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You can't OP.
The evil must always continue as we watch from the sidelines.  Nothing ever changes, take it as another redpill.
If you want to resist the Joos tyranny simply:

1) avoid their contaminated poisoned "vaccines" and GMO-contaminated foods (genetic bioweapons, chemical castration)
2) stop trusting the governments they have deeply corrupted
3) stop trusting the media they have deeply corrupted
4) stop trusting the institutions they have deeply corrupted
5) learn good opsec and protect your privacy online (they can and often do blackmail people to gain control over them)
6) become a prepper and do your very best to protect yourself and family (they hate us goyim having unified "nuclear" families)
7) never fight their wars for them (wars are rackets and we are just their pawns, always remember that)
8) if they ever come for you or your family, shoot to kill

That's about it.
> 8) if they ever come for you or your family, shoot to kill
WHEN they will come for you and your family, shoot to kill.
Americans scream toothpicks will never be outlawed because the price of building more prisons is too expensive, but did the costs of jails stop lawmakers from banning straws?
Americans are retarded bootlicking cowards now.

Americans scream people will be forced to eat pizza if pizza is legal.

Americans say people will be forced to use crack cocaine if crack cocaine is legal.

Have Americans ever heard of personal responsibility?

Do Americans realize that the USA used to be a free country?

Are Americans aware that tyranny killed millions of people in Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and Cambodia?

Do Americans know that the globalists are using the police state to kill off the 99%?

Do Americans who hate freedom feel like traitors?
Americans are victims living under a highly corrupted communistic-fascistic totalitarian government. It's not as if many people do not know this, the problem is what the hell can we really do about it when our elections are being rigged and the corporate media and subverted institutions are not on our side either? All we can do is stick to our guns, pray for better times but prepare for the worst case scenarios. You may not see it in your personal life, but this is what many of us are doing on the lay low.

> Do Americans know that the globalists are using the police state to kill off the 99%?

Best way to avoid this is to not trust the "medical" cartels. Big Pharma profits off cancer and death today. Government agencies and politicians are being bribed by these corrupted cartels. Just say NO! to the clot shots.
The government hates you because you want to be a free sovereign individual.

The government expects you to conform to laws they themselves will not conform to.

The government will tell you what is best for you and expects you to shut up and just accept it.

The government takes a cut of your hard earned money and then spends it to surveillance and censor you and your family.

The government desires your children fight their wars for them.

THAT is the problem with America today. We have no representation at the federal level. None what-so-ever. Because of this we face a Constitutional Crisis.

Do you feel like a traitor? You shouldn't. You are the victim. It's the government that is packed full of traitors, not the country itself.
Yes we are surrounded by evil anon, but on the bright side people are voting with their feet, see here:

And more States, one by one, are starting to tackle some major problems such as insolvency and the monopoly of US legal tender currency:

Sure, we have a long list of problems and a whole lot of evil in government, and some crooked States are way beyond repair, but that doesn't mean we can't balkanize against this evil on the local level, and in other better functioning States. If push comes to shove, people will resist this evil. Be prepared and be smart about how you conduct your preps. Anyone telling you not to be alert and prepared is an enemy.
No one cares about the big picture.

Americans used to be outraged about Bruce Jenner, Greta Thunberg, statues, Kavanaugh, Epstein, Smollett, and George Floyd.

Now Americans have lost their minds about Biden, but no one cares that the US is a bankrupt warmongering police state.
Americans think that the US is a free country and that there is no possible way tyranny will increase.

Americans say that the elites support high taxes to fund free Obamacare, Obamaphones, Section 8, and food stamps, but Americans are completely unable to understand that the end plan for the globalists is to steal the wealth and land of the USA by making Americans dependent on welfare so that the 99% can easily be sent to the concentration camps and killed off.

The ruling class doesn't need you. They will have robots soon.

Wake up.
You can spread awareness of this easily.  Other interactions would take more effort.
You sound hypocritical if you say you love freedom and hate regulations and then turn around and scream that you need government help when a private company has a chemical spill.
Hold up and get the facts strait before you talk morons:

The spill was tanks full of vinyl chloride which highly toxic to animals, humans AND the environment.

The EPA helped orchestrate the control burn of vinyl chloride, which created dioxin poisoning all around the area, which also contaminated nearby rivers, used by farmers for water irrigation. Already thousands of farms are now ruined and will be for the rest of your lifetime. Farm animals have died. The crops contaminated, now hazardous to health. Very unsafe to live in those areas, doing so an you risk severe cancers.

Corruption DOES matter. Corruption does have consequences. Doesn't matter if it's a corporate, or government agency, or both.

What they should have done is let the spill leak into the ground and contain it in a designated hazardous "no-go zone", NOT BURN IT. Burning it is 1,000x worse than the spill itself.
This can be a very difficult uphill battle with such sn imbalance of resources.  Normally in these situations it is recommended to use guerilla warfare tactics.
Cut the bridges and tires and burn the trees anon, that should slow them down at least.
Who is part of the resistance now?  They do not seem to be very well trained so far.
Begin to take a look at the whole picture and think what you want to accomplish. Can we fix one region without then having to fix larger areas of this broken world.  Everything is connected at some point.
I've moved a lot in my life and lived in several different States in the US. I have come to realize over the years the best places to live is where there are lower amounts of population and a lot more rural sprawl. Specifically areas near smaller towns and at least 50 minute drive from any given major city. The less people around you the less bullshit and crime around your immediate area, typically less taxation and less zoning regulation too. The downside is the cost of commuting. You go to the grocery store less often but when you do you stock up for a month worth of food every time you shop. You commute longer, less often, but take full advantage when you do. Can't say that if you have a job in the nearest major city though lol. It would be much better finding a decent trade job in the local area if that were the case. There is a good book to read to help you research decent get-aways called "Strategic Relocation" by Joel Skousen (if you buy this book make sure you get his newest addition though, as times change so do local politics, social/economic statistics and demographics too). That book also gives a "Freedom" ranking for each State in the US, as well a "Corruption" ranking. The book will tell you what you need to know about each and every State, where the best and safest retreats are in each State to live, population stats, demographic stats, crime stats, major nuclear targets, etc. Obviously some States are enormously better and safer to live than other States for many various reasons.
> I've moved a lot in my life and lived in several different States in the US. I have come to realize over the years the best places to live is where there are lower amounts of population and a lot more rural sprawl.

that's how it's always been throughout history. Massive cities with millions of citizens living in them is a fairly recent anomaly
The fight is everywhere today.  Once you pick a side you can join in however you wish.  We see fighting across the globe these days.  Will you choose to side with good or evil anon, the choice is yours.
Anon, what are you doing fighting in the resistance?  Drop the gun and get one of them tanks instead, they look much more deadly.  Then you can call in for some air support.  How hard could it be?
Well I hadn't thought of that.  A battle tank would be great, send it on over.  I will also like five thousand airplanes.
What is Israel doing over there, trying to enslave, genocide, or otherwise oppress all the other countries nearby?  It sure seems like there is a lot of different groups unhappy with them right about now.
Israel has made very many enemies.
What is it they were doing to their neighboring countries this time.  Satanic rituals maybe.

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