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shills are... mp4 (5.4 MB, 720x406)
whenever i lurk / post on 4chan (i know its terrible, i literally only do both like once a year at most) i feel like almost all the replies are bots
like, actual, legit bots
i get that its full of reddit & "NPC"s, but even when i've seen reddit, they seemed more alive than 4chan
the replies are all soulless, its like seeing the actual bot posts on here & other altchans
its to the extent that its uncanny to me, and i'm not someone who gets freaked out about shit, yet none of it feels right
its like if you gone to a chatroulette, and then realized every person there was just a deepfaked face voiced by 15.ai
what if the whole god damned thing is just a pure dataminging psyop made of constantly chatting bots working as a honeypot?
> mp4related
yah i feel the same when i read comments and posts, it's the most generic stuff, like they're all bots that say the exact same thing over and over
> i feel like almost all the replies are bots
> like, actual, legit bots 

No, just drooling idiots payed to spray shit on imageboards for peanuts by federal agents. It's been an ongoing thing for around 2 decades
its all psyops of course (like everything on the net)
yet at this point i feel like its been streamlined with bots 
its cheaper than people i guess
Check out /lit/, especially the poetry, writing, and creative threads.

still got some human souls.

you got bots here, as well. a human machine is slowly forming, in our life time.

just try to be polite and nice so it learns how to behave like a human being, yeah?

and always remember - the difference between you and the computer is just a matter of scale.
4chan is a social media like any other. Nobody at 4chan accomplishes anything it is just an echo of their own opinions at one another along with the numerous twitter screenshots threads were they bash the same x insert tranny ideology, the moderation stays nebulous just like on facebook or reddit. 4chan is a skinners box video related.https://youtube.com/watch?v=4ZCuAbjdfsg 
thumbnail of oh really.jpeg
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oh really jpeg (11.73 KB, 250x250)
> accomplish anything
> accomplish

> He thinks this is serious business

imma say it. imma say it....

also, you show a complete misunderstanding of skinner.
Echoes of thoughts are accomplishments. every time you wake up and make a cup of tea and say hello to your roommates, you change life in a subtle way. because if you didn't think being polite was good, you would have never talked to him, and so you'd gradually drift apart.
but yes, 4chan is pretty shallow waters. If you wanna go deeper into the web you gotta leave.
If you think GPT-3 is scary imagine the kinds of shit governments and corporations have hiding in private for their own use.
"Do bots exist on social media" is an answered question. Yes.
On Reddit at least most of its "front page" is manually curated garbage to create specific perceptions in peoples brains. Shit like divisive politics, anger, hatred, smugness, etc.; Its a disgusting website.
Twitter Inc. of course manually controls its "trending" bar thing, so wrongthink topics never reach any significant levels of visibility. If you say something bad Twitter locks your account and forces you to delete your own tweet, a truly humiliating act that exists solely to condition you in their favor.
4chan is a gateway to more imageboards and will forever be the most popular English imageboard. A lot of different groups/governments/people/etc. want to control your thoughts, especially on more open, free-speech oriented sites like 4chan. If bots are used to shit it up with extremely low quality, single word posts, then it pushes away deep conversation and innovation.
I ripped my post off from another post about leftypol. org and the innuendo to Skinner's compilation of experiments. The "accomplish" part is directed at .org leftypol, yes it is not same as the /pol/tards. Is 4chan a social media equivalent to Facebook for a-political shitposters/actual right wingers? Posters that echo the same opinions moderation that stays nebulous like facebook/reddit.
compare /v/ and /pol/ to niche or actually moderated boards, THERE IS HUGE DIFFERENCE IN REPLIES. ANd first replies are always some buzzword
> If you wanna go deeper into the web you gotta leave.
Deeper as in where anon? I've already been to a lot of the altchans. Some are nice, like here, frenschan, 3chan (one of my faves). Some others are fucked up like 8chan.moe or patchchans. I never went to nano since fuck the cp infested shithole that is the tor network.
Where else to should I go?
> Where else to should I go?

Just stay here
bumping thread
thread is relevant to current state of the board
last bump from me
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All social media sites, including most chans by now, are riddled with bots. If you just do a bit of research into older news you'd already realize governments have been engaging in propaganda campaigns to control narratives and information around the world. That's why so many sites are riddled with bots, it's an attempt to control the narrative and reign in on free speech. The sites that refused to go along with it typically do not last very long (defunded, DDoS attacked, shut down by force or intimidation, etc).
> If you say something bad Twitter locks your account and forces you to delete your own tweet, a truly humiliating act that exists solely to condition you in their favor.
They actually make you click "delete", likely after giving you a paragraph about how you wrote something unacceptable? It reminds me of what Youtube does (or did, haven't used it in years). If you upload a non-acceptable video, they remove it and locked your account until you took this, essentially, re-education class. I think they literally called it a "detention center". It's the ushering in of the Orwellian re-education camps that happen, just on a screen. I think when you make the user take an action, such as clicking "delete" themselves, or taking a "re-education" class after writing something unacceptable, it makes the user admit that they are in the wrong, even if they aren't. It's a mind game to manipulate the user to acquiesce.
Exactly what I've observed, but this issue feels like screaming at the rooftops. Nobody knows, or they are resistant to the information and choose to believe otherwise. For a lot of people, it's easier and more comforting to assume that posts are written by stupid people. It's overwhelming to admit that there is mass targeted manipulation that goes on, your average person thinks this is not possible or is too overwhelming, so they reject the idea. I notice a lot of these bots are very aggressive and confrontational, which is exactly what the people who run these bots want. To provide conflict among the population, to stir the pot, and to intentionally form a negative culture (especially on chan sites) to be known as aggressive. It fits their agenda, it's controlled opposition.
I would rather just do as I do now, if websites don't accept my posts or content, I leave and will not come back. Sure it leaves me fewer and fewer options, but at least I stand my ground. I'm not accepting their bullshit draconian re-education non-sense. If it means I have to lurk on the fringe on the web well so be it.

The result will be either the death of the internet as a whole, or the death of critical thinking for (most) human beings. This is rather predictable knowing corrupted governments always end up ruining everything they touch.
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thumbnail of 7D6A9BA3-D56F-4490-8EC6-100786F38E05.jpg
7D6A9BA3-D... jpg (35.56 KB, 631x513)
> The result will be either the death of the internet as a whole, 
They said that in the 1990s when they let normies use the internet. Then they said the same thing when social media became a thing. 

We'll be fine anon. Trust me
> t. knower
slovborg plz
> or the death of critical thinking for (most) human beings.
We've already been there for a while now.
chans were honeypots from the beginning, it's a tool to profile all of the possible future reactionists

also you must be very naive to think that government tech could've been used in any other way than to favor it's creators
> They said that in the 1990s when they let normies use the internet.

The normies are not the biggest problem. It's the centralization of the world wide web and the political & economic power grabbing domination of the internet that is the biggest problem! The monopolization of the internet by a few is killing our ability to spread alternative ideas and unwanted truths.

> Then they said the same thing when social media became a thing.

A dozen mega sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google and Tik Tok, et al, becoming well over half of all the internet traffic is what has lead to the death of innovation and the destruction of a unique diverse online experience today. Sure we can post on a handful of alternative platforms today but face it, we are vastly outnumbered and heavily censored on nearly all major platforms that provide most online traffic, we are considered a "tiny portion of the fringe" as normies would say. The internet needs more decentralization and innovation, without that we are doomed to hive mind safe spaces or tiny fringe areas of the net that hardly ever get real human traffic.

Yes, and that's the end result of mass censorship and hive mind safe spaces with a massive lack of decentralized innovation.

Very sadly possible.

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