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I might stock up on Aldi plastic bags (buy a couple of hundred and put them in a box) before they get banned there too.
I find Aldi bags the best quality and last longer before tearing.
Is there anything more embarrassing than walking into the supermarket with a reusable bag?
They are bulky and absorb odours and liquids and become vile quite quickly. You do not get adequate use out of them compared to the investment.
Being that self-conscious is more embarrassing. Shows yourself as being neurotic and mentally ill. Probably a chronic masturbator.
I made wooden boards for the bottom of mine so they have a nice flat bottom and things don't fall over or get jumbled up as much.
I hope neets will behave themselves tonight at the tv screening. I'd hate to see cruisey's favourite tv shows being ruined by unruly neet behaviour.
That it a good idea. The plastic bottoms quickly get bent out of shape or break and are not up to the task in the first place anyway.
NEET bottoms quickly get out of shape or break and are not up to the task of pleasing weber in the first place anyway.
I am looking forward to High Speed Monk arc. 

If you have a conviction in one state will it be considered when you commit a crime in another state? Asking for a mate.
Not if they don't know about it and they generally don't. I know a bloke who got assault convictions in NSW, QLD and Victoria but got off lightly in all those cases because it was his first in that state each time.
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Day off hasn't been comfy. Woed and out of sorts. Went to woolies and got some healthy food. Still smoking unfortunately.Cut up a load of wood. Watching youtube now.
One of my only friends has less and less time for me these days. He will only want to do something once hes run out of money and weed. I have made the mistake of shouting when hes broke. I told myself I did this because I felt sorry for him but I don't think that is true. Shouting  him coffee or a feed was just be paying him to hang out with me because he wouldn't have otherwise, I'm that lonely and starved for socialisation outside of conversations with my parents. I feel wronged and hurt but its my own fault.
He is looking to do his usual bullshit here where he goes on about childhood trauma and you need to read that self-help book he loves.
Got poo all over the toilet seat again and in my undies which is a first. Fresh undies. Hands washed.
Neets that can't go to the toilet without getting shit on the toilet seat, on their undies, hands etc. will be forced to poo outside with the dogs and will be hosed down before being allowed to reenter the commune.

> Ten years into his sentence, it was revealed that Denyer had begun identifying as a woman and was demanding the right to gender reassignment surgery, a request that was denied by authorities.
My goal is to lose the weight and then start being really rude to fat people I see in public.
I was going to post that to warn UMM PTY LTD with these quotes
> Mr Shorten said participants experienced inconsistent and unpredictable decision-making from the National Disability Insurance Agency, which oversees the scheme.
> "We also intend to clamp down on unethical behaviour," he said.
> "That covers everything from the crims to people overservicing, to people over charging."
I didn't pay attention to the budget neets. Did the unemployed/people on rent assistance get any payments?
> Do neets have any youtube videos they want to watch as a prelude?
I want to watch Bum Fights but all the good videos require you to login.
I checked the smart meter data for my electricity and was SHOCKED at the cost of running my heater these last few days. I am considering putting it back in the cupboard and rugging up instead.
Remember to rotate some beer into your diets, neets. The b-vitamins improve your memory and help you to avoid embarrassing yourself on the gen.
Jobseeker is increased by $40 a fortnight. REnt Assistance is increased by 15%. There is an extra $500 added to your yearly electricity concessions.
A $30 fan heater from woolies upped my bill almost 30% last winter 
Thankfully i have mummybots credit card to sustain us through the cold this year
Fucking horrible rumbling farts just keep tumbling out of my arse. Something is wrong up there. Might need to send a neet to investigate.
Nah, that won't help him much. I've been wearing a hoodie and trackies pretty much 24/7 this past week when I normally just exist in tshirts.
The other simp posts don't have love hearts next to them, so maybe one of her simps reported the comment and TikTok deleted it.
My little electric heater on high heat uses almost $9.00 a day for the next 3 1/2 months, so I try and keep it at half power.

Ok, we'll be watching a bit of Dennis Leary's No Cure For Cancer before Dr Katz, as Leary is the only new york  stand up comedian I've ever heard of.
Kathmandu sells poly thermals cheaply, without a base layer your sweat will chill you.

A hoodie covers your head, where an enormous amount of heat is lost. Cotton sucks all round.
Every video my professor makes ends with some 30s of him trying to figure out how to end the video.
Even in computer science there are lecturers who are brilliant in their particular area but who can't operate a normal computer
Those tonal harmonies are how the egyptians cut and moved the pyramids.
>  foreground, middleground, and background.
I dont get it.
Thanks to everyone who came to Dr Katz, except for cruisey who's decided to stay in the room and watch Dennis Leary for a full hour.

I think next week we'll be seeing something I've wanted to see for a very long time, but never had, the 80s tv show Knight Rider
He'd lash out at me for being a mong and I wouldn't care, then he'd get hurumphy and I'd spend the rest of the night trying to make it up to him with suggestions about fried candy bars in fancy Italian ice-cream, which he'd refuse.
I think I might have given myself a hernia trying to bend down to cut my toenails. Significant soreness in the midsection.
Abbo medicine would be fascinating for the crazy shit you'd see and the freedom to do basically whatever instead of just making referrals. You'd basically be a Victorian-era doctor.
hopefully if/when my mental health deteriorates further i can have those kinds of moments whenever i want. this one was really ticklish and me brushing my fingers along her spine made her giggle
Junkie came into work today and tried taking to karen at the counter, I walked over and asked the junkie what they wanted and the junkie (speaking junkie) explained that they were on the way to meet a dealer but got lost and needed a toilet to shoot up in.

Replying automatically in the vernacular I explained that there was a public toilet down the road near the park, there was a numbered bus stop next to the park and the deal spot was on the far side of the park by the road. 

Karen understood none of this and when she asked what the junkie wanted I just said that he was looking for a toilet. She promptly told everyone that I was friends with all the drug addicts and "some person" came in looking for me, this was an out and out lie and I hope karen gets hit by the number 9 bus and the junkie steals her purse.
Do any neets want to watch some youtube on womboflix? We'll need some suggestions for the youtube video.
offered to be that cunt's friend half an hour ago and he didn't even have the decency to reply
no wonder they're all deserting him
What do you neets think of these?
I'm thinking of getting one of them for when I am out and about. I want to have a fairly casual look but not too NEETlike.
Obviously the jacket is a bit more formal than the hoodie but I am worried I'll like a bit of a wanker with it. Suggestions?
What about this?
I might ask FRM. She is good with this stuff.
These two look good NEET:


The bomber jacket is good. The other two are not. Don't even consider this techy, cyber-goth tier fashion. 
You should look at their knitwear range. Don't be afraid of a turtleneck, chads like me wear them. Uniqlo is a staple for me, I wish I could afford more. Even their trackies are top tier. Stick with classics and they'll look good regardless of your appearance, if you go with streetwear type fits and you don't look the part it will seem extremely autistic.
Someone said in the reviews for the bomber jacket that the fabric pills which I am afraid of.
Wish I could get one of these https://drizabone.com.au/products/lumberjack-heritage-brown
But it is a bit dear and they are out of human sizes.
I hope Monk doesn't make another late night maccas run. Hopefully he has already gambled away his dole.
What are they evaluating? Life on easy mode here has still left me a mentally destroyed ruin of a person. And many such cases. Mental destruction amidst material bounty.
I have resisted turning the heater on today. I think I will put it back in the cupboard tomorrow.
There are theories that the economic conditions that produce the vast wealth also cause society to become atomised and this destroys the citizens mental health, even as their prosperity increases.
> hard day to day life
People create hardships for themselves with stupid decisions. Most basic example overspending. 
> social mobility
From that point of view there might some truth to it.
But on many levels it has one knack to it: whom one knows, and how one can exploit this. Ok, that's two. But the point is doesn't matter where you live, Norway or Eritrea, if you know the right people you can climb up high in the ladder. Although you might get it worse in the end in some African shithole, in Scandinavia less chance to end up lynched in during a coup or something.
thumbnail of comfy-apu.jpg
thumbnail of comfy-apu.jpg
comfy-apu jpg
(20.73 KB, 255x255)
After a couple of weeks of elevating my bed I can say my sleep has improved markedly, no longer feel bleary and tired when I wake up. I recommend all my executive bros give it a try.
Teachers are toxic people, don't have anything to do with them.  >>/702134/
Uniqlno is Japanese target.
Being polite to junkies is normal,karen thinks these people just vanish if you're rude to them or call the police.
Then junkies just turn up pissed off in the bad home area yelling incoherently and knocking over the wheelie bins
ChatGPT said
> Slope (in degrees) β‰ˆ 26.57 degrees
> Please note that this is a rough estimation based on the assumptions made. If you can provide more specific information regarding the horizontal distance covered by the elevation, I can give a more accurate answer.
> Teachers are toxic people, don't have anything to do with them.
I don't she will be around much longer if she joins the High Speed Monk era.
Possum told me today is victory over yourself of yesterday, tomorrow is your victory over lesser men once.
Witnessed a herd of Chinese people on some kind of a misguided sightseeing trip. Number one rule with Chinese tourists is don't expect them to walk more than 50m from the bus they came on.
1.get some tickets in things like EWP, confined spaces, rigging, scaffolding etc and hit up the big labour hire companies that service the mines.
2. go there as bed maker/cleaner/ dishwasher then make connections to get a foot in.
3. Know someone on the mine.
I took a stroll on a freshly mown sporting field today. Kicked off the crocs and ran barefoot and free across the grass.
Woke up at 10, drifted in and out of consciousness until 2:30. 
Had some instants, went into town to get groceries, a sack, a vape and some snacks. 
Brough in the washing and fed the animals.
Having some goon cups with monster and looking at broncos v. storm now. 

Thanks for the cash wagies πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
I wouldn't want to mog the other NEETs so much as to discourage them from continuing trying to improve themselves.
I am such a fine specimen that they might just give up, knowing they could never reach such perfection.
I give her $100 a week and my slapper minimum is $200 a month 
This is the good week where the slappers already paid hence my splurging, but I need to head back to the city next weekend to make appearances which will cost me in fuel and probably food. 

I only broke even last weekend because of some risky ufc bets. Otherwise I won $50 on a 2legger which puts me up for the season
I can picture monk enjoying having a somewhat threatening physical presence watching over mum1 kicking mum2 out.