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If I lose enough weight I am going to start wearing a bum bag. I couldn't find one with a long enough strap or an extender.
> pay a fee for a job interview
Do you reckon that tailor who does FluteNEET's pants would sew you up an executive-sized bum bag strap?
She would I bet. She’d probably prefer you bought a roll of that webbing strap from Bunnings or Spotlight first, but I’m sure she’d do the mods.
It seems the neets would not get along well with the aggressive hobos in "skirts". Fine, the verdict is passed.
Change of nursing shifts. Saw the hottie from last time in a tank top and white miniskirt, which answers the question from earlier… it’s the fashion of the day
We will plant a curry tree at the NEET compound and have fresh curry leaves for our subcontinental and new world cuisine.
Nurses seem to come in in civvies and leave in civvies. Scrubs are probably laundered on-site or something.

I can collect Motherbat at 3:55 apparently.

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New Reply on thread #767149
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