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Possum, it's me, I'm Cruisey
I've come home, I'm so cold
Let me in your window
Possum, it's me, I'm Cruisey
I've come home, I'm so cold
Let me in your window
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Fucking 3 and a half or 4 hour sleep 
Woke up at 3:30 to piss and never made it back to land of nod 
Not happy jan. Still didn't bitch out and take a retard pill though. 
Restless leg syndrome. Gonna be a long day. 
Garn dolans for breakakakkeyyeyyyyeaaeaeyyey
I saw that this morning. I have never seen so many articles across so many news platforms (left and right) shitting on immigration.
Abo voice defeated 
Immigration becoming increasingly debated 
Rise is anti-semitism online
War on 'woke' only growing traction over time

The overtun window is beginning to shift. Unfortunately all the discussion around immigration is economic. "Lets just slow it down for a little while to catch up". It needs to be both economic and cultural.
I got a mighty mcmuffin meal and 2 extra hashbrowns. 
They put the mcmuffin into the bag sideways. It leaked grease into the bag and onto the car seat. How do they fuck everything up so routinely? 

At least there were plenty of tear and shares and apple crowns at coles

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New Reply on thread #773281
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