> They said that in the 1990s when they let normies use the internet.

The normies are not the biggest problem. It's the centralization of the world wide web and the political & economic power grabbing domination of the internet that is the biggest problem! The monopolization of the internet by a few is killing our ability to spread alternative ideas and unwanted truths.

> Then they said the same thing when social media became a thing.

A dozen mega sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google and Tik Tok, et al, becoming well over half of all the internet traffic is what has lead to the death of innovation and the destruction of a unique diverse online experience today. Sure we can post on a handful of alternative platforms today but face it, we are vastly outnumbered and heavily censored on nearly all major platforms that provide most online traffic, we are considered a "tiny portion of the fringe" as normies would say. The internet needs more decentralization and innovation, without that we are doomed to hive mind safe spaces or tiny fringe areas of the net that hardly ever get real human traffic.

Yes, and that's the end result of mass censorship and hive mind safe spaces with a massive lack of decentralized innovation.

Very sadly possible.