> All we have to do is make new tech implementations that bypass corrupted infrastructure.

I'd believe that when I see such tech usable and widely adopted. What I am not going to do is fall for hopium and get caught with my pants down the day my ISP tells me I need to scan my fingerprints and face to even access the internet or face it being cut off. And do not try denying there are many politicians and government officials frothing at the mouth like foxes guarding a chicken coop that would more than gladly mandate such police state bullshit so they could crack down on dissent and undesired content.

Wrong. Consumer choice and free markets existed for a long time in America, however have been under constant blatant attack by the government and crony oligarch monopolists they serve. Either we prosecute the corruption and have our free market and consumer choice restored, or we fall under totalitarian centralized control with next to no ability to boycott or resist, other than to opt out of society completely (which would become very burdensome!)