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Attention - the neet formerly known as 128kg and 127kg neet is now 126kg neet. Thank you for putting up with the frequent name changes.
If only we knew
> Now Elon Musk says he's 'open to the idea' of buying crisis-hit Silicon Valley Bank and turning Twitter into a digital bank
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Elon should fund his purchase of the bank using a newly issued crypto coin and nfts, and then use the bank as an investment platform to kick start his mars colonisation effort.
> get wage
> lose hundreds of dollars worth of concessions
> suddenly become time poor
> still losing money
> incredibly stressed
> could lose job and get dumped on my arse
Wage isn't worth it neets
Went out and threw my half finished bottle of benzos in a public rubbish bin. I hope some homeless guy like nuro fishes it out while searching for empty cans, and enjoys the benzos more than I did.
Cenno is still active for 2 months or so after no payment of you keep meeting your obligations. You can still use health care card and if you have a valid travel concession card. But no rent payment would hit harder.
> I hope some homeless guy like nuro fishes it out while searching for empty cans
If he was still alive (RIP), he would post the haul on here.
I've hit two months and I'm haemoraging money, probably what my payments were over again in the loss of concessions.
How much do you need to make a week to keep your head above water? Serious question, because I'm being paid less than that.
The threshold to get no payment per fortnight is $1900 for a single adult with no children. If you were close to $1900 per fortnight before tax and had a working credit you'll get something but not much. 

It depends on your circumstances as I think some concessions require full payment rate. Just be careful in the future as quiting now is not a valid excuse and you'll have to serve the waiting periods. So plan ahead now what you're doing.
There are just so many reasons to stay unemployed, you've got more income security on cenno then on a casual job and the more you change what you're doing the more likely you are to get fucked
Correct its almost $1300 per fortnight single with no dependants. 
Morning gamers. Awake and out of bed after my first alarm. Put it on the other side of the bed. I think the issue is the volume was way too low before. 

The past increases, the future recedes. NEETman remains idle.
> 50 cents for each dollar between $150 and $256 then 60 cents for each dollar over $256
Can't work it out. 
T. Illiterate neet.

If you've got an income of 750 a week would you be able to claim anything at all?
Maybe I'm just shit at budgeting.
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This week, womboflix...

On Wednesday we'll try another episode of the british scifi-comedy Red Dwarf, this time the first episode, so hopefully it will make more sense than the last episode we screened.

On Saturday will be National Treasure (2004), where your hero and mine, Nicolas Cage, uncovers a centuries old conspiracy involving the freemasons.

On Sunday we will be showing the third movie in the John Wick series - John Wick Chapter 3 - Parabellum. John Wick 4 hits the cinemas on March 23rd.
750 + 750 = 1500 which is above the $1300 cut off if you are single and have no children. No payment. 

You also need to have Cenno claim approved before working. Never cancel early if you're under or near the threshold because working credits could bring you under for a while.
Oh it's by the fortnight, yea that's what I concluded.
Unfortunately because of how concessions work there's this bizarre band of wages where you'd be better off financially on centrelink and working two days a week cash rather than 25 hours a week just to lose all your concessions
Cutting down on the energy drinks today neets, going from a big 500ml monster to a 250ml aldi energy drink. I am missing the extra caffeine.
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Survey time neets, please place a cross in applicable boxes:
Today I have been...
On the standards [ ]
On the chockies  [ ]
On the chinky    [ ]
On the choof     [ ]
On the darts     [ ]
On the dexies    [ ]
On the benzos    [ ]
On the dole      [ ]
On the flatbreads[ ]
I just don't get it, the system forces workers onto cenno then punishes them for being on cenno. 
If I'm on cenno they fuck me around, if I work my boss fucks me around and i still can't pay bills.
home after dropping the kids back at their parents'
elder of the two puked her guts up all the way down the southern expressway
fortunately i had put sick bags in the back for such an eventuality
kids ran into their house without saying goodbye or thank you or even taking their belongings
ungrateful shits
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Need advice NEETs. I know this is bad place to ask but bare with me.
> Relative bought me expensive overpriced laptop as bday gift
> Have no use for it
> Tried to return, but Lenovo wants 20% "restocking fee" even though it's unused
> Sell it on eBay for $2.1k instead
> It's to some guy in UK - I enabled international shipping cause wanted to get rid of it ASAP before return period closes
> Now need to fill out some legal form for exporting $2k+ item
> No idea what any of this shit on this form means
Should I change the submitted export value to $1999.99 to dodge this export form shit, or should I relist the item at $1999.99?
> no thank you
Give your sister a talking to
> sick bags
Well prepped
Welcome home. Many cops out today? Are you placing a bet?
Some concessions like Travel concession require you to receive a full payment. If you lose $1 from your Cenno pay they may deny you concession travel. It's tricky and requires careful planning.
I've told my sister they're rude and suggested she fix her parenting style.
I saw probably half a dozen police cars about the place, so they're definitely out and about today.
I am not placing a bet. Horses are too unpredictable.
No, it wouldn't have mattered what they were fed, which incidentally was grilled cheese on toast and a small pot of vanilla yoghurt.
> suggested she fix her parenting style
Parents tend not to like being given that sort of advice from people who don't have children themselves.
My mother was telling me once about all the things she thought my sister was doing wrong with her kids and my jaw dropped. I was rendered speechless. As if my mother was one to give advice to anyone else on parenting! The balls on this woman.
And she wonders why my sister doesn't speak to her unless she wants money.
We'll need fainting lounges placed conveniently around the commune for when the good home NEETs get flabagasted.
Keanu's beard does not look good. Odd shape to it. He must use hair dye on it to keep it that dark.
Opened a packet of Arnott's Mint Slice, but seeing as nobody wanted nuggers, I won't offer anybody a biscuit.
I got paid ten quid to come out of a cake naked for the Queen's birthday party at Buckingham palace back in the 90s.
Did he deserve the oscar? Sometimes I think they just reward someone for putting on latex make-up. Nicole Kidman got an oscar for wearing a prosthetic nose once.
If only we knew
> A campground on the NSW South Coast has closed to visitors, its grounds stuffed full of locals in tents, caravans or cars who can't afford a home. 
> Until recently, Bruce Cox was one of them.
> “[I] only had a cold shower and a public toilet block and I cooked on a campfire every night. All before I went to work," he told Insight.
Anglicare owns probably a third of the housing in the Lizbef area and actively goes out of their way to hand it to non-whites. The Holy Cross church in Lizbef has literally had the same homeless guy sleeping under their verandah for the last five years or so and they won't give him anything.
> their verandah for the last five years or so and they won't give him anything.
Have you spoken to him? 
If he hasn't been offered help or support you should report it to a few media outlets.
Some of the congregation will give him $20 or food, and I think he got given a hair cut one year, but the business side of the Anglican Church hates white heterosexual males.
The vast majority of charities are scams or ineffective, unless you can see what the charity does with your own eyes then it's best to just write it off.
Yes. If you read any of their annual reports, you will likely see the charity spends at least 70% of all income on their salaries.
Does everyone use spotify for music nowadays? Am I the only weirdo who actually keeps it locally on my machine?
> Sold DS game on ebay
> Buyer's name is "Flippy The"
Hope it has no problems getting to him
Gonna be raining all night, I wanted to go for a night walk. I might go but more for a casual stroll with the umbrella rather than an exercise kind of walk.
My reading goal for this year is 18 books but one book I've read, I Have No Mouth, And I Must Scream (pretty average) was barely even a 30 minute read. That shouldn't count towards the goal, right?
I filled up at the petrol station. I was in a mood for some treats but the prices outraged me so much that I came away with nothing.
> Thank Godnyiirndays are nimbered.
Cruisey is Jordan Peterson?!
> Am I the only weirdo who actually keeps it locally on my machine?
Why would you bother? Its so much easier to just stream it, I can't justify the time and effort it takes to search and download new music, after I've discovered it elsewhere when I can find it in a couple seconds on spotify. 
I see the appeal for movies but not music.
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thumbnail of 20230313_185327.jpg
20230313_185327 jpg
(2.14 MB, 2903x2409)
Positive developments in ramen.
Wombok cabbage can be eaten raw, this solves many mysteries about Asian cabbage garnish. Black wood ear fungus should be shredded away from the base. Udon is shelf stable and can be bought in bulk.
Having anxieties about all the horrible diseases I might have again. Kinda want to join a support group for health anxiety, but I know it will probably make things worse.
Took a big long walk to hungry jacks, and ate a burger there for the first time since the pandemic started. There were a surprising number of coofers there, so I ate outside. Didn't really like it as much as I used to. I want to avoid all fast food from now on unless it's part of a social gathering.
No harm done, this fast food isn't poison there's just a shit load of extra calories in it. 
There are many reasons you would actually eat this, the problem arises when office workers rather than brick layers eat this calorie brick
I wish you could factory reset your brain.
Lose everything except basic language and reading abilities and then start again. Memories of the past completely erased.
Not insomnia, but I need to urinate a couple of times a night, which usually results in an hour and a half on the internet on my phone when I get back into bed.
we should hold an open mike video night on womboflix, where contestants try and entertain us with the funniest youtube videos they can find for a certain amount of time
Results don't come from effort, it's faster to take a break, do something else for a while, build some clarity about the way you want to come at it.
T. Blew up a 1700 machine this morning, ordered parts an hour ago, decided to fix one part with a sledge hammer.
The kind of 1700 machine that usually costs 400 to get repaired, but that it turns out open source parts are available for, there's a repair manual for even if it's not given to consumers, and that metal parts of are easily beaten back into shape with a blowtorch and a sledge hammer.
> the documentary 'get back'?
I have it downloaded. I don't know if I will be able to handle watching it though. Probably not. It will cause me too much anxiety.
Donald Trump (inventor of the KKK and slavery) stoled it from them and whitewashed history using the Jan 6th Insurrection Army which caused the largest Mass Extinction Event in the Earth's history (bigger than the meteor that killed the Dinosaurs) wiping out Black Pharaohs and Demigods from all the world except Africa, the Caribbean, and the US and stealing their power.
I am hyper sensitive to other people embarrassing themselves in front of others. And unfortunately I view almost everything as being embarrassing. I can barely watch anything any more. I have to turn the radio off when I get in a car. Just the morons on radio talking makes me feel unbearable anxiety.

I am very seriously mentally ill. It was not always like this.
There was no one incident. It all just accumulated. I am constantly tormented by memories of things I think embarrassed me in the past. small things from childhood and after. Burned into my brain. Almost anything can trigger the memories and then I feel the embarrassment all over again.
The efforts to avoid these feelings is what caused me to go insane. It is too late for me now.
morning boyos
instants, pepsi maxes, vape, uppity jazz and morning internet browsing, favourite part of the day
This diet wagon might not have been a good idea. I feel like I need a few flat breads to even me out.
I can always hop back on the wagon tomorrow.
Yesterday I was on way too man. Instants and white mongsters for breaky and then pepsis constantly for the rest of the day. Ruined my energy. 
I'll a few during this 'morning' part of my day and then abstain.
should have just yeeted one of their kids over the rail