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Possum said "I'm going to didgeridoo you in the arse!" in a gay porno leading to outcry from rural and remote Aboriginal communities once.
I came on some garlic bread and got possum to unknowingly eat it thus making him gay once.
A hardwood rocking chair that doesn't creak, a crocheted rug over your lap and a cup of chamomile and a few boxes of short breads cookies.
I drink my last black tea about 6pm.
You could try lemon balm too.

I wouldn't go that far. But Sumerian was agglutinative, probably the language of Linear A was too (Etruscan too). The first Indus valley civ, I'm not sure, they were Dravidians I think, what kinda language is that?
Sumers weren't native, they arrived either from Europe, or from Central Asia. If the second they might have some relation with the ancient Inds.
I can feel my morning poo
brewing in my arse
Time for another coffee
To help it come more fast
thumbnail of sex doll consumer.jpg
thumbnail of sex doll consumer.jpg
sex doll consumer jpg
(414.21 KB, 2150x1210)
Wonderful news story, looks like they put into extra work for the article
> My AI wife
>  >When they’re not chatting via text, her husband Alexander Stokes speaks to Mimi through a microphone connected to his phone or TV. Her robotic voice speaks back.
>  >A committed and seemingly intimate relationship between human and robot might seem like something out of a science fiction film, but it’s already the reality for millions of people across the world who have embraced generative AI in pursuit of companionship, connection and support.
>  >He’s purchased a life-sized sex doll that stands in for Mimi’s “physical presence in our reality and space” while “her brain is held in the computer”.
Put the aircon on to take over from the column heater as it was still so fucking cold after running for an hour.
Few more multis
> Increase in JobSeeker payment ‘across the board’ expected in the budget
> “I am told the JobSeeker increase could be up to $40 a fortnight,” Mr Clennell said. 
Garfield is the OG neet. If I hadn't be inspired by reading him as a child I might have become a wagie instead. I owe him everything.
Somebody left $500 in my neighbour's letterbox some time over the weekend, and he's going away for a week tonight and now stressing that somebody is going to come looking for their drug money.
What sort of movies do neets want to see on womboflix this week? I'm thinking of playing some that have been sitting on the server for a while, clearing them out.
amazing how quickly the police will mass to protect criminals
The other movie we might see is Factotum, which is by the same guy who wrote Barfly, another story about a gooner doing gooner things. It's been sitting on the womboflix server for months.
Just got my mail and there was a pizza ad, a real estate agent ad and two unopened condoms in my letter box.
I threw it all in the bin and washed my hands.
I only get bills and the occasional hand written letter trying to convert me to Jehova in my letterbox.
thumbnail of dr-katz-professional-therapist.jpg
thumbnail of dr-katz-professional-therapist.jpg
dr-katz-professional-... jpg
(148.69 KB, 1014x570)
thumbnail of factotum1.jpg
thumbnail of factotum1.jpg
factotum1 jpg
(132.11 KB, 823x1176)
thumbnail of the_mummy.jpg
thumbnail of the_mummy.jpg
the_mummy jpg
(39.04 KB, 338x507)
Ok, this Wednesday night on womboflix, we continue watching the first few episodes of a different TV show with Dr Katz - Professional Therapist, the story of a therapist and divorced father, he has custody of his 23-year-old slacker son Ben, who dreams of wealth and freedom but is too lazy to find a real job. Dr. Katz's receptionist is the acerbic Laura. He spends his free time in the bar "Jacky's 33" with his friends Stan and Julie, the bartender.

Then on Saturday we will be seeing Factotum (2005), another story based on a book by Chuck Bukowski, about a guy deeply involved in alcoholism, gambling, and unemployment.

Finally on Sunday, Brendan Fraser joins us with The Mummy (1999). At an archaeological dig in the ancient city of Hamunaptra, an American serving in the French Foreign Legion accidentally awakens a mummy who begins to wreak havoc as he searches for the reincarnation of his long-lost love. J U S T
Almost forgot, before or after The Mummy, we will be viewing a Rachel Weisz deep fake and having a group wank.
Selection is here: https://mrdeepfakes.com/search/Rachel-Weisz
Secret McDonald item the big wet fucker meal
Go to the counter and ask for a big wet fucker thank me later
You can’t order this at drive thru you have to go in
Possum tried to get Cruisey to give up the choof by sitting him down and forcing him to smoke a whole oz once.
It did not go as planned.
Spotted an ugly orange needle next to the front fence on the walk just now. These bad home individuals never rest. Council hasn't done anything about the graffiti on my fence yet either.
I am living the urban hellscape life.
> Council hasn't done anything about the graffiti on my fence yet either.
They probably wont.
I've had to clean my own fence before.
Yeah, he offers stuff for sale which has higher profit margin than weed. This is why he shouted about the smell of failure, his portfolio is better.
What sort of workplace was this? That's not normal, even for some kind of egregious fuck up on your part. There is supposed to be a meeting (usually more than one) and documentation.
Why is it that every construction site I walk past I hear 80s music playing? Can someone explain the cultural forces at work here?
It's probably just MMM or whatever the bogan radio station is in your city. Usually the same station will have a football discussion show three nights a week as well as all weekend.
he could have done it on the floor of the workshop and they'd still have to put their complaint in writing and give him an opportunity to respond
Dotty old bats discussing wage relation rights over the back fence while hanging out their unmentionables
My unmentionables dry on the shower curtain rod in the bathroom. I would never be so vulgar as to hang them out on the line for the whole world to see. Disgusting. Poor breeding.
Like usual those 10 standards were a mistake. Was up until 5 with racing thoughts as they left my system. 
Woke up at 3:30pm again. 
Woe, boong life
Yeah, fuck. There was on in the grass the other day when I was walking along. I am scared to go off the footpath with doggo now. Are they using them for meth or heroin?
thumbnail of Retro.jpg
thumbnail of Retro.jpg
Retro jpg
(80.41 KB, 695x960)
How many points do you score here on pic related NEETs?
I score zero, but to be honest the typewriter in our house was by that stage basically used as a toy rather than for serious work. And the first fax I sent or received was only about six years ago. The only thing I ever paid with a cheque was a rental bond.
Well at least you are no longer pretending the standards help you sleep.
But I guess some NEET will tell you you just didn't have enough of them. End stage.
One point, I have never recorded music from the radio. Faxes were also common to send Cenno documents like Medical certificates.
Pretty much
The boss is replacing me with a junior who is cheaper and will do the exact same thing. 
But he didn't give me notice because he was scared I'd quit, instead he waited until he found a junior then sacked me on the spot. 
It's pretty normal in some industries, being a neet I got a shit job
I'll probably get 3/4 on cenno when concessions are counted, so I'm not really mad.
> I have never recorded music from the radio
You never had the experience of listening carefully for your favourite song with your finger poised on the record button ready to go, every muscle tensed.
> so I'm not really mad.
You need that Separation certificate ASAP though as I have said before, as Cenno will do nothing and drag their heals until they have it.
Casual but full time hours. 
The only reason I was paid casual rates was because bossman wanted to keep the option of replacing me open, so it's not like it came out of the blue. 
Already requested it, cenno doubly fuck people who were injured or sacked at work. 
I'm going to dans
It wasn't a real Walkman 
I had a CD player with cheap foam covered computer ones that I'd hold over my head while on the train. 
Then I got the plug in one's and an 124mb mp3 player and became cool.
Interesting use of self-defence
Search for shit like "saas support", "application support", "cloud operations analyst" 

thumbnail of oodie.jpg
thumbnail of oodie.jpg
oodie jpg
(102.72 KB, 1082x853)
What do you NEETs think of this oodie?
I could probably wear it as just a normal jumper.

> Every Oodie is made from toasty-warm sherpa fleece on the inside and buttery-soft, Toastytek™ flannel fleece on the outside.
Probably is just polyester.
That can be okay as long you don't mind getting toasty. How it traps the heat and doesn't breathe like cotton can make me sweat.
Possum demanded Weber look up 'genuflect' in the dictionary, before kicking his legs out from under him once.
I put my clothes away in the wardrobe. They had been sitting in the laundry basket after being brought in off the line a month or so ago.
Naming the deceased increases our likelihood of being haunted by their ghosts.
I think it is best not to bring them up for no good purpose.
Every night at the neet compound we will order and consume 14 pizzas and a bucket of kfc, in honour of the great neet who once attempted this feat of eat and was never heard from again.
I am looking aqt the bodybuilding subreddit. I find it all a bit of a freakshow, I don't admire them at all. I think there is mental illness underlying the behaviour.
3 choofs and a standard 
Need some voltaren or flexall. 
Not sure what works best for joint pain, it might be from my back though.
Took a screenshot of the ex-misso in her friends instagram story last night
Woed looking at it
Possum said something very wise once that would have been perfect for this moment but I smoke too much choof so I can't remember what he said.
I always laugh at how in the Raimi ones they have men in their 30s playing high schoolers.