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Slept for about 3 hours last night. Getting up this morning was not fun. 

I had leftover anchovie pizza for brunchie. Drank a sugarless energy drink and lots of strong green tea afterwards. 

Today was another stressful day at work. Lots of pressure and tight deadlines :(
Ended up working late – did nearly 14 hours today :/
Had coffee with some wine gums while I worked in the evening. Lol. 
Ugh I'm so tired...

After workies I drank a glass of delicious rye whiskey, a glass of french brandy, took some cannabis extract, and I'm drinking a pint of black IPA rn ;3

Gonna heat up some leftover spicy chickie wings in a bit. 

> bedroom
I live in a tiny cramped ghetto studio apartment lol. The walls are thin and there's a lot of noise. My neighbor's dog starts barking every morning at 6am :(
So, can't really avoid EMF and noise. 
I've tried melatonin in the past but it didn't work. I take diphenhydramine now when I have work the next morning, and it helps somewhat but I don't want to rely on it long-term. I've always had insomnia and don't think I have a normal 24hr circadian rhythm.