weird seeing her walk around between the chunky wide eyed Koreans that are probably 1/4 yank and don't know it. 
Their language sounds like pigs eating.
I have empathy for boogie because I'm also a fat fuck with anxiety issues. Don't see how it was fair of him to get a hot gf though.
Possum once shot own a fleet of invading UFOs and then assured the public they'd been chinese weather balloons
garn get some booze, nothing too much, you neets want me to pick you up something? My shout.
Got a can of carlton draught. In terms of price, what's the best thing to go for if you only want a small amount of booze?
> Roosevelt Mayor Peggy Malkin told the Asbury Park Press that the woman was a pet-sitter and had built a “cat house” for the animals to live in separately.
That's sad if it went too.
the second photo in this article is a banger
Now they'll spend a million euros or so to renovate the building so the clients don't have to suffer the racist indignity of being seen waiting from the street.
wondering if I should get a night vision webcam to monitor my room at night, make sure nothing is crawling about while I sleep
There's videos on Youtube of people playing the pokies. They video themselves "Getting the feature" as if it is some sort of achievement.
It is a very sad scene.
whiny faggots
I don't like the word either, but that's only because there are better choices:
my boyfriend/girlfriend
my fiance/fiancee
my husband/wife
had a chicken schnitzel boiger and a potat fritter from chicken knight for lunch
having a mondster now
Got some woolies thin bbq sausages, but they're not from WA. Not sure what to do, even though the alert's only been issued for WA, these things often spread. Throw them away or not?
Need some laughs to relieve you from life's unrelenting bleakness? Tonight womboflix is playing the action-comedy The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent (2022), starring Nicolas Cage, Pedro Pascal, a bunch of women, and Neil Patrick Harris. 7pm AEDT.

Tomorrow Shiban is streaming the Hungarian film Kontroll

On Sunday we will have John Wick (2014), the story of a legendary hitman who is forced out of retirement to seek revenge against the men who killed his puppy.
I am watching these pokie youtube videos. Whenever someone is on a win there is always an asian woman in the background making excited sounds in broken english. You so lucky. Luckeeee.
The son of my next door neighbour is over. He's doing some work in the backyard. Rubbing some sandpaper on the fence or something. Interrupting my wank session. Fucking hate normies.
They have bizarre superstitious rituals like tapping the button really fast as the things spin on the screen.
Venezuelan has found a boyfriend and totally abandoned me as a result. 
Thought me being her first would warrant some merit but I guess not. Pretty jaded about it. Honestly wanna kidnap and marry her.
No I was her first lover and she adored me. I did cute playful shit in the pub and she cried because she had to leave a few days later. She was madly in love with me and it was obvious. Even my Dad knew it after meeting her once. 
She admits it but given the circumstances there's not much I can do. 
I'd knock her up if I could, probably
Bugpeople at the wage fighting about bugshit nobody understands, boss didn't pay me on time, bad home neet randomly threw a cigarette at me.
A NEET is about to fall down.
Had terrible diarrhoea this morning. Went to uni. Farted in a tutorial. It was just me and this other bloke in that corner of the room. The fart itself was silent but he let out a little cough and a choke when he smelt it and gave me a dirty look.
I don't know what is wrong with me, the smell is fucking lethal. I farted in bed before with my head under the covers and thought I was about to die.
Womboflix will be streaming The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent (2022) in 1 hour; 30 minutes beforehand we'll be showing an episode of the 80s british comedy The Young Ones with Rik Mayal. Everyone's invited. 
Going to have a coffee. Still can't stop farting. I have to let it go and then move away for a bit due to the stench.
that pidser would have been better shared
the second half went a bit soggy in the box by I got to it
chicken would have been better than the mystery meat, but wasn't an option
the sauce could have been more tangy too
> Is it pizza boys?
twice now I've had a decidedly average pidser from them
not sure why the bad homes rave about them, other than the price
Clark was born in Sweden and moved with her family to Penarth, Wales, when she was two years old.[5] She described her father as a "Northern Irish Glaswegian", and her maternal side is from North Wales.[6] Her parents spoke English together, but her maternal grandparents were Welsh speakers,
> Clark was born in Sweden and moved with her family to Penarth, Wales, when she was two years old.[5] She described her father as a "Northern Irish Glaswegian", and her maternal side is from North Wales.[6]
fuckenm shitting dickl nigger
was rummaging around in a box full of shit and speared myself with a wire wheel under the finger nail
fucken blood everywhere
I am back from the shops. Big spend.
Got a ten pack of Wicked Wings and a popcorn chicken go bucket on the way home. Very good quality tonight.
The line at the drive thru was pretty long and there were several periods where the line wasn't moving at all.
A tatted up bad home individual in a black hilux started honking his horn and yelling abuse at the car which merged in front of him where the two drive thru lanes become one.
He thought just because he positioned himself aggressively he was entitled to jump the line.
After he got cut off and had stopped honking he then tail-gated the car in front as it crept along. He was millimeters away.
Bad home individual.
Not that neet but I am also back from the shops and missed the film because of it. Had to stand and wait for quite a bit of traffic whilst holding a box of goon and being dressed like a homeless boong. Embarrassing to say the least. I find it quite funny though.
I did not say I enjoyed my shop. There was a big hold up at the Aldi checkout. Only one checkout open and the hijab girl was having a lot of trouble scanning some reduced items. Then a big fat woman produced a receipt and said she had been charged earlier for things she hadn't bought. They told her they would need to check the tape recording. They do not trust the sorts around here. Too many bad homes.
Yes, people in those dual-lane drive-thrus are idiots. I had a woman at McDolans shouting at me that "she ordered" first, despite my lane clearing before hers. It's not like they don't get you to confirm your order before you pay or anything.
> It's not like they don't get you to confirm your order before you pay or anything.
and they sure as hell don't start cooking it until your paywave has gone through
I bought some fancy Italian dry pasta. $4.50 for a 500g bag. Going to see if it is better than the $1 cheapies I usually buy. They use fancy wheat and the pasta comes out a bronze nozzle to be moulded into shape and that apparently produces a better result than plastic or stainless steel.
I'm in a bad home area and I always get my bag searched at the aldi. They do it with everyone that has a bag, not just boongs like me. The girl that does it is some sort of South American. She looks mostly white but a bit darker with her hair and eyes. Very friendly though. Sometimes badhomes will carry on and cause a scene about their bags being searched. Usually it is the wogs that do it.
For some reason there was a jam in her lane or the car in front of her in her lane wasn't paying attention or something. Normally I wouldn't force my way in, but if I'd hung back on this occasion I'd have been doing everybody a disservice. This fat face women couldn't handle it.
Glad you liked it

Thanks to all the neetbros who watched The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent on womboflix tonight. This is a movie about some guys who are making a movie about making a movie about...it reminds me of 90s movies like The Player (1992) and Last Action Hero (1993), built around self-reference.
Having your bags searched is humiliating and I have made a scene about it once or twice before myself but I only do it when I am in an area I don't usually visit, because I can't afford to have them ban me from any of the local shops.
I want to rewatch the LOTR films but I've seen them too many times. Might just rewatch them anyway.
Tropic Thunder, of course. The whale would have to be voted for. I don't mind watching it but I worry some neets may be upset by it.
I do not like it, and usually only take a bag in if the contents are radically different to the shop in question. I have pulled a wine bottle out of a bag at Coles and said in a loud voice "you do not sell wine here" at a snooper before.
The problem with keeping your 10c deposit bottles, cans and cartons is that you see just how much you have been consuming. All that sugar. It is much better for peace of mind to throw them in the garbage every week and not be reminded of what you are doing to your body.
they'd get more benefit from a house that has multiple people or regular visitors
farting in a loner neet's house would not be that fun
Imagine these cunts thinking they can look inside my bag and treat me like I might be a criminal.
Technically you can keep on walking and if they're stupid enough to forcibly stop you, your financial gain will be far greater than anything you might have stolen in the first place.
Does anyone know of films similar to  The Nice Guys (2016) [It would be a good one for womboflix, maybe too high quality though.] other than the Lethal Weapon?
I am going to bed. I need a solid three hours of sleep apnoea to ready myself for Bill's presence.
Nick Cage as a has-been action movie star reminds me - do you think holywood action movies are (1) no longer as good as they used to be and (2) there are very few young action movie stars?
There are certainly far less mindless action movies now then there used to be. Not sure if that's because directors don't want to be associated with them, or whether some set the bar so high that nobody wants to try and compete anymore.
Got goon all over my trackies and hoodie. Might get changed, might just wait for it to dry and smell like a boong.